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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, it's very, very possible that my attitude towards syria and assad has changed very much. >> bill: president trump threatening syria for using poison gas to kill civilians including women and children. what should the president do to that country? lou dobbs will analyze. >> they are defaming her without any reason to do so because she's a woman, maybe because she's a black woman.he >> bill: the crazy left now saying that susan rice now, trump surveillance controversy is a racial thing. did you expect anything else? talking points is on..
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also ahead, dennis miller on china. -- cherry coke in china. an ambassador john bull onl whether president obama will bet dragged into the rice story. >> caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. do powerful people in washington really want to know w the truth? that is the subject of tonight's talking points. remember that the irs was accused of auditing some conservative groups for political reasons. that is illegal.l. the woman in charge of the office that allegedly happened was lois lerner. she was called to testify in front of a congressional committee. she took the fifth. >> while i would very much like to answer the community'ss questions today, i've been advised by my counsel to assert
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my constitutional right not toqu testify or answer questions related to the subject matter of this hearing. >> bill: after that, ms. lerner packed up and left the irs with a nice government pension. absolutely nothing happened to her. and we never learned if higher government officials were involved in that irs scandal. however, we did learn this.. when i asked president obama about the situation. you're saying no corruption. >> no, there some boneheaded decisions. t >> bill: but no corruption. >> not even mass corruption, not even a smidgen of corruption. >> bill: the obama administration did not want to know what happened with the irs. the left-wing media did not wano to know nor did the democratic party. and we don't know. so today, we have two big time political allegations. whether the trump campaign colluded with russia and whether national security advisor susan
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rice was spying on the trump campaign and transition team using her position with president obama in the white house to surveil and hurt donald trump. answers to both of those questions have not been provided to the american people as they must be if we are to keep ourti election system legitimate. the fbi's investigating the russian deal. i'm not sure where the agency is on the illegal surveillance issue. the bureau has not defined it. the congress is looking into ms. rice. >> i've asked the intelligence committee to conduct a bipartisan investigation of thii whole episode. they will conduct it. hopefully at the end we'll find out what happened and i'll issue a report i hope on a bipartisan basis. >> not likely. as democrats and the liberal media have already acquitted susan rice. >> one of the central figures
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the republicans went after and after was susan rice. after two years, they can find nothing that susan rice did wrong. >> bill: congressman sciff, ranking member of the house intelligence committee speaking about mrs. rice's role in benghazi investigation including the opinion that she's a scapegoat even before any testimony is heard. does congressman schiff really want to know what happened in the surveillance deal? it's obvious his fellow travelers on the left do not want to know. the loons are branding the whole thing racial. >> did she do something wrong? there's no information indicating that so they are making her basically defaminghi her without any reason to do so because she's a woman, maybe because she's a black woman. >> bill: as "talking points" said yesterday, susan rice is entitled to the perception of --tl presumption of innocence should be called by congress to testify as soon as t possible.
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but with easter break looming, that call will be down the road. at that time, i expect ms. rice to take the fifth just as lois lerner did. t that means others in government will have to step forward to testify about what susan rice did or did not do in order for we the people to know. today, president trump said the surveilled situation is "going to be the biggest story, such an important story for our country and the world, one of the biggest stories of our time for it's clear the president has a vested interest in this having tweeted he was surveilled by president obama himself. obviously mr. trump would like to know what happened. but the anti-trump folks would try to prevented some light on susan rice, there's no doubt about that. if the former national security advisor was using her very high office to help the democraticc party before and after the election, that's a huge scandal. president obama will have to be questioned about it. that's a big if, premature
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conclusions as well as speculations are the enemies of true justice. the polls say most americans want answers to the russian intrusion into the presidential election and i believe most of us want to know the whole susan rice story as well. if the federal government cannot define both situations fairly s quickly, this nation is a major trouble. america simply has to have a justice system that works. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction, president trump threatening syria. what should the usa do to that country for using poison gas those reports after these messages.s
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>> bill: do powerful politicians even want to know the truth about important things affecting the american people. with us here eric bolling and geraldo rivera. on the susan rice front, the democrats don't want to know
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anything about this and the press doesn't want to know anything about it either.deow >> i think that in a sense, by concentrating on the left and susan rice and the allegations by donald trump of unmasking and leaks and so forth, you are absolutely half right. the other half is the right is trying its best and certainly the trump administration -- >> bill: let me stop you. to obscure the russian investigation. let's put that aside for once. >> you can't put either aside. >> bill: he's a republican, that's what he does. you stay on your left-wing friends. this is a pretty interesting story as an investigative reporter yourself and i am asng well. this is a really interesting story, is it not? >> i don't mean to be tiresome but i think they're both interesting stories. >> bill: i believe that susan rice, the circumstances leading up to her admission of unmasking is intriguing and it could hint
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at her being one of the prime sources of the leaks that have so irked --e >> even more than that, what i find fascinating about this story and i'm the biggest guy. i said last night, perception of innocence has to be applied and i said it again tonight. why did she do it? she didn't do it on her own. susan rice doesn't do stuff on her own. and she was third in close to president obama. first is valerie. valerie jarrett. >> let me take my assignment. >> bill: the fascination of the story. >> if you have a situation where an extremely hostile republican candidate is not only running to be president of the united states but is also doing everything he can to disparage the 44th president, the obama presidency and the you'd want to know and have the intelligence people saying these people colluded with the
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russians. >> bill: you want to get dirt on him. >> they definitely want to get dirt. >> bill: that's not her role. that's not what she supposed to do. she's not supposed to do that. go to you. you are very big on this rice story. i thought you were going to bolt out of your chair and hit the ceiling. >> i almost did. >> bill: you, eric bolling, that big on the russian collusion? >> great question. what russian collusion? there is nothing there yet. what we do have on rice is a felony. a felony was committed, point blank. [all talking at once] >> i felony was committed? >> not the unmasking.
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once flynn's name was leaked to the media, somebody committed a felony. i'm not saying rice did,bo but somebody did. i said on the one hand in the right field. on the russian collusion, there's no proof of that. >> i don't care about the proof. >> you should. >> i don't because is not my job and it's impossible for me to get it. what i care about is your intent. are you as intense as getting the truth about the russian collusion story which we don't know yet, you're obsolete right. -- absolutely right. no evidence has been presented. so the other left-wing media that's already convicted trump and his associates, that's disgraceful. but are you eric bolling as jazzed to get this information as you are about the rice story? >> of course. if there's a link and there's evidence of collusion, of course you want to know who did it and why. we have evidence. michael flynn's name is out in public. asmehow it went from masked to
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unmasked. it was unmasked by a a white hoe operative who shouldn't be investigating anything. the cia, fbi, nsa. >> mike flynn was forced to resign because of his shady dealings with the russians. >> his name being leaked. >> bill: he wasn't upfront with pence but that's a different issue. the issue now is the truth about the two situations. let me recap because it's hard to really figure these two out. you say that you want to know what susan rice did or did not do. you say that. >> i do say it and the reason i say it is her motive is everything in this case. in other words, it is not a crime to unmask someone's name if you are working with intelligence. >> it's what you do with you. >> it's why what you do with it. >> if she disseminated that name to someone wasn't clear for political purpose. >> anybody wasn't clear. >> now you claim on this program
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that you are as interested to know if there were trump people stcolluding with the russians to influence the election right? i >> yes.. >> so you're both on good ground here because what i'm trying to get at is i don't believe congress -- i think both parties want to protect their own, would you both agree with that? both parties want to protect their own? >> clear and disheartening. absolutely true. the agency we must depend on, we honest people, and i am including you in this. god help me. we honest people must depend on the fbi.e >> the fbi is the agency. >> that's it. we don't know if the fbi is investigating susan rice, do we? >> we don't know but how is this? it gets even bigger. whom else is going to be unmasked and leaked. what other parties are involved now, not just michael flynn or the five other trump operatives, does this go beyond that?w,
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>> how do we ever find that out without the fbi? >> here is you find it out. not the senate, not the house, the fbi presents this case to the department of justice and at grand jury has amazing power. >> you, geraldo rivera, are calling for a grand jury to investigate the susan rice situation tonight on the factor. >> not only am i calling for a grand jury, i am confident that the combination of james comey and attorney general jeff sessions to the extent that he can participate because he has reduced himself. the process will -- >> what national security threat or interest was involved in susan rice and a white houseer operatives overwriting the fbi,
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the cia, and we will keep these names mast? we can't answer that question? >> you answered it. that is an exclusion that the grand jury will reach and you should too. >> bill: we need to get bolling on the jury. thank you very muchh as always. directly ahead ofic senator lindsey graham says he believes the susan rice situation will be easy to figure out. senator will be here. syria using poison gas on children. what should mr. trump to to the heinous dictator assad? ways win.
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switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. >> bill: the "follow-up segment" tonight. this sound bite on susan rice caught my attention. >> i'm not going to prejudge here but i think every americane should know whether or not the t national security advisor of president obama was involved in unmasking trump transition figures for political purposes, it should be easy to figure out and we will. >> bill: joining us now, do you really believe it's going to be easy to figure this out? >> might be hard to have consequences, but easy to figure out. john brennan and clapper cia director of national intelligence need to be asked the following question. did susan rice ever make the request of your agencies or the nsa to have unmasking of any
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trump transition figures that were surveilled? then you go and ask the real question, what say you if she did? >> what committee should do that in the senate? >> good question. this is where it's confusing. you have brennan and clapper under the jurisdiction of the intelligence committee but i've made a request of the judiciary sub committee for clapper. sally yates, for our committee and testify in public, we'll see if we can do that. >> bill: can you compel them to come to your committee? can you compel them to do it? >> they only want to come once. they'll testify once in an open hearing, once in a closed session. i've got to cordate this with i the intelligence committee to find out who's in charge. sally yates was in the justice department so she's under the judiciary committee jurisdiction, the other two are probably on the intel jurisdiction. but my committeemm is ready to move forward with public testimony of brennan, clapperly
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and yates and i would asktt brennan, clapper. did susan rice ever come to any of your organizations and ask that names be unmasked? >> bill: and that's a simple question yes or no. now we assume that when ambassador rice gets called before any congressional committee, the house is investigating, she's going to take the fifth just like lois lerner did. >> i'd be surprised.t she said she did nothing wrong but we're trying to build the case here i suppose. just in the old-fashioned way. the people in charge of the collection need to be asked if susan rice ever asked for anything you collected to be unmasked and if she did, what did she do with it? and if she takes the fifth, that would be stunning. >> bill: why would it be stunning, though? don't you feel she's in a precarious position right now andr don't you feel her attorns are going to say listen, there's a lot of implications here and there are a lot of laws here, and you get tripped up.
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it might be easier for you to plead the fifth. you think any attorney would tell her that? >> it's kind of inconsistent with what she said. she said she did nothing wrong but i've been a lawyer. maybe i tell my client i have an abundance of caution. don't answer any of these i don't pretend to be a legal expert on the unmasking but i'm going to try to find out about what the rules are and if they were violated. but if she took the fifth, it would be up to us to say is it important enough for the country to give immunity to give to the bottom of this? >> bill: it's a story that is now politicized. your democratic colleagues in the senate don't want any part of this. >> we'll see. oothe white house has been good. i want to hear from brennan and clapper. >> bill: i understand. don't you think the senate is about as polarized as you've ever seen in your career right now?yo >> absolutely. a
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>> bill: the gorsuch thing is going to come down, you're going to have to change the rules in the senate to vote him in. you're not going to get a few senators on the democratic side will support. but it's basically run by chuck schumer now.or and schumer is going to say were going to post everything -- oppose everything donald trump does to try to portray the president as too weak to govern. you know the strategy. >> we're still in charge of the place so as people in charge of the place, we can conduct hearings and i don't think it's inappropriate to ask the question of the intelligence community. >> bill: of course it's not. the american people need to know. i if the obama white house and not the president himself but one of his top aides was using her position to advance a political agenda because that's what this is all about. she's not taking an interest in the trump people for any other reason than politics. no other reason on the planet. >> if she did it, that would be a logical conclusion.
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what are they going to do to me if i do my job? nothing. my job is to find out what happened. all things russia and a part of this all things russia is that thepa national security advisor to president obama was actually unmasking trump transition figures for political purposes before the election and trump campaign people, i want to know that.le >> bill: the whole country wants to. the people who don't have a political agenda want to know. but the democratic party certainly wants to protect the obama administration and susan rice, and they're going to do everything they can, in the left leading media wants part of this storyn'. >> too bad. you don't always get what you want, that's what the rolling stones say. >> bill: so you say you're going to get to the bottom of it, your confidence with all of the lois lerner stuff in
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benghazi stuff and all that, going to get at the bottom of this?? >> i'm going to ask the questions that need to be askedu regarding susan rice. i've been pretty honest about this. i said i want to know, were they trump ties to russia? >> bill: and think everybody wants to know that. i don't think there's any doubt about that. you're deeply involved with foreign affairs.ha president trump once again today said he's not going to say what he's going to do because youou tell the enemy what you're going to do because it gives them time to prepare, the enemy being syria and assad. assad is a tyrant. he gases babies. obama didn't do anything to himt trump almost has to do something. if you are the national security advisor, senator, what would you tell donald trump specifically to do syria? >> destroyed the airpower and create a safe zone in syria where this never happens again. >> bill: by destroying it, would have to bomb their
8:26 pm
airfields, correct? there are russian planes there. >> they should move them. >> bill: a warn them and destroyed theires infrastructur. >> then i would make sure they'd never be another incident like this. they would never be bombed again by assad. they'd be safe to zones where people could go back to syria from europe and the united states. >> bill: we've said that for years. >> talk won't do it. this is a time for president trump to show the world he is not president obamaa this is the horrible event out of which could come an opportunity to reset and establish his presidency as something different than obama to send a signal to every dictator in the world is the new sheriff in town and actually hold assad accountable and protect the innocent people of syria and what happens in north korea and iran and everywhere else. >> bill: we appreciate it. keep us posted on your investigation and who you're going to call and we appreciated tonight. >> thank you.
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>> bill: "the factor" moves along this evening, dennis miller on border wall costumes being sold on amazon.ov some people don't like that. but next, president trump, as we said, threatening syria. >> these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> bill: lou dobbs has some thoughts and we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: this afternoon, president trump held a joint conference with king abdullah of jordan. >> yesterday chemical attack, a chemical attack that was so horrific in syria against innocent people including women, small children, and even beautiful
8:30 pm
little babies, their deaths was an affront to humanity. >> bill: president would not say what he will do to the syrian government. and he placed a lot of blame on president obamaey failing to act on his redline in the sand comment after assad used gas in 2013. t but what should mr. trump do now? to answer that question, lou dobbs, fox business network star, what should he do? >> he should right now understand that the united nations is not going to work any better for him than it has the preceding three presidents who had to deal with syria. he needs to bringim xi jinping, vladimir putin together to bring together the leadership of some of the representative countries in the region and come up with a plan, deal with the refugees first and provide a safe space and persuade vladimir putin that if he wants to remain a trillion dollar economy, then don't cooperate with president assad
8:31 pm
with president xi and himself, but continue to support assad. >> bill: have a conference. >> i want a conference in which the result is an understanding that they're going to stabilize the world order. >> bill: you would have to have jesus come down. >> you don't. you've got to have a president just exactly like the one we have. >> bill: putin has a vested interest in keeping assad in the chair. >> that's the conventional thinking. it's not the reality. >> bill: he could be bribed. you could give him something and he might turn on. they don't want any part of this. the chinese, we have to deal with them on north korea. >> we have two extend threats to the global order. north korea and syria and tangentially iran. we've got to deal with those issues and this is the president to do it. hell with the way they see it. this is the way they want to see
8:32 pm
it. >> bill: you can't force china and russia to cooperate oner syria. >> explaining to them how much better their lives and those of their people will be. >> bill: you want to reason with them. >> i don't want to reason with them. i want to put in front of them the incentives. >> bill: you could bribe putin, i don't think the chinese are going to get involved with syria at all.. i think before you, senator graham said and i said this way back when. >> are you aligning with senator graham? >> bill: you take out syrians air power so they can't deliver gas anymore. it's a one-day sortie, and you knock out their air force. >> lindsey graham is the guy along with senator mccain who wanted to go to cairo to represent the muslim brotherhood interest in the government. >> bill: what would be wrong with donald trump using airpower in syria?
8:33 pm
because is ineffective. russia has tons of air power. >> bill: he only has a small air force that could be destroyed fairly easily. a the downside is use the military action against an independent country. >> i want russia to use its country -- power against assad and remove him from office. >> bill: xi jinping. the chinese leader. he is coming to mar-a-lago. i'd hope he doesn't get sunburned because it's very hot and warm down there. no golf. unlike the japanese president. trump says it's going to be a difficult meeting. number one is he wants xi jinping to take care of north korea. he wants the regime change. there's no way that this guy is going to do that, is there? >> i think there is. there is a considerable advantage of having president trump in that meeting.
8:34 pm
he's a man who knows what the other presidents before him have gone through. they have all been played by the chinese leadership. and it's over. donald trump has made it very who's going to take responsibility? the russians can be bribed. the chinese are being bribed every day. we are supporting a 12 trillion -- in nominal terms, a $12 trillion chinese economy without the united states. you don't have to threaten. you just have to articulate the incentives that are obvious. >> bill: you think that he can get through to the chinese went -- when bush the younger, obama. >> clinton. they were all geniuses. this guy actually knows what he's doing. that's the wonderful part of it. >> bill: i think you should go to that meeting in mar-a-lago. i think you should be with trump. >> what are they serving for lunch? >> bill: whatever you like.
8:35 pm
the chinese leader would say look, if you get dobbs out of here, i'll take care of the guy in north korea. >> just so they got takeout. that's all i ask. >> bill: lou dobbs everybody.. coming right up, amazon selling border wall costumes and some people are mad. miller is next.
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years and counting. >> bill: the "miller time" segment tonight, something very few people know. in china, the coca-cola company is launching its cherry coke bottle featuring the likeness of warren buffett.
8:38 pm
the american capitalist economy country. only one person on earth can figure that out and he joins us now from santa barbara, california.myha miller. what's going on with a cherry coke buffet thing? >> it's a recent thing. i know for many years, the face on cherry coke was bill clinton. but they went over to buffet not long ago, sort of a colonel sanders type thing. they wanted jimmy buffett and he didn't want to play so they went to warren buffett. chinese are in enigmatic people. there is a growing trend to lump together american intellectual and fiscal luminaries with foodstuffs. i was over at panda express for lunch and i had a picture of him -- jeff bezos wrestling a dragon labeled internet tax. the guy in front of me got the karl rove fuzzy headed trump on -- shrimp on the whiteboard.
8:39 pm
they had the general flynn's's chicken. i find it a little slippery. and they're also running a special with a side of bought and paid for steaming susan rice. so there was a lot ofou intermingling between the political people and the chinese food. >> bill: i know you're a world traveler. have you been to china? have you been there? >> is japan part of china? >> bill: no, it's across the sea of japan. >> i've been to japan and some of it once that was china and i said i don't think so. >> bill: two separate cultures. now, china is a very still communist place outside of hong kong, a free enterprise zone. shanghai, beijing, they want money. warren buffett is the ultimate capitalist, the ultimate guide guy billions of dollars on, he mild say tongue would've. warren. now he's on the coke bottle in
8:40 pm
china. do you think they believe he is someone else. he looks grandfatherly. >> he is a sexual god in china. he is a sexual god. his name is the all that of omaha. it might not be the oracle of omaha, it is the all that of omaha. a sexual god. and i'm pretty sure you're wrong about japan and china not being the same place. you should look that up. >> bill: you're saying that their marketing cherry coke isth an elixir, as an aphrodisiac. >> billy, it's like the pineal gland of patrick, the creature on spongebob. it has strange aphrodisiac will powers. >> bill: now i understand. >> i'm out. >> bill: you been to mexico, right? >> that's in china. >> bill: as you know, they've taken bids to building a mexican wall and they're going to build a wall
8:41 pm
and now -- >> what happened to my hair? >> bill: your hair looks gorgeous. on amazon, you can buy a t-shirt that is mexico wall themed and saying mexico will play. what do you think about that? >> i guess this is not okay, but the coyote from roadrunner is still good. i don't understand the world we live in, billy. all i would tell anybody who's over in mexico and thinking of coming here, for halloween or for any other day, i would say stay home because this country's gone to hell. it's nuts. you don't want to come here. you've been told great things about america, but it's nuts. it's whiny, they spend all day going for a halloween costume on amazon and protesting. i know mexican people in my life, there's always a just stoicism about them. they put their nose to the grindstone, they're nice people, they take care of their family. i'm telling you, those of you
8:42 pm
like that in mexico, you don't want to come here. this place is nuts. >> bill: you can say to the mexican people you might be better off where you are because of the things that are happening. but you know what would be interestedno and i have not researched this. if mexico will pay for the wall, sure. and i don't know why any human being on the face of the earth wouldld wear it, was made in mexico. wouldn't that be ironic? >> if you want to be a wall for halloween, you don't want to get inub trouble, go out as the gret wall of china, which is inna ja japan. [laughter] >> bill: do you know why the great wall of china was built, who they wanted to keep out? >> they wanted to keep the trick-or-treaters out because the kids kept bugging them everb year. when is chinese halloween? october 30th? i don't want to get anybodyen pissed off culturally here. i don't know anything about
8:43 pm
anything. mexico, china, and japan are the same country. >> bill: but you're absolutely right, they built the great wall of china. all 3,000 miles of it to keep out the mongolianhe trick-or-treaters. they were on horseback and they had swords and if you didn't give them your house they you were executed. those trick-or-treaters were a little bit more advanced. dennis miller, everybody. there he is. >> you are a freaking genius. >> bill: i think you from the bottom of my heart. ambassador john bolden is next. he has some insight to the susan rice story. "the tip of the day," we'ree going to hit the road again. coming right back.
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>> bill: back tonight, we are going to do an interesting exercise. i'm going to play the part of susan rice's defense attorney and ambassador john bolton is going to answer my questions as an expert witness of national mr. bolton joins us now. first of all, ambassador rice,. who holds the same title that you do, said she was just doing her duty as a national advisor in the white house by tracking trump people caught up in wiretaps. what say you to that? >> i think that's a very hard argument to make. she has a possibility of getting names that are concealed because they are american citizens
8:47 pm
, concealed on intercepts. i did the same thing when i was in the state department, but you have to do it for a legitimate purpose. y if there really was a desire to learn and understand better what the intercept was about, that's one thing. but if the purpose was for something political, that's completely impermissible and if she told the nsa one thing, that it was for her job and it realls got a criminal violation. >> bill: i'm still her attorney. so i'm saying mr. ambassador, susan rice went over there to try to find out what ther. russian intrusion was in the electoral process after all the dnc leaks started to happen. so the federal government has a vested interest in protecting the election of the national security advisors said i've got to find out what's going on here
8:48 pm
because russia is leaking all this stuff about one of our i political parties. isn't that a valid concern? >> no, certainly not. if she were the attorney general or the director of the fbi, thac would be one thing, but she is not hercule poirot, investigator. if you saw in her review of intercepts some possibility of illegal activity and certainly russia interference would be,er her job is to transmit that to the justice department, not to investigate it herself. she doesn't need the names deminimized to do that. >> bill: the defense intelligence agency is attached to the white house, correct? >> to the defense department. >> bill: clapper was reporting directly to president obama, correct? >> the director of national intelligence, yes. >> bill: now as part of his job, does he have anything to do with susan rice? because she's a national security advisor.
8:49 pm
do they work together? >> yes, the director of national intelligence ought to be the servant of the president through the national security council. he has a very important role to play in that regard. >> bill: what is her role as far as he's concerned? >> in effect, she is her -- his supervisor since he doesn't supervise anyone directly. the entire intelligence community is tasked with responsibility for what intelligence to collect. >> bill: okay, so clapper is supervised by susan rice.d so as susan rice's attorney, i'm saying maybe she wanted to check up on him? maybe she wanted to see for herself what was happening? what's wrong with that? >> if you have some notion thatf there is illegal activity involved that's uncovered in intercepts, there is a route to go on that. the white house doesn't conduct a criminal investigation. she should've given that to the justice department.
8:50 pm
>> bill: but maybe they didn't suspect criminal activity. they just wanted to know at this point because of the sanction il threated against putin and then that kind of thing with thee extent of it was they wanted to know if the trump people were talking to the russians and is why she went over to try to unmask all of this stuff. does that make any sense to you? is there any valid argument there? >> none that i can see. it's one thing to look at government employees who may be abusing their positions for whatever purpose, impermissible purpose. it's quite something else to be conducting surveillance indirectly or otherwise on protected first amendment political activity. and i think there's a lot more to learn here about what rice was doing. i think there are questions about who else was involved. the basic question is the one howard baker made famous in the watergate hearings. what did the president know and when did he know it?
8:51 pm
there's ample room for investigation. >> bill: ofat course. so you don't think there's any excuse for susan rice at this point based upon her job description and what you know about the process because you did work in security at thatd level, no excuse for her going over and trying to find out names that were captured ono taps. >> i don't see it. the argument people have made in her defense she has to know about this russia business. let me take the hardest case if there is one intercept that she asked for a name to be deminimized and revealed to her that did not involve russia, that entire scam argument is blown. >> bill: and the only way we'll know that as she testifies. on record saying i don't believe she >> i'm looking forward to it. >> bill: we'll see. question about syria. lindsey graham says obama. lou dobbs says we have to have a conference. >> i'd go lindsay one betterd
8:52 pm
and says they are two for the price of one. i agree we should eliminate syria's air force. i've always felt one of obama's worst mistakes was allowing russia to build an air base in syria. i tell the russians to clear out of that airbase so they don't become assad's air force. >> bill: so you would take military action against assad now. that's a pretty strong deal. >> it's a shift for me.'s i haven't favored that before but i think the president really said that today when he said his -- they crossed many lines. >> bill: ambassador, thank you, we appreciate your time tonight. we're going on the road again. "the tip" moments away.
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wish to opine. one of the day do do not be spurious when writing to us. things are watching tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please remember that "the spin stops here" ." we're definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in an ideal world, the revelation that susan rice deliberately unmask the names of trump tenses and team members put selves into self reflection. consideration that may be of political appointees by on her ideological flows without restriction could be a poor idea and a democracy, but were not an ideal world it all. instead, all that talk about election hacking by russian saboteurs. >> for whatever reason, the hard right has always chosen susan rice to be their villain. >> not only was russia behind the attacks, that's what the