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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 26, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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related to maxing. i'm her brother from another mother. that is it for tonight. show players how to celebrate appropriately on the field. finally they say players are better in road games thanks to tender. back to you. >> thanks andy.
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let's welcome our guest. we call her a top guest because of the way she spends. author of the book government gone wild, kristin tate. his go to pick up line is who wants sonny bunches of wild oa oats. by any other name it would be spiteful. michael malice, observer columnist. the way he owned up to wrongdoing. [inaudible] anthony, let's start the show president trump did an interview with "time" magazine. for cover story, the way he handled truth and falsehood in his career.
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he wasn't shy about his ability to predict the future. here are some excerpts. i predicted a lot of thing. sweden. i make a statement and everyone goes crazy. the next day they have massive riots, deaths and problems. my man anthony. you know, what i tweeted about that whole deal? nato, absolute because it doesn't cover terrorism. no one knew they weren't paying. i did. i figured it. >> i was totally right about that. >> brussels is not brussels. i knew many other things. the bachelor. i predicted nick would give the final rose to vanessa. okay, we made up that last one, but all the others are real. trump was only getting started. the other one, election. i said we are going to win. we won and many other things. i'm a very instinctual person, but my instinct turned out to be right. i predicted brexit. anything else? i predicted brexit. you remember that, i said no, brexit will happen and everybody laughed. then rex it happened.
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brexit, i predicted brexit. finally, i was saying brexit would pass and everybody was laughing. i turned out to be right on that. trump ended the interview by telling the reporter, i can't be doing so badly because i'm president and you're not. say hello to everybody. that's the best signoff there is. isn't it anthony? >> he's fantastic. first of all he's right. when you read those am i was taken aback to a documentary about nostradamus and let's look at trumps 20th. [inaudible] it's kind of jumbled up and you have to interpret it because he's not the most eloquent guy. he rambles, but at like everything he did came to fruition and much to a lot of people's again and i believe the
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whole wiretap thing, something is coming out of that. >> you know the amazing thing about it, i agree with you. with those tweets, he slightly exaggerates and then he gets it in the press for days, people attacking him and then slowly things come out and it's the way he's done it since he said i want to be president. >> michael, the thing he didn't say was, he said the election and no one predicted he would win. he didn't mention he changed the republican party. he reversed decades of policy. he really was such a transformation. people were laughing the whole time. >> in the last 48 hours, something else he said came true when he said all these anti-semitic bomb threats across the country were false flags in the corporate media lost their mind, what a lunatic, we know he's hitler and the guy was just arrested after the other guy was arrested who is a drained
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journalist. >> what's interesting though, the first guy, we didn't hear much about him. >> of course not here's the one prediction he's made that hasn't come true yet but will when he told hillary clinton that you would be in jail. it's going down. i'm telling you. >> but he's not been pushing that. >> you've got to lay the groundwork behind the scenes. >> okay, we'll see. >> i'm telling you. i'm calling it here. >> sonny, look, these articles, this reporter got 20 minutes with donald trump and donald trump was gracious enough to answer all his questions and then you see the spread in time magazine. there's a picture of a lie detector. it's really a piece of propaganda, is it not. >> yes, it is. well, look. the simple fact of the matter is donald trump has the power of sight beyond sight. he is lion o from the thunder cats. he can tell the future with his omen so i would look out hillary clinton.
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>> he's got the mane of hair, shock of orange yellow hair. >> maybe he controls it, i don't know, i'm not a thunder cats expert. >> you know what, you're kind of >> i've got the box set. >> i have seen at least four episodes. >> i want to go back further like the johnny carson karnak oh yes, sir. >> have him blow on the envelope. >> you think lionel is trump but he reminded me of some of the else. i can't think of who it is. >> that's it. [laughter] >> those get heavy.
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let's talk about trump. look. he kind of does tell the future, does he not. >> he's always right. time magazine didn't protect brexit and none of them predicted trump would win. you had msnbc laughing out loud at the notion that he could even win the white house. time magazine is just going away with newsweek but i don't know anybody who reads time magazine. they're just becoming predictable liberal hogwash. the best they could do to try to take trump down is ridiculing him for predicting things he predicted and they missed. he's right about everything. even the wiretapping. turns out he's probably right about that. i read this conspiracy theory that's really big on fortune and read it that he has a time
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machine and that's how he can predict all of this stuff. people who believe this think that he has come back to 2016 to save us from the impending nuclear war with isa. >> you know about this, right. >> we have to go back. [laughter] >> he wouldn't do it himself. he's a german folk. i don't think he would go back in time because they don't have penicillin so he would have someone else do it for him. >> great sports almanac. that's how i made my fortune. >> michael, you made a good point. what did you just say? >> sweden. he said the thing about sweden and everybody laughed. he sought on a fox news show, but of course the new stories came out and people knew what he was talking about. >> against him, who could've
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predicted the radical islamic terrorist. nobody could have predicted that. >> moving on. nfl is facing a new issue. troy vincent tweeted we are developing an educational training video for players to show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations. i guess this is why people say nfl stands for no place for fun. that's what they say. does that even matchup? ouare touchdown dance is really that big of a problem? >> manning set the ten, the five. touchdown dallas. >> the ideal of sportsmanship. [laughter] good clip, right. you know why we showed that? nfl, we can't share their clips.
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they freak out on us. >> you have to have express written permission, come on. >> is this the thing they should be worried about. >> of course not. an inordinate amount of nfl players are involved in all kinds of shenanigans off the field. so, maybe that's a little more important. maybe the fact that their brains are bouncing off their skulls and giving them all types of problems later in life is an issue that should be looked at closer. what is wrong with it? we all love watching that. every time it happens we don't save their routing the game, we say that's hilarious, it's a celebration. why not, it's a game. >> what happens when the doing some kind of working in the end zone and people are watching. that's what i'm worried about. >> they should be celebrating touchdowns and celebrate that
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there playing football and not beating their wives. >> wow. that just went dark. >> they are not getting concussions doing those dances. >> what about the ones where they do a flip and they land on there had. >> you have to watch the video tape. no flipping. >> they need a little guidance. i think it should be left up to the coaches. i liked the old days when vince and barty use to find his players. leave it up to each team. i would say no celebrations. if you do anything, put the ball down on the grass and if you do anything else, $100,000. i blame the unions. you. they say you can't find someone
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>> i don't have a copy in front of me. i would assume that's the case. [laughter] >> kristen, is this obama's fault? >> yes. [laughter] like michael, i don't really like football that much. i have a short attention span. i can't watch it. the time i like to watch it is when they dance into their little jigs on the field. let them do it. the nfl has become totally liberal. everyone knows it. they let colin kaepernick sit for the national anthem but they won't let the cowboys where a sticker on their helmet. the nfl is, everyone knows it's a big liberal organization. >> is that true? >> they wouldn't let them wear stickers on their helmet.
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>> they are liberals. i knew you were here for a reason. >> another day, another story about political correctness in schools. one high school in illinois is making sure that not only everyone gets a trophy but everyone gets a prom date two. administrators have ditched romance and replaced freedom of choice with a lottery system. let's see who this poor sap gets paired with. >> you will have the honor of escorting haley. [applause] >> oh man. that young man seems happy. turns out, the prom lottery is a tradition at akron high dating back to 1926. here's how it works. the boys have the names of the girls drawn randomly in the library while the girls wait for them in the gym. then the boys have to approach the girl and performance get for them at which time the girls are obliged to accept. it's not really politically
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correct after all. not only am i for it, i think more schools should do the same thing. it looks like good old-fashioned fun. most of the students seem to enjoy the ritual. >> i don't find it very intimidating because i feel like i've known most of these people for basically my whole time going to school here. i'm pretty comfortable with basically everyone in the school. it's not very intimidating to me. i just think it's a natural thing. >> i think it's funny. this is what we need now. proms are getting out of control. kids are drinking and whatnot. the school looks like a bunch of kids i love. >> this is the worst thing i've ever seen. >> what? >> it makes me sad for all of them. that being said i was never a prom guy. i was more of a homecoming guy. >> do they do the same thing for homecoming? >> were you the homecoming accountant sunny? >> i was the team manager. i would bring out everyone's suits and they would put them on and go with it.
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>> michael, i think you guys are a little cynical. i think this is great. this is great americana. everyone goes to the prom. they all like each other. it's a community thing. >> community is what i escaped from soviet russia. you're gonna end up with a rosie o'donnell or god for bid a john devore. i had to put on a sketch for my prom date? what the hell out of here. if you want some fun, have fun after the prom. >> you know what it used to be like anthony. >> that's what i was going to get that. i don't like this at all because we had a suffers through something called rejection. it was terrible. getting a no or trying to work up the nerve to be able to or regretting not being able to a
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ask. these are things you need to get through life. valentine's day was the same thing. they made it so everyone had to get a valentine from everyone else in the class. it used to be someone would go home without any valentines and turn into, probably a serial killer right. >> no maybe a radio host. >> other people would get stacks. that's called life. you have to look at it and accept it and deal with it. it's kind of silly. for them it's the old tradition think so it's fine. if other schools try to adopt this -- >> look i'm going back and forth. originally when i thought it was a bunch of snowflakes but then i saw the kids were having a heckuva time and anthony convince me this way and now i'm thinking the other way. >> the first time i thought i thought this is dumb, why are they doing it. then i read it was going on for 100 years and i thought it was adorable and great. unfortunately this tradition would never be replicated in any school today because the second you pair up a trans gendered kid
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with someone with a gender you don't want you get lawsuits. and i went to prom i went with my best friend who happen to be a gay guy and he hadn't come out so we went as a friendly date but what would you do in the system for gay guys. it's very complicated. in today's america, you can't just pair girls with boys. you have to take into account gay people, bisexual, transgender, transvestite, all of the different classifications. dating is complicated for high schoolers. her going to prom with a gay guy. >> put the ferrari in the gara garage. >> i'm a miserable monster. >> coming up, what's the worst thingor in the movie industry?
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it's not superman versus batman. my book is available for preorder at booksellers everywhere. go online for more info. you bao
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"red eye" for all your headlines log onto fox >> is rotten tomatoes ruining the movie business? the director of films like "rush-hour" says reducing hundreds of reviews to negative score does not do films justice. he explains "when i grew up it was a real art.
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you would read the reviews. now it is about a number, what is your rotten tomatoes score." he claims the movies those score, 27%, put a cloud over it even though it ended up making a ton of money. he says in middle america it is oh, the rotten american score -- rotten tomatoes score is everything. so, how is rotten tomatoes score calculated? based on hundreds of reviews from "the new york times" to less mainstream ones. i wanted to do this because of you.
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is rotten tomatoes ruining it? >> rotten tomatoes couldn't possibly be the worst thing happening to the hollywood industry because the hollywood industry continues to turn out all kinds of bad movies. if rotten tomatoes was killing cinema, brad ratner would be dead already. the fact people in middle america are like oh, my god, 27% fresh? no way i was the "chips" tomorrow. finally, if i can be serious as a film critic on rotten tomatoes, the real problem is it does aggregate and it reduces the problem, or it reduces the impact of individual film criticism. he's right. he's right in so far it is bad
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for the individual film critic, but that has nothing to do with him because they all hate him anyway. >> do remember when the average person would curl up with the review from "the new york times"? >> no, i don't. i do remember rex reed that would depend movie reviews, and i never understood what he was talking about. i like the idea regular people reviewing these movies. you don't want a crabby review? don't make a crappy movie. i look at rotten tomatoes, but also if i want to see it or not, if i think it is a good idea for a movie, but i like it, i like rotten tomatoes. sometimes they are hilariously funny when they are ripping movies. >> i like looking at the critics
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score versus the people score, i am for the people. how about you? >> i am shocked i'm on a panel of three white right-wing lunad nobody attacked. it was a little bit misattributed. i know they are around me, though don't want them present, don't want them felt, this is what needs to be destroyed in america, this whole idea the elites are going to tell me -- the false elites are going to tell me what movie to watch. it is the message on its face. >> he wouldn't like his. do you go to the movies? >> i do. it just makes all the awards for themselves based off political correctness and they do the
12:28 am
awards the most politically correct movie. i don't trust the hollywood elites to tell me what movies i should watch because all they care about is political correctness and that is why i like rotten tomatoes because it has the average critic reviews and the average normal person review. having those numbers is very helpful. if you want to think about metaphors and cinematography, you pick the movie with the highest critic review but if you want an awesome movie you can relax with, you look at the review with the highest average person rating. it just depends on what movie you are in. >> all right, coming up, a brand-new episode of the "red eye" podcast is a i wanted to know who i am and where i came from.
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>> welcome back. >> hey, tom, happy friday. trump predicts the future. i'll put me out on this, i feel he stole from chevy chase. >> yes, that was on "snl," the weekend update. unless he went back in time and gave that to chevy chase.
12:33 am
no, it is a paradigm. >> i'm going to get a time machine in a little bit. >> the way trump does it is heat weeds and later they prove him right. >> trump weeds something that is not true and he and his supporters have that is what he was talking about all along. >> works for me. so, the did the excerpt of the interview and called it ten ways that he predicts the interview in his interview beauty i thought that was kind of funny. see, because he didn't predict the vote was going to happen. >> i don't get it. >> another thing trump failed to predict, palmetto ford secretly
12:34 am
signed up to work for putin. do you know how he got his time machine? >> he got it in the future. >> that is not true. the fbi sees his belongings, national research belongings called in the mit professor to look at his notes, that was john trump. john trump claimed there was nothing interest in the notes, but he was lying, he left the blueprint for donald. the nfl continue to drain joy by putting out a video to cut the celebrations. i miss ochocinco. >> i miss anything that isn't the game. >> that isn't true.
12:35 am
somebody running on the field getting tackled by security, we all love brought up the guys who do the flip into the end zone now. if i was a coach i would not let my players do that. >> we are hard to control if they are on the field and form l of emotion. >> it is impossible to control these people appear to >> i not think that is true. a coach can control his or her players. i don't think you are right about this. i set it on tv, it doesn't matter. high school science prom date by lotteries.
12:36 am
>> sorry, buddy, you know i love you and i am in love with you. >> you got picked last on the playground, didn't you? >> i got a lot of likes. >> we had to suffer through something called rejection. >> and instead of the prom, you just went to the beach and got drunk, didn't we? >> are you talking about this past weekend? >> i mean on prom. >> the rest of my friends who couldn't get dates, we hung out and badmouth to the pretty girl girls. >> i like how the conservatives initially thought this was awful until they learned it was something old. [laughter] >> exactly. >> i didn't like it, time, and here's why. why is it the guys always pick the names? it reeks of patriarchy.
12:37 am
>> first of all, tenth wave? i thought you were the ninth wave? >> i went a seminar last week. >> they pick it out of a hat, it is random, a genderless thing will be at >> it is always the men picking the women. it is 2012, we shouldn't be doing this. brett ratner says rotten tomatoes is killing the movie industry. his x-men movie was so bad that later the franchise had to make it so they went back in time and changed history so his movie never happened. >> then wiped out all the other x-men movies. they destroyed all the other x-men movies that are only half as bad. >> if you don't want a crappy, e
12:38 am
a crappy movie. you're something about "batman vs. superman"'s score. he said people don't realize what goes into a movie like tha that. who cares. >> we don't want to think about what goes into a score, we want to be entertained by yet. >> oh, so it's not bad? >> that makes it even worse. you work that hard? >> how about make a good movie. call me crazy. by the way, personally i prefer metacritic to rotten tomatoes. >> do they have movies? >> yeah, all kinds of crazy things. also, they are friends of "red eye."
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>> last week a woman had a driving mishap in new york city. okay? she rammed her kia suv into a gas station convenience store. it appears nobody was badly hurt, but the accident drew some
12:45 am
look you lose. >> holy [bleep]. >> all, i like the finger too. >> it was an accident! i didn't kill nobody! it was an accident! do you really want me? >> oh, man. [laughter] >> you want it rough? >> oh, my god. >> your [bleep] mother should be
12:46 am
happy. >> you are in big trouble, big trouble. this will go on facebook, snapchat, instagram. >> instagram and he even mentioned "red eye" too. how come everyone of these videos there is a golden arches in the background somewhere? always near mcdonald's. >> it is always near a place not serving the healthiest of food. >> she was coming after him. can you imagine somebody coming after you in the streets for photographing? i cannot imagine something like that happening. perhaps getting fired. that is a scary situation. the guy was actually running away and keeping her on camera. like a war correspondent. and there was a double pronged
12:47 am
attack because another guy started it and she went right after him. why was she so angry at them? she made a mistake. >> she crashed the car. >> her thing was nobody was killed, so you don't need to film it. is that the role? >> i guess, the guy filming this is my legit hero. i loved it. i was just waiting for the saxophone in the background. i loved it, i watched it like ten times. the rest of the world is looking at america right now and they are horrified. they see reality tv, big portions of food, donald trump as president, and now this. they think this encapsulates everything that is america. >> have you ever lost it in the street like that? >> not in the streets. >> but it does happen. michael, you are wrinkling your brow.
12:48 am
>> how does she know who benny hill is but not the thunder cat cats? i don't know that context. >> is your dad a big benny hill fan? >> he is. >> there is a lot of russian footage of my mother country and people acting much worse than this all over live leaks. we are known to get a very loud, very violent and very aggressive. >> and the camera work is much better in russia, they all have a go pro on their car. >> the only difference is the r is backwards. >> this was russia we would have a footage of her crashing into the gas station an we could stitch this together. it would have been great. >> and they never get like, please, turn the camera off.
12:49 am
>> i have to excuse them, it's hard to keep it steady. >> and it was commentary, it was awesome, he was egging her on. >> i never can do this, i don't want to look like one of these gawkers. >> i run away from any kind of conflict. i see people yelling at each other, not, going that way. out. >> i always yell, hit him, hit him, in the crowd. >> are you a film or? >> no, i am a watcher. >> the angle, imagine the kennedy footage they would have now. it would be like the worst clip available. everybody would have this great commentary. "did you see his head come apart?" >> coming up, tinder , and the e
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>> professional athletes used to struggle to meet women, not anymore thanks to tinder. many players are using the hookup app on the road. just the ones with wives and girlfriends, of course. at least at least one nba general manager says it can help teams play better away from hom home. don't have to go to the club all night anymore. a former player agrees. it's absolutely true you get at least two more hours of sleep getting laid on the road rather than 15 years ago. no need to get something to eat after the club but before the hotel appeared i didn't know that was the system. is there any evidence tinder is helping? 30 years ago road teams only won 32% of the time. this season they are winning at a 42% clip. that's it, it's approved. do you buy this? >> i'm going to get on tinder
12:55 am
right after this show. it will not help, they will be drinking less if they are on tinder, take care of business and you don't have to get inebriated or hung over, so they can play better as well. >> i think tinder may be changing the economics of nightlife, how can the clubs and survive if you don't have to go to them anymore? >> that is true, but you utilize the time you would spend in the club trying to get the girl with the girl. if you are at your hotel, do you turn into a saint? you're hitting the minibar and drinking, just drinking with the girl. >> in the old days they did that too. >> yeah, maybe technology is helping. >> i don't know, tinder, i have never even tried to use it.
12:56 am
it >> you like the old-fashioned way. >> the old-fashioned get out face to face. >> you have to show them the car, show them the goods. >> have to pull out a credit card. look at what i have got. you can't argue with the number numbers. >> correlation and causation, we have to get them to break down how far they are traveling. i assume science can prove this. this is just a rambling of a gm who is old and doesn't understand things like hookup apps. like me, an expert in such youthful endeavors. >> do you know tinder? is it on your phone? >> god no. >> it could be other things, they didn't used to have the heavenly bed in the hotel. >> now, it is the app. nobody goes to the bar anymore or to the club.
12:57 am
we do everything online. and we are all better for it. now nba players can cheat on their wives easier. >> amazing. that is all the time we i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead.
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remember this is my world. right now on justice. every single one has a hand full of republicans we're back to the drawing board. the vice president doing what much of america is doing tonight. blaming congress for the epic fail. and i have some blame to throw myself into nights opening statement. plus there was additional unmasking that was done. the list of bliss of new details about president trumps claims that he and his team were spied on.


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