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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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world" 8:00 eastern. bill o'reilly stops everything. you should tune in. thank you for watching the special edition of "the factor," america divided. in for bill o'reilly. always her member, i am watters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." at the left is on the attack this evening. across the country they are demanding the immigration laws no longer apply in schools, hospitals, or churches. meanwhile, a college student was punished by professor for using the n and that word. mankind. here in washington, democrats continuing to pound on devin nunes accusing him of being a stooge of the trump administration for reviewing documents that suggest the obama administration spied on trump and his associates. sean spicer blasted the press
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for vilifying nunes while ignoring the substance of that story. here's part of it. >> you seem to read be really focused on who showed up and where. to answer your question, yes it is appropriate for a member of congress to contact someone who has contacted him in accordance to this report. is it appropriate for congress to come up here? as he said himself, he was not hiding or roaming. he was asked to come over by an individual. that happens daily. he is cleared. nothing that is inappropriate -- exactly the opposite. what he did, what he saw and who you met with was 100% proper. >> tucker: the question is, why is the press focused on what nunes did and not what he apparently revealed? sean patrick maloney is a democrat from new york. thank you for coming on. so, here's what i think the chairman of the intel community is telling us.
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he says there are dozens of documents gathered by intelligence agencies run by the obama administration. information about trump officials. the documents was not about russia or the investigation in russia. they were written in ways that made it clear who is being talked about including trump officials. in one instance for a trump official other than mr. flynn, he was out right identified. and these documents circulated the highest levels of governmen government. to sum it up, and looks pretty clear that from what the chairman of the intel community is telling us, the obama administration spied on the trump transition and campaign. why is that not a big deal? >> i would be careful throwing around that accusation. we should have it out in the open for all to see. but it should not get in the way of the very serious investigation of what the
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russians were doing in our election. >> tucker: i'm not going to let you move on to russia before answering a question which is the chairman of the house intelligence committee said he saw this week documents collected by the obama administration's intelligence agencies that pertain to donald trump and his associates. that is a big deal. is it not? is he lying about that? how do you respond to that? >> is very difficult to know what chairman nunes is saying. most pointedly from the senate committee, doing a good bipartisan job, the fact that most people don't take the chairman very seriously right now. the problem is not that he's being a partisan. the problem is whether he is competent or impartial. to get dragged down to the white house and to say something contradictory things really does not help his credibility. i was on the white house senior staff -- >> tucker: i know you have been in and around government for a while but he said things
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that are not just a concern to republicans but of concern to anyone who lives in this country. >> if there is evidence that the obama administration spied on the trump campaign, let's have it. let's also do a full investigation on what happened with the russian -- >> tucker: we already have evidence. >> do you? >> tucker: general flynn, what everyone thinks of him, we know that a conversation he had with a russian official was accorded the market recorded and leaked illegally. he was destroyed by it. that's a crime. >> i'm very glad you mentioned that. we do know there was an investigation going on. the fbi director has told us they are investigating collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. you do know that michael flynn was talking to the senior russian spy and lied about it. that is why president trump fired him. that is why he is under threat of criminal prosecution and seeking immunity. that's very, very different from someone spying on the campaign. that's called an investigation.
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>> tucker: thanks for clarifying. i want to make it totally clear i know what you are saying. you are saying it's okay for an intelligence agency to listen to an american citizen, transcribed the conversation which is classified and then link it to the press. >> no, i did not say that. >> tucker: are you going to take a breath to that's a crime and wrong? >> you don't know that a crime has been committed. let me finish. the fact is that there are legal ways for the fbi in a counterintelligence operation to lawfully examine the communications of americans with foreign nationals like the ambassador. that is not spying, tucker. that is enforcing the law. >> tucker: you are willfully ignoring what i'm asking. is it okay to make that information public? >> no, it's not.
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>> tucker: why lie to -- >> i disagree with you. it doesn't make with general flynn was doing right. that is why trump fired him. you should care about that too. >> there are many things that general flynn did, taking money from foreign governments is appalling. but here's the point, you have intelligence agencies operating independent from the elected officials whose job it is to oversee them. they are refusing to turn over information to the intel committees which again provide oversight over them. you are saying nothing because it seeks your partisan end. shouldn't you be raising alarm about this? >> be careful. i would not go maligning our intelligence professionals. they are good people who protect our country. someone leaking classified information is wrong. i agree with you on that.
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>> tucker: you are not listening to members of your own party. as you know, adam schiff who is the ranking democrat has complained publicly that he cannot get information pertaining to the russian investigation from the fbi. nunes has said the same thing. harry reid said the same thing about the cia. in case after case, members whose job it is to oversee this cannot get the relevant information. it's a problem -- >> of course it is not okay with me. the fbi director did testify in front of adam schiff's committee in response to that request. they should continue to be so. anyone in those agencies leaking something -- that is classified -- is breaking the law. having said that, let's get into why michael flynn is facing criminal prosecution and what the heck was going on between the trump campaign into the russians. the fbi is investigating collusion and it would be great if you took that seriously too. >> tucker: i do take it seriously and in fact i have
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asked in a very specific way the ranking democrat on the intel committee to explain the question. the hacking of john podesta's email account and the dnc. i've had heard you say that many times. i asked him very specifically and here is what he said. watch this. you look right into the camera and say i know for a fact that the government of vladimir putin was behind the hacks of john podesta's email. >> the government of vladimir putin was behind the hocks of our institution. >> tucker: of john podesta's email. >> but also in europe. >> tucker: say i know they did john podesta's emails. >> ronald reagan is rolling over in his grave. carrying water for the kremlin. >> tucker: you cannot say they hacked -- >> you are going to have to move your show to russian television.
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>> tucker: it's so dumb and your you are being complicit. >> these personal insults, talker. >> tucker: carrying water for putin? >> an apologist for the kremlin. that is what you're doing. >> tucker: one last time, congressman. you can't and you know you can't. you are hiding behind weasel words. a really simple question, congressman. do you have evidence that putin's government hacked john podesta's email? instead of answering, he called me a water carrier for the kremlin and a tool of vladimir putin. he could not answer that question. i am hardly a water carrier for putin. that's insane. you have evidence that the russian government did that? that's a basic question. i don't think that you do. >> before you start questioning your pearls, the fbi and our
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intelligence agencies say so. that's good enough for me. >> tucker: oh, it is? so the director of national intelligence saying to the congress the nsa is not scooping up email data from every american, was not good enough for you? it turns out he was lying. when the head of the cia said no, we did not break into senate email accounts, was not good enough for you? because he was lying too. you should get actual facts before going out on a limb. >> you are the only person i know, who are so skeptical of our own intelligence agencies. >> tucker: for asking questions? >> you can be skeptical but when all of the intelligence agencie agencies -- and the fbi tell us that these actions were undertaken by russian actors -- >> tucker: so don't ask anymore questions at that point? >> you can ask all you want. it was good enough for me. >> tucker: have you seen any evidence at all?
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>> i have been in briefings, classified and unclassified were the conclusions were unanimous and have been relayed to us. they are absolutely crystal clear, tucker. the russians did it. full stop. >> tucker: on the basis of what evidence customer you are calling for an investigation. describing this as collusion. is there anything at the bottom of this and you say how dare you be skeptical of intel agencies? >> don't put words in my mouth, please. when the intelligence communities and the fbi after months of investigation give us a unanimous conclusion, i take it seriously. excuse me. when it involves trying to undermined our elections, you should take it seriously. >> tucker: and i do, seriously enough to have you on this show. what is it based on? you are impugning me just as your colleague adam shifted.
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>> the fact of the matter is, i cannot relate to classified information but what i can tell you what has been publicly reported. if you look at what has been publicly reported, then all of the senior officials in our national intelligence community say on the basis of their investigative methods which include lots of things that are sensitive but i would prefer not to go into detail about -- that is their conclusion. you cannot deny that, tucker. >> tucker: i'm not denying that a lot of people are making claims. how dare i be skeptical of our own professionals. i must be unpatriotic. >> it's fine to be skeptical but -- >> tucker: apparently it's not fine with you. build money spent 30 years at the nsa working there. he quit finally after violating the privacy of u.s. citizens. he told us it is a near certainty that the nsa spied on
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the trump transition team. here is him talking to trey gowdy. >> would have to get a warrant. a warrant application, a fisa cord. foreign to foreign is a separate analysis. u.s. to foreign, it is still a separate analysis and one that would require going to the fisa court. >> tucker: what is the truth about all this? we asked him to come back and explain it to us. mr. binney, thank you for coming on. >> i just don't think that representative trey gowdy is aware of what the intelligence agencies are doing. he has been kept in the dark by these agencies. even representative nunes who is a member of the gang of four and the gang of eight is supposed to be exposed to everything the intelligence community is doing. in including covert programs. you only need to notify at most
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the gang of eight in congress. even nunes who is a member of the gang of eight and the gang of four also did not know about the programs that were being exposed through the conversations the president was having with other members of other governments. reading about people who were not involved in rush at all but were involved with the trump campaign. these are the things that -- >> tucker: he is the gang of -- the gang of four and the gang of eight are members of congress to get the see the highest level secret documents the intel agencies. even they don't know. should they know? >> yes. that's a direct violation of the intelligence sect. they are required by those laws to notify the congress. >> tucker: here are a couple of questions. the presumption i have had and i
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think most people in washington have had its if one of these intelligence agencies wants to spy on an american citizen, they need a warrant. they need to go through a judge and have someone sign off on this. is this true? >> no. that's not been true since world war ii. i mean, in the nixon years they were you using programs like the nsa and fbi. now they are saying these agencies are doing different programs now. namely, the upstream programs. representative trey gowdy should be asking about the fairview program. what are they collecting there? it's not foreign, its domestic data. that is how the nsa can do this global communication data that is being collected and stored. it is incidental bulk acquisition of data on everyone in the united states as well as the planet.
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>> tucker: i am confused why we don't know about what congressman -- chairman nunes has said this week about the information and data he saw. one of the things he said was the information on trump and his associates was not related to the russian investigation. what might that mean? >> local communications, internally. u.s. citizens with other u.s. citizens. he's looking at political conversations and things like that. >> tucker: is there a legitimate reason for the government to be collecting the information on u.s. citizens? >> no, absolutely not. that is a violation of the fourth amendment. the constitution. a violation of the electronic privacy act. all of the things that should protect our privacy, we don't have that anymore. that is what i've been saying for years. >> tucker: tell us if you can, the mechanics of this. i pick up a phone or send an email through gmail and the
6:17 pm
federal government picks up the information how? >> basically it's by working with the company's that run the fiber-optic networks like at&t and verizon and so on. they work with them by installing -- in the san francisco at&t facility, they take taps off a line. inserting something. it's called a splitter or a wide connector. it is like a prism where you put the fiber-optic line into one prism and it duplicates it. two ways. one way goes to the nsa facility where they use devices to reconstruct everything on that line. the rest of it goes down the proper channels for communication. that's how they do it. >> tucker: pretty comprehensive. we just put up a map. a lot of people here listening think there are a lot of terror threats.
6:18 pm
that's the purpose of the surveillance. to stop those. is it to your knowledge used for other reasons other than stopping terrorism? >> of course it is. >> tucker: such as customer >> internal police by the dea, they use that to go after common crime in the united states. then they have to do a parallel construction to substitute that would implicate them in a crime, the reason why they were arrested. the nsa data to try them. that's simply distracting our entire judicial process. >> tucker: thank you so much for coming back. you are an informative voice. one columnist says instead of obsessing over bathrooms, transgender americans ought to consider the existential threat posed by radical islam. the left is calling for barring the immigration arrests in schools. and churches. we will talk to an attorney that says living the reach of u.s.
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>> tucker: publishing a piece over at the hill newspaper saying the real threat to lgbt in this country is not president trump, it's radical islam. being waged by islamic extremists who have pledged the global elimination of lgbt people. isis released photos of extremists throwing a gay man to his death. what's going on?
6:23 pm
what i think it's strange, it's fine and make sense to me. why would groups that claim to advocate to the interest of gay americans also advocate for the admission of immigrants who hate gay people? >> it absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. >> we had a conversation over the last couple decades about evangelical question opinions on lgbt people. there've been a lot of judgment and criticism. we have seen a lot of changing hearts and mind. meanwhile the left is completely and totally the fact that islam has a serious problem with people. we're not talking about people gay people not using the bathroom. we're talking about gay people being thrown off of buildings. their positions on lgbt people, it's illegal to be in iran.
6:24 pm
the penalty for being gay in iran isn't death. the left turns a blind eye to it everything will die. >> tucker: immigration plays a huge role to it. if you look at who supports marie le pen in france among she may not be a perfect person, shn gay support in france. she is opposed to making france more islamic and gay people in france see that as a threat to them. why would they? >> there was an lgbt event for trump. he spoke eloquently about the needs to protect gay people from radical islam. donald trump did it during the campaign. donald trump went out and said i will protect gay people from the spread of radical islam. meanwhile, hillary clinton and the clinton foundation were shoveling tens of millions of dollars from repressive regimes
6:25 pm
like saudi arabia. >> tucker: i never understood that. how do you get a pass from the human rights campaign if you are taking money from the saudis? i don't understand how the orlando nightclub shooting, which killed a ton of gay peopl people, i don't understand why. >> they put politics over polic policy. the human rights campaign is a de facto lgbt wing of the democratic party. that's fine. if that's what they want to do, that's fine. they are interested in topics, not actually protecting the lives of lgbt people. after what happened in orlando, donald trump gave an impassioned plea for gay votes and said i'm not going to let this happen on my watch. the human rights campaign say look, we applaud candidate trump? no, they attacked him for it. for coming out and saying that. it makes no sense whatsoever. it's nothing but pure plain politics. >> tucker: long-term, it
6:26 pm
cannot work for the democratic party. you can't seek to appeal to two groups read basic odds odds with each other. >> the gay left is making a suicide pact with the democratic party right now. if they think the future is that we need to have radical islamic extremists coming into this country, as long as they want, let me tell you what -- that ain't going to end well. >> tucker: [laughs] know it, it's not. no one ever says that and thank you for saying that. up next, cripple immigration enforcement even further than we have a? our next guest says i.c.e. should not out be allowed to do raids in schools, hospitals or churches. he will tell us why after the break. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets.
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don't let your bladder always take the lead. ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you. and visit to learn more. >> tucker: a guideline implemented in 2011 during the obama administration, i.c.e. avoids going into sensitive locations. schools, hospitals and churches when they make immigration raids. last month they apparently violated that policy, arresting an illegal immigrant who was camping outside his church. the move infuriated many on the left which vilified i.c.e. for doing its job. supporting what he calls immigration safe stones, he joins us now. thank you for coming on. there are a lot of questions about this policy. the obvious one to me is is making a school or hospital into a safe zone for illegal aliens going to make schools and hospitals better? pico is not about making schools and hospitals better, it's
6:31 pm
supporting the fabric of our community. it's really about what were doing to support people who are undocumented citizens here in this country without hospitals or the sorts of social services organizations, there would be a lot more cost put on the taxpayer. you also have to look at the bigger issue which is sanctuary cities. >> tucker: my jaw is open and i applaud you for admitting it's not about making schools and hospitals better. if you have kids in a public school and it becomes 25% nonspeaking illegal alien or if you're going to your local emergency room, it does not improve the institution or experience for you obviously. i'm just glad that you conceded that. you also conceded -- >> it improves the social fabric of our communities. of course it improves those institutions by having more diversity in those places but the really important thing --
6:32 pm
>> tucker: school gets better when it gets a massive influx of nonenglish speaking illegal aliens? >> whether i.c.e. should be following -- >> tucker: school is to educate our children, not help people here illegally. >> the point here is whether you are going to have big roundups of people who are undocumented who have committed no crime in this country because they wanted a better life, in some cases some people seeking asylum in this country. the whole idea is to make sure that you don't have this destruction. >> tucker: it's bad for them for sure. if i snuck into someone else's country illegally and i was enjoying free schools and medical hair and maybe subsidized housing, they would be against it. >> why should ib in favor favorf
6:33 pm
this exactly? >> we were talking about 13% of undocumented immigrants were people who are being targeted. people who were committing crimes had other issues on the record where they were targeted for deportation. 87% of undocumented immigrants have done nothing in this country. in terms of committing a crime and putting themselves on the list where they should be getting deported. that is what the obama administration did. now we have a situation where you completely widen that scope through this executive order. you're suggesting i think that these agents should be going to schools and hospitals and churches to round up people who are scared to death that they are going to be -- >> tucker: they are scared. i bet a lot of them are good people too. my point is that there is another interest here. that is interest i would have as an american citizen of having decent schools. schools have been totally destroyed by federal immigration.
6:34 pm
it really is a drain on hospitals as you know. don't i get a say in this too? or that just about what is good for the illegal alien? >> that's the primary reason for wrecking the school system? >> tucker: in california? >> i went to school in california. these places should be safe zones for people. whether or not -- the 2011 directive was reasonable. it we are not talk about people who committed a crime. >> tucker: some do commit crimes. their presence here is a crime. my question is why are we -- i'm not staying there bad people but i don't think people who don't not know mike register their guns are necessarily bad people. why are we limiting this to immigration crimes? why can't a church be a safe haven for people who violate federal gun law? >> i think that's a completely
6:35 pm
different -- >> tucker: why is it only for immigration laws? >> because it's about immigration law. >> tucker: i want to talk about gun laws. why shouldn't i be able to have safe haven in my kids school? >> if what you're suggesting someone has a gun in a school and is not being arrested -- >> tucker: not saying i had a gun on me but if the feds are looking for me because i didn't register a gun -- >> the person with the gun should of course be put in jail. or taken away -- >> tucker: you get to decide which crimes should be enforced. >> keeping a firearm that is loaded is -- >> tucker: how about i did not pay my taxes? but i go to a school or hospital, why would that be a safe zone? if i go to jail, it is going to hurt my kids. >> the federal government is
6:36 pm
trying to impose on local communities what they should and should not be doing. >> tucker: some people -- some people think some federal laws can be ignored and some can't. what should be obeyed and what shouldn't be? >> we need to start with what the substance of the issue is. when we are talking about immigration and people who are undocumented, there has been a decision by the prior administration and not necessarily disagreed with by the entire population that they would not invade these places and take these people. >> tucker: i wish they did the same for tax law. i pay too much for taxes, it bothers me and i could get in trouble if i don't pay it. why don't you and i get together and have a coalition, ignore federal tax law. will you join me in that? >> may be a coalition for federalism. >> tucker: we will talk to a college student who said she lost points on the paper for saying a naughty word. what was that naughty word? we will tell you. it will blow your mind.
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>> tucker: is pretty hard to find actual offensive conduct on university campuses these days. it doesn't stop professors from hallucinating it. an english major at northern arizona university on a recent paper had a point deducted from her score because she used the word mankind to describe humanity. her purse fetzer warned her that was inappropriate gendered lange contrary to how the board has been used by almost everybody for centuries. mankind referred only to mend and was therefore sexist. caitlin joins us now. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: it doesn't sound like this is a debate over accuracy. mankind is a real word. it seems like a debate over preference. she didn't like the way you used it and your ideas and so she
6:42 pm
penalized you. is that what happened? >> yes, exactly. i turned in a paper. i had used the word mankind and apparently that wasn't to her liking, apparently. that is sexist and not gender neutral language and i should be punished for it. >> tucker: what i find is striking is that she is an english teacher. language is her subject of study and accuracy has got to be a concern for anyone who is teaching kids. did she say it wasn't accurate? yes >> yes, she told me the word mankind only refers to men. it doesn't actually include all of humanity. >> tucker: does the dictionary say that or is there some authority she pointed to to confirm that? >> well, she referred to the modern language association or mla and apparently they are
6:43 pm
enforcing this kind of gender-neutral language. >> tucker: oh. so you got a point off? did you say i am contesting this? i don't think you should take a point off? how did you respond to her? >> well, i met with her after i saw she had marked me off and i had a discussion with her. very civil but she told me that using the word "mankind" was sexist and against women and apparently has a history of holding women down in some fashion? >> tucker: interesting. i think we have a full-screen hear of her note to you. we put it up here. i would be negligent if i did not raise the issue of gendered language and respect the need for gender-neutral language. her possession position is this oppressing people.
6:44 pm
i'm wondering what you think of it. if you had a student in your class wearing a burqa who was told by her family that she cannot wear the market reveal her hair in the presence of men, do you think professor scott would consider that sexist or would say anything about it? >> she would not say a thing about it. >> tucker: does not seem sexist to you, and the term "mankind"? >> absolutely. i have no idea why feminists are obsessing over tiny little micro aggressions such as -- or issues like how the word "mankind" is used when therare women living under sharia law who are actually oppressed by an actual patriarchy. >> tucker: [laughs] it that they are defending. a good view of a macro questions. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: a new report says young people are more likely to think that households ought to be led by men. why would they think that? our panel will discuss it. stay tuned.
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>> tucker: america's academics have been producing pretty weird reports this week. >> america warns that global warming may not just melt the ice caps and hurt the polar bears, it can give people ptsd by causing a surge in stressful weather events. managing editor of the men and women's form, joining us both tonight onset. welcome to you both. ptsd. before you laugh, al gore is actually waiting on this. i want to roll that word for you. it may change your mind. watch. >> the additional stress that this climate process is causing really poses the threat of some
6:50 pm
political disruption and chaos of the time the world would find externally difficult to deal with. >> tucker: stress could be one of the big byproducts of global warming. >> people to get stressed out when you hear about all the craziness. kids hearing it school that there lives are in jeopardy. the alarmism of guys like al gore scaring every buddy to. this is silly. >> tucker: i think all my neighbors are deeply stressed, may be hysterics also by the promise of the polar bear thing. >> i am no scientist but i am a skeptic. i am also from florida and i can see why several days without son would put a little stress on someone. >> tucker: [laughs] i was promised more son! here's something astonishing. this was a real study and i'm not sure what this means but
6:51 pm
attitudes towards family traditional ones are making a comeback. in 1994, 42% of high school seniors thought it men it should be the achievers outside of the home while women handle domestic duties. today the number is 58% believe that. i'm a little bit surprised by that? >> it's interesting. it certainly does fly in the face of everything you see in the media. i think it's probably as a result of a lot of kids who have grown up and have seen either their parents struggling with a lot of stress, single mom working hard or to parents juggling really high-powered careers. some kids may be saying this was tough. i wish i had a little more attention and i hope to have a different path when i am a grown-up. it really surprised me -- it didn't surprise me too much. >> tucker: it horrified a lot of people. one woman said -- here is how she -- here is the lead of her
6:52 pm
story. grim news who thought achieving equality between the sexes was merely a matter of time. judging high school students for their views on this. why is this so offensive to people? >> i don't think it's that agreement. i don't want to be taking out the trash. [laughter] i don't think you want me cooking, either. i think different roles and responsibilities are going to vary in households. >> tucker: you what kind of think that. the whole kind of personal liberation is turn your own course. you don't have to adhere to somebody else's idea of what your family ought to look like. he of the majority of high school kids saying i'd rather my husband work and i stayed home and belinda is very offended. why? >> the women's studies programs and feminist groups try to push this idea that equality is all about more women getting in the workplace. real women out there, especially moms, they are much more likely to say they wish they could work less. they want to cut back and spend more time with family. i think that's the really always
6:53 pm
been -- work is often just work. it's not just self actualizing and so much fun. >> tucker: should women be allowed to want that or should we yell them about that? >> her husband place is right next to her supporting her. and vice versa vice versa. >> tucker: amen. on that note, appreciate you both. a follow-up tonight on the story from late last year, and december we told you about orange coast college, a place. olga was caught on camera saying this -- >> our nation is divided. it is an act of terrorism. one of the most striking things for me and most people in my life is that the evil communities are among us. >> tucker: no bad deed goes unreported. orange coast faculty named her of the year. what about the kid, his name is caleb o'neill? the one who reported her in class.
6:54 pm
the school suspended him in february. he would have to write an apology. it was reversed but only after he threatened a lawsuit. up next, ivy league colleges are already richer at the end many countries and's more smug. why they are getting so much money from the government. g new.
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6:59 pm
federal government. $854 million per school per year, more than they take in through undergraduate tuition. it's not that they are poor, the combined endowments were $119 billion in 2015. greater than the gdp of 16 states and more than 130 countries internationally. keep in mind that thanks to federal law, those endowments are allowed to grow tax-free. that saves them close to $10 billion in the past six years. are you getting that deal with your investments? probably not. most ivy league professors will say they support higher taxes, of course they do, it could be time to take them up on their offer. because keep in mind, they despise you and everything you stand for. while you are paying for them. that is it for us tonight, tune in every night at 9:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. dvr it if you don't already. we moved back next door to a
7:00 pm
brand-new studio which should be unbelievable on monday. we sure they will finish it this weekend. "hannity" is next. have a great weekend. >> sean: welcome to this busy friday news night here on. we will have newt gingrich, kellyanne conway, jay sekulow, monica crowley. it is time to end this gop's circular firing squad and that is tonight's opening monologue. sometimes in life when things don't go exactly the way we want, people get frustrated, annoyed. and there is no more frustrating place on earth than washington, d.c. i get why the president is upset that republicans cannot hammer out this deal on health care last week.


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