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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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april fools' day. "watters world" starts now. that was joel, my magnificent floor director. never! april fools'. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight will be look at the picture. are you afraid? you don't have anything to say? another case for justice for kate steinle. ann coulter is here. >> people think you are going to be part of the administration. >> no, i'm going to be a daughter. >> and a liar. >> fake news blasts ivanka trump. words of wisdom from the * for
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country crooner trace as the begins. welcome to "watters world." i'm your host jesse watters. finally the attorney general is going to do something about sanctuary cities. jeff sessions said either you owe bay federal immigration law, or you are going to lose money. he was on "the o'reilly factor" two days back and talked to bill about what he's going to do. >> the entries at border are down 60% because of president trump's strong leadership. as wee continue to build the wall and beef up our forces and bring in more judges we'll be even more successful there. bill: is there anything else being discussed to punish the sanctuary cities? >> we are looking the other possibilities that would be debt trivmental.
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bill: could you give me an example? >> i'm not prepared to give that. jesse: this comes on the heels of a controversial case in maryland where a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by 17 and 18-year-old students reportedly in the country illegal think with gang ties. not cooperating with federal authorities is the hallmark of sanctuary cities. we wanted to look at the sanctuary city hat started it all, san francisco. it made headlines which kate steinle was shot by an illegal who had been deported 7 times.
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>> i want to show you a picture here. it's kate steinle. she was murdered by an illegal tailien who mad been deported five times and over six felony convictions. but for some reason, the city of san francisco let this guy out. look at the picture. rough afraid? you guys don't have anything to say? >> thank you very much, next speaker please. jesse: nothing to say. so i weren't to see what the residents of the city thought. >> i think it's a tragedy but it shouldn't change our sanctuary city policy. because it welcomes all illegal immigrants regardless of they will status. >> when i found out san francisco was allowing that to happen by being a sank ware which it pissed me off and i
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hope they make a change. jesse: do you hold the board of supervisors responsible? >> they have responsibility. jesse: may i have a quick interview with the mayor, mayor lee? mayor, are you in here? jesse with the o'reilly factor. i have a few questions. please tell him "watters world" is looking for him. thank you. i came all the way from new york just to get a few answers about your sanctuary policy. >> he just sent out a statement about this issue it's a very serious issue. jesse: is take it seriously sending out a piece of paper. >> i don't think that's
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characterized correctly. jesse: how did iness characterize it. >> it's deeply sad for this family. it never should have happened an wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. jesse: what has mayor lee done to make sure it doesn't happen again? you have at least three felonies then the -- then they will staro enforce the immigration laws. as o'reilly predicted in 2015, the sanctuary cities will never do anything on their own. i'm not seeing the ground swell on the streets. bill: it many going to take the federal government to impose some discipline, because they are not going to do it themselves. jesse: joining me now conservative author and columnist, ann coulter.
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it's nice to finally have you on the show. these democratic mayors use federal funds to buy votes, hand out pork and patronage. are we naive to believe that withholding a few million dollars will stop this out of control behavior? because they will just keep spending and spending. do you have think more need to be done? >> a lot more federal fund could be withheld. congress may need to pass a law to allow other federal fund to be withheld. there are certificate gories of them the attorney general is able to with hold. irs used tax policies to dictate the dating policies at bob jones university. the federal government can have a very big impact on private schools but cities and towns. it was libby dole who changed
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the feed limb to 55 miles an hour. but the constitution says federal laws are supreme overstate laws. it's treated like a ratchet. if it's a federal law liberals like, we shall have one national abortion law, that must be even forced. by the way, these aren't laws, they are mere supreme court opinions. down to some kentucky clerk they are demanding she issue a gay marriage license. but when it comes to things that are by definition laws the federal government ought to be dealing with, immigration, you can't contain immigration to a single city or a single state. they can walk around and go from one town to the next to kill people. of course, that's immigration the supreme court ruled over and over again.
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of course, immigration is a federal responsibility. jesse: can you imagine if the local jurisdictions disregarded the federal laws on guns and tax laws. i known the hell that would rain down on those cities and states would be unbelievable. but when democrats do it, it's noble. total double standard. >> that's a great idea. i noticed liberals never understand 0er pretend to never understand how corrupt their principles are until we turn around and apply it to them. we are seeing it right now with the rule on how many votes are needed to confirm a judge. now suddenlier in outraged we might change it to 51 for the supreme court. well, they changed it to 51 for
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every position except the supreme court. and sexual harassment. bill clinton dropping his pants and saying kits, suddenly they real. >> ited the we should roll some of the sexual harassment law. jesse jesse: what if they allow the wrongful death suits to go forward and kate steinle's family sues the pants off san francisco and mayor ed lee and some jiewry slaps the city with a judgment to the tune of $10 million, $20 million, $30 million, do you think that's a possibility? >> i never heard anyone suggest that, but that's a great idea. >> i never heard anyone suggest that wp, but that's a great
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idea. they pay out tens of millions in police brutality. that's government action and they are writing checks everywhere. it seems to me the same principle applies. i'm going tou over for the next segment and talk about how the russia story may backfire. stay right here.
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jesse: president trump blastle the media friday morning for their obsessive covering of
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russia. when will they talk about the obama around veilans scandal and stop with the fake trump/russia story? a total cam. this is what mr. trump was referring to. >> you have a presidency right now that i think is beyond saying it's in crisis mode. it's on the brink. the question is on the brink of what? is it on the brink of collapse? is it on the brink of become a temporary lame duck presidency. russia claude darkens all the time. all of these problems they are dealing with front and center are self-inflicted by one person. the president of the united states. jesse: maybe chuck todd looks
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sleepy eyed because of that darkening russian cloud. how could he be a lame duck in 10 weeks. an has control of the house and senate. this is pure speculation, but i'll bet some democrats on capitol hill are angry president trump may have dumped this surveillance scandal on their laps. >> they weren't expecting trump to win and they aren't used to a republican president who fights back. any other republican president would have let it go. trump does fight back, and it looks like he could be about to expose a pretty shocking political scandal with the president in power using the intelligence apparatus of the united states to surveil an opposing party candidate.
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that's a real scandal as opposed to the nonsense about russia that is getting crazier by the day. 37. the factoids they put out there, it takes you 10 minutes with a flow chart to figure out what happened. the only source of the claim that russia hacked the dnc was this hillary-affiliated outfit crowd strike. the f.b.i. did not do its own investigation. crowd strike is owned by apparently a multi gazillionaire ukrainian who hates russia. but they were relying on facts or factoids that turned out to be completely false. and if i can go back to the original part of the story. what is the theory?
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5 know they want an explanation. jesse: i have no idea what the theory is. >> russia thought they would help trump by putting out that bernie sanders would be screwed by the dnc? who tbhees would have happened like that. maybe it dnc would have put up biden. 237 it looks like bernie sanders people were saying hillary is selling us down the river. jesse: if the press covered the irs scandal as aggressively as they are covering this so-called russia deal, there would be government officials in jail. low is lern "e" too -- lois lerk
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the fifth. and the irs shredded documents. >> the obama administration, now suddenly they are act as if representative destrip nunes has to --vine nunes has to be -- now they are acting as if devin nunes has to behave as if he's a judge on the supreme court. so what if everything they say is true? so what? jesse: i remember the state department investigation looking into benghazi. never even interviewed hillary clinton. and they didn't care about that investigation the integrity there. ann, when you find out what the russian scandal is, would you please let me know? >> i will get right on that.
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jesse: a business woman and if i
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slan throw pis and mother of stleef can't possibly be fit for a role in the white house, especially if that person is ivanka trump. >> people think you are going to be part of administration. >> no, i'm going to be daughter. >> and a liar. jess require's not just male comedians taking shots sat ivanka trump. what qualifies her? there is a word for this, nepotism. it makes everything she has done up to this point as a farce. she is taking away you a life-changing opportunity for other women who undoubtly would have more expertise than the first daughter. the first daughter getting
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slammed for officially become an advisor to her far it. by the way, shiers work for free. former first daughter chelsea clinton is being honored this month by "variety" magazine with their lifetime achievement award. remind me exactly what chelsea has aread? why the double standard? joining me, amy, chelsea clinton, last job i saw her at that was real, she had a $600,000 no-show gig at nbc news, maybe she is on three times a year. how is that not nepotism? >> they are both clearly precip be yenlts of nepotism. jesse: i didn't shear outraged
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when chelee got that job. >> that's not true. a lot of people said why qualifications does she have to be paid $600,000 to be a reporter. jesse: i think this is almost a step down for ivanka, she gets beat up every day by the washington press and she is advising her dad. >> that's something she has done her entire life. now she'll be able to continue to advise her father. this is actually a positive step when you look at ethics. but that's not what the media tells us. she is highly qualified for this position. she served as the executive vice president of the trump organization. she built her own brand, she is a business woman in her own
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right and used her platform to advocate for women's right. but despite her accomplishments, the left and those who call themselves feministsr have waged war on ivanka trump -- themselves as feminists have waged war upon ivanka trump. jesse: you don't think she is unqualified, do you? >> no. this is a topic that's difficult to debate because i like her. there was a huge sign that said ivanka trump with all of her clothing. when you say she is not taking a salary. but she is benefiting financially from this position. jesse: it wasn't one of the department stores that dropped her.
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>> you have to look at it from both sides. >> she is a successful business person, that of that's great. people voted for trump because they want successful business people running the white house who know what they are doing. >> we need a role model who are not kardashians. jesse: you are sething a low bar. you are not kardashians. >> millennial women and girls look at the kardashians. jesse: if i was donald trump and i had all these swamp creatures swimming around me trying to take me out i would have someone i trust around me and i think that's what he did. the press caught with its pants down again. and spring break craziness under way. where do you go to school? >> florida state.
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reporter: the death toll from flooding in colombia has risen to 193. they were killed while sleeping. at least 200 were injured from water pouring out from three rivers in the area. the country's president says the death toll is likely to rise as victims were pulled from houses and mud. new englanders wake up to a foot or more of snow in vermont, new hampshire and maine. tens of thousands of people finding themselves without power. fortunately there were no deaths.
5:32 pm
but there were some accident-related injuries. southern new england getting a wintry mix. i'm julie banderas. now back to "watters world." jesse: welcome back. fake news and media bias. those are the topics of tonight's "watters world." the press breath leslie reporting that devin nunes. >> two senior white house official. >> at least two white house officials. >> two white house staffers.
5:33 pm
>> two people who worked in the quite house. jesse: when asked fit is true the chairman said this. >> we won't get into sources because if we do who will come to our committee. but those reports are mostly wrong. jesse: it turns out the reporting was inaccurate. but the damage has already been done. the washington post said this about the new secretary of state rex tillerson. many career diplomats say they still have not met him and some have been instructed not to speak to him directly or even make eye contact. so the washingto "the washingtos trying to tell us state department official have been told not to look tillerson in the eye? he was the ceo of exxonmobil
5:34 pm
for 10 years. matt lee shot down this bogus report. he said people have been shopping this b.s. for months and it was a fabrication. another fabrication involves donald trump. when the president met with german chancellor angela merkel the other day, the "times" of london alleged this. donald trump hand her a bill for $300 billion, her money her country owed nato for defending it. this spread like wild fire to places like politico and slate. but more fake news. a spokesman for merkel said this. reports that president trump presented the federal chancellor with a kind of bill with a concrete billion sum are not true. these types of fake news stories are why the media has such
5:35 pm
little credibility and why when the media reports on serious issues the public doubts their veracity. fictitious reporting that's used for clicks. media bias. this week was an especially bad week. but i feel like i say this every week. sean spicer delivered a clever zinger. >> if the president puts russian salad on his salad, somehow that's a russian connection. jesse: the humorless people at cnn fact checked the joke. they said it's not for salads, but for sandwich spread.
5:36 pm
guys one just fact checked russian dressing. here is another one. the trump white house unveiled their easter eggs for the easter egg rolls. so they got a bunch of colors, and they had gold ones, and the "new york times" decided to mock the gold eggs as trumpian. they tweeted trump's easter eggs will be gold. but moments later our friend julie at the times had to issue a little bit of a retraction. appears my memory of easter egg past was wrong. it seems obama's had a golden egg, too, not a trump innovation. chris matthews at msnbc compared
5:37 pm
jared and ivanka trump to the sons of brutal dictator saddam hussein. >> i kid about everything. but saddam hussein's sons, you couldn't have eye contact with them in a restaurant without getting killed. imagine getting in a fight with ask jared and ivanka in the white house. and they will always be there. jesse: has the press compared chelsea to bin laden's son? the press is going to smear trump with everything he's associated. when easter eggs and dressing is used they have gone mad. steve hilton has a plan. the former advice year to
5:38 pm
former -- the former advisor to prime minister dry individual cameron. we had the media here. but the swamp still has to be drained. i hear you have a plan. ways it? >> you talk about swamp creatures. we have to figure out who are the swamp creatures and where are they. jesse: we have a map. we have to drain the swamp. what do we do? >> we have to start with the lobbyists. that's where the president started. he put in place the rule that the lobbyists that do those deals behind closed doors means the people's priorities are not met and the donors' priorities are met. i think he needs to go further. tighter rules. more transparency.
5:39 pm
but he made a good start. but there are two more steps and they are important. the first -- this doesn't get talked about so much. the first is the federal bureaucracy. we talk in general terms about the federal bureaucracy and government too big. but from my experience working in government is individual people there in senior positions have been there and they believe they are the rightful -- they have the rightful guidance for the country. they are the people who really control agenda. forget about the politicians that come and go. it's the bureaucrats who act in the national interest. in my experience it's not enough to just reform them, you just have to get rid of them. jesse: are you allowed to just fire them? >> that's tough. jesse: don't have have a lot of regs about that?
5:40 pm
>> you have got to be creative. all of them are in unions. but by eliminating positions you can be creative. you have got to be really aggressive because they will fight back. i think the scale is something we need to talk about. it's not enough to trim a little bit of fat here and there. what we need is to get the federal bureaucrats to 10% of what we have today. not a 10% reduction. jesse: the swamp is fighting back. lastly, what's the last one? >> the donors. this is not just the koch brothers. on the left it's the unions that fund all these causes and climate change. the simplest things you can do is say to the members of congress, why should they vote and legislate on issues donors
5:41 pm
pay them to get involved in. that's basically corruption. we have to crack down on the donors that basically control congress. jesse: i want to see you down in the swamp with a pitchfork. i'll be right behind you. all right? thank you very much. it is spring break. college students blowing off steam at the beach. "watters world" investigates the party you haven't seen. trace atkins has some advice for president trump. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets.
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jesse: president trump is a big fan of trace adkins. trace, i was just down at the houston rodeo and got myself a cowboy hat. do you think i can pull off the cowboy look? >> i guess. jesse: i'm what they say, all hat, no cattle. >> i record a song called "all
5:46 pm
hat no cattle." jesse: if there is anything these people in new york need to know about people from down south, what do you think it is? >> people confuse a southern accent with low i.q. and it's not true. but maybe in my case. but in other people's it's usually not. jesse: you were on "celebrity apprentice" twice. >> the winner of all-star "celebrity apprentice" is trace adkins. jesse: knowing donald trump back in the day, has he changed at all? >> if you see him on television off watch seen from his public appearances you have an honest opinion of him. he doesn't turn it on and off for the camera. he's that way all the time. it's been my experience.
5:47 pm
jesse: my experience, too. i just flew with him on air force one and he said to turn the cam rats off and he pumped up the personality even more with the cameras off. >> he asked me where i had lunch and i said i couldn't remember. i told him i had a ham sandwich. he said you should have gone to my golf course and have a ham sandwich. it's the best in the world. and he believes that. it's the best in the world and he's like that all the time. jesse: the art of the deal is you have to walk away from a bad deal. >> everybody made such a big deal out of that. i think it's so ridiculous. with it's fourth and long and you are in the first square, you punt the football. you play defense, that's the
5:48 pm
right play, and that's what he did. jesse: the president unrelentlessly under attack. >> stay off of twitter. you know? don't engage. i have a presence on twitter. i don't do it. myself i don't look at i anymore because the haters, i just -- i just quit doing it. i don't want to participate in anything where people can just vomit up that bile all the time. i don't have the time to look at that crap. we are all in the pool at a pool party. someone [bleep] in the pool, you can swim tonight if you want, but i'm going to take a shower and get out of the pool. jesse: when bill o'reilly hired
5:49 pm
me he said my voice was too high more television. any advice for how i can get my voice like yours? >> whiskey and cigarettes. jesse: do you think that's a smart idea? >> no, it's not a smart idea, don't do that. jesse: you have a new album coming up. you pumped up about that? >> yes. i keep doing it because i love to do it. i love to go in the studio and make records. get in there with those incredible musicians and take a raw piece of material and turn it into something that's hopefully cool. it's stimulating. the creative process. i just keep making records and that any somebody still likes to listen to them. jesse: you have next's the party
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for college kids. >> this is where you go when you don't want to go to a veal school. allergy symptoms distracting you? doctors recommend taking claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief. for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. every day.
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spectacular plants, and bountiful flowers. because when spring starts right, the months that follow stay perfect. load up your shed with scotts and miracle-gro. it's time to get outside. ♪ ♪ jesse: it's that time of the year when college kids celebrate spring break. while some are funneling beers, on the early are giving back. "watters world" brings you the best of both worlds. what are you doing for spring break? >> i am on the university university of delaware breaks program what we are here fixing up a who is in appalachia.
5:54 pm
jesse: how much time a day do you spend work on this how. >> we are here for nine hours a day. jesse: and you are not getting paid? >> no. jesse: most appreciate-men are at the beach doing bootie shaking contests. where do you go to school? you have guys must be smart? >> and you are here building homes. >> this is much better to be honest. jesse: what made you want to do volunteer work for spring break? >> i have been doing volunteer work all my life. i believe giving back to your community or any other community is great. >> i have been volunteering throughout my life and it felt natural to use my spring break to do something like this. >> did your parents make you come here for spring break?
5:55 pm
>> absolutely not. >> your friends are stout funneling beers on the beach. >> aeconomist in the 1800s. hes laisse faire. jesse: do you have finds some of your friends judge for doing this? >> all mire friends are supportive. they actual lire helped me make decision to come on the trip. jesse: what's your major? >> machine tool technology. jesse: what is the school like? >> it's where you go when you don't want to go to a veal school. >> we don't have reception sheer so i don't have a phone to see what people are doing it's nice to believe that all behind and do what's really important.
5:56 pm
jesse: how appreciative of these students are you? >> tremendous. there are not words you can put in to say college students are come to come to west virginia to help me instead of going somewhere else to party. jesse: i'm not going to quit my day job. >> your collar is awful. you are not cool. jesse: i thought it was hip. >> you are not hip at all. jesse: always remember one thing, i'm watters and this is my world. up next. tweets of the week.
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jesse: for tweets of the week. you have the most punchable face on tv.
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o'reilly told me if anybody takes a swing at me to lean into it. is there a cure for "watters world"? yes, more "watters world." what's wrong with the 80s? judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> donald trump, you didn't win this election. the man in charge of the democrats takes a vicious swipe at the president of the united states and the gop. and that's not all. american conservative union chair is shout down while trying to defend the administration. >> you are


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