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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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this. kevin mccarthy also chimed in and said that is his belief as well. we will be with you tomorrow to see what happens. we'll see if that little bill on capitol hill it finds its way up to being a law. have a great night, everybody, o'reilly is up next. we'll see you here tomorrow. ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling and for bill o'reilly. let's get straight to our top story. a wild day in washington over health care, a vote for the republican plan scheduled for tonight has been canceled due to a shortfall of support, leading mike leaving g.o.p. lawmakers scrambling to get more support behind it. joining us with reaction, sean spicer. let's get right to the news that literally came across the wires a couple of moments ago. it says that the boss, the president, is demanding a vote tomorrow, friday, on the health care law. >> my understanding, he's going
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to get it. the president has been working the phones, having meetings throughout the day, this is the opportunity for people who have waited for years to see obamacare repealed and replaced it to have it happen. ironically, eric, today, the seven year anniversary of obamacare. we are hoping to make this the last anniversary that any american has to suffer under obamacare by having a pink shirt patient-centric health care measure in place. tomorrow, it is time to vote. >> eric: former speaker nancy pelosi called that, the fact that it is today, the seventh anniversary, called a rookie mistake on your guys part. >> nancy pelosi set out several criteria about how you judge obamacare, the cost, the choice that people have, all of those are an abysmal failure. one in three counties in america only have one choice.
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premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles have skyrocketed. americans don't have choice, they may have a card but they don't have coverage paid for anyone to defend obamacare, it is collapsing under its own, the american people know it, they are getting too few choices. this is finally going to be the repeal and replace that waited for for a long time. respectfully, i think with got a much better way of doing it. >> eric: four weeks, we have heard you had the votes, paul ryan have the votes, going to deliver a bill to the president's desk that he could get his name behind, now we have this postponement for a day. as the president disappointed with the health care bill that he has been presented? >> not at all. the president has met with several groups today, they were involved, just got done meeting with the tuesday group, 16 of the 17 moderates that walked in order may bees or no, continuing
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to progress on that. >> eric: sean, those are the guys you need -- aren't the guys you need to come at the once unit of the freedom caucus, 30 or so memberd leeway with 22. you can lose 22 but you can't lose 30. >> but it was on both ends of the spectrum, and it is a balancing act. we had to worry about not getting a few on the other end of the spectrum. i think 16 of the 17 tuesday group members came in today and reiterated their support today for it. also had a great meeting with the house freedom caucus, i think they made significant changes to the bill that they have put forward that make it a stronger bill, continue to move forward toward the principles that we lay out, they continue to meet tonight. i think, at the end of the day, this is the only train leaving the station that is going to be repealing obamacare in giving us an opportunity, this is the train leaving the station, this is the choice we've been waiting
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for, the pledge being made to the american people. >> eric: i am watching this from the other side of the camera here, you guys telling me it's going to happen, is the president disappointed with the speaker of the house? >> no, not at all, they have been tremendous in terms of helping to talk to members, continue to reach out, put aspects in the bill that people wanted to make it stronger and better. we could have continued through the night and voted in the middle of the night, that's what democrats have done in the past. that's not what were going to do. we wanted to do this and broad late tomorrow, actually watch the debate take place and watch the boat go down. >> eric: if the vote doesn't pesca much of the speaker resign? >> absolutely not. this has been a great team effort on the republican's behalf, at the end of the day, i don't think that will be
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necessary because i think the president has made a very strong case as to why this is everything -- coats but one but if it doesn't pass, can the confidence still have confidence in the speaker? >> i understand the question, eric, but i'm not thinking that way. we put our heart and soul in this bill, the president has been working and having meetings, he has been behind this from the get-go. been meeting with all sorts of members to get this through cannot make it the best bill we can. >> eric: he is a dealmaker and taking it upon himself to get this done. did he expect this much political capital -- to expend this much political capital. he has got some immigration reforms come in, i'll capital he is going to have to spend on health care that maybe he didn't think, paul ryan told him he wasn't going to need to spend this early. >> the president knew it was going to be tough from the get-go. this is an effect of our economy come up since 2010, we knew it,
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we knew it was going to be tough, we knew there were a lot of ideas, and it is a balancing act to get to 216 to make sure we can pass it. but the president has put everything he can on this. the same way he campaigned, went into the 11th hour commitment the case to the american people and he won. i think we will see the same thing when it comes to this effort as well. >> eric: the other big story that's been percolating, specifically yesterday and today. the wiretaps. what is going on. devin nunes came to the white house yesterday to brief the president. what was going on with that? >> chairman nunes, chairman of the house intelligence committee, held a press conference, explained he had come upon information he thought was troubling, concerning to him, that didn't have to deal with the probe regarding russia, that showed there was surveillance about the president and his team during this transition period. he came to the white house after he briefed the media, came and
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shared some of his topline findings, explained the reports he had seen in his position as chairman of the house committee, there were things troubling him. >> eric: a bombshell. when i saw this, i was blown away that this was going on, when the president was asked, he said he was somewhat, "somewhat" vindicated. right into he go out and say, this is what i've been saying all along. >> i think the president realized chairman nunes had started to look at the reports, and this is a process. the chairman met president feels very confident that he will be vindicated, that there was surveillance, and that this should be a concern tonight. as i said from the briefing, eric, it is amazing that the mainstream press was all focused on the process, not the substance. this should be concerning to everyone. the american citizens, including the president and the transition team members, according to chairman nunes, were surveilled in some way shape and form, we don't know yet because we don't
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have all the intelligence that chairman nunes is looking at. >> eric: is there more? are we waiting to hear more? >> has indicated their additional reports he wants to take a look at. we have asked them to make sure they are investigating all of the concerns that are coming up and buy their happening. also importantly, why there are so many leaks out there, why are american citizens being unmasked, is what they call it, when they come up in an intelligence report and their identity, not supposed to be known, why is that being unmasked, as they call it, so that people know they were involved or monitored in some way. >> eric: i have been completely on the side of, they can't just do this, they just can't arbitrarily unmasked, they can't arbitrarily target for surveillance, my question is this, michael flynn got unmasked, why don't we just go find out who did it? >> we need to. we share that concern. i think that is what the president has made clear from the beginning, who are the
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president nomadic people who have and continue to leak information. this is something that has plagued our government for a long time, made clear it has a direct impact on our national security for not only heat but other individuals to talk about these matters, to make sensitive deals protect the interests of our country. should be something that everyone in this country is concerned about, a reason we have security clearance unclassified information, protect the country and our people. when we see these kind of leaks coming out of washington -- >> eric: does the president have confidence in james call me and his intel community? >> the president does have confidence in that, concerning what he has heard from chairman nunes, looks forward to the committee is their reviews of the situation so we can fully understand what happened. >> eric: sean, we are going to leave it right there. thank you for joining us on this vagueness day. coming up next, what is going on
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>> eric: and the "impact segment" tonight, a showdown over the health care bill continues, some g.o.p. congresspeople are framing the debate as being about whether you are for president trump or against him. joining us with reports from both ends of pennsylvania avenue, chief white house correspondent john roberts and chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. mike, start with you. some late breaking news? >> i am told from congressional sources that white house budget director mick mulvaney, behind closed doors, told house republicans that they are ready to vote, and if the vote fails to mount in the house of representatives that president trump has made up his mind and he is ready to move on to tax reform. that would be complicated
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tax reform would be getting rid of some of the obamacare taxes. house speaker paul ryan has made the case you have to do health care first, strip out those obamacare taxes, then on to tax reform after that. another big lift here on capitol hill. it sounds like after working the phones, after sending steve bannon, reince priebus, and mick mulvaney to the hill tonight, once again, to meet with lawmakers, it sounds like the white house has made up his mind, ready to move on, he has done everything possible to get this across the finish line, now he's hoping to put pressure on lawmakers to get this done. it kicks in tomorrow with a successful vote. >> eric: talk to us about that, how the president handles it. he's been out there saying, i'll take paul ryan's bill and we'll get it done, but if he doesn't get it done, now he's going to move on to texas. that's a big pivot. >> as mike said, difficult to do because he can't do the full tax reform package without getting the money out of obamacare first. have to be a watered-down
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version of what the president had promised in the campaign. but he's ready to go for a vote tomorrow, steve bannon said he wants to vote tomorrow. you heard sean spicer say, we don't want to do this in the middle of night, we want to do it in the clear light of day. they think they're getting enough people on board to get past a 216. some of the latest counts might go as high as 221 or 222. publicly, people like mark meadows, saying, i'm still no at this point. and the white house is somewhat perplexed to know what more they can give the freedom caucus other than what they have given them already. administration officials tell me that they really capitulated on this idea, the essential health benefits, try to get as much of the regulatory process out of the health care act as possible, even got some machination so that it passes the bird bird b.
5:16 pm
saying, we didn't get this, never to talk to us about that, but that is in the past. it's not the future. the white house is somewhat perplexed as to how it is going to move this forward. >> eric: talk to us a little bit about paul ryan, speaker, and whether his tenure is limited if this doesn't pass. what are they saying he doesn't get his health care bill over to the senate side? as he finished as speaker? >> no question that he has put a lot of personal and political capital into getting this done. i have heard a lot of members say they appreciate how open he has been in terms of being willing to meet with groups, the freedom caucus or the more moderate tuesday group. they felt like he has had an open door policy paid some of the leadership sources i have have been talking about whether mark meadows is able to deliver. they are concerned that he is saying no because he's not sure whether about of his members are going to follow him in voting for the bill. time after time, meeting with
5:17 pm
the president, talking to the president, talking to speaker ryan, a lot of the folks in the leadership are saying, maybe he can't. maybe negotiating is high risk and limited reward. whether he'll be able to deliver votes or not. >> eric: john, do you think president trump thought there would be this much heavy lifting anti-taft spent this much political capital? i mentioned that the sean spicer, he said he understood that. i don't know if that's necessarily the case. >> i have heard the president is enjoying this process of negotiating. it's cutting deals, he is in his element. that said, apparently he remarked that during a real estate deal was easier than doing a political deal. certainly if this thing goes down tomorrow to a "no" vote, it won't be for lack of trying on the president's part. he has been working the phones since this was introduced. he has had so many meetings here
5:18 pm
at the white house, dispatched so many people to capitol hill to work with members of congress. the only thing they didn't get done was, supposed to be a bowling night a week ago over at the eisenhower executive office building with members of the freedom caucus, but that was snowed out. i don't know if maybe there feeling that they were neglected because they didn't get bowling or not. the white house keeps making the point that this is the one chance for all of those republicans in congress, down at the other end of pennsylvania avenue, as he so eloquently put it, to repeal and replace obamacare as they have been promising to do for years. he says, this is your shot, it is plan a, vote for it or suffer the consequences in 2018. >> eric: get it done. get 'er done. next on the run down. they fight over the republican health care bill. can paul ryan leave the g.o.p. to a compromise? up to capitol hill with the negotiations continue. don't go anywhere.
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>> eric: in the "personal story" segment tonight, the battle between house republicans over health care. will they be able to reach a deal and bring a final plan to a vote? joining with reaction chris collins and duncan hunter. thank you for joining us, congressman. start with you, you like this plan. tell me why. >> because this is going to save america. to put it very simply. it is obamacare, which is failing, or doing this. this is a good bill, going to save people money. >> eric: there is another alternative, there is a plan that is more acceptable to some conservatives who would say this looks a lot like obamacare.
5:23 pm
there is a big group that donald trump wanted, the 50 to 65-year-olds, they get destroyed with this bill. >> here is what has to happen. there is no insurance market with competition. obamacare killed it. it's going to take a few years for that to come back. so that prices can go down, quality goes up. that's going to take a few year years. that's the offramp that we're doing. we are subsidizing this. still attack on high earners like congress and collins here. we got rid of the ten essential health benefits that were mandatory. those are all gone now. >> eric: i get it. i read this bill. here's the thing. congressman collins, you can weigh in on this. it doesn't do anything to the total cost, lower income and middle
5:24 pm
middle class americans. even if you get the premiums down from injectable school up. this is the exact same problem i had with obamacare. >> let's start with this. when we remove $800 million of drop-killing taxes, taxes, fees, penalties, the economy starts growing. for that reason and that reason alone, incomes come up come up money coming in, people coming of the entitlement programs, the second piece of what we're doing is fundamental undoing of all those $800 billion of taxes, fees, penalties. we don't talk enough about that. >> eric: you're not addressing the real issue come up the cost of health care and health insurance. this build is neither one of those. you introduce competition but you can't do that right now. >> we can't do it now, but we will. when we eliminate the essential package. to be clear, new york has 42 essential benefits. this isn't going to impact new york because new york made that choice, but other states? >> eric: here's my problem. everyone says, wait for phase
5:25 pm
three, that's when we are to remove that stateline restriction. the problem is, what do you need in phase three, you need 60 senate votes in phase three. you're never going to get 60 votes. >> i don't know if i would agree with that. once we're done with obamacare, once it is done, and it will be done, six months from now, they are going to work with us, i believe they are going to work with us as we move into our phase three, we don't have choice, we can't do it under reconciliation. we know we get no votes now. for those people who are impatient, here's the thing, this is that. we are porting tomorrow. it is a binary choice. if it goes down tomorrow, we have obamacare with all of its problems. >> eric: that's not actually a bad strategy. let it go down, let obamacare collapse on itself. >> bad for america. >> we will bring a bill, health care law -- >> that will not get passed.
5:26 pm
>> that needs 60 votes. >> everybody has great plans. you probably have a great plan. >> we are now the governing party. we can try to blame nancy pelosi and barack obama all day long and some people will listen, but america is going to say, we trusted you. you have the white house, house, and signage. >> eric: you guys are going to go up and try to get reelected, but if, like i said, this massive group of trump voters, in both of these cases, they go from $1700 a year under obamacare to $14,000 a year, not going to happen. >> this is going to be disruptive. what you just said is not going to happen i don't think. >> new mexico and the cbo. >> the president has promised to fix health care and he is going
5:27 pm
to deliver on that promise. it's that simple. >> eric: trump wants to deliver, he is a dealmaker, he probably would be given gettins done, but he has been given a bill from house speaker ryan that is harder to sell than he thought it would be. >> $85 million going to the senate to reduce the payments on the pre-medicare, not scored by the cbo because were giving them the money and the senate is going to do it. were not living the pre-medicare individuals, we are not hanging them out to dry come up want to happen. but i can tell you, if we're stuck with obamacare, that is a tragedy for america. >> eric: again, that's that false choice. rand paul would suggest that you repeal obamacare and then you move on to taxes. >> can't do that because we can't get 60 votes. >> use a secure repeal obamacare obamacare, get about 60 votes out of about 216 in the house.
5:28 pm
>> we are doing what we can do at this point. >> eric: i've got to go. >> one more thing. >> eric: i'm not making this stuff up. i am a conservative. i want trump to do well. i want him to put up a health care that works. this plan, 52 million people will not have insurance. more than obama. >> not going to happen. >> can't forecast how many people are going to be able to -- only time will tell. >> not going to happen. >> the partisan cbo. >> it's not going to happen. >> eric: and i'm supposed to trust you? >> absolutely. >> i love you, but the american people, we have to see it. >> will revisit this in four years. >> new mexico one coming up,
5:29 pm
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement jou can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> eric: in the unresolved problem segments next, the uproar around the house intelligence committee. yesterday, chairman devin nunes set off a firestorm announcing he received evidence that trump transition team communications were unintentionally captured.
5:33 pm
his democratic counterpart, congressman adam schiff, is slamming that public disclosure. >> to have our chairman take evidence that he received, perhaps in the dead of night, and not bring it to the committee, and we still haven't seen her today, neither democrats nor republicans, but bring it to the white house, that was just a complete head scratcher. we can't have our chair acting as a surrogate for the administration. he has to either have the surrogate role or the chairman role, but he can't do both. i think yesterday come up more than any single event event, underscored by an independent investigation is so essential here. >> eric: but in an interview airing tonight on "hannity," chairman nunes reveals more details. >> i will say the dissemination was pretty far and wide. like i've said before, it appears to me it was all legal. the question is, should it have
5:34 pm
been done in the first place, dated to meet foreign intelligence value, secondly, were any other american names unmasked, and i have information that says that there were. >> eric: joining us now with more from washington, catherine herridge. you heard the sound bite, "hannity" a little later tonight. he said it was legal, teaming the dissemination or accessing the information? >> when you unmask an american, if they are picked up, you have to have specific reasons for doing it. for example, you think a crime is being committed, there is an imminent terrorist threat, or it helps you understand the intelligence value of this information. you can't just do it because you're curious. with the congressman seems to be suggesting as it was done because people were curious and they had a political motivation. >> eric: but that's be an illegal act.
5:35 pm
>> probably, yes. >> eric: a little bit of a tightrope you walk here. it appears, correct me if i'm wrong, that the actual gathering of the information may have been incidental but it was legal, probably through a fisa court warrant. but someone unmask the name of these transition team officials for reasons other than the three you stated. >> well, that seems to be what the congressman is suggesting. i think you're getting to the bigger issue here, they started out reporting this intelligence not connected in any way to the u.s. investigation of russia and its meddling in the election, these reports were put together after the election. republicans are asking, who in the last administration pulled the trigger, who authorized the creation of these reports and for what purpose.
5:36 pm
and finally, was the same standard applied to the trump campaign if their conversations or names came up in the course of this surveillance, was that same rule applies to the clinton team if their name came up. >> eric: that goes to the legality rather than the unmasking. if you member testimony by james comey, he said there were only maybe 20 or so people who have the ability to unmask, right? >> nsa director said 20 people in his organization had the ability, but really, i think the issue is after that information identifies an american, how many people have access to it. based on our reporting come out much larger than 20 people. it also goes into the executive branch of the previous white house. again, the issue is -- >> eric: wow, a.k.a., the obama administration paid that
5:37 pm
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>> eric: thanks for staying with us, i am eric bolling and for bill o'reilly. the second "personal story" segment tonight, the man behind yesterday's deadly terror attack, officials have identified 52-year-old khalid masood as the attacker, a man with a long rap sheet who had been under previous investigation for extremist ties. masood was a british-born citizen, and his brutal threat highlighted the threat of homegrown terror. >> people are afraid and people are not united it is absolutely divided more than any time in its past. >> eric: joining us to analyze, jim hansen from the security isis basically claims responsibility saying he is a soldier of the jihadi.
5:42 pm
they are using vehicles now. how do you stop any of this? >> i think it starts with immigration. you've got to make sure -- europe has been in trouble for a long time, east london has been in great trouble or grave danger for some time now in terms of the mesh of sharia believers and ideologists who live within those communities. that's number one. two, you have to have things like bollards, simple security measures in place, and those can physically stop a truck or a car from ramming in. the other one, i'm going to say that it is london and the u.k. needs to revamp its entire police forces. i went to tell you right now, you're not going to be able stop terrorists wielding automatic
5:43 pm
rifles with bobbies, and i know that their unit did a great job of responding, but i think it's time for the u.k. to start looking at officers. >> eric: i'm sorry i have to do this. we are going to take a look in, paul ryan just delivered a couple of remarks on capitol hill, and they saw him leaving the press conference right there. i guess they were very brief remarks. let me bring these guys back in. let me talk to you about this. this mr. masood was under surveillance by british intelligence, but they left to go on his own and ended up killing four people and himself. >> here is the problem, eric. you can identify people, but if you don't look at what is causing them to do this, you are never going to solve the problem. there is an issue right now, i don't care if it is homegrown terrorism, how they kill people. they are killing for a cause, and we need to accept that and deal with that. pugh international is a lovely
5:44 pm
organization that polled muslims worldwide, ask them a simple question. do you support suicide bombing that killed civilians? 28% said some form of yes. that is hundreds of millions of people around the world believe that they can kill nonbelievers to further their cause, and believers. we need to attack the ideology. there are also muslims we can partner with. >> eric: you have to attack the ideology. in this case, the guy was british-born, he didn't use a gun or whatever. he used his car. >> i was going to say, what we need to nuke, it doesn't matter where he was born. we need the muslims in the community to help create the need to look at the people around them, and their mosque, say, we know this guy is bad. we want them to partner with us against the extremists. >> eric: you were going to comment on that?
5:45 pm
>> i completely agree with jim. we parked our cars in the same counterterror garage for the long time. they communities have to condemn these acts of violence. from a security perspective, purely tactical, london, again, law enforcement, i think the u.k. needs to look at arming their enforcement completely. here is what we learned in israel over the last 60 years. for every second you waste, the moment he terror act starts to go, another innocent life killed. for every round you are not firing at a knife-wielding terrorist or a car trying to smash into dozens of people, for every second wasted, another innocent is killed. the real tactic here is time. to wait for a unit to respond, not quick enough. the police need to be armed. >> eric: you guys are right. unfortunately we live in a world where we have to harden every single target. it is a dangerous place. gentlemen, thank you very much. directly ahead, the political
5:46 pm
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♪ >> eric: in "the factor" follow-up segments, the political aftermath from the canceled health care vote. joining us to analyze, a white house correspondent for "the hill" newspaper and a senior clinical correspondent. we'll start with you. that press conference, that very brief press conference, let's call it that, by paul ryan, for seven years we promised a repeal and replace of obamacare, and tomorrow, we are proceeding. wow. tomorrow, big vote, katie. >> big vote and big gamble, both for house leadership and for the
5:50 pm
white house. as of now there are a lot of republicans that are still not on board with this proposed health care bill, but the white house, house leadership, gambling that enough of them are going to get on board by tomorrow in order to get this board across the line. that's really the question were going to be watching over the next 24 hours or less. jordan, s not, in fact, past tomorrow, who is going to feel the fallout? paul ryan or donald trump? >> i think both, eric. donald trump, he said that this health care bill is the first step in moving forward with his agenda, moving forward to tax reform, moving forward to an infrastructure project. tied to the budget savings in this health care to paying for tax reform. so if this doesn't go forward, he's going to have a lot of trouble getting his agenda done.
5:51 pm
look, he has said, sean spicer was on earlier, said president trump is a closer. if he doesn't close the deal, that's not going to look great for him. paul ryan, going to again prove house republican conference is may be ungovernable. there are a lot of different actions in there that the moderates, conservatives, who aren't necessarily together on all of these ideas that if he is not able to galvanize that conference and count the votes the right way, that's not going to reflect well on him either. >> eric: katie, the white house basically said, we are going to vote tomorrow, if it fails, i'm moving on. my guess, personally, would be the next day, the very next day, he would be on the phone with mnuchin talking about tax reform. >> we are hearing that the president is done negotiating. that brings us back to that gamble we'll see tomorrow. what republicans have been talking four years about
5:52 pm
repealing obamacare. this is there sort of first opportunity to do it. and there is a lot of feeling that should ultimately do not be some effort, some successful effort made, that does repeal the health care law, there will be a backlash from the conservative base. at the same time, there is not at all agreement that this is the right approach. just checking in with heritage action, of course, a very prominent conservative group. they are still encouraging a vote against the bill tomorrow. i think you were going to see a lot of people pointing a lot of different fingers if this doesn't get passed tomorrow. but there is agreement on is that republicans need to find some way to fulfill the promises they have been making for years now. >> eric: you know, i'm sorry, let me start with jordan on this one. he ran on that bifurcation of the republican party, ran on the outsider, and he won, but now, this is a tall order, jordan,
5:53 pm
two navies two groups, get some of the major policy initiatives. >> the untold secret of this whole thing, the proposal on the table, not necessarily in-line with what president trump promised during the campaign, back in 2015, he said he wants to provide health care to everyone, that he would be brokering all kinds of deals with hospitals and other organizations to provide that health care. this bill doesn't do that. it is a different approach. it is a more traditional conservative reagan- ite approach and that's why think you're seeing some of these rallies, this is something we have to do. not necessarily speaking so enthusiastically about it all the time. >> eric: i've got to go but i'll tell you what, this is setting up for another big news day tomorrow and tomorrow night. jordan and katie, thank you very much.
5:54 pm
a quick reminder, bill spoke, "old school, life in the sain lane" will be out on tuesday. also, a town hall meeting on this coming monday night, please send us some questions and bill will read some fun stuff from the book. when we return, governor mike huckabee weighs in on the ruckus over health care and the turmoil among the russian probe and moments, away. i never miss an early morning market.
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>> eric: in the back of the book segment tonight let's bring in former arkansas governor mike huckabee who has been closely following all of today's offense, he joins us from florida, let's start with the health care bill. >> i think it's fine for them to delay this, they're talking about it they have to do it tomorrow, why did they have to do it tomorrow? it's better to do it right than to do it quickly.
5:57 pm
move on to tax reform, i wish they'd done that first. that's going to stir the economy a whole lot more than anything they do with the health care bill. the need to make sure they get it right i don't think they got it quite right yet if they did they would have a better, broader consensus with republicans on board with it. it >> eric: i watch the stock market all day long it goes up and goes down based on whether or not they think this health care bill is going to pass. if they think it's going to fail that means it pushes back at tax reform. i think donald trump may have helped everyone out letting them know if it fails he's going to move on to tax reform. >> good. bring that tax right down to 15% for corporations, watch the stock market explode upward when it does. we seek global investment back in the united states, people start hiring, they start letting go of cash and big corporations, honestly that's the best thing we could have right now. work on the health care bill. you don't have to do it today, you don't have to do it this month but you have to do it
5:58 pm
before the next election and you better get it right. that's what they need to focus on. >> eric: a couple of deadlines tomorrow, a health care vote and we also have katherine harris telling us tomorrow is the deadline for some of the information around the wiretap issue, setting up for a busy news day tomorrow. >> it is, i've come to the conclusion that it's probably necessary to get an independent counsel to do investigations of both the previous administration. the trump administration is nothing to worry about in terms of investigating, did they have any collisions with the russians? i think the answer is an emphatic no. i do think there is a lot of smoke and likely fire, everything points to the fact that there was illegal surveillance going on with private citizens, the biggest question is who in the heck ought to be criminally prosecuted for letting that information out? and somebody should do. >> eric: more tomorrow, you want to talk about the national endowment for the arts and some of the funding they may be
5:59 pm
losing. >> i think it's a real tragedy. it's .004% of the federal budget it's not going to save it. a lot of people don't understand that when were talking about music and the arts were really talking about the educational component, you want kids to do better? put them in music and arts they do better in their gpa, sat scores, they do better in math. you want to change the economy? for every dollar in the national endowment grant, nine dollars of private money moves with it. it's a $4.2 billion industry, the fact is it's a bigger segment of our gdp than transportation and agriculture. >> eric: does it need public funding, can the premarket handle it? >> not individual artists, no individual artist should be funded but i do think we need to funded communities, community art programs, access to music for children in poverty if we don't do that were going to lose a third of a kid who were our right brain dominant and that's
6:00 pm
a tragedy american has got to avoid. >> governor huckabee, thank you very much. that's it for us tonight, thank you for watching, and eric bolling and for bill o'reilly and please remove of the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," other networks are determined to ignore it, we open tonight with the coverage of the horrific rate in maryland, shucking emails and they are shocking, montgomery county school officials have been sending to parents vowing to protect illegal aliens at all costs and a threatening anyone complains about that. they have evidence of illegal immigrants henry sanchez malan and jose montano are guilty, he has a lawyers saying he is innocent. >> it seems the physical evidence is not there


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