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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 23, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jenna: a busy news day and more to come, we'll see you back here in an hour. >> leland: the ladies of "outnumbered," take away. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. we have learned that a utah man was involved and killed in the terror attack yesterday. they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. police are naming the london attacker as a 52-year-old khalid masood. isis is claiming responsibility, calling the attacker one of their soldiers. the killer plowed his car into people on london's westminster bridge. he stabbed a police officer outside parliament before being shot and killed by police. prime minister, theresa may says the attacker was british-born and known to authorities. overnight, british police conducted several raids, making
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at least eight arrests of as te investigation is growing. the >> sandra: and other fox news alert, down to the wire, high drama and washed them with the vote to repeal and replace obamacare now up in the air. as president trump and house speaker paul ryan switch for last-minute votes. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, former state department spokeswoman in fact in contributor, >> jenna: a nine and today's #oneluckyguy, pete hegseth and you are outnumbered. good to have you. always good to have you and you brought the game. >> pete: today we stand with the brits. >> sandra: and is a busy news day, so let's get started. house republicans had hoped today to take a big step forward
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and obamacare history, seven years to the day when obama signed obamacare into law. that schedule may be in doubt as republicans don't appear to have enough yes votes. dave bratt as part of the freedom caucus that republican leaders are trying to win over. he says he's a "no," but explains why that could change. >> i'm a firm no with what's in writing right now. i may may be. trump is a great negotiator. he has put up a great sign that we could get rid of some of these heavy federal mandate shins. you have to go out and buy this letter up policies and it's bankrupt the average american family. >> sandra: they may be losing some of the parties moderates. charlie dent, the leader of a house republican bailing on the bill because he says it doesn't
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have enough protections for the poor. meantime, the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi, blasting republicans were trying to pass their bill on obamacare obamacare's seventh anniversary. >> so eager where they to be mean-spirited, to say we're going to bring up this bill on the same date as the seventh anniversary of the affordable care act. maybe donald trump is a great negotiator. clearly, you're not ready. this piece it don't act on my stomach >> pete: even your most experienced experts on the hill don't know where this stands. they're bringing that bill
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towards things that conservatives have said they wanted for a very long time. we should be mandating care, we should be providing as many options as possible. i don't know who charlie dent is. i don't know how he's in provo again. if you're saying now is key to conservatives and it's providing too much, i can't support it, he might as well caucus for the democrats on this. this is a key moment and i think they're doing the right things, making the adjustments. the bill comes out of the house as conservative as possible. how the things in it we have said we wanted to do, fully repeal and replace with more choices for people. people. efficacy of the senate, it's never going to be a conservative it is now. >> sandra: i'll remind everybody, some of the newspaper headlines that would indicate that democrats are not where they needed to be at this point in time before the obamacare about either. "chicago tribune," march, 2010. closer, but vote goes on.
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abortion still divisive. obama makes final push, democrats try to nail down support. today's vote on health care a cliffhanger. democrats are struggling at this point as well. >> meghan: president obama rammed it through, this wasn't something that had collective support behind it. they can reinvent history all they want, but the facts of the facts. i think she's going out and spending very poorly, -- no matter what happens with this bill, the senate is going to be angry. i'm still waiting to see if donald trump is a great dealmaker we hope he is, getting enough people on board to make it pass through. one way or another, somebody's purity is at stake and i wish republicans -- i think it's a little unnecessary. can i finish what i'm saying and then i'll let you?
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midterms will come fast and furious and if we don't get this passed through, we ran for the last seven years on repealing and replacing and if we don't get something through, broad strokes can appease both sides, then does nothing else going forward. >> sandra: president obama has issued a statement on this at seventh anniversary saying this. if republicans are serious about lowering costs and if there he purred -- that's something we all should welcome that we should serve in the baseline that any changes we make to make our health care systems better, not worse. >> marie: if republicans pass this bill, they will rage raiss for the average american, including the elderly. they are in a tough place and
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this bill does all these disastrous things that people have said it well and there in a tough place if they can't. i'm not sure it's going to pass tonight. we didn't vote on obamacare until much later. we took months and months of negotiating. they're trying to pass it very, very quickly. when he heard a lot of republicans, i'm sorry, if charlie dent is a democrat because he wants more poor people to be covered, -- that would so we were just responding to. and i'll take that any day. >> pete: i want charlie dent to see the bigger picture. >> harris: 's several other states from that as well, saying there weren't many people covered under that bill, poor and elderly. republicans are not where they are judged to be right now.
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you're much farther down the road at that point, so they may end up being in trouble timetable wise. what they're doing is different. there are some real hitches in their get along. go quickly, there's been an open letter to speaker ryan that was put out just a few hours ago. the democrat of new hampshire and i'll read this one part. 42 of her senator compadres are saying this. before you move for with consideration of this bill, -- they've all had the same seven years to try to fix this. we knew it was broken, because by executive order, the outcome president kept changing it over and over again. >> sandra: i want to remind everybody that we are watching the lower half of your screen, the conservative freedom caucus members are meeting with president trump right now. will hear what they have to say
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when they step up to the microphone. in the meantime, the discussion moves to what long-term effect of the outcome of this effort have on president trump's presidency? >> it's a little early the presidency, but it would certainly really damaged the trumpet presidency and out so i that in the end, these things happen in every presidency, but when you have a speakership paying on the boat, it's hard to see that in the end that his own party is going to repudiate. >> pete: i think that's right, and that's why i say seeing the big picture is important. the application of not getting as dunn means you won't get the tax reform, you won't get to all the other agenda items that are so important. i think this bill will be judged by what it comes.
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this will ultimately be judged by four years from now. premiums are, with the health care market looks like. we can blame and point all we want, get some thing passed, but they should be focused on what will actually make health care work. >> harris: four years is too much time. they need more immediate effect than that. >> marie: the cbo says 14 million people will lose their coverage. that's a big gamble to take with people's health insurance. its independent experts, millions of people, they say will lose their coverage and if you think they're wrong, that's a big gamble to take. >> meghan: the big question politically and i think pete and ari are agreeing on the same thing, just in different ways. the freedom caucus and succumb to the table and realize they are the majority opinion. i know people want to pick the party as one my optic entity.
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they are not. all of us collectively need to come together for the good of this because it doesn't matter. it really will not matter going into 2018. >> sandra: to your point, is this a test of his dealmaking skills? he's meeting with those freedom caucus members right now. >> pete: now he's having to wrangle in these freedom caucus members, but i think of things are happening to the bill as a result. he can serve the stronger bill out of the house. it will force the hand and the senate. nobody's going to vote on something they love. >> sandra: we have a live look outside the speaker's office. we just switched the picture from outside the white house to this. he is not there yet, but he is expected to give us an update on where republicans are at with this. he was expected to speak mid day
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and this hour, they've pushed that back. >> harris: there's a lot of pressure on him because conservatives and the parties say they don't want obamacare lite or ryan care. he put forth the most detailed plan, select the tuft spot to be in. >> pete: people are saying we can get phase one done, when we get to phase three? some of those things will be fast tracked. >> sandra: things are happening fast, we are all over this for you. stay tuned for more. major develop mental as well on u.s. surveillance as the chairman of the house intelligence committee is now saying trump team communications may have been picked up incidentally during routine surveillance of other targets. and whether president trump was right all along. plus, much more in the deadly attack in london. whether the violence there is proof we need extreme vetting and a travel ban here at home. after the show, he can join our live chat by going to
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>> sandra: fox news alert for you. you're looking at two pictures on your screen. on the left side, the white house. freedom caucus members are meeting with the president right now and whether or not donald trump is able to do some dealmaking. we will take a comments from them if they make any. on the right-hand side, capitol hill, outside speaker paul ryan's office. he is expected to provide an update on where they are at with this. it was expect an earlier, they'll push it back. he was expected at any moment, will take that any moment when it happens live. the >> meghan: fox news alert on a stunning development in washington, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes announcing the trump team may have been incidentally surveillance and possibly improperly distributed.
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>> what i've read, seems to me to be some level of surveillance activity, perhaps legal, but i don't know that it's right and i don't know that the american people would be comfortable with what i've read here there's two issues here. there is additional unmasking of names, which i think is totally inappropriate and then you have the issue of the names that were put into these intelligence reports. >> meghan: chairman nunes made that announcement after briefing the white house on his findings. >> reporter: do you feel vindicated? >> i somewhat do, i must tell you i somewhat do. i very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found. >> meghan: the top democrat on the intel committee -- now he's
9:19 am
repeating his calls for independent commission. >> the chairman will have to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations of potential coordination between the trump campaign and russians or he is going to act as a surrogate of the white house because he cannot do both. unfortunately, i think the actions of today throw great doubt into the ability of both the chairman and the committee to conduct the investigation the way it ought to be conducted. >> meghan: there's more. another democrat says the nunes apologized today before briefing any members. he later said he can still run the investigation and try to be fair to everyone. obviously, going to you first. can you explain to me what incidentally collected communication means? >> pete: whether they were trying to find out if there is this connection between trump and or elsewhere.
9:20 am
you're listening to both sides potentially, but you're supposed to be keeping info from the foreign agents. it could have been incidentally collected that someone else was on that line, than it was declassified, than it was pushed around. it's very consistent with the trump and othersis campaign have alleged, and probably happen, but it was technically wiretapping or not. there are some level of surveillance, trump folks were included on one side of that. then there was an irresponsible dispersion of those names and information. this does validate a lot of what president trump has alleged and i would like to dig deeper and find out exactly what happened. the committee can dig deeper. he had information, it was brought to him probably recently that blows the doors open on the fact that there really was some level of surveillance and let's keep digging in the committee can do that. >> harris: what you're talking about is whether nunes and the others have enough independent
9:21 am
face. >> pete: he communicated it generally and publicly, he was pretty responsible. >> harris: what he said to the intel committee was it was a judgment call on my part. he goes on to say at the end of the day, sometimes you make the right decisions, sometimes you don't. it's a loose apology, it's an acknowledgment that perhaps he didn't do the right thing. >> pete: that's got an apology from other leakers. let's keep our outrage where deserves to be. >> sandra: let's go to senator john mccain for why he's calling for a special committee. >> the reason why i'm calling for this select committee or a special committee's i think that this back-and-forth and what the american people have found out so far that no longer does the congress have credibility to handle this alone. i don't say that lightly.
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>> marie: i could not agree more. i think what chairman nunes did yesterday could totally undercuts his independence as an oversight chairman. >> pete: he's got a lot of credibility. >> marie: can you imagine if hillary clinton had one and adam schiff i got information about the fbi investigations into her emails and went to the white house and briefed hillary and ralph the press before talking to his fellow committee members, the outrage you would have on the republican side. >> pete: that would have happened on the tarmac. >> marie: that's a great joke, but let's go back to where we are now. he got information and didn't go to his fellow committee members and talk to the press before -- he probably touched on something he shouldn't have it went to the white house. even if you think there is no wrongdoing there, it looks terrible and he shouldn't have done it and we need a special prosecutor or a select
9:23 am
committee. >> pete: is a judgment call. >> harris: remote with a timeline of the tweets. they came before representative nunes went to the white house. the president saying he felt somewhat vindicated, he already knew something. not to put all of this on nunes, the president had already made a call. >> meghan: we have to get to the baseline of this and set of politicizing on both sides. if they did incidentally collect information and keep information on president trump when they weren't supposed to, you know a lot more about this than i do, it's completely against the law. i have been saying that we need information, we need everyone to come forward with what exactly they know and if this is in fact true, a lot of democrats will have to be eating crow. >> pete: if hillary clinton
9:24 am
had one, they would bury all of this. it would never have seen the light of day. trump one and they're saying he has an opportunity to mask this. i think there was information. i think he was being surveilled, whether it's wiretapping or not. >> meghan: do people get fired? talk about a complete breakdown of trust between the american public and the intelligence committee. if it ends up being true, what happens? >> pete: i think people get fired, people get indicted potentially. you and i were talking about a before the show. we are confused about where the soul is, who is what, it's hard to keep track. >> harris: i like the way you boiled it all down to can't we just get to the leakers? that's what we're talking about here. >> marie: were also talking about leakers and a russian involvement in our election.
9:25 am
we can agree we need answers to that, we'd find out what happened, because we care about our democracy. leaks matter, but the bigger picture of the investigation into russia also matters and we cannot forget about that. >> pete: that's true. the effect of the investigation into collusion of russia, that has to be separated. >> meghan: the man in the thick of it, devin nunes will speak to our own sean hannity tonight. tune in at 10:00 p.m. eastern. all right here on fox news channel. meantime, as republicans push forward to get the vote to pass the health care plan, how democrats plan to turn the tables in the voting booth. can democrats flip the script? why this may be different. we way and next
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>> harris: fox news alert, right now president trump is hosting freedom caucus members in the white house. he is trying to drum up support for repealing and replacing obamacare. at the same time, we are awaiting an update from house speaker paul ryan about where the vote stands right now. the left hand of your screen, is the white house. meanwhile, as republican's are trying to get their health care plan across the finish line, democrats have their eye on internal actions that are coming up and they're looking to turn the tables on the g.o.p. slick and flip the switch in 2018. house democratic leader nancy pelosi knows a thing or two about having your name attached to health care vote. she issued a blistering morning. >> it's going to be tattooed to you. this is your vote.
9:31 am
this is your vote next to your name. >> harris: harris faulkner knows a little bit about tattoo tattoos. this just happened. senator mike lee, republican of utah, just said this bill is going to fail. >> meghan: mike lee said that? >> harris: off subject, but he said we are going to confirm judge gorsuch. more importantly, what's happening? >> pete: it's a further climb with this obamacare bill, no doubt. they're going to put out opening shots because we close the house, a ghost of the senate, what is our conversation go? mike lee is a fellow traveler of the freedom caucus and he is that voice in the senate. i'm not surprised he would say that. >> harris: is this a sausage being made or do you think there's something to this? the freedom caucus isn't huge. >> pete: it does represent the
9:32 am
conscience of the republican party as it pertains to sticking to the promises they made. they talked about for 7 years repealing obamacare. >> meghan: a lot of them are libertarians and libertarianism is not the same thing as being republican. i would call them the most extreme conservatives. >> pete: i would call them fiscal conservatives. >> harris: nancy pelosi -- >> meghan: as a someone who has multiple tattoos, that's a ridiculous -- i actually think this messaging we were saying during the clip, how it totally is ineffective for her message. obamacare is a disaster which is why repealing replaces the cornerstone of president trump
9:33 am
running. if democrats don't pull their you know what together, -- >> marie: the messaging is being done through nancy pelosi. i thought your reaction -- her reaction in her delivery on this is harsh. as a democrat, i'm from ohio, my husband is from -- they're concerned about cost for average americans and other americans going up while young people are going to pay less, they're worried about essential health benefits being taken away, which includes things like opium treatment for people in states like new hampshire. >> harris: i want you to respond to this based on what you just said. republicans are also concerned about those things. there are a lot of binary choices politically. that's why they're trying to come together. why aren't your people at the table? >> marie: i would say democratic and republican and independent voters are concerned
9:34 am
about these things. they are concerned about their costs going up when their huge tax bricks at the top. when nancy blows he said, going into 2018 at this bill passes, and it does these things a lot of independent experts believe it will come a drive costs up, drive coverage down, get rid of a lot of access to women's health care, particularly in rural areas where i'm from, then republicans are going to have to have a tough time. they've had seven years to fix obamacare and if they do this and only things happen, -- >> sandra: if it passes in the n and it does all these terrible things to voters, particularly poor, elderly rural voters. it >> harris: know nothing passes the way it enters. >> marie: let's save it doesn't pass, and the trump
9:35 am
administration -- >> pete: i was waiting to kind of agree with you. 2018 can be very difficult for republicans regardless. obamacare isn't so bad and so disastrous that when you tear something down that bad and try to rebuild, it doesn't look pretty. it's going to take months and years for that engine to work. there is no choice and when there's a monopoly, cost rises. >> meghan: a good way to go against democrats is not calling on people. i don't like this bill on the form it's in, but i also don't think republicans on both sides -- they need to come together for the collective good and all this politicizing is only giving ammo to people like marie. >> harris: it is a red herring for democrats to say if it passes the way it will. it likely won't be presented the way it is even coming out of the house. that's the whole point of
9:36 am
negotiating. the speed and if one-third of the 40 million people of the cbo said won't have health care -- >> pete: you don't know that they're losing it. >> harris: you have to get that free-market language inside the spell. >> meghan: you can't repeal and replace tattoos, nancy pelosi. i've tried. >> harris: note to self. another showdown on capitol hil capitol hill. the senate's top democrats announced they will oppose the president's supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch. a new report, the democrats are playing let's make a deal, trying to keep republicans from firing up the nuclear option. will it work? we'll talk about it you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> sandra: supporters and critics now get to weigh in on the supreme court nominee today. on the final day of the hearing. gorsuch looking relatively unscathed after questioning. democrats are saying that he was evasive. chuck schumer and senator bob casey say they will oppose gorsuch. schumer urging fellow democrats did the same. he says he will back a filibuster of the nomination. despite the tough talk, there is also reports of democrats making a deal to avoid republicans using the nuclear option. we are allows and course which democrats will likely pursue a commitment from republicans not to kill the filibuster for a subsequent vacancy during donald trump's term.
9:42 am
could that happen? >> pete: i think the knee-jerk partisan reaction from democrats is a one for one replacement. the next fight will likely be the balance of the court. if i'm a senate democrat, i'm keeping my powder dry on this one. they are so rabid, they have to oppose everything. show some patience and the live to fight another day. i don't think they'll do that. >> meghan: you saw al franken's interaction with neil gorsuch. can you be a little bit respectful that he has a different political philosophy than you do? he's taking over scully as a seat. so obviously -- if they blow this political capital, they look like sore losers.
9:43 am
neil gorsuch as something out of special casting. i don't know if there is a more perfect candidate for the supreme court right now. he's clearly a man who studied and was ready to go through the hearing. i think democrats make them out to be some kind of villain, it will only bring them hurt. >> marie: neil gorsuch is probably the best we could have hoped for for president trump. we could have had ted cruz nominated for supreme court which i think the senate would have confirmed it just to get him out of senate. i think neil gorsuch clearly respects the institution, which i really like. i disagree with him on some issues. i think he says a lot of the right things and i agree with pete and megan on this. democrats need to gear up from that. i watched that whole hearing and he stressed independence of the judiciary. chuck schumer is the leader of the party and i think there is a lot of hard feelings about
9:44 am
garland. the fact that we didn't even get a vote is still pretty tough for senate democrats and not unfairly. >> harris: chuck schumer said today after careful deliberation, i've concluded i cannot support gorsuch's nomination. he will vote no no matter what. he said there will need to be a culture vote. we can see the situation where they wouldn't filibuster. >> pete: president trump could have nominated jesus for the supreme court and they would have opposed him. >> marie: the same thing was true for republicans when president obama was in the white house. >> pete: that was a watershed moment. republicans fought that because i realized it was a balance of court and i think democrats affect the next one. >> sandra: with a deadly terror attack in london are
9:45 am
raising questions for americans about whether or not president trump extreme vetting and travel ban order might be a good idea after all.
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>> meghan: ice is now claiming responsibility for the terror attack in london. we now know that a utah man is among the three victims. his wife was also seriously injured. the suspects now identified as 52-year-old khalid masood. he was shot dead by officers on the scene. at least eight others have been arrested. teresa may reveal that the attacker was british-born and had been investigated several years ago for violent extremism. all of this is raising big questions for americans. nigel faraj, weighing in on hannity last night. >> the problem with multiculturalism is that -- multi-racialism can work extremely well. i'm sorry to say, we have now a fifth column living inside these european countries.
9:50 am
surely, an american audience seeing this horrendous thing happening in westminster today can say to themselves that when donald trump tries to put in place vetting measures, he's doing it to protect your countr country. >> meghan: you and i are pretty aligned when it comes to all things national security related. what you think of what he just said? >> pete: i think he's right. it takes some form of populism. there has been a silent invasion and a lot of these communities for people who are not showing allegiance to that country. the most popular boy's name of a child born in the u.k. is mohammed. unfortunately, this guy is british-born but formed with the identity of western society. the fact that he is a known
9:51 am
extremist and as there is a problem. why was he not booted out? things like this, unfortunately, finally wake people up to the reality of how vicious this is. >> marie: so often, we find out they were on the radar of government. it happens here, it happens there. he had been investigated years ago. >> harris: i don't know how you boot people out of your country who are born in your country. >> meghan: i'm with pete on this. >> pete: if you understand, if you've got radical mosques inside the u.k., why are they open? that is open propaganda for your enemy. you have to be honest about thi this.
9:52 am
>> harris: then we saw another hint driving down in belgium. less than 24 hours later, after they held a moment of silence in solidarity with london. can you even imagine that they potentially foiled one that could happen there? we know it's happening in belgium. you've got the neighborhood where you've got people who are declared their allegiance to isis and many others. it's interesting. >> pete: why are there in support of a country that they want to destroy? >> marie: let's take this to how we protect america because that's what matters most to all of us. donald trump's travel ban would not have impacted this person because he is a british citizen. there are members on both sides saying they picked this countries but there are a lot of people who are dangerous. the country isn't always indicative of whether they want
9:53 am
to commit an act of terror. if he was indeed on the radar of british intelligence or security, that probably would have popped up when he went to board a flight. i agree with you that we need to talk about how we keep our country safe. i think that how donald trump with this travel ban seems to be attacking a caricature of the problem and not actually the problem. >> pete: what's more concerning for seven years is the way the obama administration never talked about it. isis doesn't want jobs. isis wants to destroy the west pier this on a jab at you, it is what it is. until we understand that, europe is a fifty-year preview of what we could be. it's just one part of it. i'm from minneapolis where there is a small muslim community. it manifests itself in allegiance with isis here that's
9:54 am
a real problem. until we address that honestly, we're never going to get at it. >> marie: having worked for president obama, he took my terrace off the battlefield in more countries than any president in u.s. history. >> pete: he also created isis. >> marie: >> meghan: you have te that i got so much worse -- i greatly got exaggerated because a lack of leadership from president obama. democrats don't get to sit here and act like the ownership is in on them. the attempt that was made, it's something that you have to give president trump. he cares about the problem. >> harris: it's an attempt to
9:55 am
nail it on the second. i want to go back to something that you said about scooping up people off the battlefield. you don't just put regular people back after you've released to them from gitmo. when these guys are thirsty to vindicate everything that they said they believed in before they were captured off the battlefield. >> marie: he made it easier for the military to take legal action against terrorists in places like yemen and somalia. there were a lot of liberals who criticized our administration and said it is no easier under the obama administration to kill a terrorist than it is to capture them. >> meghan: no one will look under history of president obama and think he did something great for terrorism. he made it worse. we have to look to commercial break, but will continue ugh! heartburn!
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10:00 am, looking at all of it, chiming in on the conversation. we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jenna: fox news alert as we are following breaking developments on two major stories here and overseas. the battle over healthcare reform and the london terror attack from welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jenna lee. >> a lot happening with both those stories, i am lee linville are in for jon scott, right now we are learning that you taught resident kurt cochran is one of the four killed in the london-based terror attack outside british parliament had his wife melissa also from utah was injured and we are told is recovering at a local hospital, live pictures from london as we speak. police in london have identified the attacker as 52-year-old khalid masood who had been on law enforcement radar for a long time. >> jenna: me time in our nation's capital today the republican plan to place obamacare now faces an uncertain


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