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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 26, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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leland: a branded wheat from president trump i'm a conservative groups from saving plan parenthood and obamacare. life in the house with the president new game plan. elizabeth: plus can the gop leadership in congress regroups. now shifting to tax reform. the budget and infrastructure and republican lawmakers have more success with those issues than they did with health care. leland: a big health care for the house intelligence committee looking into russian meddling in the 2016 election. but we could learn about president trump's wiretap claims as new evidence comes out. ♪
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leland: president trump just wrapped up sunday morning meetings. we are here to cover them. 11. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. happy sunday. work. white house chief of staff reince priebus warning they don't base perfect. chris wallace, republicans must learn to take the good and pocket a win. days after the party thinks the gop health care bill. the white house now saying it is time to move on. correspondent kevin court has the very latest from the white house. reporter: cave bear cub elizabeth. you are right. the enemy is getting sent to done is waiting for something perfect. no punches pulled by the president who of course is now blaming some conservatives on capitol hill for friday's fiasco on obamacare. that may share part of what the president is out there tweeting
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today. here we go again. democrats mailing in d.c. that the freedom caucus with the help of the club for growth and heritage have saved planned parenthood and zero care. the only thing that comes to mind when you see something like that. the president to be fair has no way to the party, everything from his address to congress to a supreme court nominee. although he also has pointed out since friday's fiasco that he has learned that loyalty often in washington is a one-way street. that said, his chief of staff reince priebus is that they are today thing we can to cooperate inside the party and reach across the aisle to democrats for the good of the american people. >> we are not italy. we are the super conservatives, the kind of conservatives and moderate and everyone fits nicely into one package. the republican party when the democrat party. the point is a diverse group of
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people working the halls of congress, including the leadership in congress, and think it is time for our folks to come together. >> time to come together. the president was disappointed to repeal and replace the affordable care act and while there's no shortage of finger pointing, republicans are also trying to keep the party fighting to a minimum. >> it wasn't just conservatives in the house. more non-conservatives and conservatives opposed it. when you lose, the chairman of the house appropriations committee, one of the most powerful positions, the problem is not with a specific faction in the house. it is with the bill. reporter: two key questions remained obviously. number one, what happens if there is ample repeal a replacement for obamacare. and what might actually look like? and what might be the political ramifications if i were to throw in one more for the party that does just that. we will watch carefully to see if republicans come up with some
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sort of a workable solution. to be honest, looks like they are a long way off from getting that done. elizabeth: kevin corke, thank you. we appreciate it. elizabeth: the white house wants to look forward as do the folks at the other brand of pennsylvania avenue people more of that, chat program, fox news senior producer on capitol hill has had a quiet and restful week and is now here to chat about it. i want to start where kevin left off with president trump's tweet there when he says thanks to the freedom caucus, and they saved obamacare and plan parenthood and how significant is that? you folks in the freedom caucus care they are being told out by the president? >> not really. these folks are used to bucky nader is good they certainly did it to john boehner. they nudged him out the door. a number of other factors that that was the straw that broke the camel's back with john boehner. that was the issue. they talk about divided government. house speaker paul ryan said we
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need to do these things. there is a divided government. a schism in the republican party between the moderate republicans who wouldn't move to this bill. the chair of the appropriations committee, tom macarthur for some and they got on board, but a lot of other moderates they had trouble with in the freedom caucus. these numbers never voted for anything under john boehner and they will have a real challenge getting them on or to keep the government open and do tax reform. >> so what happens next and the president wants to go while in attempting. a few things coming up, the debt ceiling, tax cuts which is the next thing he wants to move forward on an infrastructure. this according to spokesperson, sean spicer, he did everything he could to get a health care deal made, didn't happen. so when it comes to tax cuts and he has the same obstructionist from the freedom caucus in one more, one lesser one different, what does he do? how does he observe more political pressure? >> they don't respond well to
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the press. i think one of the biggest things they have to be mindful of our these moderate republicans who represent the same battleground districts. districts for obamacare of that hillary clinton won and putting them too much on the hook. some moderates told me we feel like we are being forced to walk the plank. but they need to do if they are going to pass something as good a coalition to bring it to democrats. some people saying the democrats were responsible. there was never any engagement with the democrats whatsoever. that's more than the teacup ride at disneyland that democrats were responsible for this. when you try to do something with one party and have a divided party. leland: juxtapose this to say nancy pelosi and her tenure as speaker of the house, love her or hate her she was mixture of early affect a whisper of those. >> she is without question the best boat counter and 30 or 40 years. people talk about tom delay when he was with the majority
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leader. >> republicans don't have anybody like that right now. is that the speakers all? we've heard a lot of people claim speaker ryan that he simply wasn't able to keep his people in line and bring them to the table. is table. isn't his fault he doesn't have somebody he can twist arms in the way way they need to? >> at the combination of that. this was john boehner, the first major thing paul ryan said they would do was reform -- repeal and replace obamacare and they failed. this is one of the reasons why people said maybe paul ryan shouldn't take this job because eventually you are going to get to this point. this is beyond cleaning out the barn a year and a half over john on her left and they have to do with the debt ceiling, keeping government open. i would caution people are talking about tax reform, funding for the federal government runs that on the 20th of april. that is a big, big deal. they didn't have to deal with repeal and replace obamacare. that is a political issue
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keeping the fed may have to do come the same thing with their feelings. leland: you point out these are very big issues as well as repeal and replace obamacare. type two tom cotton pates after nonaction report. >> you can expect to solve a problem that addresses one fix in the country's economy and touches every american in a very personal and intimate way in 18 days. leland: to that point, they want to deal or need to deal with the debt ceiling and tax reform if we believe mr. trump's timetable and 54 legislative days. is that even possible? >> it's a hard sell. the supreme court nomination of gorsuch had to come out. that'll be a big fight over the next couple weeks. other nominations out there. you are starting to have a limited amount of turning radius on capitol hill. the tax reforms that there's a reason why they haven't done tax reform in 30 years. it's the perfect clinical issue. some people inc. that maybe this
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repeal and replace obamacare mantra, getting press releases minutes after they pulled the bill to save maybe we will run on that come 2018 because it's a great political issue. >> you are thinking of taking some time off and i don't think that'll happen. >> this is like the hotel california. you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. leland: great work this week, chad. elizabeth: republican lawmakers look to turn the page from the health care below. the president who is known for negotiating and dealmaking could be taking a seat a little harder. let's bring in limburg white house correspondent shannon petit keep to discuss the impact this roadblock may have. thank you for joining us. first and foremost, whether the president learned this week when it comes to governing? >> yeah, i think if they saw matt drudge tweaked some time the swamp draining view. it was a tough wake-up call and he has to make some adjustment
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on who he listens to in the white house, whose counsel he takes and what type of role he wants to give congress. you know, when i type inference that the president to have known him for years, they say that this is someone who does it just. don't count him out. he will learn from experience is. if he doesn't learn take this as a learning experience, it will be a tough road going forward. elizabeth: digesting in what way, we just heard from chad when it comes to just the republican party. does that mean we work with a divided government or do we see him bring in more democrats or is that a naïve idea to think he will deal to negotiate with democrats? >> i think that's a great point people are asking that there is more compromise between democrats and moderate republicans than there are between republicans and the house freedom caucus. there really doesn't seem to be at this moment one united republican party.
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i know there's been talk of the divide between the republican party since the tea party with mccain. maybe there's a possibility on health reform to bring in some democrat in the moderate republicans to come together and also may be a potential tax reform. more compromise they are, what this president than the house freedom caucus at this point. true to what we see him working with leadership and speaker brian, is there possible tension or is that something fabricated in a bigger deal, not if big of a deal as the media makes it to be? >> within certain factions of the white house and the close of risers and friends, there is growing dissatisfaction with speaker brian. there always has been. among the real core group of campaign advisers that helped propel elizabeth: the presidency, they never liked ryan. at worst he was everything they campaigned against.
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there are very strong feelings about speaker ryan on the campaign. elizabeth: but they need him. there are, like we said, divisions in the republican party. they do need to get along with him and those members of the republican party. >> and that is why i don't think we are seeing the president come out and attack ryan or blame ryan. for now ryan is the speaker and if you want something through the house he has to work with him. it will try to this relationship. there's no clear replacement, so when the sand unlike the corporate world where you can fire someone if you don't get along with them, hear the president and his administration made to work with people they might not necessarily agree with. elizabeth: when we look to have a chat we talked about debt ceiling, tax reform, infrastructure. what are we talking about the most in the next couple weeks? >> it seems to be tax reform. so much of the corporate optimism going on, so much of the stockmarket rally is based on corporate tax reform.
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the president wants to be able to run on jobs, the economy, two years in the midterm, members of the house and senate in 2020 is cut to stimulate the economy and he sees the way to do that through tax reform. tax reform is the next big thing. by august, it secretary of the treasury mnuchin says we can see that happening. maybe that's a mistake. elizabeth: never a dull moment. shannon pettypiece, thank you for joining us to break it all down. immediately following this program at 2:00 p.m. eastern, you can catch the whole exclusive interview chris wallace has with white house chief of staff, reince priebus. he will speak about everything with the failed health care -- health care bill and of course tax reform. leland: reince priebus making us on this issue as well. fbi or james comey and nsa director michael rogers will head to capitol hill for round two of questioning. this time behind closed doors
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and the stakes couldn't be higher as the chairman and top democrats late this week publicly clashed over accusations by president trump of illegal surveillance by the obama administration. garrett tenney with us on what to expect. reporter: k., lee lindh. chairman devin nunes earlier this week called a press conference and announced he had obtained dozens of reports showing that the names of trump transition officials were incidentally collected by u.s. intelligence agencies during foreign surveillance observation and were unmasked are included in report were spread throughout the intelligence community. devin nunes window to the white house to share the new evidence with the white house directly analogous happened without sharing the new intelligence that members of his own committee. adding to democrats, devin nunes camp at a public hearing for tuesday were three former officials from the obama administration including deputy attorney general sally gates,
10:15 am
adam schiff claims that this is an attempt to choke off public information after last week's public hearing were fbi director james comey is conducting a criminal investigation into ties between the trump campaign in russia. >> i think that hearing so poorly went for the white house that there was a lot of a lot of pushback and doing a second open hearing. honestly, the other explanation simply don't make sense. that was merely an effort to camouflage the true object here which was the closure for the cancellation of the hearing with sally yates. reporter: at this point there's been no suggestion to report the trump tower was wiretapped by president obama. this morning on "fox news sunday," white house chief of staff reince priebus said neither he nor the president is accepting that conclusion. >> people in the trump transition were unknowingly
10:16 am
surveillance and illegally unmasked on documents which is what is being alleged out there. i think it's a big problem and ultimately, president trump is going to be proven correct. >> and a scheduled hearing on tuesday will now be replaced by fbi director james comey and mike rogers and is clarified on friday that that hearing with attorney general -- former deputy attorney general sally yates has been rescheduled until after this we can be completed. there's questions they need to have answered. leland: we've already heard a couple, paul manafort among them. we haven't heard the end of this. thanks, gary. big questions on exactly where the russian investigation will go from here, what it means politically as we heard president trump not backing down from his accusations against his predecessor. our fair and balanced political panel discussing not a little later on the show.
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millions of americans in the bull's-eye today after a tornado ripped through one community, leaving destruction, but as you might imagine, and a little gratefulness. >> we wouldn't be here to this day. i could still be in there, in the room were shattered glass everywhere. leland: plus a rally at the beach turned violent after protesters against the president show why. video on your screen will tell you what went down as charges were issued coming up. and, gunfire at a popular nightclub for teenagers. the very latest on the search for the shooters in cincinnati. ♪ for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car.
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leland: powerful storms heading to texas and oklahoma. live writer in. forecasters predict and went up to 70 miles per hour and golf ball sized hail. watch out. this after severe storms damaged homes in a downed power lines across louisiana, mississippi and arkansas. the aftermath of one tornado destroyed at least. >> the homes were totally destroyed in a double wide and moved 20, 30 feet, actually
10:22 am
shows us that the winds were at least 110, maybe closer to 120 miles an hour in order to do the damage. trade dress you might imagine, people work through the weekend to clean up debris and restore power. as always, thoughts extreme weather center tracking the new storm throughout the day. we will break in as developments warrant. ♪ elizabeth: the white house chief of staff reince priebus same president trump's plan for attack reform will bring republicans and democrats together through middle-class tax cuts. caroline shively has all the details from right here in washington. hi, caroline. reporter: how are you, liz? reince priebus says it will include tax cuts and get support on conservatives and democrats. the democrats sound skeptical. here's what both sides are saying today.
10:23 am
>> moving forward, the president's vision on lowering taxes for every american is what will unite not just the republican party, but some of those democrats will come on board as well. if we can provide one of the biggest middle-class tax cuts in the history of the country. >> if the proposal at the middle class and poor people, they are doing great. god bless them. i'm glad they're doing great. they don't need another tax break and we could work with them. >> the health care reform bill was a major blow for the republican's tax plan friday because the bill eliminated a trillion dollars and obamacare taxes over a decade. if you got rid of those, it would've lowered the revenue baseline for tax reform. they're hoping to make up a trillion with the border tracks on imports. opponents say it could cause prices in the u.s. despite. doctors say what paid for a corporate tax cut and keep businesses in the u.s. >> if we want to make sure there's a level playing field between foreign products and made in america products here as well as abroad. reporter: kevin brady tells fox
10:24 am
the house ways and means committee will take up tax reform this spring. it will make the tax code so simple that nine out of 10 americans could file taxes on a postcard. elizabeth: caroline shively reported mind. thank you so much. leland: still ahead, debate rages on. keeping our streets safe. both sides of the sanctuary city debate as to illegal immigrants stand accused of a high school classmate. attorney general can pack so the great state of texas standing by live for his thoughts coming up next. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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leland: a maryland case involving to illegal immigrants charged with raping a classmate. those opposed to sanctuary status point to cases like the one in rockville, maryland, living deportation could help criminals off the streets. according to the migration policy institute, more than 800,000 to roughly 7% of all
10:29 am
illegal immigrant in the united states have a criminal conviction. those in favor century city same math deportations waste tax dollars than isolate the most alterable. pure for his opinion, texas attorney general ken paxton. good to see you, sir. i first want you to weigh in on the maryland case. we learned late this weekend through the weekend that these two young men, 18 and 17 are accused in this brutal rape or in formal immigration custody for a period of time. how might we don't know. henry sanchez, josé montana who don't have a photo of. the police have been a let them go. you say that kind of makes sense. maybe they were released for some reason. and then he stopped for a second and you go, how did that possibly jive with enforcing federal immigration law that they are to people here
10:30 am
illegally and then they let them go from texas where they were caught up to maryland. >> i have no idea. it makes no sense why any elected official, and he appointed official, anybody responsible for our children would allow this to happen in our school. you are putting at risk all of her children. leland: who is allowing this to happen? is this a policy for neocon administration? who is at fault? >> it looks like to meet federal involvement, but also local involvement. certain cities retyped better sanctuary cities and they are allowing this behavior to occur. it is creating huge risk for kids. leland: talk to me about the problems you have in texas. as tragic as it is, it would seem as though the case in maryland, while perhaps a shining example of the problems the sanctuary policy probably isn't an isolated case.
10:31 am
>> absolutely not. we had statistics come up from the department of public safety in texas showing in 2011 at 250,000 convictions of which 11 illegals, 1100 were homicides. we had over 6000 assaults, 68,000 assault in general. this is a problem for us, just as it is a lot of southern borders eighth in dates across the united states. >> even appear as far north as maryland, the governor calls this program break as you call a catch and release for lack of a better term. he calls it a kind of amnesty. do you agree with that? >> i do agree. in texas, our legislature vote passed legislation to prevent that from occurring. we have earned deal in travis county with the sure thing she will not cooperate with pace. we have a sharp risk in all of the citizens of travis county the entire state. leland: for people who have sworn to uphold the law and by
10:32 am
that protect the people who are in their city, both illegally make a sworn to protect those here illegally, the cert is sworn to uphold the law. what is the motivation? is there anything other than pure politics to say we will not have people who have connections or who are here illegally. >> i don't understand because i don't see any citizens, what benefit do they get by allowing illegals who have committed crimes to stay in our county. i don't see an upside to a single taxpayer in travis county. it's an odd position to take it one that doesn't benefit the people who elected her. leland: the argument you will get from the pro-immigration folks if they say love, if all of a sudden you turn every police force into the immigration police, and things are going to work out well. they will be big distrust. they are going to get reported. the ability to solve crimes will
10:33 am
go down because the immigrant population will become fearful of police themselves, rather than just the immigration pollute. is that a fair argument you think? >> i don't really think it is. these police officers, we headed to a defective gene program which has worked in the past. i believe it could work in the future. i don't see any reason why the police officers to be trained to help i.c.e. to the right thing and the people here illegally. >> as we get an understanding and i'll bring you back to the rock hill place. you are more of an expert in this issues than i am. the idea that people who are caught, if you will, that the federal immigration authorities and held and released into the united states. is that common actors? does that happen a lot? is that it probably do it in texas or is there some way texas rangers have been able to circumvent that, perhaps something in maryland. >> we have our rogue dps officers along the border.
10:34 am
the problem is we can't have hours federal laws. we can't detain them if they committed a crime against texas law. so often a crime is coming across the border or dealing with something that we have no authority over that and so it's rather frustrating to our officers were we can't actually enforce a lot of the lies that we have nationally. >> frustrating for them and dangerous as we've seen at least in a number of big gains for the rest of all of us. this return each and will, appreciate your time as always. >> hey, have a great day. lives. elizabeth: and 2017, aipac conference kicking off in relations between the u.s. and israel. the pro-israel conference expected to have a different home this year under the new administration compared to president obama. speakers this morning include redish prime minister tony blair and israeli ambassador to the u.s., ron dermer who said this about israel's relationship with
10:35 am
the trump administration. >> ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to the great challenges facing israel and the united states, and for the first time in many years, perhaps even many decades, there is no daylight between our two governments. elizabeth: vice president mike pence is scheduled to address the conference this evening. leland: a show of support for the commander-in-chief turns violent. we will tell you what happened and what started it as well. there's the video. and getting to the bottom of russia's meddling with the u.s. election and accusations that surveillance by president tron. numbers of the house intelligence committee are making taking sides. our fair and balanced political panel on what this means for the guy without a shirt on coming out. >> there is potentially something very wrong here. but i'm not going to go any further than that, other to say
10:36 am
i think that the document at the intelligence committees have apparently asked for from all these different agencies that they are collecting will tell, the story. once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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elizabeth: to pay off on the beach, about 30 anti-trap protesters clashing with about two dozen pro-president trump marchers in southern california saturday. some of the protesters used pepper spray on the marchers leading to at least two minor injuries and several arrests. protesters say they were trying to form a quote human wall to stop the march. the top democrat on house intelligence committee saying congress should establish an independent commission to take over the rush of probe as the committee remains divided. the trump campaign could have been picked up and named.
10:41 am
let's have a fair and balanced debate. the spring and ivan garcia hidalgo, chairman of the hispanic leadership council and scott holden, the former chair of the d.c. democratic party. thank you so much for joining us. beside ms. come out of the political shows. one of the guest is congressman adam schiff and he was gone -- i want to play a quick soundbite and get your reaction. >> the chairman has to make a decision, whether to act as a surrogate at the white house as he did during the campaign during the transition or too late and independent credible investigation. i hope he chooses the latter. elizabeth: i want to bring a conservative topic. i want to start with you, scott. there is call from an independent investigation and some people feel it's necessary in some people don't. >> i think he needs an independent prosecutor for select committee what have you. elizabeth: people say it's their job. >> it is their job, but politics has gotten in the way.
10:42 am
the issues are too important to the intelligence committee, whether there was collusion between donald trump or his cohort and russian operatives. we know they were meddling. they are really difficult, complicated issues. the independent commission or independent prosecutor to take the politics out of it, lead the investigation and as a former prosecutor myself as that on both sides of these investigations, devin nunes fundamentally going to trump is a target potentially at the investigation, sharing information without sharing with his colleague, not even a republican colleague disqualifies him from the investigation. they can't get it done because he's made a political decision as opposed to keeping with its fiduciary duty of leading independent investigation. true to ivan, some people say the chairman is doing his job. >> you know, scott is having a good time. what you are doing in the green room as well. here's the reality.
10:43 am
he walks back back and apologize. if you heard gowdy this morning, over a hundred times they said we can answer that question. that is where it belongs. i think that will reveal a lot of information we need to know. elizabeth: are we going to learn anything next week? >> one of the most important things right now that we are avoiding or the media is the unmasking of the names. that's a clear violation of how they unmask u.s. citizens picked up on surveillance calls and how they were disseminated. i think that is a big, big problem. elizabeth: okay, so do you think that's a big problem? >> it's a big issue. depending on the part of republicans. but the bottom line is this.
10:44 am
the real issue is why is intelligent -- twice the intelligence community picking up trump operatives, talking to russian operatives on a separate investigation because most likely they are having inappropriate communications. >> that's not what happens. >> the separate investigations, which are illegal, taking up communications from trump representatives as part of that investigation, means trump representatives are talking to somebody that's part of the separate investigation. that needs to be thoroughly investigated. i'm not jumping to conclusions. >> well, you are. their names have come up in conversation. >> they are both two separate issues. >> eight days. it is. >> with a wiretap of the state or federal. you do an investigation. there are always third-party
10:45 am
site may or may not be communicating with subjects and targets of those investigations. when it comes to intelligence and russian operatives, the big issue is why our trump representatives been picked up because they are talking to somebody that is part of the separate investigation. we are not talking about that enough. elizabeth: let's agree to disagree. thank you so much. we'll be talking about it because there'll undoubtedly be more headline for more details this week. >> absolutely. elizabeth: after the break, a former marine who lost most of his life in afghanistan decided he's not done serving the country. we will show you just how he's doing it. the empire state building. find out why. we will tell you next. ♪ now you're in new york
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elizabeth: police are still on the hunt for cincinnati nightclub shooting that killed 127-year-old and left 15 others injured. on the ground in ohio where we are just learning more about what caused the gun fire and the investigation. hi, mike. what can you tell us?
10:50 am
reporter: hi there, elizabeth. an apartment chock full of witnesses by its very nature. 60 people were shot. dead. dozens and dozens of witnesses. the challenges we try to make some order out of the chaos when the gunfire erupted. the witnesses went everywhere, presumably security video they contract out and start talking to people and start identifying gunman if they haven't identified them already. the gunmen are still at-large. the one thing the police chief and the mayor has been very public about is that they do not think this is an act of terrorism. a couple people at the dispute between themselves in an apparent difference of life. >> it is important for everyone to understand that people were going to have a good time and ended up getting shot. that is totally unacceptable.
10:51 am
reporter: the cameo nightclub is one that cares to young people. new year's eve 2015 there is issued in the cloud. a couple months later there was issued in the park you not. as a result they didn't employ security. what is unclear right now is how the gun man, yet to be identified were able to get their weapons past security and the ones at the very front of the club. it should be noted that the one person who passed away was only 27 years old. there is one other individual who is said to be an extremely critical conditions. sadly we could see a number of fatalities. elizabeth. elizabeth: very sad. thank you so much. we appreciate it. leland: the ied in afghanistan took one marine's legs, but the terrorist bomb could not take his desire to serve. after learning to walk again, he decided to put on a different uniform rather -- not interview,
10:52 am
my bad. and as they say, soldier on. brian yennis with us in new york. >> memory better in the ts are rare at is the first double amputee police officer in the u.s. he lost both of his legs during operation enduring rebound in afghanistan on the night of june or 21st, 2011. serving as a machine gunner jumped off the roof of a building and landed on a 30-pound improvised as a device. both legs have to be amputated below the knees and he suffered a broken pelvis and shattered the mayor. but that did not stop matias. within three months he was walking again. he's in suffolk county new york. on friday, matias ferreira graduates from the police academy. there were no special waivers he passed all of the physical requirements. the 28 road starts this upcoming week.
10:53 am
>> today, the war hero word testosterone pretty easily. i wouldn't call myself a euro. a lot of friends did make it back home. i speak to their families, that the hero, someone who gave up everything they have for others. back to me is really the definition of hero. for me, i'm just an ordinary guy who was given a second chance at life and able to get back to the community and get back to those who helped me really. reporter: matias ferreira says his wife tiffany and 2-year-old daughter are what keep them going. he moved to the u.s. when he was six years old and wanted to serve since then. his colleagues were so inspired by him, they made in class president. >> he not only pass the academy with flying colors, but he was the leader for this recruit class during this process. those characteristics allowed him to achieve those successes
10:54 am
are exactly the characteristics we want in our police officers. >> just two years ago, matias ferreira beta had lied when he saved a baby from a burning vehicle. once a marine, always a marine. leland: one we can be very proud of. right now the marines go through shall we say difficult times. bryan llenas in new york. thank you. what struck me about this is what we were talking about yesterday. a guy lost both legs after serving as a marine, comes back on its rehabilitated, goes up to serve on the police force and he says i'm not a hero, which is the same thing the medal of honor winners that good you do think to yourself, wow, yes you are and all the more so because you say you are not. elizabeth: so much credit to the people surrounding mound. unbelievable. great story. coming up after the break, it gives a whole new meaning.
10:55 am
they look at when police officers fairly risky move. ♪ i want to be a cowboy.
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flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase. elizabeth: lights out in the city that never sleeps. the empire state building went dark for about an hour last night between 9:30 and 10:30, new york joining major cities across the world for earth hour. leland: still looks lit.
10:59 am
elizabeth: it does, but it is not. leland: magic. [laughter] elizabeth: came up with the idea back in 2007 to raise awareness about energy consumption and climate change. i hope that you abided by the rules -- leland: evidently, somebody didn't get the memo. elizabeth: between 9:30 and to 10:30. leland: all right, and now to texas, because we can, and this video's too good to pass up. a police officer in temple, texas, was trying to corral a runaway cow. evidently, that's what police officers in temple, texas, do. he closes the gate there, and then the cow turns around and comes back the other way. that gate didn't do much good, did it? as you might be able to tell. the incident was caught on the officer's dashboard cam. neither the police officer, nor the cow was hurt, although the whereabouts of the cow are still unknown. elizabeth: boy, he booked it out of there quickly -- leland: if i was a cow being chased by the police, that's
11:00 am
what i would. elizabeth: if i were the police officer, i would run that quickly -- leland: it brings a whole new meaning to protect and serve not only the human population, the cows as well. chris wallace, protecting and serving you, the viewer. reince priebus, white house chief of staff, is next. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump suffers a major setback on his first big legislative initiative. what does it mean for the rest of his agenda? ♪ ♪ >> i don't know what else to say other than obamacare is the law of the land. >> bad things are going to happen to obamacare. there's not much you can do to help it. it's imploding and soon will explode. and it's not going to be pretty. chris: we'll discuss prospects for tax reform, trade and immigration as well as mr. trump's image as a dealmaker with white house chief of staff reince priebus. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, congressman jim jordan, founding member of t


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