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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 26, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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to last. dataset for this week show. thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. we will see you right here next week. >> hello and welcome. arthel: hello, eric and everyone. i am arthel neville. the white house shifting gears to tax reform act of the gop health care plans fall short. tree into a manhunt underway after a gunman opened fire inside a crowded nightclub. one doesn't hurt. arthel: please make another rest in a one-day terror attack in london. investigators continue to carry out raids across britain. ♪
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tree into first we start with president trumps in a quiet weekend at the white house after friday's big setback in the health care reform. the trump administration focusing on the future. it could've been the president's first major legislative victory. white house correspondent in the white house with what could come next. hi, kevin. >> hi there, eric. interesting that the white house. the president and paul find getting together and talking about what in the world happened. clearly the president is hoping to move forward and talk about tax reform. after and he's been pulling no punches in calling up members of his own party about friday's fiasco and obamacare. the president treating once again only this time he's taking aim square at conservatives on the gop side. i'm a share part of what the president had to say today. democrats smiling.
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freedom caucus for the club for growth and heritage has saved planned parenthood and obamacare. did you get that? saved planned parenthood and obamacare. that is missing in thing to say here in washington. the truth is he's made no secret of the support of conservative causes in the traditional wing of the gop party. everything from his comments to congress, the grand speech to both houses, to even his supreme court nominee in the president has also been very clear events and difficult lessons about loyalty here in washington now. all of that said, his chief of staff, reince priebus was on "fox news sunday" and is expected he is calling inside the party and outside the party to come together for the good of the country. >> we have one party and the republican party more than the democratic party. they came up with a package the president met with over 120 members of the house. there is more love shown to
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outside groups by the white house. the point is that diverse group of people working, the halls of congress including leadership in congress. i think it's time for our folks to come together. >> time for folks to come together. the president did say he was disappointed by the failure to repeal and replace obamacare on friday. while there's been no shortage of finger pointing, key republicans this afternoon are trying to keep the party and fighting to a minimum. >> it wasn't just conservatives in the haas. when you lose, the chairman of the house appropriations committee the problem is not with specific faction in the house. it's that the bill. >> you can count on tom cotton to get it to you straight. two major questions. one comment is repeal ever going to happen and if it does, what might that look like and i guess
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if i were to throw in a third, how long before we see something like that happen. we'll keep a close eye and a close watch on now. right now they've got work to do. back to you. eric: i guess they are back at first base and see what happens. arthel: meanwhile, president and republican leaders to move on for the repeal repeal failure hoping for better success. tax reform. white house chief of staff reince priebus telling "fox news sunday" the president remains committed to his agenda. >> he's been talking about this agenda his entire life. now more than i've heard the is even more emboldened to stick to his guns and has hired and the things he's laid out to the american people for decades. he's not going to turn this back on its core principles. arthel: caroline shively has
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more. >> the president's tax reform plan would include middle-class tax cuts and border adjustment tax than they think they can get support from conservatives and democrats. it won't be easy. here's a both sides are saying. >> living for the president's vision on lowering taxes for every american will unite not just the republican party but democrats will come onboard as well well if we can provide the biggest middle class tax cuts. >> at the end to proposal the middle class and poor people, and they don't need another tax break. >> is a major blow for republican tax plan. the bill eliminated over a decade. if you got rid of those, what a florid revenue baseline for tax reform. it hoped to make up for the trillion as the border tax on imports. it could cause prices in the u.s. to strike.
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backers say would pay for corporate tax cuts and keep businesses in the u.s. >> we want to make sure there is a level playing field before made in america products here as well as abroad. arthel: commerce and kevin brady says the house ways and means committee will take a tax refund this spring. will make it so simple that nine out of 10 americans could file taxes on a postcard. >> things, caroline. tree into the house intelligence committee asking james comey and director mike rogers to come back. the panel asking for a second briefing, but this one would be behind closed doors. after the public hearing was abruptly canceled. last week it was revealed that the fbi is actively investigating possible collusion and coordination between moscow and president trumps top campaign officials, sent and that they have hidden late tonight.
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garrett tenney joins us with more. reporter: on tuesday the house intelligence committee was scheduled to hear from several officials from the bottom administration including former deputy attorney general sally yates. he believed she could shed additional light on any connection between russia and president trumps national security president michael flynn. during the public hearing, fbi director james comey recognize that there is investigating potential ties between russia and the trump campaign and that is why today on "face the nation," and the white house push to have a hearing canceled in order to avoid another round of bad press. >> it went so poorly for the white house that there was a lot of pushback. the other explanation and plato
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makes sense. that was merely an effort to camouflage the true object here which was the closure for the cancellation of a hearing with sally gates. reporter: on friday, chairman devin nunes said officials was only been delayed and not canceled altogether. after the white house can morning on "fox news sunday," white house chief of staff reince priebus continue to defend the claim that trump tower was wiretapped by president obama despite numerous statements unanimously from the intelligence community, democrats and republicans that there is no evidence to suggest that happen. >> the people in the trump transition were unknowingly surveillance and illegally unmasked on documents, which is what is being alleged out there. i think it's a big problem and ultimately, president trump is
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going to be proven correct. >> the house intelligence committee will meet behind the head of the msi. including former campaign manager paul manafort. we should point out and they are very early on in the stages of the investigation but a lot more to come. eric: that is for sure. thank you. transfer the search is not for anyone connected to a deadly overnight shooting happening in cincinnati. a 27-year-old man is dead and more than a dozen others hurt after several gunmen opened fire inside a crowded nightclub. no arrests have been made yet. investigators say the motive is unclear. mike tobin joins us live from cincinnati with the latest. >> hi there. one is dead and one is clinging to life.
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police say one of the individual shot last night is in extremely critical condition. you could be the number is increasing among number who have a good time. this is an environment that will create dozens of witnesses because they were hundreds of people, 200 people to be specific inside the nightclub when the shots rang out. the challenge is tracking down all the witnesses because as soon as the shots rang out, witnesses scattered in every direction. the one thing that police and the mayor have been clear about what they believe this is a dispute between several individuals they started during the day and spilled over to the night. it was not driven by something larger like terrorism. >> there is no evidence that this was a terrorist attack likely seen in miami. and many other places. however, what difference does it make? they have been terrorized by nsa and victims.
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it is important for everyone to understand that people were just going to have a good time and ended up getting shot. that is totally unacceptable. >> cameo nightclub caters to young crowd, 18 enough most nights. they call it the grown night. there have been shootings in the past. there was a shooting in the club the club did hire off-duty police officers that security staff. they work outside of the club, not inside. there is staff inside the club whose they want to collect into the club. so what is unclear is how the individuals who are part of the gunfire were able to get their guns past that layer security. a man still large and police have identified them. they are not releasing information yet.
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arthel: mike tobin, thank you. eric: please submit a new arrest in last week's deadly terrorist attack on westminster bridge. we are told they now have detained a 30 romance in the central city of birmingham on suspicion of acts of terrorism. 12 arrests of fire. eight of those people have been released without charges. officers have connected cousins of rates in the wake of the attack on wednesday by the radical islamic terrorists, co-lead masood. people continue to place flowers and emotional handwritten notes warning that the four people killed including one american tourist from utah. >> in syria, u.s. forces making headway against isis after storming and seizing most of a military airport held that a
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terrorist, fighting still underway that is the nsaids does expect to be in total control and the next few hours. at the same time, the government launching waves of airstrikes, targeting rebel held areas on several fronts. activists say scores of people have been killed or wounded in serious words weeks. >> meanwhile, al qaeda today has one last bigwig has been taken out by u.s. airstrike. but the pentagon is saying about the radical islamic terrorists responsible to this deadly 2009 attack. arthel: house democrats vowing to filibuster the supreme court nomination. but gop leaders say they would do in return. the white house moving onto tax refund after friday's failure of the republican health care plan. coming up, looking at the challenges that came in the wake
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arthel: after friday's stunning failure of the republican health care bill, the trump administration turning to tax refund of its next big legislative priority saying it may be easier to handle than health care. but others say it could actually be more challenging with obama chaired still the loss of land. let's bring in the chief national correspondent for the "washtington examiner." suzanne, here we go. what level of logical wickets left behind by the failure to pass a health care bill and will it lead to tax reform waters difficult to navigate? >> well, there were two separate issues. there are reasons why tax reform would've been easier. if health care reform had happened. there would've been less of a gap to close it that it happened. but tax reform can you deal with another set of problems. there is the border adjustment tax, which is an essential element of tax reform because it
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would help a for the border wall which was a big promise in trump's campaign. it's not in opposition against. it would be difficult to get complete consensus on not in the house. and even more difficult even more difficult to get and can sense it in the senate. tax reform will be difficult. the last time tax reform was achieved was 1986 and also wholly bipartisan accomplishment. those sides working together to get across the finish line. here we are many years later and the politics have really changed dramatically in washington. it is just so polarized now that everything is getting done over the past decade up until now quite unilaterally. democrats doing upon a care in their republican to make it changes. it's much harder to get big things done. and so with all of that, i would say that tax reform is going to be very difficult.
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it would've been without obamacare repeal and replace failure as we saw last week. but now it's gotten a close look at the difficulty within the republican party assigning consensus over big things. that kind of tells the story about what will happen when they try tax reform in the weeks ahead. arthel: seems like the same thing will happen is what you're saying. i want to share information with you and the viewers that congressman ted at texas part of the freedom caucus is now in effect dropping out of that part of the republican party and he says he wants to be a more effect did member of congress. but as they say to you? does this say even for someone who's normally a hard-line conservative is looking at this, going wait a minute, we are getting to be too extreme, too partisan in our point of view here. the baby step at and think this through and remember we are here for the sake of the people, not for just the politics of it.
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>> right. that's where there could be a connection of what happened with the failure to pass health insurance reform. republicans say they've had a big mess here. they need to get something done or they will be in jeopardy in 2018. that alone may help motivate republicans to unify behind a plan. again, obamacare repeal and replace in some ways it's a harder thing to get done because of the way republicans made promises over the past seven years. tax reform has not been a central of a campaign promise for republicans. there may be more wiggle room amongst our conservative republicans in terms of what they wanted it done. despite what is happening in the house, we are not doing a lot of discussing about the senate and that's where you'll see a big problem because the border adjustment tax is sort of a regional issue. it's an issue where certain senators to be opposed as to what's going on in their state. that is a tough one. we haven't talked about the senate -- because there's so
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many problems in the house. you have to look at the congress in its entirety getting big things done is going to be tough. politics aside, getting across the finish line because of the individual agendas involved, it is something that donald trump may take a lead on. arthel: that's where you want to go with you because in terms of his approach, the president's approach to negotiating tax reform, what is the smart and strategic first up for the president? >> well, he dates a week or so ago he was looking forward to getting past the repeal and replace of the health care law because he wanted to do tax reform which he said was more in his wheelhouse. he will take the lead on this. if you simplify the tax code and also made big promises about the border wall. first thing they have to decide his or they really going to get behind the border adjustment tax? they have to decide what is
1:23 pm
going to be their plan. it's not fully agreed on between the white house and congress. but they are going to go for is rotten in the brace. that's what they've been pushing on is that the president has talked about. they have to come to an agreement amongst themselves. unlike the health care reform effort, the president will take for the lead on that because it is really something is more adept at dealing with than health care reform. arthel: okay, well we will see. i have to leave it there because if i talk to you more camino will keep going and i'm told route of time. we will talk next time, susan ferrechio. eric. eric: we keep kicking off the top terrace. taking out a top leader whose behind the 2000 attack on that hotel in pakistan that killed dozens of people, including two american servicemen.
1:24 pm
here at home they are shaping up for the showdown on capitol hill neil gorsuch, the democrats to filibuster his nomination to push it through. up next, what we can expect. whoa, this thing is crazy.
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tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. eric: at the bottom of the hour, [inaudible] authorities are still investigating the cause of that. arthel: people in arkansas picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through homes in the town north of the state capital, little rock. eric: the las vegas strip has reopened after a tense standoff yesterday. the gunmen opened fire in a bus killing one passenger and wounding another. the suspected shooter taken into custody after he barricaded himself in a bus for more than four hours.
1:29 pm
arthel: the pentagon confirming a u.s. airstrike in afghanistan a week ago killed a well-known al qaeda leader. see responsible for two deadly attacks in pakistan. a 2008 hotel attack that dozens including your service numbers in a bus attack in 2009 that killed ex-police officers and two civilians and wounded six members of a good team. kitty logan joins us live with more. reporter: the pentagon's as the strike took place on march 19th in an area of afghanistan known to be a haven for militants. well known to be linked to al qaeda and the pakistani taliban. he was targeted in the east of afghanistan. that province orders of pakistan and pakistan authorities say they've seen what's killed by a drone strike.
1:30 pm
he was originally from pakistan and the government had offered in $19,000 bounty for him. he is thought to have plotted the 2008 bombing in islamabad that was a massive bomb which killed dozens of people at the hotel. as with international and local people and among the dead were two american service members and several other ministers. yasin with the sri lankan cricket team. it highlights the crucial role the u.s. continues to play in that region. there are still a thousand or hundred u.s. troops in afghanistan. many are in training and advisory roles, but the pentagon is thought to be considering sending more u.s. forces. the country continues to be in favor of frequent insurgent attacks. u.s. defense secretary illustrates how important is to bring people to justice and many
1:31 pm
more hiding out in the same area of afghanistan. arthel: kitty logan, thank you. eric: a showdown on capitol hill a top democrats bowing to filibuster supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. republican leaders such as lindsey graham of the judiciary committee. if a message for him. >> if you can't find the courage to vote to give this man 60 votes, we cannot find a better person for you to vote on as a republican, then you are letting the senate traditions go away. you are getting into political demagoguery. you are letting the country down. if i had to change the rules to put this man on the supreme court, i will. eric: but they have fixed it? the latest senior fellow in constitutional studies at the cato institute. editor in chief of the cato supreme court. welcome. what is your prediction for
1:32 pm
senator schumer and with the republicans go nuclear? >> lindsey graham is telling that he is hanging that if dems filibuster, they will go nuclear and will remove that possibility and reestablish the senate tradition and history that you don't love us or nominees. there were no filibusters of judicial nominees until harry reid darted doing it to george w. bush in 2003, 2004. that ended with the gang of 14. seven republicans in the seven democrats. only a few in the senate and lindsey graham is one. they made a deal whereby they would cede half a dozen of russia's judges and not go nuclear at the time. harry reid eventually did removing the filibuster a decade later for lower court nominees. and lindsey graham is absolutely right that if neil gorsuch can't get an up and down vote or support from democrats, then nobody can. what chuck schumer is
1:33 pm
essentially saying is the republican nominee to the supreme court if any democratic support. eric: what you think that'll mean? >> first of all the filibuster will be removed. the next vacancy which would change the direction of the court because we are talking about replacing justice ginsburg or justice kennedy. it would move perceptibly to the right, whereas this is maintaining the status quo in the democrats will not be able to attack that at all. in the long run, this is a good thing. as i said, until 15 years ago, nobody had ever tried to filibuster judicial nominees. nothing to do with the legislative filibuster. for nominees it is rice they kidnap or down vote. >> republicans are trying to target the senators. the times states that president trump. one is west virginia looking
1:34 pm
right at joe mansion who rescued from conservatives. here's what vice president mike pence said about that. >> if we can get the help of senator joe manchin and the help of shelley moore cap ago, judge gorsuch will soon become just as in the rule of law will be better for it. eric: what is your prediction on manchin? well, manchin will be vote not to filibuster. he is likely to buck chuck schumer. schumer is putting his is in a tough position. he mentioned in 10 states democrats are up for reelection. there are advertising glitches in indiana and north dakota, not just west virginia, montana. schumer doesn't need all of them to vote with him.
1:35 pm
48 democrats is on its 41 vote to filibuster. that counts as a filibuster. he is between a rock and a hard place. the democratic base is out for blood and has demonstrated outside of schumer summoned her claim. it is a lose-lose for the democrats. they don't have any leverage, but it's a shame this is what it's come to. gorsuch at the end of the day for justice or judge and yet, let harris, former attorney general for not former attorney general from that state says she's against him because he's too much into legalisms. if judges are faulted for being too much into legalisms, i don't think legislators know the proper role of the judges. eric: i thought that's what they're supposed to do? meanwhile, as he mentioned the way he did during her reign, one thing from the "washington post," the way they described. a state judge gorsuch was just as elusive.
1:36 pm
gorsuch displayed at the eagle scout and the plight of someone who is a government lawyer and a thank you note for. the military officials given a tour of the facility in cuba. he was deep into it with one democratic contributor, gorsuch took time to be trained all. his demeanor was calm, seem to be fair, very polite. does that when the day? how do you think he did in terms of major positions? the mackie executed the playbook that are going nuts about for the last 25, 30 years. you talk a lot and don't pay very much. he doesn't take firm positions on areas of lower cases at all. there was a funny moment when he was asked by senator flake whether he would prefer to fight a horse sized up for 100 duck sized horses. did not take a firm position on that either. look, what you read is right.
1:37 pm
he showed a very scholarly and polite demeanor, showed that he was brilliant, out matching the senator certainly in terms of intellect, but evading taking any potentially controversial stance as all the nominees have done in the past. certainly no red flags. if you really want to evaluate him, he's been on 2700 cases, but 700, 800 opinions. plenty for lawyers to dig into and the democrats at the end of the day were just grasping at straws. this is kind of a kabuki theater exercise. although people could learn about different areas of law. eric: quickly come your prediction. >> you will be confirmed one way or another. mitch mcconnell has been saying doubletime schumer is going to filibuster. i'll probably have enough votes to do that, which means that, we'll get rid of the filibuster going forward. eric: thank you so much for your insight. we'll get back to you if that confirmation goes through.
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arthel: well, eric, officials telling fox news north korea is in the final stages of preparing for another nuclear test involving upgraded weaponry. how soon could this happen? our asia expert wayne and i'm not. plus, who police say is responsible. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her mobile wedding business. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles. she categorizes with a swipe and is ready for tax time. find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com. when someone told me i had colon cancer. we had the follow up, cat scan which showed that it had gone to her liver.
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today, it's the dawn of a new lawn. that's because new roundup for lawns has arrived. finally, there's a roundup made just for your lawn,
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so you can put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. draw the line. with roundup for lawns, there is no better way to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming a single blade of grass. it's a great day to be a lawn. draw the line with roundup for lawns. and for weeds in other spaces, turn to roundup weed & grass killer products. arthel: u.s. and south korean officials say they believe north korea is ready at any time to have this new layout rated not nuclear weapons that could be more powerful in the past. armor armory as chief of staff and fox news military analyst general jack keane said president trump is the military option back on the table. >> what i mean by that is the preemptive strike to launch facility said they would not launch a missile and we would have missile defense to shoot it
1:43 pm
down, but also may say. that is different. i believe they believe us. the chinese agree is and that he will not let them shoot a missile at the united states. arthel: more in this ongoing crisis in asia expert and nuclear takes on the world and you wrote this book in 2006 this is nothing new but this conundrum there for north korea. talking to you before the segment ended singing what is that and the military option is back on the table? >> it has always been on the table and always will be on the table and should be there. nonetheless, it is always a last option for us. the reason is there a 25 million south koreans south koreans who live in the capital which is about dirty to 35 knots from the demilitarized zone which is separates the koreas. the north korean army, the fourth-largest in the world.
1:44 pm
about 70% is forward deployed on it. they've got high explosives, chemical and nerve agents, biological weapons and nukes. the cache that is in the first hour would be horrendous. arthel: said this nuclear option -- the military option has always been on the table. the difference now is the administration is talking about it. if it's been there, kim jong who has not been listening. >> we have a new administration, one that is willing to use force in north korea has put us in position where they are much closer to being able to launch on the united states. we know kim jong un has a much bigger risk. his own family members, his older half-brother in the middle of last month. there also is the execution of five people from the ministry of state security. the minister of state security
1:45 pm
was demoted at the end of january and there all sorts of other signs of problems in the regime. that means kim jong un is very little to lose. arthel: china is north korea's lifeline. so to get china to put pressure on kim jong un, when you think about the u.s. but in economic sanctions on china? >> i think we have to do that because that the only tactic we haven't used over the last 20 to 30 years. secretary of state on his most recent trip to asia talked about how our policy has failed over the course of two decades and clearly it has. we need to put china into a box and if nothing else, regardless what we think about north korean policy, and chinese banks are involved in violating u.s. money laundering laws. we need to enforce their own laws regardless of what we think about north korea. arthel: as you know opposing us economic sanctions on china, and
1:46 pm
he was doing that, how effective would that really be and does the u.s. have a financial freedom to enforce economic sanctions on china indefinitely. >> i think we can. the reason is putting sanctions on chinese eggs, basically unplugging them from the global financial system could clearly wrought global markets. on the other hand, for the first time since 1994 we were serious about protecting the american homeland. the others in a would do is cripple north korea's proliferation networks because they sell this stuff to iran. iran is north korea's something like 2.5 to $3 billion year for missiles and nukes and god knows what else. we haven't done that. arthel: brush is another ally of north korea. they don't like kim jong un playing with this nukes. however, they don't want to put the pressure on him to stop it because i imposing economic sanctions on north korea, the
1:47 pm
north korea economy collapses, north korea gets absorbed by south korea and suddenly a u.s. ally on the border with mainland china. >> the other thing is moscow and beijing views the u.s. as they are adversary. although the united states wants to do something which is ultimately in their long-term interest, nonetheless are not going to do it. from beijing's perspective, every time they do something provocative, and it distracts us of cyberattacks from the south china sea, trade policy and every time we do this, we send her secretary of state to beijing to plead for chinese cooperation which is that the obama administration did with john kerry but we did now with trump that name tillerson. arthel: tillerson said we weren't speaking hours before, but i'm telling you the military option is on the table. is that the difference? baffled way? eric: may be. we will find out because xi
1:48 pm
zinping goes to miss the big showdown between the united states. arthel: how effective can it be? i believe you said 1984 is the last time the u.s. imposed economic sanctions on china. 8494? the point is that the long time ago. there you go. the point is, gordon, that was a long time ago. since then, china has invested in the u.s. substantially. so how does that change the picture? >> in a way it does, but a lot of the investment to the u.s.'s flight capital. people taking money out of china because they don't have confidence in a fragile economy right now, which means donald trump can reach across the table to xi zinping, poke them in the type that you do anything in a pitcher economy over the edge. we have the power to do that. but another political will, but
1:49 pm
because china supporting north korea, that's a mortal threat. [inaudible] we will leave it there. always nice to talk to you. thank you. eric: well, uber had a crash in north carolina. we will tell you about the vet who lost both legs during a tour in afghanistan. he's got a new job protecting us. the inspiring story up next. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, slice it right. from the makers of lantus®, ♪ we're gonna groove tonight. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is used to control high blood sugar in adults
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eric: well, except then headed up the road. not suspending a pilot program for driverless cars that are discretionary zone. the latest incident that involves the self driven vehicles. several companies have been testing them on the roads. more from the west coast region. trade cave bear, erica at the crash happened friday in tempe where uber was test driving a self driving volvo suv. uber has confirmed to us that the car was driving itself when another car failed to yield and hit the volvo document on it side. nobody was hurt in the accident and while the crash was not uber thought it did cause the company
1:54 pm
to suspend self driving cars in arizona, pittsburgh and send it to her for the time being. uber has shifted itself driving test cars to arizona because governor doug ducey has been a big proponent of technology and the same regulations. the accident also comes as a number of companies are racing to get the self driving cars on the market. uber google, ford motor cintas are all running tests on the roads right now. the self driving test that was killed last year after he was hit by a tractor-trailer. other potential form of futuristic travel has come a long way, and experts say there are still major state the concerns moving forward. >> a deer if you remove the driver calmly remove driver error. there were several defects to the theory. first of all, the automation has to work. louisville save? reporter: cars predict a task
1:55 pm
difficult at times for everyone, even when we are paying the best of attention. eric: can maybe defend the drivers? thanks.lp we'll be right back. and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase. ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors.
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mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. working as a machine gunner while in the military and he was injured in 2011 bya roadside bomb . both of his legs had to be amputated below the knees.
1:59 pm
with prosthetics, he learned to walk again. in just three months, on friday he accomplished another goal by graduating from the sussex county police academy in new york. >> that word hero is tossed around pretty easily. i would not call myself a hero. i didn't have a lotof friends that made it back home and when i spoke to the family , someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice and everything they have for others. that to me is a definition of a hero. to me i'm just your ordinary guy given a second chance at life. able to give back to the community and give back to those who help me. >> they made him class president and he is believed to be the nation's first full-time double amputee police officer. thank you. >> congratulations. you could call it an exercise of classical art. they offer yoga classes and
2:00 pm
the latest exhibition included in the price. the yoga instructor spotted something similar well they visited new york city. decided to bring this practice to europe and themuseum's hopes it will attract more visitors so you can do yoga. look at the art. >> we will see you in one hour, we hope . see you then. >> smelters, you process that dry alumina powder into liquid aluminum. the smelters aluminum smelters, big aluminum smelters giant aluminum smelters. he started sleeping at his smelters, sabotage and his smelters. a very brutal start by sleeping in the smelters. wragg like i always say whoever smelt it. [applause]


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