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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  April 1, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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but they are beating the hell out of this uncan trip. >> martha: familiar. that is day 71. week 10. have a great weekend, everybody. o'reilly is up next. see you back here on the first 100 day once monday. ♪ ♪ welcome to red eye. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy. >> coming up on the big show, will the chinese presidents wer on golf -- his upcoming meetings with donald trump. we will react. >> i hate when i screw things up. >> plus residents of cairo been their frustrations with basebal bats and trenches. and finally a new study reveals which tv shows people choose to
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fall asleep to. i have no way idea why this is relevant. >> styles change. analyst and farther of black market and organized crime is our first dog. she is more annoying tweets the the rocking robin. >> michael malice. he is almost as pretty as -- john devore. and he doesn't look haggard, bu it does look i did. comedienne the ben kissel. let's start the show. president trump will host china's president next week. us officials say that china pus for the more relaxed atmosphere
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then trumps paul beach resort. i guess meetings with world leaders at the white house have been a little bit more intense. while they have a golf course, they probably won't be playing around. since coming in 2012, the chinese leader has cracked down on golf country. sports has a contentious histo history. founder of communist china, it is a sport for millionaires. it was banned to the mid- 1980 1980s. he has closed00s of courses in china. they describe his efforts as a oye goal. they say instead of cognitive leaders will discuss policy and business over a spirited board game. that will work out well. what do you think about this with xi jingping. this is where he does his best
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work on the course. >> i think it is a good move on to miss a half because the visuals, this billionaire going out across the world and somebody coming to get this rin is going to feed a worse image of trump. people in this country don't know what to make a doubt. of the more presidential he asked, the better it is going t look. >> when you say north korea, yo are attractive ireland and the golf course is behind the hotel. >> that's interesting. john devore, what do you think of this? >> donald trump? >> tom: no, i don't want your overall -- >> i read about it. >> we are all going to hear on this issue.
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you think that he he should knuckle to chinese? >> it keeps me up at night. $10 million so far it is cost t fly trum come to his country cl said that he can, what, advertised trump. that's all this is bit of surprise that the chinese have taken the bait. i'm surprised he didn't come to the white house. >> i don't think they want to b at the white house. that's the international symbol of american power. >> the chinese, i think that he wants to hang on and he wants t see how the rich businessmen of america live. >> i think it's nice. we won't have photos of trumps very bizarre muffin but. >> he is got the strangest but in the history. i think it is good.
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at this side but the man from china on this one which is very rare. i wish the president would take up swimming. you know much fun that would be to get on your speedo and go to some underwater grills? >> what would happen if you get stuck in the bathtub. i believe that roosevelt had of pool and what has that was converted to a bowling alley by nixon. the one in the white house ball was john f. kennedy. >> as a whole different diplomacy. >> tom: , do you think he gets anything done with these world leaders? >> he tries to. here's the thing with xi jinpi jinping, he proposed a series o measures where he been the printing of these fancy dinners and buying luxury goods. so electric it's took a hit, 30 in china because nobody was buying. so for come here and satellite golf, he is the bernie sanders
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of china and i guarantee you he probably having chinese food on christmas day. >> personally i detest golf and when i was a sophomore in high school, got a $500 fine for jumping the green printing us was to bring a fight -- a five iron on there and i had to pay it off by going to win these and flipping burgers. >> you know that you are not supposed to -- you only bring a putter on the green. >> that's what i was told later. it was a useless sport. >> it is what out rich person calls course without rich peop people. >> i've had enough of this. >> you are country club by -- guy. >> i have the honor of being joined by the president. welcome back the show. >> i'm not happy to be back.
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by the way, i have an incredibl turn side. and a fantastic scioscia. >> i don't even want to repeat, mr. president. i'm a very nice person. >> we purchase discussing the presidents born golf. >> xi jinping is a wonderful m man. if you want to turn this into the square goes, that's fine. just on bring us into it. i am antiwar. we've got too many wars. the war in iraq, the war in afghanistan. it's gone on far too long. too many wars. i want to wrap this up and make this country some money. >> i agree with you on that, mr. what you going to be doing if you don't golf.
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>> i didn't say that i would be golfing. of going to play all 18 holes. not going to change my plans because some boring leader doesn't like it. it is called making america great again. >> you certainly talk with foreign leaders, mr. president. >> a very tough. very tough. >> there's a report that you ar meeting with german chancellor merkel. you handed her a $374,000 bill. is that true? >> i want say if it's true or not true. if it was true, is that wrong? this is 2017. women want to be treated like equals. make them pick up the debt ever now and then, is what i'm sayi saying. so i would fall and then if the
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can. , i may have to make phone call to sell my friends and beta how to collect that the and not lea buries. you've been tweeting a lot abou the new york times. >> thing, banco a boom. the feeling your times. today you have change the libel on it. a going to do that. >> i should. they lied. they lie all the time. they call it a new new york times. it's not. it is the feeling near times. that truth will set you free. lies will get you 25 to life. >> mr. trump, you do have a tough image o but a new report shows that apparently been
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trying to square around your vice president, mike pence. >> i love mike, but it is his verse it -- his virgin ears. i don't want to be responsible for correcting those years, psychiatrists where less. i tried. it wa wasn't honors app for bec -- not even honest abe was this. i do. sammy. i'll be suing you. no one seems like me, tom, believe me. thank you so much for your time. >> it's a pleasure being on wit your panel. >> thank you, sam. great the city is offering
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residents free. homes if they let people on the streestreet live in them under pilot program which launches a center, the homeowners will tak over the governments constructe dwelling after five years and then they can use them for rental income. so for00s of homeowners have registered the projects in the woman who helped develop it explain. we said to her self what does fema do when they have the hous 2,000 people after an earthqua earthquake. they grabbed a bunch of trailer and they plopped the mena field. this underutilized space in thi backyard. all homeless to miss will screened and a lease with behaviors won't be tall -- tolerated. for instance, no using the poll. a pond is better for you. you got to have rules. >> you have to have rules. known as being forced to do thi and if you want to have a charitable -- charitable heart, why not open
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up her backyard to let her live there in that tiny house -- can put your children that you have got leprechauns. >> this is why they could be mentally unstable they could be an addict. >> this is interesting. it is true. many of the homeless are mentally and stable. to think it's not good for them to be living in someone's backyard? >> no, don't think it's good fo them at all. i think that the need to get th help but they need to get rehabbed and then find a nice home where they can be sustainable on their own. i don't even want someone livin next door to me. the person next door is moving enough to three years and i don't want that. >> i just want to support the white working class. >> the white working-class is working. >> have nothing against the homeless because address of so much like them.
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>> if i wanted to be with crazy person that yells of the all th time, i would get married. >> did you look in the bathroom mirror last night? >> yes, i did a buffalo bills. >> these people are homeless fo brief and very often. it is all call a cement drug addiction. there is a hope by dick corn be says how to be good and it goes through about homeless people insist there's bad consequences. there's a need for shelters. i wouldn't mind the government to scream night roommate. a lot of -- >> it is in portland, right? >> a lot of people were going t sign up for the homeless progr program. >> there going to be extreme
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conservatives and six months. is interesting. i was in san francisco and hote that we booked, the homeless population was booming and my girlfriend never receive so man conference at her life. >> that is how we swung that. >> you were swinging but the homeless? >> no. i wasn't swinging with them. >> they had more of the racial slurs. >> complement your homeless. >> the whole city of san francisco looks like the fairgrounds. that offer them free apartments but they do want to take them because of the beautiful place and beautiful weather and they have all this culture. >> occupy wall street on 15th
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was just a mess. >> moving on in the uk. the 24 hour places lunching - l- they pulled just criminals an a track antisocial behavior. policmistresses the unmanned ai has the capability to revolutionize the way we police. there is no reason why they can become as familiar as site as a police patrol car or an officer on the beach. some worries if we're owns approved to be cheaper that the could lead to job cuts. also because it raises privacy concerns. drones are making their way to more police departments allows police chief expressed admiration for the new technology a few years ago saying i want the public to be worried. i want them to be worried that they never know when we are overhead. what you think about that?
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>> it reminds me of minority report. >> the key is that there is a combination about automation an making jobs for robots. and i would like every conservative to watch robocop. >> the whole idea behind that, it's not a good idea. >> michael malice come i think maybe this is an area where you and john devore have a meeting of the minds. mi right? >> that's what i've heard all week. >> thank you for your patience. police are going to be -- they're going to worry when the start taking their jobs. >> crime prevention is going to be objective data. have video, you have to worry
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but somebody lying under road. >> three different sources than four different sources. it's cheaper. talking about brain the deficit down, this is going to be much cheaper for the police department. >> it would be cheaper if you could do it. >> what happened to the constitution. this is absolutely insane. they're going to sit there with the joystick and just hand out citations. it's absolutely horrible. i have zero respect for this idea. ralph shorty wanted to to make it legal to shoot down the road that they were over your property. that's all done now. >> they are shooting unarmed citizens all the time. >> there is no guns on the drones. >> the guns -- the drugs are being used for cross. >> they will be armed.
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private individuals are going t have these drones anyway. i would rather have my friend winning the drone then some weirdo. >> exactly. >> think the tax dollars we spend just trying to fund all o these different local governmen initiatives that are just not -- this is a waste of money. this is going to chop up there to the budget down. >> we have cameras in every corner and everything is under surveillance. these flying mechanical creatures, it's going to be fi fine. >> coming up i asked the troll on my panel who is it. that is available for preorder on tom go.
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a truck driver involved in a deadly crash admits he was texting at the time. a church many bus crashed head-on with a truck and southwest texas. thirteen people died. only one bus passenger in the truck driver survive. most crash victims were wearing their seatbelts at the time. the show down in the summer of the president supreme court nominee is getting closer with vote expected next week. just a day after saying she was torn of the position, missouri senator claire mccaskill said she will uphold marek were such an vote with democrats to filibuster his nomination. at least 35 democrats oppose h him. that is six votes short of the number needed for a filibuster. in the middle east much-needed aid is reaching the area of western moes old. they're continuing to push isys fighters out of the second largest city.
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thousands of civilians of feasting areas in syria that ar controlled by isys. the exit is coming after fierce clashes with us kurdish fighter and isys prudently 7,000 people are in a kurdish production. the -- they will leave the us of president trump and insist on making all of the close of america. the pharmacist the presidents proposproposed tax on foreign i of us is bad for cost and shoppers and said the terror fo make -- they currently have 51 stores and a plan to open 50 more. goodbye dandelions. then the latest a color in the box for 27 years. it's replacement color is expected to be announced in the very near future. i'm anita vogel. ballots go back to grad i. for headlines, log on to foxne
12:24 am the pew research center suggest in the world a a bit of that, t bad guys are winning. and us to the cult the future o free speech rolled anonymity an fake news online. or than 1500 technologist in th next decade will publish this online because it will be more or less shaped by bad actors. and underworld tone of discuss discussed. that is the last majority. it could stay the same market worse the next decade. but who is it exactly -- it is just a matter of perspective. it's not just the future of a few bad actors on the internet. it's the way the mainstream media approaches, especially in the day of -- take some of the examples of
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some of the new assists in the world. the washington post of that trump is on a rampage. cnn said trump may have signed the death warrants. they call a working-class zero. number three awesome -- pectin after snow onto every ne new start to call trump a -- griping and distrust are the ways of the news is reported on a daily basis, on the internet and tv and in everyday life. everyone controlled, no one controlled. you see what, i mean? >> i see what you are saying. the wort is are the internet trolls taking over. i'm saying the people in charge the new york times, they are trolling every day.
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it is because there getting validation where they want. negative actions make positive valuation. people are extremely mean onli online. that's what i don't participate in online phone because i was s angry that collected go to somebody's home and become violent in real life. that's why i don't do it. i call it a true emergency comb which is -- and you really get steamed. >> michael, is that a good lesson? >> that's not funny. trolling is when you post -- first person that you are attracted with -- >> knocked into a contest to name a new flavor of monday in new how to win that and a year ago this week, microsoft --
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in the tutorial trolls figure out how to exploit it and say things like horrible racial slurs. that has trolling when you forc corporations -- with the consent the day to serve. >> are you which will? >> this article was about all kinds of bad behavior. it had met fitness and fake ne news. a think that we proved that the mainstream media -- >> it has been -- another there's is under cover of people, can say whatever the want. we've been there. he just sort of properly traine and not go there. now people let go and you can see what's happening every
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single day. i get mean and nasty notes. >> it is like bathroom. >> exactly. >> how did you know about the girls bathroom. >> i ran cross-country. i popped my head into see what they were saying. alexander hamilton was -- and that th set the vet think t they're saying about each other. this is been the way it's the beginning. all this stuff got stuck. >> that couldn't be anonymous during the duel. what do you think? >> i think it's interesting tha michael says it's always been with us. >> it has. i've been an internet bag for a long time. it is roy motion.
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people on the internet want to be told what they want to hear and they freak out when they encounter that which they don't want to hear. yet the new york times and they have this increase in time and hyperbole is that the fuel of the internet is emotion, rage mostly. that's why you do so well in that space. >> i've been but the for a long time just annoying people into clicking. >> coming up. the run a podcast is available now.
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time to find out what went wron i what we missed. happy friday. can you believe it? >> it doesn't feel real. >> it sounds like xi jinping will not be playing golf with trump. >> that is his last name. >> for his first name, dependin on how you look at it. i don't know. i've got some golf clap reactio to it that. >> it's good for trump because he's constantly doing things like playing golf. you think he cares at all? >> yes. a think he's very thick-skinned.
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i think the president wants to be treated like a big shot. >> i actually agree with that. >> you are surprised that the chinese haven't taken the bait. what you rather have a meeting at a resort? >> for talking about international diplomacy. i'd want to be seen back, it's walking into one of the most famous in the world the neck going to a country club. >> tied it is that the internet so they can see whatever. >> they can do -- >> exactly. >> how is your limit going? >> it's still available. americans can still send me to mar-a-lago in america. >> would you wear the same shi shirt? >> i would. >> he said that trump had the
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straightest bug in history. >> you forgot more and she harding. >> absolutely not. >> one of shiites sports -- favorite sports is -- >> i would love to watch that. >> i actually think of it as th matrix theme, but i am. >> did you call a golf course parks for bridge people rex. >> parks for rich people who don't like non-rich people. >> so all rich people. >> absolutely. >> portland is putting tiny houses in the backyards. you said that all of the multiscreen. first and known losing -- no using the pool. 's allocation joke? >> i caddie shack joke.
12:36 am
>> the pond would make it free. >> it didn't want to do an exac quote. >> he said nobody has been forced to do this, which is tr true. they are being first pay for it which is probably fine. >> i'm all for creativity. >> the people want to have hippies in their backyard, that is fine. >> i'm not entirely sure i woul trust the government screening. it can be alcohol and drug abus and they are having that in the backyard. >> with the property of the homeless in the backyard do som light housework for you worried that be wrong? >> i wouldn't mind. i've be happy to pay them, fair wages.
12:37 am
>> explain this to make the first to came up with this program said she knows that he people of underutilized space and the backyard. is not called a yard. >> blessing what is a christopher lloyd character fro texas where people are just hanging out their underwear fre trying to get your kits ready t school. >> that from police. i need the drones, they have to call everyone and have microphones and call everyone. >> that's the only way this works for me. >> we didn't get that cheap trick out. >> i guess not. when i hit for a strong police, immediately think of tree poli police. the best thing about this is that they will be objecting -- >> are you sure about that. announcing difference between this and the cops body camera
12:38 am
mysteriously malfunctioning. >> you are right. we're not going to have someone covering their buddies in court. >> you set the drones aren't armed yet. >> that is always the next step. bricright now they are not. you can have multiple sources o one thing. >> as for me, it's one thing. if there is stored somewhere an then what is a crime we throw them out. beaches know that they're going to be flying up to 24-7. >> that's fine. >> it's really not. >> a cop cars on my street all the time. it makes me feel safe. >> it makes me feel safe to. i want them aren't but only if they have real guns. robocop. >> that would be good. internet trolls are winning.
12:39 am
>> when everyone is a troll, no one is a tool. i agree with this and nothing i a reaches. do think it is went -- i guess i should have said that. you to find trolling as treatin people with the contempt that they deserved. >> okay. i'm not doing it right now. >> i don't want to do it. and that 12 years old. >> i have got tweeted and about a month now. an expert responded who chose nothat's we identified. they can be anonymous. >> he is an expert.
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thank you, andy. coming up, the anger coping mechanism
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in atlanta three people are in
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custody after fire which led to an interstate bridge collapse. charges right now include criminal damage to property and criminal trespass. that highway, interstate 85, is one of the major arteries through atlanta. it's estimated it will take several months for repairs. fire crews are still looking fo the cause of the blaze. the top us commander in the middle east study ron is the biggest threat. the comets come up western worl battle terror groups like isys and al qaeda. the commander warning about the growing allegiance between iran and russia. and it is chance that for givin back to his hometown of chicago. he's starting an art program an the chicago public school and kicks it off for the main dollars of his own money. it was immediately matched by the chicago bulls. he will continue to donate $10,000 of his own money for everyone thousand race. he would turner schools was struggling graduation rates. coming out of the upcoming semester tournament, was
12:45 am
planning back problems on the move. he's not sure when he will return to tournament play. mesic it is for the country's largest union. the service employees international union has been losing member since the start o the campaign five years ago to raise the minimum weighs to 15 bucks an hour. group is that 90 million on the campaign of which is not scored a single make jewelry policy victory in its fight. making a run for in st. louis, they escape from a slaughterhouse and sparked an hour-long chase down the street. there now headed to arrest for things to former pro hockey player. i am in need of oh, let's take you back to red eye for all you headlines. lock on to your watching the most powerful news, fox news channel. anger, rage. we all feel it.
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for me it is a constant. him a ticking time bomb. there are ways to release stre stress. rage rooms are popping up aroun the world. one such establishment opened i. they giving the protective gear and are placed in one of six rage rooms. whenever you are angry your hearts desire, you can bring your own items to destroy. said one customer, many conside the concept violent but it is not violent at all. it's the best feeling in the world that is not convinced. here's how i deal with stress. >> this is a good way to deal with stress.
12:47 am
you're husband on this panel said that you are eassive aggressive. >> he did not. >> he said you be posted notes. >> i do. when this exhaust you more than giving some energy? like you're really enter the an you go into a rage room. what is the point of that. michael, ever since yo rex you kid, you like the punching man and he falls down a comes back up again. >> ours is a cold i see rage. we're not leaving a note so tha they know are going to do. >> they make up for the delay. >> if you russians what into
12:48 am
rage rooms ever -- every once in a while. that sexy you don't have to eat ice cream. >> what? >> speaking of rage, two russia road rage is one of the most exciting things he can ever get into. >> they all have cameras on the dashboard. they film everything so it is all right there for you. there was one of my college called logjam and once a month we've given 50 bucks each and i destroyed the plastic furniture. we wit would let you do it once month it was most fun i've ever had my life. >> sometimes you need to let it out there john, believe the u-haul things and sometimes. >> i don't need this to cope. would have a lot of emotion to elect to put my apartment and
12:49 am
him light soft and light a candle and get naked and eat a pizza. >> when is the lesson you are really naked? >> i don't like being naked. i don't do it. >> that's how i clean my suit. after the show i go home and i cleanup. >> you need to jiggle. >> i know you but like this. there's nothing like baseball. i'd go to a batting cage and hi a couple of balls. >> i think this would be great. i don't have enough opportunity to destroy things. >> do you want to hang on after the show when just scream at each other and grab each other player faces? >> i think they should make thi an olympic sport. isn't that recycling in its own right? >> it's fewer. >> who couldn' can do it the fa. we just have a panel of judges. >> it might be at judge sport.
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>> and chris brown can be the judge. oh, my goodness. we can just ignore him. >> coming up, what tv show do most americans fall asleep to? stay up to find out. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue.
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how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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coming up on the next red eye, matt hooper. he just finished watching the red eye and your adrenaline is going from the most exhilaratin hour on television. what do you do if you have to get to sleep? a lot of you go to rhode island. a survey conducted by best mattress brand, filed the 50% o americans got event while watching tv. in the fifth choose family guy to ushered them out to dreamlan coming in second place was american day, proving that when it comes to putting people to sleep, seth mcfarland's king. >> the seven sons, it's amazing
12:55 am
with the animation. shark drink and lawn order rescue and my rivals from king up late night, jimmy kimmel. does this list makes sense to you? >> syndication being with this, a lot of channels pop up. the second one shows from the network. also shark tank is wonderful. i love it. it is like project runway. we always wish that republicans would run a -- >> you would i both love shark tank. i would think he would like som type of -- look at this disgusting commercial for brock s-uppercase-letter him. i love it. >> why visibly it is late. >> all this been dreaming. we've watched episodes and it will get to a point where i wil go to shake -- i would asleep on shark tank. you're going to pass that
12:56 am
through all the cards. >> if i were falsely, i would want to watch an old movie that i've seen before and i wouldn't stress out my could just relax will pick it up. >> thadateline. >> i fall asleep put that line. murder. >> you don't mind that? no. it is relaxing. i cannot tell you why. >> it's relaxing. >> they never give away. they say you got to come back from the break and they keep yo tuned in. >> i fall asleep watching a horror films but i did have freddy krueger attack me it is dreams. >> i did come home and break up of the bag glove in my bed. >> you also the tv. i don't even have one in my bedroom. >> i go to bed at 11:00 and break up every day at 5:00. i like the blinking.
12:57 am
>> i go to sleep to radio. >> i love the state to radio podcast but based from my whole panel. i've got to go. we will see you again. from red eye, good night. ♪
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♪ >> chris: the white house scolds reporters it says are missing the point and some important evidence in the russia investigation. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> chris: good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the white house is ramping up its argument reporters are focusing on the wrong issue in the investigation into links between the trump campaign and russia. the administration points to new information it says shows the obama team spread classified intelligence about the trump transition for political purposes. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight. good evening, john. >> reporter: chris, good evening to you. this controversy has been dogging the white house for a month


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