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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 26, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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the duksz all over committees 74-50 for the first final four nearly 80 years gonzaga history bulldogs earning first trip to final four after zavier, or gunman awaits winner of north carolina and kentucky. >> did you see -- the girl on floor this, year sweeping up sweat, right there. >> a fast break is in a i always wanted that job growing up you are right in the action, right next to players, you see it -- you can be there. >> after the show get a broom. >> trying to sweep up after
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the absolute disaster and did he debris field left by failure of the republicans to get obamacare repeal and replaced hitting trail again, saying they are going to continue this fight. >> the question what comes next they had the defeat on floor they going to move to tax cuts or not tax reform do they want to try to get something done obamacare clearly it was not easy but president trump almost immediately yesterday took to twitter said hey we are going to talk about obamacare we think awoke get done we will piece teg a great plan for people do not worry not getting rid of that. >> they seem very much -- they should be in this moment, and how they want to address the nation talk about health care they know this was disaster they know this first test in many ways leadership let them down going to have votes going to pass, obviously that was not the case the vice president he was out talking
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about this, yesterday, in west virginia here is what he said. >> i was inspired. by president trump's determination and commitment to keep his promise to the american people. >> congress just he wasn't ready you saw it obamacare is going to continue to explode. and what republicans and democrats finally decide to come together, and repeal and replace obamacare we will be ready to get job done we are moving forward next going to get back to president's three-part agenda jobs jobs and jobs. we are working with congress president trump is going to pass the largest tax cut since ronald reagan going to get this american economy moving again. >> a lot of people thought, a lot of people thought should have started with tax reform now obamacare to shelve going after tax reform can they get
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big corporate tax cuts can they get individual tax cuts that are so important, we have heard from maria bartiromo stuart varney talking about how businesses have been hiring buying machines lafrn earth movers on hope of tax reforms. >> impact of markets a lot of people that i have harder that say, his presidency will be judged based on what to connect on tax reform we have not seen tax reform since 1986 a lot on line the question where do they get votes very from didn't have freedom caucus on their side need through house and senate, now, yesterday, or today we heard president trump he said, i might be willing to work with democrats i will be willing to work with them if able to come to the table and talk. >> that is right. >> that is right why obituary shouldn't be written i think it was defeat as outsider a lesson the scars are going to
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make them stronger what does that look like some suggest could include democrats i am not necessarily one of them. >> big government open borders resifters work with mike pence mick mulvaney. >> we would have had worked with them remember, said yesterday they never called us. >> do you believe that? >> is also believe -- the -- >> never called? >> you want to be -- >> i also thought a terebey weak moment for the president pointing finger at democrats. >> a true moment it was a reality moment, obamacare is a disaster. >> you look at history, well yes about it -- is president of the i wouldn't i states takes spinltd buck stops with you. >> i do think that he is realizing now that if they want to get things done leadership is going do have to start at the white house and with the help of vice president mike pence we know has got a lot of skills when it comes to dealing with members, on the hill, and we are going to shy this
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continues so that how come together freedom caucus people stuart varney talked about on taxes. >> i never seen him he so angry freedom caucus up in arms. >> as to you are exactly right what has today may be we build that koelgs a special rion an didn't bring in freedom caucus or democrats part of the process white house saying you didn't get it done what we do next take the lead, our bill the white house's bill, perhaps. >> going to own. >> it will there be ownership of it. >> you know what, the american people are wanting tax reform this to happen both sides we are wanting to see movement when it comes to taxes we need some big changes, in have this country. >> trump or not deter rallies across the country if you think people are o demoralized you don't drain swamp over tonight trying to fight things that matter clips of rallies,
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of trump supporters the day after the bill was pulled on obamacare repeal and replace hitting the streets take a listen. >> if you said he was going to repeal and replace he didn't say i am going to repeal and replace in 60 -- 65 days not a problem for me. >> i think trump doing well. >> just took over it takes time to get things done right. >> people need to -- give him a break for -- the same break they gave obama they need to give trump like it or not -- >> did you read "the art of the deal"? he says that if it doesn't work out negotiations don't work out i leave the table. >> things take time, just you want it is going to happen -- right off the bat? >> we all like -- the agenda, we chose to make america great again. >> whoa. >> 65 days into presidency, they are not detered you want american people to get behind this presidency if we get work done in washington. >> rallies, you may not have
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seen that but rallies taking place all over the country yesterday, we spent time at rallies, you, recently last week, i was in nashville as well one rally, i have never seen a more loyal crowd, than have president trump's audience they really are coincident convinced they want him to continue to succeed follow through not easy. . >> protests come with opposition, right, so beating anti-trump protesters going to a lot of places, and trump getting physical as we see in some ways, metaphoric you might say of democratic positions on capitol hill work with us sorry we don't think you are antifascist fascists.
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>> one thing you heard more drain swamp anger about the house leadership. >> yes. >> o one of the things coming out. >> refreshing to see that footage there of violence at rallies -- you know, i mean just not -- >> why seeing soviet flags antifascist anarchists. we are day 65 give him a chance see what we can do, i think every american should want that,less -- want a better future. >> collective deep breath no reason to be did he terd one vote did not happen down the mean you can't average tait shake up washington so badly in need they don't want status quo something has to change the ability to leverage that if he builds right coalition what they are doing in white house how do we get it done. >> governor huckabee in a few
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moms on the show to talk about that never a fan of this bill has ideas how to drain swamp journalists crack code figured out what america first really means. >> america first is a russian slogan a not xi slogan pushed by russia, attacking not only america but the wholly of the west, every country in europe -- >> testified, so you can decide, when we come back. >> it could be the smoking gun that -- proves president right on wiretapping next guest predicted president was on to something all along. >> she said never would get back to being but never say never. >> -- i didn't, look -- >> ♪ hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom.
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this wild goose chase because what the president said was just patently false. >> we can beat around the bush and call it whatever we want to call it, but the president of the united states lied to the american public. >> of course it's not true. so let's just grow up. pete: democrats wasted no time slamming the president's claims of being wiretapped but now new evidence that may be the smoking gun could prove he was right all along. clayton: eli lake is a columnist with review and predicted president trump was on to something about his claims and he joins us now. eli, nice to see you this morning. what do we know this morning? >> very good. i want to make it very clear that literal meaning of what trump said that he -- obama owe proved or illegally wiretapped trump tower has not been bourn out by this. what we do have a very serious issue which is, you know, there were intelligence reports which the chairman of the intelligence community has said were distributed widely that included in some cases
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names of trump transition officials that were unmasked that should have been minimized or expunged from these reports. and in other cases details about meetings that trump and other people in the transition were having during this transition period. the question now is who asked for those reports? how widely were they distributed, and how many other people besides what we already know in general, mike flynn where names were unmasked meaning that they -- that in these intelligence reports that were picked up incidentally where that you know they kept the name in because they felt there was either some sort of foreign intelligence value. what was that rationale? since devin nunes has said these reports had nothing to do with russia. pete: sure. a lot of muddy waters here. we have documents. we think we know. this documents are being prevented nsa to the house intelligence committee. when do we get the answers you have? how do we get them? through declassification
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through the committee? when does this move forward? >> listen, there are really two investigations right now. there is an investigation into whether there was politicized surveillance of the trump transition team. and then there is another investigation into the sort of trump world ties to russia. and they really, in some ways they may meet because we may find out that this surveillance was because of that, but right now there are two separate issues and they -- one would implicate the obama white house and the other the trump white house. at least in both of these cases we have some suggestive evidence, but we have to wait for those facts to come in. we know that the nsa is cooperating with the house intelligence committee and we know the fbi is not. maybe the reason why the fbi is not cooperate cooperating they have probe going on which james comey the fbi director acknowledged six days ago. pete: what would be the smoking gun is that president obama, with a pen, signed off on this or that it is
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independently being run by the intelligence community and there is no oversight by congress on this? >> well, both of those are really disturbing, but i would say if devin nunes, the chairman finds that something like susan rice, national security advisor to president obama -- and, by the way, i have no information here so this is just me sort of saying. something like that, a senior white house official or senior political appointee had requested for a trump transition's names to be unmasked in incidental collection or had asked for reports on what the trump transition team was doing that was not really related to the russia issue then that would be, i think, pretty serious. attach we would, i think, have an interesting story and an abuse of sort of the eavesdropping powers of the state. pete: you are right. eli lake, thanks for this. >> thanks. pete: if conservatives don't cooperate he is ready to bring democrats on board and give them what they want instead. what does governor mike
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huckabee think of that idea? he is live here next. clayton: are you sick of politics? maybe you should go see a movie. that sounds like a plan. kevin mccarthy is here with your weekend box office reviews. we're all sick of the politics. >> hey, how are you? >>
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♪ ♪ abby: and we are back with quick headlines. senator lindsey graham standing his ground against liberals at a town hall. listen. >> when hillary clinton was under fbi investigation, none of you said she can't run. i find a double standard of the left when it comes to judges pretty off base. abby: wow. south carolina senator just the latest conservative to be attacked at a town hall. and listen to this one. uma abedin is crawling back to
3:25 am
anthony weiner. the "new york post" reports that hillary clinton's right-hand woman is, quote, working hard on giving the marriage another try. well, the pair separated in august after weiner sent yet another explicit picture with a woman with his toddler asleep behind him. sources say break-up was more for optics than the clinton campaign. can't keep the love birds apart, you know? clayton: can't keep kevin mccarthy out of our studios. life on mars turns into a nightmare. watch. >> these creatures wiped out mars millions of years ago. if we let it get to earth. >> we'll risk all human life. >> let's kill the thing. pete: the question is, is it worth shoveling to the theater to see it or should you abort that? abby: did you write that yourself? >> space shuttle? abby: kevin mccarthy founder of nerd
3:26 am
clayton: we have seen some mars related films in the past. >> we have. thank you for having me on. it's an honor to be here in new york city. it's about a group of scientists on the international space station. they are research ago research pod that has the first form of life beyond earth. great cast. the writers though is the key here. paul and reese wrote dead pool and zombie land. zombie land was amazing. it was amazing action film was comedy written into it as well. the director here daniel espinosa did safe house. they did a good job of making you feel like you are in safe. they had the actors on massive wires. five or six people above them operating them along to give them that zero g effect effect. it's a you very brittle, intense film at times. very unpredictable. the ending is absolutely insane. abby: you are burying the lead though, kevin. i'm jealous of you. you actually sat down with intimate interview with two of my favorites jake gyllenhaal
3:27 am
and ryan reynolds. >> it wasn't an interview. i forgiv give it a four out of . i walk in the room with six serious questions about the film. they didn't want to answer anything. the interview ended up going viral and has 1.3 million views and got picked up everywhere. they didn't say anything. they just laughed the entire time. the r-rated version we can't show you. i did make ha quick 35 second g-rated version for our sunday morning audience. watch this. >> you know i love dead pool. i know you liked it too. >> thank you so much. >> that's great. [laughter] >> where is my -- >> i like how your names are on the chairs, right? so you know which chair to sit in. >> no. we are idiots. >> this is amazing. when you shoot those scenes, what does it look like for you on set and are you actually doing -- go ahead. >> there we go. [laughter]
3:28 am
>> it's all about really being able to -- >> thank you, jake. >> we're all gonna die. abby: what did he say to you in that moment. >> what happened was when i walked in i don't know why they had stickers on their chairs as to what their names are going to be. did they not know who was going to sit where? at one point they put the stickers on me and then i took the jacket to the dry cleaner and i forgot i left the stickers on there. the guy who had dry cleaned my clothes had seen the segment and gave the stickers back to me. that was cool. thank you for that. abby: go, go power rangers. >> yes. honestly, i am 33 years old. i want to sing that on national television. abby: do it ♪ go, go power rangers. clayton: i want to hear about this movie. >> this movie is awesome. i'm sorry about the
3:29 am
awkwardness of this. coming out box office. television series the characters. it's ridiculous, campy, over the top. bryan cranston from breaking bad. you have elizabeth banks she is fantastic. it is really fun. my wife and i watched it. we both loved it growing up. i had a lot of fun with it. clayton: what did you give it. >> a four. don't expect an oscar-winning screenplay here. i had popcorn, nachos and an icy. have you got to mix the ic ice icee. clayton: kevin, great to see you. abby: all right. come up. president trump says the conservatives won't cooperate on legislation is he ready to bring democrats on board and give them what they want. instead, what does mike huckabee think of that idea. we're going to ask him. pete: plus one of the most vicious crimes here in new york city and politicians bill
3:30 am
de blasio saying it's the president's fault because he created the culture. clayton: uncle joe biden. the decision he could have made. ♪ i'm begging you to beg me ♪ i want you to want me it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. introducing intuitive, one touch video calling from vonage. call now and get amazon chime at no additional cost.
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♪ in a small town ♪ is like me. clayton: what is that? pete: i use the same accent for every voice. it's not good. that's what i use. i do love this song. abby: it was perfect for that shot. that's how alive new york city is at all hours of the day. there is so much energy. people are up and doing things. pete: it's a very big town. clayton: come here on their time zone so they are walking through times square at 3:00 in the morning. hey, it's noon. abby: i want to promo this on tuesday our own ainsley hair hart is going to sit down with eric and laura trump their first sit-down since president trump took office. as some of you may know eric and laura are expecting their first child in september. you do not want to miss this. "fox & friends" tuesday morning that interview is going to happen here in new york. i look forward to that. clayton: i do, too.
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what i have been looking forward to the whole show is governor mike huckabee. i love governor mike huckabee's assessment of what was unfolding with the healthcare law the last few weeks. i thought had you astute assessment about this bill. you didn't think this bill served trump supporters very well. now we see the debris field that's left after this thing fell and crashed. we heard from the president yesterday on twitter saying we are still going to get this done. how in the world does he move forward and get this done? >> well, i think he has to focus on the product and not the process. in my view what happened was that the people of washington captured this and made it about process, getting it donte certain deadline. why that deadline? why an artificial deadline? why did it matter? instead of focusing on the people elected by donald trump they focused on the washington, self-imposed get this done and show everybody how good we are. i think a lot of members of congress finally said whoa, there are some things that are
3:36 am
going to hurt the people of my state, and they couldn't go along with it. so, yeah, go back to the drawing board. focus on the product and not the process. people outside of washington couldn't care jack squat about the process. abby: governor, you know well what it means to bring people together to get things done as governor of the state of arkansas. i mean, you've done this for years now. president trump hinted at the fact that he wants to work with democrats. he realizes that in order to get the votes you might have to cross over to the other aisle to get things done. what advice do you have for him to form a new coalition which it seems like is he going to have to do here to get tax reform done. >> never make it about the party or ideology of the left and right. make it about the ideology of up and down. it's what i call vertical politics. democrats can vote with you. if what you are proposing takes people up, not down. quit focusing on the horizontal left and right. it's always a loser. focus on the up and down.
3:37 am
and make it so that the democrats are getting pressure from their constituents. they're north going to respond to pressure from the president or from their republican colleagues. they will respond to the pressure of their voters. put something on the table so good, so effective for the voters in those democratic districts that the democrats themselves would be very, very just crazy not to get on board and support it because it's their political future on the line. pete: the grassroots of the democrat party at this point are pretty rabid in their resistance to president trump. you see it no n. town halls and elsewhere. where is this scenario where the democrats have to work with republicans. what's the governing coalition look like if they want to do obamacare again or do tax reform? i think it's more likely work to the freedom caucus to shore up a republican bill than to hope you get democrat votes and lose conservatives? which one is more likely. >> to my point, a good
3:38 am
healthcare bill isn't left and right it suspect and down. pete: market based or single payer, you are going to lose democrats and republicans either way. >> well, it doesn't have to be that way. here's why i'm saying that free market is something republicans embrace but if it delivers healthcare at an affordable rate for people, then democrats can't reject that they might not like -- so, i mean, that's where we have failure. the second thing is make it so that it pushes power back to the states and, therefore, it frankly takes some of the washington members of congress off the hook. it puts the pressure on the governors in the states to make medicaid work. there were a lot of problems for republican governors in this bill because it meant that some of their medicaid expansions. you can argue that she shouldn't have done it but they already did it because they felt like they had to. the point being in about three years their state budgets were going to collapse without some form of continues that process. clayton: governor, we will get
3:39 am
you out of here on this we have adam kinzinger coming up on the show. he says single-handedly saved obamacare. is the freedom caucus going to be a sticking point here. >> it shouldn't be. for heaven sake if the freedom caucus can't support significant tax reform they need to go home. i think they will. this should be the first thing republicans tackled. they should have tackled tax reform bring tanks rate for corporate down to 15%. simulate the economy. get people back to work which is exactly what it would do. and all the time be working carefully to craft a really good healthcare bill that does what the president said, which is give people coverage but make it more affordable. and, why th by the way, let's be real honest the government's role is going to have to be subsidize the high cost people because if you don't you can't bring those costs down. i don't think a lot of members of congress had dealt with healthcare policy to the level
3:40 am
where they understood that healthcare is not going to get less expensive in the future. people live longer. they want more procedures and processes and frankly those cost a lot of money. there is a way to bring the cost down and create a partnership and utilization control. but it ain't by having the federal government in charge of it. abby: all right. always thoughtful, governor. good to have you here this morning and joining us. pete: thank you, governor. >> thank you guys. abby: bill deblastio blaming president trump for what he says is an atmosphere of hate in this country. >> the challenge here is that a dive am in mick of hatred has been growing in this country over the last year or and particularly come out after the election and clearly related to the rhetoric of donald trump and other candidates during the presidential election that have unleashed forces of hate all over the country. abby: the mayor doubling down on his efforts to fight all of that hatred. here is the latest theory on what america first really means.
3:41 am
hint, it is all russia's fault. >> america first is a russian slogan. it's a nazi slogan being pushed by russia who quite literally attacking not only america but the whole of the west. every country in europe. abby: that is conspiracy reporter luis mensch. conspiracy claims with bill maher on friday. joe biden dreaming of what could be this morning. the v.p. said he could have been president. listen. >> i had planned on running for president. and although it would have been a very difficult primary. i think i could have won. i didn't run because no man or woman should announce for president of the united states unless they can look the public in the eye and say i promise you i will give you 100 percent. abby: wow. well, there were rumors that biden wanted to run during the primary but declined after the death of his son. i know there are a lot of
3:42 am
democrats are wishing that he had stepped in earlier. pete: there was an opportunity but wasn't the time. clayton: well the polls say president trump's approval rating looks bad. how did that work out during the election? >> he won't win it. is he down in the polls. you saw that before the election. polls. polls. clayton: his approval rating is in the tank. should we believe the poll what is they tell us anymore? pete: plus, here we go again, another v.a. hospital refusing to hang the president's official portrait. one veteran made it his mission to put up that picture. that veteran is going to join us live. ♪ constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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abby: if you take a look at the latest polls, president trump's approval rating is bleak, sitting right now at 37 he%. that's according to a quinnipiac poll. how did that work out during the election? >> they were saying he won't win it. is he down in the polls. you saw that in the election, polls, polls. of the polls, they come out with these polls and everybody was so surprised. even the polls over some of them did get it right, but many of them didn't. >> we were wrong, okay? the entire punditry industry, the entire polling industry. i don't have egg on my face. i have omelet on my face. abby: we all remember that moment. what should you believe from these polls if anything. here is discuss is chris wilson. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. abby: let's go back to election day the real clear politics average the day before the election had hillary clinton at 47%. donald trump at 44%.
3:47 am
we all know what ended up happening there. you look at the polls there you say there is a real disconnect. >> well, there is. we look at what happened on election day. the fact is that hillary clinton won the national vote by about that margin. really the polls were wrong. the thing about when you look at a national survey is it's going to have a lot of interviews from deep blue states like new york and california. really irrelevant to the way the people nationally -- the trump voters feel. trump is still very popular with his own voters. if you look at that quinnipiac survey, he still gets 80% approval. abby: yeah. i want to pull that up as well, chris. when asked do you approve or disapprove of the way donald trump is handling his job as president. 81% of the republicans approve of that you are clearly not seeing that in the polls released today. i've been out to some of these rallies with president trump. i can't tell you the enthusiasm still there for him. you are not seeing that in the polls. how should people be thinking about it? should they even be listening
3:48 am
to these polls? should they matter? >> as someone who does this for a living shouldn't say it doesn't matter. look at the polling from states like pennsylvania, from ohio, iowa, leading up to the election. they were a far better indicator of whether donald trump was going to be president or not. the national polls were. that is what really matters today. trump voters in states like west virginia. states like ohio. states like missouri. states like north dakota. states that have democrats up for re-election. donald trump is still popular there those are the numbers should be looking at. when you hear democrats talk about trump being unpopular. the fact is you are seeing unprecedented polarization with democrats. in fact, inside that same quinnipiac survey, trump has the approval of only 6% of democrats. even when obama was at his most negative he was a double digit republican. it could be abraham lincoln if he was president right now he would still have it negative numbers because of the polarization in our politics. abby: so true.
3:49 am
you are saying there is still something to the silent trump voter that we may not be seeing in these polls. >> they are silent. they are represented by just specific parts of america. if you would pull out the deep blue states, specifically new york, california and look at the states that are really more swing states. of the ones that trump won. the states that have democrats up for re-election this year, donald trump is still popular. is he seen as doing a good job. you look at the joe manchins, the heidi hide camps and clair mccaskills, they are not jumping to join the democratic majority and vote against everything donald trump does. they are in a difficult situation because their america is not the america represented by national surveys. abby: one thing about president trump he wants those high polls. there is a lot of work to do. chris wilson thanks for being with us. nice to have you here. >> you bet, abby. abby: davidavid bossie, abby kissinger dr. sebastian gorka and scott worker.
3:50 am
another v.a. hospital refusing to hang a picture of president trump saying it's not the official copy. the veteran who says not good enough. they are joining us right after this. ♪ dream of summers ♪ makes you think all the world is a sunny day ♪ oh, yeah. ♪ i got a nikon camera ♪ i love to take a photograph' ♪ finally, there's a roundup made just for your lawn, so you can put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. draw the line. with roundup for lawns, there is no better way to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming a single blade of grass. it's a great day to be a lawn. draw the line with roundup for lawns. and for weeds in other spaces, turn to roundup weed & grass killer products. ♪ heigh ho ♪ heigh ho
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♪ ♪ pete: two weeks ago we had this story florida congressman and double amputee war vet brian mast personally walked into the v.a. hospital in west palm beach and put up missing photographs of president trump
3:54 am
and newly v.a. secretary david shulkin. abby: while the v.a. may have ordered them to put them up immediately. the facility was a little late to the game leaving up empty frame along with a portrait the of robert mcdonald. here to. clayton: lehr to tell us is about his interaction with the v.a. was joe. >> good morning. clayton: what prompted you to do this. >> i walked in. it wasn't right. it was very disrespectful. and i couldn't believe my eyes that there was no picture there. and there was a plant right in front of it. it kind of bothered me a little bit. abby: so what did you do. >> what did i do? i went up to the receptionist there and i spoke to the receptionist. she told me that it was out of her control. that she had to get ahold of somebody in palm beach. they had all of the control of that. and then that afternoon they put the picture up. pete: what is it about the system of the v.a.
3:55 am
i have talked to a highly competent receptionists in a lot of places if something is broken 45 feet away from me i'm going to fix it and have the power to do so. what is it about the v.a. first reflex oh, i can't do that i have to stare at empty frame. >> of course. i spoke to some employees over there. they are afraid to talk because they don't want to get fired. you know. who knows why they are going to get fired. pete: they can't get fired. bureaucracy, right? clayton: i'm sure you can put in printer paper in the printer if it's empty. do you need to call somebody to find out about that, too? >> it's ridiculous. who knows in that system there. the system is so screwed up that, you know. what they are trying to do is put 5 pounds of bologna in a 2-pound bag that's what they are trying to do over there. abby: why do you think they took the photos down though? what's going on where you are? >> i'm sorry. say again. abby: why did they take the photos down?
3:56 am
>> i don't think they ever had it up. they never had the photo up. no. they had mcdonald next to the blank frame. abby: but what are they upset about? why would they not want their photos? that has been a tradition for a long time at every v.a. facility. >> well, i have three or four people that sent me some locations where there is still no pictures up. pete: yeah. this is not just in these locations. you are right, joe. vets take proactive measures when others won't like a bureaucracy like you said, clayton. thanks for taking a stand and taking a picture and exposing it and taking the picture this morning. we appreciate it. the v.a. is the swamp of the swamp. truly is. it is a bureaucracy as infested as many. as they pick leadership in that institution, they have got to be really careful. there are rumors about deputy secretaries and others. swampy. have you to pick reformers if
3:57 am
you are going to fix it pete. clayton: well said. the media ready to pick a new favorite. are they ready to choose chelsea for president? pete: dr. sebastian gorka, scott walker and of course abby's dog. a fair amount of brandy, go with c-cell. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust.
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headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. ♪ ♪ >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the disaster of obamacare. but i promise you that victory won't last very long. >> president trump will not rest, will not relent until we repeal and replace obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> the focus on the product and not the process. people outside of washington couldn't care jack squat about the process. >> multiple arrests being made at pro-trump rally in southern california. it got ugly. fights broke out. fists flying. [shouting] [chanting]
4:01 am
>> go home. >> concerned about the erosion of our second amendment rights. >> we are behind our president. the democrats own this. and i am a subject of obamacare. and it is absolutely devastated me. >> he said he was going to repeal and replace. he didn't say i'm going to repeal and replace in 65 days. >> the preference of americans at trump rallies all across the country today is going to be a whether he ising. >> we are here -- agenda to make america great again. [cheers] ♪ all right now ♪ baby, it's all right now ♪ abby: you think they are working there this morning? you think they are passing bills right no? clayton: daylight saving time. it's sunny out right now. pete: back to daylight savings. clayton: dark at 7:00 a.m. come on. pete: do you know how many
4:02 am
working days in washington, d.c. this month? how many day russ working this month? probably like 30? they are working 8. clayton: that's more than usual. they deserve time off for all that hard work passing that obamacare replacement bill. abby: i think they should be promised if they don't get their job done. they stay there. clayton: congress gets a recess when they don't do well. abby: the whole summer off. clayton: couple congressman coming coming up on the show. david bowlsy, adam kinzinger who says democrats need to work with republicans. governor scott walker sebastian gorka and abby's dog george. chris chulo's cat. abby: remember, we read the story yesterday about a new report saying that dogs can now detect breast cancer. pete: can your dog? abby: my dog can only detect treats. i'm really interested to see what happens when they bring
4:03 am
him on the set with doctors to see if he can do it. i promise you he cannot. clayton: after six months of training they can get these german shepherds to detect it. abby: there is another german shepherd coming as well. he will put my dog to shame. we do start with headlines this morning with a fox news alert and manhunt underway right now for a suspect accused of shooting dozens of people at a nightclub overnight killing one person. police at cincinnati, ohio, where 15 people were shot causing mass chaos. the investigation just hours old but authorities say it does not appear to be terror-related. so far no one is in custody. we will keep a close eye on this. and to another fox news alert. nine years in the making and now justice has finally been served for two american heroes seen right there murdered by terrorists. air force major rodriguez of texas and first class petty officer matthew o'brien of georgia were killed in the
4:04 am
2008 bombing of marriott notes islamabad. the united states finally got pay back bombing the compound of the man who planned those attacks al qaeda leader i can'ican'tyasen.james mad contio dee dee fame islam will not escape justice. president trump rallies breaking out across the country. about 2,000 supporters clashing with anti-trump protesters in california. police say the anti-trump group started when they pepper sprayed the marchers. four of them were arrested. supporters say they need to give our president a break. >> i think trump is doing really well. >> have you got to remember, he just took over the job. it takes a little time to get things done right. >> meanwhile in nebraska. eight anti-trump protesters arrested in a rally there in omaha. and remember this, it was one of more questionable strategies used to stop president trump in the days leading up to the inauguration.
4:05 am
>> deny donald trump. >> find their wickedness. you're fired. you're fired. [laughter] abby: how creepy. remember we reported that on our show? it turns out that the witches spell did not work. they plan to give it another try. vowing to continue casting that spell on every crescent moon until it comes true. they will be doing that for a long time. pete: giving it another try. after the bill was pulled on friday. everyone was watching. it didn't come to a vote. everyone is watching the white house to say what's next? a ton of speculation. fold on obamacare. not give it another try. move on to tax reform. yesterday we got some pretty clear signals from the white house. president trump tweeting yesterday this. he said obamacare will explode and we'll all get together and piece together a great
4:06 am
healthcare plan for the people. do not worry. and also, yesterday, so clearly they are on the same page, the president and the vice president. the vice president goes to west virginia and gives a speech saying, again, we think we're going to move on, we're going to get things done, obamacare is going to be part of it as well. take a listen. >> i was inspired by president trump's determination and commitment to keep his promise to the american people. congress just wasn't ready. you saw it. obamacare is going to continue to explode. and when republicans and democrats finally decide to come together and repeal and replace obamacare will be ready to get the job done. and we're moving forward. next up we're going to get back to the president's three-part agenda, jobs, jobs, and jobs. [applause] working with this congress, president trump is going to pass the largest tax cut since the days of ronald reagan. and we're going to get this american economy moving again. [applause]
4:07 am
clayton: tax reform is where they're going next. i'm discouraged by what he said. congress wasn't ready how many years do you need to get read ready? >> seven years congress wasn't ready what does that mean for tax reform? how many years have you had to plan for tax reform. slamming democrats on raising taxes. we have to get comprehensive tax reform. got to be ready. abby: huge day for vice president and president trump. think have to jump in and make things happen. they have to own the bill and make it their bill. we had governor mike huckabee on just earlier on the show. and he said something that a number of other people have said as well that he was glad that this bill didn't go through in the end. because if it wasn't the perfect bill then ultimately republicans would have been hurt in the long run. maybe not the long one maybe not too long from now in the next election cycle. elections today, are often won
4:08 am
and lost based on healthcare. such an important issue for people. nothing more important than your own health. if you can't get the bill right, maybe it was the right thing it didn't get passed. might as well wait and get it perfect. clayton: this is what the governor had to say. >> i think he has to focus on the product and not the process. in my view is that the people of washington captured this and made it about process, getting it done in a certain deadline. what was that deadline? why an artificial deadline? why did it matter? instead of focusing on the impact that it was going to have on the very people who elected donald trump, they focused on the washington self-imposed let's get this done and show everybody how good we are. i think a lot of members of congress finally just said whoa, there are some things that are going to hurt the people of my state and they couldn't go along with it. yeah, go back to the drawing board. focus on the product and not the process. people outside of washington couldn't care jack squat about
4:09 am
the process. they care about the product. pete: right, clayton, you mentioned they had seven years to get it done. the swamp has had 7, 17, and70 . special interests entrenched. outsider disruptive force populist. finding out what that process. in their mind they said we are going to take control as you said, abby, take control of the process, work with congress. where we find the votes remains to be seen. i think they can get stronger from this. why trump supporters across the country are rallying saying we are still behind this guy. the fight against the swamp is messy. never going to be easy. take the lump and move forward. that's what they are doing. clarify clay can you work with democrats? if you look at the supreme court battle that's unfolding right now with neil gorsuch and trump's pick, i don't know that they are going to be able to work together with democrats. that's where they need to come together. i think this part of it is despicable for democrats. fighting, this basically saying as chuck schumer has said we are ready to filibuster this nomination.
4:10 am
we're ready to keep him from going in there and whether or not the republicans have to use the nuclear option. abby: not just chuck schumer the "l.a. times" as well coming out. clayton: read this opinion piece from the "l.a. times." gulch is conservative but confident. a well qualified rating from the american bar association. these are not normal times. not after the outrageous obstruction of judg judge merrik garland's. they took the opportunity to fill the vacancy away from barack obama without justification and delivered it up, instead, to donald trump. pete: i love how the beginning of the piece they assume that being conservative and competent are usually mutually exclusive. conservative but competent. abby: joe biden we have been talking about him already on the show. sometimes he is a man of wisdom. he makes good points. pete: really, when are those times. abby: back in 1991. i was talking about blocking supreme court picks and how it
4:11 am
shouldn't be so political during election cycle. here is what he said. >> it is my view that if a supreme court justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer, president bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not -- and not name a nominee until after the november elections is completed. that is what is fair to the nominee and essential to the process. clayton: known as the biden rule. pete: fair to the nominee. clayton: what's what republicans did with merrick garland. abby: here is the irony of the whole thing. have you got a slew of democrats who supported neil gorsuch when he was up for the appellate court. look at all of these. these are all the democrats that supported him back then. i think many of them are saying no this time. pete: i agree with you both.
4:12 am
it is insane. it is dumb that the democrats are fighting this pick. he had such fantastic hearings. so imminently qualified. it's almost impossible. abby: he had bipartisan praise. it's a one for one swamp. scalia being replaced by gorsuch another originalist on the court. they should save their powder for when it's a balance of the court. clayton: pick your battles. picking this battle is despicable. pete: shows you how rabid they are. when they are they going to work with president trump to fix this country. i think it's fantasy land. abby: the hearings went on for days last week. and i spent some time getting a sense of him. if he is going to be the next judge you kind of want to know something about him. i thought his temperament and his calm and his demeanor was really something impressive. especially given the questions that were just thrown at him for three days straight. pete: would it surprise you guys that i would probably snap back at them maybe once or twice? abby: no. that wouldn't surprise me. clayton: i wouldn't be
4:13 am
surprised by that at all. coming up on show, illegal immigrant attack as teenage girl now the attorney representing him says immigration status is irrelevant to the story. is that right? judge alex is here to discuss that straight ahead. pete: how does the mainstream media think president trump is doing just 65 days in? >> president trump ending what has been a brutal week for his presidency. >> this is not what a honeymoon looks like. >> i actually think this may be the worst 100 days we have ever seen in a president. pete: digital obituary. "washington times" says this hysteria is absurd. she is going to join us next. ♪ i said hey you ♪ get off of my
4:14 am
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♪ ♪ >> president trump ending what has been a brutal week for his presidency. >> this is not what a honeymoon looks like. this is a dire period of scandal that you would put up against any modern presidency at any time. >> thoughts now turn to the future of the president and the speaker's agenda. >> the bigger fallout play be for the president himself. >> when you add up the totality of it, you said this is the worst week of his presidency, i actually think this may be the worst 100 days we have ever seen in a president. pete: well, the mainstream media still in hysterics over president trump. why are only 65 days into his administration and they are already writing his obituary. here to weigh in is deputy opinion writer at the "washington times" kelly riedel. thanks for joining us this morning. should i light myself on fire and run around the studio? >> oh my goodness the worst 100 days any president has ever seen. william henry harrison died in his first 100 days. i think by all standard
4:18 am
measures that is possibly the worst 100 days. thomas jefferson his vice president aaron burr had a dual with alexander hamilton shot and killed him and plotted plot against the united states. that's a bad first term as well. abraham lincoln the south succeeded in his first 100 days. second 100 days he was shot. jfk had a does trust bay of pigs incident. bill clinton's 1993 transition which by all accounts was a failure. pete: sure. and of course they were writing the obituary of former president ronald reagan as well before he got tax reform passed he was a failure. you mentioned bill clinton and this was what was written to put on the screen and "the washington post had written about bill clinton. they said the first 100 days of bill clinton's presidency have diminished's examines that he or anyone this else in washington can turn around a country that seven out of 10 voters was going in the wrong direction that was "the
4:19 am
washington post in 1993. if they are saying that about bill clinton then, why the hysteria now? >> yeah. i mean, there is a lot of similarities to the 1993 transition with bill clinton. right out of the gate he had what was called nanny gate where he had to have his attorney general resign because she employed undocumented immigrant as well as his federal prosecutor pick. and then you had travel gate which was the first major ethics probe where the white house came, in bill clinton's team came in and basically fired the travel staff at the white house and put in their own people and their own donors. peter peter hillary care, right? >> right. and that was major, major mistake when they put hillary clinton in charge of heck that really blew up in his first 100 days. pete: of course. you listed a scandal not ruiz scandal that the media keeps peddling. do you feel the media is that much more rabid. >> absolutely.
4:20 am
when he was the g.o.p. primary candidate. he was the worst primary candidate in history. when msnbc when he was the president-elect he was the worst president elect in history is what they said. so now as president, of course they are going to paint this as he is the worst president in history and he hasn't even finished with his first 100 days yet. pete: he there is vanity fair already a joke. foreign policy. soul-sucking, attention-eating black hole. that sounds like -- none of that is biased whatsoever from those news sources. i think, kelly, thanks for coming on and providing perspective. moments like this people can say so under siege from news real and fake that they say wow, we have got to put our head under water. you listen to trump supporters and they are enthusiastic he can get it done. >> they have four years. four years left. pete: thank you kelly. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: a illegal immigrant attacks teenage girl. his attorney says immigration status is irrelevant. do they have a case?
4:21 am
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♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back. quick headlines for you. president trump isn't the only one who thinks sanctuary cities are a threat to the united states. >> we will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. clayton: according to a new
4:25 am
rasmussen poll this morning. 40% of voters believe sanctuary cities are less safe than communities that do not protect illegal immigrants. just 17% say it makes communities more safe. and the associated press redefining gender. the news organization now suggesting journalists, quote, avoid references to both either or opposite sexes or genders as a way to encompass all people, end quote. adding gender refers to a person's social identity while sex refers to biological characteristics. abby: thank you, clayton. clayton: you are welcome. pete: feel like i got an education there. abby: the defense team in the rockville high school rape case is demanding the public put aside the immigration issue instead focus attention on commander-in-chief for the national attention the case is receiving. >> the sensationalism and the outrage and the hysteria that's been taking place over the last week in this case is
4:26 am
getting out of control. and the reason for that is, i believe, that it's because of the disgusting vitriol that's been spewed by donald trump. >> immigration status is irrelevant as to whether or not he did it. and my job is to defend him and to try to get to the bottom of the facts of whether or not he did. so, it isn't relevant to the issue of whether or not this occurred. pete: well, here to weigh in judge alex ferraro. judge, i will not refer to your gender. we will keep this out of this. we do want to talk about immigration status. does it matter? is it relevant in this case? >> it is and it isn't. it's not relevant as to whether he should be convicted or not. the lawyer is right about that. whether or not he committed this horrible crime is to be determined from the evidence that they have, not whether he was born in guatemala or the u.s. not whether he is here legally or illegally. that is completesly irrelevant to that extent he is right. on the discussion outside the courtroom, of course it's relevant. people are having political discussions whether or not there is a problem with
4:27 am
immigrant crime and things like that. frankly i don't believe immigrants commit any crime than anything else. most immigrants who come here are law-abiding citizen who won't commit any other crime other than the crime of having been here illegally. but threes -- there are people who say that's a small comfort for the person who is a victim of an immigrant they wouldn't have been victimized had our laws been upheld. that's a discussion that's a relevant discussion. like any other criminal defense attorney, you know, he needs to shift the focus away from the client. abby: we were talking about that on the commercial break that's a tough job to have. someone has to do it. someone has to defend these people being charged for roar historichorrific, horrific acts. >> you will see that in every case. his client is the bad guy because he is accused of a horrible crime. as a defense attorney you try to shift the focus to another bad guy, either to the cops who are either racist or did a horrible job or to donald trump for his vitriol. nothing to do -- his client is
4:28 am
not being maligned because donald trump created the vitriol. his client is being maligned because he is being accused of a horrible crime. if he didn't do it, he didn't do it. i guess as a good defense attorney is he trying to make sure that the jury pool isn't poisoned. abby: donald trump isn't your winning argument in this case. clayton: we heard from defense attorneys they don't like to do television appearances yet we are seeing them all over tv. does it help or hurt their case going on tv? >> i don't know that it helps their case much. because in a case like this people aren't going to be going well, i was really upset about the fact that he is accused of this horrible rape of a 14-year-old girl now that i have seen his lawyer on television i like the guy more. that's not going to happen. they try to balance it out because all the publicity out there of course is going to be negative. they are trying to temper it because their jury is going to come from the audience, people watching the news and stuff like that. pete: immigration status not relevant in the facts of the case but in sentencing you said they may be treated differently. >> certainly relevant for bond as to whether or not he is a flight risk.
4:29 am
and it can be taken into consideration at sentencing because judges can take into consideration pretty much almost anything when it comes to sentencing. so, but as far as conviction, what you don't want is a jury to find him guilty because he is an illegal immigrant. pete: sure. >> if the evidence is there to support that he committed the crime, then they should find him guilty regardless of weather he is illegal immigrant. abby: well said. thanks for breaking it down for us. after the healthcare bill stalled, some republicans say the key to fixing obamacare is to recruit democrats and create a new trump coalition. is that a good idea? we will debate it next. pete: they have been protecting her for years and now might know why. is the media on a mission to make -- that's chelsea clinton, the first female president? >> clayton: standing by the malibu barbie. the hottest new toy being pushed this summer. you are looking at it ha jean b
4:30 am
barbie ♪ the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online. get the confidence that comes from a secure, qualified mortgage approval in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with
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4:34 am
constituents across america who made today possible. it's their victory. >> today was a good day for the guy. that's a fact, my friend. >> 1, 2, 3. [cheers] > clayton: a weird jump there celebrating the failure of the healthcare bill. would those democrats want to work with republicans to fix healthcare? republican congressman adam kinzinger telling real clear it's time to work with moderate democrats at the same time slamming members of his own party tweeting this the house freedom caucus just single-handedly saved obamacare. so is it a good idea for republicans to recruit democrats to fix obamacare? here to discuss host dr. gina lowden and washington examiner capri. let's start with you. chuck schumer said no one called him. we would have worked with the president had we received a phone call. do you buy that. >> i don't buy that at all. look, we know that the president reached out to representative louis.
4:35 am
we know that the president has invited union leaders to the white house. these are not traditional coalitions. and i think most americans are watching this knowing that if you go to these trump rallies, for example, you see people that have never been traditional republicans. and so and it goes two ways by the way. could they not have reached tout him as well. it's a two-way street. do i believe is he perfectly willing to dialogue with just about anyone willing to sit down with him and he has made that clear. clayton: i'm not going to work with the freedom caucus not at all. go to democrats instead of the freedom caucus? >> we have to remember that president trump is a dealmaker and going to try to find alliances where he can regardless of those ho those people are in order to execute his agenda. obviously the freedom caucus, you know, put a real stumbling block here in the process of repealing and replacing obamacare. you know, what's the next best option for them if they cannot do it unilaterally which frankly is never a good thing. neither democrats or republicans should make policy
4:36 am
in a vacuum or try to do it unilaterally. better policy products come when both parties come together and try to reach consensus. i think it would be smart not only for president trump to try to engage democrats on this issue of trying to fix obamacare at this point. but also on matters of tax reform and infrastructure where he is going to need some democrats and those contacts as well. clayton: representative adam cinszingeconstituency singera.>> feisty online personality. sharing with her 1.6 million followers her fiercely held political beliefs and sparring with political adversaries in 140 character bursts. all of this has raised questions and prompted criticisms about ms. clinton's
4:37 am
political ambition. if it's coming from a clinton, both supporters and critics have wondered can a tweet ever be just a tweet? so a lot of people wondering if she is going to be the face, the future of the democratic party. do you buy that? >> clayton, here's what's funny. they just ran a clinton and america said no, we don't like dynasties. here they are running another monolith dynasty member or considering that i don't understand why they are not looking closer at logical rust belt, bible belt, middle of america type democrats that are not monolithic that can think for themselves that speak for the american people. honestly democrats like capri and others i have seen on your network before who think independently who care about some level of fiscal responsibility who don't buy in to some of the mythical things that the elite in the democrat party tend to subscribe to wholesale. i think the american people are sick about it.
4:38 am
clayton: capri, do you think elite newspapers are pushing for chelsea clinton. >> i don't see any true evidence of that what i do think number one i think chelsea clinton is sticking up for her mother and tryin try toe her voice where hillary clinton may not be totally ready to get out there. only tweeting now and again. this is more about the clintons collectively trying to find an opportunity to get back in the game and chelsea is there and she is well educated and been out on the campaign trail. she is the next best thing if they can't get it done some other way. i think this is about the clinton strategy not necessarily about the media strategy. clayton: dr. lou den, who the future of the democratic party. can you name a name? >> i think outsiders would be good. we have proven again and again that the republicans are the big tent tolerant patty. you will find people pro-life, pro-choice. find people pro-traditional marriage. pro-gay marriage. you will find it all across the board. the democrats don't allow that kind of dissent. they are going to have to
4:39 am
start to let some democrats in. >> agreed. >> who don't agree with them on every issue straight across the board. clayton: capri do you have a name. >> my congressman tim ryan. i have said it before and will stay again. clayton: all right. thank you so much for being here this morning. abby: now to other headlines a deadly standoff brings a las vegas stroip a screeching halt. a man riding a double-decker bus pull as gun shooting and killing a person and wounding another before barricading himself inside. >> right now we have a barricade situation. >> suspect fired at least two rounds. he was still sitting in the passenger side up on the upper deck. abby: gunman believed to be a local finally surrendering after hours of negotiation. police say he may have some mental issues. the incident comes just hours after robbers in pig masks sparked package inside nearby be also ai alsobellagio hotel.
4:40 am
an unidentified man seen holding up a little girl. her tiny fingers as you can see there on the trigger. annual at this violence activists reporting the disturbing selfie to authorities after seeing it shared on social media. unclear if the gun is real or a replica. and barbie is getting a new statement piece. hijab. group of pittsburgh mom hello hijab sewing and selling head scarves. objective to teach inclusiveness so kids all across the country to go into a cirnsd generation. in case you were wondering, each hijab will cost $6. the company has asked the irs for tax exempt status. pete: love it when liberals off anliberalfawn over sim overf oppression. clayton: soon no driving
4:41 am
barbie also. abby: no driving barbie. clayton: saudi arabia. abby: two friends out there this morning. >> rick: two friends came out from south carolina. >> we did from rock hill, south carolina. >> rick: very nice. you said your wife better be up. >> julia, i hope you are awake right now taping, this honey. sorry to get you up. >> rick: you had the entire chance do say to your wife you said i hope you are up taping. this i love you. best wife in the world instead just up taping it. anyway, take a look at the weather map going on this morning, a little bit chilly out across parts of the west. you can see that blue blob there in the plains. that's behind the storm that you see moving now across the ohio valley. freezing rain in across parts of michigan this morning as well as in towards upstate new york. florida tail end of that front won't have much moisture associated with it storage pulling across the west. parts of colorado. a little bit of rotation there. that will spawn the next batch of severe weather today. take a look at this.
4:42 am
april, which we are heading into, is our second busiest tornado month and we are going to head into that. there you go. there is your bulls eye for severe weather. we could see a tornadoes or two. last chance give him redemption. >> hi honey, sorry about that. and i hope you are taping it. pete: still better be taping it. clayton: intel he has seen about surveillance concerning. next guest says he has a bigger concern. who else saw the intel. pete: that's right. not only are dogs man's best friend they can help save your life. there is abby with her own dog. we have three other pups including abby's dog george. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95.
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♪ ♪ pete: house intelligence community chairman devin nunes has seen the intel on the trump transition team and he's concerned. >> there's two issues here. there's some information in those documents that concern me in the reports that i have read that i don't think belong there. they would make me uncomfortable and that's why i wanted to inform the president of it. that's one issue. secondly, there's the issue of unmasking. additional unmasking. and that's, i think, of most concern to me. pete: but, our next guest says he is more concerned about who is in the obama white house could have laid eyen on raw intelligence. joining me now is the former house committee chairman pete hoekstra. you had the job that devin nunes has right now. you could have been presented with documents like this.
4:47 am
how could have the documents have gotten to him and what do you think they reveal. >> they could have got tonight chairman in a number of different ways. it appears in this case there was someone in the administration or in the executive branch who said, you know, someone needs to see what was going on during the obama administration and so a whistleblower went to devin nunes or to his committee, presented them with these materials. and, you know, what this says, the intelligence community worries about two things, the quality of their work -- and this is right now, that reputation has been tarnished with the bradley manning leex, the snowden leaks, with the cia leaks. with the flynn leaks. so the quality of their work or professionalism is being questioned right now. this gets to the heart of the intelligence community, integrity. it appears that deefn devin nunes, the chairman, is concerned that the material that he saw shouldn't have been at the white house and contains things that maybe were of a political nature.
4:48 am
pete: did you see things like this during your time as the chairman of the house intelligence committee? you know, allegations or evidence of potential tampering at the level of the white house or senior officials infiltrating into our intelligence services? >> you know, sometimes we would see analysis coming across our desk in front of the committee or whatever that we thought had kind of a political bias built into the analysis. that can be expected. but that was seldom. i never really came across anything like this where there were allegations that the intelligence community in and its assets were used for domestic surveillance or domestic political ends and that's why this is so frightening. pete: for a lot of us we have seen this play out. everyone is looking for evidence. is there a smoking gun? what could be shared. what could the house intelligence committee do or senate intelligence committee do to reveal documents or evidence that this did or did not happen. >> well, number one, they need
4:49 am
to ask for more whistle blowers. it's the only way you can really get into the intelligence community. you have to have people bringing information to you. the second thing is it appears like a lot of these documents were that sensitive. the other concern, they were not national security issues. there's a good chance that they could probably or perhaps get these documents declassified so that we could all see what was in them. pete: boy, i think that would be interesting and it would inform the debate a lot. there is so much information about mask, unmasking, names. no one let's you see it. you say there could be some documents that could be made public at some point? >> overclassification has always been a problem. but, again, you have got to read the documents, devon and staff is going to have to go through it and work with the intelligence community to see if they can actually be declassified. again, this gets to the heart of the intelligence community. the integrity issue. pete: absolutely. >> you can't break the trust don't intelligence community and the american people. pete: great stuff. thank you, congressman. we appreciate it.
4:50 am
>> you bet, pete. pete: up next deputy campaign manager for donald trump david bossie will join us, adam kinzinger. wisconsin governor scott walker they will all be here live. they all kind of take a backseat to man's best friend including abby's best friend george. you know, they say dogs may be able to detect cancer? we have george here and a veterinarian to help us explain. ♪ you're my best friend ♪ and i want you to know ♪ that my feelings are true ♪ i really love you ♪ would you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp. work with the highest standard.
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♪ ♪ an it can save your life. according to a new study just revealed six months of training german shepherds were able to sniff out breast
4:54 am
cancer with 100 percent accuracy. they are not the only breed with the life-saving. is that right, pete in. pete: no. they have a lot of skills. drill liz bales. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. pete: tell us about this. >> it's incredible. these dogs were trained to smell just the clothing of people who have breast tumors and were able to differentiate just by smelling the clothing which clothing had cancer cells on it and which did not. pete: the clothing? >> the clothing. abby: you can train them just by. just like anything else. my dog responds to treats. >> these dogs have this talent. we are just able now to figure out how we can isolate those tumor cells so that they can learn how to smell it. and then thousand train them to communicate to us when they can differentiate between the tumor or not. pete: much like bomb materials and others. dogs are more effective than any technology we have. >> sure. pete: where are they maybe most effective where
4:55 am
technology isn't available? >> you're right. this study was particularly interesting in that they ran two trials. two one trial 80% effective and the other is 1 hearse perks effective. that is more accurate than any man made test. abby: is this the future of medicine? >> >> most definitely these dogs would be able to go to areas where they don't have mammograms and that kind of technology and be able to do early detections for people to get treatment way sooner than they would without it. peter peter certain breeds better at it? >> this particular study was with two german shepherds? abby: what about goldens? pete what about george? >> george is very talented. augusall dogs have this sense of smell their smell is 1,000 stronger than yours or mine. if i could smell six new york city blocks, george could smell 3,000 miles. isn't that incredible? abby: that's amazing.
4:56 am
all dogs have this talent. which dog better and working breeds seem to do better with it shepherds and labs and border collies, dogs that like to have a job. pete: evidence like this would eventually have to turn into a training program. any robust effort to train a bunch of dogs now? >> started with two dogs and expanding the study now. we will learn more as time goes on. abby: we read reports all the time, pete, of dogs saving lives. especially with the military. pete: of course. bomb-sniffing dog or companion dogs. capability they have. endless. abby: rudy has been barking all morning. i have never seen her so quiet. >> great on camera. abby: these dogs have been so well-behaved: thank you for being with us. pete: president trump shifting his focus to tax reform. will he need to alter his strategy or his staff after the healthcare bill's defeat. we're going to ask his former
4:57 am
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>> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. i promise you that victory won't last very long. >> president trump will not rest. will not relent until we repeal and replace obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> the focus on the product and not the process. people outside of washington couldn't care jack squat about the process. >> multiple arrests being made at pro-trump rally in southern california. it got ugly fights broke out. fists flying. [chanting]
5:01 am
>> we support our president and because i'm concerned about the erosion of second amendment rights. >> we are behind our president. the democrats own this. i'm a subject of obamacare. it's absolutely devastated me. >> he said he was going to repeal and replace. he didn't say i'm going to repeal and replace in 65 days. >> the presence of americans at trump rallies all across the country today is going to be a blessing. >> we are here for a chance to make america great again. ♪ i can't get enough of your love ♪ i can't get enough of your love pete: can't get enough of that last segment. got excited and then incident on the couch. clayton: true show happens in commercial breaks. four hours of live television. abby just spilled coffee all over the place. abby: i'm so sorry. i just knocked over my mug.
5:02 am
clayton: this is why we can't have nice things around here. abby: oh, gosh. clayton: somebody get abby more coffee, please. abby: i'm sorry about that. everybody awake now? clayton: i'm awake. you spilled coffee in my lap. i have third degree burns. abby: i'm sorry about that. clayton: good morning, everyone on this sunday morning. hope you are having a great weekend and off to a great start. abby: two more big hours to go. headlines before we get started. starting with a fox news alert. gunman on the loose right now after shooting more than a dozen people in a packed nightclub overnight killing bun person. police at the scene in cincinnati, ohio, where 15 people were shot causing as you can imagine mass chaos. investigation hours old. authorities say it does not appear to be terror-related. so far no one is in custody. and to another fox news alert. nine years in the making and now justice has finally been served for two american heroes murdered by terrorists. air force major rodriguez of
5:03 am
texas and first class petty officer matthew o'bryant of georgia were killed in 2008 bombing of the marriott hotel in islamabad. earlier last week the united states finally got pay back bombing the compound of the man who planned those attacks. al qaeda leader quarry yassen. james mad disrei reiterating his stance that those who defame islam will not escape justice. new electronics ban is in effect. all electronics devices bigger than a smart phone banned as carry ons and must be with checked baggage. this only impacts inbound flights from 8 countries. it's in response to attacks on planes where bombs were hidden inside large electronics. and to some sports now. two teams punching t tickets to final four. >> oh, no. are you kidding me?
5:04 am
abby: the oregon ducks all over kansas defeating them 74-60 for the first final four appearance in nearly 80 years. unreal. gongonzaga defeating xavier 83-59. they will take on the winner of today's florida-south carolina matchup while oregon awaits the winner of north carolina and kentucky. >> i think she missed that the first time in that clip lady running off the court. she was sweeping up. that's a scary moment. abby: i would really like to be a sweeper one day. pete: love seeing con gonzaga. first time to the first final four. clayton: bring in former campaign manager. we saw the president tweeting after the dust was settling on capitol hill. what would be the future for obamacare. obamacare will explode and we'll all get together and
5:05 am
piece together a great healthcare plan for the people. do not worry. so, how does that happen, this coalition as the "wall street journal" pointed out yesterday needs to come together and right now there isn't one. what can the president do? >> well, i think the president is going to take a fresh look at this approach. i think he is going to take a new look at what this bill actually entailed. i think that they are coming to recognize the bill wasn't as strong as it could have been. and that's really predominantly the issue here is the tuesday group. they want to -- everybody wants to blame them. everybody wants to blame the freedom caucus. that's not what it is. there are people within the caucus who stood up and said this is not a true repeal obamacare bill. and we're going to not have obamacare light. we're going to actually do it. i think the president is in agreement and i think that the house leadership needs to work really in consensus. bring in everybody to the table. all the stakeholders together and figure out exactly what
5:06 am
each wants, what each will give in order to get the other's on board. and then have a solid bill to move forward. clayton: why do they rush it. governor huckabee on the show earlier this morning artificial time line. your point as they are now starting to look at this bill. they thought it wasn't as good as they thought. and the president if given time would have said wait a minute this is not what we want. why the rush for it? >> i agree with governor huckabee. i think, again, it's really the house leadership wanting to move very fast on the president's agenda. i agree with them, but we have to also do it right. i think that they mean well. i do believe that. pete: david, was was he misserved in your mind? you are doing postmortem now. people on capitol hill or within the white house where i think speaker gingrich said someone in the trump organization would be fired for something like this. are there conversations like this happening? >> well, i think it's a little bit early for those types of finger pointing. but i do think that in the postmortem it really comes
5:07 am
down to house leadership directing the white house on the agenda and on the schedule. the timetable of how quickly to bring bills. that's really up to them. and president trump is truly an outsider. he is somebody who has come to this city as the outsider, somebody who is a leader and a change agent. he doesn't necessarily know the ins or outs of how the hill works and the legislative agenda and the schedule. he has to trust people to do that. i think that's really what it comes down to. abby: he didn't name paul ryan by name the other day. there has got to be a lot of frustration that you were promised these votes would come through and seven years to put a plan together for healthcare. and here we are. wasn't that many people could get their head around. president trump even said two days ago that he is willing to work with democrats. he said if they come to the table i'm willing to work with them. i'm ready to negotiate. have you got to get the vote in order to get anything passed. he wants to get tax reform done. will he and should he work with democrats?
5:08 am
>> well, absolutely not. the democrats, as we have seen since his inauguration, have created a permanent campaign of hatred against the president. and this permanent campaign that they are running, whether it's on judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court, obamacare, what will now turn to tax reform, they are against everything he is for. he recognizes that, i believe. and his people need to recognize that. abby: wait a minute. where do you get the votes then because if you don't have members of the house freedom caucus if they are not going to come on board with healthcare, tax reform, you name it. where are you going to get those votes? >> it's quite simple, paul ryan at the beginning, at the early stages have to bring the stakeholders together. the freedom caucus, the tuesday group, other members of other caucuses within the rnc, others within the republican caucus have all of them together and have a bill that they all agree on before you schedule a vote. pete: the one group i'm not hearing you mention is democrats. later on in this hour we are
5:09 am
going to have congressman adam kinzinger on the house caucus just single-handedly saved obamacare opposed this reform bill. he also said in another article that we should be working with democrats. who are these unicorn democrats, moderate democrats that are going to stop resisting president trump and start working on his agenda? >> well, i will be honest with you. he has been saying that for years. it's a ridiculous thing to be honest with you. we control the house. we control the senate, and the white house for the first time. it is simply working within our own caucuses that will move legislation forward. we just have to do it the right way. we do 2340 not have to wish the democrats, who are never going to help the president, will do so. it is a fool's errand. abby: didn't we learn a mistake when president obama sthufd healthcare bill down everyone's throat it was such a partisan bill. the take away from that if you want to get it right get all voices at the table. that's something president trump says he will be good at
5:10 am
doing if he were to be president. to say we are not even going to talk to democrats, they can't be a part of this conversation, isn't that an unhealthy way to think about moving forward. >> look, i think you just have to look at chuck schumer in the senate. you know, he is giving the president a gift. what he is doing with judge gorsuch and saying he is going to filibuster is actually a gift to the president. and the president, i hope, and the white house will recognize that and use it to their full add van tang. because if you are going to filibuster judge gorsuch, you will filibuster anybody and anything. therefore, the american people get that. abby: you are never going to get schumer on your team though. clayton: i totally agree. it's a huge mistake. pick your battle. peter. pete: move forward postmortem how do they put it together and are they going to duual track it tax reform? what does it look like? >> i would really like to see the house leadership pull toes these desperate groups of people, put together
5:11 am
whether -- it doesn't have to be an all encompassing bill to replace -- repeal and replace obamacare if that's what they can do incrementally. i'm happy with that and i think the white house would be happy with that. do i think they need to continue to work on it while they are looking at other things like building the wall cr coming up at the end of april. like tax reform which is going to be a major component of the president's agenda in the near future. abby: infrastructure. if you can work in tax reform with freezing rain structure maybe you will be able to get two different sides coming to the table. there is something for everybody. >> i think infrastructure is one someplace where they can get people to come to the table from the other side. i have to tell you, they have to show they are willing to. if i'm the president. abby: i agree with that. >> they need to show they are willing to work with him. right now they are in a permanent campaign against him. clayton: is he going to take the leadership on this or punt to the house. >> no, no, no. president trump is a leader. he is not going to relinquish
5:12 am
control of this agenda, his agenda to anyone. i can tell you he is perfectly capable and very strong leader and lets people know exactly what he is looking for in his agenda and his priorities. he has people in his staff that are incredibly capable at the white house that are going to be trying to get it done for him. pete: david, your comment about infrastructure is important. it is then when it comes to taxpayer dollars they are happy to come to the table. >> they like to spend your money. abby: thanks for joining us this morning. pete: dishonest media finally cracked the code. they have figured out what america first really means. >> america first is a russian slogan. it's a nazi slogan being pushed by russia who are quite literally attacking not only america but the whole of the west. pete: you heard it america first helps russia. will anyone demand evidence of that? abby: president trump puts healthcare in the rear view. next up tax reform.
5:13 am
we will ask chris wallace can conservatives get that done or can it suffer a similar fate? that's coming up ♪ what i love about sunday ♪ ♪ more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. guests can earn a how cafree night when theypring book direct on and stay with us just two times? spring time. badda book. badda boom. or... badda bloom. seriously? book now at when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades...
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introducing intuitive, one touch video calling from vonage. call now and get amazon chime at no additional cost. >> improvement in our healthcare system. and provide relief by people hurting under obamacare. obamacare is the law of the land. we're going to be living with obamacare for the foreseeable future. abby: that was speaker paul ryan on friday pulling the plug on the obamacare repeal vote as the president now shifts his focus to tax reform. clayton: will he change up his
5:17 am
strategy or staff after this defeat? here to weigh in chris wallace. have you a big show lined up. reince priebus going to be on your show. and our previous guest david bossie was talking about how the president was new to the system. he was new to the swamp. so, therefore, he maybe had some trouble navigating the swamp. has he surrounded himself with people that would have given him a heads up about this bill in a much more manageable way? what's your sense of this. >> he should have. ronald reagan was new to the swamp when he came n 1981. but he had a whole bunch of legislative victories. a lot of governors who come in, you say donald trump is not a politician like a lot of the others were. but then have you got to put yourself as you say with a good staff have this was the first big legislative initiative of this president we're two thirds of the way through the first 100 days and he doesn't have anything to show for it. what he does have to show for it is a big crushing defeat. you know, this talk about turn
5:18 am
to tax reform. that's even more complicated. healthcare reform just involves one industry. tax reform involves every industry. there are winners and losers in every decision you make about what tax deductions you are going to eliminate. what rates you are going to change and then, of course, have you also got the big fight over the border adjustment tax that paul ryan is pushing which would tax imports come into the country but not exports going out. if you're wal-mart and you import a lot of foreign tv's, you're north happy about that because it's going to raise prices for you and your consumers. abby: that's why we haven't seen comprehensive tax reform since ronald reagan. this something president trump wants to get through. he wants to pass this comprehensive tax reform. chris, how does he do this? how does he form a coalition, especially after experiencing what he did on friday, learning that he may have to do this himself to figure out where to get those votes. he said maybe i have got to work with democrats. what do you think he needs to do?
5:19 am
>> well, look. i think there are a couple of things. first of all i think he needs to be more fluent and really have more control over the facts. one the criticisms that was made is that he didn't know the details of tax reform and if you're going to be the legislature in chief you have got to know those details. and then as you point out, abby, there is a really strong case to be made for trying to do it with bipartisan votes. in fact, guy back to ronald reagan who did tax reform with a lot of democratic votes and the support of bill bradley who was one of the leaders of the democrats in the senate. what we've seen here, when you rely on the freedom caucus and they did this with john boehner and done it now with paul ryan and donald trump, they never get to yes. they never give you all the votes that you need to pass something. so maybe it won't be nearly as conservative you go for a bipartisan solution. pete: chris, in addition to reince priebus on your show. jim jordan a prominent member of the freedom caucus is on your show.
5:20 am
you will get both sides of that previous guest david bossie also said hey, it's going to be really difficult to get democrats on board something like that would be a legacy issue for president trump. will there be an opportunity to revisit cooperation with the freedom caucus at all? >> look, you can try to revisit it. how much more could he have done? they had a meeting on thursday and he offered them a big concession. pete: argument about the process. >> let me just finish. you asked a question. the insurance mandates and they accepted that and then they asked for something more. they moved the goal post. look. they made no effort to reach out to democrats on this and perhaps if they had, they could have gotten support. again, it won't be as conservative but maybe you get enough votes to pass it. abby: well, i'm interested to see what reince priebus has to say on your show. clayton: it's like lucy moving the football on charlie brown. "fox news sunday" starts sunday. thanks, chris. pete: all right. he traveled across the country, in his own words, to kill black people.
5:21 am
and now liberals have found a reason to sympathize with this sick murder suspect. telling the world it's donald trump's fault. you're north going to believe this.
5:22 am
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♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back. quick headlines for you. lindsey graham standing his ground against liberals at town hall meeting. >> when hillary clinton was under fbi investigation, none of you said she can't run. i find the double standard of the left, when it comes to judges pretty, pretty off base. clayton: south carolina senator just the latest conservative to be attacked at a town hall. and get this story. huma abedin is crawling right back to anthony weiner. is this the fifth time? fourth time?
5:25 am
"the washington post reports hillary clinton's right hand woman giving the pair another try. separated in august after weiner sent another explicit message to a woman with his toddler asleep behind him in that photo. sources say the break-up was quote, more for the optics for the clinton campaign. pete: the clinton campaign? that never happens. anyway, more schools across the country are switching to a four day week hoping to cut down on costs like transportation and heating. now, your kids, they might love the idea of only four days of school in a week but do longer days and shorter weeks really benefit them as students in a very competitive country and world? here to debate are two former educators. policy researcher for the heritage foundation mary ryan and mary. thank you for joining us this morning. mary, i will start with you. tell me why you think this is a bad idea. >> i don't necessarily think it's a bad idea. i think it's interesting to see some school districts break outside of the traditional schooling model
5:26 am
that we have had since the time of the one-room schoolhouse. we have been educating our kids exactly the same way for 100 years. while this may not work for their family some may appreciate the flexibility. they may like one day to schedule doctor appointments and soccer practice. that's what federalism is all about. different states figuring out what works. pete: nell, what are your thoughts to shorten the workweek to save costs? what does it do for the student? >> i think she makes an interesting point. this is taking place a lot in rural communities across america. i think if we instituted the policy in more urban centers, it would be a lot harder for families who may struggle to find care for their children, which leaves those children on those days without, perhaps, activities, extra curricular things to do. there are sometimes in these communities not a lot of community structure and involvement. and that can really hinder a child's ability to learn outside that school day. pete: okay.
5:27 am
i think a lot of parents and others back home are thinking okay, we spend so much money on education in this country. our achievement is falling behind the rest of the world. places like china and elsewhere, their kids are in school more days a week for more hours with more rigorous education. what does this do to helping america remain competitive in a global work place? >> i think that's a great question. they haven't seen that it's actually dropped the numbers of children doing well in school, like the academic standards have stayed the same. again, these studies are relatively new. so long term we are not really quite sure what the outcome is going to be. pete: it strikes me less time in the classroom is not better for kids. couldn't you see the take away that now france going to four day workweek we are going to send our kids to school four days? how does that make us work better. >> any change in the public education system take it slowly and make sure it is work and families have an option.
5:28 am
we can couple with expansive school choice options when parents and families move to a school district they can look at a school that operates four days a week and look at schools that operate five days a week and make a decision what's best for their family. schools competing for child. put innovation choice and in our school system we will have great results. pete: thank you both. kids watching right now are rejoicing because they saw two education experts say they might be going to school four days a week. thank you. >> thank you. pete: in the wake of the london attacks what is president trump doing to protect us. we will ask one of his deputy assistants in the white house dr. sebastian gorka next. plus congressman adam kinzinger says the house freedom caucus just single-handedly saved obamacare. what happens now with healthcare reform. the congressman who has opinions who republicans should be working with he joins us live next. uncle joe biden dreaming what could have been. there he is. deep in thought.
5:29 am
what could have been his decision to be there instead of in retirement. is he regetting it? we'll find out ♪ you had to be a big shot ♪ did you ♪ you had to open up your mouth ♪ you had to have the big shot ♪ did you ♪ all your friends are so knocked out ♪ you had to have the last word ♪
5:30 am
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( ♪ ) i moved upstate because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot of activities and people. (applause, cheering) new york state is filled with bright minds like victoria's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. ♪ ♪ >> this bill that they were
5:33 am
bringing before us was based on a lie. i don't know where the lie came from. i don't know if someone in our leadership created the lie. that may be quite possible that somebody lied to them and they just accepted it. but the lie -- listen though, the lie was this. we can't do what you guys want to do because the parliamentarian will not allow us to do it. now, we can't check with the parliamentarian until we pass the bill in the house, send it to the senate, and then the parliamentarian can rule. the parliamentarian never rules. that's a lie. abby: wow house freedom caucus members defending their plans to vote against the g.o.p. healthcare plan as fellow republicans including our next guest credited them for saving obamacare. pete: that's correct republican congressman adam kinsinger joins us now. thank you for joining us this morning. you clearly throw counsel down on one side of this issue the freedom caucus are the reason why we didn't get enough votes to eventually vote on the bill.
5:34 am
the question i have for you who are these democrats on capitol hill that are ready and prepared to support president trump's agenda to repeal and replace obamacare? >> well, no, you are not going to find any of them ready to repeal and replace. i think we missed our opportunity. maybe we have it later. look, just logistically and oh they have been talking about process. process matters in legislating because it tells you what you can or can't do. we missed our opportunity for budget reconciliation where we can get under 60 votes in the senate. we have to pass another budget resolution to move on to tax reform now which the president has made clear he wants to do and we do too. we lose this shot out of barrel for budget reconciliation. if we want to do anything with healthcare this year you by definition need democrats because have you to have 60 votes nut senate. you're never going to get a repeal and replace. clayton: you are echoing what the president said on friday, he is willing to work with democrats. they are going to come to the table. here is what the president tweeted just moments ago though. he said democrats are smiling
5:35 am
in d.c. that the freedom caucus, with the club for growth and heritage have saved planned parenthood and obamacare. so he is pointing the finger squarely at the freedom caucus and those who weren't on board with his vote. it sounds like is he willing to reach out to democrats and make stuff happen, tax reform, infrastructure reform. what do you say? >> look, you have -- i mean, the president -- i' i met the president in the oval office and he was extremely impressive in terms of his negotiating skills. he was willing to listen to somebody. somebody a no in my group he would be what do i need to do to get you? what's your concern? he was genuinely interested. the speaker worked his tail off to get to something. but when have you a group of 30 people that are legitimately unwilling to ever get to yes. and when you give them what they ask for, they move the goal post yet again. you're never going to get this bill done. instead, they use it as an opportunity, speaking very frankly, to go out and get on the cameras and get in the newspapers and get on
5:36 am
television and empower other groups that raise money on this. abby: look. there are a lot of angry americans now that were promised for seven years straight as you know that once they had the power they were going to repeal and replace obamacare and put something better in place as we know it. what is the mood like in the house between you and some of the more moderate members and the freedom caucus? what is it like behind closed doors right now? i imagine there are a lot of fingers being pointed at the speaker of the house and probably a lot of anger at the freedom caucus as we just saw in president trump's tweet that they're the reason why the bill didn't pass. >> look, we are actually a very united caucus with the exception before 30 people. i think that's what's important to keep in mind. there is 200 of us or whatever the final number was that were realizing this may not be a perfect bill. but we have to pass it. we have to move forward. the president very he will quengtly made the point. this sour opportunity, guys, we made this promise. i made this promise u there were, again, 30 or 40 people. abby: without those 30 or 40
5:37 am
people you can't get certain things passed. that's why you -- pete: why are we trying to find refuge in democrats who are never going to vote for the bill. there is the process the speaker led never involved the freedom caucus. freedom caucus was not in the room when this bill was written. they are reverse engineering trying to get things in that were always promised to be a part of repeal and replaced. they were getting scraps here. were they not involved in the beginning? >> what is hilarious to me is the freedom caucus will be the first to come on tv and say we're not going by regular order. we need to do our work in the committee. we did this in the committees. i'm on the energy and commerce committee. we developed half of this bill with the ways and means committee. we have two freedom caucus members on the ways and means committee. this bill comes out organically through this process. and then the freedom caucus committee says they're upset because they weren't offered the opportunity to write this bill. that's not regular order. you don't write bills. clayton: the president this morning seems like he is shaming. the word shame.
5:38 am
he is pointing the finger at the freedom caucus. you have said the same thing. the president look to his book "the art of the deal" for which it's appropriate to shame people. he wrote. this he says the risk is that you'll make a bad situation worse and i certainly don't recommend this approach to everyone. but, my experience is that if you are fighting for something you believe in, even if it means alienating some people along the way, things usually work out for the best in the end. do you buy that? >> i mean, it's probably accurate. he knows how to deal. it's a good book. but i'm going to say in this case i don't know that he is necessarily following the blueprint of his book. but i think it is important. it's part of the reason i'm doing this show today. it is important to talk to our base about what really happened. this idea that, you know, somehow speaker ryan failed. he worked his tail off. pete: he had seven years, congressman. that's the critics hey you repealed it 100 times when you knew obama would veto it you have a chance and can't rangel.
5:39 am
a smart guy lie speaker ryan can't pull in a few? that's the criticism. >> there is in impression we somehow pulled this out of our pocket the last minute. this is part of the better way. this has been in process for a very long time. this was finally revealed because we have been developing this for months, if not years in theory. this follows tom price's plan that he put out years ago. so this idea that we just magically pulled this unicorn out. it may make for good media or good arguments on the other side of the aisle or the freedom caucus. clayton: the argument we have heard this morning from david bossie and others the president doesn't know what was in the bill. how does that happen? pete: misrepresented that there was full broad support it would get the votes it needed? >> you have members that were going to vote know on this trying to dump this on the president by saying boy, he just didn't answer my questions. he just didn't know. even though there were policy experts that knew all the details. he was very engaged. the president knew a ton about this bill. even i, and i was involved in
5:40 am
drafting, this sometimes when it comes to technicality have to ask experts deeper questions. that's why they are experts. abby: what's the answer now? because a lot of people are waiting for tax reform. people are saying that should have been the first thing to have been tackled in his presidency. the president says this has got to get done. i can what is the answer? how does he do it? >> i think we have to move on to taxes. i think with tax reform and infrastructure which the president promised, there really is an opportunity to reach out to some on the other side of the aisle. we are not talking about getting nancy pelosi in this. we are saying there are 20 or 30 democrats that we consider blue dogs or moderates that have had the same goal whether it's tax reform or infrastructure. abby: they have to win elections in places that their constituents want tax reform. >> yeah. and they do win those elections some are in moderate and some republican districts. some are determined to do this. look, we are not going to get 150 democrats. we're not pretending that get
5:41 am
some, the noism of the freedom caucus achieve big things. abby: everyone is hoping for that. pete: you will lose strong conservatives if you pull them on any sort of a bill. interesting. adam kinsinger. thank you for your service today. abby: thank you, congressman. >> too, thanks. clayton: in the wake of the attacks what doing to protect the home land. dr. sebastian gorka joins us next. pete: they have kept her under wraps for years. is the media on a mission to make chelsea clinton the first female i president? we'll see. ♪ ♪ wow. yeah, wow.
5:42 am
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today, it's the dawn of a new lawn. that's because new roundup for lawns has arrived. finally, there's a roundup made just for your lawn, so you can put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. draw the line. with roundup for lawns, there is no better way to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming a single blade of grass. it's a great day to be a lawn. draw the line with roundup for lawns. and for weeds in other spaces, turn to roundup weed & grass killer products. abby: back with quick headlines. he traveled across the country
5:45 am
in his own words to kill black people. now liberals have found a reason to sympathize with the sick murder suspect. investigators now looking into potential mental health issues. but new york city's mayor has his own idea of what motivated the killing, pinning what he calls an atmosphere of hate created by president trump. >> here is that a dynamic of hatred has been growing in this country over the last year or more. particularly come out in the open after the election. clearly related to the rhetoric of donald trump and even other candidates during the presidential election that have unleashed forces of hate all over the country. abby: the mayor doubling down on his efforts to fight all of that hatred. and here is the latest theory on what america first really means. hint. it is all russia's fault. >> america first is a russian slogan. it's a nazi slogan being pushed by russia who are quite literally attacking not only america but the whole of the west. abby: yeah.
5:46 am
so that is reporter louise mensch speaking with reporter bill maher. pete: new details on the terrorist who killed four people including an american by plowing his car into a crowded london bridge. we now know the isis inspired killer had an extensive criminal past and visited saudi arabia three times. abby: how many of these lone wolves are hiding here and what is president trump doing to keep us safe from them? let's ask deputy assistant to the president dr. sebastian gorka. doctor, good to have you here. >> great to be back. thank you, abby. abby: unfortunately under these circumstances we are having to report on these horrific, horrific attacks and lone wolves and look back on heir history and there were signs but they weren't caught soon enough. this is what we face today. >> i'm so glad you used that phrase known wolf as opposed to lone wolf. one of the first things that president trump and his administration has done is to
5:47 am
jettison all the political correctness of the last eight years. denial of who the enemy is and how they are motivated. random individuals and one day they are okay and next they decide to kill their fellow citizens. that's bows have you. -- bogus. that's a lifetime achievement we understand who the threat is and what they wish to achieve and remember what the president said to the joint session of congress. he was unequivocal. the three most powerfully stressed words in that speech were the enemy is radical islamic terrorism. it's not forrest. it's not lack of education. it's people like this man who believe in the ideology of juwaad and represent a threat to all of us. clayton: not a lone wolf it's a known wolf. your eye is being kept on these individuals though we have the law to deal with. it's not as if you can round these people up and arrest them until they have done something and there is the catch-22. what do you do? >> well, here, this is where you have the preventative measures that are so important.
5:48 am
the administration understands good counter terrorism is not reactionary. it's not what you do after the attack. it's what you identify before that attack takes place. and as a result, what we're doing with our executive order with immigration is to make sure the people who come from the active war zones where the jihadists have created a caliphate cannot get to u.s. soil. that's foreign nationals. then internally we have to reemphasize human intelligence. look at all the attacks of the last five years, there were always indicators. they will didn't come out of the blue sky. this individual had a 20-year record of violent crime. pete yeah, dr. gorka, you are a member of the strategic initiatives group and looking at the big picture of how to defeat. give us a quick update on the fight against isis in iraq and syria. >> i always tell people, listen to the boss. listen to the president. what has promised? he said we are going to obliterate isis.
5:49 am
we are going to wipe the scourge of islamic radical terrorism off the face of the earth. what he is interested in doing and he is very clear on, this pete. we are not going to fight other people's wars for them. he is not a neo conservative. he is not about invading other people's countries and occupying them. he is going to help our allies and partners in the region, especially our sunni partners fight their wars for them. you've seen a deployment of increased numbers of marines trainers and what have you. help our friends fight their wars for them. and convince them that we're on their side. after the last 8 years they don't trust us. look at the iran deal. look at the jcpoa, $150 million for the islamic state of iran that is insane. pete: decisions being war fighter level something the military has asked for for a long time. yes. pete: dr. sebastian gorka thank you for welcome us this morning. >> thank you. clayton: big show on tap
5:50 am
martin o'malley, wisconsin governor scott walker all here live. abby: are you planning your summer vacation now? the day of the week you book can save you a ton of cash. the expert travel tips, that's next. good morning. ♪ come on and fly with me ♪ let's fly ♪ let's fly away ♪
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our vacation guru is here. thousand pick a date to fly away. i haven't thought much b. it much. get ahead of the curve you can save money. >> data shows at the beginning of june, june 6th is the cheapest day to book summer travel and end of august, august 22nd cheapest day to fly. tuesday and wednesdays tend to be the cheapest days to fly. abby: i just booked a trip. i kid you not. pete: day you book it or flying. >> flying at the end of august. so many variables. i really would suggest that people look at downloading some apps and tools to help them. one of my favorites is hopper. it tracks your ideal flights and notify you when they go up and down in price. system for being able to explore different destinations and seeing when the best time to travel. pete: otherwise you are at the whim. i booked a flight a while ago that changed within 3 minutes and went to a different price. >> it will send you personalized recommendations if they see cheaper dates or alternative destinations.
5:55 am
abby: something to book ago flight so last minute the price goes down? >> it really varies. rely on those tools. pete: exactly. i have tried that theory. procrastinate all the way to the end. abby: all booked. pete: all booked or way more expensive. >> when you looking to board especially for bigger trips experiences have everything under one roof. a crews on the waterways. a number of wonderful european river crews. a taste of bordeaux. seven nights. various venues, chat toes, all luxuries and manatees to choose from. abby: just go to disney world with the family always a classic. pete: a time and day of booking doesn't matter. >> not really. i do have one very important tip. a lot of families tend to not just fly but do road trips. and when it comes to road trips, there are some really great trips. great travel hack is a new follow app.
5:56 am
what follow does helps multiple cars on a journey stay together it does this by setting up a leader car and follower car. if the leader car should have to stop for changing a tire or picking up lunch or, you know, i don't know, getting gas, the follower car will be sent a notification and renavigated. pete: interesting. gone are the days are trying to keep one uncle todd flying down the freeway. abby: carpool situation. pete pete's where are they. >> keep track of the family like you have the parents and you and kids or whatever, you can all stick together. abby: i love it francesca good to have you here. warm weather. all right, we still have a big show on tap. stevmartin o'malley. pete: do you want to know the reason why al trump and brexit happened? al gore says it's because of climate change. you read that.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
b& [video] i'm concerned about the
6:01 am
second amendment rights. >> we are behind our president. the democrats own us. i am a subject of obamacare. it is devastated me. >> he's a repeal and replace. he did not say -- >> the presence of americans at trumpet rallies across the country. >> we are here because we have an agenda for change to make america great.♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [music] >> what are you going to have for lunch? >> we have a jampacked hour. we have this ahead.
6:02 am
martin o'malley, governor walker will be here. >> there is a lot to talk about. a lot of news is going on. and we're going to talk about how to move forward because that's what people wondered. we have seen what has happened. we have people happy about that but i was the president -- >> we have been talking all morning about how you see the president treated about we are going to get back to work on obamacare and he went to west virginia and gave a speech that said similar things. donald trump this morning moments ago just tweeted that said, democrats are smiling in dc. the freedom pockets with the help of the heritage foundation have saved planned parenthood and obamacare. so with the tweeted affairs of president trump this morning is saying hey, you're prevented the deal. >> this could be a this just in hundred moment.
6:03 am
we are seeing the groundwork. >> is this hot? >> yes people are wondering what was the president going to do going forward? people are saying he wrote a book on this. >> we can go through it. >> it is this idea of shaming those somethings in the party. shaming those people that you are negotiating with because he says most of the time you do not want to do that. but this time we may need to do it. he said much it is to emphasize the positive, there are times like in the freedom pockets are the only choices confrontation. and i am very busy people when when people try to take advantage of make a general attitude has been to fight back hard. he says about shaming, the risk is you will make a bad situation worse. and i do not recommend shaming to everyone but my experience is if you're fighting for something you believe in, even if it means alienating people
6:04 am
along the way, things usually work out for the best in the end. you can take it from his book. >> and if you take some of the hints he has given us a senate to is my point a finger at the freedom pockets and what he said on friday saying if some of the democrats come to the table and want to work with me, i will try to work with them. because ultimately we need the books and i have to make things happen. and you have a governor of arkansas. governors know what it means to get things done because they have to pass a budget. imagine that. congress does not have -- >> they had to reach across the aisle. >> they have to reach across the aisle. and he is giving the president advice. listen in.>> i think is the focus on the product and not the process. in my view, what happened was that people of washington captured this intermediate about process. getting it done a certain deadline. what was the dental? why didn't matter and instead of focusing on the impact it would have on the very people
6:05 am
that elected the president to focus on the washington self-imposed let's get this done, let's show everyone how big we are. and i think a lot of members of congress finally just said there are things that they are going to hurt the people of my state. and they could not go along with it. look back to the drawing board. focus on the product and not the process. people outside of washington could not care jack about the process, they care about the product. >> american people want results. that is something that the president ran on. if i become president i am going to get things done. i am going to achieve results. i'm going to go in there and change things as we know it. >> watching these statements and these tweets you have to believe it is part of putting her head down and determining the strategy of the way forward. who do i point a finger at her who do a shame because it help me?what is a long-term? maybe i'm shaming them now so i they can learn the lessons i
6:06 am
can work with them later. that is the big question. does he believe he will bring in moderate democrats to get to 216? or will he double down and work with the caucus? >> and also in the eyes and shake my hand and your national table, you're not going to go. we wrote this in with his battle over skelton. he said how can they shake my hand and cannot stand commitment. how can you negotiate and then long-awaited? affidavit for single spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers and not follow through. it was immoral, it is a dishonorable thing to do. that sounds pretty familiar. that's why it's important to go back and read the book and how he handled certain situations. >> this is not a new situation. he is a businessman, a lot of the same rules apply.
6:07 am
you have interest you have different priorities. he went and gave the first time. maybe the speaker misrepresented what he was. but with scores experience and ability to get it right next time.>> he can fire people. he can go in and say you did not will appear. >> there are ways of shaming members of congress so they do not. this. >> what is hilariously freedom pockets will be the first two, 20 and say we are not owned by. we weeded the committee. among energy, develop half of this bill with the ways and means committee. two. focus members on the ways and means committee. this bill again through the
6:08 am
process. then they say they are upset because they were not offered the opportunity to write the bill. that is not regular order. you do not write bills.we have been developing this for years. this follows tom price's plan years ago. this idea that we just magically pulled this unit points out that may make for good media on the other side of the aisle on student focus is not. >> it could be this and they said on the show which is a love -- >> this hurts the american people. this would have been the original bill. was not they wanted another pass. we had seven years. they had a long time to put something together and you delivered something that did not work.
6:09 am
we know right now inside of the white house the president and the positives and what is attacked forward on this? but also tax reform. >> ben grogan us this money. we have your responses. been talking about tax return said the freedom is all about all democrats oppose. going to them on these issues will not do any good. parentheses from lisa facing democrats the same ones that worship unabated. today they listen to who is pulling the strings. they want everything their way. >> i think that is it exactly right. they're protesting inauguration, boycotting it, resisting the president. this is not typical in the ? >> if you're talking about nancy pelosi and chuck schumer the. >> the ultimately the thing that contains democrats mind in resisting his winning the
6:10 am
election. give a number of democrats want to go after the election in district and in states that were very competitive some have more bread. >> as item talk about he said the ? >> he will not get all of the democrats that we commingle enough to get some meaningful things past reflex maybe most of the democrats are going to face when activists say if you're working with donald trump, that is unacceptable. i think more it is to work with conservatives who want solutions in healthcare like the caucus. i like unicorns. my little girl goes to. we have governor scott walker coming up a little bit later. paul ryan has been just slammed over the past few days while scott walker, pauline, will have an interesting discussion. >> and a governor. they know a thing or two about getting things done. >> if they do it right.
6:11 am
>> a gun man is on the list right now after shooting more than a dozen people in a packed nightclub overnight killing one person. police and an atf agent are at the scene in cincinnati ohio. so far, there appears to be no link to terrorism. and nine years in the making. justice has finally been served for two american heroes murdered by terrorists. air force major rodriguez seen there of texas, and matthew o'brien of georgia were killed in a 2008 bombing of the marriott hotel in the ãwe finally got payback bombing the compound of the man who planned the attacks. al qaeda leader, the secretary of state james mattis says the terrace that became islam and target innocent people will not escape justice. a new electronic ban on flights right now in effect.
6:12 am
anything bigger than a cell phone must be with checked baggage. this is for american gunfights from eight majority muslim countries and nine major airlines. the department of homeland security says the response to attacks on planes were bombed large electronics. and basketball this money. two teams pricing that to get to the final four. [video] the oregon ducks all over kansas. they defeated them 74 - 60. gonzaga making his own history. the bulldogs first ever trip to the final four for after beating xavier. this is a floor sweeper barely making it out of the way of that play. i love that. more madness tonight. the winner today's florida south carolina match up little while oregon plays north carolina.
6:13 am
>> look at that. >> can we show that one more time? >>. [inaudible] if you are in the eight you are a pro. >> he promised to drain the swamp so how is that going? is it too thick to drain? we will ask steve hilton. this he need any strategy? and, can you say yay? we have nancynancy pelosi.♪ ♪ [music]
6:14 am
♪ [music] make
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
>> we are going to keep our promises, all of the promises that we made. >> president trump getting a real good feel of what the swamp really is in the healthcare bill stalled before a vote. >> here we have supposedly new shelf the next revolution with steve hilton. ceo ãformer director of the strategy of the prime minister david cameron.
6:18 am
thank you for joining us here you know a lot about unlikely outcomes. what happens next? what can you get done and what lessons have you learned that you can apply for the president this month? >> i think you really have to put all of his energy fulfilling the promise. when you think about that argument, drain the swamp, it is such a powerful part of his campaign. there are many different aspects. the market is completely broken and four. he is on there and basically for now he has the chance to really use. use this setback to really get that message. the swamp is many things. we need a map of the swamp in many ways. because one part of it is a lobbyist. they are lobbying. he has already on that by putting a ban on people in the federal government going to lobby. that. the federal bureaucracy. all the bureaucrats. year after year regardless of who is in government. they have got their own agenda.
6:19 am
i so that when i was working in the government in the uk. in the end there is only one way to deal with that. you actually have to get in there. tough job because you have lots of rules and. so, that was on this week that was so into this. bernie, all of the behind the scenes when dealing. the people who actually left do not necessarily represent us. i think the second thing that he is had to get in there and say i was elected as a populist. to get things benefit the american people. just like your earlier deception. this is what we are going to do. and to i want to get your thoughts on for making some interesting comments lately. he is saying that climate change the reason behind brexit and the recent trauma victory. curious to hear about that.>> is the most ridiculous thing every time is a poor -- it has
6:20 am
nothing to do with climate change. in the same reason that people here voted for donald trump. they want big change and climate change has nothing to do with it. >> doesn't show you that democrats are from mars and republicans are from venus. what does that conversation converge? >> it comes back to our earlier discussion.there's a lot of big donors that shovel money to democrats. they are obsessed with climate change. and in order to please those donors they keep saying this step even though everyone can see it is completely ridiculous. >> so if we tackle climate change and isis goes away. >> you got it. >> thank you for being here. president trump is willing to work with democrats but are they willing to work with him?
6:21 am
martin o'malley is weighing in on that next. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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i'm 51 years old.m. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died."
6:23 am
if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. >> welcome back with some quick
6:24 am
pipelines. joe biden what could be the former vp saying he could have been president. >> i had planned on running. although it would have been a very difficult primary, i think i could have one.
6:25 am
>> there were rumors that he wanted to run during the primary but declined after the death of his son. and remember this? one of the more questionable strategies used to stop mr. president. >> turns out that that spell did not work but tonight they will do it again. they are valid to continue casting a spell on every presence mine until it comes through. >> also the president not giving up on healthcare reform saying he is going to ask what would be really good no democrats support if the democrats win it explodes which it will soon. if they got together with us, and not a real healthcare bill i would be open to it. i think that will happen. >> what do the democrats have interest in working with the president?the former maryland governor martin o'malley is live thank you for joining us.
6:26 am
i will place that question to you. if the president says he wants to fix repeal and replace, fix obamacare, jubilee democrats on capital should meet and in that conversation? >> i believe that making it better, involves not cutting 24 million people from healthcare and actually making it more affordable. i think there are a lot of democrats who would want to see that happen. i think for many years have tried to do just that. especially democratic governors who are making the affordable care act work. >> what fix do acknowledge needs to be made? seven or sooner will not do feel. >> what fix in particular would you look for? >> i think we need to expand the public option somewhere here in the affordable care act. and use that as a market counterbalance. i also think there are a lot of things that can already be done and are happening in some states to reduce the cost of
6:27 am
care in our state for example, we move all of our hospital service thanks to the affordable care act and we put them in a position where now they are able to keep people well and from having to come back into the hospital. >> governor that sounds good but if you look you have boycotts boycotting and protesting. you yourself previously called him a fascist. that's how they see the president why should they believe in any way you're going to be good-faith partners with any important aspect of his agenda? >> the president has put himself into a bad corner. i was an executive and state government, there are many difficult things whether it was passing budgets with tough choices on taxes and cuts or repealing the death penalty. i needed republican votes to do that. president trump is really
6:28 am
painting himself into a corner. >> aren't you the one that painted yourself into a corner? you are the one associated fascist and says he should be impeached. even if he is acting in good faith and saying i will work democrats. you have written him off. >> look, the president is the one that shows to collaborate with the russians to undermine -- wax are you really going to go there and you are talking about the russian but we are trying to talk about obamacare? >> you are the one who said fascist. when you let me to stick on your topic which is healthcare old like me to talk about why i believe he is a fascist? >> you brought up russia. somehow when we were talking about obamacare. >> all right love, i do not bring up fascist, you did. i'm glad to talk about that. let's get back to the affordable care act. the republican party had an
6:29 am
opportunity controlling both the senate and the house. the president, as most executives do, right after their elected has the opportunity to become very conciliatory and reach across the aisle. he did not choose to do that. instead, he, double down on immigrant roundups, say that the affordable care act is going to be repealed and parsed all of that other stuff. so you cannot be very surprised when democrats whom he never called on the affordable care act oppose his efforts to repeal. >> i think it is funny how you use executive orders in this. when you've acknowledged obamacare -- to what democrats celebrate, they were outright giddy. the president said this is a bet that the american people to fail with no fixes.
6:30 am
doesn't that 20 democrats is a problem as to why we do not have any fits on obamacare? >> i do not believe i've ever characterized obamacare as a failure. >> bill clinton -- a lot of people have characterized this as a fail. >> i was governor and had to implement the affordable care act and we covered more people with insurance and any other state. and actually the reforms are put in place are actually working to improve wellness and reduce hospitalization costs which is one of the big kentucky they were actually making it work. if people want the affordable care act to work they can do a lot of things to cover more people and reduce costs. i go back to the original point. it is present to work with an opposition party that cause him, i'm using your words, a fascist. we appreciate you being here this morning discussing this. >> yes, and i still believe that. >> thank you, sir. governor
6:31 am
thank you for being here. who is to blame the obamacare replacement bill failure? many people point to paul ryan. but what does scott walker think about that? will ask him, next. and the president on tax ♪ ♪ reform. ♪ [music] ♪ [music] whoa, this thing is crazy.
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♪ [music] unless this is my dad john huntsman junior and i must that is my grandfather who is senior and then the is my dad's birthday today he is 57 years old. he is probably managed at his age. but this is the best part of the story that is my dad and my brother john. john is having his first baby. they are naming in john iv. and there they are. this was taken last night. my dad has been stably set there like to have john iv on my birthday. she went into labor last night, she is going to have the baby today.
6:36 am
so john iv will have the same birthday as my dad john junior. if that makes sense. what are the odds? that is a 1/365 chances it will work. my dad's first grandson named after him will have the same birthday. >> we have to do that on >> happy birthday dad, let me so much. and failing to get enough votes on the gop healthcare plan. republicans slamming him as damaged and he should be canned, fired. >> had to react paul ryan fellow lawmaker and) governor scott walker. good to have you here this morning. >> good morning. so you.happy birthday.maybe the middle guy, the baby can be harleys as i know your dad rides a harley like i do.>> is a good friend of your spirit and i will tell him that. that's actually good art. i want your opinion today on
6:37 am
your friend, speaker of the house paul ryan. what are your thoughts on this? do you think you gain too much of the blame here? or do you think it is fair criticism? >> i think the best thing for paul ryan, president trump and everyone else on the republican side of washington is to look forward and not backward. if they go big and bold on tax reform people will be ready to move forward. i think eventually obviously that would take another crack between now and november 2018 and repealing obamacare. i think the best thing is not to look backward. it is to look forward. >> the best way to move forward is to learn from what happens. rex did you call him? >> yes i talked to paul quite a bit. even since friday. for me, the best thing, and there is nobody better, donald trump, president trump once said tax reform he said i think it is right to push for his global economy and the people of my state. texas mom goes forward. the best person to do that is paul ryan.
6:38 am
no one knows tax reform better than paul ryan. i think they need to embrace and they need to push bold tax reform. when they do that it will help people in wisconsin and across the country.>> i think a lot of people see him at the podium and said we got so close, we almost had the boats. eddie said listen, you had seven years to do this. you have a caucus of conservatives. your -- you kind of told the president that this is something you can get done. and you did not. so is there something being done is they can learn to move forward? >> well i think i healthcare even the president himself said a few weeks ago is a lot harder than he anticipated. that is because your 70 different spectrums. your people that come from states where they took expansion, your people like my state where we did not take expansion, we did not do you obamacare expansion, we did not set up an exchange and we were
6:39 am
able to cover everyone living in poverty for the first time in state history. each state was unique and different. when it comes to tax reform i think you look from the freedom caucus to the tuesday group. the full-spectrum for moderates to conservatives. they embrace tax reform. i think this is a real chance to shine and go forward. i do not think it is a matter to the present one thing or another. i think the president, chief of staff, the vice president and others knew what they were getting into when it came to repealing and replacing obamacare. they were just committed to keeping their promise. they made a push, they did not get there as of this last week. but the next big step is tax reform.i can think they get a couple of successes and they can make another crack at it in the future. >> imagine he has to bring all people to the table. the president has had to work with the democrats to get the boats. it will be tough to get members of the freedom caucus and democrats all on the same page.
6:40 am
they are so far apart from each other. you know that this is governor. to get anything then you have to work across the aisle. you have to bring all types of voices to the table. is that the invoice that you would give the president? to walk across the aisle and hear from other people to get their thoughts? >> i think it is fine working together. governor huckabee spoke about this. you have to focus on the steps, not just the process. sure it is great. phil gramm when he was a democrat helped lead president reagan's tax reform, that was good and for the american people. but the president did not just work across party lines because of the process. he did so because he had a good product, he was able to get people -- and democrats to go for it. >> and paul ryan failed they said because it was a dumpster fire. and the governor huckabee said earlier it was the bill, the product that was bad. had seven years to put this together. >> this is a good example of when you have a broad governing coalition.
6:41 am
it is difficult to bring them together. that's why i think for me the best thing they can do going forward is learned from the past not a doubt about that. but do not spend too much time looking over your shoulder. instead look forward to tax reform. if they lowered taxes, if they lowered taxes on employers which would bring more jobs back from overseas to put more of our fellow americans back to work. that will get things going in the right direction. eventually they need to still have another vote and another option in dealing with obamacare. they made the promise and it is failing. i mean martin o'malley, people like democrats from minnesota said last year that it is no more longer affordable. so yes, they had to fix it. they have to go ahead. >> as you saw in wisconsin use our resistance with the unions and all of the efforts. the republicans, if they do not) with each other, you cannot expect democrats to bail them out. your point is, work on the substance with fellow republicans to get it right. >> absolutely.
6:42 am
i think there is a way to get this done. and i think the best next step, not to stomach a broken record. my kids would say no one has records anymore. but tax reform is the place to bring the house conference together. it will bring the senate republicans together. it will work with the president and most of all it will help the american people. >> exactly. >> get the momentum going.>> most importantly the american people. i love hearing that you are a harley rider. makes me so proud. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being with us. a fox news alert, a gun man shot more than a dozen people in a nightclub overnight killing one person. 15 people were shot. several of them are in lifesaving surgery right now. police and atf agents at the scene cincinnati ohio. they believe it was just one shooter and there appears to be no link to terrorism. there also this money a daily standup brings a busy las vegas strip to a screeching halt. a man driving a bus pulls a gun, shooting and killing one
6:43 am
person and wounding another before barricading himself inside. the gunman who was believed to be a local finally surrendered after hours of negotiations. police say he may have some mental issues. that just hours after robbers in a pig mask robbed the bellagio hotel. coming up, robots are taking over. students go to battle in the world championships. i love the stuff. the first they going to show us what they can do. >> i love it. the president spoke is now shifting to tax reform. but will it suffer the same fate as healthcare act?♪ ♪ [music] ♪ [music] ♪
6:44 am
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z282tz zwtz y282ty ywty >> a quick programming note.
6:47 am
on tuesday elsberry phone will sit down with eric and laura trump. do not mix it thoughts and friends on tuesday morning. >> so exciting for them. president trump shifting his focus to another campaign promise. tax reform. how do they make you will not suffer the same fate as healthcare?we have maria with us, good to see this money have a big show lined up. all eyes on tax reform. >> we are speaking with the chair of the house. we will talk about what happens now. we look, i do think there will be a similar debate going on. there will be but a battle because some people in the gop want this so-called border adjustment tax.
6:48 am
there is a lot of pushback about this. there are certain industries that feel that they will be forced to raise prices and it will not be good for anyone. i do not think you will be detrimental. it is not going to be the death of this but we so in healthcare. because these guys understand. >> paul ryan wants the border adjustment tax. >> yes and there are a lot of people i do not want it. >> there are some that fell at the speaker was the driver of a healthcare but never so i've appear go to the white house saying this is what we want and where this is going? >> is such an important question. i think you stephen as well as gary and white house that understand tax reform will move the needle on economic growth. growth is what the priority is in the white house. i think that is where the driving is going to come from. >> and they said as soon as august. >> is an aggressive timeline for sure. the truth is they begin the
6:49 am
discussion on tax reform at a disadvantage because they do not have the trillion dollars in tax cuts that they would have had if they thought healthcare through. so it does become tougher but not impossible.i think the market and people will want to hear progress. >> you have a big show coming up in just about 12 minutes here. >> kevin brady is my top guest and then will have the former attorney general under george w. bush to talk about the devin nunes and why he is bringing james comey back tested by. we have a good show coming up. >> and this is your three year anniversary of the show. >> it is! thank you very much. we are so grateful to our audience. thank you. >> up next these students are ready to take on the world with robots. they're going to battle in the championships. we have a sneak peek of what these things can do.♪ ♪ [music]
6:50 am
♪ [music]
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6:52 am
6:53 am
>> welcome back. robots are going to battle in the first robotics championship. but before students make their way here. >> this is a sneak peak with -- you have six syllables and your last name.[laughter] you are from the first new york city, press representative along with st. clair, staten island transformer team 3264. -- [laughter] nice to see you. what are we looking at here one
6:54 am
of these robots about? >> reported from programs. these represent two of the programs. these are high school students who built a robot and they compete in three competitions. >> this is one here. >> yes this is rafael. >> raphael, nice to meet you. >> what does this guy do? >> issues paul, he places the gear on the hook and at the end of the game he hangs on this and take off. >> tells by the competition. >> encourages students to pursue careers in engineering and science. so while competition is taking place april 27-29 in st. louis. these teams, the will be competing at the armory from the seventh through the ninth. take it away down there. >> sinclair staten island transformer team is here. and you are headed to the world championships as well. tells about the category you are involved in. >> this is the first lego league.
6:55 am
the theme this year as animal allies in the students how to create robots to compete on a game board to do all kinds of tasks to do with animal interaction.>> animal interactions. turn this on presently well, if you can. what did it take to put this together? >> it took a few decent lego bricks and the lego instruction manuals and builds off of it. as if like what we wanted and also following lego instructions. >> icing lego instructions and they do not look anything like that.i still cannot put them together. how do you do this? >> we is the easy three robot kit. in the kit there are a bunch of different necessity pieces that you might need. >> okay. >> we basically used those pieces and the instruction manual in the box. >> can you fire that up for us or no? if not that's okay. we will head over here. you have the next team?>> we have stuyvesant high school robotics team.
6:56 am
how are you impressed with this? >> actually very impressed. i did that when i was younger. >> and i graduated. so tell me about this. >> this is last years. it went all the way to world championships. we were quarter finalists. this here is rafael which is this year's robot. it is built to play the game called -- is basically two alliances. they work together to build -- >> did you see a big improvement from last year to this year? were you able to improve a lot? was absolutely. making it to world championships was a great accomplishment and we been able to put those skills to use. >> to the spire appear? >> yes. >> i am like a little kid. [laughter] >> nicely done. now you're going to pick up all
6:57 am
of those balls. we will be back on the other side of this break. we have more coming up here on fox friends sunday. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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liberty mutual insurance. >> we only have 20 seconds, can we do it? >> we only have five seconds. have a great day. maria: good morning. the push to repeal and replace obamacare on hold for now as republicans get sent to shift priorities this upcoming week to fixing america's tax system. plus, headed the fbi, return trip to capitol hill this tuesday to talk surveillance. good morning, everyone. i maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo." tax reform as a republican health care plan stalls out before making it to a hospital. how will gop lawmakers do it. policy ways and means committee chairman kevin brady coming up momentarily live.


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