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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 31, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ say geronimo ♪ abby: you have all the reason because it is friday morning. we made it to the end of the week in new york city. you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: thank you for starting your day and weekend with us. a major break in the investigation into possible ties between the trump administration and russia. michael flynn offering to testify if offered immunity. the breaking details, something new added to a story that is growing. >> the end of the week but the beginning of something big. michael flynn was fired about his conversations with russian officials now in talks with
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house and senate to testify about communications between russia and the trump campaign in it exchange for what appears to be immunity. last night, no reasonable person with the benefit of advice from counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized environment without insurance is against unfair prosecution. and intelligence reports, sean spicer saying they are willing to cooperate with the same information from democrats on the committee. >> willing to provide the information, the materials, and our obligation is to make sure the review is done, the house and senate as we asked for a few weeks ago.
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>> reporter: the top democrat on the house intelligence committee is more than willing to accept the offer. >> a lot of unanswered questions, the letter i got from white house counsel certainly raises more questions than answers, why all the cloak and dagger stuff, that is something we need to get to the bottom of. >> reporter: investigation moving on a fast track on three fronts, the house, senate and fbi recalling general flynn's comments last september, and when you are given immunity, you have probably committed a crime. abby: everything is documented, you have to think about everything you say. trump campaign advisor carter page denying allegations that he
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colluded with russia during the 2016 election. >> did you help the trump campaign? >> absolutely not. >> did you work with russians to her the clinton campaign? >> absolutely not. abby: between march and september, he says his deep business contest with russia made him a conduct target and level allegations against the trump team is damaging as russian experiments. >> it is dirty politics. pretty logical for them to pick me out. it was completely false in every way, shape and form. when new data comes out and real information aside these dossiers is put aside and we get to hard facts, people are going to see where the negative influence on
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the election was. abby: he is preparing to testify. heather: donald trump valley the fight against the freedom caucus after the obamacare repeal failure. the fight continues. >> reporter: a deepening divide in the republican party, donald trump unleashes his anger, the commander-in-chief taking to twitter, writing, quote, the freedom caucus will hurt the republican agenda if they don't get on the team and asked. we must fight them and democrats in 2018. the president calling out lawmakers by name saying if representative mark meadows, jim jordan and raul labrador would get on board we would have great healthcare and massive tax cuts and reform.
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paul ryan says he understands where the president is coming from. >> i understand the president's frustration, i share frustration, 90% of the conference is to repeal and replace obamacare and 10% is not. keep talking with each other until we get consensus to pass this bill but it is understandable the president is frustrated we haven't gotten where we need to go because this is something we would do. >> reporter: reminding the president who was on his side tweeting freedom caucus stood by you, remember who your real friends are who are trying to help you succeed. a fellow republican escalating the fight calling donald trump a bully. >> most people don't take well to being bullied. it is constructive in fifth grade, but it may allow a child to get his way. >> reporter: the gop divide put in danger other parts of the
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agenda including tax reform and we will all be watching that. good to have you here. abby: emotions running high at a board meeting over a sexual assault investigation involving a 14-year-old girl and two accused illegal immigrants at a maryland high school, parents protesting outside the meeting demanded accountability from officials and elected leaders. one of those suspects was denied bond in court. he and sanchez attacking a girl in a school bathroom. lawyers claim that was consensual. details in a horrifying highway crash near san antonio, texas took the lives of 13 people. authorities saying several people called 911 about a truck driving erratically moments before it swerved into a church bus.
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one person survived and is fighting for their life. the truck driver hit the church van head on, survived the crash and did not facing any charges. very dramatic, new overnight in a state of emergency in place as atlanta prepares for an all out traffic crisis. this massive inferno causes a bridge to collapse. it was crazy, police officers credited with saving lives, turning cars around minutes before the bridge collapsed, two mile stretch of i 85 closed indefinitely, official calling it a transportation crisis. investigators arrived to investigate. one theory, pbc piping may have
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caught fire under the bridge. menu item that mcdonald's about to taste totally different. lauren simonetti here to explain. >> quarter pounders might taste different, mcdonald's will make them with fresh beef served hot off the grill with recent tests are double-digit sales increases, customers are demanding healthier food. starbucks getting ready cash registers, so many customers order on their phones. a mobile order in seattle next week as it looks for the best way to get customers their coffee fast. on this national crayon day, international day for everything, crayola is retiring dandelion from its classic 24, first time they have booted the color from the classic box. it came a day early because someone sent a picture of a bigger box which clearly says
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dandelion is retiring. they had some fun saying dandelion has an adventurous spirit and is taking retirement early but a box of 24 can have 23 crayons, stay tuned for the replacement color. back to you. abby: noreen fraser, a dynamic television producer who led the fight against cancer while battling it for 15 years has died. heather: the founder and producer of the stand up to cancer telefon raised millions for research and treatment and established she oversaw the maureen fraser fund for cancer research, she learned she had breast cancer in 2001, two years it spread to her bones and her liver. >> my daughter madeline will not
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die this. i'm not going to die and everybody else at the same time. >> he leaves behind a loving husband, a son and a daughter. our prayers go to her family. 10 minutes after the hour. kremlin controversy, weikel flynn offering to testify about russia but is there anything to tell? the answer according to vladimir putin, "duck dynasty" preaching god and gospel, rolling stone thinks he and his kids are a bunch of hillbillies. social media not letting this slip by. if you are a good girl the prom dress poster sparking outrage was a look at the weather.
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thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? abby: there is a good song this morning, it is the weekend. we count friday morning as the weekend, thank you for joining us on "fox and friends" first. discussed, a professor who watched the first class passenger give up their seat for a soldier in uniform said it
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made him want to vomit. tucker carlson school him on those comments. >> it is really irresponsible to blindly support wars that send people into combat, risk their life, kill many others. >> you are blaming the folder, you are not blaming the policymaker. you are saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform made you want to vomit. you are not saying giving up a seat for the guy who made the war policy but for the soldier, the guy risking his life. why did that make you feel like throwing up? >> us troops need real support, not symbolic gestures. >> drexel university is not standing by his views, saying the school is committed to and vigorously supports our rotc students, student veterans who served in the military. and all i want for christmas is
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white genocide and called the remark a joke because white isn't a race. funny guy. president trump's immigration policy in action speeding up deportation hearings with judges to the detainees, and the president is already getting this. >> a lot of things, it looks like the entries at the border are down 60%, and as we continue to build a wall and beef up our forces and bring more judges we will be even more successful. >> the plan is to speak deportation hearings including a streamlined policy to help the justice department and teachers and students since the beginning
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of time. >> i don't care what you had otherwise to plans, i order you, i command you, go home and open a book. abby: one new york city school district might ban homework altogether for elementary school students, setting up an online survey. some argue homework produces more stress than results. others say it is a fundamental part of the learning process. florida high school forced to apologize after posting guidelines, students outraged after administered is posted these flyers showing pictures of what is or not appropriate to wear to the dance, photos of girls wearing dresses acceptabl of dresses without backs, no, you are not. the time now is 17 minutes after
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the top of the hour and turns out crime does pay, new york city promising jobs to every ex-con. what about the unemployed? a fair and balanced debate up next. heather: do people know how to say devon nunez's name? >> chairman nunez. >> chairman nunez. >> chairman nunez. >> nunez. >> nunez. ♪ how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. i told you we had a fortune. get closer to your investment goals with a conversation. hey julie, i know today's critic...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine.
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abby: this is a historic lunch for space x's falcon 9, bringing a booster into space and bringing it down to earth for a safe landing. astronaut peggy whitson's latest mission bringing her a total of 53 hours in 22 minutes spent outside the international space station, the most ever by a woman. heather: new york city mayor bill diblasio promising every ex-con a job when they get out of jail. >> in other jails as well, the message won't be on the first day, this does not need to be your future, we will help you turn it around. abby: he plans on paying for his new initiative with taxpayer money. new york city councilman joe torelli and democratic new york
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city councilman williams, thank you for joining this. there will cost taxpayers $10 million a year. will it be worth it? >> let's start with the fact it is duplicative of a half-dozen nongovernment programs to reenter people and acclimate them back into society, that is a good thing. people not taking advantage of these programs, why create an entitlement program to guarantee them a job when there are so many people, what's to say someone who doesn't want to take personal responsibility and role in these programs why would they show up for this? heather: good question. >> all the data shows these programs work. populists say we support rehabilitation but when we try to put money into this, we don't have problems spending money on
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prisoners, we spent $137,000 a year in new york city, we have a problem with programs like this when in actuality programs like this show recidivism rates, that is what we want to begin with, people who come out of prison not to go back and fund a program with proven results. >> there are several of these programs that already exist and do we need another one taxpayers pay for? >> we have a lot of government programs in many areas that serve different people, you have to have programs to meet the demand, we have a youth program we are trying to get to universal for our young people, there are a lot of work programs, this is eight weeks of the same thing. abby: let's break down exactly what the jail to jobs program
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will include, transitional employment, pair ex-convicts with peer navigators for 8500 ex-cons per year and $10 million per year, $7 million on wages, $2 million for tuition support and $800,000 for peer navigators. a big cost to taxpayers. >> we have existing programs, take our regular benefit program, 365,512 new yorkers with financial assistance programs, that agency places 30 people in jobs in a month, less than 1%. these people trying in earnest to get a job, homeless veterans bill diblasio talks about, we have the capacity to add 10,000 new jobs. >> 4.8% is the unemployment rate
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in february 2017. >> the problem is picking one population with another and that is not the way we should be doing this. we should be funding programs for every one. what you missed on the sheet is the recidivism programs cut 40%, 22% depending where it is. we save $4 or $5 and it doesn't add up and not counting the savings, taxes being paid now that people have jobs and savings for people returning to prison. abby: you didn't answer the question, apologize for interrupting you. in terms of people that need jobs we have homeless veterans on the streets, college graduates who cannot get jobs. when you determine who needs a job you have to look at it, a convicted felon, someone who
2:27 am
crossed our country. >> the population needed assistance and i won't pick any population against us. i believe the gop wants to cut all entitlement programs, that is amusing to me. i support programs for the betterment, for homeless as well. we have to support programs for people who are reentry because we don't want them to come back. they are recidivists and we have another problem. abby: there is only so much money out there. >> this is known to work. we don't want our prisoners going back to prison which we can't say that and not fund programs that are proven to work. abby: thank you for joining us. have a great day. we will talk about this. what do you think about bill diblasio's plan to guarantee ex-cons jobs. logon to the facebook page after the show for a live debate, use
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the hashtag keep talking. abby: it is 28 minutes after the hour, opening a rusty box, hillary clinton's email scandal re-surfing, aides have access to the state department even after she left. talk about a sticky situation. how much duct tape does it take to fix someone to a poll, we are about to find out. ♪ ♪ when it's between the baby soothing power of a duracell c-cell and the tips on how to calm a baby from your mother-in-law that always seem to involve a fair amount of brandy, go with c-cell. that's not just some battery. that's a duracell battery. that's a power you can trust.
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♪ ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ and don't it feel good ♪ abby: we need a little sunshine
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in new york city, pouring rain when we came to work, good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first, hopefully some sunshine where you are today. 32 after the hour. a possible tipping point to the investigation with ties between the trump administration and russia, national security adviser eggleston willing to talk about on condition. breaking details and i have a feeling you know what that condition is. >> reporter: he is not walking on sunshine, michael flynn was fired by mike pence about his conversations with russian officials, in talks with house intelligence committee to testify against communication between russia and the trump campaign and appears to be immunity, his attorney issuing the statement, quote, someone who has the benefit of advice
2:33 am
from counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized which and environments without assurances against unfair prosecution, this comes as the revelations of two white house officials, house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez allowing him to examine intelligence reports at the white house complex prompting the white house to invite the top democrat on the committee to view the same evidence. >> i am unwilling to come to review the materials, i did make clear in my letter that will be ultimately necessary to show these materials with the full committee and we will meet their cooperation as well. >> reporter: sean spicer calling this an important step. >> we are willing to provide with information that we have, materials we have come across
2:34 am
not our obligation to make sure the review is done, the house and senate as we asked for a few weeks ago. >> reporter: this investigation will move on a fast track on three front in the house, senate and fbi and the final note, funny how washington works, general plan's comments last summer, he said investigations, when you are given immunity that means you have probably committed a crime. abby: washington is a strange place, thank you. donald trump vowing a fierce fight against the freedom caucus in the weight of healthcare failure. heather: calling out lawmakers by name, the war of words as the fight heats up. >> reporter: the deepening divide in the republican party as donald trump unleashes his anger, the president taking to twitter, the entire republican
2:35 am
agenda if they don't get on the team, fight them in the democrats in 2018, donald trump calling out lawmakers by name saying if mark meadows, jim and raul labrador would get on board we would have great healthcare and massive tax cuts and reform, democrats and republicans slamming it but paul ryan says he understands where the president is coming from. >> i understand the president's frustration, i share frustration, 90% of our conference is for this will to repeal and replace obamacare, i'm encouraging members to keep talking until we get consensus to pass the bill but the president is frustrated that we haven't gotten where we need to go. >> reporter: other republicans want to drop the blame game and focus on the future and helping the american people.
2:36 am
>> i'm not here to assign blame to anyone or point the future. i'm focused on doing what we told the voters we are going to do. forget the blame and what may happen in the future and do what we said and that is what the freedom caucus and republicans are committed to. >> it is possible the gop divide could endanger other parts of the agenda including tax reform. abby: everyone is waiting for that. fox news alert, stopping what could have been a horrific terrorist attack, the rialto bridge, the hotspot where millions visit every year. a teenage girl behind bars, wiretapped conversations, the group had plans for the bloodbath and celebrated london's deadly attack. the trump administration not giving up on trying to secure our borders, doj appealing for
2:37 am
the indefinite block on the president's revised immigration border one day after district judge derek watson extended the order saying it discriminates against muslims but the trump administration claims it is necessary for national security. a navy veteran says crooks are using his picture to leave hundreds of women heartbroken and stripped of cash. someone plastered his image and dating apps under the name -- navy and looking for love. he only found out about it when a hysterical woman approached him at a mall asking why they broke up, he is trying to get the fake account removed but they keep popping up. california college in legal trouble over its crackdown of the constitution. kevin shah in pierce college claiming he was prevented from passing out pocket constitutions in a free-speech zone. the school claims he was outside
2:38 am
the zone and didn't have a permit, the group young americans for liberty says the college is attacking his free speech. it is 38 minutes after the hour. controversy, michelson offering to testify about russia but anything to tell? the answer according to vladimir putin and one of america's favorite families preaching god and gospel and rolling stone thinks the commander and his kids are a bunch of hillbillies. come on over. why in the world is this man duct taped to a poll? the story coming up. ♪ that would be the only one ♪ ok let's call his agent. i'm coming over right now.
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social media going wild after tucker carlson takes on the professor who insulted an american hero. /you can expect when you make comments like that. >> heated exchange that had social media buzzing, wound up on tucker carlson's show because he sent out this tweet saying some guy gave up a first-class seat for uniformed soldier, people i thanking him. i am trying not to vomit. that sweet, tucker carlson set out to get to the bottom of it. let's get to some reaction, bob tweeting any man or woman who faces the enemy and lives to tell about it deserves first-class anyway and gretchen writing i am thoroughly
2:43 am
disgusted by the professor on tucker carlson. what an insult to students and alumni. they support the rotc and military and standing by this professor. next one definitely a friend of "fox and friends" and the fox family. >> america say goodbye to its favorite bearded brothers, "duck dynasty" not doing the show anymore, it's ended, headline from rolling stone magazine. and tv's worst show, reality show about families of hypocritical christian right, and reason to celebrate 2017, a lot of "duck dynasty" fans, and
2:44 am
entertaining, funny and clean. in jesus's name, amen. and fake news, christians being persecuted left and right, may god bless "duck dynasty". and they say what they do. abby: no one seems able to pronounce nunez. and no one can pronounce his name. >> devon nunez. >> nunez. >> chairman nunez. >> chairman nunez.
2:45 am
>> nunez. >> we got to the bottom of it. >> and i am sure -- >> one way to find out, and add where he says his name, now we know. >> time to see what is coming up on "fox and friends," and also has -- >> i love this, good morning to you both, get your maps out, and in tulsa, oklahoma.
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and the pulse of the people, what is happening in washington at "fox and friends". it will be packed soon. >> what are you making. i am going to eat it. abby: get in the kitchen this time around. have fun, see you soon. hello to all of you if you are watching and we will be right back, stay with us. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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abby: welcome back to "fox and friends" first. she left her role as secretary of state but hillary clinton never left the state department. according to senator check presley clinton and staffers
2:50 am
were designated research assistants and granted access to classified documents for years after leaving office. that includes after she announced a run for president. senator grassley calling for a full investigation. heather: vladimir putin denying accusations he interfered, stealing a line for us president to do it. >> ronald reagan addressing the americans speaking about taxes said read my lips. laura: f confusing president reagan with hw bush who said read my lips are very to his promise not to raise taxes during his 1988 presidential campaign. abby: another big weekend at the box office. which one should you see?
2:51 am
heather: kevin mccarthy has his reviews. good morning to you and your pac-man tie. >> i have a whole suit like this. laura: it is the morning in la. >> it is the middle of the night, anytime of the day. >> scarlett johansson is in this one. >> ghost in the shell. when i was growing up there was a japanese animation film in 95 called ghost in the shell, based on a comic book from japan and they are making it into a live-action film. the 95 film was very are rated in its content this is a pg-13 live-action with cgi makes to it as well. scarlett johansson is phenomenal, she plays a character named major, the mind and soul are still inside her
2:52 am
but everything else is machine and shell and try to figure out what her past is and she works for a group called session 9, trying to take down the most dangerous criminals in the world, visuals in this film are mind blowing, reminds me when i first saw the matrix, how everything looks, the director, a certain aspect ratio, full digital imacs screen, this is a full experience, there is a seem in this film, she is fighting a guy in a shallow water, she is invincible and he, being thrown around and punched, i wanted to know how much of her was her shootings if you can't see her. >> i come in, i pull all the punches but shot it in a big
2:53 am
giant kiddie pool. doesn't make it seem as, big giant kiddie pool and crazy to be in that suit, in the water, lifting body from the water. >> reporter: that scene is unbelievable. and i give it four out of five, it is a strange film. when everyone saw the matrix, it had a strange premise as well and everyone said what is this movie about? you will be surprised. laura: you see ads everywhere, what do you think? >> a funny concept. alec baldwin playing a baby, ridiculous plot line but the idea is a baby in a suit and the
2:54 am
concept, stop a ceo of a puppy company from having puppies take over all the love in the world, it is a ridiculous overly done plot line but so much fun, s ov animation was okay, the problem with the film, sometimes they take kids movies and put too many adult jokes in their where it becomes uncomfortable. it was a little over the line at times, some of the jokes do work. i don't mind adult jokes in movies but sometimes they cross line, i give it 3 out of 5, good messages, baldwin very funny in the film and jimmy kimmel and lisa kudrow. >> what is the rating on a movie? pg? >> yes. sometimes when they do kids movies they get across the line.
2:55 am
abby: good for parents to know. we will see you soon. police call to shut down a hockey game. they taught the kids a more memorable lesson. the cows creating chaos in their great escape from the slaughterhouse. ♪ you come back home ♪ hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the... ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best...
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heather: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. police officers return a routine call into a day these kids will never forget. wisconsin officers blocking off the road and picking up hockey sticks to play with a group of neighborhood boys. someone originally called the officers on the kids for playing in the streets. abby: next, the bad. a wild stampede as crowds create chaos making their big escape. et bovines busting flee slaughter house unlocked door. alluding officers for hours. animal group raising money to buy the cows from that slaughter house. heather: finally the ugly, taped to a lose sign after losing a bet for a basketball game. the friend wrapping the friend around a busy intersection. he hung there for a few
3:00 am
minutes before the officers cut him down. how humiliating. he has to reconsider his choice of friends. abby: poor guy. that's a way to end your friday morning. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> the american people b bye bye an 80% margin believe these sanctuary cities are wrong. >> mike flynn could testify if offered community. >> doesn't trust the prosecutor hell bent on putting a trophy on the wall. >> donald trump taking a swing at the freedom cawxz on twitter. >> very underunderstandable the president is frustrated we haven't gotten where we need to go. >> staffers national security council came across a number of president-elect himself were showing up in intelligence documents. >> you are saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform made you want to vomit. >> u.s. troops need real support. they d't


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