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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that's it for us. thank you for your tweets. tune in every night at nine the news that is the sworn enemy among student groups. have a fantastic weekend. we are back monday. sean is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." former speaker of the house newt gingrich, herman cain will join us in a feud minutes. the g.o.p. health care was held before a vote could take place in the house of representatives where there is a lot of anger, frustration in washington, around the country, and tonight, we will examine how we got here and how we can make sure this never happens can bring -- the republican health care bill for the time being hit a dead n end. we told you the reason the republicans are in this position without a vote to repeal and replace obamacare is because this legislation legislative ps
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been too contentious, disorganized, and disjointed. on the positive side, it's been a bigger tent party than anyone really imagined, but the fact is after seven long years of republicans promising to repeal and g replace obamacare, not getting the job done is acceptable. anyway, here's what speaker ryan said earlier today. >> moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains. well, we are appealing feeling these growing pains today. we came really close today, but we came up short. >> sean: speaker ryan is right. they came up short and we have to make sure this never happens again for this is nott president trump's failure. the president went above and beyond and when everything in his power to get this bill across the finish line. here's how the president reacted this afternoon. take a look. >> chest of very small number of votes short in terms of getting our bill passed.
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a lot of people don't realize how good our bill was because they were building phase one. but when you add phase to go which is mostly behind secondary price, and you add phase three, whichre we wouldn't have gottenf it got a great bill, premiums would have gone down and it would have been very stable, it would've been very strong. >>l sean: i will admit very earlier today i was pretty angry about all of this. it shouldn't have happened. at the bottom line, what's done is done for what emerge here is in my mind a huge opportunity if it is used wisely. before i talk about how we can avoid these mistakes and fix this problem, a i want to first address the members of the alt-left destroy propaganda media, they are absolutely giddy today. let's look at how the democrats were behaving before the bill was pulled. look at the insanity of their rhetoric. >> this is a bad joke on america. here we are, the choice act, the
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choice is get sick or go broke! >> this bill will unravel health care for all americans. >> we are in length. it's supposed to be the holiest time. whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me. thinkk about that before you voe for this bill. please vote against it. >> it is not liberty for a woman to be forced to go to work within weeks of having a child! that's what this bill would do! >> yes. i want to ask why the democrat microphone is turned off? the last two speakers, we have not been able to hear as well as we heard miss janie, i want to know why that is. i hope someone hears my plea, the parliamentarian will take care of this problem. it's toooo important to have our microphone at a lower scale! older americans are going to pay for aer tax cut for the richest people in this nation! older americans are going to be hit the hardest! what does the g.o.p. stand for? get old people!
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that's what this bill does! >> sean: that's what this does. all you snowflake democrats, you might be happy this deal was -- you won't be smiling for long. that's a promise. since obamacare was not refute or replace, guess what? the country is not going to see how devastating your state is and how dangerous this law is. back in february, the ceo of aetna said that obamacare is in a death spiral. it's only going to get worse. we see premiums now skyrocketing by some places 117%. really quick make your happy about that? is at something to to smile about? are you happy that over the last decade in the obama years, people's plans have gone up $5400. about that?ou happy are you really happy? so many millions of americans have lost their doctors -- by the way, something obama and you said wouldn't happen. no family 25,000 per plan per year, another obamacare light
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and disappointment. but don't worry, democrats, you are going to be forced to own this mess because you created this mess. so be as happy as he wants will see day after day after day firsthand the devastation and the impact of your bad policies. now,w, how do we talk about and how do we make sure this never happens again? it's really important to look back and examine what went wrong here. so republicans areit not in this position again. second, republicans, they've got to go back to the table. this time, build a consensus bill. didn't happen this time for for example, before the g.o.p., obama, replacement bill was rolled out, we heard from many g.o.p. lawmakers right here on the show say they had no idea what was in that bill that was beingbo scored in the cbo. take a look. >> sean: you guys, you haven't seen the repeal and replace bill. all four up you told me that. >> guys who have seen the bill before, i'm hanging like that. i would like to read the bill.
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remember 2010 quick mike we all said, if you collect us, you give us the majority, we will read the bill.n: >> sean: if you don't learn from your mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them. that is mistake number one. at the very least, republicans had a major make education issue as it relates to this bill. the big question tonight is, all right. going forward, how do we make sure this never happens again? for starters, i would say the republicann leadership, before you release any bill, there has to be a consensus built from all the different factions of the g.o.p. in otherdy words, the moderates, the wednesday group, the tuesday group, the saturday group, and, yes, the freedom caucus. and then, you will not need a big bite on national 3 -- bring everybody into the room. start the process of building that bill with everybody i just mentioned, knowing a and telling everybody they aren't going to get everything they want. sort of like signing a contract before it actually negotiating the terms.
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you have it backwards. that means getting everyone in the same room, members of the senate, secretary perez, conservative think tanks, moderates, g.o.p. study group, freedom caucus, everybody, the white house make sure the bill is not released until you have consensus on the bill. this would take a lot of the ugliness out of the process. now the president is moving on. he's forging ahead with his agenda. and, remember. he's been keeping all his prophecies promises. what does this mean going forward? the republican leadership has learned a hard lesson and our elected officials need to take a deep, long, hard, introspective look about how they do business. my advice is, don't put bills together without consulting all of these factions within yourur party.te you will serve the american people better. one thing is clear. voters will not serve well in this process. you will have time for a do over bridge joining us with reaction, the author of number one "new york times" bestseller, "treason," former speaker of the house, fox news contributor
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nutrient newt gingrich. i'm not as angry now. now i see an opportunity and i sense that they are not going to make this mistake again. please tell me they want to do this again this w way. >> well... first of all, you have no idea whether or not they will make that mistake or invent a new mistake. >> sean: jeez, great. >> i'm just being honest. what you do know is that donald trump is a very smart guy. he just went through an experience. it wasn't what he was told. hehe had been told that everythg was under control, the leadership could deliver. he didn't have to pay too much attention, coming in ato the vey end and close the deal, it's got to be a very mess. i guarantee you, if this had been one of his hotels, one of his buildings, one of his golf courses, there would be a lack of personnel changeslo tonight. and i think what you are going to see is that he is going to
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rethink how he approaches the congress based on this outcome.t because it was so totally, utterly, unacceptable. at the same time, i think, paul ryan is at a real turning point. ryan is a very smart guy. nobody shouldd take that away from him. and he knows an immense amount of policy. but he's got to decide, in the world of trump, where you are doing really bold, really different things, iss he willing to spend the time and energy listening to everybody, even when he doesn't agree with them, doesn't believe they make any sense, because o only by when he sees the model of listen, learn, help, and lead. only by doing this, and you talked about it some. only by getting everybody in the dialogue, you have a chance of getting to a majority. i think this is an example that's starting at the top, trying to run through the system,, and it's not going to work. it didn't work for bohener, and
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it student work for ryan. they will have to get approaches to get this done. >> let me ask you if you like thisy. y approach. for example, reagan relied heavily -- by the way, so did you if i'm not mistaken.ou you did a lot of a lot of research renewing american civilization, you have a great relationship with a lot of thesl really smart think tanks like the heritage foundation. if i wasul going to start over,i would tap p secretary price. i would have them consult with all these different think tanks. i would have them consult with the moderates. pro-life people with the freedom caucus. with the study group. and so on and so forth. you are the one who uses the analogy of, well, you got mad at me on tv one night about the square. and if you build within the square, what everybody's' wish list is, what you tell people what is doable, what's contradictory, what is not contradictory. thoughts? > first of all, for the
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audience's sake, i did not get mad at you! you press >> sean: you dressed me down on national television. what are you talking about? >> for all these years, you are way too sensitive. the one [laughs] i've been called everything now. >> here's the deal. i think that -- remember the two things here. health is life and death. for every american. for theirir children, for their parents. every american. and it is almost 1 out of every $5 in the economy. now if you are going to start moving something to that scale, i think you ought to do it in the open. i think the more information if you get, the more people who participate, you have this doctor in wichita for example. he would never make it through a harvard, yale, brookings institution studying group.
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but they probably ought to bring him in and give him time in an open public hearing to explain him how his model works. let me tell you that the sanford health systemm in north and south dakota is a miraculously effective system. gundersen lutheran in western wisconsin is an amazingly successful system. we ought to be looking for glimmering's that tell us, you know, there is a dramatically betterur future out here. and if we get the right legislation, and we do it the right way, we can give every american a better future. and now that requires, i think, a totally different approach than the one they tried in the first two months. >> sean: we will take a break. we will have more from speaker greenwich after the break. coming up next tonight -- >> we will be going right now for tax reform. which we could've done earlier, but this really would have worked out better if we could've had some democrat support. >> sean: president trump revealing republicans will most
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likely focus on tax reform next. we will get reaction from the speaker. and later tonight, herman cain is here and we will get reaction to the house intel committee chairman devon nunez's explosive -- apparently, more american names were amassed. how many felonies were committed equipment we will ask the important questions tonight.
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more to stream to every screen. >> it is now your intention to go f >> what's next on your agenda? >> we will probably be going right now for tax reform. which we could've done earlier, but this would have really worked better if we could've had some democrat support. we had no democrat support. so now we are going to go for tax reform, which i've always liked. >> sean: that was president trump speaking earlier todayus from the white house afr the g.o.p. health care bill was pulled. the republicans will now turn their attention to focus on tax reform. wee continue f with the former speaker of the house newt gingrich.l iha actually feel pretty the end ofthat at the day, they will get the health care bill done. i think they have to do it. i like your idea of bringing everybody in, but i also like the idea behind closed doors. i don't like the idea of a public fight among every faction in the republican party. i don't think it served anyone
10:18 pm
well. >> looked. i like it being out in the open because this is about you. it's about your children. it's about your mother. it's about everyone you know. i think if you are going to deal with health issues, the more open and public it is, the more -- let people talk themselves out. you've got a couple of committees you can assign this to. let them have hearings all over the country. let them build a consensus. >> sean: but the problem with health care is your window is closing. because reconciliation is over in may. i >> well, we'll get reconciliation. >> sean: the next time it could be any tax bill. >> use reconciliation for the tax bill. forget reconciliation for health care. the republican leadership tried to put this between the insanity of the congressional budget office, which is totally phony. and the absurdity of the center reconciliation rules, which are goofy. that's quite a collapse. because you put into anything
10:19 pm
that was explainable to normal, everyday americans. people kept saying, "you don't understand. eventually in the phase two -- >> sean: you are right. >> this country is -- >> sean: how many americans know what reconciliation is? how many people know what the byrd rule is? >> when you say to people, "trust me, we are going to fix it in phase two and three having elected a president based on the grounds, they don't trust anybody in washington. >> sean: you are right. >> we turn them around and trust them with their lives? it ain't going to work. we a would here's a question -- >> i will tell you this. okay. i believe the president should have two parallel projects. tax reform, which i'm totally four, which helps create jobs, and infrastructure, because infrastructure will be a bipartisan, will bring democrats in, will create a different
10:20 pm
tone, and we need to build a trump majority of about 300 or 325 from the house and about 65 in thehe senate. and just change the tenor of washington away from this harsh partisanship, which then sets the stage for a much better health bill that might surprise, surprise, actually have democrats vote for it. >> sean: okay. i love everything you just said there. i think you areth dead on. it's a positive solution for it we are going to get some wins out of it. the country is going to be better off. at the end of the day, i don't care about any of these politicians. i care about the american people. the forgotten men and women who were elected this president. i want to go back to something you said. earlier this week, chuck schumer -- "i'm going to filibuster." he's going to filibuster your to mcneil gore-tex -- that means ea the newco option will have to be used. republicans played by one set of rules, they are going to allowed
10:21 pm
an up-and-down vote for elena kagan, sonia sotomayor, ruth bader ginsburg. democrats don't play by those rules. get rid of it. make it a simple majority in the senate. good idea? > absolutely. i have no doubt that mitch mcconnell is going to go to a simple majority with the fact is, i think chuck schumer knowss that. hischuck schumer knows that left-wing will lynch him if he caves an inch, so he would rather survive for another day, give up this grounds -- which, by the way, when the next supreme court seat comes up, it's a huge deal.ed if schumer creates a precedent that you can approve somebody with 50 votes plus the vice president, now he allows trump in the next time to really move the court toward the most conservative court in modern times. >> sean: all right great mr. speaker, good points. i think aten the end of the day, we will look back. this was a minor hiccup. i also think the president comes out looking good, because he was so active and involved and
10:22 pm
showed it worked with a lot of people people. >> sean: this'll be a hiccup in the prism of history. up next, the reaction to the health care bill being pulled today. herman cain will join us. he has a reaction. and later tonight... >> there was was a additional unmasking that was done and the documents that i read the other day, i don't know who asked for them to be unmasked, i know there are more. >> sean: unmasking, leaking of intelligence, and a lot of questions still need to be answered about the surveillance of the trump transition team, including the president-elect at the time. rick cornell, sarah gordon, rick secular join us this is a friday newsnight on "hannity" ."
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-- with marie le pen friday. sad he meets with residents of all political powers, just as russian's partners in the e.u. and the u.s. to do. northern peru now battling floods caused by weeks of rain. floodwaters have damaged more than 1145 homes in peru, 145 bridges has collapse. luckily, no caps have been reported. bao bao returned to china was introduced to her new home friday. she checked on her new home in sichuan, china. for all your logons come along on the >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." c we continue our discussion about the health care bill. now, is this ever going to happen? to they have a better plan for dealing with future legislation? joining us now, former presidential candidate herman cain.
10:28 pm
mr. 999. 999 didn't get you elected president, but everyone still remembers it. i think in the end, if i suspect what's going to happen turned out to be true, this continues to collapse obamacare, republicans begin to get their act together. they were quietly behind the scenes, they build a consensus bill that will actually do the job that i think it works out fine. thoughts? >> in the long term? yes. but in the short term? shawn... the republicans blew it. they blew it! and here is why. you've got a republican in the white house. you've got republicans in control of the you got republicans in control of the senate, although narrowly. and they should have responded to the number one concern of the american people, and that was to repeal and replace obamacare. in the long term, you are probably right. but in the short term, they blew an opportunity.
10:29 pm
>> sean: do you agree with my analysis that there is another way to do this. i can't stand the sausage making analogy anymore that everyone brings up. but therene is a way to build consensus. there is a way to get toui agreement before you roll it out and nobody having seen it. everybody attacking it publicly. i mean, than the president has to do the heavy living and i just think that this is a learning a experience because we've got a lot to work to do to stop america's precipitous decline. i don't care the democrats are giddy that they think this is good. meanwhile, the american people suffer under obamacare. they better learn from this. >> well, i partially agree with you because they roll this out three weeks ago. it was 123 pages, sean. how long does it take them to read 123 pages? or the ways and means committee summary, which i read every word tn detail! i don't accept that they try to
10:30 pm
rush this through. no! it was simple enough and straightforward enough that -- >> sean: they didn't say it was rushed through. herman -- >> i said there is -- >> sean: they didn't build a consensus that was necessary before they rolled it out, meeting and announced it. nobody saw the billable for they rolled it out. that was the first time they saw it! >> but sean! three weeks is enough to build consensus. it was not a complicated bill. 2700 pages is complicated. i can see where it would take a long time to build consensus. 123 pages -- >> sean: i i think we are talking over each other here. >> -- to build consensus. >> sean: inf spite of what democratsre say, there is great diversity within the republican party. you've got a group of moderates, you've got the study group, the tuesday group, the wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday group, you got the freedom congress. none of them saw the bill ahead of time. i'm saying the problems that
10:31 pm
would naturallyhe emerge with different agendas and different points of view will, i think you should have been addressed before they rolled it out because then it put the president in a position of, okay, do we want to help the moderates in the party, that this is off the freedom congress, and they want changes, that takes off the moderates in the party. c roll it out, say it's our bill and we will support it. >> i would agree, sean. this might be the first time that you and i disagree. which is rare. because you know that you are my brother from another mother. here is my point. in three weeks, i read it in 3 minutes! i don't accept the fact that they should have built consensus prior to introducing it to the public. they had three weeks to read a very simply stated 123 page bill. >> sean: hermante , they didn't agree on the bell! that's the problem. >> but sean, here's my point! please listen to me!
10:32 pm
>> sean:ni i'm listening. >> they didn't agree with it. but why? all of the reasons they didn't agree on it i don't find substantive. that's why i'm angry! i read it. i looked at it. and i think that those that opposed to it are wrong. this is why i say -- >> sean: okay, that's a fair criticism. >> -- republicans blew it because they were so close and have you heard any legitimate reasons as to why they are opposed to it? the answer is "no." that's where i am angry. >> sean: herman, we are definitely related. this is the first. we did disagree tonight. >> you know be good well, my brother from another mother. >> sean: if you are my brother from another mother. here.t at night right >> there was additional unmasking that was done in the documents that i read the other day. i don't know whosk asked for thm to be unmasked, i just know
10:33 pm
there are more. >> sean: you heard the house intelligence committee devin nunes. more american names were amassed. rick cornell, sarah carter, and -- we get tonight from david bossi and tom fit in of judicial watch as we continue on this busy news friday night straight. ahead. relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. of a duracell c-cell and the tips on how to calm a baby from your mother-in-law that always seem to involve a fair amount of brandy, go with c-cell. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust. you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached.
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>> tucker: welcome back to >>'s sean: welcome back to "hannity." on last nights program, house intelligence committee chairman member devin nunes told us about the reports that he saw which
10:37 pm
confirmed, in fact, the trump team including the president-elect was surveilled.e he also told us the intel he saw indicated that more american names were amassed and he was asked about this earlier today. take a look. >> in the documents you reviewe reviewed, how many names were on that? >> i don't know that yet. so i am aware of just so i can be perfectly clear, there were an additional unmasking that was done in the documents i read the other day. i don't know who asked for them to be unmasked, i know that there are more. now just so you know, i was aware of the unmasking before i read the documents. >> sean: also, as we told you last night, fox's own james rosen is reporting that according to his sources, they expect a potential smoking gun that will show the obama administration spied on the
10:38 pm
trump transition team and possibly the president-elect himself. here with the reaction tonight, former spokesman for the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. recruit now. from the american center for law and justice, jacek dillow, and from that she's been all over this story, sarah carter is back with us. let's start with devin nunes saying last night, and more importantly what james rosen is reporting here. did the obama administration -- is it possible that under the guise of intelligence gatheringw that they were actually spying on an incoming president or president-elect orn even before an election, which is something you've been reporting? >> according to my sources, sean, that's what they think. and so what i think devin nunes said what the chairman said is that we are still looking at the reports, we are still trying to see the evidence. remember, this is legally done. in chairman to -- this doesn't mean it's ri. under the guise of that legality, was their political
10:39 pm
espionage? i think that's what he wants to find out. the only way we are going to find that out is by knowing who authorized the unmasking of the name, how many names were unmasked, was there a difference between unmasking the people on the trump campaign and the trump team with regular american citizens? is trump campaign and team members, at that point, would that be a clue? >> sean: we are talking about a number of things here for number one, unmasking, revealing names. that shouldn't happen. when in fact they are surveilling a legitimate target orta enemy, if you well, or maye an ally they are spying on, they need to minimize that. then we know is on top of, a crime, leaking. let's talk about what is in play here. >> this is the overlooked portion, and that is the leak of this information is a violation, it's a felony. you go up to jail five years per episode. if it's multiple leaks from the
10:40 pm
same person, it's multiple count indictments, which is what should be by the way he looked here. that's why i've been urging the paneling of a grand jury, that may be going on for all we know to engage in the investigation. now if this was before that executive order, a very limited amount of people would have that information, so we know that some of it is that. 12:30 three 12 -- we know that one to 17 more agencies. the chairman yesterday on your broadcast said that some of this was from october, november, december, that was before 12333, it should've been narrow between the leak and unmasking. i think what sara said is right. the fact is if you have a president at one point thebe republican nominee, the president-elect being validated or surveilled by the intelligence agencies, this raising a whole host of legal issues. >> sean: it really does.
10:41 pm
rick cornell, let's talk about it from your angle and experience with whatnc you're seeing done wrong here. >> look, sean. i had -- 48 co-years, i never got to see raw intelligence. transcripts, summaries and transcripts is really something that is outrageous. that shouldn't have been done. this unintentional sweep that becomes ann intentional leak looks to me a political ploy. it started very early. we know that it started well before the transition started. so i think there is a very serious political issue.e. they are claiming that this is a safe legal issue because they were supposedly trying to listen to foreigners. but within that realm, there could've been a political calculation to listen in and to take those transcripts, make sure those in the nsa and political people, make sure they
10:42 pm
can leak them to the reporters and there you go with more rumors out in there. >> sean: that's really well said. >> it's been a problem. they are pushing saying that let's investigate the rumors. >> sean: sara, i think we have a series of questions here that need to be investigated. from the journalistic side, where the story goes next, what are the questions you want answered, i want the answers from the legal side? >> i want to know who authorized the unmasking of the names. if those alterations included trump team members. was it just focused on that? we are talking about before the expansion of the 12-333 executive order, i want to know if they can narrow it down enough to find out who was the person or persons that leaked general flynn's name. are they connected with the unmasking ofs names of other names on the trump team. these are questions that have to be answered so we can move forward. like i said, sean.t right now, this is what i know.
10:43 pm
the department of justice has not yet authorized the fbi to open an investigation into theon leaks. >> sean: that's got to happen. >> that has to happen. >> sean: on the legal side -- >> i want to know what james clapper might've known t what to do with this. i want to know what a ternary general loretta lynch had to do with this but i want to know what john brennan had to do with this. i want to know the president -- i think the question you have asked emma sean, since the outset. who knew? when did they know what's meant what do know? that goes to the highest level of our government for the idea that a presidential -- was being spied on by the united states "instantly" should raise all concern with all-americans right, left, or center. >> sean: rick, last word? >> look, it would be easy to figure out if susan rice and ben rhodes knew about this, because if they did, clearly president obama knew about it. that's the political team inside the nfc. they would've been trying to help do something against trump
10:44 pm
during the election, so i think let's figure out if they knew and we will have something leading right to a political scheme right there. >> i think he's right. >> sean: this is going to get bigger and bigger -- i agree, totally. i know the answer, too. okay, guys. wewe will stay on this because it's important. thank you, all. have a great weekend. up next, on the spacing news "hannity." >> it's clear that i would be concerned if i was the president. that's why i wanted him to know, and i felt like i had a duty ant obligation to tell him because as you know he's been taking a lot of heat in the news media. >> sean: the house until committee chairman devin nunes on this program last night explaining why he felt he had a duty to inform president trump about surveillance collected on his transition team and on him. up next, we will get reaction from dave bossi. was he one of the ones unmasked. we will ask them. also tom patton of judicial watch as we continue.
10:45 pm
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>> it's clear that i >> is clear that i would be concerned if i was the president. that's why i wanted him to know that i felt i like i had a duty and obligation to tell him, because as you know, they are taken a lot of heat in the news media, and i think in some degree, there are things he has to look at to see if the collection was proper or not. >> sean: that was the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes on the show last
10:49 pm
night detailing why he had a duty to brief the president about the surveillance reports for joining us now with reaction's fox news contributor and former trump deputy campaign manager dave bossi and the president of judicial watch, tom fitton. i've got to tell you, dave, i know you were there. you could be one of these people, by the way, because we know that this happened november, december, january for sure. sara carter think some of it started before the election. really serious stuff if you care about the fourth amendment, before the moment, other constitutional amendments. what is your reaction? >> sean, that's correct. i was aware during obviously the campaign, but i was also the deputy -- so i will as they are all the way through inauguration. and it is a little bit disconcerting that you could find yourself caught up in this. and it's one thing to talk about the politics of it for the investigation, but when it's --
10:50 pm
somebody ask you a question about you, that makes it a little bit different. so it's very disconcerting. i've got to tell you. i'm troubled that mike flint's name is unmasked, i'm troubleded by this entire episode of what weer are going through. because there are deep sources within our government that wanted to betray our national security and really try to do harmmp to president trump's administration. >> sean: tom, under the auspices of trying to protect america and a surveilled foreign intelligence, i think the most disconcerting aspect of this is the fact that they may very well have used it as an excuse to surveilled not only the president-elect but those around him in the transition team, people like dave bossie. >> i agree, sean. and sherman nunez to nunes understating the issue. it looks like we had obama's cyber plumbers going out there, calling intelligence that is
10:51 pm
supposedly gathered only four, as you say, foreign -- protecting national security of the united instead, it was inappropriately targeting not just incidentally, but targeting, it sounds like, president trump and his incoming team. and then it was obviously illegally leaked. this is -- these are potentially criminal violations of law. jeff sessions, the attorney general then u.s. senator, was also targeted according to "the wall street journal" with "an investigation." he probably cannot make any decisions here. that's why i think you need a special counsel out of the justice department to investigate who in the obama administration was involved in either the targeting, the subsequente, or the unmasking, as i'm being told. look, i'm asking is a nice way of saying, "hey, we are sending around, gossiping information about the president's advisor, information obtained through wiretaps and intelligent surveillance." outrageously illegal beyond the pale, and there is nothing to
10:52 pm
compare in recent memory other than watergate in terms of presidential malfeasance. >> sean: this is the question that sara carter is still relevant here and need to be answered. who knew what, when, and where? how high up the cisco? how aware are they? if you deal with unmasking or the l lack -- they are supposedo use minimization processes, dave, and they are supposed to --er if it's an american, if you don't an a nt -- so we talk about three separate things. and it was widely disseminated as devin nunes'. that makes it more troublesome. >> we do know that one law was actually broken, that was the unmasking of michael flynn's name. we do know that -- >> sean: that's infinitely a f. >> it was committed by somebody inside the administration. maybe a obama holdover. maybe a career bureaucrat that dislikes president trump. but somebody inside the fbi and
10:53 pm
the department of justice needs to get the bottle of it. but i will sayay this. the organization of congress, house and senate, need to hold investigations and use their subpoena power and disposition authority that they have to be able to able to uncover exactly what i happened here and do it very quickly. devin nunes and others on the hill can call people like james comey. -- i want to do it in congressional hearings so that it can become and be made public. >>om even better, sean, we have the freedom of information act. at his appointees, it can order the release of this information. obviously, there is a direct classified information that cannot be released. we don't want to see that. we can get the details necessary to draw conclusions about whether what was going on was right or not. this is a tool available to the president right now, and certainly to the administration. let it all hang out, force the
10:54 pm
transfers are laws on this issue. it's interesting. nunes comes out and exposes government malfeasance and gets attacked by "the new york times" and "washington post" and the democrats in congress. nunes is a hero in terms of what publix officials are supposed to do and is finally -- it's good to see a congressman find out something going wrong in the administration and releasing it quickly. >> sean: guys, good points on all counts. this story is not going away. there is going to be indictments, in my opinion. mark my words. we need your help with tonight's important question of the day. also, hit me with your best shot. we played some of the messages -- well, the nicer ones left for me on the hannity hotline. stay ahead. how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success. and whether you have hundreds or millions...
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>> sean: all right. time for our question of the day. it's a very simple one. what is the reaction to the g.o.p. health care bill being -- being pulled? i actually think in the long
10:59 pm
run, it's probably going to end up being a good thing. it will be a better bill by the time it has passed. go to here it is. hit me with your best shot. the messages you left for me on the hannity hotline. >> did anyone tell you thate you'd look like nathan lane? is crazy. how much gel do you have in your hair? keep up the good work. >> caller: come on, sean, your questions are too long and they turning into sermons relet the gas to answer your questions, because i can't hear their answers because you are always butting in. >> sean: i'm not always butting in, and i don't look like nathan a lane! but i i try to give answer. we do have time constraints, but i will try harder. i take constructive criticism well. i want to say something mean, like calling me nathan lane or nice? call the number on your screen.
11:00 pm
877-2 s to 5-8587. thank you as always to be with hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here monda monday. mcal der starts now. >> a victory for the republican freedom caucus that broke down the white house bill and calls from some for speaker ryan to step down as the president voices his support. it was an epic day 64 of the first one hundred. here's the day. >> i'm the eternal optimist. i believe we'll get it done. >> it's not going to work. >> it's the fix of the fix of the fix. >> the republicans all have their finger on it. >> the fbi briefed the committee on the ongoing


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