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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 2, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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withdraw rather than risk a disruption. terrible message to the officers-to-be. paul: thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, we hope the see
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it is been handled appropriately and it will be handled well. the senate intelligence committee has a number of interviews scheduled and we will be hearing from the analyst who originally put the reports together on russia's collection meddling.
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thank you. president trump also stated that he is willing to go it alone when it comes to eliminated the nuclear threat to north korea. mister trump telling financial times he will take unilateral action against him if china won't patient. they welcome him to the state. they are now live with more. in this interview present trump said that he believes it is totally possible for the u.s. to tackle north korea without china. if china is not going to solve north korea then we well. north korea has attempted to launch six missiles since present trump took office the first one had japan's prime minister was prime minister was meeting with president trump at mara lago. there is a good chance that they could try something similar when the chinese president as their next week. when he was there what would
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be the incentive for china to cooperate. present trump responded that the incentive was trade but again he believes that the u.s. can tackle it without china. i'll had to say anymore. read into that what you well. talk about this now. what the latest on the berlin a fight between the white house and congressional conservatives who sidelined the ministrations efforts to repeal and replace obama care. you know that president trump has been very critical of the conservative house freedom house freedom caucus so much so that yesterday a senior in ministration official said that one of the members should be defeated in his own primary. dennis camino is a social media director said they are bringing jobs back to michigan.
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he is a big liability. defeat him in the primary. and in this morning then this morning a fellow member of the house freedom congress jim jordan he came to the fence. >> one of the most printable members of congress and frankly if he is there. i will do everything i can to help him. >> now he's coming under fire. with that tweet. he broke the law by using his official position to try to influence an election. it's actually not true. it came from the personal account and not his official white house account. they are gonna say that that simply is splitting hairs on the issue. thank you so much.
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>> we have an extreme weather alert for you. two people have been killed after possible tornado touched down in louisiana flipping a mobile home. that's according to the sheriffs office in saint martins parish. investigators say the victims were a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. it happened in the city called bow bridge is about one hour west of baton rouge. they posted video of the seat on scene on the facebook page we are in the fox news weather center. it's been a rough sunday afternoon. and it's far from over. i want to show you where the system is right now. portions of east in texas really beginning with the bull's-eye there. these are all polygons everything that you're looking at and the bread. that is a tornado watch which means that instability is there for them to spark up.
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those are all severe thunderstorm watch is and i think that is aligned well had to pay very close attention to as it sweeps across the state. of course we could see some toward attic activity out in front of it. and we just head. taking you down in an area we are looking great in this area. it was greater indicated and as getting into the lasalle parish area. we have seen some trouble spots we will continue to for the next several hours. this is where we were targeting throughout the entire day and we are still looking at an extreme level and a chance of seeing some tornado activity is that original line sweeps across portions of louisiana. it will be happening over the next several hours. pay attention to the time stamp that is up in the quarter. it will take you every three hours and continue to exit the texas area moving across the state of louisiana here. up until about 9:00. as we begin to lose some of that we should lose some of the strength of these storms. it will continue to track off to the east.
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this is one we will be watching for the next couple of days. certainly the folks had to watch out. the president of afghanistan sitting down with fox news exclusively discussing a wide range of issues from the fight against the taliban to the u.s. role in the country's economy. it continues to show no signs of giving up the goal was eventually overthrowing the government. conor foul is life. >> the u.s. military has been battling the taliban's 2001. sixteen years now. there's only about 8,000 or so troops now the fight against the taliban is far from over. they are now not in the combat mission but in training and advising mission.
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they are weighing what the change in terms of the overall policy here. do they send more trainers and advisers here to help the military battle or do they send it. or you do they disengage. he said he wants more u.s. troops to advise and help train the afghan military. he wants to continue the engagement here. and this sounds like he was speaking into the biggest -- businessman donald trump. he wants america to be part of helping to develop afghanistan's rich middle resources here. have a listen. we want a partnership that the way we parked we would be able to develop this area. we don't want to be a burden on you. there is about a trillion dollars worth of minerals and
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resources in the ground. everything from copper to lithium. it could take years if not months to get those minerals out of the ground into the market. it is a long-term process he's clearly tried to lay the foundation for long-term economic prosperity here co-ops -- corruption remains a significant problem. these are the things that he has to deal with in terms of building the government and building prosperity here. one thing we are hearing is that there is a great deal of fear as a trump administration talks about slashing for in a budget that might impact the operation and the relationship between the united states in afghanistan here. they want to keep the trump administration engaged. that's why we are hearing him talk about business opportunities here in afghanistan it clearly is a direct conversation that they want to have with the trump administration knowing the
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background. connor, great work. thank you very much for the interview. the new u.s. ambassador sat down with me to lay out her plans the security council for this month. as you know she comes there having been the governor of south carolina. she told me she will be stressing human rights and trying to change the culture at the un. she called him a war criminal. they've used chemical weapons. they remain gridlocked on all this. because russia continues to protect him and vetoing six resolutions in syria. she demands he do more and she told me the biggest surprise since her arrival is what she calls the constant criticism
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of israel. the biggest surprise has been the anti- israel bias to go in and think that every single month they have a briefing on the middle east but they're not talking about the issues we would care about there not talking about iran. they're not talking about north korea. they are talking about israel. everything a month for ten years it is something i could not believe they put the time and energy into a not when we 70 threats around the world. the united states is quote the moral compass of the world. she is mindful of that as we carry out the duties. about two hours from now on her 6:00 p.m. addition where you can go to my twitter. just after 6:00 well had the rest of our interview.
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good work by the way. meanwhile an inferno bringing down a highway overpass of the cleanup is overweight. how long will it be until the stretch of the interstate is open again. and senate majority leader this morning he weighed in on the growing calls for investigation. into the xq stations that russia involved in our u.s. election. up to 50% faster today at
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of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ timeout for a quick check of the headlights. the investigator said a man looking crack cocaine that collapse a busy collapsed a busy stretch of interstate. it could take much to replace. a malfunction heater is to blame for a deadly leak at in a hotel that killed a 13-year-old boy and hospitalized several others including children and first responders. in boston is preparing for the boston marathon. the event will cost $192 million in the local economy there.
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now to the investigation into russia in our election. for an independent investigation into what moscow did. in the trump campaign officials they are possibly a part of it. they've denied any wrongdoing but as you know he wants immunity and intelligence officials say there is no evidence of any collusion today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell appeared on fox news sunday and set a probe is not needed. we have a bipartisan investigation underway. they have it joint press conference this week. we don't need yet another investigation we know the fbi is looking at it from their perspective is being handled appropriately and it will be handled well. republican on the house intelligence committee and he is in cincinnati ohio for -- ohio. are you confident that the
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committee in the house they can conduct a fair thorough and impressive -- objective investigation. >> i believe that we can. we been a very month -- nonpartisan committee for quite some time. we can sit back and go about our work and conduct an investigation. whether you heard something sooner rather than later we need to take a look at what's going on and find out if there's criminal activity that has taken place and who has done and why. make sure that we bring ourselves to justice. i hope we start hearing that from both sides of the aisle and move forward with our investigation. he has come under tremendous criticism. apparently in not telling a you be in the committee.
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he said at first it was intelligence source. it was two members of the national security council. and not sharing that information. he is the chair of the house intelligence committee. he did ask people in america that may be involved with any of this if they could come forward with any situations that should be of interest to us as we investigate. someone did. he got some information. and i'll think it was inappropriate at all. i don't think it's inappropriate for the white house to be informed and ultimately was notified given access to this. and hope we will take advantage of this. some may be upset with the process but i don't think it's any reason for the chairman to recuse himself. there are people out there that may be did maybe did do some things wrong. possibly broke the law invaded the privacy of u.s. citizens in a way that they were not supposed to.
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i think that is what we should be focusing on and get past anybody who may have have some hurt feelings about how he went about the process of everyone involved in this. you have that one up front about the alleged unmasking. then have the allegations about russian influence with the top campaign officials. they after day there are all of these new revelations that come out. the latest is michael flynn not on the white house form even revealing that he got paid by the russian television network. in some other fees that are connected to russia. we are really talking about three different investigations here. one is russian influence on u.s. elections which we had known for years that they tried to do that the other is of course was there any interaction between trump officials and the russians and we don't deserve to know that.
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the most recent one is where there officials in the obama administration that were unfairly surveilling u.s. citizens and trump officials. i hope and i suspect that we are and she can't work in to go forward with our investigation both as in the senate and also the fbi in sooner or later we get the truth out but i think we like to see it sooner rather than later. what you're getting in a lot of these. marketing a lot of newspaper articles that have not been verified. let's start getting into the facts. on all of those avenues. when they raised the right how to hand. what do they get there. what's next. we have invited mr. comay and rogers to visit us tomorrow they could not make it so we're trying to reschedule that.
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to me that we are gonna get further in the classified setting when an open hearing and most of his answers where i can talk about this at this time. we want to get to the facts cincinnati this afternoon. thank you for joining us. on the very latest. hundreds dead as bloodied and the confirmation marches forward with the supreme court nominee and what he can expect the week to come. uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup... of course, ma'am. my apologies. c'mon, caesar. let's go. caesar on a caesar salad? surprising. excuse me, pardon me.
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arthel: time now for the top of the knees. at least 200 people are dead after torrential rains lead to
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flooding and landslides in southwest columbia. many hundreds more missing and injured as family and rescuers dig through the wreckage for survivors. eric: prince charles visit the town in italy that was hit hardest by the earthquake. seen by many as an effort to try and reassure leaders that they will remain a close ally. the exit from the eu. a huge cargo ship disappears. the seller sent out a distress call saying they were taking on water and lifting heavily to crew members were rescued from a life raft. it is a big week for judge neil gore's itch. he is expected to vote on the confirmation to the supreme court as early as tomorrow but you know the big question living on the eve of that is
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when it goes to the full senate what happens. will they get on board or will they have to use the so-called nuclear option to get them on the high court. caroline has more on all of this from washington. >> fox news sunday that he will be confirmed to the supreme court this week to matter what. exactly how that has happened will be up to our democratic colleagues. i think it's noteworthy that no supreme court justice has ever in the history of our country men stopped by a partisan filibuster ever. the senate minority leader points out this is a first time for everything. he said the conservative and judge it does not have the votes to get to 60 to break a plan. and he said that means republicans need to drop him and pick another judge with influence by the democrats. >> they are acting like they are cat on the top of the tree.
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adapted jump off with all of the damage that entails. we will produce a mainstream nominee. the senate approved him unanimously on a006 for the current position in the circuit court of appeals schumer said the democrats turned against him during the testimony of the summer this time around and he refused to answer the most numerical questions about court cases. it is highly unlikely that he will get to 60 votes. that leaves mcconnell with the nuclear option. required just 51 votes. the democrats established -- establish that precedent. no matter what the supreme court nominee he is getting confirmed this week. what i'm telling you is that judge gorsuch is going to be
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confirmed. the way in which the curse is in the hands of the democratic minority. during the course of the week we will find out exactly how this will end but it will end with his confirmation. let's bring in jeff mason now. the president of the white house correspondent. is this more of a bluff by majority leader connell or a rules change could come back to bite each party. obviously the power can change every two or four years. it will go from one party into the majority in the is something that republicans have to keep in mind. that said i don't think he's bluffing i think that is something that he's absolutely serious about and i think he's very confident that he will end up on the supreme court. whether he has to use that
1:33 pm
nuclear option or not. we have chuck schumer asking me to the press today stayed listened let's sit down let's work together. let's avoid the nuclear option. how would that offer the perceived and received. i don't think it will be taken very seriously. i think the white house is very proud of this nominee. he follows through on his promise to nominate something from that list that he had identified as a candidate and they're not in the mood to go back and look for other people that were not on the list. the democrats are smarting from having seen a nominee and never get so far as even getting a vote up or down. that experience is what driving them now and wanting them to keep together on this nominee and oppose it. everybody was out talking this
1:34 pm
morning. mister king is an independent as you know. not all of the time. here is what the senator said earlier let's listen. i have read a number of his opinions. done a lot of homework but i'm not making the decision until next week. i want to review his answers to those. that matter is that really get to come to that the senate floor probably until the end of the week. i will be announcing my position probably sometime tuesday or wednesday. let's get back to what you are state a moment ago. what is the political blowback for consequences if they don't vote to confirm them. if they do vote to confirm him they may have to answer to constituents who were not happy that he did not get called.
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>> it depends on what state you are from. it depends on impart whether in part whether the state your representative voted for donald trump in the presidential election. you have more broadly the democrats who made the point the entire time while he had been nominated that he deserves the courtesy of hearing and the chance to answer these questions. he never received that. that is a moral high ground that they feel they are taking by opposing this right now. they are saying they're not supporting this candidate for various reasons. one that was in the package earlier about democrats not feeling like he really answered the questions that he was asked. it was a background of what happened with him that is leading their charge. speak to both sides seem to be as we speak right now holding firm how does this play out
1:36 pm
this week. well had to see how people end up changing their opinions. both democrats and republicans will be working that hard and then we will see at the end of the week. it can happen this week. it won't take long for us to figure out what the outcome is. >> we don't know what can happen here. thank you very much. during the campaign he said it was stupid now president trump charting his own course over one issue. the fight against isis in the middle east. they're keeping some information under wraps. we will look at that h straightahead. osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia® is proven to help protect bones from fracture. but the real proof? my doctor said prolia®
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laptop bombs. they are now beginning of the current devices on flights from ten airports and eight muslim majority nations. u.s. intelligence forces now fear that ices and other groups can slip bombs past airport scanners. the commercial aviation continues to be a target for terrorist groups. >> the trump administration making a bit of a shift in one small part of military policy for the middle east. according to the los angeles times the demonstration demonstration is no longer releasing detailed information about the size and nature of u.s. troop deployment citing isis and syria and iraq. they were deployed with the new countries without any higher announcement. the president appears to be making good on his campaign promise. to use the element of surprise in his battle strategy the critic says they have a right to know about the wars in
1:42 pm
which they are engaged. joining us now is joe rubin. he is president of the washington strategy group. in the obama administration. joe, do you think information like these were 400 special ops to syria should that be made public under the obama demonstration. it seems to do this all the time. the public does have a right to know about the deployment of our troops in our military activity around the world certainly public but really congress in specific and when i served at the state department we would continually engage the congress and explain to them when troop levels would rise and what they would be there for. it's an essential part of our democracy. they have a vote in this. the american people have a stake in what our military is doing overseas. they need to know. and when you tell congress as a state department official do
1:43 pm
they keep it secret or is that part of the public process there are classified briefings about these types of activity. and then there are congressional notifications as well. if president trump has confidence in his strategy he should be able to communicate it to the american people and do so in a way that builds support. because ultimately military deployments do not succeed at the american people are not backing them. there needs to be political support in backing otherwise they fail. we see this time and time again. of hundreds and hundreds of thousands and more of our men and women who serve in the military so bravely and courageously if the people in service or just secretly deployed over there. the houses are getting emptied and leaving the folks at home. there can start wondering. they will say what's going on.
1:44 pm
there is a reason why the congress and the sole authority to declare war and why the congress appropriates funds. a few weeks ago the president asked for $54 billion more in defense spending for the next fiscal year. he's asking congress to do more and to pay more. he to explain why. when the american people put their sons and daughters on the line they need to know that the strategy is real. this is compared with the obama administration and there was a strategic flaws there and we sought. transparency at the end of the day is not the problem for defeating isis it's who are we partnering with. i know one individual of the iraqi national project is here in washington speaking about this. how are we doing this strategically. it's not a question of transparency is a question of
1:45 pm
action and strategy. and then the president concerns. it's in scranton and salina. it's november 7, 2016 and he said they are spinning at the grave because those announcements all the time about what we are doing. here is that then candidate. >> we are going to attack them. were going to give them the leaders of isis who are in mosul. they're gone. and then two months and then one months. we will be going into mosul in one week. >> he said these people are so stupid. and not telegraphing your military intentions. on the ground is not the same as sharing with the american people and the congress that
1:46 pm
one intends to increase the military footprint overseas. and nobody is saying at the tactical objective of the specific fight need to be shared publicly. that was a mistake. for us to not state that we will double the number. and columns occur in that military zone. they will undermine the effort. in the fight and ultimately they have to object. what is your advice. do you think the demonstration to do have a speech and come out more strongly. they've had a process so far to plan that. the commander of the forces of
1:47 pm
the middle east. once it's done be explained by the president yes through an over office address. the understand the increasing pace we need to make sure that the american people are on board. we will see how this will go. thank you for joining us this afternoon. they have a new lead into the manhunt for the missing tennessee high school student who disappeared along with the former teacher almost three weeks ago. we will tell you where they were spotted. that's coming up next.
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they are blasting congress. with the internet providers to shall sell your information to the private bidder. it would give them the greater control of the how their personal information is shared. those rules stifle innovation. internet companies do not had to ask your permission to track and keep your online
1:52 pm
movements. this is like a billion-dollar market to be able to sell people's data and try to sell it to advertisers. they saw a way to get a piece of that cash is pretty pure and simple. with president trump has yet decided into law. they are releasing surveillance video to the public showing a missing tennessee high school student and her former in her former teacher at a walmart in oklahoma two days after she went missing. they're hoping in the public will be on the lookout as they continue their search. we have the very latest from our newsroom here in new york city. this is out of date 20 of the search for elizabeth thomas. her former teacher this surveillance video. from a walmart in oklahoma city off of east interstate
1:53 pm
240 on march 2 14th. she -- he has altered his look darkening his hair elizabeth currently has red hair they are now trying to determine the vehicle they were driving. elizabeth went missing from columbia tennessee and the bureau of investigation issued an amber alert and they believe elizabeth could be anywhere nationwide a friend of the missing teams reportedly said she planned on traveling west at least one close family friend said it's clear she does not seem like herself in these new images. >> he is in control of everything he's doing. and the way she looks at him. she's taking all of her cues from him. he is armed and dangerous. investigators under uncovered
1:54 pm
a troubling pattern of behavior. in an effort to lure and potentially sexually exploit her. investigators are remaining hopeful they will receive some 1200 tips if you have any information you are urged to call arthel: there may have been in trouble brewing at the high school as early as january and that the officials of the high schools are being criticized for not taking action sooner. her school district there is a report of him a peck on the lips according to documents received by a local news station there and then there was an investigation but her father according to their lawyer said they were not notified of this investigation or incident until a week later the teacher was then suspended. elizabeth was taken out of his class again he was not fired
1:55 pm
until a day after they were both reported missing. so a lot of questions as to where -- whether more could have been done. whether he should've known a lot sooner regarding this relationship. it's a very disturbing story. thank you for updating us on those details. they are flying in cities worldwide. look at that. we will have the story behind this massive fluffy fight straight ahead. tops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve is fda approved to work for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. come on everybody. aleve.
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>> what's the best part of a slumber party? hundreds of pillow wielding participants engaging in a massive -- pillow fight. this was a national pillow fight day raising money for the homeless. >> just one hour from now we will have part two of my interview with the new un ambassador, nikki haley. she was a state legislature then governor south carolina. a rising star in the republican party when she was tapped from the president. they're going to take on the
2:00 pm
budget but she calls the anti- is really biased. she is standing up to russia and iran. will look into her plans. just over one hour from now on the fox news channel as we show you part two of our interview. >> will be back in one hour. right now media buzz is coming on. stick around. >> stick around to see you in an hour.


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