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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 7, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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warming up in the bullpen, i am bill o'reilly, please remember that the spinner stops right here, we are definitely looking out for you. >> good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight. >> no child of god should ever suffer such horror. it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> tucker: some assume yesterday's strike must be a one-off, america demonstrating its strength to the world. in others think this is the
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beginning of more military interventions around the world. one of those is lindsey graham. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: a lot of people watching assumed it was a one-off, response to using gas in syria. you are saying the united states ought to add 7,000 troops on the ground. >> we need more troops. like we have in iraq. >> tucker: to depose assad. >> to defeat iceel. >> tucker: not to effect regime change? >> regime changes when we train up syrians. isis is a threat. i'm not suggesting assad is going to attack america. i believe sigh sill would if
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they could. so i think you are going to see a ramp-up of american troops not as front line fighters, but trainers, advisers, special forces to take down isel sooner. this is not a new war. >> tucker: we haven't been involved in the war in syria for years. >> it's been a disaster for us. look what came from syria in terms of europe. radical islam has flourished under the califate. they are appearing everywhere. you had it in sweden. so what i want to do is destroy the
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us the san bernardino people are connected to radical islam. we have had attacks here at home. i would just say this about president trump, i'm proud of him. he did something obama did not do. if i'm north korea, i'm going to think differently about trump. he told assad what happened. he didn't draw a red line, he acted. >> tucker: it's a little confusing. here we are fighting, two main players, the biggest one is the isil backed one. we are fighting both of them. we are arming a third force which has ties to al qaeda. >> what are the threats to america coming from syria. >> tucker: i agree. >> isil is a threat to america. >> tucker: i don't think anyone is supporting isis. the question is what is the best way.
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>> the only way to destroy the caliphate is to destroy them. >> tucker: now we are fighting him, too. >> he's not killing isil. he's killing the opposition. assad is a threat to the region and eventually threat to us because he's backed by iran. >> tucker: but he's a secular leader against isis. >> he's a puppet of the iranians. iran is run by religious fanatic. they have missiles on which the side they write to israel. the arabs are not going to accept giving damascus to the iranians. i tell you -- >> tucker: hold o i want to see if i understand this. i can't tell who the main enemy
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is here. you said that isil is the main enemy. then you said iran is the main enemy. >> radical sunni islam hate the iranianans. they hate us, too. how are we connected here. radical islam on the sunni side did 9/11. i don't think acran is going to attack us tomorrow. but if they had a capability, they would share it. they chant death to america. both pose a threat in a different way. i'm more worried about iranian expansion than isil, mosul. >> tucker: wouldn't it be the perfect scenario if we have items fighting each other to not intervene in the conflict? >> the bottom line is assad is not trying to take down the
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iraq, we could have educated everyone in college. >> tucker: we spent more a trillion dollars, our country is getting poorer every year. >> here's my view. you think you can be saved by leaving those people?
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>> tucker: i don't believe that. >> how do you engage the enemy when all of us stay here. >> tucker: i don't think you should. money is real. >> we have a fair amount of it. our national security interest can't be monetized. what are the threats we face. isil is a threat to the homeland. the sooner we destroy them, the better off. assad means the war never ends. it's not good for israel and jordan. on september s 10 we didn't have one soldier and we got attacked anyway. here's what i do if i was president, i would leave about 8,000 to so thousand troops in iraq. are you okay with that? >> tucker: i suppose. i guess, i think, like most americans are skeptical about starting an entire new war. given the track record of the war you have supported so far.
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>> here's what i would say. the world is better off without saddam hussein. the world is better off without qaddafi. >> tucker: thank you for joining us. the reviews are in on last night's attack. the media loved it. most of washington was thrilled. even democrats in congress, ones denouncing the president managed to say nice words about last night's mission. so who is not on board? according to a piece by ben. the skeptics are limited to trump's troll army, racist and conspiracy mongers. the new york times came to the same conclusion. it came to a small and inflation agreement. they host racist views.
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why would white supremacist oppose the bombing of a nonwhite country. that part was not explained, just asserted. it's literally absurd. like so much news coverage is not news but propaganda designed to smear and deceive rather than to inform the news has never been fakeer. most of the washington establishment has been gung-ho. one of the few lawmakers is hawai'i congressman tulsi gabbard, a democrat who criticized it as reckless. she joins us from hawai'i. thanks for coming on. >> hello, tucker. >> tucker: you have heard media outlets that describe those as bigots. >> we should be concerned when any president of the united states launches an illegal and unconstitutional military strike against a foreign government.
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this is something that congress has not authorized. and it's an escalation of a counter-productive regime change war in syria that our country has been wage are for years. first, through the cia and now through president trump's reckless military strike last night. as you know well, tucker, this is a war that has cost hundreds of thousands of syrian lives. it has caused millions to flee their home and it has strengthened these groups operating on the ground like al qaeda, isis and others whose sole goal is to overthrow the syrian government to take over. and take ownership over syria. >> tucker: so this attack last night's mission was predicated on this gas attack earlier in the week. everyone we have talked to on this show, people with access to classified intelligence has said the assad government did this,
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killed these children with poison gas. do you believe that? >> it doesn't matter what i believe or not. what matters is evidence and facts. >> tucker: do you think there is evidence for that? >> if the trump administration has the evidence proving this, then share it with the american people. share it with congress. come to congress and make your case before launching an unauthorized, illegal military strike against a foreign government. iraq is not so far off in our memories, especially for people like me who not only served there, but who lost friend there. we remember when the then bush administration, including collin powell and on thes, came to congress and came to the united nations presenting so-called evidence of weapons of mass destruction that later proved to be false. the disaster that is iraq war was predicated on so-called evidence. so i think it pays for the american people and members of
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congress to be very careful, thoughtful and step ca skepticao support what the united nations was working on before this military strike was launched, to gather the evidence, father thee facts so it can be presented. >> tucker: the difference between iraq war and now, there is little decent against this. they all suggest support for donald trump from the left. have you noticed that? what accounts for that, do you think. >> i don't guess to know where people are coming for or why. but i really wish personally as a veteran especially people in positions of power, either in the media or congress in washington, to understand what the cost of these wars are and what the consequences of a
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reckless action like the one president trump took last night will result in. you know, we are seeing already how taking this action by weakening the syrian government, the syrian military, defacto you are strengthening these groups to take over all of syria. we are session an increase in the likelihood or possibility that we, the united states, end up in a direct military conflict with russia who are closely allied with syria. the united states and russia being the two nuclear powers in the world, it should be a cause of great concern for everyone. >> tucker: you would think. except they hacked our election, so they have to. thank you for joining us. thanks for being here.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert, it was an awful scene inl the streets of sweden as a truck
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smashed through pedestrians. we have more information on what happened there today. thanks for coming on. give us a sense of what is going on tonight in stockholm and what authorities think happened. >> the things we know for sure is around 2:45 today a truck drove into a large group of t people in what is the busiest street in stockholm. we know that the truck had beenn stolen about 30 minutes prior. it's a delivery truck stolen outside a restaurant in stockholm. four people are now confirmed dead and 15 are in hospital injured, nine of these are said to be in critical condition. the entire city is on lockdown most of the evening. the subway was closed. the central station was on lockdown, every government building was on lockdown. there is a real sense of chaos
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and panic in stockholm. >> can we say that this was a form of islamic terror? >> we have a confirmation from the prime minister that it was a terrorist attack. i have been looked on social media. one person is being held as what they call a person of interest. judging by the social mediadg presence of this person that is said to be held by the police, i think it's safe to say it's a question of islamic terror. we won't know more until the police releases more information. that will be a couple ofin days. it's still a sense of shock and chaos here right now. n >> tucker: i received a number of e-mails from viewers in sweden who are distrustful. swedish government's reporting on incidents like this.
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they downplay this to downplay the threat of terror violence in sweden. >> i think it's true for the government and true for the general public. we have been and we saw today how we have been in a state of ignorance for quite some time. everyone knew it was a question of when and not if. we seem unprepared somehow. i heard several journalists and politicians who are in government today say that the way to combat terrorism is with love. i would say that that is just not the case. the way to combat terrorism is with guns. unless we realize that, we are in deeper trouble than even i thought. there is a reason for that distrust, yes. >> tucker: you have written that sweden has become this unlikely source of jihadis because there is a vacuum of values in can you explain that?
9:23 pm
>> sweden, compared to its size, third biggest contributor to global jihad. we have a lot of young people born in this country who have gone to syria and other countries to fight global jihad. i believe that values is something people need, even in this area of the world where i i happen to be born deny that. nationalism matters, borders matter. that national identity matters. we have been in denial of that for a long b time. where there is a vacuum, that vacuum needs to be filled. we have taken in hundreds of thousands of people who have very strong identity, very strong national and religious s identities. they are filling that vacuum quickly. thatng is a very dangerous situation to be in. >> tucker: sounds like an astute explanation. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: borders matter,
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>> tucker: as our viewers know well, former national security adviser susan rice has been involved in a decade long match with the truth.
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we have more on that. >> good to see you. when last we left susan rice she told pbs she was shocked by this allegations, that maybe president trump and some of his advisers were swept up in government surveillance. rice said at the time she knew nothing about n the surveillance and she was surprised until we learned that she did know about the surveillance and unmasked the name of some trump advisers who were swept up in it. now back in january as she was touting the accomplishments of the outgoing obama administration, she suggested that assad in syria didn't have any more chemical weapons. >> the think the president stated the u.s. view, the chemical weapons isn't something we allow to persist. m we accomplished that more
9:29 pm
thoroughly than by some limited strikes by getting entirety of the declared stockpile removed. >> now, there was that caveat about declared stockpile, leavinleaving the idea open thad had more. it makes you wonder how the claim could have been made in january that a great accomplishment of the obama administering was getting rid of assad's chemical weapons. >> tucker: i don't want tont judge. but this does seem like part of a pattern. >> if you go back, it's brought up when it came to benghazi, she did those five sunday talk shows suggested it was about a video. that tripped her up. you have the situation where she claimed he served with honor and distinction. that did not hold up.
9:30 pm
the government surveillance talked that she mentioned to pbs did not hold up and now the chemical weapons situation is straining the truth. >> tucker: you are the author of 42 faith, the rest of the jackie robinson story. i read that. do yourself a favor, get one. many populists are worried. you have spoken to the new american president many times about a lost things including foreign policy. were you surprised by what happened last night? >> yes, i was. there may be reasons, maybe facts we don't yet understand. i guess the question i'm asking isd a lot of people who voted fr trump did say because they were very weary of the agenda. they believe persistent
9:31 pm
intervention in the middle east has made things worse, not better. lots of questions today. >> tucker: does it seem inevitable that in the wake of intervention in a country like syria that refugees from that country go to the country that does the intervening? that does seem to be the pattern. does that mean more syrian refugees will come here? >> yes. southern europe will be thinking about this more than anybody, particularly given the breakdown of relations with the turkey that were supposed to be holding back the migrant tide. you get rid of saddam, you get rid of assad, you do not see large numbers of people leaving the country. once you destabilize, goodness knows what happens is this a one-off hit or is this part of a campaign. that's the thing i think that most trump supporters are anxious to hear.
9:32 pm
>> tucker: not a question we can answer right now. you saw what happened in sweden with an apparent act of terror committed by a truck. this may be connected to the decades long immigration policy. do you think it is? >> i don't know who the attacker was. it's not someone to do with massive immigration. there were two problems. one is people coming in and committing terror. the other is radicalization that takes place in schools and prisons. either way, this is not going to be the last such attack in sweden or elsewhere in europe. in fact, it's happening now with such regular monda monotony, itt of life. >> tucker: the unstated policy is to make europe morri more is.
9:33 pm
why would they be encouraging the immigration of people that don't share values at all? >> there is strong secularism. almost a genuine desire too downplay any judeo christian heritage. those that speak up for it get shouted down immediately. the problem with people that make policy like this is once they have embarked on the course, they can't admit they are wrong. they still n brussels, if you talk about sexual crimes in sweden or germany over the last couple of years, if you say a flood of people from countries who treat women badly has led to this, you are still branded as being racist. it's a very, very strange perversepe mindset. >> but why the double standard
9:34 pm
on secularism? if you got up to talk about christian, eyes would roll. >> i'm not sure. i think slowly but surely the public in europe have woken up to what's going o our leaders will not have any discussion about this kind of thing. even if we talk about shari'a courts which i find horrifying, unless we live under the same law, what future is there. you are told, look, we have to live in an age of religious tolerance. the key thing they are missing is we may be tolerant to other religions, but sadly, some of the islamic faith are not tolerant towards us. >> tucker: thanks for joining us. thank you. up next, 50 years ago an
9:35 pm
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h&r block and ibm watson together. come see us and get your taxes won. >> tucker: judge neil gorsuch is now justice gorsuch. 51 voted to confirm him. they arere up for re-election in red states. he will be sworn in on monday and we'll hear his first oral arguments. mitch mcconnell pulled it off. slavery is one of america's sins. in some places whites and
9:40 pm
nonwhites were kept apart. if you attended school in the last 40 years, that was the end. but we may have had it wrong, colombia university set aside rooms to be set aside for their skin color. sean ryan joins us. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> tucker: the idea behind this challenges our assumptions. if you can't be around people who are different from you, if being around them makes them so uncomfortable you need your own place to be, that suggests that the underlying assumption about diversity is wrong. >> j thanks for having me on the show. when two rooms became available in our student center recently, we looked across our community
9:41 pm
to build broad consensus among students to figure out what would be the best way to use the rooms to meet the need of our community. this decision came at a when we have been having a lot of issues around suicide and mental health and isolation so we ended up deciding on dedicating one space to lgbt students and students of color. 63% of students that have died by suicide are students of color. they will provide support for those groups to fight the isolationism that's been happening and to hit your point with segregation, why think you mean is exclusivity. they will provide programming for the entire colombia community, all students, anybody who is interested to come together, share experiences, build empathy, build a stronger
9:42 pm
community. >> tucker: i'm for empathy and against people harming themselves. but the underlying assumption is being around people that are different is traumatic and that was the justification for segregation. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> tucker: they kill themselves because they had to be around other people? >> i'm saying isolation can lead to suicide. we look at the community. >> tucker: identify isolationism. >> not feeling like you can come together with others, share your experiences. it's important to feelth like yu have people around you that understand you. there are differences in these communities. it's important for people to have that opportunity to come together and provide the opportunity for anyone in the community regardless of background, skin color, to come together and hear that. >> tucker: so groups of white students could use the room set aside for students of color? >> they can come together so we
9:43 pm
cane share. >> tucker: what if they felt uncomfortable? columbia has a small percentageu of white men. if they wanted to set up their own area, would you be for that? >> all communities, businesses, organizations have to prioritize their resources based on the need of their community what we are seeing here is that these particular communities were ins need. therefore, we reacted. >> tucker: according to you. but what if white kids got together and say we feel oppressed and we need our school-paid for room for straight white guys. >> given that the data we have on suicide, there are other ways in which that space can be used. >> tucker: certain races get their own rooms, others don't. >> we are reacting to need and
9:44 pm
providing support for communities that demonstrated those needs. >> tucker: you are using imprecise silly academic talk. >> i'm not doing that at all. >> tucker: i'm contesting your assumption about what causes suicide. >> you are saying isolation doesn't cause suicide? >> tucker: i don't know what d isolation is. >> cutting yourself off, not feeling like you have a community. there arere differences among these communities. >> tucker: let get deeper here. you are saying that people are more comfortable, maybe have better mental health when they are around people like them. i'm saying maybe that's true, but it's a radical thing to say because that's what the people that supported segregation said. >> is it a radical thing to say that somebody who is gay and
9:45 pm
feels harm in their community because of that, not in the columbia community, but maybe at home, to come together with someone else who is openly gay, is that not a good thing? >> tucker: i thought it was goo> to be with people who are different from you.ho i thought diversity is our strength. >> no, no, no. this is about diversity. it's about getting people together to share experiences. >> tucker: too much. let me ask you this, really quick. what if a straight person were to sneak into the all gay room. how would you know? you are setting aside a room for all gay people, what if someone said i'm gay, too, he wanted to use the room, is there a gay test? >> anybody can come into thesein spaces and talk about theseis issues. it's not a test. >> tucker: you said white groups are not allowed to use the black
9:46 pm
student lounge without black students. how are you defining gay? >> are you asking me what is gay? >> tucker: i'm asking you. you are setting up the rooms. it's not a question i entertained. i'm asking what it means. >> it's a space that providing support for that community in which other people can come in and engage. >> tucker: what are the entrance requirements for membership inir that community? i'm not being mean. they are yourms rules. what are the rules here. >> there will be student groups from these communities that book the spaces. when they provide programming, other student will be able toto join. >> tucker: i think you may have people sneaking it. just saying. up in the case, u.s. citizen otto warmbier is a prison in north korea. we are talking with his parent,
9:47 pm
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>> tucker: for the past two days president trump has been hosting the chinese president. one way the chinese could improve relations with the worlv would be to help free otto r warmbier. his parents have not heard from him since last january. i guess the assumption is for most americans that the u.s. government, the most powerful government in the world, collects a lot of information. if you or one of your kid is ini trouble, someone will help you. that hasn't been your experience. >> this is how it happened. otto left on his trip. we knew he was in north korea. a mother figures these things
9:52 pm
out. she says he hasn't called me, he should be in china now. we do the 24 hour wait and then the state department calls us. and they ask us does otto take medicine, they don't say anything about detainment. we bring it up. and then they said, yeah, he's being detained in north korea. >> tucker: what? that's how they tolds you, does he take medicine? >> yes. this is how the situation worked. and, well -- >> tucker: that's absolutely awful. who called you? >> a well, again, we don't want- >> it's a lower level person that is our contact person. she always tells us i'm at the lowest level. >> tucker: nobody called you to say i have terrible news, your eldest son is being held in north korea. >> it came to that. the freedom of information act,
9:53 pm
we can't talk, he hasn't signed a waiver yet. and it seems like that that's the protocol that's used to approach, that's a heartless protocol. >> tucker: john kerry was secretary of state at the time, did you speak with him? >> s we met with him. >> tucker: what was the outcome of that? >> nice guy, nice person. >> tucker: did he help you in any way? >> totally exasperated and n overwhelmed with north korea. >> tucker: did he help you? >> no. >> tucker: did anyone in the state department help you in any way? >> no, no, absolutely not. >> tucker: did your congressman or senator help you? >> to be fair, we let otto go to north korea. we had no idea this was going to evolve into what it has. >> tucker: what are your hopes for this new administration. this president ran on the idea
9:54 pm
that he was looking out for all americans and would no longer be shafted by other countries. have you had any news from the state department? >> no, no. no one has reached out us to. we let our son go there. i would have hoped that somebody other than the desk person, they are all good people, but i would have hoped at this point somebody would have reached out and maybe given us some reassurances but that doesn't happen in our world. >> tucker: you all must havehe grown up believing the point of a government is to stand up for its citizens? do you feel differently? >> i was shocked. the first thing after i got the phone call is did you read the state department -- >> blog or whatever on north korea. >> before you let him go.
9:55 pm
>> tucker: someone from the state department said at a to you? blaming you for the kidnapping and imprisonment of your son, so it was your fault, of that the message from the state department. >> right. they acted like we were ignorant for letting him go. >> tucker: they judged you and blamed you for your son's kidnapping by the north korean government, like it was yourke fault.r that's what you got when you reached out to the u.s.t government for help, you got blame and judgment. >> they asked us to stay quiet because they said it's better i for everyone involved. >> tucker: better for the bureau accurates, because nobody knows how accounts they areks doing. do you have a message for this new state department? what would you like himst to do? >> i would like to work with him to bring otto home. he can makee a difference. he's a doer. it may be disrespectful for that. president trump, i ask you, bring my son home. you can make a difference here.
9:56 pm
>> tucker: thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: we'll stay on the story until otto is out. have a great weekend. sean hannity is next. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker.
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most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i don't know what tomorrow will bring but i'm doing what i can. (avo) ask about namzaric today. >> sean: welcome to hannity, this is a fox >> sean: just a little over 24 hours ago, president trump sent a mess innage that reverbated around the word that chemical weapons will not be tolerated. and the united states will back up the words with brute force. t was used by the plan responsible for this chemical attack that killed thousands of innocent men, women, and the children. according to reports, the u.s. action in syria was highly effective destroying around 20 syrian warplanes andth


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