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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 29, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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couch. >> harris: i don't want to leave the couch either."outnumbered" click on the overtime tab to watch us pop up also on facebook live outnumbered on fnc. great to watch you this >> fox news alert, we are awaiting information on the congressional investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 2016 election. speesecond the top democrat and republican on the senate intelligence committee are said to address that media 90 minutes from now. recovering out of the news, this is speethirty. more democrats now are stopping this up in court nominee, with this because a showdown over neil gorsuch in senate? in the white house expected to overturn internet privacy laws put in place by president obama. how that could affect you. plus... >> it was a big boom, and i thought it was a clap of thunder.
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>> eric: deadly soup vere weather across the southern plains, where the storms are he8 hours, it is all happening now. the 3 >> we begin with a fox news alert from capitol hill where battles are brewing over the investigation into russian meddling into our presidential election. and over president trump's supreme court nominee, judge neil gorsuch. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am melissa francis in today for jenna lee. >> eric: hello, melissa. good to see you again, i am eric shawn in for jon scott today. the senate intelligence committee is meeting within the next hour to discuss their ongoing probe of russia. this as calls are increasing for house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes to step aside from reading that investigation into the alleged ties between the trump campaign officials in russia. meanwhile, more than half the senate democrats also now planned to vote no on judge gorsuch's supreme court nomination. that is setting up possible showdown in the senate that they
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say could go, as they call it, nuclear. fox news team live coverage from capitol hill, peter doocy has the latest from the judge nomination and prospects in the senate, but first we will begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live outside the office of ricky democrat of the intelligence committee adam schiff who has been very critical of the chairman devin nunes for his refusal not to step aside from this investigation. mike come you track down congressman nunes this morning, what did he have to say about the controversy? >> as we await an update from the bipartisan senate investigation into russian meddling, i can tell you the situation on the house side is intense. we did catch up with chairman nunes earlier today with democrats calling for him to recuse himself from the russian meddling investigation. nunes fired back, saying democrats are not being serious. >> we have no idea even who they want to interview. as far as i know, they have not
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looked through the documents that were provided to them, so at the end of the day, we will get to the truth and find out who is actually doing a real investigation, and you will find out that we are very much pursuing the investigation and have been for a long time. >> the chairman of the committee told me that the house intelligence committee is going to go forward with its investigation with or without the democrats. >> eric: how would democrats react to that potential threat? >> it is very tense. i am outside the office of california congressman adam schiff, top democrat on the house intelligence committee. he has refused to go on camera so far, but we did get a statement from a committee spokesman saying "the minority democrats have made a list of witnesses to the majority yesterday, a list of witnesses -- the list represents only the first of many witnesses we believe should be called to testify. additionally, the minority proposed days ago that two hearings be scheduled for next
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week, both a closed hearing with comey and rogers in an open hearing with sally yates, james clapper and brennan that had been previously agreed to by both parties and canceled abruptly by the chairman." we have yet to receive a response p it's a situation on the house as we look ahead to an update from the senate, republican and democrats bipartisan leaders on their investigation on the senate sid side. >> eric: thank you so much. we will keep tabs on what the senate does here on the fox news channel about an hour from now. >> melissa: republicans on the senate judiciary committee holding a news conference on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. as senate minority leader chuck schumer says democrats will filibuster the nomination. while the senate's top republican, mitch mcconnell, says he is confident that judge gorsuch will be confirmed, but
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republicans may have to go nuclear to push corsets through peter doocy is live on capitol hill with mark, sounds a big fight. >> big fight, and there is not a democratic senator who does not think his democratic colleagues should hold up the nomination with a filibuster, but he also does not think the republicans should be threatening a nuclear option anymore. the reason that is significant is because this democratic senator, joe manchin from west virginia, is still undecided about how he is going to vote on gorsuch's confirmation. >> if the republicans take off i'm going to do the nuclear option because harry reid did it. harry reid was wrong, what he did was absolutely dead wrong. i have said that, and i'm the only one still standing as a democrat that voted against what he did. but two wrongs do not make a right and my republican friends and colleagues take that off the table, maybe it would move the process and bring us together. >> the republican leadership is no longer really trying to court
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democratic votes for gorsuch, though. if all their members vote for gorsuch and the nuclear option is used, he is going to be the newest supreme court justice. >> we are going to get judge gorsuch confirmed. it will be an opportunity for the democrats to invoke cloture, and we will see where that ends. this is a democratic leader who will be out here shortly that says we will not get cloture. so that is a good question to ask him. it will be really up to them how the process to confirm judge gorsuch goes forward. >> very few republican senators are excited about using the nuclear option because they know it will set a precedent that could be used against them if democrats retake the majority in the upper chamber, but that said, they are all on board with the republican aim because they really want to put a conservative on the
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supreme court. >> melissa: do you have any sense, are there any others like joe manchin or is he alone that might cross over and vote? >> so far, the one everyone had an eye on where the democratic senators and there are a handful who are up for reelection in 2018 and states that president trump won last november, so there are a handful of democrats who still have not made their intentions known, but just a few minutes ago on the s, senator ted cruz was at a press conference talking about this, and he said he thinks all democrats are scared of liberal activist groups basically jumping on any kind of support for a republican president's nominee and pipe marrying them from the left, so essentially what republicans think including senator ted cruz, one of gorsuch's biggest backers here in the senate is that the reason democrats do not want to say anything, don't want to make it seem like they are even considering supporting president trump's nominee is because they don't want someone
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more liberal than them to get all of the outside money and challenge them in a year and a half. >> melissa: they are probably right to be afraid of that. peter doocy, thank you. >> eric: fox news weather alert for you, this app could see even more dangerous weather this afternoon and the coming days. that possibility comes after tornadoes and hail storms, look at that, destroyed homes in texas and oklahoma yesterday. and those storms are also blamed for at least four deaths including the tragedy here. three storm chasers, two of whom were reporting for the weather channel, were tragically killed after their vehicles collided in west texas. chief meteorologist rick reich to move his live, such as that y about the storm teachers, heart rendering, but what is the forecast? >> they provide such a good service for us getting real time weather information to say people's lives, and it is a big loss in the meteorological community.
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i will tell you these three bars, april, may, june are the biggest activity for tornado season throughout the year. we are a toward the beginning of april so we are ramping up. we already had a really active year so far, typically about 150 tornado so far, we have had almost 400 including these tornadoes we saw yesterday all part of this broader system, a very active weather pattern that is pretty typical for this time of year, but you get an idea right here, the cold air behind her bringing the snow across parts of new mexico and colorado then a lot of energy here as the storm breaks and slowly pulls off toward the eats. because of that, it just moves a little bit further up toward the east, enhanced thread anywhere you see this orange and parts of southern missouri all the way down to where the central gold coast, but the target for tornadoes is where you see this hatched area, and that is where they are calling for a 10% chance or greater with eft or ef five, large tornado which means within 25-mile points of right here. that is where our threat here
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is, and tomorrow is even increased as the same system pulls more toward the use of the central mississippi river valley, parts of kentucky, tennessee down toward mississippi we could be looking at a threat for some pretty large tornadoes here enter tomorrow. friday it moves off toward the east and expected to be at least a week or threat for the day on friday, tomorrow is likely the biggest one but also today across parts of arkansas. the active pattern we are set up for, and get ready because this is what we will be dealing with the next few months. >> eric: so dangerous that people have to be on the lookout. thank you. >> melissa: mayors from across the country are holding a key meeting on sanctuary cities after the attorney general threatened to withhold federal funds from cities. if they defy the u.s. immigration laws, we are live with that story coming up. plus the house investigation into russian runs into a roadblock as pressure mounts for the committee chairman to recuse himself from the probe. karl rove joins us next with his thoughts.
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>> melissa: fox news alert for you, just over an hour from now, leaders of the senate intelligence committee said to update reporters on their investigation into russia's interference in our election while the same investigation by the house intelligence committee grinds to a halt after several hearings are canceled. joining me now is karl rove, senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. he is a fox news contributor. great to have you on. from this vantage point, feels like a circus over this. what is your take? >> i think it is on the house side unfortunately. a minor misstep by nunes, but the democrats are highly partisan on this committee, and i think it is becoming increasingly clear that if we are going to have a congressional investigation, it's going to have to be conducted by the senate which has a strong working relationship between the
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republican chairman richard burr of north carolina and the ranking democrat mark warner of virginia, and these two men appeared to be committed to a bipartisan, low-key, thorough, exhaustive search into these questions and not as we have seen in the house with headlines being batted back and forth by the two parties. >> melissa: it is hard to make sense of what is going on, of course, that is the main problem. but based on what you have seen flyby, what do you think is going on? >> i think devin nunes, chairman of the committee wants to have the next hearing be the hearing that is off the record in closed session with comey, the head of the fbi, and rogers, head of the national security agency. and until that happens, which appears to be there is some reluctance by the two principals to come back quickly in a private session, they want to get fully briefed. until that happens, he doesn't want other things to go on. he thinks that is the body of
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information that should inform both the majority and minority on the committee, in the democrats are immediately jumping into it. i thought that the attorney for former acting attorney general sally yates, in obama appointee, i thought her attorney was irresponsible by alleging that the trump white house was the reason why that hearing was canceled, in the trump white house said we have no problem at all with this hearing paired i thought that was an example of how partisan this has become. >> melissa: it is crazy because those were reports that were everywhere. they were imprinted in washington then you saw sean spicer yesterday and the last hour's saying absolutely 100% not true, please go testify. what do you think is going on with director comey? there is word coming out of the house committee that they do not feel like the fbi is cooperating the way they should. do you think that is fair, does it feel like it? >> i have a view of comey that he is a little bit of a hot dog
10:17 am
and we may be seeing a hot dog comey right now because i understand if they said, we are willing to appear, but give us, comey and rogers time to prepare, but it just looks like comey is trying to say, you know what? i'm not going to be responding to congress and the session, i don't know. but here's the deal. the fact of the matter is there is no rush to get this thing done if it is a matter of wait a couple days until the closed session with comey and rogers, then the majority and minority ought to be content to do that. the fact that the minority is throwing off all this chaff and saying these things -- i thought this was a great comment by adam schiff who i thought at the beginning, i don't trust him, i had personal experience with him that leads me to distrust him, but i thought he's trying to be an adult, but as time has gone on time he's gone to be less of a political adult. this was his response to the sally yates attorney. "whether the white house desire
10:18 am
to avoid a public claim of executor privilege to keep her from providing the full truth on the decision to cancel today's hearing, we do not know." he gets to lay out the charge and say, but we don't know. that is the kind of game that i expected from adam schiff at the beginning. he was trying to be an adult, now he is into this kind of partisanship. >> melissa: it is like thank you for coming on whether or not you murdered ten people in the last hour, we don't know. >> by the melissa francis to cheat at poker, we don't know. >> melissa: , now, that is serious. karl rove, thank you for coming on. >> eric: melissa would never cheat at poker or scrabble. but have you heard this story coming up? federal authorities, you know they are cracking down on illegal immigrants but now we're told one democratic lawmaker in one state is appellee trying to undermine these efforts. what she has been posting on facebook ahead. plus see more progress in the battle to defeat isis, coming up, we will tell you where the
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10:23 am
the fight has moved into the old city where the streets are smaller, civilians or pectin, and isis very much using them as human shields. but on the 17th of march, a tragic error as a coalition air strike is said to have killed over 200 civilians. the u.s. has now opened an investigation and concluded that while it was indeed a coalition bomb, isis made it far worse by forcing civilians into that building, placing fighters on the roof and booby trapping it to ensure mass casualties. it is another reminder that it is civilians in the middle of this increasingly bloodied battle. the battle for mosul is now being fought house to house, and isis has spent two and a half years preparing their defenses, booby-traps, snipers, tunnels. those who consider escaping the city phase being killed by isis, those who say the next day face being killed by isis. in the air, helicopters providing much of that coverage as opposed to high-altitude bombers and now forces are moving ever closer to the next main target, the famous mosque
10:24 am
from where isis leader first declared the caliphate. in other disturbing news, a video released by isis shows children armed with weapons training to clear houses using life targets. we cannot show all of the scenes, safe to say at the end, the children execute bound men. isis from their very inception have been brainwashing children, training them how to kill. one of the great worries now as a whole generation of iraqis knows nothing but the brutality of the terror group. moving forward, surely that will be another major concern. >> melissa: thank you for that report. >> eric: new information on isis and the danger it may posted one of our nato allies. after we just heard from benjamin about the progress in retaking mosul from the terrorist group, a new report finds that the islamic state is gaining a foothold in turkey. as you know, a key nato ally. secretary of state rex tillerson heads to that country today and counter terrorism and taking the fight to the radical islamic
10:25 am
terrorists expected to be top of his agenda. john chandra joins us now, co-authored the report on turkey and also the vice president of research at the foundation for the defense of democracy, former terrorism analyst with the treasury department. first of all, what you will outlined in your report is alarming, nato ally with 30 terrorist attacks killing people and you say that turkey has a substantial threat by isis to that country. so what is the result for us? >> the result is that we are seeing a key muslim country that has served as a buffer against terrorists, against isis that appears to be eroding. i believe that really this is the result of disastrous policies carried out by the recep erdogan government, the current one in turkey. they tried to topple in syria by allowing jihadist pluralist to cross their border and in so doing for many years, they
10:26 am
allowed isis to essentially nestle into turkish society and over the last three years or so, we have seen a significant uptick in isis activity including attacks against this crucial nato ally. >> eric: you mentioned the president, he had an open door, it was an open gate to islamic recruits, the fighters just flood right over his border and basically they did not do anything. remember a couple years ago when the turkish tanks just sat on the border like bystanders. let me read a comment about that from your report. you said "since the beginning of the syrian civil war, turkeys indifference toward and even tacit support for islamic state and other jihadist pluralist has alarmed its western allies chiefly the united states may nonetheless, they allowed the iis and other islamic groups to establish themselves in istanbul and in carteret and other turkish cities, and their online presence in turkey is growing and social media has become the top recruiting platform and
10:27 am
other tech savvy extremist groups in turkey have imposed draconian media laws, that crackdown on jihadist pluralist remains relatively meek." if they are not doing enough, this blowback certainly has and will continue to hurt them. >> that is right and what we have seen in the 81 provinces across turkey has been counterterrorism actions taken in 54 of them, so we are releasing more than half of the territory across turkey that has been infiltrated by isis to some extent. they have been something like 1300 arrests, but this is really that shocking figure is that only seven convictions have come out of those 1300. you have that online problem that we mentioned in the report. the ongoing isis activity and then the turkish government cracking down instead of against isis, they are cracking down on their own political dissident in a very flat political environment. >> eric: so finally rex tillerson will be in turkey,
10:28 am
meeting government officials, what can we do, what can he say, what steps can be taken to push back the islamic state? >> the key is to offer the turks a range of u.s. support. we can't help crackdown on the online recruitment, we can ensure that the turks have better security on its border. we need to really have the turks take care of their kurdish problems, we think that has probably been detracting from some of the counterterrorism activities that they should be involved in. if we see that the turks are not interested in cracking down on isis the way we suggest, that i think we need to make it clear that we are willing to downgrade the relationship. we don't want to lose this relationship, but we need to renegotiate the terms because this is such a crucial nato ally and they are really falling down on the job. >> eric: they certainly have not done enough. thank you very much. i want to tell our viewers for more information, just go to the foundation for defense of democracy's website, download and read the whole report and it
10:29 am
is worthy reading as we fight and faced radical islamic terrorism. thank you. >> melissa: a democratic lawmaker in one state sparking outrage by tipping off illegal immigrants to federal raids, even violent criminals. did she break any laws? plus the government is about to get internet privacy protections and allow service providers to sell your personal information without your consent. why our next guest says get ready for the wild, wild west in the legal arena. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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always be you. >> eric: so how would you like your internet provider to know and keep track of every site you visit on the web? not only that, but sell that information to target you for online ads? companies have been barred from doing that by now lawmakers are sending the president legislation that blocks those online privacy regulations, opening the internet service providers to get your browser history. most reporters say the internet regulations need to be lifted and are too restrictive, but opponents slammed this calling it an invasion of our privacy. brian claypool is a defense attorney and former prosecutor, philip is the founder of the law group and a former prosecutor and police officer who was a general in the u.s. navy, welcome. brian, let me start with you appeared what are they going to do and what does it mean to us when we are on the web? >> first of all, i am a trump
10:34 am
supporter, but i believe civil rights, i've been a civil rights attorney for over 12 years now appeared i will tell you this loss drips the average consumer of privacy right guaranteed under the state and federal constitution. not only does it do that, but we have to look at the implications of this law as it relates to the civil court system and the criminal court system. let me give you two quick examples. in a civil court, let's say you have a custody battle going on right you have a family law matter going on in the wife since a subpoena over to at&t or verizon rising and says give me the browsing history of my husband. guess what? he's not going to be able to fight that anymore because his privacy rights are gutted. similarly in a criminal system, let's say a woman has been missing for a week and the husband is a suspect but there is no real evidence on him yet. the prosecutor can't usurp or bypass getting a search warrant and simply send a subpoena now
10:35 am
over to at&t and verizon and say, let me get this young man's browsing history and lo and behold, if there's something on that browser that says, i am researching how to clean up a crime scene, then that guy is toast. this will be chaos in the court system, in this will be the wild, wild west in a courtroom. >> eric: what about the broader issue? they are too many regulations, this opens up the providers just to use this information to target us for ads and bolster their profits in this way. >> here's the problem. when you go to someplace like facebook or you go to google, you're giving them that information voluntarily. but when you have only one or maybe two internet service providers to choose from like is the case where i live, then every single thing that you do is the property that of the internet service provider, and they can take it and then sell it to god knows who to do who knows what with.
10:36 am
when we have a limited marketplace like we do in terms of internet service providers, reasonable regulations are necessary. i am generally a person who says, let's get away from unnecessary government regulation. i like deregulating things, but there are times when you have companies like these large internet service providers that have so much market power, reasonable regulations are necessary. i am really surprised that congress has done this. i wish the president had indicated he would not sign the bill, but fortunately i believe he will. >> eric: why would congress do this? they know about our apps, the sites we visit, our location, they could even get our social security numbers and get right to our browsing history for these commercial purposes. >> why they would do it i have no idea because it doesn't make sense. i think conservatives, liberals, people in the middle, the average person on the street does not even know really that this legislation has passed or that the president is going to sign it. i think once that public learns
10:37 am
what has happened, i suspect there's going to be quite a bit of outrage from across the entire spectrum of society. >> eric: what about that? the supporters say it is just a business thing, but do you want your browsing history to be out there and sold? not that i do anything wrong. >> i just joined bumble so maybe that is not a good idea for me. listen, the bottom line here is that the congress and president trump have said this promotes innovation. that is the reason behind this. i don't see a nexus behind this bill of guiding privacy rights on the internet and innovation. second, i've already had my law firm website hacked twice in the last six months. can you imagine in the future how easy it is going to be for hackers now with your information being sold to folks we don't even know about. this is going to create chaos in terms of the average citizen. for example, identity theft. isn't this going to promote and
10:38 am
facilitate for example identity theft? then you get into issues of how you even enforce this. how do you as a consumer know what to do if your privacy rights are violated? who do you sue? at&t then they have immunity? >> eric: you don't hear right now you would think there is some level of privacy, but apparently this will strip that away. we will see, and let our viewers to decide and react to the members of congress and elsewhere as this continues. thank you, we will keep track of this. >> melissa: new information in the century city debate as it heats up and homeland security secretary john kelly just wrapped up a meeting with big-city mayors in washington today on the heels of a justice department warning to pull federal funds from local governments that do not comply with federal immigration laws. doug mckelway joins me now from washington come you have had a busy day, what now? >> i have paired policy announced monday by attorney general jeff sessions
10:39 am
to crack down on these sanctuary cities by depriving them of a federal grant money. if it has done anything, it has just confused a lot of state and local officials. to clear up some of that confusion, the u.s. congress and mayors had a closed-door meeting at a washington hotel this money. secretary kelly was at the meeting without speaking to the press but before the feds can start stationary -- sanctioning six raid jurisdictions, they have to define what sanctuary is in that apparently appears not to exist. mayors say their definition is very different from the federal government. >> to be clear, somebody that is in this country undocumented and has committed a civil violation, not a criminal violation, but a civil violation. aunt our police, local law enforcement personnel, their job is to go out and apprehend people who are violating or suspected of violating criminal law.
10:40 am
>> take for example the rockville, maryland, which welcomes people who come to the u.s. without documentation but denies that policy violates federal immigration law. >> a misperception has been circulated questioning whether rockville complies with federal law. absolutely, we do. >> a spokesman for dhs secretary kelly said that the dhs has not made any decisions on withdrawing grant money to local jurisdictions that it deems to be in violation until a clear definition of sanctuary is reached. austin, texas,'s mayor says he hopes that happens quickly. >> i think ultimately these questions are going to go but 3 before the supreme court and i hope they get into those forms s quickly as possible because the uncertainty and anxiety associated with what is happening right now, the confusion associated with what is happening right now is undermining public safety. >> some suggest that attorney general sessions appearance monday announcing the
10:41 am
policy was premature, giving enforcement and penalty have yet to be decided. other people say the early heads-up gives local jurisdictions some time to adjust. we will see how it all works out. >> melissa: very interesting, thank you. >> eric: right now a democratic lawmaker in massachusetts is setting up a firestorm of controversy for tipping off illegal immigrants in her district to pending rates by immigration officers. joining us now from brockville massachusetts outside boston where that warning went out, hello. >> that is right, a state lawmaker here in massachusetts is facing considerable backlash after posting on her facebook page essentially a warning to undocumented immigrants here in this community against -- about a rumored immigration raid here expected in the city. state representative michelle dubois, a democrat as you mention from boston, published this yesterday claiming she got word from a friend in the latin community that u.s. immigration and customs enforcement would be in the city today.
10:42 am
she advised that if you are undocumented, don't go out on the streets. if there's a knock on the door of your house and you do not know who it is, don't open the door. i ask you to be careful. she has pushed back against any notion that she has gone too fa far. >> the issue is spreading a rumor. >> i do not, is information in my community. >> do you see how this could be fearmongering if you did not have it confirmed? >> no. >> why not? >> i just don't. >> local and federal law enforcement were quick to denounce her actions including the sheriff of bristol county known for its hard-line stance on illegal immigration. the sheriff just testified before congress on capitol hill calling for the leaders of so-called sanctuary cities to be arrested, believes that she betrayed her constituents. >> to have chosen consciously to violate her oath and put more interest in protecting illegals, certainly criminal illegals if
10:43 am
i.c.e. were involved in this initiative over the safety of her citizens, to put her there, she needs to step down. >> a spokesman for i.c.e. release to this statement denying that they conduct raids writing to any person actively incites panic or fear of law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community endangering public safety and the very people they claim to support and represent. others argue she may have violated the law or interfere with law enforcement and while she is getting some support from local immigration activists, others have said her facebook post is a shortsighted and counterproductive. >> eric: thank you so much. >> melissa: signed, sealed, and delivered, great britain is officially serving the european union with divorce papers today. but the pet forward post brexit is anything but clear. we are live in london. aunt ivy league schools raking in billions of dollars despite having ample resources, so where is all of that cash going?
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what a new report reveals. ♪
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>> melissa: just income a former aide to new jersey governor chris christie sentenced to two years behind bars for his role in the so called bridge gate scandal. bill was found guilty of wire fraud and conspiracy among other charges after it was found he ignored pleas from the mayor of fort lee, new jersey, to ease major traffic issues on the george washington bridge during a four day period in 2015. another former chris christie aide will be sentenced a short time from now. a star government witness testified that they decide to retaliate against the mayor who was a democrat for not endorsing chris christie's reelection bid.
10:48 am
>> eric: overseas, there is no coming back now. great britain officially filing for divorce from the european union. sending a letter to e.u. officials informing them that the u.k. plans to leave the multi-nation block after voters narrowly approved that brexit referendum last summer. what happens next, though, is something else. senior foreign affairs correspondent joins us with the latest live from london. >> you're absolutely right on target and looking a bit like rocky territory already just a couple hours since the admission of the leaving of the eq was made 44 years after joining, 60 years after the formation of the body and the u.k. has formally started to leave the e.u. prime minister teresa may make it official with the british exit or brexit e.u., that was approved in a referendum nine months ago. european council president donald task getting that dear john or dear don letter earlier
10:49 am
today. he said it was not a happy day for the e.u. they will be missed. in fact, triggering the treaties article 50 only starts the process that will last at least two years, but to cut all ties with europe and maybe make some new ones again, there are signs this is going to take longer. here is a bit of what prime minister mae said today in parliament. >> this is a historic moment for which there can be no turning back. britain is leaving the european union. we are going to make our own decisions and our own laws. >> regaining control of immigration from the brussels e.u. headquarters plus escaping e.u. regulations was key for the brits who voted for leaving, keeping open trade links with a very important european customer is hoped for, but again and just the past couple hours, we are seeing that could be a dim hope. one final note, we were in
10:50 am
scotland last june with then candidate donald trump where he praised this vote to leave the european union. he, of course, went on to win back his own vote, campaigning on some of the same themes. we've been following the european election this year also that have been flying that populist, anti-e.u. line, so it is all won right now, a global scene. >> melissa: interesting, a new report shows ivy league schools are flush with your tax dollars. can you imagine? despite bank accounts already bursting at the seams, look at where your money is going. and we are awaiting a news conference by the senate intelligence committee, updating reporters on their investigation into russian meddling in the presidential election.
10:51 am
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>> hello, everyone, i am sandra smith. we will have a press conference from the senate intelligence committee on their russia investigation. we have not heard much from that side of the capital on this. should be very interesting. stay to and for that, we will bring it to you live. and confused about all of the various russian investigations going on? don't worry, we ask the fox research team to take a closer look at where everything stands at this moment. we will break it down. plus dueling press canvasses from the democrats and gop's on the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. the latest web count and more on "america's newsroom hq" ." >> melissa: a new report finding billions of tax dollars going into the bank accounts of ivy league schools already flush with cash, of course. gerri willis has the details on this story. this is incredible. >> incredible, new story found that over a six-year period, ivy league colleges brought in more money from your tax dollars than from all payments of tuition by undergraduate
10:55 am
students. that is despite the fact they have more than $119 billion in endowment money. the stunning numbers are all part of a new 43 page report first seen by fox news and released today by open the bug. i spoke with their founder. >> it is a bull market for a government contracting at the ivy league's with nearly $26 billion of federal contracts and grants, it actually dwarfs the education number collected on student tuition at the ivy league's of $22 billion collected over the course of the last six years. >> open the book studies all eight ivy league schools to better understand their sources of funding between 2010 and 2015. some of the federal spending makes sense like the study of aids but others are not such defensible things like college binge drinking, ethics in tanzania or sex chromosomes and turtles. taken together, the payments are more than the federal government gave 216 state governments.
10:56 am
the spending is controversial because these eight schools have enormous resources at their fingertips, $119 billion in endowment dollars. where the ivs to continue to receive contributions at present rates, the endowment funds could provide free tuition to their entire student body forever. to be sure, endowments are not for spending in a single fiscal year, and no one expects the ivs to give all students a free ride forever, but heavy federal sponsorship of ivs calls into question the use of taxpayer dollars. we reached out to all of the schools for comments this morning and we are awaiting to hear back, melissa, back to you. >> melissa: let us know, thank you. >> eric: meanwhile, how cool is it going to be to take a trip to outer space, the final frontier? nasa has come pretty close. we will show you had the space agency is taking us on an intergalactic ride throughs history. ♪ now with one touch using the mycigna app
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11:00 am
you can browse through history, looking at images and video of basically anything space related. >> look at that. all you have to do is go to >> melissa: thanks for joining us. "america's news hq" starts now. in half an hour the senate intelligence committee expected to give an update on its investigation into russia's possible interference in our presidential election. the senate intel news conference coming amid growing frustration in the house, as the white house said it sees no problem with devin nunes leading that committee into the russian probe. sean spicer lightening the mood just a little bit as he started that white house briefing today, calling first on april ryan, the same reporter he got so contentious with, you'll remember yesterday. watch this. >> april.


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