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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  March 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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liberty mutual insurance. >> we only have 20 seconds, can we do it? >> we only have five seconds. have a great day. maria: good morning. the push to repeal and replace obamacare on hold for now as republicans get sent to shift priorities this upcoming week to fixing america's tax system. plus, headed the fbi, return trip to capitol hill this tuesday to talk surveillance. good morning, everyone. i maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo." tax reform as a republican health care plan stalls out before making it to a hospital. how will gop lawmakers do it. policy ways and means committee chairman kevin brady coming up momentarily live.
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plus, it james call me called back to capitol hill. former attorney general michael mckay c. -- make mckay c. emile gorsuch goes to nominate. but the filibuster on the horizon, both senators have returned nuclear option? senator lindsey graham will tell us why democrats are leading the country down. we are watching right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ president shrub looking to turn the page this morning after republicans are forced to pull the plug on the gop bill to replace obamacare. the white house is sending a type from another ambitious goal, tax reform. even as the president forges ahead come his job in that conservatives to help discover the gop health care bill this morning the president we did this. democrats met in in d.c. that
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freedom caucus with club for growth and heritage have saved planned parenthood and obamacare. congressman kevin brady, chairman of the house ways and means committee and house deputy with joins us right now. good morning to you sir. good out of the program. >> thanks for having me. maria: congressmen, we want to talk about where things stand now. but you talk to us about that? what happens now? >> last week, it didn't end the way we hoped. we are getting ready for the next big game and that is tax reform. the good news is the ways and means where republicans have spent five years getting ready for this moment. house republicans spent the last year getting ready for this moment and we continue to make our tax reform plan even better. we will stride into it. maria, we never stopped working on transforming the blueprint into legislation.
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listening to the business community, stakeholders, folks back home. we are going full steam ahead with this. maria: is there any way at all that a vote happen for the next couple days on the health care bill or is that just turning the page and shifting of priorities to tax reform right now? >> i think turning the page. there may be an effort to do a repeal only bill, but that is a show about that would require a democrat senators and you know that's not going to happen. let's move ahead on tax reform. it is exciting. it's why we came here. the number one priority. but the president and republicans in congress get into the field that we are the most comfortable on. maria: let's talk about that. people wonder if he'll have the same kind of divisive battle when you really get into the nitty-gritty on tax reform over this border adjustment tax. first, let me ask you this. paul ryan on friday said to help
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care bill's failure quote does make tax reform or difficult. but it doesn't in any way make it impossible. why is it more difficult, congressman? >> the obamacare taxes a trillion dollars on small businesses, families come in the economy stays in place and it will appear that taxes will stay in place as long as obamacare is in place. we are not going to settle tax reform with those taxes. that's why this is an insurmountable. we will move forward with the boldest tax reform in a generation. but this is tax status. there's a reason this only happens once a generation. you can expect special interest to weigh in, special interest away and become a wall street to weigh in, washington d.c. to pick it apart. what i do know, the easiest way to make tax reform fail is to not go bold, to not try to leapfrog america from 31st in the world back into that top
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three are better positioned so we can compete and win anywhere in the world, especially here at home. maria: said the priorities or what? you want to get the corporate tax rate down and you want to simplify to three brackets. go through where your priorities are for tax reform. >> so, priorities are growth, designing a coat that built to punish people or bring money from them, but to grow jobs, wages in the u.s. economy. we want to leapfrog america from dead last among global competitors and keep us there. and we wanted tax code so fair and will that nine out of 10 americans can file use in a postcard style symptom system. we decided once in a generation we get this opportunity. we can't go mediocre. he can shoot middle of the pack. that is why these provisions we are recommending recognize our competitors are beating us today.
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these are big changes in the tax code. some 30, 50 years of current tax policy. that's why we've been listening and that is why as we listen, we have continued to modify the boldest provisions they've got there and we want to make sure this works in a very progrowth way. maria: how important is raising revenue while also cutting taxes, congress and? the border adjustment tax is supposed to raise a trillion dollars over 10 years and you already go into this process down a trillion dollars because you don't have those taxes taken out by the health care bill that you wanted. so how do you get revenue moving up? does that mean a border tax definitely in there? >> i believe it's a given anyway. but the revenue is a big part of it. the main reason we have that there is our competitors. they want to make sure there is a level playing field between foreign products and made in america products here as well as abroad. we want to simplify the tax code
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which is the border adjusted does. it also eliminates any tax incentives to move manufacturing jobs or headquarters overseas. taking that i would have severe consequences. clearly we couldn't leapfrog, nor would we be competitive. we are working on significant modifications to make sure that we face this head, designer write, create the most growth we can. the maria: the white house is not a great tourney border adjustment tax year. >> i don't think they've made a decision there. i do know the president said repeatedly he's tired of american workers and companies having to fight with one hand tied behind their back, without a level playing field here and around the world as well. that's exactly what border adjustment achieves. here's what i think. look, we've so much in common with the trump administration. would make sense to have a separate tax bill from secretary
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mnuchin, is that you want from gary cohen, a third from whoever. why not take the basis of the house planned leapfrog america into the top three best places on the job that works together to make those adjustments along with the senate. let's be ready to move this year. maria: you want to move this year, but where's the wiggle room? if you can't get a border adjustment tax through, is there any other wiggle room you can see raising revenue? for example, some say forget about a 40% corporate tax rate. it ought to be 28%. would you agree to that? >> no, we will not. that will not make us competitive. that won't even get us to the middle of the pack. frankly, we are getting our brains beat out because competitors are beating us with lower grades. they no longer tax worldwide. all of which we have to do to compete and win not just here but around the world as well. i think we've got the basics in place.
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we've got some work to do. the trump team is a smart team. their economic team knows how critical this is. i see a lot of elements in place going for it. here's the final point. not a final point, but i'm revenue neutrality or in other words making the budget balanced throughout. we are going for growth. we are going to leapfrog america, but we are also helping balance the budget. we think the right thing to do is grow the economy in such a significant way it helps us get back to the balanced budget and to that day when we start paying down the national debt. maria: what are the odds you have a real battle of the debate tax reform looks, whether border adjustment tax, the corporate rate that is the battle, whether it's the deductions, marge did interest deduction, taking away deductions. what are the odds that all of that battle leads to failure and you don't get this done it there this year? >> look, all of this is
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difficult. that's why tax reform only happens once in a generation. i'll tell you everything. it drove reforms is re-created. we are sick of the complicated tax code full of obvious loopholes and special interests. great ideas from lawmakers and a president willing to leave. i'll tell you, the odds are greater than ever this year to pass tax reform. maria: will be retroactive to the beginning of 17? >> that's their plan. we've got to move forward with this. we want growth on day one, but more importantly not just growth a couple years. we want to get america back into the lead and keep it there for decades. maria: do you get started on this this week? what's your timeline in getting into the details of tax reform? >> yeah, great question. we've never stopped working. we've been running a parallel tax on health care as well.
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we will make improvements. we are planning to move this on the ways and means committee in the spring, how this ready for the senate to go as well. we've still got some work to do, but we also, i think have momentum from the policy and believe that we can go bald and we can do this. maria: we will leave it there. this is very exciting. we will be certainly watchin the markets are less well very closely. kevin brady, good to speak with you, sarah. up next, if take two time for fbi director james comey. the white house and the intel committee calling him back from our questions on russia. an alleged surveillance at the trump campaign. i will talk with former attorney general michael mckee c. i'm not. you can follow us on twitter@ maria bartiromo. tell us what you would like to know as well as congressman peter king. we are looking ahead on "sunday morning futures" right now.
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trained to welcome back. back to capitol hill for james comey and mike rogers. the pair testified on meddling in the u.s. election as well as the presidents wiretapping claims. the chairman of the house intelligence committee has recalled for a closed session this upcoming tuesday. michael mukasey is with us, former attorney general under george w. bush george w. bush. and i were a pleasure to have you on the program. what do you think nunes want someone to say? you just testified last week. >> you just testified last week, but it would be nice to ask the questions he did mask when he was in open session. some of the -- what is testimony that doping.
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the president's treats are not the end of the story. the question is will they be taking up in any way conversations or information or transmissions relating to people around the president elect. i wasn't that wasn't gone into at all. he responded in a sort of rifle shot way to the claim about whether president obama ordered wiretapping, but he didn't talk about a lot of other things including whether there is surveillance and whether they didn't push that out to other agencies so it could be late. two weeks before he left office, president obama expanded the executive order that allows them to send the nation of raw intelligence that is fun edited, uninterpreted. maria: why?
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why would he do this? >> that's a very good question. the expanded to 16 additional members have the committee with law-enforcement agencies with law intelligence. but it does increase the leak and it does make it harder to discover that many more people. maria: without more leaks just sent this administration got into office. president obama that's a fair amount of traps for president trump and his successful in doing so. >> well, if that was intended to be a trap, it was certainly successful because information got out that disclosed that means of u.s. prices were picked up on surveillance, whether incidentally or purposefully. and that is information that's not supposed to be disclosed. maria: we should point out the
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so-called unmasking of those people, the fact that people know who it is and its code through 17 agencies, that's illegal. you're not supposed to unmask the names. >> unless there is a reason to unmask for the purpose of understanding the communications of the non-us persons who are listening in on. otherwise it's not supposed to be done. maria: i also thought it was interesting that chairman nunes said this had nothing to do with russia. with the conversations that were picked up in terms of incidental conversations picked up from the trump transition team, there wasn't anything having to do with russia. then you ask yourself, why were they surveilled? >> it's a good question about why they were surveilled. the disclosure of the names came out. it is a foreign intelligence investigations that we can have -- good news is somebody
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near the president-elect had their name come up in connection with a foreign intelligence investigation and that made it sound terribly mysterious, terribly sinister where in fact he may have had nothing to do with the russians or anything sinister at all. maria: these agencies have become so politicized. how hard is it to turn the ship around in terms of the politicization going on or out these agencies >> it's very difficult because you have a large population of people within agencies, some of them because they didn't vote for president trump and some of those are intent on his -- him to not succeed a there are people, the phrase is early man. some people go from political jobs to civil service jobs so they can be terminated and simply stick around and find a pursue an agenda. that's not true career people
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generally. for what it takes is two or three. maria: was there any warranty speak of in terms of the warrant to listen in? >> there need not have been a warning. there are essentially four ways you can overhear an american. one is that the regular wiretap and one is that they foreign intelligence warrants if the americans that team. but if you are surveilling somebody else that being of a foreign power or if you are conducting surveillance overseas of anybody because the united states can conduct surveillance overseas of any non-us and then you pick up the u.s. person. that doesn't take long. maria: are you surprised jim comey is still in? >> i thought the opportunity to ask him to leave us when -- thank you for your service. that didn't happen and i can't really happen now because he's now gotten himself embroiled in
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a new look like he's been fired for political reasons. maria: that's right. great to have you here. inc. so much. michael mukasey joining us. the demand behind the terrorist attack in london. we will talk with congressman peter king next. ♪
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maria: welcome back here we are learning more about the terrorist behind the deadly rampage outside the british parliament. the saudi embassy in london said khalid massoud visited 12 times to teach english. investigators now trying to determine how he became radicalized. peter king is on the house homeland security and intel committee and joins us now. commerce men, good to see you. thank you for joining us. do you have a sense of those questions? can you take us behind the current events?
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>> what we are dealing with is what we been dealing with in the united states. san bernardino, or they know. now san bernardino, or they know. now you have a situation in london for a person seems that spontaneous. you look into the background and find out in each of the cases they've been investigated by police in the past. not enough was found in the investigations are defended. what this shows us is that where there's smoke, there's fire. and democratic society we can't arrest people on suspicion. we have to be sophisticated and continue investigation and surveillance so the police in our lando. if the fbi completed their investigation, they can't be investigating everything forever. we looked into it and didn't find any in particular. the local police to pick it up and carry out routine surveillance and check and see what's happening. that's what we find in london. the prime minister pointed out
7:26 am
he's been investigated. why would you investigate in the first place. so again, it warranted keeping them under more surveillance. but they look for is losing contact with saudi arabia, did he meet with radical imams, did he go to radical mosques and did he come back here and have any contact with radicals in england? how did his behaviors change? often you say look at them now and back on what he did, do you see any changes that he should have reported to the police? we saw that again and send her an adeno. now looking back. maria: let me ask you. masood drove his rented suv across london's crowded westminster bridge, striking pedestrians. so he uses his car as a vehicle, as a weapon rather. is this a new way that
7:27 am
terrorists have figured out that destruction? >> yes, this goes back almost a year now when we found out that is what basis was encouraging people to use. we saw last year that new york city thanksgiving parade have a block off all the streets you could not have a vehicle crash into the parade. we saw how it did work, i'll just did harm people. this is a weapon, which again, not a gun, not a next listed in that if use of vehicles as a weapon and it catches people off guard. you're just not expect the net. this definitely has the trademarks of isis. maria: before you go, i know your thoughts on jim comey going back to testify on tuesday. what do you want to hear? >> i want to see why again what chairman nunes has brought out as it appears there is this
7:28 am
information which nothing to do with intelligence or criminal activity seems to have been disseminated throughout the intelligence community and involves people in the transition team. the president-elect himself and also people close to him. why was this allowed to happen? there's always a mistake going to be made. this seems to be a pattern of releasing information which has no intelligent importance at all. maria: that is certainly what he said as well. on tax or farm, you brady earlier in the show. who's to say you're not going to have a similar battle, a big fight with the democrats. we know they are trying to obstruct the president's agenda and at the end of the day get nothing done. >> i have great regard for kevin brady trying to meet with all factions of the republican party because there can be certain parts of the tax code that have an impact. repealing or property tax have a
7:29 am
real impact in the high-tech city like new york and new jersey. i think we've learned a lot from health care debate and kevin brady is the best he can find. i think it's going to get it through. maria: we will leave it there. always a pleasure. inc. so much. senate democrats say they will filibuster the supreme court nomination of bill gorsuch made well. will they attempt to turn the nuclear option on to get gorsuch through? i love senator lindsey graham about that next. we are looking ahead on "sunday morning futures" next.
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>> after careful deliberation i concluded i cannot support neil gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court. his confirmation will have a cloture vote. he will have to earn 60 votes. maria: senator chuck schumer is vowing a no vote on neil gorsuch. joining me to talk about that is senator lindsey graham. it's a head scratcher. neil gorsuch has done so well in those confirmation hearings. and we know he had 1. >> 0% a -- he had 100% approval
7:34 am
when he was trying to get a lower seat and the democrats loved him. what's behind his? >> politics. the left is going insane after trump won the election. this has nothing to do with neil, it has everything to do with the democratic base and the hard left taking over the democratic party. chuck schumer has been a destructive force in my opinion when it comes to the senate. 97% of neil gorsuch's have been in the majority. a 900-page report on who he was as a judge and a person. 500 lawyers from the left, right, middle said he's one of
7:35 am
the most talented judges. a republican president could not have chosen better than neil gorsuch. this all politics with schumer. i hope some people care more about this country than party and don't go where schumer leads them. maria: do you think they can push it forward or will they new york it down? >> i didn't vote for obama, but he nominated sotomayor and justice kagan. my standard was were they well qualified? i voted for alito and roberts. neil gorsuch is ever bit as calleddified as the four i voted
7:36 am
for. i was able to go back home in south carolina and say i was going to follow the constitution to advise and consent. the democrats changed the rules in 2013 to pack the circuit courts. it started with bourque when he was treated so bad. the democrats embrace the rules of the senate when it helps them and change the rules when they want to to grab power. here is what i would tell my democratic friends. if you can't find the courage to vote for this man you are letting the senate traditions go away, you are letting the country down, and if i have to change the rule to the put this
7:37 am
man on the supreme court i will. maria: do you support the use of the so-called nuclear option? >> let me tell you why. president obama sent two call thified liberals -- two qualified liberals and i voted for them. we are making history here. i am hoping i don't have to do this. i'm hoping 8 democrats will realize this is one of the best choices available to president trump and give him 60 votes so we don't turn the senate upside down. maria: after such a contentious election you would think everybody would realize the american people want you guys to just get to work. but to say it's not my party,
7:38 am
i'm going to push back because there was push back on merrick garland. >> it explains how president trump actually won. they don't believe he can be conservative and mainstream. this is one of the most qualified men in america to be a judge. he has been on the consider substitute court bench for 10 years. qualifications are not an issue. it's all about politics. i think it democrats are going crazy. they are turning their party over to the most liberal people in the country. it will have an effect on the country and an effect on them. maria: meanwhile they are riding this russia narrative. devin nunes was very clear in what he found in terms of his find degrees and the
7:39 am
surveillance of the trump transition team, there was no mention of russia at all. >> i don't know why he did what he did. i want to go where the facts take us when it comes toll what russia did in our election. i believe there was no surveillance of the trump campaign by the trump administration. the f.b.i. has an ongoing criminal investigation of some trump operatives, and what nun else said was perplexing to me. if you are surveilling people that's incidental collection. but here is what i want to have happen. i want the congress to get to the bottom of this and i want to punish russia. i want a bill that will get 30 votes to put sanctions on russia for interfering in our election. i hope the foreign relations committee will mark it up before
7:40 am
the french vote. the germans have elections in september. i want america to be seen as pushing back against russian interference. maria: was it a crime to unmask the people who were collected? >> could be. i want to find out who the leakers are. and that is a crime. if you are unmasking americans as incidental -- as a result of incidental collection and distributing their names throughout the system. that's wrong. i want to find that out. but the big issue for me above all else is russia tried to interfere with our elections. i don't believe they changed the outcome. but if we don't stop them others can do it in the future. no american should be set aside with the fact that the russians tried to interfere with our elections regardless of the
7:41 am
party they tried to first interstate fear with, because we are all in this together. maria: we are talking so much about this bill in the house. does the real work begin in the senate? >> at the end of the day improving the lives of the. american people in terms of healthcare, if we can't fix this in a more sustainable tax fashion than obamacare, i would let obamacare collapse. one party is trying to correct the mess of the other party. the best outcome of the american people is to require democrats to help republicans fix the mess they created rather than the republicans creating a new mess. maria: is tax reform largely a 2018 situation and not a 2017 deal in.
7:42 am
>> i don't know why we started with healthcare. you have a chance to lower people's taxes, repair bad trade deals. the trump voter was a working class person who felt like everybody in washington left them behind. if their wages grow and they get better healthcare at a slower cost, we'll be just fine. let's start with improving the economy then try to build consensus. maria: that's not where we are, will the tax reform happen this year or does it get pushed into 2018. >> it better happen this year. i think this more consensus on taxes than healthcare. you know the economy far better than i do. the prone people are so excited about the trump administration, there is a chance for lower taxes and less regulation. we need to pass a lower taxing
7:43 am
bill on the american business community and the american work, deregulate this country and build the pipeline. it should happen in 2017. maria: senator lindsey graham, south carolina. obamacare stays put for now. but can president trump find a way to rework it? back in a moment. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema
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maria: happy sunday. welcome to a brand-new program. sunday morning futures is a look at the week ahead. we are make our debut three years ago this week. we have done our best to make good on that promise.
7:47 am
the biggest news makers out there from charles koch to house speaker paul ryan. we looked overseas. we have spoken with queen rania of jordan. we have been there on the road to the white house as well. several of the candidates made their case for the presidency right here on sunday morning futures. including president donald trump joined us on this program. thank you to all of you to helped make "sunday morning futures" a top rated program. we led off with obamacare, now joining us, ed rollins, jessica
7:48 am
tarlov, and rich lowry, editor of "national review." ed. we had a great three years together. >> you have done a fabulous job putting this in front of the public and you created a great show. obamacare. tell us your thoughts on that. >> this is a disaster. it will hurt the president long term. getting stuck with this idiotic reconciliation in the senate where you have to moist and drafted a bill for the senate as opposed to a bill for the house. it wasn't good public policy in the end. maria: are we going to see a repeat when they bring a vote for tax reform to the floor?
7:49 am
>> the speaker has to present to the white house when he has 218 votes or on the senate sight 51 votes. anything less than that you are not going to push and shove and make it happen. you better make sure you have your vote in line before you say this our bill. maria: what about this, jessica? >> on tax reform? i think it's more likely than healthcare. but there was potential to have compromise on a infrastructure bill which donald trump talked about throughout the campaign and was something that ruffled a lot of republican feathers. so i'm not sure how it goes. but it's a disaster, i totally agree with that. i know obamacare stays in place and there are fixes and i think there is potential to work together on that and control the premium increases and purchase
7:50 am
inacross state lines. paul ryan sold him a bill of goods by saying consistently, i have the votes. >> i think it's bad news for the bored adjustment tax which is a paul ryan project. when he goes to the white house and says i have a great idea, there will be more scepticism. they can't just let obamacare go. they need to still be engaged with this. there is always next year and another reconciliation window next year. maria: the president was clear, fine, you don't want to vote for obamacare replacement, you will live with obamacare the way it is. but tax reform. will they be able to get tax reform done this year? or are we looking at a situation where the democrat
7:51 am
obstructionism can stop this agenda from moving on. >> the last major tax reform was 1986. i was still in the white house. >> and that's why it happened. >> we addressed the political perspective. you have to make sure the thinks you are putting up there will get a majority of the votes. to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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maria: we are back with our panel. given the fact that you have a republican president, a majority? the house and senate, yet this administration gets pushback in everything it tries to do. >> the key difference is they
7:55 am
have some use reconciliation in the senate because they don't have 60 votes in if the senate. president obama had a huge democratic wave in the senate. maria: that's why they got obamacare passed. >> when you by pass the filibuster, you don't have much margin of votes. >> there is a lot of optimism that you are going to pick up a bunch of senators. the 25 senators that are up for reelection are not easy seats. a party oftentimes loses seats in rejection to the president. the upon way you are going to do
7:56 am
it is the nuclear option, change the rules of the senate where 60 votes don't matter anymore. maria: can they do that? >> they can do it any time they want to. we are in a partisan world. we are not -- >> they will do it on gorsuch, they will do it on supreme court nominations. but ed is advocating blowing it up on legislation as well. and the man to convince is mcconnell is to an institutionalist. >> i don't want this to change since we are in the minority in every way possible. i want to make sure we can have some wins and stop legislation that we don't believe is good for america. it's time to play strategically. mr. mcconnell was the king of
7:57 am
that saying our goal is to stop obama. >> we had control of the senate and the house. we need to push legislation. maria: have a great sunday everybody, i'll see you tomorrow.
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howie: president trump demanded a vote on his healthcare bill. but he had paul ryan pull the bill. >> i never said repeal and replace obamacare -- you all heard me up speeches -- i never said repeal and replace it within 64 days. >> an epic collapse by the republicans and the trump


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