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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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percentage points. >> melissa: thanks for that report. i'm melissa francis. thank for joining us. there was a lot of news there that we had to cover. now here's shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington. 10:00 p.m. moscow with secretary of state rex tillerson met with vladimir putin. that was unexpected. moments ago, a remarkable moment as secretary tillerson came face to face with his russian counter part about the only agreement is how bad things have gotten. and "the washington post" with a blockbuster said that the fbi monitored carter page.
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clear evidence that there was contact with page and russian spies. this is after evidence of secret payments of russian interests to former trump campaign manager paul manafort. manafort denies any wrong doing. in less than an hour, president trump scheduled to hold a news conference with nato. could get very interested considering how the president has blasted that organization in the past. a very busy news hour ahead. let's get to it. this much, it's been removed. the u.s. and russia are not on the same page in syria and the future of the assad regime or just about anything else. secretary of state rex tillerson and the russian foreign minister just made that crystal clear in moscow. one of the only things they agree on is the u.s.
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relationship with russia is bad and in trouble. secretary tillerson said bashar al-assad must go after his most recent series of attacks on his own people with chemical weapons. >> the final outcome in our view does not provide for a role for the assad -- for assad or for the assad family in the future governance of syria. we don't think the international community will accept that. >> shepard: the foreign minute store lavrov called investigate ors to prove who was behind last week's chemical attack in syria. the russian minister gave a lecture and a stern one against u.s. policy failures about supporting regime policies in iraq, libya and elsewhere. >> this fixation on trying to oust this dictator and authoritarian leader is well-known for us and we know how it ends. >> cordial this was not.
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secretary tillerson said the united states and russia cannot have this type of relation ship. he said they discussed charging assad with war crimes. u.s. officials do confirm rex tillerson met with the president there, vladimir putin at the kremlin for nearly two hours. this after russian officials say putin was not scheduled to see him. today vladimir putin told russian state television the level of trust between the united states and russia has most likely worsened since president trump took office. syria is far from the only issue. the fbi and two areas of congress are investigating team trump's ties to russian officials, russia's interference in the election. russia has refused to back down from the involvement of ukraine and annexing back in 2014 and
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took over crimea. secretary tillerson says ukraine will remain an obstacle until there's progress on the issue. the chemical attack in syria has raised tensions further. one u.s. official says it's clear russia did try to cover up that attack. the white house says there's no consensus just yet on whether russia knew about it in advance. the white house has warned president trump may launch additional strikes in syria if assad uses chemical weapons again. president trump has vowed not to put boots on the ground. here's what he told maria bartiromo. >> when i see people using horrible, horrible chemical weapons, which they agreed not to use under the obama administration, but they violated it. >> shepard: weapons they've been using for years. we'll have more from the president's interview with maria. the u.n. security council is getting ready to vote on a
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resolution intended to condemn the chemical attack in syria. the resolution calls for the assad regime to cooperate with investigators. the u.s. ambassador, nikki haley, is presiding over the vote and there's two big questions. number 1, will russia veto this resolution. that is expected. number 2, will china vote at all or abstain. rich edson is live with us from moscow on the phone. rich, how is progress? >> shepard, it's clear from what we just saw here in moscow, the united states has substantial differences with russia not only on how to move forward on these issues you just discussed but on the event of what happened last week. they can't even get together on a set of facts. rex tillerson insisting that it is the assad regime that was responsible for using chemical weapons a week ago that prompted the u.s. attack against syria. we asked the russian foreign minister, who is asking if the
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united nations can move forward on an investigation to figure out who was responsible for that chemical weapons use what russia would do if they discovered that assad was responsible. here's his answer. >> we do not want to speculate on what is really important.on the serious matter of the use of chemical weapons. >> the secretary of state said the united states is looking for a process to eventually lead to a government in syria that does not include bashar al-assad. the foreign minister from russia, sergey lavrov said there is no reason, he is the legitimate governing power in syria and that's who russia will alie itself with. there was a question as to whether or not the secretary of state brought up russian election hacking in the united states. another topic that the two disagreed about. >> that is fairly
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well-established in the united states. that has been spoken to on the hill as well with the congress and it's a serious issue. it's one that we know is serious enough to attract additional sanctions. so we're mindful of seriousness of that particular interference in our elections, and i'm sure that russia is mindful of it as well. >> and the case with the so-called russian hackers and the chemical incidents in syria, we would very much like to get some concrete evidence, not just words. >> secretary of state rex tillerson said that the united states right now is not considering removing sanctions against russia for its problems in crimea. the only thing they agreed on is
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maybe they should continue to talk more. that's about it. shep? >> shepard: thanks, rich edson live from moscow. we're waiting for the president to speak and we're told in about 90 seconds he will. let's go to anna palmer from politico. anything that you thought was unusual today? sergey lavrov dominating the news conference as chris wallace observed. not really that much of a surprise. anything else? >> i think one of the things that we're all seeing is that the tension between moscow and the u.s. right now is that basically an all-time high since the cold war. that was on display, kind of chilly body, kind of body language from both of them. the domination from the spokesman wanting to get their side of the story out without the world, the tension to what is happening there. the one bright spot i guess is this joint investigation. we'll see how far that goes. other than that, i think it's more of the same pile-on of
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really a difference of opinions of what is happening, where the u.s. is and where moscow is. >> shepard: i have to get to the president now. he and the u.n. secretary general are about to have remarks. we know the topics today, russia relations and the situation in syria. they're expected to address both of those. as we wait for this u.n. vote. the white house, the familiar tape play-back. they play it out to all the networks at the same time. now we can watch it.
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>> thank you very much. >> shepard: so just a see and spray there. no remarks of any kind. anna, back to you. if we can. i wonder -- they talked about concessions the united states could give, things russia could do. they're looking to put a happy face and make amends. thoughts? >> yeah, i think obviously right now the voices are getting louder and louder of antagonizing each other whether what tillerson was saying or putin was saying to the state government media. right now it's hard to see them come together on any of this. there's such a difference of opinion in terms of what is happening in syria. they can't even agree on who did the chemical attacks, whether
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it's hacking into the u.s. electio elections. they want more facts, not just words. there's investigation going on right now. all facts lead to the fact that russia did have an interference and the question is was there collusion with the trump campaign. i don't expect this kind of relationship is growing to get warm er any time soon. >> shepard: there's no way to know what is really happening when the united states congress, the house and the senate and the fbi are conducting investigations into whether team trump, any members of team trump colluded with the russians. woe don't know the background of the relationships. though we know there are relationships. >> exactly. one of the things you've seen so far, the contact that some of trump's campaign officials and transition officials had with russian officials and russian operatives. that certainly is concerning to
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the fact that there's several official investigations that are on going right now. so this is something that is a major issue and a threat i anticipate for the next several months to come. it's kinds of surprising when you think about how trump and his campaign were pretty warm towards vladimir putin in terms of what they were saying during the campaign, even after the election. it's surprising how quickly that has kind of dissipated into a really tense relationship. >> shepard: as that investigation continues from the fbi and beyond and we continue to get new information on that matter sort of makes sense that they would want to have it both ways. it's nice to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: details of secret warrants from foreign surveillance court almost never leak. but they did last night. with an absolute bomb shell that the fbi got the okay to monitor the trump campaign's foreign policy adviser carter page over concerns over his connections to
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russia. the "washington post" newspaper broke the story and carter page tells fox news channel that he's done nothing wrong. both sides of this developing story with international implications coming up from the fox news desk as we wait for the u.n. vote at the bottom of the hour.
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>> shepard: breaking news now on fox news channel. the u.n. security council set to vote on a resolution to condemn
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the deadly chemical attack in syria and demand a full investigation. the council is meeting now. the united states, united kingdom, france are pushing the resolution. the russians say they're against it. why? because it calls for syria to give investigators flight plans and logs and other information on air operations on the day of the attack. the attack killed dozens of civilians including women and children we're told. if russia or any member of the council vetoes the resolution, it fails. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley called out russia, accusing that nation of covering for bashar al-assad. eric shawn, our senior correspondent from the u.n. we're keeping a close eye on how china votes or whether it votes really. >> absolutely, shepard. if china votes for this resolution or even if beijing abstains, that would be a win for the u.s. diplomacy here at the u.n. russian is expected to veto it. that would be the eighth time that they have done so, supporting bashar al-assad and again the u.s. and other nations have here denounced moscow for
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their continued support of the syrian dictator. the resolution condemns the use of chemical weapons, which were banned in 1925 by the geneva convention and calls on syria to cooperate with the investigation of what happened in that attack. the resolution states "the use of chemical weapons constitutes a serious violation of international law. those responsible for use of weapons must be held accountable." it demands the syrians turn over flight plans and flight logs on air operations. the names of those that commanded the squadrons. while the closed door session spilled out in the open public earlier today when the deputy russian ambassador lashout at his british counter part. >> look at me when i'm speaking. don't look away. why are you looking away? this is precisely why you today
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didn't say anything about the political process. you make insulting demands as a guarantor of the process. what have you done for a cease fire? >> ankov is expected to introduce russia's own resolution this afternoon. a watered down version of what they have now that would call for no penalties against syria, shep. >> i mentioned ambassador nikki haley called out russia at the u.n. can you show us? >> yeah, she's been the administration's most contentious critic against moscow throughout this. she pinned the blame for this chemical attack completely on moscow. haley said the u.s. would act again if assad used chemical weapons. as far as russia is concerned, she said "russia needs to side with the civilized world."
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>> to my colleagues from russia, you are isolating yourselves from the international community every time one of assads planes drop another barrel bomb on civilians. every time assad tries to starve another community to death. people not just in the west but across the middle east and the world are speaking out against assad's brutality. >> haley has called assad a "war criminal." expect the vote in about 20 minutes. >> shepard: thanks. new information leading two trump associates directly to russia. what we've learned about the former foreign policy adviser carter page and the campaign manager, paul manafort. new information and it's next. (vo) my name is bryan.
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>> shepard: there's breaking news on fox news channel. the u.n. vote has come earlier than expected. the vote was to condemn syria for its attack on its own people. the vote was 10 yes and three abstentions and two no votes. one of the no votes was by one of the permanent members of the united nations security council which means the vote does not pass. the measure does not pass because every permanent member of the security council has a veto vote. we presume one of those no votes was by the russians. we can't know just yet -- let's go to eric shawn. who voted no? >> yeah, it was kyrgyzstan that voted with russia. china's abstention is a big win for u.s. diplomacy. when we were in the truck --
12:24 pm
step up here. you were shocked when you saw china abstain. what is your reaction to that? >> i'm glad to see that russia is isolating itself amongst the international community. that's a clear sign that assad is really in the wrong and that the united states strikes have made a clear impact to the world. >> the security council actions over so many years have not done anything. do you have hope that the security council can actually help the situation in syria? >> with the new administration, the trump administration, i really do have hope that we'll see positive things out of the security council, yes. >> the big news here, abstention from china. that is a win for those who are so upset and disturbed by what has been happening in syria, shep. >> shepard: thanks, eric. so in advance of this vote, the thinking was the russians will vote against it. after all, they're investigating
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whether the russians knew about it and the white house says the russians tried to cover up the use of the chemical weapons. so the russians would vote against this. they're not even admitting this syria did this. they want proof from the united states and the kinds of particulars that the united states is not offering at this time because that goes to sources and methods. so the russians voted no. so the u.n. is not even going to condemn russia for this. the good news for the united states diplomacy has to be that the chinese abstained. in the past they voted with the russians. clearly assad is beginning to change china's thoughts on this and the worthless condemnation did not go through. at least the chinese abstained. the fbi got a secret order last summer to monitor the communications of carter page.
12:26 pm
at the time, carter page was an advisor to donald trump. a government source confirms this with fox news today after "the washington post" first reported the story. they say it was part of an investigation into possible links between russia and the trump campaign. the feds obtained the warrant after convincing a judge that there was probable cause to believe carter page was acting as an agent on behalf of russia. as a candidate, donald trump said page was his foreign policy adviser. a white house official said he was not on the list of official advisors, wasn't paid and never met with the president. that's what they tell us. they said carter page was an adviser for a couple months and a limited basis. page has denied in wrong doing. think of this. the prosecutors were able to go to a federal judge, a fisa judge
12:27 pm
behind closed doors, provide enough evidence to convince this judge that there was probable cause that carter page was working with or on behalf of the russian government. catherine herridge is live in washington. i can't think of anything much more damning than this. carter page is denying it. >> that was the question we put to carter page. he said if there was a surveillance order, he believed it was based on bad evidence. to get a surveillance warrant, the fbi has to have solid evidence. so how do you explain it? >> well, we shall see. again, there was a tremendous amount of false evidence and various reporting about where that false evidence may have come from such as the dossier that we talked about before. >> and dossier is a reference to the dossier that was put together by the former bridge
12:28 pm
intelligence officer. meantime, the court records allege that in 2013, page passed energy records to a russian intelligence operative. page said those records were university lectures. >> did the russians try to recruit you? >> the team "recruit", i was never asked by anyone to do anything. we just were having a light conversation. i was never asked by anyone to do anything untoward or otherwise. just sharing some thoughts between two people. >> the second time that we have interviewed carter page on the record in the last month. he has said consistently that he believed he was single out because he was a critic of the last administration and because he had extremely deep ties to the russians which is now pretty self-evident based on the 2013 fbi investigation, shepard. >> shepard: this is just the beginning. anything from capitol hill?
12:29 pm
>> well, without commenting on the distance of a fisa warrant, the senior democrat on intelligence committee and he is fully briefed on this case in a way that few others are, said the proceedings are moving ahead. >> if the fbi director has said there is enough evidence that he is opening investigations, i can't comment on specific investigations. i can't comment on the fisa war -- warrant. >> because they're on recent, we don't have comment. but the house and senate intelligence committee investigations of unmasking on identifying americans in intelligence reports is now expanding, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge live with us. thanks very much. president trump meeting with the head of nato, the alliance that candidate trump criticized during the campaign. a live report from the white
12:30 pm
house and expecting a news conference from both leaders at the top of the hour. first, the movie "manchester by the sea" won some awards. but could have helped inspire a couple to murder their child. it is a horrifying accusation and the response is next. and also, president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, there's big news. he's registered with the u.s. government as a foreign agent. that's coming up. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪
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(parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> shepard: our fox report now. headlines from the fox news desk. a husband and wife killed their disabled adoptive son and covered up the crime with a house wire after watching the movie "manchester by the sea". it's true in central new york state. the film tells the story of a man that set fire to a house
12:33 pm
that kills his children and avoid charges. a lawyer for the mother says she's innocent until proven guilty. no word from the father. emergency teams near austin texas looking for one missing person as severe storms caused heavy flooding. rescue crews plucked more than a dozen people. and prosecutors in germany said they arrested three after explosions went off near a soccer team bush. it happened yesterday when monaco was taking on dortmund. one player was hurt. he's said to be doing fine after surgery.
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12:36 pm
russian political party to manafort's company. he's one that he could hear as part of the russia investigation. the payments came years before paul manafort became involved in trump's campaign. so the question is, had he been a foreign agent for years? and still while working with trump. a spokesman for paul manafort called the a.p. story misleading and incorrect and issued a statement that reads, mr. manafort's work in ukraine was legal. chad day is an investigative story. chad, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: bottom line, what are we sure of here? >> what we're sure of, we have been arm to confirm two payments that came from this ledger, the black ledger in ukraine, which allegedly details this kind of secret fund that was maintained by a political party there that paul manafort worked for.
12:37 pm
what we have determined is two payments totalling more than $1.2 million ended up with paul manafort's firm here in the united states. >> shepard: there's more money involving paul manafort and ukraine, right? >> well, so that's the thing. at this point there's still some questions that we need to have answered about this ledger. mr. manafort worked for years in the ukraine as a political consultant. as this ledger detailed millions of dollars and at this point we have not confirmed the payments. >> his family heard on wiretap talking about the money and calling it dirty money. at the same time, paul manafort was working, if i'm correct on this, help me, to help the former leader of the ukraine, who is now in exile in russia? is that right? >> that's correct. yes. he was the leader of the pro russian political party, the party of region. he is obviously -- he was ousted
12:38 pm
in 2014. this ties back to what you referenced earlier. mr. manafort worked for him for years. he directed lobbies in washington. now today we're finding out that he is -- he has been in talks with federal authorities before the election about whether or not he should register as a foreign agent for that work. >> shepard: aren't you supposed to register for that work in advance? >> that's usually the case. that's correct. >> shepard: so in other words, once he got caught, then he's registering? >> well, i'll leave that for you to say. i'll say -- >> shepard: that is the chain of events, is it not? >> that is correct. this comes after we reported earlier today one of the lobbying firms was retroactively filing saying the work that they did that was directed by manafort's firm could have been construed or benefitted the ukrainian government. so you know, that happened and now he's saying that he's gotten some guidance from federal
12:39 pm
authorities about whether he should register and that he's going to respond to that guidance. >> shepard: it's a great piece on a.p. if you have an a.p. app on your phone. we're linking to it on and president trump meeting with the nato attorney general. the big focus is russia today, including its support of bashar al-assad. russia and syria have denied any role in the recent chemical attacks that killed women and children. on this matter, they're tolding a bold-faced, clear lie. and a massive lie. a massive lie about the murder not just of these few dozen people, but of hundreds of thousands of people. think of that. the man the russians are supporting has murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people and he largely does it like, this he puts a helicopter in the
12:40 pm
air, takes a barrel full of stuff that rip your body to shreds and drops them in the middle of people's neighborhoods. tens of thousands of people. google bare bombs in syria. it won't be pleasant. this has led president trump to order a missile strike on a syrian air base. he was talking about this one incident if it were something new. president trump told fox business that vladimir putin is partly to blame because he supports assad. also high up on the agenda today, the uneasiness in eastern europe in the wake of russia's invasion of ukraine and take over crimea. president trump on the campaign trail said that nato was obsolete and very unfair to the united states. then candidate trump said he would consider withdrawing the united states from that alliance.
12:41 pm
while the president has not gone that far since taking office, he has maintained that other countries are not paying their fair share. white house says president trump and the nato chief see eye to eye on the spending issue is and the president is 100% committed to nato. the official would not comment on the things when trump was running for president. the two are set to have a news conference at the top of the hour when it happens. for now, doug mckelway at the while house. doug? >> president trump's meeting with nato secretary general is set to happen at the top of the hour. but it takes on added significant after what happened in moscow today when rex tillerson before his russian counter part, lavrov, said the relations between the two countries are at a low point because of what happened in syria. it's something that president
12:42 pm
trump echoed with maria bartiromo. >> frankly, putin is backing a person that is truly an evil person. i think it's very bad for russia. i think it's very bad for man kind. it's very bad for this world. but when you drop gas or bombs or barrel bombs, have these massive barrels with dynamite and drop them in a group of people. then you see kids no arms, no legs, no face. >> all of this highlights the importance of the nato alliance. the meeting set today at 4:00. it's a prelude to a more important meeting, one that happens on may 25 as the brussels and heads of states meet there for the nato countries and president trump is expected to confirm the u.s. commitment to nato and especially to article 5 of the nato charter, which requires the u.s. or any other member countries to defend one another should one attacked by a foreign
12:43 pm
adversary. a lot of people are looking at russia. back to you. >> shepard: thanks, doug. a thing has happened. the chinese have abstained on the vote whether to condemn bashar al-assad and his attack on his own people. that's abstained. that's a big diplomatic victory. remember president trump used to say they're currency manipulators. i'm going to label them. they're not doing right. we have very bad trade deals? that all just changed. just now. it's next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras
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>> shepard: remember during the campaign donald trump, china, china, very bad. china not our friend. china bad trade deal. china is a currency manipulator. manipulates the value of their currency. for that, he will label them a currency manipulator on day one.
12:47 pm
it's like day 80 or something and now china is not a currency manipulator. here's what happened. today there was a vote at the united nations on whether to condemn the syrians and the russians sort of for what has happened in syria with the gassing open their own people and china, which normally would vote no abstained. minutes before that, we got word from the "wall street journal," president trump has changed his mind about china completely. let's bring in eli stokele for the "wall street journal." big change here. can you explain it to our viewers? >> you go back to last year in the campaign, donald trump was appealing to blue collar voters that didn't have the jobs they felt they deserve and it was easy to scapegoat china. now he's the president and trying to put together a foreign policy, confronting a truck belicos north korean regime and
12:48 pm
he needs xi pinjing as an ally. he was very explicit about not labelling china as a currency manipulator as he said he was going to do throughout the campaign. he made an interesting comment in the same interview that he said he believes the dollar has gotten too strong. it's because of confidence in him. he thinks it's not good. so the president serving as a currency manipulator himself. after he said that, the dollar dropped. >> he changed his mind. phony employment numbers are real employment numbers, a big bubble in the stock market. now there's not. no cuts to medicaid. that's changed. everything about china has just changed. there's a lot of people that follow this thing. i think the "wall street journal" said on the opinion
12:49 pm
side, he's right. he just late. >> yeah, this is just the president who kind of took a very free-wheeling approach on the trail and now adapting to the realities of this office. people said is donald trump going to change the presidency or is the presidency going to change him? right now we have a whole lot more of the latter as it pertains to foreign policy, economic imperatives. donald trump has realized thus far that a lot of what he said, what he tried to do early on, the rolling thunder of the executive orders didn't work. it wasn't as easy as he told voters it would be. there's a recalibration going on. another reversal that came out of our interview with him, he supports the export inport bank. they're piling up fast, all the contradictions. >> shepard: they are. we'll see what the rust belt voters think about this in the weeks and months ahead. thanks. the story is at
12:50 pm
it's worth it. president trump also tweeted that he had a very good call with the chinese leader about north korea. the president talked to the fox business network and what he calls the armada that he's sending to the area. hello kim jong-un. that's next. wing convenience. i finally switched to geico. oh yeah? ended up saving a ton of money on car insurance. i hear they have a really great mobile app. the interface is remarkably intuitive. that's so important. ♪
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>> armada anyone? we're waiting for this news conference to begin. the secretary general of the united nations and president trump. that will happen at the top of the hour. don't miss it. the nato secretary general. that's what i meant to say. president trump says he's sending a powerful armada to the korean peninsula and kim jong-un is making a big mistake.
12:54 pm
that what he said with maria bartiromo. so maria asked him about a navy strike group. he first told he he didn't want to talk about the military plans but then he talked about the military plans. >> we're sending an armada, very powerful. we have submarines. very powerful. far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. that i can tell you. >> shepard: the carrier group. chinese state media says president xi told president trump that he would help the united states put an end to north korea's nuclear program but he wants a peaceful solution. president trump treated "i had a very good call with the president of china corning the minutes of north korea." yesterday president trump tweeted that the united states would act alone if the chinese decide not to help. trace gallagher has this. sounds like the u.s. and china
12:55 pm
are cautioning each other. >> yeah, that's right, shep. president trump said he's willing to handle north korea alone and he needs china to help more reign in north korea. the chinese president is warning the u.s. not to be irresponsible and escalate the situation. he said the current situation is dangerous. but china is also warning north korea to back off, even threatening to strictly limit oil exports to the north, which could be crippling considering north korea relies almost solely on chinese oil. here's president trump talking about the chinese president. listen. >> we have two very different country, two very different peoples, but i think he understood message and i understood what he was saying to me. >> we should note that interview was made before the president
12:56 pm
spoke before president xi. and result and his russian counter part talked about north korea and they both said the north should have nuclear weapons. tillerson said he is willing to play a part in lowering the tensions in that part of the world. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. we've been telling you there's a very important news conference coming moments from now. the president and the head of nato. we'll get a quick commercial break in now so we didn't miss a bit. that's next. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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>> shepard: breaking news is the joint news conference the president, president trump and the leader of nato, think of it during the entirety of the campaign, nato was one of his punching bags. nato is not working, maybe we'll get out. now they're meeting face to face and the cameras are live. we'll have that in just a moment. the dow today is off just a bit. the markets are up considerably since the election.
1:00 pm
down 56 points today. united airlines down another 1 1/4 percentage points after the debacle with the passenger. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto. stuart varney sitting in. >> you're looking live at the east room of the white house where president trump and the nato secretary general will be holding a news conference moments from now. they're expected to take a total of four questions. when it begins, we'll have the news conference and bring it to you live. welcome, everyone. i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." with tensions mounting between the u.s. and russia over those air strikes in syria, is it time for our allies, including nato, to back the president up? we'll talk to john bolton about that in a moment and about that meeting today between secretary of state tillerson and his russian counter part. first, kevin corke at the white house as we await the news


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