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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 31, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> shannon: the search narrows for those who tipped off the house intelligence committee chairman about obama administration surveillance on president donald trump. this is "special report" ." i am shannon bream in for bret baier. we have new information about who may have been talking to house intelligence chairman devin nunes about the previous administration surveillance that scooped up some of donald trump's associates. john roberts begins our coverage tonight with late-breaking news. >> good evening. the tick-tock of this is becoming clearer tonight, it appears staffers at the national security council came across a number of instances in which the names of members of
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president trump's transition, including the president-elect himself was showing up in intelligence documents. that information was brought to the attention of the white house counsel's office which alerted the intelligence committee chairman in the house, devin nunes, who have been charged with heading up the investigation. fox news has confirmed that two white house staffers, ezra cohen-watnick, and michael ellis, aided congressman devin nunes in his search for intelligence. the disclosure raised more questions about connections between the house intelligence committee chairman and the administration. at the daily briefing, press secretary sean spicer stressed what's important is the substance, not the process. >> your obsession with who talk to home when it is not the answer. it should be the substance. seems you continue to look at it from a backwards prism. who drove in watergate, who did
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they meet with? as opposed to the underlying substance. did something happen in the 2016 election? did leaks occur? >> white house tried to change the subject, revealing the nsc has uncovered information relevant in the investigation on whether intelligence had been mishandled. >> we have and will invite the senate and house ranking members and chairman to the white house to view the material in accordance with their schedule. >> ranking member of the house committee was quick to accept the invitation but added "if these are the same materials nunes viewed, it's troubling." >> raises a question why they were not directly provided by the national security staff and instead were provided through a circuitous route involving the chairman. >> white house continues to try to dig itself out of the hole created by the tweets a month ago, the president is trying to advance his agenda at the
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expense of the house freedom caucus. this morning tweeting: the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team & fast. we must fight them, & dems, in 2018! the tweet laid to bear the president's anger at the freedom caucus which many republicans believe botched the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it's understandable the president gets frustrated that we haven't gotten to where we needed to go because this is something we said we would do. >> most people don't take well to being bullied. >> he didn't take kindly to the attacks. >> it is constructive in fifth grade but it may allow a child to get his way, but that's not how our government works. >> president hoping to divide and conquer. ted poe quit the caucus after the health care debacle. cofounder jim jordan urged the
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president to stay calm, there's still a chance to repeal and replace obamacare. >> this is our best chance but not this bill. look, it was a postponement. some people, the sky is falling. the sun came up today. it will come up tomorrow. let's take a little bit more time to get it right. >> some members of the freedom caucus aren't afraid of the presidents threats but others aren't keen to go toe-to-toe with the president in districts where he is as or more popular than they are. >> shannon: tonight new information and a new player in the investigation into the alleged trump-russia connection paired we are learning about a person who may have been in position to share information about surveillance of the trump team. peter doocy has the latest. good evening. >> good evening. for the first time since the intel committee chairman devin nunes told the world he has proof, members of the had their names unmasked by u.s. intelligence agencies, nunes met
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with his democratic counterpart, adam schiff. schiff tells me that nunes did not share evidence with him and he still hasn't shared it with anyone. >> i think it was not an easy meeting but an important one. >> huge glue may have been hiding in plain sight. former obama administration official named evelyn farkas admitted she was telling collings collect as much intel on the trump team as possible. she explained why. >> i had a fear that somehow the information would disappear. it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy that the trump folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about their staff dealing with russians, that they would try to compromise those sources. >> trump transition officials think that comment is a
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gold mine for congressional committees. >> they need to be deposing her immediately to find out who exactly she was talking to and is she one of those that was leaking the information. >> i would like to call the meeting to order. >> one witness today debunked the idea that russians were just trying to help trump. >> republicans tend to come up but the democrats were there to too. they were with bernie sanders supporters trying to influence them. they play all sides. >> top republican speaker paul ryan is pleading with collings to keep their eyes on the ball. >> this has gotten a little political. let's take a pause and get the evidence, all the documents and find out what happened. >> fbi trying to keep politics out of its investigation which has been going on since before director james comey's now infamous public statements about hillary clinton's email servers. "newsweek" reports that comey
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wanted to publish an op-ed last summer but was apparently told he couldn't. last night director comey said he doesn't care who wins and loses based on things his agents find. >> we are not on anybody's side ever. we are not considering this action or that action. we just don't care. >> talk of russian interference has focused on the 26th election but it doesn't mean it stopped then. marco rubio revealed to view -- staffers targeted yesterday. >> shannon: peter doocy 11 help. a man at the center of the russia allegations has gone on the record. catherine herridge has the story of carter page. >> i think it's about dirty politics. >> in an interview with fox new
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fox news, carter page denied allegations he colluded with vladimir putin's government during the 2016 election. >> did you work with the electrical russians? >> absolutely not. i did nothing that could even be possibly viewed as helping them in any way. >> did you work with the russians to hurt the clinton campaign? >> absolutely not. >> page said his criticism of the obama administration's strategy and his business contacts with russia made him a target. >> i think it was a pretty logical political choice for them to pick me out. >> on christopher steele's dossier, page said the allegations against him are baseless. >> the stuff about me is literally completely false in every way shape and form. >> the former british
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intelligence officer christopher steele. do you know him? >> in early july... >> ranking democrat adam schiff said in sections of the dossier. >> i was laughing. that was part of the reason why i'm excited about helping the committee. >> are you prepared to testify publicly? >> i would love to. i can't wait for them to ask me about the crazy allegations that came out of that dossier. >> most of the allegations to turn around pages july 2016 russia trip where he gave a graduation speech. >> to be clear, you told the trump campaign you were going to moscow but you are going as a private citizen. >> yes. >> are you paid for the speech? >> i was paid 0. >> alleges that he met with a businessman. >> i have never met him.
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>> there was no deal with igor section. through which she would -- paul manafort chose you to be the point of contact with the russians. >> i never had a conversation with paul manafort. totally false. >> congressional investigators are probing the contacts. to >> you are the first person i am saying this directly too. i said hello to him in passing, handed him my business card, and never got a business card from him. as i did for many ambassadors. during the republican national convention. >> did you ever hear from the russian ambassador again? >> never. >> how did you come to work for the trump campaign? sticker i had been the center of so much controversy, i don't
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like digging into details of the individuals. >> has the fbi contacted you? >> i do not talk about ongoing any investigation. >> he said the allegations leveled against the trump team are as damaging as russia's interference. >> aside from the dossier. when we get to real hard facts, i think people are going to see where the negative influence on the election was. >> katherine harris, fox news. >> shannon: west virginia senator joe manchin and north dakota heidi heitkamp are the first two democrats to say they will vote to confirm president trump's nominee to the supreme court. the announcements come as claire mccaskill says there is political risk in filibustering the vote on neil gorsuch. she said it would lead republicans to change senate rules, making it easier to push through another justice later.
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all three senators come from states mr. trump carried in the election and are up for reelection next year. a tsa worker in atlanta has been fired for missing a loaded gun in a passenger's carry-on bag. the passenger noticed she had brought her gun with her and she told officers. she was then arrested. tsa officials say that worker who missed the handgun was already on probation. dow gained a 69. s&p 500 finished ahead. nasdaq jumped 17. a sexual assault case involving two illegal immigrants is gaining national attention with its graphic and sometimes lurid details being released to the public. doug mckelway has latest on the case we have to warn you, some of the link which in the report may be disturbing. >> does defense attorneys left the courthouse today after judge denied their request that jose montano be released. >> the bond review was denied.
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the defendant is being held. i have no additional comment to make. >> after defense attorneys came into possession of text messages exchanged between montano and the victim. >> she lied to the detective and left information out. why would you believe anything after that? >> sources say one of the texts -- the two agreed to meet for sex the next day, the accuser telling montano not to bring a condom. >> we don't want to discuss where we obtained the
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information. we did obtain it and we turned it over to the state. >> prosecutors introduced evidence from electronic communications being examined between montano and henry sanchez. the prosecution described one exchange. "once she is nude, come in and threaten her with telling a teacher." >> my client denies being associated with a gang in any way. >> faced with a request to release montano, the judge denied. "the encounter began in the hallway. i am not persuaded." probable cause hearing set for tomorrow. protests here. we are at montgomery county school board headquarters.
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>> shannon: keep us updated. thank you. feds putting the blame on sanctuary cities by name for an inability to get criminal illegal immigrants off the street. national correspondent william la jeunesse tells us the issue is who gets to call the shots. >> we want i.c.e. to be focused on the criminals, not the grandmother. >> that's why sanctuary cities argue it's their right to decide which illegal immigrants get to stay. the administration disagrees. >> the american people are not happy with the results. they know when cities and states refused to help enforce immigration laws are nation is less safe. >> i.c.e. released its naming and shaming report, identifying cities that refuse to hold jailed inmates for up to 48
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hours for deportation. in one week in february, i.c.e. trying to pick up almost 3,000 illegal immigrates immigrants d or for crimes. los angeles, new york city, bakersfield, clark county, nevada. includes las vegas, and san diego. according to i.c.e., most if not all have been ignored. crimes include assault, domestic violence, child abuse, robbery, dui, drug possession. seattle joined san francisco and challenging the plan to withhold law enforcement grant money from sanctuary cities. contracts contingent on following federal laws that require cities cooperate with i.c.e. >> department of justice will take all lawful steps.
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>> the report reveals there is no single definition of a sanctuary city, since many differ on their degree of noncompliance. it's a gray area that allows both sides to complain while the war between them escalates. >> shannon: thank you. there has been an unintended consequence stemming from the belief that immigration may sharply decline under president trump. higher wages for the workers already here. chief correspondent jonathan hunt explains from bakersfield, california, . >> good evening. when jason begins harvesting these fields in a few months, he will have around 100 workers pulling them up by hand. in the past, those workers would have been earning minimum or near minimum wages. that is no longer the case. >> they can make up to 20 bucks an hour. >> you are way ahead of minimum
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wage. >> even on the melon cruise, and don't get me wrong, it's not easy work. but on a good day picking watermelons, we've guys who will make 28 to $30 an hour. >> like every farmer in california's central valley, he is paying a premium for workers. deportations of the many illegal workers in the farm industry were stepped up and has become worse among fears of president trump's illegal immigration crackdown. >> those that have something on the record or are skeptical if they have still a family member that isn't in the united states if they become a target. there's a lot of questions among the immigration community that they are scared to know the answers. quite frankly, i am too. it's still a waiting game.
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>> many of california's farmers who, according to the state department of food and agriculture, supply half the country's produce, voted for donald trump and still support him. they say they want clarity on immigration policy and more efficiency for programs like the h2 a seasonal workers to be set. they warn if they can't get the workers, they can't harvest the crop and that would mean higher prices and more important produce. that, they say, would be the opposite of making america great again. >> shannon: thank you. up next, why a compromise over north carolina's bathroom law has both sides upset. first here's what some of our affiliates are covering. fox kansas in kansas city. governor sam brownback's veto on a bill to expand medicaid coverage. the legislator passed the bill.
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kansas lawmakers are expected to attempt to override the veto. fox 28 in columbus, ohio. authorities fined 300 pounds of cocaine on a plane making an unscheduled landing at ohio university airports. two canadian citizens on board were arrested. the pilot had reported mechanical trouble. records showed that the plane made flights over the u.s. live look at kennedy space center in florida. fox 35 in orlando. the expected launch of a previously used space x rockets. first time anyone has tried to send a used rocket into space to put something into orbits. that's two nights live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right
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>> shannon: lawmakers in north carolina have reached a deal with the governor over a log dealing with transgender access to public restrooms. >> facing an economic boycott, republican lawmakers in the democratic governor hammered out an agreement to repeal the states bathroom bill. >> this is not a perfect deal, and it's not my preferred solution. it stops short of many things we need to do. >> the legislation to repeal it, signed into law last year requiring people to use public restrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates, faced little
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opposition in the senate. >> when you have a compromise, you get some of what you would really like to have and some you would prefer not to have heard >> hammered in the house. >> the impetus for this is a threat by an unaccountable, powerful, elite institution. >> he is referring to the ncaa which is a deciding on future championships. the organization had informed state lawmakers that no tournaments would return to north carolina "absent any change of the law." also boycotting, the nba, acc, major entertainers, and companies. >> governor cooper, who signed the bill this afternoon, said he would preferred a clean repeal but he sees it as a first step in healing the state. >> shannon: thank you very much. state legislative wars in illinois are considering several measures to enhance internet
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privacy rights. comes as a bill that would relax regulations. the illinois bills would allow consumers to request what information internet companies are collecting about them. president trump's top diplomat is not drawing a redline over syria. rex tillerson backing off the obama administration policy. >> rex tillerson says the syrian people should determine the fate of their president, brashear al-assad. >> the status of presidents assad will be decided by the syrian people. syria. priorities for second tillerson
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on his first trip to turkey. intense day of meetings. the secretary arrives at head the campaign to capture isis's capital, raqqa. creating secretary tillerson, the turkish government says it looks forward to a new energy in its relationship. it is clear even with the new administration, the u.s. and turkey are at odds. >> let's me be frank. these are not easy decisions. they are difficult choices. >> they agree on the commitments, not the details. turkey objects to the u.s. inclusion of a kurdish militia. tricky claims they are a terrorist organization. >> support given to a terrorist organization has saddened us and
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negatively affected turkish people's feelings. >> turkey criticize the u.s. for arrest on monday of a banker in new york. it's also demanding the u.s. extradite a pennsylvania-based cleric. turkey claims he is responsible for a failed coup in turkey. tillerson has arrived to turkey's capital. in national referendum would grant the president more authority. state department officials say secretary tillerson that with no turkish opposition leaders. officials say other state department representative leaders will meet with the opposition. in a few hours, the secretary travels to brussels where he will meet with nato allies. he will push those nato countries to spend at least 2% of their economies on defense. currently only 5 of 28 countries
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meet the threshold. >> shannon: rich edson in turkey. isis is claiming responsibility for a suicide truck bombing in baghdad that killed 15 people and wounded 45. the attack comes as the united nations secretary-general visits iraq. antonio gutierrez is expressing support. steve bannon is one of the top figures in the trump white house. he is a lightning rod for criticism following his stint as the head of breitbart news. his political activism began decades ago. douglas kennedy has the story. >> in 1981, after a month in office, ronald reagan went to the pentagon to give the medal of honor to a vietnam vet. president reagan delivered the
1:30 am
speech here inside the pentagon courtyard. the backdrop was to tell military personnel they mattered. >> it's time to show our pride in them and to think them. >> in the audience was a young steve bannon, now special counsel to president trump. then, a 27-year-old junior lieutenant. his longtime friend was standing next to him. >> this speech was a game-changer. it was the first time anyone had ever shown appreciation. >> bannon would tell bloomberg news, "i wasn't political until i got into the service and saw how badly jimmy carter messed things up." bannon joined the navy the same month carter took office. in six months, he got promoted, an accomplishment he elects to point out he achieved on merit. >> i am a naval officer.
1:31 am
a real naval officer. >> bannon spent half of his career on this decommissioned destroyer. as a junior lieutenant, he was in charge of engineering, overseeing maintenance of the ships water purifiers and propulsion engines. bannon move topside where he became ship navigator. >> i understand one thing, mathematics. >> how did they train you guys to think mathematically? to go the whole process involved in lot of mathematical disciplines from geometry to trigonometry. >> bannon was at the home of the foster. operation eagle claw, the doomed rescue mission of the iranian hostage crisis. >> this was a symbol of military
1:32 am
humiliation and some say it changed the way steve viewed president carter. >> very much so. he lost confidence, as a lot of the nation did. >> a few months later, bannon was on the pentagon. serving under captain jay arnol arnold. carrying messages and writing reports to senior officers about the state of the navy fleet worldwide. >> when i had a problem i needed help on, he was a good guide to go to. >> it was when he got back home and especially here at the pentagon, his friend say he became more politically aware and politically engaged. >> you ended up watching the debate between carter and reagan with steve. >> october 24, 1980. it was amazing because he was on his feet, pacing and he was a point, counterpoint and he was quite animated. >> he also acquired big
1:33 am
ambitions, including telling his friend he wanted one day to be secretary of defense. >> i thought it was interesting because most guys who get out of the navy and have political ambitions would like to come back as the secretary of the navy. >> big plans that prompted him to take classes at georgetown university, earning him a degree in international relations. it would also sent him to harvard business school, goldman sachs, and eventually a leading thinker in the tea party movement. he left the navy with a drive to solve problems. >> that's correct. he left the navy armed with a strong education and a drive to get to the real problems that were important to him. >> problems he now has the power to address inside the worlds most most powerful house. at the pentagon, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> shannon: astronauts from
1:34 am
the international space station had to do improvising when a vital piece of cloth floated away. the shield came loose as they were working to patch and other exposed part the station. they filled the new gap. tracking down the people who talk to the house intelligence chairman about surveillance on donald trump's campaign. we will discuss it with the panel after a quick
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and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> i informed >> ryan this morning of this new information, and i will be going to the white house this afternoon to share what i know with the president and his team. >> he told me a whistleblower type person had given him some information. >> this looks nothing like a whistleblower case. the object was to give it to somebody to give to the
1:38 am
president. makes it all the more bewildering. >> we are not going to comment on one off anonymous sources. >> if it were -- >> i'm not going to get into it. >> shannon: let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, susan page, and editor-in-chief of lifezette, laura ingraham. i feel like i can barely keep up with this. there are new things happening. we had these letters back and forth. steve, this information from today, john roberts confirming there was an nsc staffer and a white house counsel staffer who alerted devin nunes to the information. white house has invited congressman schiff to come over and take a look. he said i'm concerned. if that's how this was done, wasn't laundered by taking it to the committee? >> ultimately the information is
1:39 am
what the information is paired when we find out, we can make a determination whether it was important or whether there was nefarious paper and art of the a administration or not. certainly the process doesn't look good. the question people are raising about the process, did they come from the white house? was it presented to chairman nunes who took it public, took it to the president? was this all in effort to spin the story, create some p.r. chairman nunes and those familiar with the material he's seen believe there was wrongdoing in that. you talk to them and there's no question they believe that's the the question, i think when this information comes out and i'm confident it will, are we likely to have seen the same kinds of things? back in the 2008 22009 time frame, the transition from george w. bush to barack obama. if we see this information and
1:40 am
it looks like something we would have seen in any other transition, probably not as big a deal. if on the other hand we see this unmasking and the tasking for the unmasking has come from the white house or the nsc. the obama administration. then i think it raises additional questions. >> shannon: throwing gasoline on the conversation are the remarks on msnbc by evelyn farkas. she talked about pushing the information, making sure people had it. donald mcgahn references it in his letter to the committee chair saying these comments raise some questions. >> they do and they raise some questions about whether the obama administration was so suspicious of the incoming from people that they did things that were inappropriate that had not been done before. there was an effort to make sure this information got out one way or another. i agree it's something serious to look at.
1:41 am
but one impact of this controversy is to undermine chairman nunes' credibility on the hill, to raise questions about whether he can continue to act as chairman of the cmittee committee. it certainly has poisoned his relationship with the democrats. that is of some concern because the intelligence committee has a history of acting in a somewhat bipartisan way. under their radar, not always publicizing everything that's going on. this raises concerns about how this is going to work. >> shannon: laura, do you think the critics pouncing on the way devin nunes handled it. if the underlying information possibly, we will see what version we get. if it proves what the president said about people listening and are looking at is information was happening. >> i think that is the efforts. part of the demonization of devin nunes, i would agree with steve that they probably
1:42 am
could've done done this a little differently when the commission came to him. i have a strong hunch that when we find out what happened, were going to find out transition officials who had nothing to do with russia were being surveilled incidentally, not incidentally, and their names were being unmasked to various people inside the administration. and if those individuals in the obama administration came from the nsc and/or the white house counsel's office. when i hear the white house counsel's office is involved, i worked in the white house a long time ago. that in and of itself is odd. why would they get involved? because of the underlying in legality of the unmasking. the substance of the claim could be really serious.
1:43 am
if they are unmasking trump transition people who had nothing to do with the russian investigation or even if they had, that's really serious and it goes right to the heart of what farkas was saying. >> shannon: what nunes has said is that what he briefed the white house about wasn't related to russia. "wall street journal" reporting that mike flynn, who lost his post as national security advisor, is offering to testify before the senate intelligence committee. he's willing to testify to the committees, house and senate, in exchange for a deal. steve, where do you think we go? >> that's a good question. usually you don't propose offering testimony in exchange for a deal unless there's a reason for you to want a deal. we know for sure he was unmasked in one of his communications,
1:44 am
and we know he wasn't straightforward about what he had participated in with respect to the questions on russia and later with respect to the questions on turkey. >> this is how investigations go. you start pulling a thread. somebody at some level becomes interested in having a deal because presumably there's a reason he wants a deal. and you see where the testimony takes you. this is the classic investigative course of every investigation we've ever seen in washington. >> shannon: this senate is working to say it's bipartisan. presenting a united front. now we have flynn possibly at the table. >> the circle widens. for the people who don't know if they are the target of an investigation, anytime you hear someone say i will testify for immunity, it means potentially someone could be ratted out or
1:45 am
it could mean mike flynn doesn't trust the prosecution possibilities. there's a lot of reasons, speaking as an old defense counsel, there's a lot of reason in previous political prosecutions. there's a reason not to trust a lot of the prosecutors who are hell-bent on putting a trophy on the wall. who knows what mike flynn wants a deal for? probably makes the people around the trump team a little nervous. >> shannon: before the show was over in 15 minutes, we may have another development. next up, president trump versus the freedom caucus.
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>> i am curious what your perspective is on the freedom caucus. >> i love the tea party. i do. the tea party, these are people, in all fairness, these are people that love this country. they do love this country, and they want the country to be great. >> house freedom caucus. >> they are friends of mine. i am disappointed because we could have had it. i'm disappointed. i'm a little surprised, to be honest. i am disappointed but they are friends of mine. it's a hard time for them. hard vote. but they're very good people. >> shannon: friends and good people. this is what he tweeted this morning. "the freedom caucus will hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team & fast. we must fight them, & dems, in 2018!" we are back with the panel. more tweets coming. this afternoon.
1:50 am
if -- "if @repmarkmeadows, @jim_jordan and @raul_labrador would get on board we would have both great healthcare and massive tax cuts follows it up with: where are they? >> i was -- i will tell you where mark meadows was in 2016. republicans were on conference calls. hoping donald trump, and urging donald trump to step aside because of the controversy with the billy bush tapes. mark meadows was saying no, paul ryan. you should be supporting the man who's going to be our next president and get on board with donald trump. we don't support what he said in the billy bush thing but he's our nominee. meadows and mo brooks and these guys in the freedom caucus, when ryan and company wanted to cut and run on candidate drum, they stood by his side.
1:51 am
i think it's really, really unhelpful to donald trump's ultimate agenda to slam the very people who are going to be propping up his border wall, all the things he wants to do on immigration, on trade. i don't know where he thinks he's going to get his friends on those issues unless he completely flips to become more of a democrat. >> shannon: they keep talking about reaching across the aisle. >> that's good as long as it's a populist, conservative agenda because that's when he ran on and won on. >> democratic chairman tom perez today had zero interest in cooperating. >> he wins nothing by criticizing the freedom caucus. >> won't get democrats to side with him. they got two today. they won't cooperate with him on a deal that pares taxes with infrastructure. if donald trump is going to be looking for friends, it's going to be people on the freedom
1:52 am
caucus that he has blasted today. >> shannon: we talked about this, i asked point blank. do you think -- what is it mean when he says we have to fight them? he said we are trying to help them fulfill campaign promises. he had nothing but good things to say. >> the freedom caucus has gone out of its way, its members, by and large, other than the clip from earlier today, to not push back on donald trump, which is a curious strategy given how he's going after them. even if you don't agree with the tactics of the freedom caucus, these are strong conservatives who have done a lot to pull the party toward a broader conservative agenda. they make the establishment angry, they give headaches to leadership. by and large, they have strong philosophical views and defend them rigorously. donald trump picking a fight with them is foolish in terms of
1:53 am
building support but it's also dumb tactically. where is he going to go for support? is he going to move to democrats? democrats are saying they will cooperate with the president if he abandons repealing obamacare. if he does that, he loses virtually all the republicans. >> shannon: do you think this is his inexperience? it's why a lot of people who love him and voted for him but do you think this is part of the inexperience in playing the washington game? >> there's a lot of great lessons he can take from the business world into politics, and it's refreshing. i think that's why someone voted for him. -- so many people voted for him. finessing this deal on health care which is really complicated. paul ryan knows the different factions. i don't think he prepared the president for what he was going to face but smash mouth politics on every issue every time.
1:54 am
even a minor disagreement, i don't think it's going to get you very far. it's kind of fun to watch and it's kind of dramatic but these guys really walk through the fire. if he lost in november, these freedom caucus members, and even nonmembers. more nonfreedom caucus members were against ryan care than the freedom caucus. if he had lost in november, they would have been hammered for the next two years. >> maybe he's able eventually to create a deal. reviving repeal and replace by the way he's handling it so far makes him look like he doesn't know what he's doing. he's a guy who wrote the book "the art of the deal." attacking the people he needs. he has majorities in both houses of congress. on a bill republicans have been promising for seven years. it didn't work and now he's attacking the people he needs.
1:55 am
>> the freedom caucus is ideological. president trump is not ideological, so he can make a deal with democrats on health care and be happy with i it. if democrats regain control of the house and senate, they might be happy to work out a deal. >> one thing we have to not forget, paul ryan is the one who is quarterbacking this period until the very end when bannon and everyone came in, he should know the caucus better. it is not all on donald trump. >> shannon: rand paul kept saying that. if he is leading the white house to think it's going to be a vote that's easily going to come together, he's not giving them the full picture. >> paul ryan's idea was repeal, delay, replace.
1:56 am
paul rand pushed repeal and replace. >> shannon: up next, a judge's question in his own courtroom by a
1:57 am
.. >> shannon: finally, a rhode island judge was challenged in his own courtroom rhode island judge found himself challenged in his own courtroom when a high school student facing a traffic charge decided to do some name dropping.
1:58 am
>> he went to school with my grandson. >> you said brown. >> it is a hoax. >> what is his name? >> his name is brendan caprio. he told me about you all the time. >> someone is keeping something from me. we are going to have a family meeting tonight. >> your son, your grandson, you would think you would know where they were in school. thank you for watching special report. the first 100 days hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> friday, march 31st. breaking overnight lieutenant general michael flynn in talks to testify on russia ties to the
1:59 am
trump campaign. we are live in washington. a professor who gave up a first class passenger's seat for a soldier in uniform, he is the one getting pooled. >> why is it bad to give them a first-class seat? tried to be nice to a guy going through hardship. and she got mad. abby: the epic takedown you will only see on fox news. >> i don't care what you plans, open a book. abby: homework could soon be a thing of the past, the debate that is dividing parents. "fox and friends" first starts right now. ♪
2:00 am
♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ abby: you have all the reason because it is friday morning. we made it to the end of the week in new york city. you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: thank you for starting your day and weekend with us. a major break in the investigation into possible ties between the trump administration and russia. michael flynn offering to testify if offered immunity. the breaking details, something new added to a story that is growing. >> the end of the week but the beginning of something big. michael flynn was fired about his conversations


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