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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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if you want to weigh in on the show. back here next sunday, 11:00 eastern as always with the latest buzz. [♪] eric: days of anticipation and anxiety seem to be coming to a head as north korea fired another missile and as we know it failed almost immediately. this has vice president mike pence has arrived in south korea for a start of his 10-day trip through asia, trying to reassure allies that america does have their back. arthel: happy easter. north korea's setback coming a day after the regime flexed its military muscle in a huge parade
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marking the birthday of kim jong-un's great grandfather, the country's founding ruler. this comes as the country weighs its show-down with pyongyang. reporter: we are seeing a deliberate muted response from this white house. the first reaction came from defense secretary jim mattis with a short statement. only 22 word. all it said was the president and his military team were aware of what happened. and the president decided not to comment any further on it. president trump's outgoing national security advisor essentially said the exact same thing. >> it wasn't a surprise. i briefed president trump on it last night. we saw it for what it was. the president doesn't have any
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further comment on this particular lawb much attempt. >> that muted response is different from what we heard last week on twitter. today president trump's national security advisor h.r. mcmaster was asked if that kind of aggressive language leads to the likelihood of future conflict. here was his response. >> i think it should make clear to the north korean re i'm many in their best interest to stop the development of these weapons and missiles and denuclearize the peninsula. reporter: the president is spending easter sunday at church. he just left church. then he's heading back to washington later tonight for the annual easter egg roll tomorrow.
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arthel: what about the vice president who is right next doer in south korea. what was his response? reporter: he was in the air on his way to south korea when the north koreans launched this missile. as we not was a failure. he told american and south korean troops that their courage and valor are needed now more than ever. >> this morning's provocation from the north is the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> from south korea the vice president will travel to japan, indonesia, australia and a quick stop to hawaii before heading back to washington, d.c.
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on every one of those stops he will reinforce that the united states is going to stand behind them in the face of this growing threat from north korea. eric: vice president mike pence in south korea perhaps because of that is one reason experts say pyongyang may have launched that missile. the provocations keep coming despite years of negotiations, sanctions and threats. what can be done to reign in kim jong-un and his regime. joining us, chairman of the gatesstone institute and former ambassador to the u.s., john bolton. do you see a change or shift in beijing? john: it's possible given the
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number of steps the president has taken. however, china and north korea shifted wad they do visibly on any number of occasions in the last 25 years when public outrange and the united states, japan or elsewhere grew to an extent where they felt they had to pull back. so at this point it's too early to tell whether there is a real change in china's view of how to deal with north korea's nuclear weapons program. or saying to kim jong-un, put a sock in it until the short attention span mayor quans go away. eric: they have not conducted the 6th nuclear test. do you think that will come? down* they have some idea -- john: they have an idea when our overhead is taking pictures.
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who knows, our intelligence about a lot of this nuclear activity inside north korea is very sparse and very sketchy. it could come at any moment or it could be another six months. we just don't know. eric: what has changed, during clinton administration they negotiated oil for food. what do you think the trump administration do now, especially considering the fact that the carl vinson battlegroup is off the shores. john: the north korean regime views the nuclear weapons capability as tantamount to regime survival. when we say to them give up your nuclear weapons, what we hear is step down from power. that's why the role of china is so important.
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if china is determined to do what it has said publicly for 20-plus years and that would be fine. the problem is china says one thing to one audience and another thing to another audience. it's excellent at doing the two-step. it never actually puts real pressure on north korea. there is a charade turning ships with north korean coal away. that will be great two months from now when the ships get going again. i hope this reflects a real chinese change. the next step for the united states is the very serious consideration of military force if north korea gets the capability to miniaturize a nuclear war head and it on an i.c.b.m. that could be catastrophic for the united states. park * 22,500 of our troops,
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north korea said they will obliterate them. how do you balance that? if there is a response militarily by the u.s., they say we have nothing to lose. john: for decade the united states has been extraordinarily sensitive and rightfully so to the position of innocent civilians in south korea. but we need to look at the artillery tubes north of the dnz. are we sure they all work? or have they turned into green cheese. as north korea gets visibly closer to putting a missile on target in the united states. the president has to calculate how much risk he's prepared for american civilians to bear as opposed to risks on the korean peninsula.
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eric: how do you see this rolling out this next week? >> i think we have to get serious with china about the end state once they put sufficient pressure on north korea to end the nuclear program. i don't think the regime is strong enough to survive. i think it's too narrow, too low a target to focus to the nuclear weapons. the north korean regime will fight back. you have to look at the end of the north korean regime through reunification. eric: we'll be reporting on this the rest of the hour. happy easter. john: happy easter. arthel: this is a fox news alert. the death toll rising in syria from a suicide bomb attack on a bus convoy near aleppo.
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at least 126 people confirmed dead including 68 children. the massive explosion targeting evacuees waiting to cross from rebel-held areas into government territory. no word yet on who is behind the attack. eric: in the wake of the american military strike against now warning that the u.s. should not launch new strikes against the regime of bashar al-assad in syria. caroline shively joins us with the latest from washington. reporter: for syria it doesn't look like more boots on the ground at least for now. h.r. mcmaster was asked on abc do you think we need more troops in syria? he said it does remain to be seen, but he doesn't think so. the message, action in syria and the middle east will be taken
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but not necessarily in country. republicans say it's a definite change from the obama administration. >> president trump is taking a different approach thank goodness. he's sending a message that the united states is going to stand up for our interests and make sure we have the military capability to prevail if we choose to use force. reporter: but some democrats say force isn't enough. there needs to be more diplomacy. >> what you need is a strategy. that strategy has got to demand that the which supplies an tee normous amount of sophisticated weaponry to asued stop. we have to tell russia they cannot support a dictator destroying an entire country. reporter: more than 3,000
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syrians are expected to be evacuated today. eric: in the wake of the mother of all bombs as they call it, what type of the shift are we seeing in the battle against the radical islamic terrorists there? reporter: the top commander in afghanistan says he wants more troops. h.r. mcmaster was in kabul this morning and laid out how important if the fight is in afghanistan. the stakes are high in afghanistan. this is really the modern-day frontier between barbarism and civilization. reporter: there are 9,000 troops in afghanistan. arthel: president trump saying he's giving the military total authorization and praising the military saying it's building and becoming strong than before. joining us to discuss this is
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tom mcinerney, a highly decorated general. it's good to have you with us this sunday morning. when you consider the implications, the importance and perhaps the president's inability, some of his critics might say, giving such power to the generals, what's your analysis? >> i think he's spot-on. he knows what's got to be done. he's telling them what he wants to do and not how to do it. unfor the -- unfortunately president obama always tried to get in the how business. know american president has been given such a mess more than president trump. even after world war ii. he has taken the handcuffs off. and he's given them guidance and direction and he's letting them
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do that with the strikes in syria as well as afghanistan. arthel: in taking the handcuffs off, if this is the unpredictability that might be needed to win the war against isis. how does that wash with allies in battle? >> i think it washes very well. and we have got to let them know what our role is. we'll support them and they need to do it in the ground. i would have a problem sending more troops back into afghanistan. i would say make sure the rules of engagement are adequate. the afghan people must chief feet radical islam in afghanistan. the taliban cannot survive in afghanistan unless pakistan supports them. before it's not a fight for american ground troops to win. it's for the arab nations over there, for them to do that fight.
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arthel: how does the president allow himself and generals and commanders the freedom to maneuver in pun predictable ways and still comply with congressional power to commit the nation to pro tacted overseas military action or declare war? >> the congress has to give them the authorization to fight and the authorization for war. and the activities there. once they have done that. then they take their hands out of and let the president, the executive department take the action. the president delegates his secretary of defense and cia and others to go defeat isis. you have to defeat the forces on the ground and defeat the ideology. we have not spent much time defeating the ideology which is evil. the arabs and muslims must do that. where are the fac fact the faqq?
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arthel: in 2013 president obama asked for an authorization for wear against isis. but that failed. do you think congress will be willing to give trump the go ahead? >> i think they will. that's up to the hill leadership. if not they will have to live with the one they have since 9/11. we have not dee feeted radical islam. that's the evil ideology that the arabs themselves, the muslims must solve this problem. they created it. we didn't create it. arthel: is it possible the u.s. could have gone on the offense with a cyber attack to cause that north korea missile failure this weekend? >> i didn't say that, arthel.
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but if i was a betting man, i don't think you will see many missiles get off the launch pad in north korea for a while. arthel: i'm reading between those lines, general mcinerney. >> you should. arthel: thanks for being with us. eric: there was tragedy to tell you about this easter weekend. a gunman opened fire at a church carnival. sad story coming up. we have a lot more throughout the hour on the failed missile launch. the test coming apart basically after takeoff. what does the u.s. do about kim jong-un and his regime. gregg palkot is live in pyongyang. but first here is the head of the house armed services committee on what we should do. >> i don't think he's suicidal. but he's certainly erratic.
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four wound last night including a baby at a church carnival in center point, alabama northeast of birmingham. none of its victims in serious condition. at least 20 demonstrators arrest as pro and anti-trump protesters got violent in berkeley, california. charges include assault with a deadly weapon. this easter sunday tens of thousands of catholics underwent massive security checks to gather in the vatican for easter sunday mass of pope francis. it follows deadly vehicle ramming attacks in london and stockholm. >> north korea holding off it 6th nuclear test after it latest brazen missile launch. that setback coming one day after the regime of kim jong-un. they showed off their troops,
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their tanks, rocket launchers and apparent intercontinental ballistic missiles including new long-range and submarine-based missiles. what passes for normal daily life now on this sunday tries to go on. gregg fall cot is live in pyongyang, north korea with a look at that. reporter: celebrations marking the anniversary of the founder of this country. it got off a couple of seconds then exploded according to u.s. and south korean officials. a couple hours before that we were watching missiles parading by the north korea leader kim jong-un. it included a missile similar we
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believe to the type used on the east coast of the country. if that launch had been successful. the u.s. ally japan would have been in the bull's-eye. 35,000 u.s. service members who are there as well. a missile launch or nuclear detonation have been expected to mark the anniversary. the thinking is perhaps this launch was tied to the trip of vice president pence to the region. he was in the air when that launch was attempted. he landed a couple hours later at a south korean air base, all part of his trip around the region. back in pyongyang, here is more of what we saw today. oblivious to international reports of a failed missile test, the crowds come out in pyongyang for a flower show. life goes on in north korea.
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even at this nor exhibition, the band missile program not too far away. in fact the north korean government has yet to acknowledge there is a launch or a course that it failed. we did speak to one government official and he looked at me and said mistakes can happen. there is some speculation the united states had a role in this disaster at the launch. there have been cyber attacks by the u.s. against the aerospace operation. that might have been the case, but they are having failures of this missile as well. the bottom line is what we have found in the last couple days, the regime is serious about it missiles and nukes. and it won't be budged too easily. eric: you are giving us a fascinating view behind the
9:26 am
curtain, so to speak. it's rare for americans to be in north korea. what are your impressions? what are the people told you? what's your sense? reporter: we have been, eric. we always have a government official, we call him a minder nearby. but you get out in the city and you see people and chat with people. you see their faces. these are real people. i say the one impression our whole team and our whole team was here five years ago had gone the from the i is there is more bustle and more cars and more construction. according to the experts and analysts i talked to, that's part of the strategy of the current regime. they want to feed the public some kind of possibility and economic growth and reform at the same time repression strong in the public. crackdowns very strong in the inner circle and the nuclear
9:27 am
missile program full speed ahead. eric: intriguing look at north korea. thank you for bringing it to us just before 1:00 in the morning. gregg, thank you. arthel: there is a massive manhunt under way. a serial bank robber on the loose and apparently she has been very busy. it's take two on healthcare as president trump vows to reach a deal. can it happen? here is president trump in his exclusive interview with maria bartiromo. >> we have a great healthcare plan that i think will happen. if it happens then i go immediately to tax reform. that will be easier than healthcare. spring is on, so it's time to get started. but first things first- call trugreen, america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on.
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sticking to his goal of repealing and replacing obamacare after the first attempt of the republican house failed. he's considering withholding billions of insurance payment the government pays under obamacare in a move to force democrats to the negotiating table. he says he's trying to find common ground. >> on healthcare i won't get one democrat vote even though many of them think it's an incredible plan. the good thing is we have the house, we have the senate and the white house. so we are set. but within there you have certain factions. you have the conservative republicans, the moderate republicans, and you have to get them together. eric: they got together to pass legislation? we have a member of the joint economic committee. congressman, good to see you. the showdown over the subsidies. the president wants to cut them
9:33 am
or at least he's threatening to do that. do you think he's correct. >> up not sure that's the tactic. even if such a thing were to happen. i'm not sure that brings democrats to the table. when you have a conversation with many of the folks on the left when there are no reporters around. they understand the individual market is imploding. here in arizona you have one choice in every county, and the county i had had a 145% increase in price. they understand the aca doesn't work and will lose many of it remaining choices by next year. but it's great politics for them. as long as the political wind is behind their back, they won't come and help. eric: you say when the cameras are not around. when the cameras are around.
9:34 am
what do you think if anything can change their stance? >> i have grown to believe in this toxic political environment where the democrats have to whip themselves into a hyperbolic frenzy. we'll have to put together a package that solves this imploding healthcare model. something that a lot of our brothers and sisters out there don't understand. we are just talking about this individual market. in some districts it's as small as 2% of the healthcare population. but it's falling apart. eric: meanwhile the president is talking about cutting the subsidies. you don't think it's so much of a negotiating tactic or an attempt to kill obamacare. let me show you what he said to maria concerning his payments. >> i'm saving hundreds of millions of dollars we are saving on healthcare. we'll have a much better plan than obamacare which is failing.
9:35 am
they are saying payment have to be made that weren't scheduled to be made on obamacare. obamacare is a total mess. >> the payments affect 7 million people. what happens if this spigot goes off? >> i don't think that's going to happen. i'm desperately hoping we'll put together a piece of legislation and moist off the house floor. in the back end of obamacare are subsidize to the insurers as well as subsidies to often those in that individual market. so if the public can understand the cost per life covered, when think we may have come up with a much more elegant way to provide healthcare, and always cover those preexisting conditions with a much healthier faster,
9:36 am
fairer system. eric: what would that be? >> one of the great thing that happened right before we left. i was blessed with another member to be able to attach an amendment that would help with the risk sharing. 5% of our population is 50% of our healthcare costs. the cost of those folks with chronic conditions ends up being the cost driver. how do i mitigate that cost and lower premium for 50% of the population that only uses 3% of the healthcare and get more of them to participate in the insurance pool. i think we just got the risk-sharing model attached in the legislation and i believe some of the other things we are doing to mitigate the curve within -- don't mean to get too geeky. but within the community rating part of the model to encourage
9:37 am
the 20 and 30-year-olds to start participating. as you know, today when believe there is 10.9% of our population going uninsured. that's like 36 million people. so for a lot of the public out there, they heard the rhetoric from the democrats. when this started, there was 41 million. it's still a huge problem because of the cost model that obamacare is. eric: you have say you think something will get done in the next few weeks. >> i believe we'll get there. i think a lot of members who healthcare haven't been their specialty. they have been graduate school on steroids. as a society, we all agreed on guaranteed issue. that just seem to be baked in the case. with that, our job is how you move costs and make it fair. the next step once we get
9:38 am
through this reconciliation bill that has limitations, how do we do the thing that drive actual costs down. competition, price transparency. the use of technology. should a poor person have the right to use telemedicine? as a poor person, of course. eric: an optimistic member of congress who says he expects something can be done the next few weeks. these are a lot of details. a lot of us don't understand it and it affects millions of americans who don't want to lose their health insurance. thank you for joining us. arthel: it's important to break it down for sure. the hunt is on for a serial bank robber who hit five banks in four towns in less than 24 hours. we are told four of those robberies took place yesterday morning. police say the suspect is a woman in her mid-30s who does
9:39 am
not appear worried about getting caught. will carr joins us now. what do we know about her and how is she getting away with this so far? >> we know this bank robbing suspect was out to get a lot of money and fast. she hit four banks in salt lake county utah. in total she robbed five banks and attempted to knock off a 6th and got spooked before she got the money. she never covered her face or produced a weapon. she would walk in, pass a note to the tellers and walk out cash in hands. she is described at 5'5. she was wearing pajama bottoms. she has an identifying mole under her right eye. >> a lot of the agencies are on
9:40 am
guard watching their banks and look out for this female. reporter: authorities in utah believe the woman will rob more banks in the few around and are asking for the public to be vigilant. they will were let's hope no one -- let's hope no one gets hurt in the process. eric: fires causing road closures and evacuations. after another failure hanging over the head of north korean dictator kim jong-un. the world waits to see the next move from the rogue nation. mr. wise man ... ... you wish to know how to protect your sterling credit score. my credit is off to a good start, but knowing so many things can go wrong with it... kinda freaks me out. well, unfreak yourself out... and download the free creditwise app from capital one. creditwise gives you a credit score, and alerts you to changes. even if i'm not a capital one customer? nooooo!
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eric: firefighters are fighting massive wildfires in central florida east orlando. prior crews say 350 acres are
9:45 am
blacken's by the flames. another brush fire broke out here interstate 4. it caused traffic to slow and forced the closure of nearby roads. on the west side in lake county west of orlando, nearly 2 dozen homes have been evacuated after a 500-a i canner fire broke out there. arthel: another embarrassing failure for north korea. the rogue nation launched a missile test in an attempt to show strength, but the test failed. the world waits to see the next move from kim jong-un. >> china is the key. they can stop this because of their control over the north korean economy. this may be the first test of this presidency.
9:46 am
china can shut them down, whether they are currency manipulators or not, we should expect them to act to stop what could be a ca cataclysmic event. arthel: what does kim jong-un do next? does he double down with even more to prove his own strong message to send? >> he could do another missile test or nuclear test. that's what we were waiting for friday or saturday night. i think he uses these as political messages, but they are technical developments. he sent a clear message with the parade and rev systems on friday night. they will were we have been discussing this morning, what if it is discovered that the u.s.
9:47 am
went on offense with the cyber attack that caused that north core treian missile failure and how do you think kim jong-un would react if that is revealed to be the case? >> i hope it wouldn't be discovered because we would not be able to continue to use that particular method. i think kim jong-un would be very upset. i'm sure he's very upset with the launch failure. i think the missile technicians are probably also very upset about what's going to happen to them unfortunately. i think that the u.s. going on offense is a good idea. these are ballistic missile systems that threaten our allies and our u.s. troops. and every missile test they get right is another one towards a missile that can reach the united states. arthel: is there another offensive option? >> the military options are very poor in this instance because
9:48 am
unlike some of the other areas you might use a military option, south korea is in the target range of north korea. north korea has a history attacking south korea. the deploying of the carl vinson was to deter north korea from another military attack on the south which they did seven years ago. so they do lash out. arthel: following president xi's visit with president trump a week and a half ago, do you think it goes beyond appearance that china is going to get aggressive with an economic clamp on north korea? >> i'm not hopeful. george w. bush and president trump and president bush were not able to get china to cooperate. it just comes down to, we have
9:49 am
different priorities. the chinese are interested in managing the situation. the youth is interested in solving the situation. only way that china will fact is when its own interests are threatened. to do that president trump is going to have to sanction chinese businesses that are the key to these networks and find chinese bank -- and fine chinese banks. the u.s. did the to european banks with fines for iran sanctions violations. it's been done before and it's proven to work. arthel: what price tag would you put on those sanctions you are talking about. they have to be hefty, right? >> they have to be significant. as the u.n. reported the north korea continues to get significant revenue and continues to do transactions through the united states. there was a network exposed in september that existed for six years. we have been dealing with north
9:50 am
korea for over a decade and it's shocking that we haven't even protected our own financial system. arthel: thank you very much. eric? >> it's easter sunday. that means crowds are gathering around the world to celebrate one of the most important holidays in the christian calendar. coming up we'll take a look at those celebrations from the vat doont fifth avenue easter parade. our best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, slice it right. from the makers of lantus®, ♪ we're gonna groove tonight. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significant a1c reduction.
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eric: it's easter sunday, one of the holiest days on the christian calendar. the pope urged the faithful to keep the faith during these trying times. brian llenas joins us have vatican city. reporter: this is st. patrick's cathedral built in 1879. the easter parade is take place. this is just one of many of the
9:55 am
celebrations. as the pope led mass on the steps of st. peter's in vatican city. the pope's easter message encouraged people today to hold on to faith despite all the wars, sickness and hatred in the world today. >> in this land of pain and tragedy with the faith in the risen christ we find a sense in the middle of such calamities. sense of looking beyond, the sense of saying there isn't a wall, there is a horizon, there is joy, there is the cross with its ambivalence. look ahead. reporter: celebrations continue throughout the world. christians believe jesus was crucified, buried and
9:56 am
resurrected. in britain the queen of england attending mass. 5.5 million people a year come to st. patrick's cathedral which is just a gorgeous day. eric: you have the hats behind you for the easter parade. arthel: as the news continues, north korea's latest defiant missile launch end in embarrassment. now there is speculatione surrounding kim jong-un's next move. h usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. a heart attack doesn't or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack.
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a live report from greg. >> and vice president is on the pennies he was starting his ten-day trip to asia. today he attended easter services with us troops just miles from north korea. there hope remembering the millions of christians in harm's way this easter. we will find out how the faithful are celebrating around the world.


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