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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 19, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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president, 90 days into his administration that we will not turn and look the other way and talk our way out of it. we're there to send a message. this crap stops now. see you tomorrow. >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld, with kimberly giel foil, eric bolling and dana perino. "the five." >> greg: so the a.p. reports that the fresno feign who shot and killed three whi allah akba. it was "god is great" in arabic. thanks for the clarification. they say it is a hate crime, notrnot religion. so once again, we find ourselves
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obsessed not with saying the right thing, but the correct thing. we've become a prisoner of two choices. either he is a terrorist or a crazed murder. surprise, he can be both. kori ali mohammed wrote about white devils, but his phrase included allah akbar that he shouted during the murders. maybe he is a racist and terrorist. just like dylann roof. idle men rooming the streets. is it surprising there is a nexus between islamic radicalism and race hate. the killer was seriously mentally ill, yet he lived on the streets. that's the third leg to this deadly stool, modern bureaucrats obsessed with words, but refuse to forcefully treat the unstable, because of course, it
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is a violation of their rights. so our streets become the streets for the deranged. painting law enforcement or racism as the big problem, we must now investigate terror in all 50 states. better late than never. kimberly, how important is this debate? it feels like it wastes time that could prevents future threats. we go through this whole linguistics gymnastics after every threat. >> we see it over and over again with the mainstream immediate yeah. they go so far out of their way all the way to try to sanitize the record so that it is politically correct, instead of factually and legally accurate. i have a huge problem with this. why are they doing this? why are they trying to sanitize it? what is it they're so invested in and so afraid of. that's not me making us more safe. call it like it is. somebody can be in fact mentally ill.
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can be evil. can be someone who is committing an act of terror and somebody who is committing a hate crime. you see it all the time and i did in san francisco and los angeles with different allegations on the complaint. people charged with different crimes, multiple variables. there is no one specific standard form or uniform for crime orat terror like this. they weren't honest to begin with. >> greg: why is it so important to find the right label. >> eric: because there are certain levels of punishment that are associated. i mean, do hate crimes -- is there a hierarchy of accelerated sentencing for hate crimes and terror? >> kimberly: that's a sentencing allegation, which does increase the amount of time that someone could serve on a particular crime. just leak a weapons allegation or enhancement would add
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additional time. >> eric: terrorism would as well. but is one more severe increase than the other. >> greg: it is weird. one should be enough. it should be -- it is like if you're terrorist, how could there be room for something else. >> kimberly: you have to reflect the record. he committed a hate crime, so then he doesn't hit in the criminal justice system and the terror database and the watch list, and that's very important to have the relevant information. >> dana: i was going to ask if it mattered to the prosecutor. so i guess you would have a different approach to prosecuting the case, if he were mentally ill or a hate crime or terrorism. >> kimberly: it can be all three. another prosecutor going forward, i want to know the truth about the person. is this something that's a sexual predator, somebody who commits hate crime. what's the fabric of the detail tell you, because it is the best way to prevent future acts from occurring, and then you can seau
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okay, this person needs to on this specific list. if somebody committed a sexual assault against you, would you want them to be charged with a simple battery if it was a rape or sexual assault? no, that's not telling the true tale of what they're capable of. >> greg: i just want to play this, a call for jerry dyer, the police chief, why this is not terror. >> we don't believe based on the information we have today that this is a terrorist related crime. based on the information that we have been provided in our investigation has shown, it is that this is solely based on race. and it has nothing to do with terrorism. in spite of the statements that he made, he did clarify that the reason he made that statement in the event that anything did happen to him, that he was in fact pledging his allegiance to
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god for protection. >> greg: maybe so, bob, but you often hear that pledge of allegiance before a violent terrorist act. >> bob: by the way, this is the first show in all the shows we've done that i've actually worn a jacket, because at the end of the show, we've got a big announcement. >> kimberly: is that bass your suspenders are twisted under there. >> bob: did you have to say that? the suspenders are busted. >> greg: nice jacket. >> bob: thank you. i agree with the police chief. the factual thing is they have plenty of evidence to take into court that this guy hated white people. he recorded it. he put it on facebook. he said it to other people. he has a lot of things in the case that says that he is a racist. now, they did very little or none that says he is a terrorist beyond those two words. are you going to go to court with those two words, versus all this stuff he has on racism? >> greg: i would use it, definitely. the guy shouted it after he
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killed these people, dana, come on. i mean -- >> dana: the a.p.'s -- how you opened your monologue, the way they sliced it, he didn't say -- >> greg: maybe they were trying to be helpful. i don't know. but it seemed to me odd that you said god is great in arabic. maybe they figured no one knew. >> kimberly: i think we all are up to speed on that. >> eric: very cogent point, you need both in deciding. if they do say it is a terrorist act and find no ties to anyone, no ties to terror whatsoever, they don't have that chance to elevate the sentencing that they would with the hate crime. >> bob: that's the whole point. if you went to everybody and said allah akbar, you would have millions of people in the court system. >> greg: well, just the ones that kill people. >> bob: i agree. if you go into somebody's house and find a punch of information from terror cells around the world, then you've got a case. right now, the case is racism, and that's it.
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>> greg: you know, we spent so much time trying to parse our words, because we are afraid of offending some group or what not, and we end up instead of talking about the realtor or threat, which is i didn't mewhy to go to this tape, secretary kelly, talking about terrorism across the united states. >> a threat to the nation on the american way of life has not diminished. it has decentralized and the risk is threatening us today in a way that is worst than we experienced 16 years ago in 9/11. as i speak these words, the fbi has opened terrorism investigations in all of our 50 states. since 2013, there have been 37 isis linked plots to attack our country. this is all bad news. >> greg: so kimberly, he is saying it is the worst. i mean, that -- since 9/11, i mean, that's saying something. i don't want to hear it, but it
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is. >> kimberly: sure, this isn't a man, former general, who is prone to hyperbole. if he is saying this, everyone should take him at his word. that's the reality of what we're dealing with. i'm encouraged this when i hear this, because i would rather deal with the truth. the reality of the situation, not what people want to like try and create, and fabricate and coverup and worry about pc politics. tell it like it is and keep us safe. >> bob: i mean, pc when it comes to -- >> kimberly: okay, general. >> bob: kelly is doing, what this administration is doing, it is budget time. he is making a bigger deal out of the threats against his agency's budget. he is making a bigger deal out of all 50 states. i'm sure there are 50 states where the fbi is working.
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they're in all 50 states. >> dana: the fbi said so. james comey said two years ago, he said we have open investigations in all 50 states that are terrorist related. >> bob: there you go. this guy is two years too late. >> eric: we've got a president who could not say radical islamic terror, and called out the american public for feeling like you're exceptional. no, we're not exceptional, remember that? the speech in cairo. so from that point forward, that's been the environment in d.c., and now we find out that there is terror investigations in 50 states, over 1,000 of them and -- >> bob: during obama's administration. >> eric: worst than it has ever been. the going soft on terror hasn't been good for us. >> bob: while obama was president, when you say the worst is one man's opinion. >> eric: the most qualified opinion in the country.
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>> kimberly: the person responsible for keeping us safe, right, that's his job title. >> eric: james comey pointed out when obama was president. >> bob: that's what i mean. that was bad, he makes a big deal, oh, all 50 states. we had it for all eight years. >> eric: here's my point, bob. did president obama excel on the war on terror? >> bob: absolutely. absolutely. you don't know differently, because you don't know how many things are stopped. >> eric: false positive, yeah. >> kimberly: open borders and people overstaying visas. >> bob: more people who were sent home with obama than under -- >> dana: there are four victims here and a lot of families reeling, whether it is terrorism or hate crime. they've lost their loved one to somebody who was evil, mentally ill, a racist and possibly a
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terrorist as well. so we are parsing a little bit, but it does seem to matter what law enforcement calls it, so that we cano how to find it. >> kimberly: how about fort hood, when this country wouldn't call it what it was, an act of terrorism, and the people that are suffering. it is further insult to injury to those people who say why are they lying and covering it up and not saying what it is. >> bob: who lied and covered it up. >> greg: they called it work related violence. >> bob: that was the military, did they not? >> greg: we've got to move on. up next, democrats fail to flip the sixth district in georgia, to start the anti-trump revolution that they wanted so badly at the ballot box. they still got a chance, though. details coming up. when you have something you love,
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>> greg: democrats desperate to deliver any kind of blow to president trump, they thought they could do so by winning the congressional race in georgia by hhh secretary, tom price, but they failed. 30-year-old pinned their hopes
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on, john ossoff, and there will be a runout in june between the republican and ossoff. handle dismisses the left's narrative that this was a referendum on the president. >> the president democrats and mainstream media want it to be about that. for people for the sixth district, it is about who will be best served and who has the best values to serve them most effectively in congress as the next congressman. >> greg: president trump took credit last night for helping get out the vote, despite major outside money, 11 republican candidates, big r win in georgia. glad to be of help. john ossoff sees it as a win for democrats and vows to fight on. >> there is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages. we have defied the odds. we have shattered expectations.
2:18 pm
so bring it on. because we are courageous. we are humble. and we know how to fight. >> eric: okay, bob, how did winning or losing a win for democrats? >> bob: a win in a big way. in most of the states in the south, there has been this argument about whether you win by majority. my candidate who was black got 40% of the vote and there were about 16 republicans and the second one was about this woman, whoever she is, she got one out of five vote, and we lost because we only had 48% in the runoff. except that here is the difference. in no other race did anybody double the votes second place candidate and go on to lose. i think he is going to beat her leak a drum, and i'll tell you
2:19 pm
why. the 48% that came out and voted were committed. they were anti-trump. trump can try to take credit. he didn't do anything except drive down the republican vote. but the point is that she is not going to be able to stand up against this guy and his people will be out and think about this. the other 11 republicans, gee, we're going to make mendela, whatever her name is -- >> kimberly: handel. >> eric: now the republicans have two months to regroup and raise some money. >> dana: they have just one candidate they have to worry about it. spreading across 11. it is great that so many people want to run for office, but the republican party needs to be more disciplined. the democratic also try to come after them in suburban districts. fort bend, texas, where donald trump only beat hillary clinton by -- actually hillary clinton beat donald trump in that
2:20 pm
district that hasn't happened in a long time. democrats are trying to find where across american they find some of these seats. there is not many competitive seats in the congress. that's also why all of these are going to be national races. would you agree, bob, a ton of money that's poured into about 25 races the rest of them -- >> bob: the democratic, one-third of the republican precincts, that's all you need to know. >> greg: i'm compassionate. i'm looking at this race as politics as therapy. i think a lot of hollywood liberals needed a release after the trump humiliation, so they flocked to this kind of an obscure seating georgia, and we should let them have this mini victory. it is like if you beat a guy that is at the super bowl, let him win at trivial pursuit. it makes him feel better. melissa melano said she was going to throw up, it was hurting so much. a high school in knoxville, she
2:21 pm
could probably lend her money to. >> dana: your other observation, though? >> greg: he was doing the obama cadence. i think he read or listened to msnbc and heard people say that he sounded like obama, so when he got up there, he was doing the obama cadence, like he was changing the world, and he wasn't. >> bo . >> eric: listen to this. listen to don lemon on cnn last night. >> am i the only one who thinks he sounded like barack obama? no, does that sound like barack obama? >> yes, he did. 30 years old, i guess, you know, it worked for him. >> yes, we can, jon ossoff. yes, we can. >> greg: i was wrong with cnn. >> kimberly: all the happiness on fantasy island. wow, we can make him into --
2:22 pm
>> dana: clone him. >> kimberly: clone him. no problem. he is the new obama. >> greg: this guy didn't live in the district. i mean, isn't it time -- bob still got 48% of the vote. >> eric: isn't it time we got politicians that -- >> dana: are you sure you want to put that out there now? >> eric: you want to go there? >> dana: ever hear of scott brown? >> eric: i know there are a lot of them. shouldn't we at least have to pay taxes? >> kimberly: they propped him up, they put him forward, he is the new ken doll, strapped about 97% of the funds from outside of the district, and the state to be able to go in and support him. they tried to cast all the chips in. georgia will fall flat, just like kansas. >> bob: what do you think the cocoa brothers did? >> greg: cocoa brothers?
2:23 pm
>> bob: this is not the biggest -- >> greg: cocoa brothers? who are the cocoa brothers? >> kimberly: koch brothers. >> bob: none of you know politics. >> greg: final thoughts. >> bob: that's the cocoa brothers main thing. >> kimberly: putting them in his brownies. >> dana: i think the democrats raised expectations a little too much. a different media strategy and be more stealth, they may have won it without causing all that attention and getting the president to weigh in, which probably did help. >> eric: you think that helped? >> dana: a little bit. maybe held him at 48% and not 50%. >> bob: i think it had them vote against him. that's how much they hate him. >> greg: facebook ceo delivers his first remarks after the murder posted his video.
2:24 pm
should facebook do more to police violent content. mark zuckerberg, next. i accept i don't race down
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off your entire order, plus free shipping. life hurts, feel better. dan dane yesterd-- >> dan >> dana: steve stephens killed himself after cops closed in. mark zuckerberg addressed the tragedy in california. >> we have a lot more to do here. we're reminded of this week by the tragedy in cleveland. and our heart goes out to the family and friends of robert godwin, sr, and we have a lot of work and we'll keep doing all we can do prevent tragedies like
2:29 pm
this from happening. >> dana: it took several hours for his company, facebook, to remove the horrific video, sparking criticism about how facebook -- how they police its content. "washington post" thinks the company is denying what is a media company where people get their news, better making money than owning its equally huge power and responsibilities. and now we shall discuss. greg, i asked you, would it be going too farm to blame facebook. >> greg: we mock people who call a terrorist a truck attack. i think people are getting it backwards. social network has helped solve. it is idiot glue. if only all criminals had this, it would be -- i don't read margaret sullivan's stuff, but
2:30 pm
the media is the last point to be pointing fingers. it is copycat crimes, who collects news clippings of mass shooters, mass shooters. whenever they go into somebody's house after they've done a mass crime, there it is. law officer also tell you, the media should be the last place to be telling facebook that they're guilty. it is just a place that weirdos as well as normal people go. >> dana: passing laws that said if you commit a crime and that you live stream it or use social media, the prosecutor would have the dis correction to scretion x number of years more on the sentencing. >> kimberly: operating as a further deterrence, listen, you'll get hit with a bigger hammer, a sentencing allegation or extra punishment to try to dissuade people, but at the same
2:31 pm
time, if you're dealing with people this depraved or unstable, they're thinking hey, i'm going to take myself out, like this guy sdrdid, versus whether there will be a sentencing allegation. you put it in, and also put the onus on the company to kind of police their video streams and their media content responsibly. i don't think that's like an undue burden. >> dana: facebook continues to grow, but not just facebook that's using video. it is lots of different companies. he could have done it on snapchat for example, and so what is the responsibility then of -- >> eric: once you shot all of these or one of them. agree with greg. it is not the gun that kills people. it is the crazed people. it is not the car that kills people this a crash, it is the driver. it is not facebook's fault, but again, we talked about it yesterday. maybe -- facebook is algorithms,
2:32 pm
right, they have all these computer programs how you think, what you eat, what you'll buy. why don't they figure out a way when they see massive amounts of eyeballs going to a video, it raises the red flag, what's going on here. it may be innocent, it may be something that is just really interesting. but it also might be someone trying to get attention for a killing or doing something illegal. >> dana: what do you think, bob? >> bob: the company has to take some responsibility here. they cake up with tme up with t technology, but the difference is they are a news outlet. a lot of people get their news from facebook, and there are no editors. can just shoot it out there and do what this guy did. oh, maybe we shouldn't shoot this old man here on live tv. i don't know. i don't think you can blame facebook for it, but i certainly think that eric is right. there has to be a way, if you can come up with technology like this, there must be a way --
2:33 pm
>> kimberly: they have the money. >> greg: you guys, like the media, what do they do when there is a car chase? we watch it. we'll break in. i don't know. we haven't done it lately. >> kimberly: that's our job. covering the news, breaking news. >> greg: bob just said, facebook is a news organization. it is. we can't point fingers. we have seen some ugly stuff go down on live television, because we're covering it. >> kimberly: what do we do? we do our best in terms of standards and practices to know show things like this. nevertheless, i'm not saying oh, penalize them, et cetera, but they can do better. they're quite profitable. that's the free market at work. let them go ahead and try to do a better job of doing that. >> dana: obviously he was saying that they know that they need to do something, because it has become a situation for them as we well. >> eric: yes, people do get their postings from facebook,
2:34 pm
but i wouldn't put that under the news umbrella at all. that's social media content going up online. that would be virtually impossible. that's like telling youtube that they need to know everything that's on their site. they have to take it down if it is illegal. but it is considered youtube, and you would hold them as a legitimate news service. >> dana: to be continued, because none it will end. one last question. what about the employees at mcdonald's that knew how to hold the fries hostage. >> kimberly: your fries aren't ready. >> bob: they get the $50,000, too. >> dana: i hope so. homeland security offers two solutions to members of congress who don't like the immigration laws. change them or shut it. ahead.
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>> bob: yesterday, homeland security secretary, john kelly, gave his first public speech to layout the threats facing the united states. he took the opportunity to fire back at some of his critics in congress who have taken issue with the trump administration's actions to prevent illegal immigration. >> for too long, we have been political pawns, asked to do more with less, and less and less. they are often ridiculed and insulted by public officials, and frequently have been cconvi court of public opinion. if they don't like the laws that we are charged to enforce, sworn to enforce, then they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. otherwise, they should shut up and support the men and women on the frontlines.
2:40 pm
>> greg: about time. >> kimberly: love it. >> bob: that is four to one. this guy needs to learn some decorum. >> greg: whoa, hold up. coming from you? >> bob: or shut up? you don't say -- first of all, you're indicting congress because they happen to not to agree with what his department is doing. >> dana: he is saying that congress passed the laws that they're complaining about. in particular, he is sticking up for the men and women of the homeland security department, including the tsa. which has been asked to do really impossible things. they get made fun of all the time. but they do -- we've asked them to do a really hard job. >> bob: i'm disagreeing with the fact that he is saying the law is different than he is. >> greg: no, he is presenting
2:41 pm
the argument for those who people who love to say it is the law of the land about obama care and abortion, they don't say the law of the land in certain other laws that then demonize law enforcements. there are other laws i don't like either, bob. but i don't blame law enforcement i blame the people who made the laws. >> bob: give me a liberal democratic -- >> greg: where do we start? >> bob: oh, my god, over and over again. >> eric: a sanctuary city, plenty of them do, that's exactly what we're talking about. you're not allowed to harbor an illegal immigrant anywhere. cities can say they're going to, but that breaks the law. >> bob: they criticize the police in doing that? >> dana: they're complaining about i.c.e. agents and border patrol, yes. they're rounding up illegal immigrants -- >> bob: they hauled that woman
2:42 pm
out of the hospital. >> eric: she was in custody. they put her into custody for the thousandth time. >> kimberly: and they couldn't medically treat her. lose relationship with the fact and the details over here. so here's the deal -- >> bob: i'm glad you said that. you go ahead. you go right ahead. >> kimberly: here's the thing. follow the law. the laws are there. congress enacted them. everybody has an obligation to uphold and enforce the laws. what he is saying is reasonable. if you're going to complain about this, then have the courage and guts and wherewithal to go ahead and make the amendment or redraft something, because that's what you're getting paid for. if not, let us do our jobs we're paid to do and enforce the laws. it is very simple. >> bob: and then he said and shut up. >> dana: well, he is a general. >> eric: disrespecting the
2:43 pm
border pass troll, people enforcing the law. >> bob: this is about fact. i've sat here for -- >> kimberly: you say quite a bit to people -- >> bob: you're right. i'll tell you one thing. every time i try to bring up a fact, i make up some facts, attributed to the -- you are the worst by the way. the ones that i do have are factual, and then you make fun. you think that's funny? you think it's funny. you guys should shut up. >> bob: instead of cutting every fact i've got and laughing it off. because you might want to take some facts you don't like. a lot have do with the -- geoff us one president -- >> kimberly: all right, call your camp counselor. look at this cry baby. >> dana: poor bob. >> bob: call your dressmaker.
2:44 pm
>> kimberly: and give him a raise. that's what i'm saying. >> greg: bob, bob, i -- >> dana: you've got a good point. somewhere. >> kimberly: why don't you just read the tease thing. >> bob: why don't you shut up. we've got big news coming up from her, right after the break. just like the marines did. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life.
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>> kimberly: we have some exciting news to share with you tonight. "the five" is moving to primetime. that's right. starting monday, you can catch us at 9:00 p.m. eastern live, every night. jesse waters will be joining us at the table. eric bolling has some big news as well. eric. >> eric: this is really, really -- you gotta say bittersweet. i've been here since day one. we're developing a new show at 5:00, i'll be staying here. i won't be joining the crew at 9:00 p.m., but we'll have a lot more info about what the show will be about going forward in the next couple of days. we'll talk about what we're going to be doing and that will kick off on we believe may 1st.
2:49 pm
that will be the kickoff date. thank you to everyone out there. thank you to you guys, thank you to fox news. i am so much going to miss being at this table with you guys. >> kimberly: are you really. >> eric: i really am. >> bob: congratulations. i'm glad you got it. >> greg: what are you going to do, bob? if we're at 9:00, we need four more people. >> bob: or change it to the nine. >> greg: i know some guys downtown. >> bob: we have such a tremendous audience. the prior, i guess, glenn beck was before that "the five" at this hour used to do terrible in terms of ratings. and now we have millions of people. >> kimberly: the 5:00 time slot. >> bob: the level we do. >> kimberly: expectations, we crushed them. our producers and the great talent at the table. >> bob: this will give people an
2:50 pm
opportunity to watch "the five." we hope you do. those of you who do watch it, ask people -- >> kimberly: 6:00, west coast, which is fantastic. 9:00, east coast. >> dana: your brother will be happy. >> kimberly: a great opportunity for us to rise to the occasion, and create -- >> dana: i'm a little worried about my bedtime. >> greg: you go to bed at 9:45. bring your pillow and blanky and -- >> dana: can i bring my dog. i'm headed to bed -- >> kimberly: she is. >> dana: i'm not asleep, but i'm heading there. >> bob: the days i don't work, i usually get up at 9:00 at night dane differe. >> dana: you're just hitting your stride. >> greg: jesse will sit here. great opportunity. you guys will love it. >> eric: can't do that.
2:51 pm
>> kimberly: bowlilling called lawyer already. >> bob: get a haircut, too, jesse, when you show up for primetime. did you see his hair? >> kimberly: bob, three emergency -- i like it slicked back. >> bob: my old man, he left me an alcoholic genius, but he left me good hair. >> kimberly: that's why you love us, right? we're excited about this opportunity. we thank the fox news channel, mr. murdock and our bosses for believing in us. we're not going to let you down. rachel, we're coming from you. one more thing is next. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind
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2:56 pm
waiting behind you in line, jerk. >> why are you not using the automated teller? >> i don't like automated tellers. they scare me. i like robots, but not with my money. they steal from you. >> can't be held accountable. standing in the bake line? >> k.g. >> you know it is time for? hard news. so the elusive unicorn, what you may be family or with, greg, has been making a big comeback on social media, we are going to treat him for that. now catching onto this trend, a lot of people talking about this. they have this unicorn for al pacino, and it is magically delicious. >> what is in it? >> i'm going to let you find ou
2:57 pm
out. try to drink it. >> did he use the straw? >> we're going to be drinking this rate before. do you want a taste? >> no. >> that is the worst thing i've ever had. it's like leprechaun urine. >> vanilla whipped cream, sprinkles of powder at -- >> this is disgusting. >> 2 1/2 minutes long? >> we are going to cut your box short. >> we live in new york city, how many people here have gone to visit the statue of liberty? have you gone to the bronx zoo? >> i have. >> if you live in a place that has great attractions, you should try to go to them. my husband peter took his son to the bronx zoo, they were able to get a private tour courtesy of
2:58 pm
my friend, had these pictures, i have to say, they were raving about it, that it was just the best experience. there were the lemurs, greg. >> i love lemurs. >> i'm going to make it a point to hit some of these attractions before the end of the year. is that really at the zoo? >> no, the colors change. >> this is evil and wrong. >> very quickly, earlier today, the world champion new england patriots visited the white house, there is president trump getting the number 45 number from robert kraft and bella check, just minutes prior, check out what happened when rob gronkowski was wandering through the halls of the white house. >> can i just -- [laughter] i think i got this, thank you.
2:59 pm
maybe? thanks, man. i'll see you in a minute. >> better job. >> bob, bob. >> all of our thoughts go out to former president h.w. bush who is in the hospital in houston with pneumonia again but improving quickly. he had pneumonia, i think last year for a couple of weeks? in my mind, he is the last of the great bipartisan presidents, really believe that politics ended at the shore, and a magnificent man. i wish him well, as to all of us. >> and now i'm going to take this and i'm going to throw it at somebody i don't like. maybe somebody on the street, because it is disgusting. >> why don't you thank her for getting you a frappuccino?
3:00 pm
>> this is limited supply. >> not limited enough. never miss an episode of "the five" ." "special report" is up next. ♪ spell one is iran living up to the tes of the nuclear deal with the west? it depends who you ask. new details tonight is the trump administration explains its latest moves. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. i am bret baier. iran is keeping up its end of the nuclear deal with the u.s. and its allies -- or maybe it's not. we are getting mixed messages from the trump administration, but one thing is certain. the agreed-upon sanctions for iran is no longer a done deal. chief wa


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