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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 14, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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prizes? >> that's good. we'll have to go on scene and investigate. >> have a great easter weekend. >> happy holidays. america's news headquarters starts now. >> a fox news alert with new reports that secretary of defense jim mattis is touring the middle east. this as we learn more about the damage inflicted by a massive u.s. bomb drops in afghanistan. i'm dana perino. the pentagon releasing these videos. the u.s. commander in afghanistan that ordered the strike did not need the president's approval and that bomb was moved to afghanistan in early january. we have fox news team coverage with rich edson at the state department. let's begin with jennifer griffin. so we're learning where defense secretary mattis will be next week. can you tell us more?
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>> vice president mike pence will be in south korea. secretary mattis will be in the middle east. he will arrived in saudi arabia, then egypt and then to israel. saturday he will be in qatar and sunday, he will visit the largest u.s. military base in africa, djibouti. he announced that national security adviser that h.r. mcmaster is leaving for afghanistan where he will send the possibility of sending more troops to afghanistan. the u.s. has more forces on the ground there than iraq and syria combined. >> who made the decision to drop the bomb in afghanistan and does it matter? i was interested that you said the bomb was moved to afghanistan in january. >> officials tell me this was a decision made in theater by the top u.s. commander on the
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ground, general john nicholson. he took this decision on his own. he had all the authorities to do so according to the pentagon. the official arrived in afghanistan for potential usenerly january. so before the trump administration had been inaugurated. the pentagon released this video showing bomb being dropped in eastern afghanistan. you can see why they call it the mother of all bombs. this weapon is designed for its psychological effect more than anything. and there were between 36 and 70 isis fighters present at the time of the strike. the military is not releasing numbers. this is an isolated part of afghanistan, a mountainous region where isis fighters move back and forth freely. general nicholson defended what he said was the right bomb and the right time to use it. >> we had persistent surveillance over the area before, during and after this
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operation. now we have afghan and u.s. forces on the site and see no evidence of civilian casualties nor are there records of them. >> nicholson said the force of the blast would eliminate mines and roadside bombs in the area. the pentagon said this was a text call decision. >> and what was the with it house press secretary doing at the white house today? >> i couldn't believe any eyes. i thought i'm here way too early if i'm seeing sean spicer in his navy uniform walking the halls. he's here doing reserve duty. he's in the joint staff office. he said he's taking advantage of the president being down in mar-a-largo for the easter weekend to get his reserve duty done over here. >> remarkable to have both duties. >> thanks, jennifer. the u.s. strike in afghanistan comes amid mounting concern about russia's influence in that country. u.s. officials are concerned
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about moscow working to prop up the taliban. rich edson is at the state department. russia is stepping up it's involvement there in a big way. why? >> that's highlighted with what you look at going on in russia. peace talks ongoing in moscow that involve china, pakistan and iran. this is what the kremlin is calling multination consultation. the interfax news agency says they're calling on peace negotiations with the taliban and the u.s.-backed government in kabul. the united states is not part of the discussions. the u.s. was invited, but politely declined. there are questions from u.s. officials about what exactly russia's motives are. >> we do generally support regional efforts that work with the afghan government to build support for peaceable outcome in
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afghanistan. these talks were unclear what the purpose was. seemed to be a unilateral attempt to assert russian influence that we thought wasn't constructive at this time. >> this is an attempt to curb u.s. influence in afghanistan just as iran and russia have attempted to do in syria and other countries across the middle east, europe and asia. >> so the u.s. military says the russians are becoming more active in afghanistan. is there any reason why? >> congress looked into this. this is something that john nicholson, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan testified to recently. he's saying that russia has become more assertive the past year. they're trying to use the taliban and saying the taliban is fighting isis in that case as a way to also curb u.s. influence. they say that iran is helping the taliban.
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there has been a fight ever since 2001 between the two entities with the u.s. backing the government continually with u.s. forces there, nato forces there as the taliban has become more aggressive the past couple years. da dana? >> thanks so much. the trump administration facing many challenges. kim jong-un says that north korea is in the final stages of developing intercontinental ballistic missiles. the u.s. hit a syrian air base with 59 tomahawk cruise missiles. yesterday the u.s. dropped a massive bomb on isis cave complex in eastern afghanistan and this weekend, satellite
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images suggest north korea is preparing for their sixth nuclear test. a lot to unpack. marie is a former state department spokesperson. marie, you're no stranger to having to deal with multiple crises at once. if you were ranking the most difficult problem at this time for the trump administration, what would it be? >> there's two. north korea is in the medium and long-term most threatening. president obama told president trump that this was the biggest challenge he would deal with. we'll see if they test something like they have done in other years. i think that isis remains a huge threat to the region and our partners and our allies and a threat to europe and the homeland when it comes to isis inspired terrorism. so those are the two big ones. you named four or five others that require really comprehensive and detailed strategies that i haven't seen a lot of coming from the administration yet. >> okay. would you concede that there are only 85 days into the
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administration and now we have movement on all fronts in order to reassert america's roll in the world? is that a fair characterization that president trump has taken some really strong measures to put america's global leadership back into the forefront? >> i think it's been interesting what president trump has chosen to do. a lot of talk in the past couple days about what he said on the campaign trail in terms of not spending american resources overseas, fighting foreign wars. he was strong on that. accusing hillary clinton of being more aggressive in some ways. i think he's come into office and realized, there's a lot of tough problems out there. you've lived through it and i have, too. sometimes it requires more military action. he's learned that lesson. he's hearing from people like h.r. mcmaster and that's why we've seen the steps we've seen the past few days. >> there is, the polls show, some bipartisan support for now
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so far in these actions. the vice president, mike pence, will be visiting asia. he will be going to seoul, tokyo and jakarta. this happens after north korea sends signals that they will be testing one of their nuclear weapons. take us behind the scenes when you know that something like that is coming, how do people prepare for that over the weekend? >> the biggest thing you can do is reassure your allies. china plays a role with north korea. when it comes to allies, japan, south korea, those are the folks we'll talk to the most. what you don't want normally coming out is miscalculation or it's spiralling out of control. that's why i was worried about the story that the trump administration might be considering a preemptive strike. what we should be doing is re-assuring south korea and
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japan. vice president pence will have a lot of work to do. our allies have been worried about the erratic tweets about north korea. a sensitive and complicated situation that i think vice president pence will have some re-assuring to do on this trip. >> at the same time, would you agree that president trump's meeting with president xi went well enough that you have the chinese looking like they're putting more pressure on north korea not to test or back off its program? >> that is still sort of an open question. you're right a couple signs that the chinese might be doing more. if we're going to get to a true possibility of a diplomatic solution or for north korea to give up some part of its program, the chinese will have to pressure them more. president trump has focused on that and not focused on trade or other issues like he talked about on the campaign. this just reminds us, the world has a lot of crises going on at
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one time and having a strategy for what american leadership looks like in the world. what role we should play is important. i hope the trump administration, as they get further into their term, begins to flush that out more. >> he's the leader of the free world. all those problems come to him at his desk. thank you for your expertise. here's a look at where isis getting their top recruits. according to the national bureau of economic research, tunisia. roughly 6,000 tunisians have left to join isis. that's the highest per capita rate in the world. second, saudi arabia. maybe not a surprise. 2,500 have joined up. the kingdom promotes the fund mental version of islam. third, russia, near chechnya. the majority muslims have fought for independence for hundred
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dollarses of years. some 3,500 people have died in over 800 attacks in russia. a 18-wheeler carrying thousands of gallons of gas explodes and it's caught on camera. what caused the crash on a louisiana highway. we're watching the impact from the decision to drop the mother of all bombs in afghanistan. an explosion felt for miles around. >> it was or 8:00 local time. the whole house was shaking after the blast. a big smoke raised in the air. when i came out, i saw a big flame of fire and the whole area was burning on fire. zantac. zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> the search for an armed and
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dangerous fugitive comes to an end. joseph jakubowski was arrested in wisconsin after a farmer found him camping on his property. he was on run for ten days. he broke into a gun store and stole 18 guns. a tactical team surrounded the area and he was taken into custody without any trouble. several guns were found nearby, however. all right. we're learning more about the damage and the death toll after the u.s. came down on isis like ten tons of dynamite, dropping the largest bomb on a cave complex ever used. this was not just any bomb. david, why is it so destructive? >> there are a couple of factors, dana. it's not just the size of the weapon, but it's also its unique special design. it's called the massive ordinance air blast.
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moab. that accounts for the nickname that we've heard it called, the mother of all bombs. this weapon weighs nearly 22,000 pounds. it's shoe large, that it has to be dropped from a cargo plane. despite its size, this is not a bunker buster type weapon. this bomb descends with a parachute and detonates in the area. it's used to destroyed soft targets like caves and bunkers. after detonation, a fireball 6 out the oxygen below. it's not only lethal, but the shock waves destroy structures. isis says there were no casualties. the united states says there's 36. there's about 800 fighters in afghanistan. officials say they have been terrorizing the local population by sending suicide bombers into
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mosques and stabbing patients in hospital beds. the bombs can also have considerable psychological impact. the blast can be extremely terrifying. officials say in some instances the forces that they're fighting might flee and drop their weapons. >> thanks, dana. terrifying moments caught on camera as a 18-wheeler goes up in flames on a highway. what happened to cause this fiery and unfortunately deadly crash. the president getting props from both sides of the aisle from his strikes in syria. now analysts say it's time to put the bipartisanship to work on
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>> dana: a 18 wheeler explodes on the highway in louisiana. this dash cam recorded it all. police say the vehicle was carrying about 8,000 pounds of gasoline. it rear-ended a dump truck that was traveling slow on i-310. the man behind the wheel of the big rig escaped. it's unclear why the dump truck was going so slow. president trump gaining bipartisan approval over the past few weeks leaving some analysts to suggest that it might be time for him to reach out to democrats. chuck schumer says it was the right thing to do. his counterpart in the house, nancy pelosi called it a proportional respond. joining me while, ben shapiro
11:23 am
and michael mehan and the president and ceo of squared communications. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. michael, when you have something like schumer and pelosi offering praise to president trump that might not have been something they anticipated, but i think it was merited because the action needed to be taken. can he take that and pivot and use it to advance his domestic agenda on infrastructure, tax reform, healthcare? >> clearly the democrats rallied around the flag during the time of the military activities and a very stressful time. on the domestic front, it's clear there are not enough votes to go my way or the highway republicans only because of the split in the caucus. clearly republicans came to washington to get things done and chuck schumer and nancy were part of that. chuck schumer said on
11:24 am
infrastructure they can get things done together. but next year there's ten democrats running in states that donald trump carries. a willingness by some of them to work with the president on matters that mattered in those states. infrastructure is a place where you can get bipartisan activity. >> look at the neil gorsuch vote and three senates voted for his confirmation. they're in a just say no mode. and president trump wouldn't be able to turn them? >> the democrats will say to trump, yes, come work with us. we'll be your best friends. the minute that trump makes those moves, just kidding. you're terrible. the fact is that trump approval rating among democrats is in the single digits. right now the best thing they can do is take the nancy pelosi approach is just yell at the
11:25 am
president, hope to fund raise. they're setting records off of hating trump. i don't see the logic that they would make deals even if trump makes concessions. he won't make concessions significant enough that democrats will accept it. >> michael, when you look at these issues, healthcare, the president intimated yesterday that he might forego the subsidy payments to the insurance companies and forcing the democrats to come to him. is that fair, to think that that could happen for is that a misreading on the healthcare bill? >> democrats want to fix and improve what happened to with obamacare. they don't want to get rid of pre-existing conditions and the other popular things in it. they admit there's ways to do it better and work together. but there was no effort in march. 17 days no hearings, no nothing about trying to improve on it. the polling now shows with
11:26 am
republicans in the congress and the white house, they're in control of the government. if the healthcare system falls apart, it's the republicans that are in charge and they'll be the one to blame. those are hard arguments the make going to other way. >> the president still has to get republicans to work together. that has not changed. on the pod cost that i listened to, you talked about some of your hopes and fears based on the changes that president trump has been making going from his campaign rhetoric to governing responsibilities. what can you say about those? >> i hope that president obama has been confronted with reality. >> you mean president trump. >> yeah, president trump. i think president trump, you know, obviously needs to -- he's been hit in the face we reality on some of these things. i hope he shifted his world view. my fear is he picks issues off the tree and decides one way on one issue and another on the
11:27 am
other. whoever cheers his louder is who -- >> is that okay? he's not an idealogical guy. he doesn't have a voting record to point to and say he's consistent. doesn't that work to his benefit? he doesn't have to worry about that? >> the fact is if you don't stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. when it comes to president trump, if he's taking a position on a particular issue and jared and ivanka take that position but other positions friendly to democrats, he's more likely to swing. it seems to me the frightening thing could be the president trump response to applause rather than responding to his own gut. his people would like to respond to his gut. his gut is geared to who cheers the loudest. right now he'll be friendlier to democrats because they cheered him on syria even though they're unrelated. >> michael, are you enjoying this, looking forward to the republican white house and what
11:28 am
they're dealing with? >> i can't believe i'm going to say this. i feel for those folks. when you go to the jobs, you have them. they're hard jobs. this president never brought anybody in that worked in government. he's getting around serious people that know what they're doing. on the foreign policy front, he's taken the advice of people that fill out of experience. i find that to be encouraging. >> there's some gelling. >> thank you both. >> thanks. >> as president trump is in florida for the weekend, lots of intrigue at the white house. what matters most when it comes to steve bannon and his role in the west wing. we'll have that. anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health.
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yeah, 'cause i got allstate.? if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one.
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that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands). >> dana: fox news alert. president trump just arriving in palm beach where he's spending the holiday weekend at his mar-a-largo resort. no senior staff came with him and none are expected to meet with him this weekend. maybe getting some well-deserved r&r. kevin cork is live with more. does the president have any other plans? >> it's a fair question, but i think you know better than most, dana, you can go a couple ways with this. there's no senior staffers traveling with the president. that means there are probably, to be blunt, on a short leash here in d.c. just in case something happens out of north korea. the vice president is headed to asia. that means the president is
11:33 am
delegating and likely he will get updates from his national security team, including the follow up after massive blast in afghanistan delivered by u.s. forces. of course, targeting isis. i also suspect the majority of chatter will surround the rising tensions with pyongyang. keep in mind, the day of the sun, the holiday, approaching on the 15th. the north expected to make another nuclear test. this could draw a response from the international community. the u.s.s. carl vinson is in the sea of japan. it's there for strategic positioning, detection and deterrent. what that means in short, keep an eye on the calendar this weekend. while the president will be golfing and doing what he might do over an easter holiday weekend, he will be connected we're told by folks here at the white house. >> dana: there's been plenty of speculation about a white house staff shakeup.
11:34 am
i feel that has quieted down. what is the word on the street? >> you're right. there's one side, the other side and then the truth. somewhere usually in the middle. you're no stranger to stories like this. folks here at the white house expect there to be plenty of stories like this in terms of white house shakeup. the real question becomes what happens if in fact some of the key players are moved on like steve bannon, the chief strategist. a lot of people have suggested he's on the outs with the president. he's been criticized for being part of the rumored infighting with the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. so here's the question. if bannon goes, will the real force behind the president's political insurgency give way to, say, more political pragmatism? you've heard a number of people suggest that jared and ivanka trump are more moderate than perhaps steve bannon is. i can't answer that question. i can certainly tell you this. the folks here at the white
11:35 am
house suggest no shakeup is imminent. you never know with the president. >> that's true. all right, kevin. have a great weekend. thank you. >> same to you. >> so with all of this palace intrigue and the white house, ho to we filter what matters and what doesn't? nobody better to ask than amy walters. i read your columns at politico. one of the things you wrote about today. you've done better by taking yourself out of washington and focusing on voters. is this noise to them? do they pay any attention to it? >> a great question. to a certain extent they do and a certain extent they don't. any time that steve bannon is in the headlines, it does get partisan democrats really riled up. they see him and dislike him much more than traditional partisan republicans like him. so that's a problem. any time you get -- if you're a
11:36 am
republican and your opposition is fired up, that's not a good day for you. >> dana: you liken it to the bush straight and karl rove. it's nancy pelosi. the figures for the other side. at the same time and to your earlier point about does it matter to regular people, i don't think there's an idea about ideology and whether he's being pulled one way or the other by insiders is what people are interested in. they elected -- i heard you say this earlier, they elected a man knowing that he's very flexible idealogically. >> where do you think i got that line, amy? i knew i should have credited you. you said that today. he doesn't have the voting record that he has to worry about, that maybe i'm not inconsistent. >> that's right. that's what voters are looking for. they were able to tlut the c --
11:37 am
throughout the campaign, he says he's going to fight for you but outsourced jobs. he says he's a successful businessman but he had these bunk -- bankruptcies. for partisan republicans, established republicans, said i don't know about this populism or nationalism but i like the other stuff he's saying. maybe we'll see that in him. that's what they want. they want to see because he's different, because he's not tried to the traditional orthodoxsies that he can get some ws on the board. that's what needs to happen. in some ways he had some successes, but they have also been overshadowed by the drama. >> you talked about one of "the washington post" stories this week sort of internal white house matters. you've never seen anything like that. >> dana, you worked in the white
11:38 am
house. there's factions and grumbles and two or three or four or five sides to every fight in the white house. but you keep it in the house. you don't spread it outside. so when i see there's 21 people in a story, just reading now, seven or eight people, that suggested a white house in chaos. that is not good for the president or his agenda. because the people, instead of talking to reporters about how terrible somebody is, they should be working on pushing his agenda. they are missing opportunities to talk about the things that have happened. a supreme court justice. immigration, illegal immigration down at the border. this isn't getting through when instead they're focusing their time and talking to reporters about how much they hate some other guys. >> dana: you think he can take the win for the military action that he's authorized the past week or two? when congress gets back into session, you think he can take
11:39 am
that momentum and turn it into domestic policy advances if not wins? >> that is the real question. some of the stuff he's been able to accomplish has been easier because it's been about him. executive orders, ordering military strikes. you know better than anybody when you get to the legislative piece it's more complicated. i'm sure you've seen the stories about the town halls going on over this recess. a lot of republican members getting really hammered from their stats, both from the left and the right. the folks coming from the right saying, we gave you guys. you have control of the house and the senate and still can't get it done. folks on the left saying don't take away my obamacare. that's a terrible place. they'll feel that pressure, that pull and they're coming back to washington and saying, i don't know, this obamacare thing may be a bridge too far for me. >> amy walter, follow her. she's amazing. >> thank you. >> dana: happy easter weekend.
11:40 am
a series of special elections underway right now. why record money is pouring into the peach state. the air force said some f-35s are headed to europe. we have a closer look at the latest technology live from an american air base. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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11:44 am
"the last jedi" is coming. this is the sequel to "the force a wakens" and it picks up where the last movie left off. "the last jedi" comes in mid december. a heated show down in the south. georgia hold as special election to fill the house seat that was vacated by tom price. early turnout among voters with the prior history of voting in a primary is nearly dead even. the democrat is at 39%. the republican candidates are 51%. a record $14 million has been spent on advertising. much of the money coming from out of the state. house speaker paul ryan recorded a robo call to urge rubbings to
11:45 am
vote. and josh is here with us as long with harry. josh, you wrote about this a little. you think that the republicans are a little nervous about what's going to happen next tuesday. >> they're very nervous. look, the odds are that we're going to go to a run-off and the winning candidate needs to get 50% of the vote to win out tuesday. it's unlikely to happen. the story of the race is about white house democratic enthusiasm. this is a republican district but the democrats are eager to cast their ballots in the first trump administration. you have turn out through the roof for a special election among democrats. republicans, you know, still haven't realized there's an election going on. a lot of apathy among the republicans going on. that's what is making them turnout, the differential between the parties. >> harry, earlier this week, there was a special election in kansas. the democrats never said that they thought they could win it.
11:46 am
but they came closer than maybe the republicans would like for comfort. are the democrats kind of putting a lot of effort into these races that they might not even be able to win? >> they didn't put too much into kansas. they didn't put -- won't put much into montana. georgia district 6 is a district that could win. it's a district trump won by 1 percentage point. if there's one they could win, this is it. >> what about the special election in montana? i didn't know there was a special election in montana. so that one snuck up on me as well. the democrats have any hopes there? sometimes they do okay in montana. >> this is a tale of two districts. georgia is very much a paul ryan district. republicans in georgia are very pro paul ryan and skeptical of donald trump. montana is a solid donald trump state. the congressional district encompasses the whole state. so they like donald trump, but
11:47 am
they're more skeptical of congressional republicans. the other big question is, the democrats who is nominated in montana is a bernie sanders clone. running on bernie sander's agenda. that's very liberal for montana. >> that's my part of the world. i don't know if that will work. there was a "washington post" abc poll. harry, talk about this. 51% of the adults support the syrian air strikes and 86% of those republicans support it. in 2013 when obama was president, only 22% of republicans supported launching missile strikes about syria. talk to us about the partisanship here and how the country is so divided when it comes to these strikes. >> issue-based polling shifts when the party in the white house shifts. it's not surprising that when donald trump comes in, republicans are more favorable to the same policy because merely you have a republican supporting it.
11:48 am
we see it on syria and other issues as well. >> even on economy. if you look factually, things are better. republicans think it's better and democrats still don't think it's doing well. >> the best news for president trump is that the economy is growing. the people are pretty confident, more confident that they have been about their economic future. trump's approval rating has punched up. republicans are stabilized and he's winning for independents than he did a few weeks ago. some is the economy, so is leadership on national issues. >> dana: when the president takes a military action, his rating goes up. how long does it rise? >> it does rise. i would suspect if nothing else changes it would revert back to where it was prior to the strike. >> josh, on tuesday, if the republicans aren't able to hold off the democrats there, what
11:49 am
then will be their further consequences from that? >> yeah, dana, that would create panic across capitol hill. a district that republicans usually win by 20 points would be flipping to a democrat would worry republicans holding the house. paul ryan would be the most abe calculus if there was an upset tuesday. >> i'll be following you. >> not following me? come on. >> i'll follow you. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> dana: so it was years behind schedule, the f-35 finally takes to the skies. rick leventhal is in arizona where they're stationed. rick? >> dana, the question is how much too much. would you pay $102 million for this jet? the marine corps did and the pilots that fly it say she's worth every penny. up and close and personal with the f-35 joint strike fighter
11:50 am
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>> dana: the f-35 fighter plane earning a controversial reputation as the most expensive military weapon system in history. president trump blasted the trillion dollar price tag and lockheed-martin cut the cost. the pilots that fly it say it's worth it. rick leventhal is life with more. what do you have for us? >> dana, there's 13 of they f-35 in yuma. each with a price tag of $102 million. the marines like this f-35 b, the bravo variant. it can take off from a very short runway of 1 to 3,000 feet and land vertically on a ship or small pad.
11:54 am
there's plenty of critics. but the pilots are the biggest supporters. >> you're a fan of this jet? >> a big fan. i've been lucky never to fly some f-18s, during different tours, super hornets, this jet is by far just in a different league. >> as soon as you put the throttle forward, you get a kick in the pants. >> are you telling me it's fast? >> it's fast and good and smooth and very responsive. it's just an awesome airplane to fly. >> the view, it's in your helmet. you look down, you see the bottom of the airplane. where you point your head -- >> that's right. >> as you look, it brings in the camera from where you're looking. this area plain, everything was developed after the turn of the century if not just coming off the line today.
11:55 am
it's open architecture. it can be upgraded easily with new software. the combinations of the sensors and this airplane and the way and the way the man-made interface works is what sets it apart. >> much of the jet is classified. we can't show you in it, underneath it or from the $400,000 helmets or where it's headed next. a small fleet of f-35s is headed to europe to take part in nato exercises. the commander says they're ready to go anywhere any time. >> dana: they might be called up soon. rick, you get the best assignments. >> yeah, it's a lot of fun. >> thanks so much. >> dana: tomorrow is april 15th. did you file your taxes yet? no. there's hope for you procrastinators. what president lincoln did 1 1/2 centuries ago that buys americans a few more days to file this year.
11:56 am
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>> dana: a fox news alert. a jury has reached the verdict of aaron hernandez. he's accused of shooting and killing two men after one of them accidentally spilled a drink on him in a nightclub in 2012. the 27-year-old is serving a life sentence in the killing of oden lloyd. the verdict has been reached and we're awaiting to see what the jury decided we'll bring that to you as soon as it's announced. all right. you have a few extra days to file your tax returns. the deadline is finally 15th, but that falls on a saturday. but monday a legal holiday in emancipation day when over 3,000
12:00 pm
slaves in washington were freed. so by law, the filing deadline is extended to thursday. so far, the irs has processed 100 million individual returns add $22 billion in refound. i'm dana perino. here's jon scott for shep. >> if american forces get reckless, kim jong-un's military is ready to strike first and they're ready for full scale war. satellite images show they're preparing for another test on the eve of a major holiday. we'll take you the streets of the capitol. welcome to the pyongyang metro or subway. like most things in this country, it's duel use. not only transportation for the masses, but so deeply, so strongly, officials say it could act as a bomb shoulder in the event of nuclear war. nuclear war with guess who?


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