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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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related to maxing. i'm her brother from another mother. that is it for tonight. remember this is my world. right now on justice. every single one has a hand full of republicans we're back to the drawing board. the vice president doing what much of america is doing tonight. blaming congress for the epic fail. and i have some blame to throw myself into nights opening statement. plus there was additional unmasking that was done. the list of bliss of new details about president trumps claims that he and his team were spied on. i will speak live with an
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expert. i did not say that. could you blame pretty blame for the healthcare failure. i have the nations capital to find out. justice starts now. and even the president says you better be watching. what the hell do you have the lose. hello and welcome. i am jed jeanine pirro. my opening statement. paul ryan needs to step down a speaker of the house. the reason he failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill. the one trumpeted to repeal and replace obama care. the one that he have seven years to work on.
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the one he have under lock and key. the one that had to be pulled to prevent the embarrassment of not having enough votes to pass. it didn't just fail. when republicans have the house. the senate the white house in the timing it helped -- it failed within the first 70 days of president donald trump and made the hallmark of their campaign. and then use valuable political capital to accomplish it. you know americans elected the one man they think they could do it. a complete outsider someone beholding to no one but them. and speaker ryan you come in with all of your swagger and experience and you sell them a
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bill of goods. it ends up a complete and total failure. and you allow our president in the first 100 days to come out of a box like that based on what. the legislative expertise. the relationship what, your drinks at the hay adams with your pals. folks, i want to be clear. this is not on president trump no one expected a business man to completely understand the nuances the company get it ins and outs of washington and the legislative process. how would he know which individuals upon which he would be able to rely. many of them rents and establishment colleagues of speaker ryan.
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they have the 15 hardliners in all of the other ones. you of course know their demands and if you didn't why didn't you. some of them actually shut down the government over obama care and you couldn't figure out what you needed to do to get their support. you know no democrat was going to support it. we would have to rely on republicans. where was this. and why start with this. now i certainly had not spoken to that. i can only imagine to see that they could take on healthcare.
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they didn't even test the waters. and i hate it when schumer and pelosi get to beat their drums and talk about what a great day it is for america. even they know that obama care is a total disaster. the president on the other hand is handling this with dignity. and he doesn't seem to want to criticize you sameness. sameness. i want to thank paul ryan. he works very hard i will tell you that. mister president all reports are that you wanted to handle the tax cuts first. but that ryan convinced you to go with healthcare. if that's the case not only has he hurt you with his health care debacle but the ripples that will hurt you as you try to overhaul the tax
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code will come back at you. the freedom caucus emboldened by their win with this the healthcare failure will now dig their heels and on the tax cuts. rain has hurt you going forward and he's got to go. the shame shape of this is that inputting to putting the faith in that. you made the decision as opposed to letting obama care explode as it inevitably will you decided to take it on anyway. as it inevitably will you decided to take it on anyway. thirty-two years -- in two years it will explode. no one will be able to afford it. it's a disaster. and as politically what we should do but we don't want to do it. we want to get something done and get it done right. >> i never put my faith in you ryan. i questioned you alter the
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campaign when you distance yourself from candidate trump when ever you felt that probe failing winds going to get strum. to me your loyalty was always in question. yet what was never in question to me was your intelligence your savvy so why would you let this happen. what was your agenda. the reason ryan you and all of your washington colleagues are held in such low self-esteem with the american people is because you forgot about us. in spite of the fact that you were all working against them. the president joined with you and he relied on you. trusting you believing you have us back and you didn't. the american people won't forget this and neither shouldt. and that is my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. and later i will find out what
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at least some of you think about this topic but first joining me now is my all-star political panel we move them up tonight for the special occasion back in new york the former senator chuck schumer and radio talkshow host. i want to make it perfectly clear to both of you that when the president said when he tweeted watch that tonight. he and i have no conversation. nothing. he have no idea that i was going to do this open. i didn't know about until i woke up this morning and i thought about doing it. i'm still furious with paul ryan. i want to make that perfectly clear to everyone. but in my wrong why did they let president trump do this? >> he will take his share of
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criticism as he needs to because he's the speaker. with that said as ben frankland canceled -- council. the best they can do right now is have president trump and senate republicans get them confirmed to the supreme court on that will give democrats their third defeat. i want to go back. what you said was hang together. they are not hanging together and what this requires is that president trump at this point recognizing that it's not a republican party that will hang together they all hate obama care they've have a seven years they couldn't figure it out. it's time for him to create his own deal and his own party. >> i don't know about another party but let's say this. secretary price has already told governors there are
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things that can happen through the administration that can help improve healthcare. ultimately some of this is can have to be done through legislation. lots can be done. >> i hope the president is watching. there are 535 men and women in the house and senate and negotiating with only half of them makes your margin of error really small. don't even go there chris. >> if that is what he wants if he wants to do that. if he really wants to be part of the deal and the king dealmaker in this country he needs to negotiate with everyone and clearly the republican party in the house has not helped him here in
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this process. he can make a deal with anybody else he wants. should he had known what to do should have ryan had said we can't go with this. i don't want the numbers. rand paul was right. i think this bill was a bad bill. he should have known it was a bad bill and it was wasn't going to be passed up. it's probably what ultimately killed the bill. they never built support everybody was against it. doctors, lawyers everybody. david can't hear you chris. chris is talking about taking
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needed that he needed ahead of time before he actually brought out this bill. is that we are saying. you have to build that support organically. they did it too quickly. >> have it passed they say it is too quick. >> this is their heyday. when they have those defeats they didn't get hillary clinton elected so she cannot put her can put her person on the supreme court. and it will be on the supreme court. even if it requires a changing changing of the rules so that chuck schumer can't do this. >> what is the new york term for it that's bull crap. >> this guy has a perfect temperament.
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i love watching him. this man is so brilliant and makes me proud to be a judge. don't be political on me. here's the thing judge. the question is if they have the political capital in congress right now because ryan blew it. and that's why people are going to question it now. brought this on the president. no one else did. we have a lot of work to get healthcare going again. it's can have to happen at the state level. david and chris talk to you next week.
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carrie let me see if i've got this right. first of all we have the president who took enormous criticism for suggesting that president obama have wiretapped him. and i think that you and i can both agree that that may not had been the terminology that should've been used. the president not. can we agree on that. the president tweeted one thing and then this week the question i'm asking you. since i have done up wiretaps and you have engaged have engaged in them as well. when you had clappers saying that the cia that there is absolutely no collusion between the trump campaign and russia we are people within the administration pushing back and saying there is nothing there you have adam out there saint team trump is
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in cahoots with the russians. we had people within the administration who seem to have an agenda. he is familiar with all of the intelligence what is going on here. there is three investigations going on here. director comey confirmed that there's an fbi investigation looking into russian influence including whether that included any members of the president elect's team. there is an investigation be conducted by the senate and the intelligence committee that is ongoing and being done in a bipartisan way it's been an investigation being conducted by the house intelligence committee although after that public pronouncement. let's talk about the fact that we have now and awareness that there is the trump transition team at trump tower that was information was sucked up
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pursuant to and i'm not going to get into the weeds here and as a result of the intelligence or the information that was sucked up people in trump tower apparently had no intelligence value. none of it was related to russia and names were unmasked. the fact that they were unmasked when we say the information is sucked up. it's intellect dental collection. since they act have been in place since 1978 there has been something that individuals who are not the actual targets of the foreign intelligence survey list. there are procedures about why it's supposed to be handled. we do it all the time. it should be given to a court or placed before a jury.
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when it has no intelligence value is not related to russia has got the trump tower. and the names of the individuals who are not being investigated are unmasked. and just coincidentally president obama and them the names of those individuals were linked to the press. i think these people should not be indicted. alleging that there is some thing wrong. it was not going to be handled. i don't care about him. i care about felonies and crimes. and you know but as far as i'm concerned these intelligence committees some other base of base other committees they are political. they're just running out and saying team trump is in
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cahoots with russia. we have clapper saying no cahoots whatsoever. at this point they all invalidate each other out. in relation to the public statements this week. why is there even more calls for an outside independent select committee in congress or an independent midi. jeanine: a select committee when four people were dead. now when we know this information that it is after the election with people whose names are being unmasked and disseminated all the sudden by the obama administration like two weeks before he leaves. this is politics at its worst. i love having you here in washington. thank you for being with us tonight. >> and ambassador john bolton will be with me live in just a
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few moments. talking terror with one of president trumps biggest experts on the subject. later, i'm here at the capitol in washington dc to find out what people think about healthcare whose fault is it that it died lacks civic stay with us. announcer: get on your feet for the nastiest bull in the state of texas. ♪ ♪
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>> life from america's news headquarters. multiple arrests and approached trump rally in southern california today. violence erupted at the event. one person was reportedly pepper sprayed and another punch in the face. among those arrested worth three on suspicion of illegal use.
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they were held nationwide. a large system of dangerous storms moving across the several states in the southeast overnight into saturday. one church in limousine louisiana was destroyed by an apparent tornado luckily there were no injuries. weather forecasters say it will be a busy week for severe storms with some expected sunday in texas, oklahoma and arkansas. i'm robert gray. now back to justice. jeanine: welcome back. this week's deadly attack in london has put tara back on the front of everyone's mind especially here in america. more deputy assistant. all right. not only did this bring isis and the terrorist problem back
6:30 pm
on everyone's mind but it seemed like it coincide with us this week that there is a new regulation and i remember just yesterday thinking zero my goodness. all the new measures that seem to be there. they are changing the rules about what they can be brought on airplanes. what's going on and why. because of the primary responsibilities have said that we have certain information. you are no longer allowed to take larger electronics onto the cabin with you. they have to be checked. what exactly we know and potential plots. the fact is there is always the ketchup game. good counter terrorism is counterterrorism is not always
6:31 pm
reactive. first it's a box cutters and mace. ghost issues a month later it goes to the liquid plot. remember the printer cartridge. it's always can me out imagine the terrorists and now we are closing the gate before the attack. i love the fact that we are being almost preemptive as opposed to figuring out or getting hit with something like it's a shoe bomber. the intelligence that we get. americans i don't think it really comprehend what we do in the middle east what some of our covert operators are doing to find the stuff out. and how much danger they are in every day. i remember hearing on one of the reports in some of the baddie -- battery areas. they can put certain things in there.
6:32 pm
>> clearly there absolutely right. all of these things are connected. whether it's the large electronics whether it's executive order on the temporary moratorium. the president has very clear about this. when i cannot wait until the attack occurs. we want to stop it before it occurs. it is not for us and people leaving from jfk. is people coming here. you know it doesn't make sense not that i know if i am at lax and plaintiff jfk what difference does it make. i can create havoc over here. look at and why we did the executive order from specific countries. we are looking at the threat
6:33 pm
now and what we expect in the future. the president is clear. we are going to wipe them off the face of the earth. what's can happen. some of them there can scurry. we want to stop them coming here. let's talk about the kid or the guy in london. he was born in london. the same can happen in the united states. they can decide. they can go to new york. that is why the measures in america the primary source of
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medical or dental procedures and before starting xarelto® about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. jeanine: welcome back to justice. john bolton. thank you for being here. when dr. gorka was here he talked about the fact they are starting to move out and we're squeezing isis and i think we could go there were more than 10,000 americans over there.
6:39 pm
we are cannot defeat them. we are going to squash that. i think what's happening now is the trump review of military options the pace has begun to pick up. you can see some changes in strategy already. the president said at the president said during the campaign was we need to destroy but not ultimately as barack obama said but as soon as possible and the reason for that is if we can destroy their base of operations we can prevent or at least impede their recruiting and deploying into western europe and the united states but i think clearly every day that goes back just gives them more time to do that. i think whether to try to do is get out of rocker and muzzle and go to some other antarctic place in the reason. they're also going to step up their attacks in western europe in the united states to show the islamic world that
6:40 pm
even though we are being defeated by conventional military means they can still cause death and destruction in the west. i think it's impossible that -- i think it's possible that the attack in london was the first of this kind of demonstration. the symbolism of a terrorist attack i can't be underestimated. lead you to wonder if it will be in the united states maybe even here in washington. ultimately they are going to end up over here. the starburst that they were talking about just as you are coming in the ultimate game is to be over here it doesn't necessarily mean that they are coming over here but they are going to get the loan wolves. i think it's important to have in mind that in the case in london one person driving the
6:41 pm
suv. they have already arrested eight other people for questioning. so it may will be that we will learn that there was a support network. we are supported by the planned out and assisted by others. i think that's where the idea of recruitment in the united states and people born here. having have the advantage of living in a free society still turned to radical terrorism. not a threat from economic deprivation. but adopting this radical ideology. if any connection there might be. between century cities in the radicalization of these extremists.
6:42 pm
i think any but environment that gives them more latitude and flexibility and to seek refuge. as a real danger. i think the immigration issue should focus more on the national security threat to people coming across the border i think it's not a matter to keep america safe of just a couple of incremental steps to watch immigration and people coming in i think we've had eight years under obama of trying to ignore the existence of the threat denying its reality and that is going to come home to roost. thank you so much for being here. welcome to washington. you details on the striking case in maryland. a 14-year-old girl and to illegal immigrants. how do you know if your child or grandchild is safe in school.
6:43 pm
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this is shocking case of a 14 old girl allegedly raped by two illegal immigrants and a maryland skill got me thinking. do you know who is in school with your children. do you think the administrator has your back buddy walsh. the mayor judith flanagan. start with the sheriff. we don't have a lot of time. you know i love this issue. montgomery county. the 14 girl that was allegedly raped. the century county that centura county that means they won't honor a federal detainer that means they're not can it tell us where the guys are and there cannot let them roam
6:48 pm
freely correct? >> this is a tragedy on many levels because the greatest job of the government is to protect the citizens. and the citizens here whether it's a protection at the border or in the communities are the most vulnerable citizens in schools the system has failed every step of the way in this case. for those who say wait a minute they have to tell them where the criminals are they had been deported. they are convicted. you as a sheriff can tell my viewers that if their boss says they can't they could be investigated and brought up on charges. mayor, you are the mayor of winn massachusetts. and you pretty much oversee the fifth largest school district in the state of massachusetts you had one of the biggest immigrant communities in massachusetts what if any impact as the
6:49 pm
immigrant community have on the schools in massachusetts. it's been a tremendous strain. what kind of strain and to him. we are operating five schools that are more than a hundred years old. we are projected to add approximately 500 morris new coming students who are not speaking primarily english in the coming year. so, who is building the new schools who is paying for them. we have a debt exclusion over this. the measure failed to-one. we have to squeeze kids into the existing schools now. the impact on the students. there are more kids per classroom is that correct? and if someone is not speaking english that requires more
6:50 pm
time the teacher has to spend if you don't have more teachers. how do you know what class to put them in. many of the children that are coming in stopped their formal education at third-grade but they are growing well into adulthood. and we can't put them in the third-grade classroom. we had one man with grading temples. i cannot see putting that present in a third grade class. they go in as freshman in high school. >> we can't.
6:51 pm
was there a problem when you did for these adult students we have to shut down on night school. do you know if they have a criminal records. and enough they been vaccinated. do you know who these people are? >> they don't come in with any records of any sort not even a birth certificate we have to accept their word for their age when they enter school. >> are the parents allowed to know who they are. i suppose if they entered the school and looked around they would see some people that looked around and saw a little older. >> yes. yes they do.
6:52 pm
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i showed up outside the capitol to ask anyway. the health care bill died. whose fault is that? >> republicans didn't have enough people that can afford it. >> whose fault? >> everybody i think. the health care bill died. a mess. >> you would think after all the experience and all the chances they had to get it right they would have gotten it right by now. >> what happened? >> i think they are having the power contest and they are trying to figure out who is going to run the show and they haven't quite figured out yet. >> that's hilarious. whose fault is that? the health care bill died whose
6:57 pm
fault is that? >> obama. >> why did you vote for tom? >> because he's a good president. >> did you like his hair? >> we need a real bill and we need to repeal obamacare. they need to work together regardless. a freedom caucus and the democrats. jeanine: what is your message for the freedom caucus? the house the senate the white house couldn't come together on the biggest issues in the president's first big legislative effort. failure. >> ditto. jeanine: if you write the health care bill, give me a kiss. kisses. haight you were turning away. what does that tell you? >> i'm here with the roof of eighth-grade students and one of the things we try to teach them is cooperation and collaboration. i think that our legislators and government officials could take
6:58 pm
a listen to the state readers and do some collaboration and cooperation with each other. jeanine: whose fault is that? >> democrats. jeanine: but democrats have the numbers. what happened? >> i don't know but somebody needs to fix obamacare because in my life is the worst thing that ever happened to me. my husband is a kidney transplant patient for the second time and guess who doesn't want to pay for anything? jeanine: i'm so sorry. >> my husband loves you. >> everyone should feel -- on obamacare. pay for their drugs and they say you don't need that. we don't want to pay for that. jeanine: what are you going to do for? >> pay for it. this is what makes me furious. are you angry? >> not at all. i'm extremely happy about that. i would expect some changes but
6:59 pm
not completely gutting it out and redoing it. i completely disagree with it. jeanine: i just interviewed your daughter. she is absolutely in favor of obamacare and you are against it. >> democrats and republicans have got to look in the mirror and realize it's us that is getting hurt, not you guys, not the politicians, the american people. >> i think there's just a sense of self this issue. we want to have it a certain way and what do we want to do for the people and i think what americans are starting to see now is we don't have the perfect scenario. jeanine: are you married? get married to marry him. do you like the health care bill? are you a democrat? before we leave remember watch my show that premieres on your fox affiliate april 7 at 9:00 p.m. were you the jury vote
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and render the verdict. thanks for watching. greg gutfeld is next. see you tomorrow night for a special justice. goodnight mr. calabash wherever you are. alumina and a few dry alumina out and you take it to your metal processing plant you take it to your smelters, you process that dry alumina powder into liquid aluminum. the smelters aluminum smelters, big aluminum smelters giant aluminum smelters. he started sleeping at his smelters, sabotage and his smelters. a very brutal start by sleeping in the smelters. wragg like i always say whoever smelt it. [applause]


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