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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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today. well-done! we have to run. when news break out, we'll break in. meantime, decent day for the dow. up 38. 42 points at the close. here's neil. see you tomorrow in america's newsroom. bye-bye. >> neil: all right. thank you, bill. i know, i know, everyone is wondering about russia and rice and what she knew and when she knew it. president trump talking jobs and jobs. he was a laser beam on this focus today. his 17th ceo meeting of his young presidency, 170 business leaders collectively, more than barack obama had in his entire eight years, more than george bush had. what is really going on here? there's some positive developments we cannot miss. while we're not going to miss some of these other developments networks are pouncing on, we thought we would balance it out with good news the markets are pouncing on, including reports
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from our charlie gasparino who is coming up that there might be a bit of agreement with the republican leadership and the renegade conservative whose torpedoed the healthcare deal. first, sara is at the white house with what is going on with the focus of team trump today i guess on jobs, jobs, huh? >> where the white house has been most successful, the economic agenda. that's where the trump administration wanted the spot light today. president trump said the builder's union event down the road in washington was going on and he met with scoot pruitt and steve mnuchin. both of those cabinet members will be key to his deregulation policies. that's where the focus of trump's economic agenda has been. deregulation is the backbone of everything trump wants to do
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when it comes to economic reforms. you heard trump speak about that today. he talked about cutting environmental regulations that slowed down construction projects and also talk about giving dodd frank what he called a hair cut. that's where the white house wants to focus amid the distractions. >> i want to bring in charlie gasparino. you could be on to something. it concerns burying the hatchet on this healthcare deal and what made it fall apart last go around. update me. >> burying the hatchet with the freedom caucus. they said they were sticking to their values when they voted against the healthcare plan saying it was like obamacare light. since then, the rhetoric has been ramped up by the president
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who attacked them. the social media director said we should unseat a few of them. here's what we had, what we can report to fox business. it's vice president pence who is out there looking to broker a peace deal between the two sides. he did this last night. we are getting this from freedom caucus where vice president pence essentially apologized to the freedom caucus for some of the heated rhetoric coming out of the white house. part of the -- that was part of the carrot to the stick, which is you should vote for this thing. pence put out another proposal that he thinks is sort of swatting the fears that will be
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over the trump healthcare redo. some pre-existing conditions and other mandates of obamacare will be cut out of the bill or at least states would be allowed to keep them in or not keep them in depending on the state. that's something that i think the freedom caucus would want. whether this mounts to to a vote any time soon, we don't think so. it's still in the early phases. you heard all the stuff coming out of the white house today. you heard speaker ryan. they want to get it going. they want it back on track. it will take some time. having the freedom caucus at least not at war with the white house is a pretty big thing if you want to get this passed and pence is the guy that is trying to do it. we should point out that pence is friends with a lot of these guys. they're idealogical buddies. >> neil: and one of the reasons why the markets are up. this notion that it leads more likely to action on taxes, which is near and dear to them, right? >> right, right. let's be clear here. we point this out. i did a write up in
1:05 pm we did yeoman's work reporting this out. if you bring down the baseline of the budget as you did under obamacare reforms, you can lower the tax rates back down to 15% which is why stocks are up. >> thanks. charlie gasparino. we will be speaking to the owed he congressman, a freedom caucus member, who is very much in favor of that deal, the caucus was standing by because they didn't think that what the leadership was coming up with was right or even conservative. his views on the developments and whether they're now willing to bridge the gap in just a sec. for now, we have the president focused on jobs, jobs, jobs. resisting the temptation to even send out a single tweet on susan rice on the other developments, which is unusual. again, it's paying dividends as far as market reaction. the president needs to do more of this sort of thing.
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in other words stay on message, stay on point and stay on jobs. we have larry glazer and lee you epstein, who met with the president. so let me get your take. having met with the president, knowing his heart is in this stuff and he's comfortable meeting with chief executives of any sort. this is his sweet spot today, wasn't it? >> this is his sweet spot today. this has been how he grew his own business. i'm happy to see him laser focused. we're expecting that. the whole country is expecting that. >> peter, i called you on fbn. one of the things that i was impressed with, stay on this.
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talk about this and only this. jobs, jobs, jobs. it's your sweet spot, where you're popular and where people can connect with you and feel they have a economic kinship. what do you make of the posture the president took on just that? >> i'm thrilled. first he has command of the subject matter. he's focused. he's quite imaginative and broad thinking when he talks with these ceos. he knows when to push and pull. this is why we hired him to do the job. create jobs and infrastructure and bring america back. when he's here and know diverted, he's doing the job we asked him to do. >> i was hearing that. i was reminded of something else to peter's point that the president brought when he was talking about making this economically friendly environment and frur --
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infrastructure spending. that was a good marketing teal. >> yeah, despite the daily drama and distractions, he's laser-like focus on the pro business climate environment. at the end of the day, the regulations, that's what keeps us awake at night. the soaring healthcare courses. the regulations make it difficult. that's where he's at his best, he stays focused on this. that's why the markets have been so resilient. they're excited about the engagement and fostering the business climate that we're seeing in washington. >> there's optimism here. maybe it's expressed in the markets that he can deliver the goods. he needs the win. he's inching closer to that with the conservative caucus that might go along with a healthcare rework. devil is in the details. if he were to do that, grease
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the skids for corporate reform and other tax cuts, then what? >> it would be an open door to follow-through on the commitments he's wanted to make on behalf of the american people. when you look at the record jobs numbers created in january and the continuing trend through february, it is undoubtedly that our economy that he looks for. he loves the freedom caucus. he appreciates the individual members and is willing to work with them. i think at the end, we're going to see the best of donald trump. he's going to work with the freedom caucus, he's going to work with the party as a whole. in the end, i've been saying this. i'm a michigander. i've seen our president come to michigan to double down on the automotive and manufacturing industry. if that isn't a jobs president, i don't know what is. if that isn't a man that isn't
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going to get things done, i don't know what is. michigan in the midwest, we stand by our president. we're going to see his resolve -- >> neil: peter, your message not just beyond the freedom caucus, you stay on this message. it's a good message. it's a winning message. a message you're comfortable at and stick to that and nothing else, right? >> absolutely. one of the things, we have a jobs report on friday. buried in the commentary today, the most important ingredient is left out when you get that report, which is the market value of the job. he wants to create great jobs, not just a win. get a great job, a high-paying job. >> larry, another thing that you talked about and mike pence set the table here, 500,000 jobs created under his stewardship. people can go back and forth under the credit.
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he says that can continue and snow ball if he gets a lot of his agenda through. that includes a lot of infrastructure spending. will that do the trick? >> the markets believe the agenda is intact. maybe delayed but it's in tact. perhaps the infrastructure spending if further out. what is fascinating, he met with ceos and union leaders. he's working out to working class, the people that put him in office, infrastructure spending. it's about good paying jobs, middle class jobs. that creates a strong middle class and that is more important than meeting with ceos. >> neil: thank you all for that. by the way, we'll have one of those union representatives who is very enamored of what the president is doing. we have a union representative doing the unthinkable and thinking high things of a republican president. we've got a caucus member, conservative caucus member that might be wooed by what he's hearing out of the president and
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>> neil: see what i men about plenty of time to cover all? even this story. the national security adviser to barack obama, susan rice, breaking her silence on unmasking a trump associate. did she contradict herself? blake burman at the white house with more. blake? >> hi, neil. yeah, susan rice defended herself for the better portion of 15 minutes during an interview with andrea mitchell on msnbc. she said that obama administration officials never used intelligence she claims for political purposes. secondly, she said that she
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never sought to under mask trump associates so that she could spy on them. third, she said, she never leaked any information herself. rice did go in to this greater notion that we have now come to know as unmasking and why she says she would have needed that information. listen. >> there were occasions when i would receive a report in which a u.s. person was referred to, name not provided, just u.s. person. sometimes in that connects, in order to understand the importance of the report, and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out or request the information as to who that u.s. official was. >> so neil, that has some doing a double take. let's go back to last month at the white house when devin nunes did the news conference and said he was disturbed at what he had seen, incidental collection of the campaign orbit for trump. at that time susan rice happened
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to give an interview for herself. she was asked about this. here's what she said. quoting from her during the pbs interview. i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports from chairman nunes on that count today. senator rand paul has called for susan rice to go to congress and testify there. rice was noncommittal whether she would do that. sean spicer was asked about it and he did not take a position on that possibility either. neil? >> neil: the story is changing. blake burman, thanks very much. the florida congressman said that susan rice should face a criminal investigation. her story is changing and people don't focus on that as much as the fact that she was just doing her job and part of that job was to investigate the sources of all of this russian contact stuff. i'm paraphrasing. but is she making a point or
1:18 pm
burying herself in a ditch? >> i think i she dug a hole and kept digging today. as she said, i never heard of such a thing. now she's unknowledging that unmasking was done. she was talking about leaking but never claimed that for political purposes. what is done for political purposes is in the eye of the beholder. susan rice doesn't conduct the investigation into russia. she's an advisor to the president and the white house. someone at the nsa or c.i.a., that may be on its face plausible. it's not really plausible that susan rice needed this because she was investigating something going on. so when you see things that have gone wrong in the obama administration, seems like susan rice is always right there. so when the news broke yesterday, i was not surprised to see her at the center of this. i think this is just the
1:19 pm
beginning of this. she needs to come in front of congress and the intelligence committees. the fbi, they need to be investigating the leaks. those are criminal offenses. so take a step back from the leaks. where did that information come from? i think if they can establish a connection between the unmasking that rice may have been involved with and then the information that was leaked, i think she's going to be in a world of trouble. >> neil: you know, we already flow that -- in the interview of andrea mitchell, she was very quick to distinguish for political purposes that leaves a wide swath to give her coverage. intelligence folks have said she can make the claim and it would be hard to prove otherwise. you think given what she said about benghazi, it was a response to a youtube video, that there's enough room to at least question her? >> without question. i mean, look, if the information she was getting by unmasking was the same information and ended up being leaked to "the new york
1:20 pm
times," "the washington post" for these stories, designed -- sources say there may have been one contact, didn't amount to much and gave the media meat to grill. if there's a connection with the administration that she got and the information that was put out, she probably personally wouldn't leak it. there's other people that are involved. but this is very fishy and we'll end up getting to the bottom of it. clearly her interview didn't come close to answering questions. >> neil: thanks very much, congressman. wechle watch it closely. when we come back, the healthcare negotiations appear to be trying to bridge a divide between republican republicestat part of the party. they feel they're very close to doing that and getting the freedom caucus to go along. well, that i have to win over
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>> neil: all right. is there a healthcare deal pending or no? welcome back. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." reports that the vice president did his darnedest to bridge the gap with the freedom caucus and it's very conservative members and the moderate members who have been arguing for some time that there is no middle ground between the two when it came to healthcare and repeal effort. a republican congressman was looking at that, raul labrador will be joining us shortly, but the issue came back to how much
1:25 pm
can you rely on the republican party to be unified in a repeal or replace effort where there's very little wiggle room. shannon bream on that and what is at stake for these guys right now getting this just right, shannon. what do you think? >> we're all over the place on everything from healthcare to the supreme court, to these investigations that we have regarding russia. it's a very busy time on capitol hill. let's tackle what's going on with the court. gop leaders say by friday, they're going to confirm neil gorsuch to become justice neil gorsuch. but they appear they'll have to change senate precedent to get this done. judge gorsuch is in a holding pattern. that's happening right now on the senate floor. there's a 60 vote procedure raleigh hurdle that democrats say they'll insist on for gorsuch before they get to his actual confirmation vote. that is a simple majority.
1:26 pm
i asked senator john cornyn. he's a member of the gop leadership. what happens next? >> we hope our democratic colleagues will show some independence and decide to give us an up or down vote for the judge. if not, we'll see judge gorsuch confirmed. >> sounds like that's the nuclear option. leader mcconnell says he has the votes to get that done. now we're hearing from democrats that are saying let's negotiate about this. the gop says we have to reason to make a deal. >> neil: we'll watch. shannon bream, thank you. judge andrew napolitano is here. with justice clarence thomas before any of this hoopla over needing 60 votes, he was approved 52-48. i know it was a different
1:27 pm
environment back then, you could argue a very divisive argument. how did this get to be a big concern? >> the democrats believe is -- this is their phrase -- a stolen seat. they believe president obama ought to have had his nominee, judge merrick garland, a democrat a very qualified person to sit on the supreme court given an up our down vote. because the republican majority in the senate did not give judge garland a hearing or a vote, the democratic minority in the senate wants to block judge gorsuch. this is basically a tit for tat. eyeball to eyeball and somebody has to blink. the republicans have more votes than the democrat and the country is tired of a court that has eight members instead of nine. many people i think this is obvious voted for donald trump because they wanted him to choose the replacement for justice scalia and hillary clinton and he's done so with a
1:28 pm
conservative but an extremely bright and intelligence competent judge with an agenda that nobody can really -- with a track record that nobody can pick apart. >> neil: what i wonder about, what the dye cast here by going to way they're going. we can see a change or sudden democrat switch over to avoid this whole drama on friday. that seems to be unlikely. but wouldn't it now -- if republicans are in charge, future supreme court picks are going to be increasingly conservative, really conservative to appeal to the base and the same with democrats in charge on the other ends of the spectrum, a very liberal choice? in other words, we'll have extreme judges picked depending on the political makeup of the senate in the future? >> i think your prediction is a good one. i'm sorry -- it will be sorry if it happens. the court should not be politicized. as well, the senate should not get rid of the filibuster.
1:29 pm
it's a tool from the minority that prevents the tyranny of the majority. suppose bernie sanders were president. suppose the republicans had 45 votes in the senate. so bernie sanders wanted another ruth bader ginsberg on the court. that's not that much out of the question. replace sanders with somebody else and ginsberg with somebody else. the pendulum swings. >> i wonder if it's a democratic president working with a republican senate, will we never see nominees through or vice versa. we can always be up against the wall. >> we could. who is the most unreasonable here, senator schumer. he's said we want to sit down with senator mcconnell and the president and negotiate about who the nominee should be. that would be the president abdicating his prerogative under the constitution. he chooses, he proposes.
1:30 pm
the senate disposes or accepts. this has never happened before in history. >> thank you, judge. judge andrew napolitano. do any of you remember -- a quick break here -- when the president cited a number of caucus members, freedom caucus members for torpedoing that healthcare deal when it looked like a rework was ready to go? he cit as a problem. they have to get on board. we would have great health care, massive tax cuts and reform if they did. one of them is here to see if he's been swayed. raul labrador is next.
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stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> neil: all right. to the notion that union guys only go to democratic candidates. a reminder that that's who you're looking at right now, he's so impressed with the republican in the office, damn right he's going to continue working with him. he's coming up.
1:34 pm
>> neil: all right. if vice president pence can pull this off, he's done a major service for his boss, president trump. that is to win over the freedom caucus, rebellious, some would say, rowdy, obstinate members that are conservative in nature and not really that keen on the repeal and rework effort that republican leaders were coming up with on the healthcare bill and the law. but signs right now that they have been won over with some ideas the vice president was raising with them.
1:35 pm
if so, the market seized on this as a sign for all of a sudden, progress on healthcare and lots of stuff. founding member of the freedom caucus, raul labrador with us right now. congressman, do we know anything of what the vice president came up with that won some of your members over? >> if the reporting is incorrect that the vice president won us over. we have not voted on it. he came over and had a very interesting idea. a good idea and we told him we would want to see it in writing. once we see it in writing we'll make a decision. >> neil: what was the idea? >> what the vice president wants to do, he wants to take some of the concerns we've had about the bill. if you remember, neil, the entire time we've been talking about the bill, what we want to do is see health insurance rates going down. what we want to make sure, the regulations that the legislation
1:36 pm
already has that obamacare has in place are being able to -- we can do away with them so every american with see their insurance rates going down. what he's looking for is a way for states to do away with the regulations. creating a waver on that. we're working together with the vice president and the president. but we have not made any decisions yet on how we're going to vote on the bill. we haven't seen any language. >> in other words, you want to give states more control to sort of get a handle on that, right? >> correct. which is what we have been asking for. we've been saying that we all know that the essential health benefits and the title one regulations that we've talked about for a couple weeks, they're what resulted in 65% of the increases in health insurance all across the united states. between 50 and 65%. we -- >> neil: some interest that -- i
1:37 pm
apologize. some interpret that as coverage for pre-existing conditions might go depending on the state. what do you say to that? >> no. what we're doing -- there's a few other parts of the bill. for example, the high risk pools, which we like to look at as a way for us to take care of these people that have pre-existing conditions. so what we're saying is, let's reduce the cost of health insurance for all americans number 1. but also let's take care of the vulnerable that are out there that have pre-existing conditions. you can do that more effectively by using money from high risk pools and using other methods that exist out there where you can do some cost sharing between the states and these people that have the pre-existing conditions. so we don't want to throw people out of the insurance market. we want to treat them differently than we're trying 90% of the people that have seen their costs increase under
1:38 pm
obamacare. >> neil: the more moderate numbers could rebel at that. but i'm wondering if you continue to feel any pressure from a president who cited you among others as being blockers to reform, representative meadows, jordan and labrador would get on board, we would have great healthcare and reform. what did you think of that? >> the irony, we have been on board. we're trying to help the president keep his promise. the healthcare bill last week had 17% approval rating. in order to help the president, we want to create a bill that has higher than 17%. we want something that all republicans can be proud of, that the american people can see results, that resolving the problems that obamacare has created the last seven years. >> neil: would you agree the measure that they came up with is at least better than what we had? the criticism you guys got, you were searching for perfection and there was a way to fix it
1:39 pm
and prove it but you knockle it from the get go? >> no. what we tried to do is to improve it. we have improved the legislation. the problem with the bill that was going to be put on the floor last week is that only 17% of the american people liked it. didn't actually keep the promises that we make to the american people. the american people were going to turn on us because they would see a piece of legislation that did not fix the problems that obamacare created. now we're getting closer to that as we have been negotiating. the problem last week is that we had what i call a made-up deadline. this was an artificial deadline that did not need to be created. there wasn't any need to pass the bill last week. >> neil: you were aggressive that they were so hot to go on healthcare, given the divisions probably would have been better to go with taxes? people are still saying this. >> no, i disagree with that. we can do both. we can do tax reform and healthcare at the same time. now we have more breathing room,
1:40 pm
you'll see a product that most republicans will vote for and a product that the american people will like. >> neil: we'll watch closely. congressman, good seeing you again. thank you. >> great to be on your show. >> neil: the markets did like what they were seeing tonight. this could grease the skids for some bigger things, including tax cuts near and dear to these guys. a key union that backed hillary clinton says damn right they want to back up because he's doing crucial things. the president of that union is next.
1:41 pm
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1:43 pm
>> neil: all right. the president meant it when he said he was planning big infrastructure spending to come. more than $1 trillion worth. that has the respect and attention of big unions, unions that used to support hillary clinton but have been so farther sitting by a lot of the things is president is outlining.
1:44 pm
sean mcgarvey is here. very good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: what do you like about what the president is outlining here? a lot of spending and initiatives. goes beyond roads and bridges. what do you think of it? >> we love it. it's long past a major investment outside of the usual highway bills and other public infrastructure bills that are recurring on capitol hill. we need a big boost and this is the opportunity to do it. >> what does it mean to you as far as the fact that this president knows unions well, worked with unions well? the building trade and what have you? he speaks your language. >> there's no question that he has spend his lifetime in our business. so it's a unique opportunity to have somebody in the oval office that knows it and loves it. it's a great opportunity for us to work with his administration to help shape a proposal that not only builds the nation's
1:45 pm
infrastructure but lift people's wages up and gives us the opportunity for apprenticeship readiness programs and helps women and communities of color and get through the training programs and spend the rest of their life. >> bill: it's not very republican sounding position that the president is taking. that many conservatives in his own party, as i'm sure you're aware. where he will come up with the money for that and seems to be very reliant on just a lot of spending. they say there's no money for it what do you say? >> i say that we already know where the first $200 billion can come from when we do repatriation. >> you're talking about money abroad that would be enticed to come back? >> that's right. there's a couple hundred billion right there. we're prepared to invest billions of pension dollars in public private partnership. you have that.
1:46 pm
you can start a infrastructure bank and leverage a small investment to a five fold or ten fold -- >> neil: so you would commit union moneys to make an investment with the president? >> we do it every day. if we can work with the president in the package and invest billions of our pension dollars, as long as we're building it, we'll invest in it. >> neil: could you see yourself a couple years from now, assuming the president is running for re-election, since unions not back the democratic president not next go around? >> our position on politics, neil, is it's a business. we're not looking for any more love affairs. what is in the best interest of our members and who they represent. we have scores of friends in the republican side in the house and in the senate who work with us on issues for wages, labor
1:47 pm
agreements. we're bipartisan now. lots of our folks support republicans and good democrats as we traditionally have done. we're looking to make what we call building trades majorities. we want to get the country moving. >> would you apply the same muscle for him if he needed votes when it came to take cuts? >> it would depends on the package. if there's long-term benefits for our members, we'll support him. >> neil: good chatting with you. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: there's a guy worried about the freedom caucus and the fighting back and forth and saying if we're not careful, we could have another financial crisis. that's after this.
1:48 pm
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1:51 pm
>> we're optimistic about the fact that we're working with the president and the vice president. we have not made decisions on how we will vote because we haven't seen language. >> neil: it's that kind of stuff from the freedom caucus this worry my next guest. peter doocy says if they're not comfortable, republicans and democrats are going to create scenes for the next financial disaster. peter, you're fear is what? what will happen? >> there's a lot of hot spots out there. there's student loans, real estate in big cities. any of them can cause problems. they're manageable. so much in positive expectations has been created by the republicans and this president for a tax cut, deregulation, tax
1:52 pm
reform. all things i want to see happen. but the markets have taken off. when the healthcare bill failed, did you notice the markets were going away? ryan said we're working on it and it comes back. if they don't deliver, there will be a collapse in hiring and equity prices and that could set it off. >> neil: much is made of the fact that the markets have been run up. they're allowing no wiggle room here. that's why they have the vice president trying to win over conservative members. the hope is you don't tick off moderate ones. where do you see this going and how the markets might be forcing republicans' hands here? >> the markets don't like to come out that much, especially not in the briefing. on healthcare legislation, sean spicer talked about this today in his off-camera briefing.
1:53 pm
he doesn't want to raise expectations. he is saying the vice president is talking to members of congress and that the president is beginning to do so as well. the house freedom caucus felt like they were blind-sided by the white house. the white house was making concessions to them in the days leading up to the vote and nothing happened. some of the things they wanted were pulled from the bill, not in the bill and that's why they couldn't get to yes on it. i don't think we're anywhere near getting to a vote again. they're just beginning to have these discussions and they don't want to raise expectations. i wouldn't be too quick to say this is happening any time soon. >> neil: peter, i want to pass this along from our producers. there's talk of a meeting on capitol hill involving healthcare so the two groups, along with the committee chairs and vice president and the white house chief of staff, reince
1:54 pm
priebus, will be on hand to salvage this bill. setting up high expectations that if something goes awry, the door slams. >> it's important that they succeed. they invested their reputations on it. vice president pence is involved, which make me very encouraged. if they fail on this, what is the market to think about tax cuts and tax reform? there's many contention issues with the tax structure and healthcare. republicans have to prove one thing. that they have the capacity to compromise among themselves so they're fit to govern. if they're not fit to govern, who will run the country the next 2 to 4 years. >> and if they can cobble together agreement to get healthcare done, that sets the stage for tax cuts and then what? >> neil, one of the things we're seeing come from this white house is the realization that
1:55 pm
the opportunity that they have is to roll back regulations. they're doing a lot of that. they're starting to spotlight more and more of the fact that they're cutting back regulations more than we've seen from any administration. that's the opportunity that they have to remake the city and the federal government and you're starting to see more of that with jared kushner leading this office of american innovation. that's where a lot of the movement is. not necessarily legislative efforts. >> all right. thank you both very much. meanwhile, the push for a higher minimum wage is not done. in fact, it's gotten a lot louder and acrimonious after this. my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to shave my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin. releases slow and steady. providing
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1:58 pm
>> neil: the higher wage push is alive and well. mike, what are you hearing? speak of the title of the demonstration is fight racism and raise pay. it's a convergence of the fight
1:59 pm
for 15, black lives matter, and here in illinois, fair economy illinois. 24 cities across the nation are all demonstrating. we showed you video of one demonstration taking place in los angeles. the most relevant is the one taking place in memphis. to sync up with the anniversary of the assassination of reverend martin luther king. , who was assassinated at the lorraine hotel in memphis. the march here in chicago is going to a few different locations. the illinois policy institute, a conservative think tank, that has put out papers suggesting that the higher minimum wage would work against the minority community because it would result in fewer jobs. also put out an article that a higher minimum wage at mcdonald's, they would replace minimum-wage workers with automation. right now, they are marching to a mcdonald's that has done just that.
2:00 pm
>> neil: thank you very much. mike tobin in chicago. we are finding out more about the who's who in the republican party trying to save the republican party. reworking the tax cuts. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and dana perino, "the five" ." what does susan rice know about the accusation that she is behind the attempt to unmask trump officials? i bet it's nothing. >> i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports from chairman nunes on that count today. i really don't know to what chairman nunes was referring. i was not aware of any orders given to disseminate that kind


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