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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 10, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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no, it was stupid. go to, @seanhannity on twitter. let us know what you think. it's going to cost them more than eight seats. it is so stupid. sort of like government. everything they do is dumb. thanks for being with us. we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on.o' tonight. >> i didn't see you raising your voice against president obama's inaction in syria. that made us refugees. >> bill: a syrian who reports america's bombing of his r country's scolds cnn for its coverage. wait till you see this. >> oh, my god. >> [screaming] >> no! >> oh, my god. no. >> bill: a man who had a ticket on the united airlines flight forced off the plane. >> no, this is wrong. oh, my god! look at what you did to him! >> bill: what is going on? we'll tell you. >> i am not a dumb trump supporter, but i respect what donald trump did because that is ridiculous. you use chemical weapons on children.
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>> bill: watters talking to the folks about the syrian bombing. they even hear of it? >> why is trump bombing syria? >> he's the man. >> bill: caution, you are aboutt to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump, commander-in-chief, that is the subject of this evening's "talking points." as we reported last week, president's job approval numbers are likely to go up because hein took strong action against syria after assad gassed his own people. right off the bat, mr. trump went up 3% in a new cbs news poll that is likely to rise even further this week. when cbs asked, do you approve or disapprove the u.s. launching missiles against syria, 57% approved. 36% disapproved. 8% don't know. do you have confidence in donald
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handle ability to the situation in syria? 41% confident, 54% not confident. finally, do you think it's necessary for congress to approve any further attacks in syria? a whopping 69% say it is. congress should get involved. 25% do not feel it's necessary.l there are new developments on the military front this evening. u.s. warships are heading for the korean peninsula because the nutty dictator of that countrys continues to test ballistic missiles and violate international law. also, two warships in the eastern mediterranean continue to monitor syria. there's also an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf, the george h.w. bush. you can see president trump and the pentagon sending signals that if world order is threatened, america may respondn it's a damn shame we're the only country willing to take that stand. there's no reason for russia to
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prop up assad and syria.g the man's a war criminal. also, china does not try to control the north korean s situation when it absolutely could. staunch allies like britain, australia, canada, and france help us out but it's on a limited basis. unfortunately, policing the world falls to america with all the danger and expense that entails. president trump would be wise to pick his spots. the attack on syria worked andnd was approved by most of the world who care about protecting innocent people. yes, russia and iran are now threatening the usa, but so what? those countries have thrown in with the devil and we cannot back away from their bluster. however, confrontation with russia is not what anybody wants or so president trump would be wise to talk to putin quietly, try to get the guy to wise up perhaps by helping his economy. iran truly a hopeless situation, but they don't want to commit suicide.
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the new treaty will eventually play out as one of the great mysteries. it is likely that north korea will be the next problem we have to deal with. if they test a nuclear device, again in violation of international law, something will have to be done. n can donald trump convinced the chinese to partner up with us against north korea, that would end the problem and get the world order and for business. again, it's a mystery why the chinese will not exert their strength and influence on north korea. summing up, president trump gained a measure of respect for his acts against syria. u.s. military is gearing up, but caution should be the word. and that's "the memo." now the top story. joining us from washington, charles krauthammer. is president trump doing better in your eyes? >> i'm sure i was not the only one who was surprised. after all, that is a man who campaigned on precisely not being the policeman of the world. o
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he is a man who campaigned on american first. he said people around the world were bleeding us dry, mocking us, and here he was even talkina about allies. it just a week before thee strike, he said in his speech "i'm not president of the world, i'm president of the united states." and just three days before as he attacked his own secretary of state and u.n. ambassador, essentially said we're willing to live with assad, the idea of getting rid of him is off the table. given all of that, it's surprising and gratifying that trump took the measure he did, and he essentially undermined and contradicted the entire h idea, the one that was sort of the main theme of his inaugural address, that we were not the policeman of the world. we were not going to be acting on behalf of others. we were only going to be looking after ourselves, and the worldwe needs us.
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they needed that strike and they needed that message. this is not going to alter the course of the war in syria. but it was a message to russia, a message to china, and mostf importantly, to north korea. the days of walking all over the u.s. and eight years under obama knowing that the u.s. will do nothing. those days are over. it doesn't guarantee that we're going to do anything in the future, but it certainly says do not count on the proximity that you've seen for the last eight years. >> bill: i think that answer was 75 minutes long, but from what i took of it, your opinion of donald trump has risen. >> were you taking notes? i hope you were. when i go long, you can get>> confused sometimes. >> bill: i've a very sophisticated mind and i caught on to what you said. not all of it, but nobody could possibly understand all of it.
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you have a situation where iob don't think trump contradicted himself. i don't think he's making himself and america the policeman of the world. this is a war crime situation, this is the difference between assad, who's going to sit there, we're not going to remove him unless he does it again, then maybe all bets will be off. when you commit a war crime that hearkens back to pre- world war ii days and when you do something that heinous, there's only one country in the world, charles, only one. that's us.e' that's going to do something about it.. i think the president stepped up and said i'm not going to tolerate war crimes. i think that's what this is about. >> but that's precisely beingg policeman of the world. >> bill: no, it's not. p policeman of the world is regime change, occupation. a felony's committed, you go in. this wasn't a felony, that was way beyond that. >> what you're saying is a crime
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against humanity was committed. it was not an attack on the u.s., was not a threat. >> bill: poison gas is allowed to be used. >> you know it's not. >> bill: if poison gas is allowed to be used without punishment, it will spread. and now we have a north korea situation which is absolutely a danger to the united states. if they're going to do a nuke test, an underground nuke test, they're basically saying we're going to do what we want, and if someday we want to launch this nuke at somebody else, we'll do that too. but i want to get into china. go ahead. >> go ahead. >> i think what you said about china, that it's a mystery why they're not reining in north korea is not a mystery at all. china sees north korea, number one, as very useful, a thorn in the side of the united states for 50 years.
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china's interest is to expand its influence and its periphery, meaning the pacific rim. it does not want us there, it's trying to drive us out. that's why it's going through all the construction on those islands. that's its objective. and we have been distracted and we have been looking to the side on account of north korea now. >> bill: you're making two mistakes. number one, china is the main priority of business of a billion and a half people, and the economy is not so good over there. this is bad for business and north korea. number two, they're drawing u.s. naval forces in. north korea is drawing it in. the last thing china wants, but the world order is something that china needs because if that economy collapses in china, thet government is going too. last word.
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>> look, the chinese calculation is if they helped bring down the north korean regime, they're going to have a democratic westernized south korea all the way up to the border probablyc with nuclear weapons, and thatat is the last thing they want. they now have a buffer state and that's a client state. it acts as a buffer between the west and south korea. >> bill: make them behave. keep them as a buffer. >> how do you make a great power behave? you tell me. >> bill: who's a great power?o not north korea, they can barely feed their people. china can slap sanctions on them that bring them to their knees. you know that. >> you have told us that for 30 years, we have tried to get china to do exactly that, and we have not been able to, and i just gave you the reasons why china is not interested in doing
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that. >> bill: they have u.s. warships on their coast because they're not interested. i don't know if that's the greatest strategy. charles krauthammer everybody, there he is. >> they've been there for 50 years. >> bill: and now they're armed and dangerous. i have to tell you before the segment, charles krauthammer fell asleep.p. i had to wake him up. i told him i was going to put a cat on his face. that's true, isn't it? h it's true. next on "the rundown," sly report on syria by cnn. very sly. it didn't work out. wait till you see this. then, a man holding a valid airline ticket thrown off theid plane. shocking. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. >> no! >> bill: "the factor" is coming right back. l: the factor is comg
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>> bill: the attack on syria and the american press. a man who opposes the assad regime and has been gassed himself appeared on cnn last week. >> clearly president trump has motivated, as we all have, compassion for these horrible images of these babies who weree killed, but at the same time, this is a man who doesn't want syrians to come into thisut country with this refugee ban. let me just play some sounds. hillary clinton weighed in. >> we cannot in one breath speak of protecting syrian babies and then in the next, close american borders to them. >> quickly, how do you see that? >> i didn't see anything in her voice against president obama's inaction in syria. i that's let us refugees, that's made us refugees getting kicked out of syria.ef if you really cared about
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refugees and you really cared about helping us, please help ua stay in our country. and if you just give me a few seconds just to tell president trump once again, please sir, what you did was amazing, what you did was a powerful message of hope for a lot of people inside and outside of syria. >> bill: so what essentially happened there was that cnn was looking for an anti-trump sound bite from mr. eedha and didn't get it. brit hume joining us from florida. that was a moment, was it not? >> she must have felt that she woke up the wrong passenger. although if you think about it, it's a perfectly valid thing to play the hillary clinton sound bite. it was what a lot of people were saying, a lot of people on the left in particular were saying and asked him to react to it bun it was something about the tone and the way that she put it to him that suggested she did not get the answer that she expected. >> bill: she was asking a leading question. n >> we do that all the time, don't we, bill? >> bill: i don't, and i don't
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remember you doing it. leading question, just so people know, is when you want to evoke a certain answer for a political purpose. and clearly the cnn anchor wanted mr. kaseem eed to say "oh, trump's terrible because he won't let us in," and he said exactly the opposite. i don't ask leading questionst because they are a waste of time. i want people's opinion, but i don't care what the opinion really is. you have to care about what the opinion is. to ask a leading question. i've got to tell you. you say we do it all the time. i never saw you do that. maybe i missed it, but you don't do that. >> well, i'm out of the question business and have been for some years in my memory. >> bill: you're on one of thoser dopey panels and you ask the question, i've seen you on there. anyway, i never saw you ask a leading question. so when the audience is expected
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-- and i agree with you. provocative television is what cable news is all about, throwing hillary clinton sound bite to the guy, you want to see what the guy thinks about the ban of syrian refugees, which by the way isn't in effect yet and will be soon but is not in effect yet. but the guy praises trump. you can just see the people atet cnn going how do we get out of this? [laughs] >> i've seen him on several times. it's not a mystery where this guy's coming from. so if they didn't want that answered,ng they should have known, and you suspect that maybe some important booker got the riot act read, but cnn should've known that. i think that guy has been on cns before. so who knows how that came about, but it was interesting. it was an interesting question because there's a lot of approval of this, as the poll indicated, and a lot of people right and left have praised this move of donald trump. there is some current grumbling
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that says, what about our refugee policy and also what about a broader policy for syria? this bombing raid alone is not a policy. >> bill: of course it's not a policy. i don't think trump is going to do a regime change.>> >> and i don't see any reason i why he is obligated to. what he did here was to say mister, you committed a hideous atrocity and we're going to make you pay for it. >> bill: we don't want you to do war crimes, and this is a noble nation and we're not going to stand for it.or >> i was just going to say, he lost part of his airpower as a result of it, and people are saying what if he does this again? if you were assad and had this happen to you by standofff weapons from the american military, which was at no risk to any american servicemen, although those raids are expensive, it's something we can well afford to do and could afford to do again. would you do ite, again?
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>> bill: no. that's what i said on friday night. >> the point is, we don't know that he doesn't know that either. that kind of doubt in his mind about what might happen and wondering what this guy trumpp who unexpectedly -- >> bill: assad doesn't sleep int the same house. every night, he sleeps in a different house. he's like saddam hussein. assad moves every night to a different residence. but just a matter of time befors a drone is going to be right ups his nose if he does it again. i know that with certainty. last word. >> it may well be soon, but looking what he might do next. that applies in china, it applies in iran, and it certainly applies in north korea.a. introducing that element of doubt and wondering in the minds of these malefactors around the world i think is a useful thing even if he never has to do it again or if he never does do it again. now we don't know what trump will do. n >> bill: malefactor, word of the day, everybody. malefactor, very, very good.
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>> sort of like "the o'reilly factor." >> bill: directly ahead, an airline passenger forced off a plane by police even though he had a valid ticket. wait till you see the story. we'll have the inside details in just a few moments.
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>> bill: "personal story" segment tonight, another airline horror story. sunday night, chicago to louisville overbooked. united airlines offers money for folks to give up their seat. no takers. the cops come on board m and remove a guy by force. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god! no! >> what are you doing? no, this is wrong. oh, my god!
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look at what you did to him! oh, my god! >> bill: [laughs] i shouldn't be laughing, but it's just so bizarre. joining us from the fox news room here in the building in new york, fox news correspondent rob schmidt. why did that guy, after 100 people on the plane, more than that, why did they pick that guy to drag him off? >> they picked four people and they say it was a random selection, that's how it works, but just to elaborate a little bit on what's going to no doubt be a p.r. disaster for united airlines, that video is shocking when you see it. this is a paying customer on united airlines, and they overbooked, and the planes are allowed to overbook this flight. they're allowed to do that to get as much money as they can, and they're legally allowed to do so. but they offered that money like you said, couple hundred bucksks and raised it about $800 which is what they did on this flight. if they get no takers at that point, they don't want to pay any more money, so they just randomly select people to get off the flight. >> bill: what do you mean randomly select?
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they put a number in a hat? >> i guess. that's what they say. it's a random selection. >> bill: they don't explain. we don't know how this guy got picked out of all the people on there. from what i understand, the four people that got booted off, three of them walked off the plane. >> three got off. >> bill: this guy wouldn't, so police come on and they drag him off in this crazy scene. okay. but we don't know what the random seat number, why these people were picked. united airlines hasn't explained. >> they haven't explained that yet. right now they're probably trying to figure out how in the world they're going to deal with the situation because this video is absolutely ridiculous to watch. they say it's a random thing, this guy didn't want to get off the plane. the passengers on the plane said he was a doctor, that he needed to get back.k. >> bill: nobody wants to -- he would've had to stay overnight in chicago, he absolutelyy might've had commitments to his family. >> or to his patients. >> bill: it's a confusing
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situation because you don't know what the criteria are to remove people from a plane. >> the interesting thing is they offered $800. someone is going to take that money. >> bill: nobody wanted to stay in chicago overnight.80 >> would've been a lot easier than this.s. >> bill: maybe a grand. thank you. joining us now from sarasota, florida, paul hudson, president of do you know what the random is, how they get a seat number to remove someone if they can't get volunteers? >> there have been reports that they base it on whether you're a late flyer or the order that people checked in for the flight. >> bill: so if you're last, you get booted?er >> that's speculation, because the airlines essentially have carte blanche to do this.
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i'm not sure whether this flight was overbooked. it appears that it was full and then they needed to ferry some crewmembers and they didn't have any seats because they fully booked it and so they threw off some passengers. it's obviously wrong what happened. >> bill: they had to get some united air personnel to louisville from chicago for probably another flight or whatever. they had to get them there. so they asked for volunteers anf obviously this guy didn't volunteer. but federal law gives the airlines almost complete power over the consumer even if you buy a ticket, isn't that correct? >> they do, and most people don't realize that when you get on an airplane, you give up many of your constitutional rights. you have to obey the requests ot the flight crew, and then you can file your complaints and your claims after the fact. however here, it was so extreme
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whether excessive force was used by the police, i don't make a judge of that. but this is way beyond anything that should happen. >> bill: have you ever seen anything like this? >> the airline has many ways to get around this. >> bill: we'll get to that in a moment. have you ever seen anything like this before? i've never seen anything like that.a >> not for a simple overbooking situation. >> bill: i've never seen it. so you say that something else could have happened to avoid the guy being dragged and seeing his stomach? i don't want to see the video again. we don't have to show it. we got it. everybody's got it. what would it have been to mitigate the circumstance and not use the police and force? >> number one, they should've offered more money. the maximum compensation is $1350 and airlines are typically offering vouchers and not cash.
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if you're involuntarily forcedto 1350 on a domestic flight and up to over 5,000 if it's on an international trip. that's one thing. >> bill: they could have offered money. the guy would've had to stayd overnight at o'hare airport. they would've put him up in a hotel, i understand, right? >> yes. they could have asked other passengers. they also could have given the man a written warning and also a written statement of what his options and what his rights were. we've asked for this for many years now, but the airlines do not often want to divulge what the true options to ride are, -- or rights are, and then they don't want to give you a warning. in many cases, they're very quick to pull the trigger and call the police. >> bill: all right. i think the laws are going to have to be changed and we can't have this stuff. it looked like a police state.
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mr. hudson, thank you very much. one footnote, breaking news in california, another insane shooting. we will have it for you in the upcoming news brief. and there's plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening, another awful situation on a college campus. police expert gets confronted by activists in a threatening way. watters asking the folks about the attack on syria. >> what's happening right now in syria? >> in syria? i'm not sure. [laughter]>> i don't watch the news. >> bill: and you should. stay tuned for those reports. .
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>> live from america's news headquarters, a murder suicide at a san bernardino school leaves three dead including the gunman. police say 53-year-old cedric anderson walked into the school opening fire on his wife karen smith. two students were also shot before anderson turned the gun on himself. an 8-year-old special-needs student died later at a hospital. another 9-year-old remains in stable condition. police do not believe the students were targeted. >> it's my understanding he entered the office and said he was there to drop something off with his wife.
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that's not uncommon for a spouse to gain access to a school campus to meet with their spouse. those are the circumstances by which we understand things took place. the suspect turned the gun on himself and killed himself. >> police say the two were married in january and had been estranged for at least the past month. anderson has a history of domestic violence and weapons charges. the other 600 students on campus the time were bused to a nearby university. they started reuniting with their parents nearly four hours later. that's a look at news this hour. we take you back now to "the o'reilly factor." be sure to log onto fox >> bill: tonight more anti-free speech on college campuses. claremont mckenna college outside of los angeles, a group called "shut down antiblack fascist heather macdonald" organized a protest to deny mrs. macdonald a chance to speak
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on campus. black lives matter was also involved. heather macdonald is the author of a book called "the war on cops" which states cold, hard facts about crime in america. o again, the protesters did not want to hear what she had to say.ab she joins us now. so you did give your speech to pretty much an empty room. because these protesters were physically blocking students from getting in in to see you, is that correct? >> right. they stood outside the windows. it was a very big window,, banging on the window during my talk. there were people like police officers inside. they were not watching me. they were riveted by what was happening outside, so i had to talk over black lives matter and racism and the pounding. >> bill: there is no crowd control on the campus at claremont mckenna. they cannot push them back at a decent place so you could give your talk and people could listen to it?
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>> they had police officers there, but apparently when students demanded to just go through the police presence, p they took over, and i think this is a reflection. j >> bill: they didn't stop them. were they campus police or town police? >> a combination of campus and town police. >> bill: the police basically stepped aside and let these people come through so you couldn't speak. what's going through your mind when you witness that? >> i didn't witness anything. i was initially shuttled into what was an effective safe house, which did not give me a view of the venue, but ihu saw students gathering and what i heard was chanting reaching an almost hysterical level. and i have to confess without wanting to sound hyperbolic or melodramatic, i got a little clue of what would it feel liket to be in the french revolutionon waiting for the mob at the guillotine because you hear a level of hysteria and you don't know what's going to happen next. >> bill: anybody could do anything.
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what kind of a school is claremont mckenna? i don't know much about it. is it a far left place? a >> not traditionally. it has been one of the most conservative schools certainly in california. it's got a whole school of political theory dedicated to studying the founders and the works of leo strauss. there is not a single college campus today that has not beenfo pushed left by the introduction of faculty, younger faculty that have come out. victim balaji identity politics. >> bill: there were faculty members joining with student demonstrators here as well. >> i know there was aner administrator from a nearby college pomona who said her heart was with black lives matter. >> bill: the message that you wanted to get across to thek students if you could just encapsulate it was what? >> the black lives matter narrative is completely false. we are not living through an epidemic of racially charged
8:35 pm
police shootings. most important, there are thousands of law-abiding minority residents of high crime areas that support the police fervently and are desperate for more police protection. >> bill: this you know by your research from the manhattan institute. you research this. you know those folks want the police in there to protect them. >> i know from personal experience. i go constantly to inner-city areas, attend police community meetings and i hear things like please jesus, send more police. >> bill: so these protesters and the college administers that allowed this to happen, that message that, the counter point of view that the police in america are not bigoted in a general sense, they don't want to hear that. or debate it or present alternate facts, they don't want any of that. >> they call me a white supremacist and a fascist. >> bill: a white supremacist? that's based on what?
8:36 pm
there are black police officers everywhere. >> for saying there is no government agency more dedicated to black lives than the police. >> bill: your comment aboutt french revolution reminded me of munich in the late 1920s and early 1930s. if you went up against the nazi orthodoxy just starting to riseu they beat you up. you couldn't speak. is there any difference?o >> the irony here is these people go under the moniker of antifascists. can you imagine if conservative tried to shut down elizabeth warren from speaking? the fascist term would be thrown around promiscuously followede immediately by misogynist. instead, this gets no attention from "the new york times."is but this is the very definition of fascist behavior. not only are they shutting me up. i can deal with that. but they are not allowing their fellow students to hear a ranget of views. >> bill: very embarrassing for claremont mckenna, no question about it.
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we are glad you are safe. thanks for joining us. make sure to check out her book, "the war on cops." when we come right back, judge neil gorsuch now on the supreme court today, is that a big loss for the democratic party? and watters asking the folks about syria up ahead.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. supreme court now has nine members again as neil gorsuch sworn in today. 49-year-old judge was confirmed 54-45 in the senate, will fill the seat left by the late antonin scalia. as you know, there was a bitter fight over the judge's nomination. joining us, doctor austan goolsbee. you feel like your party lost this one? >> yes, i do. i think they obviously lost this one. they nominated and had the longest holdup of a supreme court justice ever for merrick garland and the other got a guy -- they've got the guy they didn't want. definitely a loss. >> bill: why would they do it? i don't understand either political party. i think republicans were crazy to destroy the obamacare
8:40 pm
replacement because it was the house i'm talking about. it was going to go over the senate and they would do it over there, was going to come back and do it over here. they sabotage their own party, in the house. now the democrats, surely they knew that the republicans were going to allow them to filibuster gorsuch's nomination but they did it anyway, so what is that? they just want to lose, they want to look dopey? >> in a way, maybe it was the obi-wan kenobi moment in "star wars" and darth vader comes out and says, "i'm going to kill you," and he says, "well, if you strike me downh now, i'll be back greater than you can imagine." >> bill: i'm not seeing the "greater than you can imagine" because we have a republican president. >> in this case, what i think they did was the following. they want to put in stark
8:41 pm
relief gorsuch is going on the court not because he should be, but because they're to shove it down their throats and the democrats are just going to have to take it. the republicans didn't because -- did it because they're able to do it. >> bill: now it's easier for them next time. >> saying the guy wouldn't answer our questions, we're not going to be for him, you can. push him through, but you have to do so publicly by destroying the filibuster. >> bill: they were going to lose either way. >> this way, the republicans did it.. >> bill: this is like the italian army in world war ii. they're not gaining a lot of ground.he the filibuster is gone. >> still fighting world war ii. >> bill: schumer is not a dumb man. i this was an unbelievably dumb move. politically dumb move. >> that's what i'm saying. by one measure, you say it's dumb. but if they were going to lose
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anyway?? >> bill: so what? lose with dignity and then keep the filibuster in. >> they went down fighting. >> bill: they didn't go down fighting. they went down whining. there's a difference between whining and fighting.av >> if they had given up and they hadn't voted what will they have gained? >> bill: they would've kept the structure in the senate because ruth bader ginsburg is 84 years old. 84. so how much longer can the justice stay in the chair? >> i hope a lot of years. >> bill: i know you hope. 84 is 84, okay? >> 84 is 84. >> bill: we're going to have to bring you chocolates. when you are 84. she's still working every day. >> i want her to get vitamins. >> bill: okay, you send her vitamins. but she has to come off the court for whatever reason, now it's much easier to get a more conservative judge on, much
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easier. >> that's where i disagree. because a, they would've got rid of the filibuster and then b, if you think the republicans are going to respect the line they used on merrick garland, that we shouldn't nominate somebody in the last year of the term, if justice ginsburg steps down in the last year of trump's term, do you think they're going to nominate someone and shove them onto the court? >> bill: from what i see, i don't see any pluses for the democratic party in this whole debacle. now gorsuch is on and may be inside going, "those democrats. [laughs] wait until you hear what i'mho going to do." i think he's a bigger man than that. dr. goolsbee, everyone. watters on deck asking the folks about the syria bombing. also, are you a holy person?
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"the factor" is coming right back.
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>> bill: "back of the book" segment tonight, "watters' world," sometimes this segment is actually stunning. because some folks have nono blanking clue what's going on in the world. i mean, they know nothing. how they even get up in the morning is a mystery. i so after the usa attacked syria last week, aware americans tuned in for information. on friday, "the factor's" ratings through the roof, by far the most watched cable news program in the world. but other americans did not tune in, so we sent watters to track them down. ♪
8:47 pm
>> what's happening right now in syria? >> i'm not sure. >> i have no idea. >> i don't know what's going on in syria. >> what happened in syria? >> i don't know. >> trump over there sending things and missiles or whatever. >> why did trump launch missiles against syria? >> [laughs] >> well, we are waiting. >> what happened in syria? >> they used chemical bombs against their own civilians and a lot of children died. >> we ordered an air strike on them after the gas attack. >> the chemical weapon that happened over there in syria, it was trump who committed it. >> where did you hear that? >> on facebook. >> right. >> why is trump bombing syria? >> to let them know he's the man. >> keep the faith.
8:48 pm
>> white people? >> do you know who the president of syria is? >> no. >> i don't know. >> rhymes with mashad. >> i don't know. >> assad? >> yes! where is syria? >> on the map? >> you're not wrong.g. >> do you know where syria is? >> in europe? >> africa. >> northeast? >> like new england? >> i don't know where syria is. i know where i'm at. >> is that a fact? >> where is syria? >> i don't know because i was born and raised in new jersey. >> do you know where syria is? >> in the middle east. >> correct. and now russia is very angry at the united states for launching these attacks against syria, why is that, do you think?us >> everything is about money. it's all about money. >> all you're worried about is the money. >> we need to find out what's going on with trump and russia.
8:49 pm
>> is russia on america's side or syria's side? >> america's side.e. >> if trump is colluding witha' russia, then why did he strike russia's biggest ally? >> that's a diversion. >> what does that mean exactly? >> does this change your opinion of donald trump? >> oh,d yeah. >> because he said he didn't agree with launching the missiles, yes.e >> he acts without thinking and i think this is another example of that. so i would say my opinion is pretty steady. >> i am not a trump supporter, but i support what donald trump did because that is ridiculousus that you use chemical weapons on children. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> this is my world too. >> tell me about it, sweetheart. >> bill: love that guy. here's watters. i don't know where syria is, i know where i'm at. that was a great line. >> i said, where are you? he said, i'm on sixth avenue. i said no, you're on eighth. [laughter]
8:50 pm
>> bill:d he wanted to talk about money. >> he had a pacifier in his mouth the whole interview too. >> bill: there might have been something in that pacifier we were not aware of. when you went down to kansas and you were down at the bus terminal. >> port authority.y. >> bill: it's people going all over. >> mostly from jersey. >> bill: when he said i don't know nothing, i'm from newew jersey. i was offended. my grandmother on my paternal side is from new jersey. what percentage knew anything about the bombing in syria? >> 30 to 40%. but people don't want to talk to me if they're in a rush to go to work. these are the people who were kind of straggling around a little bit and have nothing better to do than to take time and talk to me. >> bill: you can't judge people because they're more relaxed. >> no, i don't. >> bill: i understand people don't want to talk because they have to go to work and don't want to be late. but it's almost stunning as i said in the lead-in, some people just don't know and they laughed
8:51 pm
then. i guess it's an embarrassed laugh? >> it's an embarrassed laugh and i think it should be an embarrassed laugh. i don't feel that bad for them. they seem to be happy people. they seem to be -- ignorance is bliss, as they say. they don't know they're missing anything. >> bill: so your assessment is most of the people who knew nothing about syria were happy. >> they looked happy. they had a little twinkle in the eye. >> bill: i could, but i won't. i could explain the twinkle, but i won't. >> show some restraint. >> bill: you know what i'm talking about. so you would say that 35 or 40% of these people knew about the syria bombing. that leaves 55 to 60% who had no idea that it even occurred. >> no clue. and people don't really know if they supported or not because trump did it and they don't like trump, but he did it for good reason.
8:52 pm
>> bill: because facebook told them. >> that's right. >> bill: there is watterss everyone, and one footnote,ac the spin stops here in the show, starring miller, watters, and me.ta we announced it early. so you might want to consider tickets for mother's and father's day that's coming up. we will see everybody in baltimore at the royal barnes arena, not with the rodeo, just us. royal farms arena saturday -- friday, september 22nd. the next night, saturday to september 23rd at the amity arena. i hope i'm saying it correctly, in tampa. then caesar's palace in vegas, where watters will be partying. i'm not letting him on the floor. >> i'm going to stay in vegas actually.te >> bill: friday, december 15th, and the next day, saturday, december 16th, anaheim, california, at the honda center. vip tickets for that show already sold out. details on
8:53 pm
show's a blast, make granddad and grandma happy. in a moment, tip of the day, is america getting more religious now that president trump is in office? "the tip" moments away m as "the factor" continues all across the usa and all around. around.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> bill: tip of the day. is there a resurgence of religion in america? in a moment. but we are proud to tell you that "old school: life in the? sane lane," the best-selling nonfiction book in the country. the third best-selling book. that's entirely thanks to you guys. if you are going on spring break or vacation, you could not -- you could not have two better books in your backpack. "old-school" is funny.. it makes serious points. it will entertain and inform you."o
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we hope you check them both out. now for the mail. republican support for the president at about 84%. that is high. also around 35% of all americans did not like the action. in that crew, you've got a lot of independence, a lot of -- not a lot of liberals. but a lot of people like stosl who don't want any intrusion over seas. i made no such suggestion, kevin. but using banned weapon to kill civilians rises to the punishment level.
8:57 pm
that is because we are not in the gotcha game, rich? we understand the difference between being a civilian, a private citizen, and presidentnt of the united states.s. things change fast when you are. i appreciate that, quinten. a lot of people watched. almost 6 million. probably did more on the internet. wow.
8:58 pm
i had to eat the plate! my father went beyond. we liked that part, too. they kept him as a figurehead to keep order during the american occupation. this is the anniversary of the bataan death march, which every american should know about.
8:59 pm
americans feeling warmer towards religion. this is the most religious week of the year. happy passover to our jewish viewers.s. and christian holy week coming up. i would like to take time out around easter. it's calming. the pew research took a survey to gauge feelings about certain religions. up 4 degrees in three years. evangelical christians flat, atheists now up to 9 degrees. muslims are up 80 per that's interesting. here is the factor tip of the day. no matter what your belief system, respect this week.he because our freedoms allow everyone to worship or not. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from anywhere in the world, -- name a town if you wish to opin opine.
9:00 pm
chuffiness, love that word. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out you. ♪ >> oh, my god,... no! >> tucker: welcome to the friendly skies. a video recorded yesterday so the physician being violently seized and tracked often airplane, also the united airlines to give his seat to an employee be just a few minutes, we will talk to a passenger on the flight who took the video. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for months, the media and dozene of lawmakers have constantly and confidently accused resident from of being vladimir putin's puppet, in turn of having russia hacked the election, whatever that means. in this case, watch. >> we are being played as fools


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