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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 25, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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on fnc. that is this week show. thank you to the panel and all of you for watching. we will see you right here next week. >> president trump now looks ahead after the gop health car bill fall short . even before asingle vote . the plan failing to get enough support for a full vote in the house. now they say they will take another look at healthcare. obamacare goes under. good afternoon and welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm julia bender. >> here's what's happening ã president trump and paul ryan make a last-minute pitch for the republican plan. ultimately, they decide to pull the plug. the president tweets this morning that obama care will expose and we will all get
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together and piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. do not worry. kevin is following this any joins us live in the white house with the latest. here we are. one day after the big letdown on capitol hill. what is the white house message on healthcare reform now. >> good talking to you. i will dovetail off of what you said the message is , don't worry. the fix is coming but thebetter question might be , when and secondarily, what might look like. that's the message not just from the white house but the vice president mike pence selling that message as well. clearly it's what they will have to endure. the fight, the white house is up for. >> it's a great healthcare plan for the people. we will end the obamacare nightmare and give the american people a world-class health care that they deserve.
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>> that is the vice president over in charleston west virginiatalking about jobs and regulatory reform . he is really saying that is trying to get the message to the american people that might've seen what happened yesterday and they are frankly disappointed or maybe even anxious about what might happen. repeal and replace as they were saying at the white house. what he is trying to tell the peoplewho are watching, not jus in the audience. on television . don't worry ãwhen it goes down , we will be ready to go to work. >> he made it abundantly clear. with healthcare on the table, what is the next phase and what they are saying. >> you can build momentum all over again. it's the main focus. yes you will hear a great deal about the tax reform and probably a bit about the regulatory reform and jobs.
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every week we have seen the president come out with some job announcement and we expect they will continue here. the big issue now at the white house is in addition to its they want to make sure they get the supreme court nominee confirmed. neil gorsuch is the 10th circuit and obviously incredibly well-qualified with juries on the supreme court. it's leaving some, including the president to speculate whether or not it's time to go to the nuclear option. it's longer than eight years. in fairness to obama. wind up with the gridlock and i would say, you should go nuclear.
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to keep this in mind. we heard harry reid and then the speaker of the house. it happened under the obama administration but if it happens under president trump, it's not exactly working the ground. >> it has been set already with lindsey graham as a republican stating that it could go nuclear. we will follow that and talk about that little bit later in the broadcast. so glad you brought that point out. thank you. good to see you. >> supporters are presidential's come together to hold the rally across the can see the fist forming. some is punching a guyand being held back . not sure why. there was a number of arrest at this rally in huntington beach california.
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supporters and opponents of the president face-off. if youhave supporters and opponents together , you can see it's not a good mix. joining us is the los angeles bureau. thisdidn't go so peacefully . >> that happened there in the 40+ pro trump rallies across the country.the video that you are looking at in the rally and huntington beach at the state park. we see protesters show up at the rallies across the country today and a short time with some of the protesters clashing in the current trump supporters there. photographer on the ground says the protesters say the bases are covered entities seem to be looking for trouble with a pocket of fights breaking out on the bike path. police are on scene. they intervene and it's unclear how many people may been arrested's across the
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country with supporters saying they wanted to show up to the rallies today to offer a stark contrast in many of the protest that we've seen in recent memory have showed up with enthusiasm and they are waving american flags and cheering and chanting. screaming usa build the wall and drain the swamp. they have been pretty optimistic. that's until the violence broke out. mike pence shows up at the rally unexpectedly in west virginia. showing his support for everyone who tries to rally for president trump say. >> thank you very much. >> fbi director and the nsa chief heading back to capitol hill next week. to testify before the house intelligence committee. part of the intelligence into russian election meddling. it's from president trump's campaign. garrett files all the details
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any joins us now in washington with the latest. >> either this weekend or early next week and the house intelligence committee is expected to receive new documents from the nsa detailing how many americans have been swept up in the surveillance of the foreign targets and their names are unmasked or identified. those documents are expected to include members of the trump and clinton campaign. it will likely be the subject of a lot of hearings with director comey and the man who runs the nsa. mike rogers. another topic isnew evidence obtained by the committee chairman . claiming to show that the names of trump transition officials were picked up during surveillance and spread throughout the intelligence community during the final days of the obama administration. >> there are reasons to unmask the names. i could tell you that without
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question that at least some of what i've seen ãi don't know what it will be but someone has a good region for it but not what i've been able to read. >> nunez says he is the only person who has seen the evidence and he is waiting to receive the full report to know all the details. he has received a lot of criticism for going straight to the press and the white house when he received the new intelligenceleaving the rest of the committee in the dark . >> it's not just they haven't share them with democrats but he hasn't share them with republicans on the committee. all of us are essentially in the dark. what's most concerned about that is that taking the information to the white house. >> including others with republicans calling on congress to create an independent committee to take over the investigation into russian's tampering and any connectionsto the trump campaign . >> i will tell you to factor all that week will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.garrett reporting live from washington.
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thank you. >> for more on this ãlet's bring in marjorie clifton. the former consultant. the principle of clifton consultant at the ted cruz campaign. welcome to both. while dennis said there was no wiretapping of trump tower ã that did not happen. he also did say that legal surveillance was used to spy on the trump campaign. whether it was intentional or not. what other collection was picked up at security agencies during the last days of the administration. >> i think it's important that nunez sees thisinvestigation through all the way to the end before he starts commenting . there is too much that has potential to come out and it creates too much unnecessary speculation. second, i do think you don't overlook the fact that it occurs. it's concerning an alarming. it needs to be investigated.
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there are people that were part of the obama administration and the intelligence community that were trying to embarrass the trump transition team. it's a real problem. finally, the key thing is the trump administration cooperates fully with the investigation. as long as it's going on it's a distraction it will do things like take away from the visibility for any kind of negotiating and the health care. doing all the things that got him elected. as long as it continues on and they get behind him, it will be a real problem with the administration. >> with the gorsuch hearing. chuck schumer came out and said he believes that this should be tabled until the investigation continues and mission not go ahead and make it vote when it comes to gorsuch. it's hard as nunez is concerned. it's not a surprise. surveillance is not surprising.
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it's interesting how quickly he share the information. as chris mentioned, it's before a thorough investigation was completed. especially the fact that he shared it with the president. it's on the white house is back in again, isn't it best to keep it quiet until they have all their ducks in a row. >> as it pointed out, does create unnecessary speculation and distraction. the major concern is his ability and given that trump administration team, the concern is is he able to objectively look at the issue at hand? does involve donald trump. it's what exactly took place and why.until we know that,
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it's dangerous for him making his own assumptions. especially to the president ã again, can he remain as one third party impartial? that's what we had john mccain and others. maybe we need an independent committee. >> chris, everyone the president came outand said , obama had had his phone wiretapped. he used it and said he would not say they were mean that there wiretapped. there was other means of surveillance buteveryone wanted proof. now , nunez comes out and he gives some proof of it. is that enough to prove that the obama administration knowingly spied on the trump campaign?>> it's not yet. doesn't mean it's not there. that's where the problem is. his name was one of the names and it would be incredibly shocking as part of the administration.stop you have
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to get him out of the committee and into the investigation. you have to start to question the motives of those. it's a really tough position for him to be in. maybe need to pull himself out but at the same time it is being pushed out by having his name revealed, it's a bigger problem in and of itself. the whole situation is that everyone needs to take a step back and keep it private. stop speculating and conduct the investigation. >> the public would speculate now. it's because we have been given materials to spec. where does the investigation into the election andinterfere in the truck surveillance go from here ? the hearing is supposed to take place and there's still a lot of information being held that's not public information. from what i understand, the hearings will be in the house intelligence committee. there is a plan for one third
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party, even though they are called. democrats have to comply. they have to participate or otherwise they will not get any access if they decide to boycott. they would not have access to all the files and information. the key thing is not that it's in question if they were spying but it's that the information was incidentally uncovered as they were looking for other things and unfortunately implicated some of the people in the trump administration. this is become political and it's hard to say it's not political but the issue of other countries engaging in our electoral process is one that's fundamental to all the parties. it's crucial that we uncover the actual they tell us the evidence as
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the investigation unfolds? whose ends up being held accountable? >> there does need to be accountability. whoever revealed the information, that's problem number one. they have to cooperate and do it quickly. if it goes deeper than the and it drags on, you have to look at the rest of the agenda behind you. it will dominate the news. there's another exciting week ahead of us. fox news alert.
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shooting investigation underway. the suspected gunman is barricaded on a bus. the hotel evacuated and it was a lockdown after the shooting. we do not know what we are following the story is police are investigating a jewelry store robbery inside the popular casino. three well-dressed burglars carrying sledgehammers to match their way into the store at the bellagio with local report saying one suspect was arrested. >> a deadly small plane crashed near a home in atlanta setting the house on fire. judge neil gorsuch.will the
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republicans go to nuclear. we will take a closer look at the options. here is the press secretary sean spicer. >> from day one, we said the president would make the choice for gorsuch. it's given them the highest rating as well qualified. through all four days, he is showcased it will brilliant in his mind. we find the senators reassignment disappointing. [music] so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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we are following. an airbase north of baghdad. it's part of the deal between the iraqi government and the us to help iraq he forces fights isis. iraq has now bought a total of 36 fighter planes from the american government. investigation is underway to a deadly small plane crash near atlanta.officials say he went down near a house. it had set the home on fire. the pilot was killed but no one was inside the home at the time. investigators say the pilot complained of problems with the
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plane's autopilot features before it crashed. thousands of people remember the life of a new york city emt. but deirdre arroyo died last week while responding to a call. police say she was run over by her own ambulance. a car drucker got behind the wheel. certainly a tremendous amount of support for those at her funeral today. arroyo was a 14 year veteran of the department. >> after careful deliberation, i have concluded that i cannot support judge neil gorsuch nomination to the supreme court . his nomination will have a cloture vote. he will have to earn 60 votes for confirmation. the senate stop the democrats filibuster with gorsuch supreme court nomination. leading republicans say they are open to using the nuclear
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option to overcome the filibuster. that would mean that the gop could approve gorsuch with a simple majority instead of the usual 60 votes. joining is david hawkins, the senioreditor. david , thank you for joining us to share your insights on this very important development taking place now on capitol hill. president trump's nominee to replace the seat that was vacated because of the untimely death of justice antonin scalia is now possibly in jeopardy if the republicans have to resort to the nuclear option. will they have to do that? >> i think it's looking likely that they will have to do it in order to break the filibuster and the republicans to break this they would all have to vote to be joined by eight democrats. that's a pretty large number in this highly partisan environment.
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they do have some targets. there are five senators and democrats running for reelection and states that donald trump carried and mitt romney carried. some of them would seem likely to go down that road. we have joe donnelly of indiana and john tester of montana with claire mccaskill in missouri. they are the principles targets and after that, gets more difficult. there are a couple other targets of opportunity in pennsylvania with tom carper of delaware voted for george bush's nominees. they both said no. the list of democrats is dwindling quickly .>> is this all based on politics and the partisan divide? what thanks to the democrats have to award the judge who they supported back in the day. before he wasnominated to the supreme court . >> i would say the angst is not towards the judge as it is
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towards the process. it is undeniable that the senate did something it had never done before which was to leave supreme court seats vacant for more than a year. president obama was just starting the eighth year in office when antonin scalia died. of course, president obama obama nominated and they decided to not take action which was unprecedented. i think there are plenty of democrats who are very mad about that. a lot of this anger is still left over from last year. the liberal base tells them don't let go. you were talking about the old ones that seem to run so deep. who would've thought that democrats would be willing to filibuster the nomination of the judge.
1:26 pm
one way or another the judge or be concerned before the senate goes home. he is on course to be confirmed but i do think it's looking increasingly like it will require mitch mcconnell. it will require all the republicans to hang together. all the republicans are out with back surgery. the 51 will have to vote for this. it's looking likely. david, let me ask you ãif they exercise the nuclear option as early and president trump's presidency, what will this spell or forecast for the future. >> remember that harry reid exercise one option four years ago.
1:27 pm
they did away with all the filibusters except the nominations and the supreme court. if they do the nuclear option, what that leaves is still the filibuster that's in place for legislation and once the cat is out of the barn, going nuclear on legislation to just around the corner. that would really change the way congress works in the senate has been for 200 years. >> david ãit's a very good problem and watching very closely. >> the key for joining us. >> thank you. >> chilling the warnings from us officials. north korea might carry out another nuclear attack. when? that is next. ms. end
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the rate case has national tension. two suspects in the country legally. camry henry chance that sanchez are accused of raping a 14 -year-old girl. it's at a maryland high school last bathroom. liam's attorney says the encounter was preplanned and consensual. his client is innocent. caroline has more from washington. sanchez has a pending removal case against him. police did not release his photo because he is being tried as an adult. they said the two pushed a
1:33 pm
freshman girl into the boys room at their school in montgomery county and raped her in the bathroom stall.orders for the two accused teenagers have been getting hate mail >> the sensationalism and the outrage and the hysteria that's taken place over the last week is in this case that's getting out of control. >> the reason for that is because of the disgusting vitriol that's been spewed by donald trump ever since the beginning of thecampaign. >> the new homeland security report shows montgomery county near the top of us jurisdiction that declined immigration . maryland's governor calls it a sanctuary county. lex there is also a bill here in the legislature which i threatened to veto which makes marilyn a sanctuary state and prohibits the local and state law enforcement or interfering with the bill to cooperate with federal law enforcement.
1:34 pm
i am absolutely opposed to. issuing an executive order to comply with federal immigration. they say he is ready to carry out another nuclear test. kim jong own wants to with this as the trump administration says it's leaving all options for north korea on the table. joining me now is gordon chang. the expert on asia. the author of the nuclear showdown. north korea takes on the world. it appears right now that the title is very precious because it appears that north korea is attempting to take on the world. >> it's not just south korea or the us but indeed the entire international community. north korea and missiles and the nukes are taking down the world's regime.
1:35 pm
that includes 193 countries that area member of the global pack north korea is challenging it. >> now , last week the secretary of state, >> taylor son, said we will no longer follow the strategic patients.perhaps leaving military optional on the table. is that likely with the united states having to resort to such a thing if north korea does not reducing the appetite for nuclear army itself. >> we are not going to use the military option. the reason is that there are 25 million south koreans who live in the capital. it's 30 kilometers from the zone that separates the two koreans. north korea has the fourth largest army and the deployed on the dmz. the casualties would be horrific. military options at the last thing on the table for us but there's another thing that we can do. >> the most important thing is 20 years of failure. we have tried every tactic but
1:36 pm
one. severe cost on china for helping the ballistic missiles program. the nuclear weapons program and the other commerce. we haven't done that until then, china will continue to bolster . >> soon, president trump will be meeting with china's prime minister. what will happen? will korea do something at that time? >> it's the sixth has an any time between trump. it's a maximum prep. every time north korea does something provocative it distracts us from things we consider important like south china saying predator trade behavior and the other thing that we go to china and we ask for its help and it creates bargaining chips for beijing. china has continually supported
1:37 pm
north koreans because all of these provocations play into its hands. >> the concerns of so many people is not looking at the area or the region that north korea occupies but what it could do to south korea. also, what global's impacted by the nuclear appetite and zeal that north korea displays. having said that, what are your concerns going forward because not only do you have to get turn on board but there is also the iran and russia and pakistan and north korea. it's all competing with each other. >> they all have links. china initially has the weapons technology to the pakistanis in the early 1970s. it would be to keep india off balance and pakistan merchandises this to iran and countries in north africa like libya and north korea. now they still continue because the north korean cell ballistic missiles to iran. the fire off on january 29 and
1:38 pm
it was in a north korean most of dawn. >> can the trump administration ãif you are advising now, what would be your advice to them in terms of locking down this nuclear appetite and north korea continues to display? >> would increase the sanctions. there's still room for us the most important thing would be to go after the sponsor, china. these banks , if we started to unplug them, it would rock the global markets that it would tell china for the first time that we are serious about protecting the american homeland. it would also cripple north korea's proliferation network because they did not have access to the banks they could not buy and sell. that means that we couldput north korea back in the box. they would exercise political war to beijing . form point and points, gordon, thank you for your expertise. >> julie? >> obamacare lives to see
1:39 pm
another day after the pope republican polar house bill. will the gop get another crack at it? the republican congressman who supported the overhaul next to join me to talkabout live. first, here is vice president pence today . >> it was a victory for the disaster of obama care. i promise you, that victory won't last very long.
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know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. president trump gives up on the gop health care bill after house republicans decided not to put it up for a vote. mike pence puts the blame on democrats and a small group of republicans in congress. listen
1:44 pm
>> as we all learned yesterday, congress wasn't ready. he saw it. with 100 percent of house democrats, every single one standing in the way of president trump's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. we are back to the drawing board. >> back to the drawing board. he was in support of the bill and he joins us now. first i want you to explain to us your initial ends on the american healthcare act before coming to support the legislation. >> i'm for arkansas today. >> thanks for coming. what was it that initially made you relook in and initially you said that when leaders in the republican party would see the american healthcare act that you are not in the legislation but then you change your mind. >> it's part of the process.
1:45 pm
we looked at the bill and what was in it and what was not in it. i am passionate about the work requirements. we have a debate about that and we talked about in the budget committee. i was able to visit with the leadership and we have language drafted. we went over and met with president trump and we got those things in the bill . that's the way the process is supposed to work. i'm extremely glad i was able to be a part of the process and i think that the worst thing about not voting yesterday is that it ended theprocess or delete it and i was disappointed . i got up early and went out fishing with my youngest son and i saw the sun come up and thought , it's a new day. we can be discouraged and we have to continue to work to get this process back or on the right track. >> even if there had been a vote and have passed, once he got to the senate ãthere was talk that it would not make it past that. it would have to then go back and that's what happened.
1:46 pm
we do have to go back and forth. the fact that there was no vote at all doesn't give it much room to go anywhere. the trump administration has said we will let obamacare explode and move on to tax reform. is that the right attitude? >> i think we can't give up on the healthcare right now. again, the senate is part of the process. when you look at the constraints andeveryone realizing the limitations , you have to understand your limitations and this process has limitations because are certain things that the house can do your budget reconciliation and certain things that the senate can do. i need to get it over to the senate and how the senators that have more flexibility work on the bill. >> what happens now? it's led by longtime aca opponents. doctor tom price.
1:47 pm
>> i don't think we can have a better person running it. getting back to thehealthcare debate , i think there is a rectangular negotiation to the house leadership and with two groups in the gop conference. you have the two tuesday group who want a less restrictive bill in the freedom caucus.a more restrictive bill. i think what we need to do is get those two groups together. the house and the freedom caucus and the tuesday group. let them work out the differences and the administration house leadership should not take a bad rap on this. they work extremely hard and went the extra effort. we just had to come to a conclusion within the house conference. we can get these groups working together and if they can come up with something they can agree with and go back to leadership in the white house ã
1:48 pm
i think they can still get it done. >> they didn't say it differed much. it was a big problem because for seven years they push to repeal and replace. right out of the bat, rand paul came forward and had some ideas but there wasn't a solid plan that seemed to stick. >> we need to get the bill over in the senate so he could make his suggestions. it's likely built a house and we argue over the floor covering in the drapes now. have a good start to a great bill with reconciliation. there is one issue that's left hanging out there. thefreedom caucus and the tuesday group .it's the tax credit issue. we talked about it in the budget and there were people from the freedom caucus and tuesday group that voted for the resolution to get that out. we had democrats supporting doing something with the tax credit. i think it's something that we
1:49 pm
could do to change it to a deduction for the higher income. it's helping the 50 ã 60-year-olds. it's more of a push. it's in the 11th hour where conservatives try to come out with the tax credit. it would give business aliens of dollars in order for thetax credits to be applied for those who are worried that the healthcare cost will go up . >> if you look at the way healthcare looks right now ã anyone gets a tax deduction if you are buying in a individual plan, you don't get a deduction so the credit is to help the lower income people. it's really to make it equitable and level the playing field. >> congressman bruce westerman ãthank you so much. >> great to be with you.
1:50 pm
>> great to see you. >> kelly? >> new details on the man behind the deadly terror attack. what we are learning as residents play tribute to the victims. >> no matter how dusty the room or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase. they also know you need to getg your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money.
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>> we all getting more details about the background of kelly, as you say. the police are still appealing for more information and they want to establish whether or not he had any links in the attack. we know he had a string of criminal convictions and that includes the knife crime. use different identities throughout his life and changed hisname , converting to islam . police now wants to find out if he was radicalized in prison or even perhaps whenhe visited saudi arabia .
1:55 pm
the british security services were on the radar but they did not perceive him to be a threat. it is believed that he was acting alone when he rode behind the car through a crowd of pedestrians. what we don't know yet is if he collaborated with others prior to that attack or who else may have known about his plan. exchange messages three minutes before starting the rampage. the question is, who was he talking to? police have released most of those people that they have arrested in connection with the attack. only one more is in custody. no more being charged. it's very much still on for the hunt. people have been laying flowers and notes on the scene of the attack outside parliament. it has opened up to the public now. there will be a review of security of how this attacker
1:56 pm
was able to breach it easily. it was left open for crucial seconds after he and ran instead of the police department. most people doing just that with carrying on life with normal. there is still double the streets of london as a precaution while the investigation continues. kelly? >> kenny reporting from london. >> that will do it for us. more news at the top of the hour with eric and marcel level. >> it's been a fun two hours. >> always. >> i will see you at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> the french upper acrobatics
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2:00 pm
hello eric. i am marcel level. the house intelligence committee calls for james comey back to capitol hill. more questions on russia. this time, behind closed doors. >> vice president mike pence. in west virginia to talk jobs. that is what the white house looks to shift gears before coming up short on healthcare. >> and attorney for one of the undocumented immigrants. suspected a rape for a high school.


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