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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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worst enemy." think about that, republicans or democrats. don't worry, every little thing is going to be all right. thanks for watching, everybody. i am martha maccallum. we will see you tomorrow at 7:00. bill o'reilly is up next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i know that we will all make a deal on health care, that is such an easy one. >> bill: brand-new poll on how the folks at sea president trump's role of the health care debacle. "talking points" will deal with it. >> a warning with a state lawmaker on facebook. michelle dubois posted a message reporting a rumored i.c.e. raid. >> do you think it is appropriate? >> everything i have done is appropriate >> bill: a lawmaker in massachusetts tipping off illegal aliens abou. we will talk to a sheriff about that. also, lou dobbs on americans not being able to come up with 2,000 bucks in a month. also, dennis miller has a test,
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are you a snowflake? >> no. no. no! no! >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. things are watching a strike. brand-new poll on a trip president trump tonight. that is a subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. according to cbs news, that is not surprising for a president with no prior political experience, who is now into draining the swamp in washington. this time next year, president trump's job approval ratings will be much more meaningful. next question, what do you think the main reason the republican health care plan did not pass? donald trump didn't compromise enough, 14%.
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congressional republicans didn't compromise enough, 14%, democrats, 14%, the bill wasn't popular, 49%. by analysis on monday was correct. >> bill: i don't think the president will be blamed for this. this is my opinion as a very astute analyst. i think the folks out there are going, hey, trump screwed this up. they are going, congress screwed it up. and both parties did. >> bill: next question from cbs news, do you think it is necessary for the fbi to investigate a possible link between the trump campaign of the russian government? 63% said necessary. 33%, and not necessary. finally, do you think donald trump's offices were wiretapped during the presidential campaign? very likely, 22%. some want, 25%. not very likely, -- the country is split down the middle on the question from a mostly along ideological lines. here's a question i would like posed to the american people. do you believe that the hatred
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towards president trump has reached a dangerous level in this country? the answer is yes. whether you like the president or not, it is brutally unfair to undermine his administration, some of his opponents are trying to do. we have the democratic party refusing to cooperate on anything. now, it looks like senate rules will have to be changed to appoint judge neil gorsuch of the supreme court because not enough democrats will support the man. it is clear that judge gorsuch is qualified. it is also clear the most powerful democrat in congress, senator chuck schumer, would look askance at any of his colleagues who support the judg judge. many democratic senators fear mr. schumer. as fair-minded people will concede, there was hatred towards president obama. there was. but in the first months of his tenure, there was no apparent undermining of his administration. but now, we have a climate of hatred where there are no roles in the media feeds the beast every single day. as a historian, i can tell you i have never seen at the national press despise a president more
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than they do donald trump. richard nixon might have come close at the end of his term but what we have now is unfair and destructive for america. haiti should not be part of the political landscape. that is the memo. now, for the top story reaction, joining us from florida, geraldo rivera. here in new york city, eric bolding. what do you think is driving the hatred towards trump? >> i think it is nothing new. the left history media commode was completely caught off guard by the trump win, hillary clinton is a president, they are angry, they are bitter, sore losers. i think even from day one, they have given trump a hard time about everything he says and does, and don't give him a pass on anything. let me call donald trump and the trump administration out for one thing. i think on policy, they deserve a letter a. a lover think they are doing. on actual creating and saving jobs and economy, he is crushing at three jobs are staying, the numbers are fantastic, consumer
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confidence, housing prices come off the charts. on policy and boots on the ground, it's great. but he himself gave his communications department a c. i think that contentious relationship between the trump communications department and the media need to get fixed before he starts getting a pass on some of these things. >> bill: all of that may be true and maybe not true. but that doesn't explain the personal animus. how do you think that has developed, geraldo? a personal hatred towards trump. you know trump. you don't hate him. i know him, he is a likable guy. >> you and i have known him for decades. he is a very flamboyant personality, just like you and i are, bill. when you are a flamboyant personality, and you are succeeding people tend to stay out of your way and look at the great track record he has had with his prime time success and then, the historic victory at the white house. he has had some terrible stumbles. yes, jobs are great and he hasn't emphasized that enough.
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the economy, where's infrastructure now? instead, we have seen this clumsy refugee ban that has done nothing but hurt tourism and scare people. have a handedness in terms of the deportation of the undocumented immigrants. the health care, i don't blame president trump and i don't blame speaker ryan for the failure of the health care bill. what you have there was the knife being in the back, the trees in, the treachery of the freedom caucus, what is the freedom caucus, 40 or so congresspeople -- >> bill: you are talking policy and policy always has people disliking other people. this is personal. it's a personal thing. it transcends policy successes and failures. it transcends communication problems and tweets. they being the media and a lot of people, a lot of regular folks, don't like him. all right?
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so, they can justify hatred and irrational behavior for any emotional reason. i don't know what that emotional reason is. >> of course you do, bill. he plays right into it. he loves it. he loves the fight with the media. he knows of the media -- >> bill: is not just the media, its folks, too. >> how about when he goes to these big press conferences and rips them apart? he is in his element. those are his best moments. he thrives on the fight. >> bill: he is being reactive. look, geraldo, there are people and families who want to talk to each other because somebody voted for donald trump. i mean, this transcends john mccain versus barack obama or mitt romney. >> i partially agree with both you and eric in this regard. if he had succeeded, health care is a heavy lift. it is a complex problem. pearl ryan and the republicans crafted a reasonable compromise. as difficult as it was, if he
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had succeeded in getting that past, after eight years of promising to repeal and replace obamacare, the vase would have been much different. it is like instead of striking out in the bottom of the ninth inning and a seven game of the world series, he bats a single and scores a run. >> bill: this is way beyond policy. way, way beyond policy. speak he lives for this battle. it doesn't hurt him at all. the poll numbers -- it may help her to month-old numbers. he hasn't cared about the poll numbers for a year and a half and he is smart. america, the people who like donald trump love divider the media. they love it. they eat it up. >> bill: i just think you guys are missing this. there is something about donald trump that has gotten deep into people's emotional makeup. >> he is different. he's not a politician. >> bill: barack obama was different. >> he is a brash person who can only succeed with success. if he was a brash broke
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businessman, that would be different than a brash billionaire. he has no cachet when he is losing. he is a 36% because he hasn't no success -- >> bill: it's 40. >> how was he losing? good lord. look at the economy, look at the jobs. knowing trump for a long time, decades, i am askance that you didn't call me flamboyant as you did bill o'reilly -- >> bill: bolling learned a new word here, "askance." all right, gentlemen. we appreciate it. next on the rundown, big mayors conference today on sanctuary cities. we will tell you what happen. later, lou dobbs on many americans having no money. dennis miller has a snowflake quiz for us. and a whole bunch of other stuff. of those reports these messages. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes
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>> bill: "impact segment" segment tonight for the sanctuary city controversy getting hotter. today, beers from all over the country met today. joining us now from washington, kelly cohen who was there. what is the headline of the reading, kelly? >> the headline was about to less than ten mayors from the so-called sanctuary cities. they met with the department of homeland security john kelly to say we are not breaking federal law. you can take away federal funds from us. as we know, with executive order in january, that was one of the threats and attorney general jeff sessions threat in that earlier this week. if you continue sanctuary policies, you will lose federal money, federal grants. >> bill: it's an unending debate, searching cities and counties say, we don't have to obey the detainer request from i.c.e. although, everybody is starting to title eight u.s. code 1324. it is pretty explicit that -- let me read it to the audience, we will have another segment on this. it says that an alien has come
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to enter the united states in violation of the law, conceals, harbors, or shields from defection, or such an alien in any place as against the law. so, if you are shielding them from a detainer, if you are not allowing and upholding after an arrest, it seems to be in violation of this law. did kelly bring that up at all? >> the mayors, they said that detainers are voluntary. there are actually not backed by a warrant. they are not backed by law, -- >> bill: is there any data that says they are voluntary? i have the code right here. it doesn't say it is voluntary. do you know of anything? >> they are saying that because detainers are not -- they are just fast. they are detainer. they are not backed by a warran warrant. >> bill: i know. i don't know if a detainer is voluntary.
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i don't think it is legally. you can't arrest them, i don't think you can arrest them here. that would be a pretty bold act. all right, kelly, we appreciate it. no, let's go to austin, texas, a big sanctuary place, and reagan karl rove, who lives there. travis county being punished by the state and the feds. how do you see that, mr. rove? >> our local government, austin is a blueberry in the midst of a big, red sea. a very liberal town. you can expect them to adopt these kind of policies. what is interesting to me is that they want to have it both ways. as i understand, the sheriff, sally hernandez, says we'll ignore detainers, except with the detainer involves a case of capital murder, murder, aggravated sexual assault, or continuous human smuggling. i guess if you are just smuggling ones, we will ignore it. if you have an aggravated assault or a sexual assault that is not aggravated, we will ignore that. if you have manslaughter, assault, if you are dealing
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drugs, selling opiates, heroin, that is not -- >> bill: where does sally hernandez get the right to make this law? that is what i asked yesterday. she is basically saying, look, i am going to do what i want and i really don't care if the federal government wants to hold -- remember, all we are talking about, people who have been arrested. not talking about gardeners. people who have been arrested, they are in the jail. okay? and then, ici finds out about it, not by sally, sally won't tell them -- >> sally will come if they are capital murder, aggravated sexual assault. >> bill: say you are a heroin dealer. >> that is not a serious crime, bill. we don't need to worry about that for the safety of our community. you think she's crazy? our county judge said "i am frustrated that travis county
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resources of detention are continually diverted from public safety to address unfounded politically motivated allegations." issue saying that if if you are accused of assaulting someone or being a drunk, a dui, kill someone, or a heroin dealer, that that is a "politically motivated allegation"? that is just ludicrous. >> bill: two people in your county, where you live, travis county, with the majority of them care about this? are they outraged? or are they so liberal that they don't care? >> it is a pretty liberal place. it is not likely to get the response he would get elsewhere in texas. here is a problem for travis county. sally hernandez was elected last fall. she took office and she announced this policy late last year, just before the texas legislature came to town for the hundred 40 days every two years that it's here. so, we have all of our texas state house representatives and senators here in town for a legislative session that go through the end of may and they are watching this drama play
5:18 pm
out. as a result, our governor, lieutenant governor, other state leaders, has asked for legislation to deal with cities that refused to uphold the law and as a result, it will result in a very bad outcome for travis county. again, what gets me, okay, if you want to be principled, then, say we want to accept any federal detainer. what gets me, they say, no federal detainers except the four crimes that we have on our bad list. if there are other bad crimes, oh, we won't treat that -- >> bill: it's anarchy. you are saying that the state of texas may make laws that would put sally hernandez in jail? >> no, but it's likely to deny travis county money, for failing to live up to its obligations. that is hopefully going to have an impact. i got to tell you, to me, it has got to be one or the other. you either respect the federal law and say we get a detainer for any violent crime and we
5:19 pm
will turn them over or you simply say, we won't accept any detainer, we will find some goofy excuse not to accept it. they are trying to have it both ways. peer to the liberal community -- >> bill: hiding behind the foreign situation, a very difficult thing to do. you have to present evidence, takes forever, all of this. directly ahead, a massachusetts sheriff outraged about a lawmaker tipped off some illegal aliens about an i.c.e. raider. later, what are american shirts doing in syria? very serious question. up ahead. hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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♪ >> bill: "personal story" segment tonight. an unbelievable situation in massachusetts. apparently, michelle dubois posted a facebook thing that warned undocumented immigrants in the area that there might be
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in a coming i.c.e. raid. that has caused all kinds of controversy. joining us from washington, thomas hodgson, sheriff of bristol county massachusetts, where this took place. what exactly did she do? >> what she did was, she sent out an alert saying she had gotten tipped off that there was going to be a i.c.e. raid on wednesday in the city of boston. basically, said to stay in your house, don't go outside, somebody knocked on your door and you don't know who they are, don't answer the door. she gave out all kinds of instructions on what to do to avoid the i.c.e. agents if they were to come into that area. >> bill: did they indeed raid of brockton? >> i'm not aware of a raid at this point. but the underlying issue is that we have an elected official who has gone out of her way not to protect the citizens of her community but to harbor people who are targeted, not only putting i.c.e. agents at risk, because we need the element of surprise come up with regard to a place, dealing with some heavy duty transnational gangs involved in trafficking are the other things going on out there,
5:24 pm
we don't want to come up on some arsenal where they are prepared and seriously injure or kill any of our law enforcement people, never mind these crimes these people would get away with going down the road if she creates this -- >> bill: on your experience, i.c.e. is targeting criminals, not gardeners and house painters, right? >> no question about it. >> bill: so, dubois will say i am looking out for the poor chambermaids who don't deserve . that is what she will say. now, you pointed to -- i made reference to this in the previous statement, title eight, u.s. code 1234. it is missed dubois in violation of federal law for doing what she did? >> if we could prove that she was able to assist somebody from getting away in the instance where i.c.e. was going, targeting somebody come and they can determine that this person got away, i would say absolutel absolutely, i would got to believe -- >> bill: you would say there could be a case made. can there be a case made against
5:25 pm
sanctuary marries in general, who say, we're not going to cooperate in general? >> when they make an effort to consciously conceal someone, that is a federal under federal law and they should be treated exactly the way their citizens are the constituents would be treated if they did the same thing when it comes to the consequences for that, so, yes. >> bill: you live in a county south of boston. you know massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the union. yet, you yourself are opposite, the prevailing wisdom in the baystate. you are county people support you? >> i have been elected to my fourth six-year term, bill, a republican in the biggest democratic enclave in massachusetts. that proves a point, which is the people around this country, whether they are democrats or republicans, they want the laws enforced and they want to know that their elected officials and their law enforcement people are opposing those laws -- >> bill: you are not getting backlash? >> oh, sure i am.
5:26 pm
i get backlash. i have been getting backlash all through my career. i don't worry about it. i got elected by the people, not by the politicians. >> bill: that is what i mean, not the politicians over the press. the folks -- it speaks to yourself, for terms. have you spoke to dubois? interviewed her? talk to her? >> she has had some things to say, i am a hatemonger and using her as a means -- the typical things you hear, to avoid accountability, responsibility for what she did. >> bill: sheriff, we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. lou dobbs on americans not having a lot of cash on hand. dennis miller on the snowflake culture, he's got a quiz for us. and martha maccallum on u.s. troops in syria, the most secret story around. we hope you stay tuned for those reports♪. bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm... i'm becoming my, uh, mother.
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>> bill: "lou's the boss" segment tonight. troubling new study about a third of american consumers saying that i have trouble coming coming up with an emergency $2,000 bucks a month if they had to. so, just $2,000, they give you four weeks to get it, they can't get it. talk about living day to day. here now to analyze, lou dobbs. it is just shocking to me. >> we look at all sorts of numbers, the unemployment rate, the markets, $3 trillion higher since the election. yet, a sizable number of americans, one-third of all consumers -- >> bill: a lot. >> $2,000, they can come up
5:31 pm
with. >> bill: and four weeks. >> and four weeks, what really put this in perspective, to compare this to other countries. the oecd, developed nations, we rank 14th in household savings. that is how far we have fallen. mexico has a higher savings rate and amount. absolute dollars, as well as rage. over the united states. it is astounding. >> bill: why is that? why do americans not save? wire report team? >> i think that part of that is that we have gone through an extraordinary. mack that we have emerged from. the other part is, we are out tell mike off shoring our production, plants, factories. we are outsourcing our jobs. >> bill: it is a matter of wages? a manager.back matter of lifestyle? >> it is also part of of partly lifestyle. you can talk about consumer behavior, certainly, that is right. it is also bank behavior, when you're talking about 24% rates
5:32 pm
and credit cards, bill, -- >> bill: you have to be a moron to have a credit card with 24%. you can get it lower than that. >> you can but a lot of people don't. the fact is, it is the system working. i will tell you, it is a system that favors banks and not the consumer. particularly, the poor consumers. >> bill: benjamin franklin was a thrifty guy. >> we were a thrifty nation. >> bill: we were. then, we had somewhere in the roaring '20s, the start of the down, spending everything, then, the depression hit. then, nobody had anything at all. when i was growing up and this ties into the old school philosophy, i was taught, you are making $1.30 ad carvel, the government is taking a decent set of that, so, you are comingn hour. then, you got to save half of that. >> you've got to save it.
5:33 pm
save for a rainy day, all of the old cliches are absolutely true. but in the 1960s, something happened come a great deal happen, as you know, the culture of this country. we became the throwaway nation. we became the charger nation, credit cards were everywhere. the cashless society was envisioned. it is here. but it leaves out are people who cannot, once people are offering their jobs and production, outsourcing their jobs and the american dream, there is about one-third of the american people who are getting desperately, horribly short changed. >> bill: you are seeing it as more about generating income than foolish money management? >> i think it is both. >> bill: i think it's the latter. if you want to make money in this country, you might have to move, might have to drive on who we are. you can make it. >> see what is happening here. with the move back to the car companies to detroit -- speed when i got it. >> bill: it will be very
5:34 pm
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. in the "miller time" segment tonight, a quiz, are you a snowflake? as you may know, my new book deals with that question. we asked dennis miller from his perch in santa barbara to come up with a few queries of his own on this topic. miller, lake question number one on us. >> by the way, billy, when you worked at carville, cookie still had his baby teeth. number one. of the first question i would ask a kid who wanted a job, as i would say, what are you, crazy or stupid, wanting to work for a living with all the freebies out there? first thing i would ask. number two, this is how i would reveal a snowflake. does it upset you that roy rogers named his horse trigger? trigger? number three, is good morning a
5:39 pm
micro-aggression against people who like to sleep in? number four, if you deem someone to not to be as loving as you, do you then hate them? number five, boxers or briefs attention span? number six, how much are you going to sue me for for making me take this quiz? number seven, are you too lazy to get restless leg syndrome? number eight, would you take a summer job as a safe space lifeguard? number nine, is disagreement with you and moral? number ten, you old school or snowflake, pelosi is a moron, right? >> bill: that's a trigger. you just triggered the snowflake. you can't see moron. you can't make a judgment, miller. >> billy, pelosi is the unifying point. we can all come together in this culture over one thing. it is the only thing we still agree on. she's a moron.
5:40 pm
>> bill: i wouldn't do that. >> i know you wouldn't. but i would say it twice for me and you. >> bill: [laughs] you live in a very affluent part of southern california. in which there are snowflakes all over the place. i know your philosophy is to basically ignore them, you don't confront them, correct? >> billy, i go out to the door, i start counting the seconds until i get back inside the gate. >> bill: [laughs] >> there are shut-ins that get out more than me. so, i go about, it is like a covert mission, i go out, get them into milano's, i get some milk, i sneak back into the compound and i shut the gate behind me. >> bill: [laughs] can you tell, on the streets of santa barbara, nice, little town, can you tell if there are snowflakes approaching? can you just tell by the appearance? >> there's a lot of guys on lower state history to urinate on themselves. i can point out the yellow
5:41 pm
snowflakes. listen, by the way, karl rove has got to only put numbers on that white thing. he is getting silly with it. it is like "i like gummy bears," "i wish my name was sammy ray," "i am bald." >> bill: justice stats. not editorial comments, just stats. >> karl rove is turning into a snowflake. i wish my name was sammy ray. >> bill: now, when did you know you were old school? >> i don't know, billy. certain things, i am almost anarchistic about. but certain things are just common sense. i am not one of those people who find common sense to comment. it just seems basic to me. like if someone comes up to me and says we are going to give iran billions of dollars, i go, i don't think that's a good idea. that doesn't feel like old school to me. that feels like school still standing.
5:42 pm
>> bill: logic. right. you tell the story about your mother, when you were leaving your pittsburgh suburban home, she gave you advice when you were going out to the west coas coast. you can't use the obscenity that your mom put into the presentation, do you remember what i'm talking about? don't be... >> don't be a an a-hole. >> bill: [laughs] that is pretty old school advice. >> really old school advice. i am touched by mothers who do that with their kids. i saw an article about a woman who wrote a thank you letter to cop somewhere, have you seen my story? >> bill: walton county florida. >> i am touched by that woman. she is trying to save her kids life. we have over praised a whole generation of women where we haven't life proved them. we are raising a generation of emotional hemophiliacs who are all too eager to throw their bodies on the tepid grenade of minor insults. buck up, kids. don't be snowflakes. >> bill: this is what
5:43 pm
happened. a 19-year-old girls was arrested during spring break at a popular beach resort on the golf. the drinking age is 21 and she is two years below that. so, her parents were notified and her mother sent a thank you note to the sheriff's office for arresting her daughter, saying, look, we let her go, we told her that she had to behave. she promised she wouldn't drink. she drank. thank you for arresting her. maybe she will wise up. >> you got to watch yourself out there when you were a kid. i think that mother appreciated that because when you were out there on spring break in florida, you have all sorts of guys coming up to you and saying, hi, i am karl rove. >> bill: [laughs] i don't know -- yeah, on the beach. [laughter] >> "hi, i am karl rove." >> bill: on that note, miller, we will let you go. martha maccallum is on deck. u.s. troops in syria, very secret story. martha with details. next. ♪
5:44 pm
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>> bill: "back of the book" segment, "did you see that?." a senator from new mexico, tom udall, seeing the united states has committed an act of oregon syria. >> in syria, the u.s. has not been invited by the government. u.s. military vehicles and heavy artillery have been seen in syria and it's easy to argue that the united states have effectively invaded northern syria, violating the sovereignty of the country in the middle east, which is a de facto declaration of war. >> bill: now to further explain, the anchor of "the first 100 days" ," martha maccallum. number one, senator udall would not come on the program to discuss his point of view.
5:48 pm
number two, we wanted to come a week and with united states special forces, to find out he isis. a borderless war, because they run all around. now, they are in syria and iraq. number three, does it udall oppose that? he doesn't want to chase isis? >> absolutely. he has been fighting for an authorization of the use of military force. he doesn't want to add troops on the ground, to answer your first question. what this deals with, the authorization of the use of military force. and he has asked a couple of times in 2013 and 2015, he is at a republican partner on that, senator lee, to go to congress, to get the money to authorize out, which he would vote against. he is saying we have no right to be there because it hasn't been authorized by congress. >> bill: boone knew he wanted to iraq, that was authorized. >> they have been on the same a umf since 9/11. >> bill: what does that mean? picot authorization of the use of military force. we have been on the same one --dash go >> bill: it is the war on terror.
5:49 pm
>> it is all about the war on terror. president obama went on the same one. you try to get additional support from congress but they never wanted to vote on it. this has been going on for years and years. >> bill: udall wants a new updated vote. i don't understand why udall -- i wish he would come on -- if you are going through the stuff, senator, have a little colonies and come on and explain. why doesn't he want the united states and other nations because it is a coalition in syria to fight isis? why doesn't he want that? >> he believes it will deepen our engagement in another war like afghanistan. sleep on the doesn't make any sense. >> he is saying bring it before congress and he wants to vote it down. he is saying the president has no right. >> bill: and senator udall's mind, we shouldn't confront isis in the middle east at all. >> correct. how about bombing? >> he especially doesn't want any additional troops on the ground. >> bill: let's be clear. we are not in support of syrian
5:50 pm
forces, we are there in support of syrian rebel forces. assad -- >> the side we are on, extremely complicated. we are fighting for independence. >> bill: i just wonder if new mexicans understand that there senator doesn't want a confrontation militarily with isis. at all. it does not sit well with you, just a question? >> just to point out committees of the same people who did not want to do anything after the red line was crossed. hundreds of thousands of syrians have lost their lives. now, there are civilian casualties, there is an outrage that has been stepped up by people like senator udall. >> bill: dallas-fort worth international airport, 13-year-old boy was patted down aggressively and now, everybody's angry. roll the tape. >> i honestly felt like we were being targeted, we were being treated like dogs. >> i have always been, like, really sensitive to people touching me. whenever he touched me, i got -- started having hives a little
5:51 pm
bit. >> bill: what happened there? >> they went through, they were detained for an hour at the tsa. to be with her mother and the daughter? >> they had a laptop and a backpack that they didn't take out, everybody is very touchy, so to speak, but taking all these things out and doing the proper procedure. they may have ticked off the tsa in this case and maybe they were harder on them because of that. that still remains to be seen. here are the images of this boy, and outcome everybody gets the same patdown, essentially. there is one form, they standardized at because tsa has gotten all kinds of bad press for tests when weapons go through and bomb making materials go through, when they are doing fake tests of those things. now, they have new standards, the implement of them on this young child. judgment is basically seen as a way to profile. if these people take what they want to choose to pat down or to give extra surveillance to, they are seen as basically profiling. >> bill: this looks ridiculous
5:52 pm
to me. >> it is totally ridiculous. this boy is obviously not posing any threat, neither is his family. but they subjected him to a two minute patdown. >> bill: thus the federal government, that is for sure. oh, what we got there? >> the supervisor watched the whole thing to make sure they were complying according to procedure. >> bill: so wrong. so run. okay, martha maccallum, check her out at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. factor cap of the day, another go to thing fox news channel has accomplished. "the tip" moments away. ♪ rs more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest.
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>> bill: factor "tip of the day," fox news helping people who need help. but first, some interesting data came in today. this story -- not only does "the o'reilly factor" remain number one across cable news, it also delivered the most watched quarter in network and cable
5:55 pm
news history. so, thank you all for making that happen. my new book, "old school: life in the sane lane"'s number one on amazon. off to a roaring start. we're kind of lucky, as the pc topic is red-hot. old-school folks folks versus the snowflakes. the french philosopher was very hot in the 16th century, thank you. nostradamus.
5:56 pm
here is how misguided you are. stories change a bit but it is still of national importance. two illegal aliens placed with a 14-year-old in a public school. come on. that is happening all over the place. my actions have nothing to do with the congresswoman's point of view. i made a dumb comment. that detracted from the serious issue you raise. so i apologized. that is old-school. you make a mistake and admitted. actually, that was bruce's mama.
5:57 pm
my co-author who told little bruce -- you better make a living with that mouth. i love my father's pants story. and poor marty, martin van to berlin. the first snowflake president. you are not only old school, robert, you are a patriot. he signed book is on the way. and finally, the factor "tip of the day." we are living in an age of fate here in america. it is a shame. politics and social issues poisoned the discourse. perhaps the most vile example is
5:58 pm
branding someone a racist. take a look at this headline. yes, boston, you are racist. nice. one of america's greatest cities branded that way by a loon. this week, sean spicer has been called the r word. me too. consider this -- the factor raised $675,000 to allow talladega college, a black school in alabama, to send its fabulous marching band to the inauguration. they were invited. aunt to provide school scholarships. >> we owe bill o'reilly and the o'reilly factor a great thank you for the appearance on his show. these funds are not going to just allow us to take the trip, our band needs new uniforms and new instruments.
5:59 pm
it is so difficult for our students to raise scholarship dollars to stay in school and to be able to fund their education. this will help with that. >> bill: the school has almost $700,000. how did the media react to the talladega story? just two major news organizations mentioned it. "the new york times" and associated press. compare that reaction to the nonstop attacks on this network. here is the "tip of the day" -- using false allegations to injure his the lowest. an honest person will never do that. that at that for us tonight. please check out the factor web site, different from also we would like you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and the town if you wish to opine. word of the day -- do not be boppish when writing to the
6:00 pm
factor. a big factor interview tomorrow. again, thank you for watching us tonight. please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," a recurring theme -- actively hostile to your beliefs and interests. massachusetts lawmakers trying to keep illegal immigrants on the wrong side of the wall, helping them violate federal la law. federal funds apparently going to a program that teaches kids the tenants of islam. we open with perhaps the most extreme example of this trend, the opioid epidemic which has been funded by the federal government. if you would think they would be bipartisan support to fight that but that does not seem to be the


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