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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thousand fewer egg rollers because apparently last year it was a mob scene out there but never fear, secretary sean spicer said it was a be an excellent time. he said that, not me. have a good night, everybody. bill o'reilly is up next. ♪ >> hi, i'm dana perino in for bill o'reilly who was on vacation. thanks for watching us tonight. major developments happening on several different fronts tonight. russia, syria, nato and controversies at home and a bond. we will be joined in a moment by white house press secretary sean spicer, who himself is at the center of an ongoing story. before we get through the firestorm from yesterday, let's talk about the huge foreign policy events of today. secretary of state rex tillerson met with russian president vladimir putin and president trump met with the leader of nato where they covered a lot of ground.
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>> in facing our common challenges, we must also ensure that nato members meet their financial obligations and pay with ao. many have not been doing that. right now are not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. this is for a long period of time. were going to see what happens right now, the world is a mess. i think by the time it's going to be a lot better place to live and speaking for myself, by the time i'm finished, it's going to be a lot better place to live in because right now, it's nasty. the president also said that he no longer thinks nato is obsolete but he added that it had to do more to fight global terrorism and you may remember that even as far back as 2015 after the terrorist attack in paris, bill laid out a plan. >> nato should declare war on isis and in doing so, that alliance could then move into
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syria, set up safe zones for refugees and a huge problem might begin to be solved. if syria is in danger were protected by nato forces on the ground, there's no reason for them to go to turkey, europe, or america. >> dana: joining us now from washington, press secretary sean spicer. we'll see how we do. sean, will president trump be able to support something like bill was describing? that nato would be involved and see if they could figure out a way to combat isis and solve this problem in syria? >> i think there's a lot of great discussion today surrounding that. you saw secretary-general discuss his commitment to further rooting out terrorism and isis through the region. there's a lot of commitment that he talked about how there are five countries that are currently living up to their 2% gdp. whether supposed to be committing to to be part of nato. that number is going to rise to 8. were seeing a financial commitment as well as an overall strategic commitment from nato to make sure we combat isis.
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>> dana: president trump doesn't always admit that he changed his position and today he was very blunt and he said to the cameras into the audience there that used to think it was obsolete and he no longer believes that. you have anywhere inside her background on his thinking? >> it's not so much what necessarily he is done, it's what they've done. as i mentioned, he is made nato's relevance and commitment of others for too long. many countries have gotten a free ride. the commitment that every nato may have very mixed with 2% of their gdp will be put towards defense. most countries don't live up to that. the u.s. exceeds it. and if you realize that five of the nato countries have gotten there 2% commitment under the current nato secretary-general and he admitted that in large part to president trump that numbers continuing to rise, overall we seen a 3.8 increase in nato funding and funding from countries in terms of defense and we expect it of those countries now overall to make that commitment to 2%.
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so because of the president's stance on this and commitment in making this a priority, i think you've seen nato move closer and closer to where it should be. >> dana: nikki haley today, the u.n. ambassador had a tweet after the voting that took place around 3:00. i could just pull the separate quickly because i thought it was so to speak. >> to hold syria accountable is a strong day for the u.s., weekday for russia, a new day for china and doomsday for the 11. she is basically putting assad on notice to the point that i think the white house is now saying to assad, your move. what's next for you because we are changing the dynamics of this relationship. >> there's a lot to untapped and that one little phrase let's try it. i think you saw starting last week, the president had the president of egypt, king abdullah and then a strike in syria. willie reasserted the united states plays in prominence in the fight against isis and the conflict that's
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going on in syria that largely one plays in the world community and buys partisan here at home. with that are also dead as those relationships that he built and mar-a-lago over those two days with the president, you on russia's stand today with the united states because of the relationship that i think any arguments or persuasiveness of this president and really isolate russia in their stance was syria. syria continues to find itself in its actions in a very small group of folks and mostly states aside from russia that are failed states. ending the victory today of getting in china to decide this is a huge diplomatic victory to this president and for our country. >> dana: because they abstained from that vote at the united nations, and that is different for sure. letng about one of the things this morning that was talked about that you participated in, but their frustration with any white house and i remember with anonymous sources especially about
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internal staff battles but yesterday we had the president of the united states himself not an anonymous source questioning -- i don't know if it's questioning. let me ask you. what was he trying to say when he was talking to michael goodwin and, "the new york post" columnist about stephen bannon the chief strategist and saying i like steve button. if i heard that as press secretary, i think what comes after but? >> all be very clear, he values steve's commitment to the team and helping to advance the agenda, but i think he also wants to make sure that everybody understands when he looked back at this in the 1980s and 1990s, the presidents policies that this president is now espousing and champing here in terms of trade policies, economic policies being held two or three or four decades, and he was make sure he's very clear that he won the selection because of the policies that he's been laying out for decades in the commitment that his head to the american worker to growing our economy and keeping our country safe and i think the line has been blurred up a little bit. he wanted to make it very clear.
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at the same time, express confidence in the team that's here in the town that he has assembled. >> dana: they were a hard no one something as reasonable and competent as neil gorsuch, who is not a supreme court justice within "the first 100 days" of the administration, but a hard no one him and i just wonder how does the president plan to approach them when it comes to something that they also talked about yesterday which was going forward with changes to health care but also more importantly possibly tecra's perform? >> on both injured back issues, they have a choice to make. it's whether or not they continue to be exhibiting standing in the way of progress. you take them one at a time. health care reform is going to go bankrupt the way the obamacare system is set up. it's continuing to reveal fewer and fewer choices to the american people. premiums are going up in the infrastructure that keeps us together is crumbling. it's costing more and more to keep it and piece it together. the president laid out a hand
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and said that people want to work together to help achieve a common goal. he wants to work with them and on tax reform, it's a very similar story. recognize that on a corporate site, our businesses are competitive in the global world. we need to give tax relief to our corporations to help them hire and expand and relocate here in the united states and we additionally have to help middle-class taxpayers who have been bearing the brunt of this economy the last few years of the obama administration. some members of congress on either side of the i'll want to join with this president to grow the economy and put people back to work, then he'll extend the hand and have them help. >> dana: yesterday, you made an error in the briefing when talking about atrocities committed by the syrian president assad when you compared it to hitler and you immediately corrected that mistake. at that your apology was quite sincere and genuine. it was quite interesting to me that all three networks last night led the news with that mistake and the apology rather
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than the other news but setting that aside, when did you know -- at what point in the briefing yesterday did you know that you had something you had to fix? >> two pieces i'd guess and i'm not focus so much on that as you know. i think i recognize that i made a mistake, but i think it's twofold. one is there is a personal factor here. took offense to that, want to make sure those people understood that that was clearly not my intent but more importantly but equally, i think to your point been having a great week here advancing the president's agenda. he's done a phenomenal job of reasserting our place in the world and making sure that we helped millions of people who need help as we continued to combat isis and help people in syria. it was just unfortunate that my mistake helped create a distraction from the presidents great work that he's doing for this country. i knew that it needed to be fixed and i sincerely not just regret what i did to other
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people of my own mistake but obviously it's a mistake for the president that you serve because my job is to help do what i can to advance a thing, knock at the way of it. unfortunately yesterday i did just that. >> dana: were you a little harder on yourself than even the president was? if you have a chance to talk to him? >> i did. he's one of the most gracious bosses and leaders that you could imagine. but you're right, you are hard on yourself when you realize and you know this better than anybody dana, this is an awesome responsibility and a great pillage and honor to have this position. i think when you are guilty of making a mistake, you recognize that at least for me, a little bit hard on myself because i realized that i was a distraction from the great work that this president has and continues to do on behalf of this country.
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when you overshadow his accomplishments and the commitments that he's making to put people back to work, to reform health care on education and keeping this country safe in so many ways, you have to reflect, and you know that you're a distraction to his great work on the privilege and honor that he's given me. it's disappointing to myself and i hope people will not only -- >> dana: i think your little harder on yourself than you need to be. i think that just looking back for me, i think one of the things i learned in that job, the most important lessons were dignity and graciousness, empathy, and certainly humility. there is no job that will humble you like the white house press secretary's job. is there anything else that you've learned so far in, about 80 days into the administration, anything surprise you? >> i think you gave me some very sage advice during this process and i think it really is you got it going every day and be prepared as you can be. you got a lot of homework to do every day pretty try to represent his government and the american people, the president, making sure you understand the key issues at hand and frankly some of the key issues that have bubbled up to the top. be as prepared as possible and that you're as focused as possible.
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you see sometimes when you're not. it is an awesome responsibility, takes a lot of hard work every day and you do your best to represent this president, this white house, and his in this country. >> dana: the press is just slightly ahead of where the policymaking is. because offensive moves so quickly especially out of a foreign policy front, swamping other things who, continue the russia investigation all the other unknowns that you have out there. >> that's right. i think if you actually stop and look what the president's been able to compose over the last ten days, three world leaders came in last week, making tremendous progress and it's amazing how these world leaders in the president meets with. they talk about rebuilding relationship to the u.s. for the last eight years and they're so excited to reestablish that, work with us president to advance a shared goal, whether it's economic or national security. and the president had a tremendous week last week in an obvious late took a very justified proportional response to syria which really got huge praise from around the world. city continues to make great tracks i think what we did today
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continues to show that with this in lines to nato. >> get home to rebecca. thank you so much. next on the rundown, reaction to her interview with white house press secretary sean spicer. stay with us.
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>> dana: continuing on with her stop story, major development in american foreign policy and on the homefront. we just heard from white house press secretary sean spicer and joining us now for a reaction to that from boston james sim dell,
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and from washington, the lovely aaron mick five, white house correspondent for the independent journal review. james, big day. sometimes we can't figure out. what's the headline? i don't know you as well. you might qualify for lovely after this interview if you contend with the headline of today is. >> was a great masterstroke for donald trump and to have and the white house the very moment he has rex tillerson in moscow. i'm not sure anyone is quite positive what exactly our relationship is with russia at this point, and you are both from russia and from trump that this relationship has very much soured and it's in a very bad place. dobby secretes opportunities and lowered expectations make a deal, and one thing he was clearly doing today was bolstering the american position when they try to negotiate and make a better deal when it comes to russia, when it comes particularly to syria. after these bombings on thursday
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night, were wondering what comes next and we thought donald trump would answer that question of what comes next. just as sort of a one-off, but but now are waiting for assad and waiting for putin, and if donald trump is serious about repositioning himself on his backing nato, then he needs bolstering the position as it faces negotiation with russia right now. >> dana: you know rex tillerson well, he went on that trip with him earlier this year. he is over there and he is setting expectations so low saying that things have never been -- the lowest it's ever been. rex tillerson so there's little trust and then you president trump actually call bashar al-assad evil, called him a butcher. that's a very strong language. it's worth asking the question from the press corps standpoint than what is your next move? >> that's a great question and i don't quite know the answer to that. the trump administration is the
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one thing we don't know yet. i will tell you what i think the headline is for today, which i know your motto has been embraced the chaos at least since inauguration and i think this week, we are seeing this administration become so much more conventional and i think we are seeing the impact of stephen bannon losing a lot of ground within the white house and you're seeing a lot of these positions coming for the trump administration, just looks so much more conventional based on everything we've heard from the press conference today including the donald trump saying china is no longer a currency manipulato manipulator. >> dana: let me ask you that it bout that james pretty things are moving into a more conventional direction, saying this makes more sense to me, more within my worldview, does that make it easier for president trump than to drive on his agenda on capitol hill with members of congress not only with his own party but possibly reaching across the aisle to democrats on things like tax reform? >> i thought i was very
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interesting in your interview with sean spicer how he totally dodged the question about stephen bannon it in the interview. >> dana: i couldn't get him. >> it was very good for you to ask that question, very interesting the way he answered it. in terms of your other question, at some level, we see a very conventional donald trump and i agree with aaron's assessment of this, it raises a larger question of what exactly is the trump doctrine if he said that nato was obsolete just a few months ago and now he says is very, very relevant in this particular case, that's a big deal. if he makes particular comments and changes on syria that he did last week, it's a very big deal. you bring it home to capitol hill, tax reform is the biggest piece of the agenda right now for him and then you back it off the last couple of days, may be a deadline of august isn't going to happen, there's a lot of shifting dynamics going on here and obviously if you're republican on capitol hill you're trying to figure out where exactly to land, what exactly is the gameplay right now and
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donald trump obviously is getting pretty confused on the particular question. >> dana: ready think they try to go in the next 17 days left of "the first 100 days," 16 days and three hours. they think that they've gotten a lot done. other critics are saying look at all the things they said they wanted done, but at 17 days to go? >> i think this has been very unexpected that they are done so much more on the world stage than they have domestically. i haven't gotten through any kind of signature piece of legislation, but they are making some moves in the world stage and i would also point out that of sean spicer setting your interview the secretary general of nato said today that some of the reason they're taking defense spending, it's because donald trump made that an issue. say some secretary general kind of kiss the room today. were starting to see that from other world leaders which is quite surprising. >> dana: no doubt the meetings of the white house have been good and fruitful for them. thank you james and aaron, appreciate it.
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lovely james. when we come right back, more palace intrigue in the white house and henry will be here to tell us what's really happening in the west wing and catherine herridge will tell us about new revelations compared the trump advisor was surveilled during the campaign. wait till you hear this when we come right back.
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>> dana: and the impact segment tonight, two big stories out of washington. some explosive new information about the fbi's investigation into russia's influence on the 2016 election and more palace intrigue with the trump administration. joining us now from washington, fox news chief national correspondent ed hedman, of the book the rest of the jackie robinson story. i have a copy. i'm so glad to have one. there's a reason they call it palace intrigue. it's intriguing. it there have been numerous reports of internal strife between trump advisors jared
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kushner and steve bannon. it was reported to the president is not giving a full throated endorsement of bannon and i don't know if you are able to hear the interview, but sean spicer just adjust that. as the chaos within the white house in terms of staffing and the start of battle becoming a distraction the president does want to see anymore? >> i spoke to two top advisors to the president this past weekend they told me that on friday at mar-a-lago, had been reported that he told his advisors get together and straighten it out but there is another piece of it that these advisors told me that the president went further pretty set you straight out or i'm going to straighten it out and what that tells me this is getting more involved, his frustrated about the infighting. he stephen bannon there was jared kushner, his son-in-law and the chief of staff. here's what i'm hearing from the president's advisors. that the president like some of the chaos early on, he likes that competitive tension when he's winning. when he was on a bit of a streak early in the administration and back in the campaign.
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will but now that he l health care find at least round one, they hope to bring it back, struggling to get a tax reform battle going. he does bullying in private this is a big distraction and he wants to move on from all of this. he's not going to fire his son-in-law jared kushner, so bannon is the one on the hot seat and those lukewarm comments from the present about bannon didn't help his case. >> in bannon's defense, there is a block of voters who appreciated what bannon was pushing and i know it's hard to corral everybody and try to find consensus in a big electorate like they have them, but does have a very good hold with that voter base. a >> the best thing going first. according to his trump advisors i've talked to is he does have that pole with the trump base. the folks with outsiders who want to see washington just ripped up into pieces and there's a reason to push bannon out, there's going to split the trump coalition number one. number two, it's going to get
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even more power to jared kushner and gary cohen seen as sort of the wall street wing, the moderate wing inside the white house. so the bottom line is the best thing going for bannon is two things. one, they don't want to upset that balance pair they want to make sure there's an outside voice in the white house like bannon. number two, tapas and presidential advisors that if bannon gets pushed out, he's got breitbart and all the other allies in all right movement, he's pushed out. they may turn their guns on the white house and all have even more attention. some have been hearing is a scenario of bannon losing his job but maybe he changes titles, may be moves into a new role. people close to the president think he's going to survive in some sort of role. >> dana: thank you so much. now let's go to catherine herridge, chief intelligence correspondent. we have confirmation out at least one trump advisor was under surveillance during the campaign. can you tell us about that? >> so carter paige worked for the trump campaign for about six
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months last year. he was kind of an informal foreign policy advisor. we interviewed him twice in the last two weeks in history is very consistent. he told fox that he never worked with the russians to help the trump campaign and he never worked against the interests of this country. but here's the thing, there's so much daylight between what carter page assange on the record in these anonymous sources who allege that he was some how the campaign point of contact for russia. it's very tough to reconcile these two stories. >> dana: i was find it surprising that he it continues to it agrees to do interviews on the record. is he not worried about the advice of counsel? >> he said he is not worried and is happy to tell his story because you have to give them credit for going on the record. you have to give some weight to the fact that he's going to answer some of these tough questions because we didn't throw him a lot of softballs today. but on this issue of a surveillance warrant, i wanted to say one thing. the fbi director has made the case but there's a very high
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legal bar to get one of these surveillance warrants. i did a little research and i found this data tonight and what it shows is in 2015, every single request that went to the national security court was rubber-stamped. 1457 from the borough and the justice department, so 1456. >> dana: is a because their pro forma and they know exactly what they have to do to meet the bar? >> we don't know what's inside the docket at the fbi is putting to the court. but i've spoken with national security defense attorneys who say no most every case yes to the justice department and the fbi. so it may be a high legal bar, but the court always seems to say yes to the government. >> former campaign chairman for president trump, who was ousted in late july or august and, now apparently will be registering wrecked radically as a foreign agent? >> that's right.
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we were able to get confirmation through justice department source that records have been filed and paul metaphor and lobbyists connected to his operation are going to register as foreign agents in light of their work that was pro-russia. here's the thing. all in one day, the stories drop in on the subject sounds to me like the democrats may be trying to change the conversation. >> dana: thank you so much. plenty more ahead is the fact he along this evening. a big-time hillary clinton aids is the press is actually tougher on democrats than republicans. what? will debate it. then a man who is john duffy united airline flight has lawyered up. we also that one coming. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> dana: an unresolved problem tonight, media bias against democrats? democratic party bigshot who is communications director for
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hillary clinton's 2016 campaign made a fairly stunning claim this morning during a roundtable discussion about the press and the presidency. >> i think most journalists are probably leaning more toward the left than the right but it means they come after us harder on what i describe as the. they come harder on us on the palace intrigue, on the process, on things that really shouldn't matter. >> dana: joining us now as a reaction from irvine, california, republican strategist from houston. so you wrote here that you agree with her statement today and that you think during the campaign, liberal journalists expected more of hillary clinton than they did a donald trump. can you give me an example of that? >> i don't think most people expected donald trump to win. and i give you that. he didn't give him the scrutiny. in our finding out his campaign manager is registering as a foreign agent for russia, the
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social security advisor was a redshirt foreign agent for turkey and took money from russian television. so there is a lot more scrutiny that should've been given to donald trump instead everyone focused on the email scandal that really went nowhere that's an example of why the press went after him far more than they did donald trump. now there were faced with this crazy administration nonsense. >> dana: eric, the last journal post said 51% of americans, just a bare majority said the press is too hard on president trump. when you look at this statement, did it raise your eyebrows? >> i thought it was unfortunate. here are the facts. 90% -- 96% of the campaign contributions for the media went to hillary clinton. there was an agenda there. it wasn't because they favored her over donald trump it is the realities that they wanted to shake the narrative of this campaign and try to distribute that to the public. the facts are that you look at the last week for example, look
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at judge gorsuch being confirmed, look at the numerous regulations have been rolled back, the palace intrigue comes from the media and there's been demonstrated time and time again against donald trump. go ahead. >> the campaign manager for donald trump is now retroactively registering for russia. >> dana: as a foreign agent, which is allowed. you're allowed to work as a foreign agent. >> and russia hacked into her system, played an integral role of leaking out information. and you're telling me that that's not the national security advisor got paid from russian television? this is a scandal that has to be covered more. >> dana: so let me ask you about that because democrats do believe that susan rice, the former national security advisor for president obama is not
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getting enough scrutiny for her role in unmasking, though she said she did nothing wrong. and that there should be more attention about michael flynn and palmetto for and will be just talk about a moment ago with catherine herridge but would you make of that because i think the conservative media has certainly been able to go after susan rice, but what about these other things? >> i hope miss rice continues to go on media all day long. the facts are this. during the obama administration, he had numerous during strikes, ten times more than his predecessor. he had 275 executive orders. they were covered as an active trying to go against a republican opposition. against donald trump, it's a form of dictatorship. there's a double standard in the media that is really unfair and i think history to look at the numbers, the contributor from the media and where they go and the facts are that the media has been overreaching completely for
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the last 80 days since donald trump has been inaugurated and it's been unfortunate. >> dana: let me ask you one last question because you can both comment on it. it was "new york times" that broke two major stories, one about clinton's private email server and also about the clinton global initiative that really set off a lot of bad press. so i could see when you're looking at those stories can be think the media is against us as much as they are against conservatives. what you think? >> i do think that when you serve the bush administration, he felt like the media probably was harder on you than the prior administration. every adventures feels like that the private administration got a free pass that they're not getting. that's the nature of the business. but in reality, if you look at the number of stories that were covered on the email scandal that really went nowhere, that derailed hillary clinton's campaign and it was really what the right says about left journalists, they were the ones
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that were bringing up these stories. so i think the media bias is a little bit overblown. were sitting on the number one cable show right now and talking about media bias. >> dana: last point to you eric and i would got to run. still the only people who don't complain about media bias are the democrats. he couldn't name one time that president obama was hurt by the media. >> dana: we didn't give him enough time to pray he could've come up with something. thank you both. i appreciate it. when we come right back, the trumpet ministries and doubling down on a campaign promises, on immigration. we'll tell you all about it directly ahead.
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>> dana: i'm dana perino in for bill o'reilly, and the factor follow-up segment tonight, some tough language from attorney general jeff sessions. travel to the next quarterly yesterday and pulled no punches. >> this is a new era. this is a trump era. the lawlessness, the ad dictation of beauty to enforce our laws and the catch and release policies of the past are over. pursuant to the president's executive order, we will now be detaining all adults who are apprehended at the border. they will not be released. to support this mission, we have already charged 25 immigration judges to detention centers along the border.
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and i want to think personally the many judges who answered our call to support this initiative. in addition, we will put 50 more immigration judges on the bench this year and 75 here. >> in an interview that aired this morning on the fox business network, president trump reiterated his campaign pledge to build a border wall. >> were going to build the wall 100%. we had hundreds of bidders. we have many designs who, ten of the top but i want to see more. people have already been trying to get through because they know they can. were looking at designs and were going to be making a decision very shortly. >> dana: joining us from washington is former missouri state representative dan calloway and hearing the new york alfonso aguilar. it's great to have you both. let me ask you alfonso, why do you this move? >> we have to enforce the law and with a trump administration is doing is really looking at
5:40 pm
people who have criminal records. in the case of the border, were looking at people who are entering illegally on multiple occasions, and i think it makes sense in terms of fencing. we have to extend fencing and ironically by putting in place immigration enforcement measures, by extending and guaranteeing border security, were going to be in an environment where perhaps we could get racial reform. a member that donald trump recently said that we need to find consensus between democrats and republicans to achieve immigration reform. but the focus is people with criminal records. this is not about mass deportations. there are a lot of people out there trying to scare latinos. this is about removing bad people who have criminal record records. >> dana: demonstration continues to try to emphasize legal and immigration, i would ask you about this, he said in some ways this move would be unconstitutional. why? >> would absolutely be unconstitutional. let's look at what were fundamentally talking about here. we're not talking about canadian immigrants from our northern
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borders nor immigrants from europe, africa, or even the caribbean's. this is very specifically a decision made to target latin american immigration better southern border. and that's the fundamental basis of the probable unconstitutionality here. what were going to see his latin american immigrants specifically targeted by i.c.e. agents and specifically enforced at the border in a way that we won't see happening from immigrants from anywhere else in the world who want to come to this country and that's a fundamental denial of the equal protection clause. which applies to not only united states citizens but all living within our borders. the problem is, the predictable disparity and enforcement here which were going to see from the trump administration. the only question here is not when this will be invalidated, it's a procedural matter of when it happened on the front and as a matter of primitiveness or will it happen on the back end when advocates and emigrants? >> dana: you thing wrong, why? >> no constitutional rights.
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there's more traffic of illegal immigrants to the southern border the northern border. so obviously there's an interest to the pain people and ensuring we don't release them because remember, under the bush years practice of capture and release. anytime we released an undocumented immigrant and we asked them to show up for the immigration hearing, they wouldn't show up. so we are reestablishing that. and let me tell you, under the obama administration, under his priorities, anyone who arrived illegally after 2014 had to be removed as well. even if they didn't have criminal records. they were just not doing their job. so i think we have to do this. it it's about enforcing the law, reprioritizing in terms of going after individuals with criminal records that we can get into position that we can bring people out of the shadows to have criminal records. >> dana: are you somewhat supportive that president trump has not resented the executive order about the dreamers, and
5:43 pm
would you be willing to sort of meet him halfway if president trump says he wants to do a consensus immigration reform, would you be willing to work that out? >> i would love to see immigration reform but the reality of the matter in d.c. right now is it was a year ago. at the house freedom caucus is not in a position that's about to allow immigration reform. the senate came to a very reasonable consensus on immigration reform but there has been nothing in the trump administration to even show that it supports the rubio and other republicans. i want to go back to what you said a minute ago, mr. aguilar. all constitutional rights not being absolute. the problem here is the predictable enforcement that we will see from this policy and the reality of the matter is if you are an immigrant to this country and not from a latin american country, you care about this crackdown about as much as a fish cares about an umbrella, which is to say that you don't. the reality is this a specifically against latin american immigrants. >> majority of undocumented
5:44 pm
immigrants are from latin america. >> to be intellectually honest about this, we cannot constitutionally single out one group of immigrants. >> dana: let me give alfonso the last word. >> i am hopeful. i think that both parties have to find a way to achieve a consensus. donald trump has not rescinded it, he wants to find a solution, a legislative solution to help the dreamers, those who came here illegally at my age and they also said that he thinks that democrats and republicans need to work together. i think it's a very positive side for democrats. >> dana: a let's just see. maybe we can all get together again and work it all out. >> this is going to go the way of the travel ban. >> dana: will see. will bring it back of that so. a quick footnote, the latest contribute in fact her podcast is about how the pacific northwest has become the epicenter of the opposition of trump's immigration policy.
5:45 pm
a quick reminder, two of bill's books are on "the new york times" best seller list. old-school life in the same line as number one and killing the residents on his number three and you can get either one for free if you sign up to become a premium number. next, a man who was drugged of united airlines flight has hired a lawyer. what does that mean for united? geraldo rivera will be here moments away.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
>> dana: and the personal story segment tonight, as he may have heard it, united airlines is under fire for forcibly removing passenger david >> anyone from a flight from chicago to louisville on sunday. united ceo oscar mendez offered another apology this morning. >> it's not so much what i thought, it was what i felt.
5:48 pm
probably a word of shame comes to mind. as i think about our business and i people, the first thing i think is important to say is to apologize to doctors between one, family, the passengers on that flight, our customers, our employees. that is not who our family at united is. and you saw that a bad moment. and this can never, will never happen again. >> dana: late today, united announced it would reimburse all the passengers who were on that flight for the cost of their tickets. meanwhile, mr. dao has hired some lawyers and today, they made their first legal filing asking to force united to. up next, geraldo rivera fox news correspondent at large. as a case it ever gets a trial? >> i doubt very seriously it will get to trial. for two reasons.
5:49 pm
number one, united understands how shameful, how outrageous, how criminal their conduct. i think when you look at the officer removing doctor dao from his seat, to me that's an assault. why do i say that? because this wasn't a hijacking. nobody who was in peril of any danger from this man. he was yanking -- they pulled him and dragged him and his face got smashed, his lips are bleeding. why? what happened here? to me, the danger is that by repetition, this action will be more egregious than it really is. this to me as an airliner run amok, gone mad with their greed to fill every seat. allows them to violate every concept, every precept of entrepreneurial activity. usually the customer is always right. here, he is a paying customer who got his boarding pass, who
5:50 pm
was seated in his seat along with his spouse going to a hospital in louisville, kentucky, the next morning, had to be with his patients and is told to give up his seat because a united employee has to get to louisville. that's the convenience of the company and for them to do this to this man, they deserve the $250 million head. >> dana: i was surprised, it's a four hour drive from chicago to louisville and if united really needed employees to be there in the morning, why didn't they just get them a car? >> an excellent point. besides almost a four hour walk in the o'hare airport from one terminal to the next. >> dana: some people think that the market will solve this. as you mentioned, the stock pricing had people not to decide on united. there's a problem for people that live in smaller cities. denver is bigger now, but it wasn't always. a city like louisville doesn't have a lot of choice and air travel. it's not like every air carrier is flying there.
5:51 pm
i don't know if the market can fault at all. >> i think what has to happen now is some really severe punitive action. united has to be punished. when he talked about the reimbursement of every passenger on the plane, the danger is the audience will say how generous. that is peanuts compared to what united ultimately will have to say for this action that was so outrageous that it defies explanation. with all due respect to the ceo, for him to side with his employees initially and then gradually, tepidly get to a place where he should have begun, i am ashamed of what we did, this never should have happened, my god, forgive us and what can we do to fix this? he tries to stick it to the guy and then leaking the rumors of doctor dao's background. >> dana: i looked for harold
5:52 pm
berson, he wrote a book that said the best answer is always to do the writing the first time. and then you avoid a lot of problems. >> look at sean spicer the whole hitler didn't use poison gas. sean spicer ended in the right place. it took him a while to get ther there. >> dana: was pretty quick though. sean did that within four hours. this taken four days. >> i agree, and i don't want anybody fired. but i want everyone to know that united will pay and it will be in the millions deducted out. everything will be the deep tens of millions, plus a stock pricing. united will play grievously. >> dana: thank you geraldo. next up, a sheriff without a highly controversial message to drug dealers and some folks are upset about that. the sheriff go to fark and macworld debated. we'll be right back.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> dana: in the back of the book segment tonight, tough talk from a florida sheriff.
5:55 pm
the lake county florida sheriff's department putting unique video on its facebook page. >> i've had several phone calls from citizens in this county concerned about the number of older doses related to heroin. to the dealers i say enjoy looking over your shoulder constantly wondering if today is the day. we come for you. enjoy trying to sleep tonight wondering if tonight is the night, our s.w.a.t. team it blows your front door off the hinges, we are coming for you. if our agents can show the nexus between you the push the poison, and the person that overdoses and dies, we will charge you with murder. we are coming for you, run. >> dana: while the video has its own pro-law enforcement people cheering it's also been criticized for being over-the-top. some critics compared to isis propaganda, joining us with reaction from miami a former circuit court judge, and a
5:56 pm
nonprofit group that advocates for lowering the number of drug arrests. what's your take on this video? >> believe me dana, i understand the frustration, i've been there. i understand, i didn't wear the mask like those of four guys in the shot with the sheriff but i worked undercover, i commanded nine at drone and task forces at one time in the state of maryland and i had that frustration. eventually i learned that's not the way to do it. after 50 years of this i would hope that we've learned something by now, this tough on crime approach as it relates to drugs is not the way to go. we're going to continue to push people into the fringes, people who are addicted to. many of whom are addicted and selling to finance their addictions and supply of drugs to others. we need to do what other countries are doing at it make this a 100% health approach like in portugal where they have
5:57 pm
experienced a 52% reduction in overdose deaths. if >> dana: that might be worth debating another time, nancy ripken's program worked for me this is your brain on drugs, the egg is frying in the pan. that worked for me, does a video like this have impact on people that you see in a courtroom? >> i don't think it does come i think it what it said impact on the is this sheriff is an elected official, they had their heroin deaths quadruple in one year. heroin dealers are the lowermost form of life in america, they don't mind the fact that thousands and thousands of their customers are dying. as long as they can make enough money to go clubbing that night on the sale of heroin, here's a sheriff who got elected on a tough on crime platform and
5:58 pm
telling heroin dealers you know what? were coming after you. if he says in the video, we've done drug buys with undercover agents and we are just waiting on the warrants were going to come get you. if this message causes heroin dealers in his county to pick up and leave his county, he's done his job. his job is to protect the citizens of lake county. the fact that it's a tough video the fact that it might intimidate heroin dealers, i don't lose much sleep over their concerns, the heroin dealers concerns. the fact that some of the officers are wearing masks, frankly most of the officers and narcotics details do undercover work, when they're in public, they were masks so they don't get burned. >> dana: comparison to a license does make any sense to me. last night tucker carlson on his program talked about the opium epidemic in heroin addiction. if you're a mom or dad who has lost a child to heroin overdoses if you saw the video like that i
5:59 pm
think you might feel like at least somebody is trying to do something, right? >> it may seem that way but i have spoken to a lot of parents and brothers and sisters. who have lost loved ones to heroin overdoses. when they understand the situation, when they understand how easy it is to push people into the fringes -- we have people dying because they are in isolation. this type of approach just pushes people further and further into isolation an end that's where the experience and these overdose deaths. to most of the people who are out there selling aren't these major drug dealers, these are people trying to manage their addictions. are these people the worst? the scum of the earth? not in my opinion, these are people suffering from an illness who need medical attention. if >> dana: thank you so much, that is it for us tonight, thanks for watching us, i'm
6:00 pm
dana perino and for the vacationing at bill o'reilly and please remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome totonight" despite donap being an alleged russian puppets, the american tensions with russia keep rising. a russian official said relations are at the lowest point since the cold war. at secretary of state rex tiller's and had an unproductive meeting with vladimir putin in moscow. >> president trump: right now were not getting along with russia at all. if we may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. >> we need to put an end to this steady degradation which is not doing nothing to restore t


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