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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 30, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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him, he loses his balance and drives straight into a wall. and then finally the ugly. brush your teeth with a burger? burger king introducing a whopper flavored toothpaste just in time for april fools, hopefully it's a joke. abby: that is so gross. i can't even. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> today, the city of seattle filed a lawsuit against president trump. we are not breaking any laws. >> they are breaking the law if they do not work with federal agencies in order to enforce the laws on the books. >> the images, they are horrifying. 13 church members returning from a bible study retreat killed in this deadly head on crash. >> i had a fear that the trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew about their dealing with russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods. >> you know that loretta lynch, they knew better than
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all of this, but they did it anyway. >> only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will would he be truly able -- have you not heard this expression before, make america great again. [cheers] ♪ oh yes it's ladies night ♪ and the feeling's right ♪ oh yes, it's ladies night ♪ oh what a night. steve: this is kind of weird music. ainsley: it's thursday. steve: it's thursday. brian: if it was wednesday sometimes the bars would be closing. remember the days of prohibition. steve: two for tuesday. last night was ladies night at the white house. melania was there we discovered that ivanka is getting a government job but not getting paid i. steve: nope. but i don't think the president is getting paid either. i think he is donating his wages to charity. and i think the white house
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press corps is going to figure out what charity that is going to go to. brian: right. that was an interesting little exchange. ainsley: if you are in the press you can weigh in on that. brian: weigh in what's going on with russia. investigation two people who came off clear mark warner and senator burr. they have on a bipartisan way explained to everybody how they are working together to get to the bottom of russia's role in the election. i'm amazed that senator warner seems so sincere to get to the bottom of it yesterday. we have known about this since july. if you are that concerned will russia's role in our election why weren't you curious in the summer? in the fall? i don't know november 1st. ainsley: maybe you are saying the house is getting so much attention for their investigation the senate wants to weigh in? brian: i was hoping people would weigh in between the lines, but you just did. steve: house investigation is looking into whether or not the president obama
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administration surveilled the incoming trump administration in the waning days of the barack obama days. meanwhile, the senate is trying to figure out whether or not russia did any meddling in our election. it's interesting yesterday mr. burr said the russians are now actively involved in the french election. but we have known that then again the united states has been involved in and i looked up this morning, we have been involved in meddling in elections 81 times between 1946 and 2000 aaccording to somebody at the cancer carnegien university. ainsley: it was nice to see a republican and a democrat saying they are not going to pay attention to the house investigation. they are not going to get political. they are going to look at the facts. whenever that happens, we have to see. richard burr republican, g.o.p. chairman of this committee. he says he has a job to do that overrides his politics, his personal beliefs, his loyalties.
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i know you are dying to talk but let me finish one more thing. brian: it's important. ainsley: interfered if they do he says he will definitely come out publicly. your turn, brian. brian: first question with senator burr is can you actually be fair and balanced knowing that you supported donald trump and that you admitted you voted for donald trump? that's a fine question. why wouldn't ask senator warren do you think you can be fair in giving donald trump a fair hearing when you obviously did not vote for donald trump and obviously you prefer hillary clinton win and you thought it was a done deal? steve: mr. burr was very honest and it looks he very bipartisan. talk about someone partisan evelyn farcus deputy secretary of defense for russia during the obama administration. she was over on one of the shows on msnbc a while back. and what she said sure sounds
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like she admits that the obama administration spied on trump's team. listen to this. >> i was urging my former colleagues and, frankly people on the hill it was more actually aimed at telling the hill people get as as much information as can you. get as much intelligence as can you before president obama leaves the administration i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left. so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy that the trump folk he is, if they found out how we knew what we knew about their -- the staff, the trump staff dealing with russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods. meaning no longer have access to that intelligence. so i became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open. and i knew that there was more. we have very good intelligence on russia. so then i had talked to some of my former colleagues and i knew that they were trying to also help get information to
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the hill. that's why you have the leaking. steve: when you look at the totality of what she said, it sounds like she admits there was surveillance. she admits there was unmasking, which is illegal. and she admits there was leaking as well. the interesting thing is she kept talking about we. she had already left the government. ainsley: to go advise hillary clinton. steve: exactly right. so who leaked the stuff to her? you know what? as the senate intel committee puts together a list of who they should call? i would call her because she seems to know a lot of what happened. ainsley: she was in the obama administration from 2012 to 2015. it sounds to me when i hear that sound bite we were desperate. we were so desperate because we knew we were out of office in another month or sore or whatever, and we had to get information. steve: we had to blow them up. ainsley: we were doing everything we could to find out as much as we could. brian: let's add to this a letter to james comey in a meeting in july. he comes out and selsz hey i
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have have an editorial i want to write about the role of the russia in our election and he is sitting there with john kerry and other higher ups and say i would like to publish this and make it clear how concerned i am with what's going on. really? he was told not to do that. maybe for political reasons that's a good move. if the fbi director is so concerned he shows sincerity letting the american people know in a editorial he holds up outline for the editorial. he was rejected. i ask everybody, if you are so sincere in march to get to the bottom of this for the good of the country this is a declaration of war i have news for you, everything was there in the summer and the fall. i look at total ensign sater in a lot of these speeches and a lot of these so-called investigations. and on the house side, he is just trying to say i'm going to look into the russia role and maybe trump complicity. but i'm also going to look into the fact leaking going on and what was going on behind the scenes with the obama
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administration setting time bombs for this one. steve: what's really interesting about this and this is an item in news week tha"newsweek"wanted to present d form what russia was doing. this was before the conventions. this before russia had it. if russia was colluding with the trump people at that point? that is highly unlikely. if he is going to present an op-ed. think about it, if you are the top law man in the country you have a choice. you can either write op-ed, put it in the paper or if somebody broke the law you would write an indictment which you would never write about in op-ed. it sounds like they knew russia was trying to influence our election. they didn't have the goods on anybody here in the united states. they knew that in june or july of last year. and the obama administration said you know, let's not do that right now. ainsley: didn't have enough information to indict. let's write op ed and tell me what we think might happen.
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steve: if they didn't have the information then, didn't have the goods on anybody then in the united states. ainsley: all of a sudden have it now? steve: ding ding ding ding ding. brian: if russia's goal was to have influence in the incoming administration for those who think russia is sitting back grinning in it's blown up in their face. nothing they have done to warrant it nothing thee this administration would do to approach it especially with this firestorm here that even the russians, i imagine, can't figure out why we are doing all this public flagging of each other because now all the sudden we have the president of the united states who is going to meet nato and vladimir putin, russia said why don't you come up and meet with vladimir putin. do you know what trump said? i can't do. politically you can't do it and done nothing to deserve it especially after what we are investigating in the u.s. they are now moved to 25th in line there is a chinese leader coming to meet him in mar-a-lago in two weeks. not vladimir putin. anybody who thinks russia got over on america is totally wrong. they overplayed their hand.
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ainsley: republicans are claiming this is all the democrats have. that's why they are running with it you at home are probably tired of hearing of russia russia russia. these all they have got. going to continue to hear it. brian: i will never get tired of the story. ainsley: we break it down for you so you can understand it all. there is so much going on. steve: there. ainsley: this story this morning. oh my word. this guy was on a plane. is he a professor at drexel university. he is super liberal. his name is george how do you pronounce this? shingletothis -- shierello he gave up his seat for a soldier. he tweete tweeted this. steve: some guy gave up his seat for a soldier. i'm thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or yell about mosul. keep in mind the fellow up in first class in uniform thanks to his service he gave the guy from drexel the opportunity to
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write dumb tweets. brian: absolutely. ainsley: free dome. brian: what do you think about this. already creating a firestorm before the show i can imagine during the show. ainsley: same guy, brian, remember in the past. in the article you can read. this he also called for white genocide at one point over the christmas hollywood and hopsd to abolish the white race. steve: all i want for christmas is white genocide. at the time drexel university came out and said that's completely disgusting and inappropriate. couple days later it was satire, protected speech. he continues his job at drexel. brian: if i remember correctly may 1st have you to decide what college you are going to. i imagine drexel good reputation. people lucky enough to get in they have to make a big decision. i think this helps a lot of people with their decision. if that's their view to hire somebody with those views that feels bold enough to tweet them out to the rest of the world and impervious to backlash. pick another university unless
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you agree. ainsley: we work so hard for our money. we are already saving for our kids to go to college. you have a child in college. imagine working as hard us a do. you do three hours in the morning, three hours of radio. your money going to this university and paying for this university to teach year son. imagine? steve: not the only university with professors with views like this. ainsley: i know. steve: let us know what you think about that tweet us or facebook us as well. we are busy on social media all day long. brian: we have no friends. steve: we have a lot of friends. social friends. not real friends. already ordering diversify the e federal government to protect illegal immigrants. now is he changing his tune. >> nothing could be further from the truth. we work every single day with ice. steve: really. griff jenkins confronts the mayors. hear his report coming up live next.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: a show down this morning over the trump administration's crack down over sanctuary cities. seattle is now suing claiming the president's executive order that threatens to pull federal funding is unconstitutional e. brian: all right. here we go again. that lawsuit filed just hours after several big city mayors met with homeland security secretary john kelly. >> we want to get beyond the caricatures of what, quote, unquote, a sanctuary city is, for instance and talked about how we can comply with getting dangerous criminals off our streets. every mayor and every chief wants to do that. at the same time we don't want to destroy our economies and split up our families and cities erode. steve: greff jenkins getting reaction after the closed door meeting. griff, it's almost funny, we have known what the sanctuary cities are. we have got maps of the sanctuary cities. people from the sanctuary
3:18 am
cities wait a minute we are not so sure we are a sanctuary city. >> that's right. good morning, guys. you know, it's too bad it's not funny. deadly serious in the sense that this is all about safety and this debate over sanctuary cities and attorney general sessions at the time' threat to withhold fall frundz from these sanctuary cities say they are not sanctuary cities brought this meeting with dhs secretary john kelly. i decided to go to the meeting to hit them up when they came out of the meeting because this is all about safety. and the american people, they simply want some answers. take a look. >> it is absolutely untrue that our priority is anything other than keeping our communities safe. >> we don't have the resources to be the immigration police, nor would that benefit for jurisdictions that have a large immigrant population. nor would that be prudent in my view. >> we cooperate with ice and we make sure that they are aware of who is in our custody and aware at the time they are released. we do not change the way we prosecute based on immigration
3:19 am
status. >> our first priority is to get the bad guys off the street. but cutting homeland security grants, cutting cops funding, taking resources away and threatening to take other resources away actually makes the problem worse, not better. >> a couple of quick things about this the that first mayor you saw there steve adler of austin, texas has become ground zero for sanctuary mayors he is withholding. i stopped him and said look, let's just agree on something, when you don't enforce federal immigration law that's breaking federal law and he said yes, i agree to that but, you know, what comes of this? well, i don't know, guys. i think it means that we're going to get a clearer definition from the administration on what a sanctuary jurisdiction is, but a lot of questions. brian: griff, is there any sense that anybody's mind got changed after that meeting? because general kelly is known to be very direct. >> well, no. but as the l.a. mayor, eric garcetti said they found
3:20 am
common ground and moving towards something. i don't think anything got done. information the dhs secretary spokesperson -- kelly did not talk to us on the way out but his spokesperson came out and said look no decision has been made yet to withhold these funds. we are taking our time and we want this clearer definition. i'm not sure what that means. steve: i think you touched on it right at the end. everybody is going we are not a sanctuary city because they wanted money. >> where this could end up is the supreme court. the administration lays down a definition and the cities say we simply disagree. well, that's headed for the courts and maybe the supreme court. steve: all right, griff. thank you very much for the report. brian: they said the numbers are 150 sanctuary cities. ainsley: so now before you make an announcement that you are going to take away federal funds if you don't comply with the law? are you a sanctuary city? yes, we are, and when they say yes by the way we are taking away your funds. steve: ice probably has a better list. brian: remember the massachusetts state rep who
3:21 am
warned illegals will rumored ice raids on facebook? well, she is not done posting. wait until you hear what she is asking for. ainsley: this hug between 3-year-old boy and police officer went viral. this morning they are going to be live brian: all of them? ainsley: yep. they are. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves.
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abby: breaking overnight. new judicial road block the judge in hawaii who temply blocked the president's revised order just before it was set to take effect suspending his suspension. derek watson further blocking the government from restricting noncitizen travelers from six middle eastern countries claiming it demonstrates against muslims. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, abby. it is the heart warming hug
3:25 am
between a police officer and a 3-year-old little boy that has gone viral. >> he wanted to give you a hug. >> you wanted to give me a hug? okay. >> awe. >> thanks a lot. ainsley: that makes all of our days. joining us now with the story behind that story, that hug, the little boy t.j. and his mom and anthony coulter. fort worth police department. good morning to awful you. >> good morning. ainsley: paint the picker of what happenepicture ofwhat happ. >> we went to mcdonald's because it was my birthday. we went to breakfast and he saw officer coulter come in with his motorcycle helmets. he said hi to him and we ate for a little while and officer coulter got him a sticker later that had a police badge
3:26 am
on it. and t.j. asked me a couple minutes later why did he give me that sticker i said well, he is your friend and he likes you. do you want to go tell him thank you? >> so he ran over to him said thank you and tried to give him a big hug. ainsley: officer coulter what did that mean to you when he did that? >> it meant the world. i was humbled and honored because we see a lot of bad stuff sometimes. but to see him so sincere, such a kind thoughtful gesture made it a wonderful day. ainsley: you pulled up on a motorcycle? >> yemen, i'm a motor officer. it was raining so that ends any kind of traffic enforcement, so it would mcdonald's for coffee and paperwork. i saw t.j. and his mom. so sitting down and i saw them eating and i said oh, pancakes. and we sat down and i just noticed hey, i'm going to make him my little helper today. make him my helper today and
3:27 am
went out and gave him a sticker just like this one. so i gave him one like this. gave it to him and said hey, you are my halper for th helper. got my back. i love you. made it a wonderful, wonderful day. ainsley: here on fox we talk about politics all day long when i love. but to see a child. they say have child like faith to see a child go up to an officer. it's not about politics it's not b. about black lives matter or blue lives matter it's about seeing a little boy who sees someone protects him and his family and wants to be you when he grows up. jamie, he is sitting there admiring all the badges. i know he is very shy. i don't know if he will talk to me. t.j., will you tell me do you want to be a police officer when you grow up? >> t.j., do you want a be a police officer when you grow up or a race car driver? >> what is this. >> he can't decide if he wants to be an officer or race car.
3:28 am
he hasn't decided yet. >> ainsley: how does this make you feel as a mom? >> it makes me feel great. these kids can sense when someone is good and nice and friendly. we do our best to make sure that they continue to have that and respect and love. serving our community. >> i want to get down. ainsley: thank you so much for being a great mom. we appreciate your service. officer coulter, you are amazing and thank you for keeping us all safe. >> my pleasure. ainsley: have great day, everyone. remember the massachusetts state representative who warned illegals will rumored ice raids on facebook? well, she is not done posting. wait until you hear what she is asking for now. and the democrats are doing everything they can to stop the president's supreme court nominee, including chuck schumer. but what a difference a few years makes for him.
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♪ because every girl crazy ♪ about a. >> this is your shot of the morning, abby. is he known as the sexiest soccer player in the world but you wouldn't know it from this bronze bust that was created in his honor. people on the internet say it looks nothing like him. what do you think? brian: that's the problem with having a bust. the final product sparking photo shop frenzy with the one caption. i don't know what you are
3:33 am
talking about, guys. i think it looks pretty good. steve: others comparing the bust to tom brady weight gain controversy. brian: sculptures and sketch artists very angry at good looking men. ainsley: could i see his picture please. chris tiano. steve: tell us who he is. brian: is he somebody with a very similar you were body to myself. ainsley: put the you were body picture of him up and now take your shirt off, brian. brian: i wish we had time. i promise i don't shave nigh my chest so he has advantage. one of the finest players in all the world. world football player of the year. arguably one of the greatest strikers ever. and he gets a lot of hot women. steve: what country is he from?
3:34 am
brian: he is from portugal and he also had a very fine world cup where he was held scoreless by the u.s. christiane. -- had a kid. bradley cooper ended up having a kid with his exgirlfriend. ainsley: she is beautiful and he is beautiful. that baby is going to be pretty spectacular. brian: by the way the problem with being great people want to make a bups of you and the bust never comes out good. steve: there you go. ainsley: you should know. steve: 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. abby has the headlines on this thursday. abby: a lot of headlines to get into this morning. we want to start with this one. of the feds now combing through debris after 1 people on a church bus are killed in a horrifying crash. a pickup truck swervesd into oncoming traffic stan antonio, texas swerved in front of a
3:35 am
van packing senior citizens. only two people survived. one person in critical condition. a witness telling local paper she saw erratic driving right before the crash happened. and a mid-air tragedy on board a packed passenger plane. american airlines flight passing away just moments after landing. the pilot declaring medical emergency on board. the plane did land safely, paramedics scrambled to try to save the first officer who has been identified as william grubsz. investigators working to find out the cause of his death. and your federal tax dollars being used to fund lessons in public schools on how to practice islam. according to the christian action network, the department of education is funding education materials through pbs to teach kids passages along with how to say and perform muslim prayers. the doe doss doesn't fund or encourage the use of curriculum.
3:36 am
the website does confirmed the lessons are funded by the agency. no others funded for other major world religions as can you imagine leaving the christian group to wonder why. >> can you imagine the outrage if students were given scripture from the new testament and told they have to give the meaning, interpret that new testament scripture and explain how christians use that scripture in their every day life. we know the aclu would be outraged. they would be running to the courthouse steps. they would have a lawsuit in their hand and probably break a leg trying to get up those steps fast enough. abby: the christian action network has asked pbs to remove the lessons from the website. massachusetts state representative who posted on facebook a warning about a rumored immigration raid is posting yet again online. this as the sheriff from the same state slams congresswoman michelle for fear mongering and obstructing justice. >> we have an elected official who has gone out of her way not to protect the citizens of
3:37 am
her community but to harbor people who are targetinged. we don't want to come up on some arsenal where they are prepared and seriously injure or kill any of our law enforcement people when they make an effort consciously harbor or conceal someone that's a felony under federal law and they should be treated exactly the way their citizens or constituents treated. abby: using the outrage posted on facebook please share this appeal with other justice and equally loving people. we have seen the alt right national attack campaign against michelle and we need to help her fight back. the papal link in the post currently has zero dollars in its account. keep an eye on that one. see you guys later. steve: by the way we have got that sheriff who is going to be joining us right now. brian: a lot of badges on the show. in the movie the boss baby, a 7-year-old soon realizes his new little brother might not be so little after all. >> he wears a suit. >> he's like a little man.
3:38 am
>> he carries a briefcase. does no one else think that's, i don't know, a little freaky? ainsley: step into the fox light with michael tammero who sat down with one the stars of the movie lisa. >> recently caught up with her in beverly hills who hear all about her latest role. >> it was just the three of us, the templetons, life was perfect until that one fateful day. >> look who is here. meet your new baby brother. >> spans all ages? >> new baby comes into the household and it's the boss. to a 7-year-old they have taken over. and there is a limited amount of love. >> how great is alec baldwin? >> it's heaven. it's hilarious. it's -- he is hilarious. and it's just so perfect. it's perfect.
3:39 am
you hear that voice coming out of a little suit with the baby and they made it the cutest baby. >> cookies are for closers. >> what's the process like for you? >> i think it's really hard because it's just alone with your voice. but i was lucky because i got to do one day with jimmy kimmel. >> don't be jealous, tim, he is just a baby. >> oh my god i'm actually hearing and i'm just reacting. because when you think about it, i didn't realize how easy acting was when there is another actor and you can react. you just listen. >> how would you describe lisa cued kudrow. >> hopefully i'm reasonable. >> do you give advice. >> if they ask for it. that's not true. i'm always offering advice. i'm older i feel like i'm entitled. >> we have to convince them that we lo. >> loathe? no way. no. you don't mean.
3:40 am
>> love each other. >> disgusting. >> so sweet and charming. boss opens up everywhere this weekend. of the big question is does the baby beat the beast? steve: that's a good question. the baby's voice is alec baldwin who also plays donald trump? >> right. brian: was alec baldwin available for an interview? did he know you were there. >> he knew i was there. let's just leave it at that. we hold out hope. ainsley: if you have a baby at home you probably read the book boss baby. it is so funny. does talk about how the baby is the boss of your life. it's true. you as the parent think you are the boss, no, no, no. >> series sequel potential. steve: another chance to interview limb. michael, thank you so much. ainsley: thank you. steve: senator john mccain takes on north korea's leader kim jong un. >> china is the only one who
3:41 am
can control kim jong un. this crazy fat kid that's running north korea. steve: there he is right there. carley shimkus has the internet's hilarious reaction. brian: judge neil gorsuch facing major opposition from democrats. judge napolitano is here. usually walks down the hall and i read his name. and he is doing it again. hello, judge. why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind.
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♪ ♪ >> unfortunately senate democrats have begun justifying their opposition to judge gorsuch by claiming a 60 vote standard for his confirmation. that standard doesn't exist and these claims continue to be false. a party line filibuster by the senate minority is not a fair
3:45 am
up or down vote. ainsley: the scotus neil gorsuch finding himself in the middle of a partisan senate show down. what needs to happen for mitch mcconnell to keep his promise and confirm judge neil gorsuch next friday? brian: here we go. let's welcome fox news judicial analyst judge napolitano. fundamentally you don't want to see anything break from tradition but it might to get him okayed. >> it might. the senate has -- it's not only a tradition it's a rule that if anybody wants they can force the senate to raise the majority to do anything from 50 or 51, actually, to 60. that's called a filibuster. in the old days you would talk and talk and talk and talk and then pass on to somebody else and the only way to stop the talking, the filibustering was the 60 vote majority. at one point it was a 75 vote majority. then they lowered it to 60. today they got rid of the talking and just signed a note i'm prepared to filibuster and that raises the level to 60. has this been done to a supreme court nominee before?
3:46 am
no. why is it being done to judge gorsuch? a couple of reasons. one, the democrats claim this is a stolen seat. they think it should have been filled by president obama's nominee. steve: merrick garland. >> correct judge merrick garland a year ago after judge scalia died. he this don't like judge neil gorsuch because is he too conservative for them. guess what? the president gets to choose the ideology of the nominee. that's our system. lindsey graham argued this very nicely here is why i am voting for sonia sotomayor. here is why i am voting for justice kagan. they are qualified and i have a right to choose whoever he want if is he qualified. the democrats are not taking that position. steve: in the past, historically, some recent scotus nominees have wound up with, what, 52 votes? >> yes. steve: nobody said hey, i'm going to filibuster you. >> this is the first time that this has been required.
3:47 am
even for nominations as controversial as justice clarence thomas which succeeded. judge robert bowrk which did not succeed. they did not require that 60 vote plurality. so what has to happen? there are 52 republicans. if 8 democrats vote with the 52 republicans, not to have the 60 votes, then it would be a simple up and down vote. if that doesn't happen, then the so-called nuclear option comes in. that means changing the senate rules to prohibit the 60 vote requirement for supreme court nominees. now, there is some resistance to that because both sides like that, to use that rule every once in a while. ainsley: here is what is interesting though. there is so much hypocrisy here because in 2013 when he was up for the tenth circuit of appeals, correct? >> yes. ainsley: democrats liked him then. all unanimously liked him. now they don't. listen to this. this is chuck schumer in 2013 versus what he is saying today. >> we would much prefer the
3:48 am
risk of up or down votes and majority rules than the risk of continued total obstruction. that's the bottom line. no matter who is in power. >> if judge neil gorsuch fails to earn 60 votes and fails to demonstrate is he mainstream enough to sit on the highest court, we should change out nominee, not the rules. >> he is a smart guy and i respect him. disagree with him just about everything. is he wasting political capital and tarnishing his own leadership by the manner in which he is obstructing the orderly process of this nomination. steve: it's not just him it's richard blumenthal of connecticut. he is threatening the filibuster. >> i have a prediction. and the prediction is democratic snrearts up for re-election in 2018, in states that donald trump carried will vote for judge neil gorsuch. brian: will vote for him. because senator nelson in florida is facing a huge challenge. maybe even from governor scott. and he really surprised people by saying i am voting against him. >> i'm surprised senator nelson is doing that unless is
3:49 am
he planning on retiring. these people run for re-election in states that trump in which trump beat mrs. clinton i think are going to seat light. brian: should anything delay next week's vote? >> yes. that would be very bad, brian. because the week after a lot of supreme court decisions are coming down. if they're 4 to 4 and judge neil gorsuch has just joins the court? they get to retabulate the vote. brian: i thought they could delay once. >> delay once. if schumer is good at anything, it's good at delaying. ainsley: thank you, judge. you're hired, the first daughter has a new job at the white house. everybody's talking about it carley shimkus is here with what's trending. that's next. ♪ every little thing she does is magic ♪ ever everything she does just turns me on ♪ now i know my love for her is so strong o ♪
3:50 am
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♪ brian: john mccain offers some harsh words for north korea's dictator kim jong un. >> china is the one that can -- the only one that can control kim jong un, this crazy fat kid that's running north korea. he's not rational. we're not dealing with -- even with someone like joseph stalin who had a certain rationality to his barbarity. ainsley: now the internet is going wild. here with that story and more on what's trend something fox news headline 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. good morning, carley. >> the internet is hopping mad over this one. steve: being called at crazy fat kid.
3:54 am
>> not only mad at john mccain but ted cruise but be sponsored terrorism. press outlet released a statement addressing all of this saying such guys as john mccain and ted cruz may a provocation tantamount of provocation of war against the north korea. the dprk will take steps to counter it. disastrous consequences to be disastrous consequences to be entailed by their tongue lashing. steve: tantamount of declaration of war. then we are at death copy 12. >> john mccain saw that statement and has responded. a lot of people think what he has to say pretty funny. what do they want me to call him a crazy skinny kid? supreme are not only calling him a war hero but a twitter hero. brian: ivanka trump take as job. heard the critics. i want to take the job. i'm not going to get paid but
3:55 am
be the white house advisor to my dad. >> she released a statement addressing this situation head on. i've heard the concerns from some have with my advising the president in a personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules. that walls the question there. and i will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the white house office subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees. so, the trump family, people are so quick to criticize them. brian: unbelievable. >> pleasant surprise to see how much praise ivanka trump received online after she released this statement. a lot of people are praising her for coming out ahead of this situation. and also, working for the president. this woman says ivanka trump is the whole package. intelligent, savvy business woman, wonderful wife and mother. great role model. at stock monster tweeted congratulations ivanka trump unlike the jealous left we
3:56 am
adore you. your strength, beauty and courage are empowering millions throughout the world: ainsley: a soldier who salutes another fallen soldier. >> this powerful picture that you're about to see is a photo of a texas soldier. steve: fort hood. >> yeah. he is standing in the pouring rain to salute a passing funeral procession for a military veteran that he doesn't even know. the man in the blue shirt that is standing in the rain, his name is kenneth varnes. he says he did it because of the brotherhood he feels with the soldier that had just passed away that he doesn't even know. so expect to see this one on social media today it is making the rounds and for good reason. steve andrea writes this is amazing to see especially with the way people are these days. this young man showing respect and honor for our veterans makes me proud to be an american. steve: that's fantastic. thank you very much. brian: great job, carley see you on channel 115 or listen to you rather.
3:57 am
steve: straight ahead, lots on tap for you. david bossie is going to join us next. dr. emanuel ezekiel. dan bongino, bob massy, ed henry and you. put down the remote. we'll be right back. ♪ it's the final countdown. to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. earn double rewards points on select gear from the best brands. like savings of 20% on these storm searchbaits. these worldwide sportsman quick-dry shorts for under $20. and teva men's forebay water shoes for under $40.
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we make it really easy. that's what i love to hear! (vo) go to blinds dot com right now to get 20% off your entire order when you enter promo code tv. that's blinds dot com, promo code tv. >> evelyn farkas sounds like she admits that the obama administration spied on trump's team. >> i had a fear that the trump folks if they found out how what we knew what we knew about their dealing with russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods. >> you know loretta lynch, they knew better than all of this, but they did it anyway. >> the images, they are horrifying, 13 church members returning from a bible study retreat killed in this deadly head he had-on crash. >> a massachusetts state legislator is insisting she did nothing wrong by tipping off illegal immigrants to upcoming federal immigration raids. >> i can't think of anything
4:01 am
more irresponsible and more under handed and undermining to law enforcement. >> heart warming hug between a police officer and a 3-year-old little boy that has gone viral. >> we see a lot of bad stuff sometimes, but to see him so sincere, such a kind, thoughtful gesture made it a wonderful day. ♪ i'm just a country boy from this land ♪ making a living with these two hands ♪ still believe in the good old ways ♪ i watch them shut the factories down ♪ and the foreigners run into town. brian: crossing guards keeping everyone out of the intersection when the lights are green. no one on the road at all. steve: we don't have crossing guards. we have signs you can see them back there. brian: we used to ride it out. forget it we don't even know what language we are speaking anymore. let's make it symbols. of the same one used for the bathroom. i shouldn't have brought up bathroom now that's controversy.
4:02 am
what am i thinking? ainsley: oh my gosh. what are you talking about? steve: who knows. welcome to the show. we have a busy day. joining us from our nation's bureau former campaign manager for donald trump and the former deputy executive director for trump transition team it is of course david bossy. ainsley: hey, david. >> good morning, guys. steve: later tote the senate intel committee is going to hold first hearing on russia. what they are looking at is whether or not russia tried to influence the american election. the presidential election this last time. at this point, given what we know, there is absolutely no evidence that the russian influence is the reason we have hillary clinton as president, is it? >> no. there is -- look, there is no evidence whatsoever. president trump won this election. and what the democrats are doing today is really quite dangerous. and the american people need to wake up to the fact that they are using this as a political calculus to try to win points against president trump.
4:03 am
however, they're doing damage to the relationship of the united states and russia. and they are doing damage because president trump would like to, i expect, i haven't talked to him about this obviously, i would expect he would like to meet with president putin at some point in the near future and i don't think that's going to be possible in this -- incredibly irresponsible language that senator stabenow used yesterday, i believe. brian: in other words, david, when you see that carter page, when you see paul manafort and you see these transgeneral links to russia to keep this investigation alive, your thoughts because you were behind the curtain for all those months? >> it's outrageous what the democrats are doing. look, if they are going to conduct an investigation, let's do it, let get it over with. let's let the facts, you know, let's follow the facts. i served as the chief investigator for congress for the congressional committee on government reform and oversight. and i can tell you that if you
4:04 am
want to follow the facts you got to go where the facts lead you. there aren't any to lead you anywhere except for some democrat operatives lining this dr. far gas who is really maybe at the center of this -- he needs to be hooked up to a lie detector pretty quickly and get into a deposition before she finds her very good lawyers that she is going to need. ainsley: what you are talking about is dr. evelyn farkas deputy assistant secretary of defense for russia for ukraine under president obama. she was on another network at the beginning of march. this is what she had to say if you missed it last night and we'll get your reaction, david. >> i was urging my former colleagues and frankly speaking to people on the hill. it was more actually aimed at telling the hill people get as much information as you can. get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left so it would be
4:05 am
hidden away in the bureaucracy that the trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew about their -- the staff, the trump staff dealing with russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence. so i became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and i knew that there was more. we have very good intelligence on russia. so then i had talked to some of my former colleagues and i knew that they were trying to also help get information to the hill. that's why you have the leaking. ainsley: is she admitting that the obama administration surveilled, unmasked and leaked? >> that's just a devastating admission right there. and if the chairman of the house and senate investigations needs to be calling her today. they need to be sending her a subpoena. they need to be deposing her immediately to find out who exactly she was talking to and is she one of those that was leaking the information, the national security information
4:06 am
i might add that's a felony because she clearly knows either she did it or somebody she knows did it. i think these are the types of insidious things that the president has really uncovered in the first 65 days of his duration that there are people, incredibly bad, intentioned people who are left over from the obama administration who are trying to do damage to him for political purposes, incredibly irresponsible things to be done. steve: you know what's interesting about it i believe at the point when this stuff was going out, she had left the federal government. she was working on the hillary campaign, i believe. >> she was an advisor to hillary clinton. steve: so when she says what we knew, how did she know. >> who is we? steve: because she has left the federal government. the leak came from somebody in the government, paralign blog article in the waning days to
4:07 am
put out as much crap as they could to blow up trump. for her to have said that on television, it looks like somebody leaked to her so, to your point, about call her up, have her testify, that's great. >> immediately. the problem with these types of investigations they take too long. when i served there. you know, have you an incredible process, but it's really one that can be moved at a very rapid pace if you have a chairman that is willing to do it. so i got to tell you, she needs to be subpoenaed andry, vo get to the bottom of whatever she knows. because we all know that the clinton campaign, as well had contacts with the russians. and it's not nefarious, necessarily, it's just that they did as well. having contacts with the foreign leaders, heads of foreign states, ambassadors, that's the common -- it's common business during a presidential campaign so there is nothing wrong with it. and so i just -- look, they are trying to make something
4:08 am
out of the business dealings of paul manafort and others. that's on a different level than donald trump knowing something about the russians or them coordinating. i will be honest, having been involved at the highest level of that campaign, i can tell you there was no tom clancy style conspiracy going on between the campaigns. brian: also we found out in "newsweek" that james comey had an editorial to run in the summer about the russian's role in this election. he brought it to the highest level of the obama administration. they will prevented him from writing it he was concerned, you would have to say that's legitimate, in the summer. now all of a sudden senator warner has to get to the bottom of this because is he concerned america's integrity is at stake. why didn't he know this in the summer? why didn't he come forward in the fall? >> brian, you are 100 percent right. our integrity is at stake because barack obama didn't act when he was brought forward information whether it
4:09 am
was classified or declassified information from our intelligence gathering forces around the world that something was going on. something was amiss. there was hacking. there was something that the russians were trying to do. why wouldn't you have stopped it at that very moment in time whether it's last spring, last winter, whenever they found out. they found out some time -- it is clear to me that they found out clearly before the conventions. maybe even in the spring. why would you be so irresponsible as to let it continue? steve: great question. at this point unanswered. all right, david bossy, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks for having me. steve: lots to talk about today. ainsley: that's right. we have much more. abby is going to tell us some headlines this morning. good morning. abby: good morning to you. we have a lot of headlines. the feds combing through debris after 13 people on a church bus are killed in a horrifying head on crash. a pickup truck swerved into oncoming traffic near san antonio, texas, smashing right
4:10 am
into the front of the van that was packed with senior citizens. only two people survived. one person in the van is currently in critical condition. the truck driver is expected to be okay. a witness on the road telling a local paper she saw a erratic driving right before the crash. and the -- sexually accused of jose claims the girl gave consent over a text message before that incident happened. he along with 18-year-old henry sanchez millian also undocumented accused of forcing that girl into a high school bathroom and brutally assaulting her. also breaking overnight president trump's executive order on immigration hitting a new judicial road block. the federal judge in hawaii who temporarily blocked the it the's revised order just before it was set to take effect now suspending his suspension. derek watson further blocking the government from restricting foreign travelers from six middle eastern
4:11 am
countries claiming it discriminates against muslims. yesterday, celebrating women's empowerment. first lady melania trump delivering the key speech. in washington, d.c. mrs. trump speaking on the importance of gender equality and supporting women. >> these women are extraordinary examples of reaching within to find the courage that lies inside us all. to change the world. abby: and her husband, president trump backing that sentiment. >> only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will would he be truly able to -- you have not heard this expression before, make america great again. [cheers and applause] abby: a pretty powerful moment yesterday. did you guys watch that? any of the speech with melania it was pretty powerful. steve: thank you, abby. meanwhile a massachusetts state representative warns
4:12 am
illegals about rumored ice raids that were supposed to happen yesterday. our next guest is the sheriff in her state. and he has a message for her that she is not going to like. he's next. brian: this professor watched first class passenger give up seat for uniform soldier then tweeted that about him. he said i want to vomit. now he is getting schooled online. ♪ i don't need your reason ♪ don't tell me because it hurts ♪ memory p ♪ the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am.
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♪ ♪ steve: the sanctuary city fight in full swing as one massachusetts sheriff is now calling for the arrest of leaders in sanctuary cities. this after a democratic representative in massachusetts michelle dubois came under fire warned about ice raids. a post she later altered and updated with a request for donations. right now it stands at zero. the sheriff thompson calls her actions irresponsible and he joins us from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: what's she doing? >> i think that's what most
4:17 am
people in massachusetts and across the country are asking. it's hard to imagine. it's unconscionable an elected official would be sending out annual alert that would put ice officers at risk and our local officers after the risk dealing with transnational gangs and criminal illegal aliens. we need that element of surprise. never mind maybe allow these people avoid being apprehended and going off into some other community and committing some crime against innocent people later on. steve: sure. i think what's getting lost in this and first up put up her post we talked about yesterday. she wrote on facebook i got the following information from my friend in the latin community. i have a message for the immigrant community of brockton please be careful yesterday. ice will be in brockton on that day. okay. what's getting lost here, chef, is the fact that if she is trying to address, you know, people who are in this country illegally without a criminal record, that's one thing. but she is also alerting if that was her intention, people who are in this country
4:18 am
illegally and have a criminal record or have a warrant out for their arrest, telling them as well, hey, look out, don't open the door because the bad guys are coming for you. >> what would she do, steve, if it was a d.e.a. raid with one of our task forces. would she notify the smugglers and the drug dealers about the same thing? this is the most outrageous thing i have ever heard an elected official to do completely undermining their oath and undermining law enforcement's efforts to keep the community safe. steve: i understand you had a meeting yesterday. you have another one today. you say leaders of sanctuary cities should be arrested. explain that idea. >> look, any elected official in this country that openly defies federal law under section 1324 clearly states anyone who knows someone to be in the country illegally and attempts to harbor or conceal them is -- commits a felony under federal law up to five years per alien. and elected official shouldn't be held less accountable for consequences when they violate
4:19 am
federal law than are their constituents. so they can't take license because they are elected officials and decide if they don't have the courage or will to go to washington and lobby to change the law, don't tell us that you are going to decide how it's going to go or tell law enforcement to turn our backs on our oath. steve: you know, we had a report about an hour ago, sheriff, griff jenkins was at that meeting yesterday and it's interesting because a number of top law enforcement officials from these sanctuary cities are circumstantial in denial. what are you talking about? we are not a sanctuary city because they want to keep the money. >> right. and and you know that's really what this is about. that's why they are there they are more concerned about the money. look, we are not going to back down on this issue. the president is absolutely right in insisting that sanctuary cities be penalized if they are not going to follow federal law. you can't just ignore it otherwise, what's going to happen is other communities will say well, i guess and the public will say i guess they
4:20 am
really aren't serious about it. steve: speaking of the public, it would be interesting ainsley interviewed one of the angel moms who said yesterday if you put this up for a vote in these assassinatio sanctuarys would probably votes for law enforcement. >> no doubt about it no matter what your affiliation is people want to be safe. that's the fundamental responsibility of government. steve: thank you so much. we know have you a busy agenda in d.c. and thanks for your service. >> thank you. steve: all right. straight ahead on our agenda college students trampling on the first amendment rights of a conservative and libertarian speakers. latest target controversial author charles murray. dr. ezekiel emanuel professor at the pennsylvania university here to weigh in with brian next. sorry, guys, time to say bye-bye to the sexy burger girls girls. >> >> just got a whole lot hotter.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. it confirmed the president of china is heading to the winter white house next week. president trump hosting the world leader at his mar-a-lago estate down in palm beach florida april 6th through the 7th, for two days. he issues taking center stage trade and north korea nuclear threats. later this morning lawmakers in north carolina will vote on new bill to end the controversial bathroom bill. the law requires transgender people to use public rest rooms that match the gender on their birth certificates.
4:25 am
you were talking about it earlier. brian: yep, there is the symbol. 24 minutes after the hour. let's change gears. chas on college campuses when libertarians or conservings are invited to speak, some students, for example at notre dame university voicing their opinions about a recent speaker. controversial to some author charles murray. >> yeah. i do think he is promoting a racist agenda. one of the definitions of racism is believing that you are superior your race is superior to another. >> people on the left such as those gathered here will take out snippets of those quotes, pieces of analysis and present it as if he is like some white supremacist or nazi. brian: joining us with his reaction is a professor in his own right university at pennsylvania fox news contributor dr. ezekiel emanuel. i can't wait to get your perception how these students are reacting to speakers many cases conservatives and libertarians. >> well, first of all, i think we need to be clear there is freedom of speech in this
4:26 am
country that includes the right of people to speak and the right of people to protest against speakers. so i think there is a right on both sides. we have often had a very vigorous discussions in this country. i can say that my experience at the university of pennsylvania is people get to speak. students listen. sometimes students protest. and, you know, i have been protested at various universities and that's part of the discussion. i mean, it's part of the large discussion and disagreements and attempt to resolve it what i think is important is to have some civility in these discussions and begin listening to each other. i would remind your audience though that, you know, the long history of america and the long history of trying to suppress speech has mostly been the right suppressing the left. i will go back to john quincy adams and the gag rule and slave states trying to shut him up. why had joe mccarthy and trying to liberal a communist. we had the bad history that included senator mcconnell
4:27 am
trying to shut up senator warren. i mean, these are mostly the suppression of speech is mostly the right suppressing the left. picking out a few libertarian people who are suppressed. i think it's awful when people are suppressed. i think it's much better to have a dialogue. one of the reasons i'm here on fox is i believe we need a dialogue, liberals and conservatives should not just go to their corner and talk to themselves. brian and you also know that our audience is not made up of all conservatives and liberals. >> that's one of the reasons i'm here. brian: dr. emanuel i will give you the big picture. why don't have video of john quincy adams but in recent history we know this when a controversial speaker shows up at campus that's part of the campus experience. get all views, create a discussion. why is it suddenly okay to act like this and shout him down? i'm wondering if it's incumbent on the leadership of these universities to make sure that there is some civility there. >> so, first of all, i think
4:28 am
it is incumbent to have a lot of different views on campus and for people to be exposed and have their own views challenged. that's party of being educated is to understand your views and to understand the other side. but we should also be very clear. the right to protest, the right to express your views and to disagree with someone is deep seeded in america. and we want that right of protest. and i don't think we want to say when students protest and students object there's a problem. that's part of what they're learning. brian: i agree with you. i don't mind this. if you see the video there if you have a monitor. >> unfortunately i don't have a monitor. brian: sit out there and have a sign that's fine. if you are going to listen, listen. put your hand up if you have a question, that's just manners. what happened at berkeley i think is out of control. i don't care hot speaker is way left or way right. it's just part of the process. you have read about people like stalin and hitler not
4:29 am
because you like them because they are significant people in history. i think somehow this message has been skewed that if i listened and they are booked to speak that they need to be confronted or shouted down. i don't know how this got turned -- how this philosophy got turned on its head like this. >> well, look, i agree with you. i think that exsetting for the very, very extremes, ahmadinejad or you mentioned hitler i do think though there is a reason not to have them on campuses. on the other hand, i do think that we should and i agree with you here we want civility and we want to listen and opportunity to challenge. i do think protests outside, protests that are vocal outside of a venue perfectly fine. i also agree with that you violence is not acceptable in these circumstances and i don't think that's acceptable. you asked me where this comes from. you know, when senator mcconnell says to elizabeth warren you can't read that letter, that's not a good sign. that's not a good symbol.
4:30 am
when president obama addresses a joint session of congress and a republican representative from south carolina yells out unprecedentedly you lied in the middle of his speech, you know, there is something, and that does set a tone. it sets a tone for the left, it sets a tone for the right. let's get back to listening to each other and sit down and talking to each other. i am for that. brian: absolutely. >> i would say in my class i work on the affordable care act. i teach a class on healthcare. one of the things we do is invite someone who is more conservative on the health policy spectrum. i have had joe from the american enterprise. doug hultz eakin another conservative who served under president bush come in my class and talk to my students. my students challenge them and ask questions. that's the way education should be challenging and by the way protest is part of education. you learn what you stand for and try to articulate your views. brian: right. just don't pull bike racks --
4:31 am
>> -- i'm not for violence and i think that's a clear line. brian: don't throw bike racks at people and when allen dershowitz can praise ted cruz as my student enjoy having them in my class knowing they are off sit points of view. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: remember the mino miner confronting hillary clinton for saying she was going to put coal miners out of business. >> how can you say you are going to put coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friend? brian: is he about to talk about frump's new e.p.a. order and see what he has to say. this passenger watched a first class passenger gave up his seat for a soldier and then tweeted how he wanted to vomit. now he is getting schooled. ♪ ♪ kevin, meet your father.
4:32 am
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[explosions] >> battles are won solely on the field. that's a common misconception. in the heart of every marine you'll find a promise. a promise forever kept. a promise of battles won. steve: this is your shot of the morning latest epic commercial from the u.s. marine corps. ainsley: it is part of the battles won series and geared toward attracting more millennials to the service. brian: into the marines specifically. ainsley: what do you think about it? steve: it's good. if you were a young man or woman of that age it is
4:36 am
reminiscent of the little toy soldiers. also it's a little gamberish. ainsley: that's what i was thinking too. at first i thought it was a video game. brian: they say recruiting is still strong and now with more funding coming in, the benefits are good. it's really been a real attraction for this generation. this generation continues to step forward for our armed forces. ainsley: they are amazing. steve: absolutely. meanwhile you are stepping forward you are outraged at this story, a professor at drexel university tweeted this out, not long ago. wrote out some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. people are thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or yell about mosul. so that's what he said. that's a picture of the guy. works in philly. wanted to know what you thought about this. and you are outraged. ainsley: this is what wesley wrote in. as a soldier this is something i do not expect. when gestures of gratitude are performed toward me, i'm extremely thankful. what has he done for this country?
4:37 am
what sacrifices has he done to make this country safer and better? brian: right. the drexel professor, your serve. you tell us, wayne says would not send my children to this institution even if for free it's not. according to our source. $70,000. steve: that's a lot. bart emailed it seems we not only need to drain the swamp in washington but also need to drain the swamp of liberal socialist educators. we should point out this professor george ciccariello over christmas time he came out with a tweet where he said all i want for christmas is white genocide. the university said his comments were utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing but then he said it was satire. four days later the university said, you know what? it's protected speech he can say anything he wants. brian: okay. i guess he has gone forward with that saying anything he wants. good job, drexel. ainsley: like you were saying this guy who can say anything he wants it's because of the
4:38 am
men and women who fought for this country and they all deserve to sit in first class in my opinion. steve: no kidding. keep telling us what you think about that story. in the meantime, abby has a whole bunch of stories. brian: speaking of first class. abby: we do. starting with unfortunate airline story mid-air tragedy on board a packed passenger plane. first officer of american airlines flight pronounced dead moments after landing. pilot declaring medical emergency two miles outside of albuquerque new mexico airport. he died. scrambled to save the officer identified as william mike grubs. investigators are working to find out what was the cause of his death. and horrifying video of a violent home invasion all caught on camera. thugs seen breaking into a home, kicking open a door to get to a woman that was hiding in a bathroom. >> where's it at?
4:39 am
where is it at? we ain't going to hurt you. >> give me your -- ainsley: how frightening is that in police in washington state say the suspects ripped off the woman's jewelry. luckily she was not hurt. those suspects are still on the run. it's horrible. we have all seen what can happen when we are busy looking down at our phones. look at this woman. she is falling face first right into a fountain. now research says that that kind of cell phone distraction, it could kill you a new study showing an 11% spike in pedestrian deaths last year with nearly 6,000 people loading their lives because of this. experts think the biggest factor may be drivers and walkers distracted by their phones but hard to confirm that we are all guilty as charged. that's dangerous. say it ain't. so fast food just got a lot less sexy. >> classic just got a whole lot hotter
4:40 am
abby: all the men in here are saying oh, come on. say goodbye to the burger babes. [sighs] abby: crarls jr. and hardee's. new ad sex fueled formula led to higher sale. hoping the change will attract a broader base of customers. revealing yellow star logo. what do you guys think? are you going to miss it, brian? steve: did you see that bacon? a lot of bacon. brian: i'm literally. ainsley: if you eat all that bacon and hamburgers that's what you are going to look like. brian: atkins diet is all bacon. you can't eat the bun. steve: what happened to at constituents? brian: he died all unrelated. steve: it was an accident. he confronted hillary clinton over her threat to put coal miners out of work. remember this? >> how you can say you are
4:41 am
going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. steve: so what does he think of president trump's new e.p.a. order, ending the war on coal? he is going to talk to us next live. good morning, you're next on "fox & friends." ainsley: remember this absurd court sketch of tom brady? wait until you see the artist rendition of one of soccer's hottest stars. that's what they say? what do you think? woo! ♪ how do you like it ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it ♪ more, more, moreid ♪ so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. it's your retirement. know where you stand. you'll always be absolutely...clear. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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♪ ♪ steve: well, he confronted hillary clinton over her threat to put coal miners out of work. >> when you make comments like we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, these are the kind of people that you are affecting. this is my family.
4:45 am
and my hope is in god, that's my future. i just want to know how you can say you are going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friend. ainsley: wow. so what does that coal miner think of trump's new executive order on energy. bo copley joins us now. good morning to you, bo. >> good morning. ainsley: that image that we just saw was etched in our minds. what was your reaction when you saw donald trump sign that executive order at the beginning of the week? >> >> well, i actually didn't get to see it when it happened. we were a little bit busy and we were out of pocket. once i heard news of it, i am very hopeful. you know, our industry is not going to come back overnight. we all know that but we do thingviewthings like this as stn the right direction to give us an opportunity to do what we have done for a long time. steve: sure, so by signing that executive order a couple
4:46 am
days ago effectively he ended what you regard as the obama administration war on coal. it saved 30,000 jobs in the state of ohio alone. and 130,000 jobs across the united states of america. for people in your industry, how important is this move? >> well, i'm sure this kind of move is something that's paramount to coal being on the rebound. like i said, we know that there is other sentence that will have t --other steps have . we view it as the first step. brian: you are still unemployed right now. are you going to start positioning yourself to get in on this new opportunity? >> well, if the opportunity presents itself, of course we are. i just felt like, you know, i'm in a place where god is telling me to wait for the right opportunity. we had an opportunity, my family did to -- for a good job in the industry, but we
4:47 am
would have had to have relocated. and it just didn't feel like it was the right time for us. and the right opportunity to move away from our church, our church family and our support group that we have around us right now; so if the right opportunity hopefully will present itself soon. ainsley: so you have been out of a job for a while now. as a father, you know, trying to raise kids at home, put food on the table how are you doing it and how are you feeling? >> well, it can be pretty stressful. again, one of the things i have always leaned on is, regardless of who pays my check or where our sons come from. god is our provider. we believe in trust in him and he has provided every step of the way. my wife is a professional photographer. and she has really picked up the slack in the last year and a half. and has really been there for us. she is my rock. ainsley: what's her company? >> charlie life stop photographer is the name.
4:48 am
charlie with two es. steve: after you slid the picture of your family over to hillary clinton. we saw that part where essentially you said these are the people from my family who because of the war on coal, you know, don't have food coming in. what was her answer to that? because we don't really remember that part. >> well, she said that her words were taken out of context and that she has always been in support of coal and coal miners. of course, you know, at the time i really hadn't seen her entire video, just her words about we're going to put a lot of coal companies out of work. when i went back and, you know, viewed it, it was clear that they weren't taken out of context. she actually gone further. brian: right. trying to get some green votes. real quick, you want more to be done. this is only the first step. tell me exactly what the
4:49 am
president should do to really get coal going? >> well, i think the regulations on our coal plants has really hurt us more than anything. more costly for them to burn coal. we have had so many go offline because of those things that we really need to see more coal fired powered plants to be able to start back up. brian: gotcha. steve: bo, thank you very much to you and your family. ainsley: thank you, bo. brian: let's talk football. the oakland raiders officially moving to las vegas. what does that mean for sin city. bob massi, the property man will be talking about getting his personal seating license. ♪ we're going to make you lose your mind ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ party rockets in the house tonight ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ and we
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ steve: well the oakland raiders are packing up and moving to las vegas. the nfl voting this week to move the franchise to sin city in the next couple of years. ainsley: so what effects will this have on the vegas economy and are the odds in the city's favor? joining us now with his take is las vegas local and the host of property man and our friend bob massi. hey, bob. >> good morning, ainsley, steve, how are you? steve: we're doing okay. you know, it sounds like the owner has mixed feelings about moving the team. you say it's going to be a real boone for las vegas but at the same time we were just out there for one of the debates in october. is the infrastructure there? because it seemed like it's not really set up for a gigantic traffic event.
4:54 am
>> it is definitely going to be a traffic issue. for those who have not been to vegas, we have, like everything else, we have interstate 15. interstate 15 goes north and south between here and los angeles and san diego. so what they are saying steve and ainsley, if they build the stadium, it's going to be, if you will, on the west side where it's easy access to interstate 15. we still have a major traffic problem because you're talking about an nfl franchise that's going to increase the amount of flow into las vegas, right now, for example, if you drove on a sunday morning, like 10:00 to vegas, to l.a., it's a 7, 8, 9 hour trip that's normally a four hour trip. you put this thing in and you are talking about sunday afternoon game, we got some traffic. that's one of our big concerns. a couple concerns we have. number one is traffic. number one you get more people, obviously we need more police. crime could happen. things like that. but on the positive side, i have to tell you, guys, this city is on fire for development now more than ever before.
4:55 am
ainsley: already brings in so much more money with the gambling. going to bring in more jobs and people are going to buy tickets and great for the economy. on average though for other cities where they have major teams like, this how do they do? are they doing better? >> you know what, ainsley, yes. here's what's interesting. as you know, and brian who follows sports -- i'm like brian with this stuff -- last year we had the chargers going to los angeles. the rams came from st. louis and now we have oakland coming to vegas three teams on the west coast. the rams aren't doing very good. chargers are playing in the soccer field for the next couple years. what we think is a lot of people if they don't like the teams in los angeles, they're going to come to vegas for the weekend to watch the raiders play because they have a good team. if you are a restaurant and casino business and real estate development and high rises on the strip, this place is rock and rolling big time. steve: absolutely. all right. meanwhile, speak of rock and rolling you are already up to the third season of property man premiers next weekend on fox business.
4:56 am
>> yeah. steve: where are you heading this year? >> well, preernl premiers aprilh 5:30 eastern time. we went to arizona. we did scottsdale, phoenix, and tucson. we did great stories. we did wrigley mansion, wrigley field great family. many great producers i have dankoen who i love dearly put me on a coal mine up the hill on a cliff. come on, massey, let's go. i'm italian. i don't go on cliffs. great story. i'm excited to be back on the air. next friday april 7th, every friday 8:30 eastern time and 5:30 pacific. ainsley: we love you so much, bob. great to see you. >> great to see all of you. thank you. steve: meanwhile straight ahead on deck or 8:00 eastern hour stuart varney and dan bongino but look who is here. ed henry.
4:57 am
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> evelyn sounds like she admits that the obama administration spied on trump's team. >> i had a fear that the trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew about their dealing with russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods. >> that's just a devastating admission. they need to be sending her a subpoena. they need to be deposing her immediately. >> if he doesn't now calling through debris after 13 people on a church bus are killed nahorifying head on crash. a massachusetts state legislature saying she did nothing wrong by tipping off illegal immigrants.
5:01 am
>> undermining their oath. >> a new fox poll finds a majority of the people say that they pay too much in taxes. 55% say that they're too high. >> she is known as the sexiest soccer player in the world. >> can't find a shirt. >> but you wouldn't know it from this bronze bust. >> comic book character. ♪ ♪ steve: well, it's not exactly double vision because when you look at the actual soccer star and the statue, many of you feel not exactly the same guy. brian: this is why i'm so glad i haven't achieved greatness in anything because no one can do an inaccurate bust. i always pull myself back from perfection because i'm afraid of a bust that will be
5:02 am
inaccurate. ainsley: it can be a bust. brian: yes. steve: ed henry, does that look like the same guy to you? >> i actually thought it looked a little bit like kilmeade. i heard you talking earlier about taking your shirt off, and i said i have to get ready i don't know what's happening right now. brian: you heard me talking about -- ainsley: you were talking about taking your shirt off? >> yeah, with you. brian: do you remember? >> oh, man, i'm getting a headache. >> we haven't even started. ainsley: senate intel committee. today is the hearing. they're trying to decide -- they're going to investigate if russia excluded to fix our elections here in america. >> yeah. and this former obama official basically letting the cat out of the bad a few weeks back and suggesting we knew all of this was going on. she was already out of government. she was a top defense official overseeing russia, ukraine, seem to have a lot of information about russia attempts to influence the election, underline the word attempts because we still have no evidence after all of this
5:03 am
that they actually did influence the election. brian: so on march 2nd, she does an interview on another channel and these are her words. this is her. watch. >> i was urging my former colleagues and people on the hill, it was actually more aimed telling the hill people get as much information as once again get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left. so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, the trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew about their -- the staff, the trump staff dealing with russians, that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence. so i became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open, and i knew that there was more. we have very good intelligence on russia. so then i had talked to some of my former colleagues, and i knew that they were trying to
5:04 am
also help get information to the hill. that's why you have the leaking. >> there's a lot there. steve: so it sounds like she admits there was surveillance, unmasking, and leaking. >> yeah. and she's suggesting that the new york times story in march was true. which is there's a race among various obama officials to release information that was damaging to donald trump, his campaign, his advisers, that could eventually be leaked out later. they feared, allegedly inside the obama administration that if trump came to power, they would destroy some of this evidence, that was their allegation. so they wanted to preserve it. she talks about leaking flat out there. not that she did, necessarily. but on top of that, it also makes me wonder. if all of this was known by the obama people and there were something dirty going on. how come it didn't come out last summer? she said we all knew it. meaning -- steve: ed, you have a theory, don't you? will go to has been put it together with the newsweek
5:05 am
scoop today about james comey, fbi director, last year was not his best year. but he last summer wanted to write an op-ed and somewhere else saying russia trying to influence the election, folks. we need to deal with this. the fbi director. the obama administration allegedly -- brian: john kerry was there. >> john kerry, the homeland security secretary, said, no, don't go public with that? why? did they want the people who were being surveilled not know? did they want to keep chattering and talking with the russians? steve: so you're suggesting it was a trap. >> i'm not suggesting it was a trap. i'm just curious as a reporter as why you knew allegedly that there was influence going on. that the russia -- brian: it's so important. >> it's so awful. it's going to damage our democracy, why were you not shouting it from the rooftops like james comey suggested you should have. brian: i've got to get to the bottom of this. this is the most important
5:06 am
thing i've ever done in my career. really. it wasn't important in the summer or fall or december or january or february. just waited for march to be done. >> i think mark warner is a serious guy. brian: i think that's the biggest mistitling. >> as a governor, he was. i live in that area. anyway we can disagree on that point. but yesterday at this news conference he said fake news could really influence the state of wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. that might be a bit of a stretch. brian: that's how moderates -- >> that unmasks that they're trying to say this influence affects the three states that really matter. ainsley: well, last night on the sean hannity show saying she needs to get an attorney. because if she is the lyric, whoever the lyric is, that is a felony. and we talked to david bossy earlier on the show and here's what he had to say. >> it's just a devastating admission right there.
5:07 am
and the chairman of the house and senate investigations needs to be calling her today. they need to be sending her a subpoena. they need to be deposing her immediately to find out who exactly she was talking to and is she one of those that was leaking the information, the national security information, i might add, that's a felony. because she either knows. she did it or someone she knows did it. these are the types of insidious things that the president has really uncovered in the first 65 days of his administration. that there are people, incredibly bad-intentioned people who are left over from the obama administration who are trying to do damage to him for political purposes. steve: it's all about politics. what's interesting for you folks at home to keep track, there are two hearings going on. >> uh-huh. steve: you've got the senate, which is going to have the first meeting today. they're trying to figure out did russia interfere? the democrats want that hearing because they want to
5:08 am
prove there was a reason hillary clinton lost. meanwhile, the house is having a hearing that democrats really are not interested in. and that is whether or not the obama administration surveilled the trump team. ainsley: going back to that sound byte, the senate intel committee, they are going to be talking to 20 different people. they're interviewing 20 different people, they say. do you think they're going to be pulling in this lady? can you trust washington to do that? >> i don't think we can trust them. what about devon nunez who has been under fire for being a partisan in the house intel? maybe he has, and it these has been revealed because it's all secret or something. but why is evelyn on another channel just publicly saying we knew all of this, and we were doing this and maybe it was going to leak out. why has she not been forced to do a deposition yet under oath? brian: our bet she did it three weeks ago, i don't watch that channel. i don't have it cable or not
5:09 am
if i want to upgrade to the deluxe package. we did a bad job. >> you know what? here's the bigger point i think after everything we discussed. if james comey last summer felt like we were -- there were people according to leaking and everything else. why haven't we seen a wrongdoing? it's been almost a year. after all of this digging, all of this surveillance, we still haven't seen something proven. steve: but if there was some actual fire, he would have had an indictment. >> is there something actually there? brian: you could write a cliff hanger. tune in next week. steve: and he will be back. >> i'll be back next week. talk about my book. i have one for ainsley. 42 faith. the guys have to buy it.
5:10 am
ainsley: ed, what about me? where's my book? we can share. >> maybe fox and friends -- ainsley: always. ainsley: an illegal immigrant accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old classmate will be in a maryland courtroom later today. claims the girl gave consent over text message before that happened. also undocumented are accused a forcing a girl into a school bathroom and brutally assaulting her. also, the feds are combing through debris after 13 people in a church bus are killed nahorifying crash. a pickup truck swerved into on coming traffic in san ontonio, texas smashing right in front of the van packed with senior citizens. only two people survived. one person in the van is in critical condition. the truck driver is expected to be okay. a witness on the local road says she saw
5:11 am
erratic driving right before that crash. and president trump's executive order hitting new judicial roadblock. the federal judge in hawaii temporarily blocked the revised order just before it was set to take effect. now extending his suspension. u.s. district judge derrike watson further blocking the government from restricting foreign travelers from six middle east earn countries, claiming that it discriminating against muslims. isn't headlines. brian: hurry up, abby, he'll sign it for you. >> now you have to give me yours. brian: yeah. turns out crime does pay. one city promising job for every excon. we're not kidding. stuart varney has never done time. but if he did, he'll talk about it. ♪
5:12 am
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5:15 am
steve: brand-new fox polls reveal that more than half voters feel they're paying too much in taxes. ainsley: and nearly three-quarters think the tax system should be reformed this year. ly will that happen? brian: i hope so. we'll see. stuart varney think so so. "varney & company" goes from
5:16 am
9:00 to noon because he wants to. people want something done. is this going to get done this year? >> look, the bottom line from that fox poll, the bottom line is that the majority of americans want the trump growth plan to go forward. taxes are unfair. 55% say they pay too much. 73% say they fix it and fix it this year. your question was are we going to do it this year? well, let me tell you. there is a full-court press out there to get it done this year. kevin brady, chair of the house means committee. they write the tax rules. he was on my show yesterday. he said yep. we're going to do it this year. this morning at 11:00 treasury secretary mnuchin goes to the white house. guarantee he's talking tax cuts and growth. the full-court press is on. get it done. ainsley: how important is it for this president? >> it's absolutely vital, ainsley. there's nothing else onboard here except cut those taxes, grow the economy. it's the centerpiece of the
5:17 am
trump economy. brian: don't you think this is a program that should come from the white house, not the house? >> yes. but it also has to have a unified republican party that gets it done. that's what it's got to be. steve: and the problem last friday, this was all planned to be the trump two step. first do something about the affordable care act and then free up taxes because it frees up about a trillion dollars of taxes we're currently paying into that system. >> yes. but we should point out we're off to a very, very good start. we are moving this economy. it wasn't noticed at all but three federal reserve districts said that manufacturing is really popping. it's really, really doing extremely well. three federal reserve districts. that's a legitimate, reliable source of economic information doing very well. ainsley: well, this will definitely pass because you've got republicans in the house and the senate; right? what republican would ever not want this? brian: some of them want -- ainsley: why wouldn't they want it? >> i can't go out there and say, yes, it's definitely going to pass.
5:18 am
the sticky point is the border adjustment tax. that's how you pay for other tax cuts. it also is a new tax. how many republicans will agree to that? are they unified on tax reform? brian: democrats play a role in that. the corporate tax, democrats totally believe should be reduced where there's 20 or 15. >> yes. but you have all kinds of strings attach. if you cut corporate tax rates, you have to do this, this, and this with the money. ainsley: you mean it's not going to be simple? it's going to take time? >> inning it's more complicated than obamacare's fix. steve: fox news poll about 40% of the people say the tax are right. >> what about the 49% that say taxes go up in the trump administration? that's skeptics for you. steve: what percent pay no federal income tax?
5:19 am
>> 40%. ainsley: because they don't make enough? brian: yeah. steve: all right. stuart thank you. we'll be watching. his show starts in 40 minutes over on the business channel. meanwhile, coming up. she was killed by an illegal immigrant ten years ago today. and for the first time since then, her father says he's hopeful it won't happen to another family, thanks to president trump. he, the father, joins us live. next. brian: plus this professor watched a first-class passenger give up their seat for a soldier. and then tweeted about how it made him sick. twitter is firing back and so are you. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax.
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ainsley: quick headlines for you. it is confirmed that the president of china is headed to the winter white house next week. president trump is hosting the world leader for two days. trade and north korea trade or threats, sashed. and the first daughter announcing she will serve as an unpaid adviser to happen. trump previously announced that she was getting a west wing office and security clearance. steve. steve: thank you, ainsley. ten years ago today our next guest experienced the unimaginable pain of losing his child. ray 16-year-old daughter can tessa was killed by an illegal immigrant with a rap sheet. was driving drunk when he struck and killed tessa and her friend allison. his blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. now for the first time thanks
5:24 am
to president trump, says he sees hope for real immigration reform. angel father joins us this morning from virginia beach, virginia. good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: i'm sure it's a sad day for the family. tell us what happened ten years ago today. >> yeah. ten years ago today, tessa and her friend ali were driving just to get a pack of gum on virginia beach boulevard in virginia beach. about a block away, there's a stoplight, and they were -- i can imagine they were just sitting there waiting for the light to change and talking about boys, probably. laughing. they were really good friends, and they had great attitudes, and i can just imagine that they were laughing, goofing around. and alfredo ramos was driving down virginia beach at over
5:25 am
70 miles per hour with a .34 and the crime officer said when you have a .34 or .35, basically it's like driving at night with very dark sunglasses because you can't see. so he hit the back of their karat over 70 miles per hour. there were no skid marks. so they got the full impact and basically plastered them. they died immediately and, you know, i was shocked that you could die on a rear-end collision. but the politician accomplice told me that when you get hit with that much force, basically your body is like an egg and yolk inside gets cracked up, and you basically die. so i went to the crash site. i just couldn't get -- and i asked the police officer, well, where is the other guy? is he dead? and of course not. and in 90% of these cases, the perpetrator walks away from
5:26 am
the crash, which is, you know, ironic. otherwise there wouldn't be news. there would be a report and that would be it. but in this case as usual, he walked away from the crash. steve: let's talk a little bit about him. he had actually been convicted of two different duis in two other communities. so because he was in the country illegally, he should have been deported, but he was in this country. you have since sued those two communities. chesapeake and virginia beach. what happened? >> well, i gave them notice to suit because you have to do that or it will run out of time. steve: right? >> and in both cases, they wrote back, their city attorneys wrote back and said under this and this law, we are under sovereign immunity, and we're going to reject your ability to sue us. steve: that's right.
5:27 am
this has been such a terrible ten years for your family. now we understand, and we should point out you did campaign for donald trump. >> yes, i did. steve: you feel he's going to put an end to the sanctuary city business where people who have a long criminal record, like this fella, are not able to kill anybody. >> i think it's number one priority. i think that's why he got elected the president. i think enough people see these sanctuary cities as being unsafe. i would say that virginia beach was a sanctuary city when they allowed him to drive in their city and arrested him and didn't deport him. this isn't hard. if you're in a city, and you have -- you pick up a criminal, and he doesn't speak english, and he's, you know, been hauled to jail, it isn't
5:28 am
hard to dial the number for ice and get a background check on the guy and see if they're going to pick him up. that essentially takes you off the sanctuary city list. i don't know why the larger cities like chicago who have 230,000 illegal aliens think that that makes their city better and safe. i just for the life in me, i can't figure that out. steve: me and ray on this have talked about it. we're here in new york city in the biggest sanctuary city in america. why it is in the best interest of the people of new york to have people with a criminal record who should not be in this country, why they wind up with special protections. >> exactly. can you imagine that if in some of the bureaus, some of the predominantly black areas or let's say predominantly arab areas that they had sanctuary.
5:29 am
what's the difference? i mean, if they had sanctuary, the arabs could do their sharia law. the south of chicago there were 9,000 woundings and 7- 800 murders. they could, you know, be anonymous. we wouldn't know if they went from city to city whether they committed a murder or not. so it doesn't make sense. it eventually leads to that crazy word called anarchy. steve: well, let's see what donald trump does about sanctuary cities because we saw jeff sessions, the attorney general the other day say they would like to crack down. let's see what happens. we know this is going to be a tough day for you. thank you very much for joining us and telling us your story. >> thank you, steve. i always enjoy your show. steve: thank you, sir. all right. it is 8:30 now here in new york city. coming up next on the run down.
5:30 am
how would you feel if you found out your pilot died at the controls? it just happened. we're going to tell you where. plus, this professor watched a first-class passenger give up a seat for a soldier and then tweeted about how it made him sick. twitter is firing back and former secret service agent dan is next. usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life.
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♪ ♪ ♪
5:34 am
ainsley: that is your shot of the morning. the incredible sound of u.s. army corious and marine band, and that happened at the white house. brian: president trump posting video performance on his instagram. the party celebrating the beginning of spring. look at that. steve: the president's a good cameraman if he's actually operating the phone. brian: he was an iphone now. steve: the senators from both parties were invited. it was bipartisan. and you've got a friend in washington. very good. we have a friend right here dan former secret service agent, former new york city police department officer and the host of the renegade republican. >> that's right. ainsley: good morning to you. what do you think about that representative, her name is representative and she's the one that said ice is in the neighborhood. so if you're an illegal immigrant, stay inside. >> is everything political
5:35 am
now, i mean, including the safety of our cops? i was a local cop in ypd and secret service. now, here's a disturbing part of the story. ice prioritizes and triages their needs. they're not knocking on the guy for a parking ticket five or six years ago. they're going after the worst of the worst. these are hard-core criminals. you have a state representative who took an oath of the best interest of the citizens of our state. hey, if you get a knock at the door today, that's the guys coming for you. so prepare all the weapons and hide the couldn't about ad. this is ridiculous. this is the sorry state of the country that she can get away with. brian: i've got the following information from my friend, she writes, and as we roll forward. in the latin community, i have a message from the immigrant community of. please be careful on wednesday the 29th, that's yesterday. ice will be in brockton.
5:36 am
>> this is the worst thing i've ever heard of a public official ever doing. the section 13:24 clearly stasis anyone who knows someone to be in the country illegally and attempts to harbor or conceal them commits a felony under federal law up to five years per alien. steve: he says that these sanctuary city officials should be charged with a crime. >> yeah. i don't disagree with them. and what's even more disturbing, want to add a layer of insanity to the story, they're trying to raise money off of this thing for the state legislature. brian: she came back at that. >> are they going to raise money god forbid a cop is hurt for the kids to take care of the kids? this is a national disgrace. ainsley: last i checked, she hadn't raised anything. brian: when you're a cop, and you have a liberal politician in charge of a city, where's your interaction? is the cop interacting with
5:37 am
ice? or do they take the orders from the politician? >> no. they interact directly with ice. these legislatures should have no affect on what the police officers do. but sadly with the politicization of the immigration process, she may interject herself in there. steve: a horrible story of ray who lost his daughter ten years ago today. a guy in this country illegally had two duis, should have been deported. >> i was watching that in the hallway. that was a horrifying story. when you both walked up, you saw me looking at the screen. i am thinking this poor father for the rest of his life. one thing about this story. people can say all they want. well, 98% of illegal immigrants won't go on to commit additional crimes. 100% shouldn't be here. that's the only number that matters. ainsley: dan, what did you think of the professor that tweeted this out? he was on a plane and said some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. people are thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or
5:38 am
yell about mosul. >> yeah. i'm trying not to vomit thinking about the environment hiring this clown. this is the kind of guy that god forbid a bullet would come his way in enemy fire. he's the one yelling like a 4-year-old running in the opposite direction while the men and women on that plane are protecting him. it's guys like that that are a complete impairment to be able to say country. we can all agree that this is an absolutely bipartisan issue that our men and women of our military work for very little money, they put their butts on the line. they deserve bipartisan praise keeping us all safe. this is totally uncalled for, and this should be shunned by there's for room for this stuff. brian: he still has a job. and if you're a parent wondering between two schools, are you going to write a $70,000 check to send your kid to an university. >> he's probably going to get an award.
5:39 am
that's the sorry environment on our campuses now. steve: dan, always a pleasure. thank you very much for dropping by. ainsley: thank you, dan. >> good to see you all again. ainsley: we need to go back to the hallway to watch the rest of the stuff. steve: time now for some news that actually starts with abby and the weather. abby: yeah, we do want to get some weather happening right now to some extreme weather. powerful storms now headed east after ripping through the south with damaging wind, hail, and tornado. in fort worth, texas two children are now dead, electrocuted by a do you understand power line. the 11 and 12-year-old believed to be brothers. and this is all that is left of a construction worker's hat after he struck by lightning on top of a home in houston. well, he stopped breathing but was revived and luckily will be okay. amazingly. and a midair tragedy onboard a packed passenger plane, the first officer of american airlines flight pronounced dead just moments after landing.
5:40 am
the pilot declaring a medical emergency onboard. two miles from the albuquerqu albuquerque, new mexico airport. paramedics scrambled to try to save that first officer who has now been identified as william mike grub. investigators working to find out the cause of his death. and it turns out that crime does pay. new york city's mayor bill de blasio now promising a job for every inmate after they finish their sentence. the -- it's called the jails to jobs initiative, and it will cost taxpayers $10 million a year. when a reporter asked why excons should be guaranteed work over unemployed residents who haven't broken the law. he said quote getting out of the cycle of crime and incarceration is in everyone's interest. okay. your headlines, guys, back to you. steve: abby, thank you very much. meanwhile if you listen to liberal politicians, you would think the american dream is being killed by conservatives. >> we are asking for equality. much of the money that will go to the richest people in
5:41 am
america are in blue areas. now, isn't that something? steve: isn't that something? but in the red state of utah, the american dream is thriving. on the other side of a brief time out. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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video calling from vonage. call now and get amazon chime at no additional cost. ainsley: if you listen to liberal politicians, the american dream seems almost impossible to find, thanks to conservatives. >> we are asking for equality. >> the way we would achieve that is by an idea we called the mansion tax. >> the very wealthy in america. the .1% who gain the most --
5:45 am
>> much of the money that will go to the richest people in america are in blue areas. now, isn't that something? ainsley: but it turns out in the red state of utah, the american dream is thriving. the state has the best success rate of moving the poor into the middle and upper classes. utah's lieutenant governor spencer cox spearheads it and joins us now. when we were doing this story, i thought this was genius. your state is a model for all of us. why is that? >> well, good morning, ainsley and thank you for telling our story. we're very excited about those numbers, and we're getting a lot of attention for it. and we're focused on evidence-based policies trying to get past the partisanship and look at what really works. and what we're finding is that what really works is less government. but when we talk about less government, sometimes my fellow conservatives forget that that means we have to do more of other things. and that's what we're doing in utah.
5:46 am
we're working with our faith-based organizations. we're working with nonprofits. and we're working with the private sector as well. we have an expectation when you move your business to utah, you give back to the community, and you -- we lead the nation in volunteerism and the american dream. ainsley: so how do you get someone who has been on food stamps their whole life, how do you get them into the middle class? what specifically are you doing? >> yeah. that's part of the problem. when we started to look at the data, we found something very interesting. we found that welfare programs work for people that are in situational poverty. that means something bad has happened in their life. they're going along, things are going well, and then all of a sudden they go through a divorce, they lose their job, something happens. but there's a whole other segment of society that -- of poverty that we call inner generational poverty. these are people that were on poverty when they were young as children, and they remain on poverty for multiple generations.
5:47 am
and the problem is the welfare programs we have right now actually don't work they can actually make things worse. so we're focused on changing the dynamic around that. helping people get out of poverty. helping them see and surround themselves with other families that have multiple -- that have both parents -- that have jobs. we have mentoring programs that we're working through with this folks. giving them opportunities. giving them education. and really starting with children to break that cycle of poverty. ainsley: shouldn't governor, if you look at the forbes american dream index, it shows trending up during the trump era. you can see at the -- look at december going forward. when trump was inaugurated, it continues to go up there. why is that? >> well, it's obviously still very early in the trump administration. but what we're focusing on is opportunities. giving opportunities to people that don't have them. and, again, realizing what government does well and what
5:48 am
government does poorly. and what we found is this one-size-fits-all approach to poverty just doesn't work. we have to give people -- we have to give people more opportunity, and we're doing that by focusing on the individual. by focusing on families. by using churches that are out there that know these individuals very intimately can know what's working. sometimes you've got a single mom who's working three jobs, and she can't get her kids to school. she doesn't need help in other ways. she needs someone to give her rides to school. you have to focus on the school. ainsley: and show her love. and that's where the church community comes in. congratulations on your success there in that state. thank you. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. well, he is a hollywood legend. >> behold his mighty hand. ainsley: but did you know that he was ultrasound a huge supporter of our troops? his son takes us behind the scenes of the actor's incredible life. and that's coming up next. but first, we're going to
5:49 am
check in with shannon to find out what's coming up at the top of the hour. hello, shannon. >> hi, ainsley. well, you know the senate intelligence committee is getting ready to go public on a potential hearing of the russian interference in the presidential election. that kicks on of in just over an hour. we will keep you monitoring with that. and fbi director james comey should shut down by the previous administration when he tried to speak out about russia during the presidential campaign? well, we have a jam-packed show. lindsey graham on the supreme court nominee, and the intel investigation and jim jordan on whether the freedom caucus is going back to the negotiating table over health care. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour check this out. ♪ whoa ♪ check this out... ...there's always king's hawaiian rolls inside.
5:50 am
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>> romans. country men. lend me your ears. >> oh, my god. you maniacs. >> strangling my people. >> the day rome falls, there will be a shout of freedom such as the world has never heard before. >> there is no freedom without the law. >> behold his mighty hand. steve: amazing. not many actors have stood the test of time quite like charlton. ainsley: i don't think any of them. i just love him. the hollywood legend accomplished a lot in his acting career but not many know the full story of his life off the screen. brian: how can we finally get the full story? here to offer us insight writer, director, and son of charlton frazier. how does the country start on his life that the country think so they know so well? >> you know, dad had a marvelous life. his career spent the entire
5:54 am
half of the 20th century in hollywood. and i think people remember him for ten commandments, behold his mighty hand, and they remember him for his stance for the nra. but between those two jesters, there was a lifetime of public service, of work for his art and for his country that i think is quite a fascinating story. steve: it is a fascinating story, and you're here today to announce a new documentary about your father. >> we are indeed. it's called charlton heston, the family arena. my dad and i started 30 years ago. ainsley: what was it like to have your father as your dad? steve: my dad's moses? ainsley: how did he influence your life? tell us something about him on a personal level. >> he was a wonderful father. he was a kind and gentle soul. he was not an old testament prophet. he was not a gun nut. he was not a chariot driver.
5:55 am
he's the kind of guy you would like to have by your side. brian: how did you get his respect as a movie maker? >> you know, we started making films together back in the '80s, and then i started directing and then eventually writing and producing films with him. and we became good friends and business associates. i think we had mutual respect in our relationship both on and off the screen. steve: well, you are uniquely qualified to tell his story. a lot of people don't realize that while bob hope wound up with all the headlines for going to vietnam during the war, your father went three times to places where they would not send bob hope; right? >> well, that's right. dad realized he could go to forward areas, combat zones under fire on occasion to meet the soldiers, take down the addresses and phone numbers of the families, and report back to them that their son or daughter was still alive and
5:56 am
doing well, and it meant so much to the families, i think when he got back. steve: are you saying after your father came back from vietnam, he would call up the parents of that young man who was serving and say hello this is charlton heston, your son is doing well? >> yeah. a lot of them couldn't believe it was him. but he did. he called every single one. he had a big notebook and wrote down every name that he met. brian: are we going to see home video? >> not today but eventually you certainly will. brian: in the documentary. >> yes. in the documentary. we have wonderful photographs taken by my mother who is still with us at 93 and she also took home movies behind the scenes. ainsley: tell your mother we wish her the best. thank you for presenting this documentary to all of us. we can't wait to see it. brian: frazier heston, thank you. steve: we're going to step aside. more fox and friends in two mins
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> coming up we'll be joined by
6:00 am
our economist and chris wipple about the chiefs of staff of all the presidents. >> we need to spend more time with them. >> spend time with us tomorrow. see you then. >> happy friday, almost. >> bill: was the head of the fbi shut down over going public with concerns about moscow. a new report suggests james colmey noted the possible meddling in the election last summer and stopped by the obama administration. this as we await the start of a senate hearing on its investigation into russia. i'm bill hemmer. good day to you. split broadcast to you again today live in new york city and shannon, good morning to you in washington. >> shannon: there's a report fbi james colmey wanted to write an op-ed only to have it blocked. >> bill:


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