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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 20, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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night. ♪ ♪ "special report" is up next. ♪ spell one is iran living up to the tes of the nuclear deal with the west? it depends who you ask. new details tonight is the trump administration explains its latest moves. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. i am bret baier. iran is keeping up its end of the nuclear deal with the u.s. and its allies -- or maybe it's not. we are getting mixed messages from the trump administration, but one thing is certain. the agreed-upon sanctions for iran is no longer a done deal. chief washington correspondent
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james rosen estimates the top story. >> in a letter to house speaker paul ryan, secretary of state rex tillerson certified iran is meeting the terms of the joint comprehensive plan of action, or jcpoa, better known as the iran nuclear deal. tillerson also announced it will lead an interagency review of the jcpoa and indicated the u.s. has little interested in allowing video as presently configured to remain in effect. >> it really does not achieve the objective. it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions, someone has to deal with it later. we just don't see that that is a prudent way to be dealing with iran. certainly not in the context of all of the other disrupted activities. >> a spokesman for president trump voiced skepticism. >> concerned that iran may be cheating? >> that's why he's asking for this review. if he didn't, if he thought
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everything was fine, he would have allowed this to move forward. i think he is doing the prudent thing by asking for a review of the current deal. >> penalized between the u.s., iran, and five other world powers the jcpoa imposed time-limited curbs. david albright, the former u.n. weapons inspector who is now head of the institute for science and international security in washington, urges the trump administration to be tougher in evaluating iranian compliance than the obama administration was. >> they are doing things in the implementation of the jcpoa march the not reported by the international agencies, let's say, produce more heavy water than it really should be to run more against centrifuges than they should be allowed to, or manufacture more centrifuge rotors than they should be able to do. so each one of those, i would
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argue, is not a material breach of the jcpoa, but it is incremental cheating on the deal. >> whatever the iran review accomplishes, the defense secretary james mattis made it clear that the u.s. remains alarmed. it is expanding -- it's expanding ballistic missile arsenal. >> everywhere you look, if there is trouble in the region, you will find iran. we will make progress on this, the international community will make progress on it. >> donald trump stopped short of saying he would rip up the deal, saying the iranians would have a chance. it is, and by secretary of state tillerson, bret, suggests there is no way for the iranians to keep it in place. >> bret: thank you. violence in the streets tonight in venezuela. police are squaring off against venezuelans and antigovernment events in several cities throughout that country.
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we have reported on venezuelans suffering on the show many times, unger on the rise, inflation skyrocketing, tonight, a different level to the protests there. correspondent steve harrigan reports on the latest. >> two weeks of tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets in venezuela culminating today and what the opposition called the mother of all protests across the nation. despite the risks of violence, demonstrators turned out in force. blood was spilled early with a young protester shot in the head. not cleared by home. an attempt by the supreme court to shut down the opposition-controlled national assembly, but there is a lot to be angry about in venezuela. the world's highest rate of inflation. the disappearance of basic items like milk and deodorant. and people going hungry in the nation with the largest oil reserves in the world.
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after 18 years of socialism in venezuela, many protesters are older, poor row, and more desperate than ever before. >> everyone who is out here is hurting, she says. we are afraid that the government will kill us or that we will die of some disease in the hospital because there is no medicine. >> different too is the man in charge. he has neither the charisma of his predecessor, hugo chavez, nor the fierce loyalty of venezuela's core. he has been cursed, eggs, or stone. he is regularly burned in effigy. the 110 bus driver is digging in for a fight. maduro files to our militias. >> he is now creating what i call goon squads, which are a so-called militia.
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he says he has 100,000 that he wants a half a million. give them a uniform and a gun. >> pressure on maduro is increasing. the protesters are having a tough time coming up with a potential replacement for maduro. one opposition leader has been banned from running for office for the next 15 years. the other is a military prison. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in miami. north korea held a celebration today with a rousing concert and inflammatory mock video in which a missile strike destroys a u.s. city. at the same time, vice president pence in the region lets the world know that we stand ready if they try to test american resolve. correspondent benjamin hall has the details. >> north korea continues to provoke the u.s. today screening a mock video showing missiles blowing up san francisco.
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the video was shown during a bizarre musical plate celebrating the life of the country's founder kim il-sung, together with a live orchestra and choir, it ended with a video showing missiles exploding in a giant ball of fire over the u.s. and a burning stars & stripes flag. if anyone thought kim jong-un might back down as international pressure mounted, those hopes are moving away. today, vice president pence continued his tour. he spoke to some two and a half thousand u.s. sailors on board the u.s. ronald reagan. >> and those who would challenge our resolve and readiness should know we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. [cheers and applause] >> that response is already on display as the carl vinson
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strike group moves closer, a symbolic act analysts say is sending a clear signal to all countries in the region. >> it has done has got north korea's attention to some degree, but it truly has gotten china's attention. by putting the military option on the table, it has enabled us to exercise some diplomatic action with the chinese, which, it is quite revealing, that they are willing to use their leverage against north korea for the first time in 20 plus years. >> north korea's missile tests certain imperative upset china, who today voiced her concerns about their nuclear and missile developments. the white house today praised chinese cooperation. >> china continues to have both economic and political influence over china, and so i think it is important to see them headed in this direction. i think it is a positive sign to see them play a larger role create >> but north korea continued on the same path, and
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some are saying by looking at the nuclear facilities, it is likely they might test in a nuclear device soon. that surely would elicit another response. bret? spohn benjamin hall. thank you. let's get some insight on a host of these foreign policy issues with marco rubio. he joins us from miami. thank you for being here. first i want to get your thoughts on what came out of the administration today and what you believe is happening with the iran nuclear deal. >> first i think secretary tillerson's comments today are on point. the problem the iran deal is not whether or not they are complying, it is a bad deal. the purpose of the deal was to prevent a nuclear iran and what we now see a north korea, and the fact is that this deal that was constructed by the obama administration allows them to basically keep in place all of the infrastructure they need to become a nuclear weapons power. you are delaying the inevitable in some ways of putting this
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deal in place. i actually think there are some issues about how much heavy water they are producing and the like that argument in my opinion, violations of the deal. even if they are, they are complying with a flawed deal that allows them to retain all the infrastructure they need to want a ramp up, and over a period of time will allow them to do it legally under the terms of the deal. >> bret: this letter that was sent >> paul ryan said essentially that iran was meeti, is that simply an admission that it is tough to get out of? >> i think it is a formality. the letter basically says, according to this deal and the conditions of this deal, we cannot confirm or any violations. if you read beyond it, the deal itself is a bad deal, even if they are meeting the conditions of the deal, it doesn't solve our problem. our problem was not to get iran to comply with the deal, it was the deal itself in that it
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allows them to retain the -- for example, the ability to enrich uranium to the point where it is weapons grade eventually. they retain all of that capacity. they continue to build out their long-range missile capacity, there conventional capabilities, their irregular and asymmetrical forces like the support of hezbollah, allows them to have more economic activity and revenue to fund all of this. >> bret: candidate donald trump and candidate marco rubio both set on the campaign trail that this is a disastrous deal and should be ripped up, essentially dismantled, on day one or something to that extent. now is, what can a reality? no, i still feel that was a deal made by a previous administration, never submitted to the congress for approval, it is a previous agreement, here are the steps we want to see command of these steps are not met, and i would include the sponsorship of
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terrorism in the development of long-range missiles, not to mention the ring there if enrichment capability if not eliminate it. if they really want to nuclear energy, they don't need enrichment capability. there are multiple countries that do not have nuclear capability -- countries that have nuclear capability and did not have enrichment. obviously it takes some time to get to the proper position, and perhaps they are working it in different angles. ultimately, everything i expect the president to do is everything he sat on the campaign, and this is one of them. >> bret: let's turn to venezuela. as we turn here, specifically caracas, your thoughts as you look at the people there suffering? the gdp is down 14%, inflation of 482%, saying they don't have enough money to buy food, three quarters of the population lost an average of 18 pounds of food. these stats are pretty remarkable as you look at the protests. >> one of the things you notice
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is that there president maduro still has a big guard. people might be starving, but he is not. he has not lost any weight over the last few years of the suffering. beyond that, i would say that people need to understand that what is happening is not a coup, not trying to overthrow the government, asking for the government to follow the constitution. the opposition won majority despite the efforts of the maduro government to win nextel the election. he essentially canceled them. they have no budget for things like paper and incorporated. the supreme court has ruled that the laws are known and void, pass any laws they want, they don't count. then he suspended elections, all of the regional elections were suspended. what happened there is the cancellation of democracy, a coup d'etat on the part of the government itself. what i am asking for the administration to do is to ask or advise at the organization of
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states, invoke the democratic charter and say that the democracy in venezuela no longer exists and they must meet these conditions or they will be expelled. that may sound like diplomatic talk, but it actually is the one thing that venezuela's most sensitive to. they do not want to be ostracized. they do not want to be isolated in the hemisphere by latin american countries. that's why think some of the sanctions against individuals that we should begin to focus our foreign policy. >> bret: the trump administration so far has not done that. for someone sitting at home, what does this mean to the u.s., the turmoil there in caracas? >> our representative has taken that position. i can tell you that general mcmaster at the national security council has actively worked to get countries to agree on voting on that direction. do? in florida, all the uncertainty hurts our economy.
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the other is the uptick. it's not that we don't want people here, a venezuelan community, but they would rather live in their own country as well. puts migratory pressure, it is stabilizing force in the region, a country whose vice president was allegedly selling pieces to up to 10,000 suspected members, elements like hezbollah, passports, and is willing passports given to people, running support for the guerrillas in columbia. it creates migratory pressure on the united states, and it undermines the economy of states like florida. >> bret: i want it we just mentioned. some 10,000 visas that venezuela apparently gave to all kinds of people from the middle east. and are we sure that that's
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accurate, and what level of homeland security threat is that? >> that allegation came from word from a former individual in that office. i have forwarded it to the fbi. i know they're looking into the allegation is a strong one. individuals in the middle east that were getting venezuelan passports, and so someone from the middle east could get a passport from venezuela claiming to be a venezuelan citizen, and that means individuals could potentially be traveling to multiple places, including the united states, under a false identity provided by government agencies. that is the allegation, and it is specifically directed at the current vice president of venezuela who, by the way, it has been sanctioned by the trump administration, lost his condos and private jet at all sorts of holdings here in the united states as a result. >> bret: we appreciate your time. will follow up on that story and others. you may have already heard, there are some major changes coming to the programming line
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appear at the fox news channel. bill o'reilly is leaving as of today after what our parent company, 21st century fox, an extensive review of sexual harassment claims, allegations that o'reilly again today called completely unfounded. the decision was announced this afternoon by rupert, james, and markland murdock. howard kurtz is here with details. >> bill o'reilly, the biggest star in the history of fox news, is leaving in the wake of mounting allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct. the news came this afternoon in a terse statement from 21st century fox, saying that after a thorough and careful review of the allegations, they have agreed that he will not be returning. o'reilly, the top ranking hosting cable news is known for his combative, sometimes confrontational style. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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speaker and a cordial relationship with president trump. the climate shifted dramatically after a "new york times" report that o'reilly or fox had paid $13 million over the years to settle five cases around sexual harassment. o'reilly, whose lawyer has accused far left groups of engaging on a sneer campaign, spoke with appropriate it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to unfounded claims, but that is the unfortunate reality many of us live with today. o'reilly's ouster comes nine months after the forced resignation of roger ailes. rupert murdoch and his sons, james and lachlan, have emphasized that any form of it is unacceptable. the move means some programming
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changes on monday. tucker carlson will move into o'reilly spot at 8:00 p.m. eastern, and "the five" will go to 9:00 p.m. martha maccallum's show becomes permanent. and eric bolling launches a new program at 5:00. >> bret: next week, "special report" runs from 5:00 to 7:00, two hours until eric bolling takes over. "the five" on that following monday. up next, president trump celebrates celebrate not a win, but not a loss either. fox 26 in fresno were officials say the suspect accused of fatally shooting three people yesterday laughed about it to detectives. the story you saw here on "special report" yesterday. police say he randomly attacked three white people in a crime of racial hatred. he also is accused of killing a motel security guard days earlier. fox 25 in boston, former
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patriots tight end aaron hernandez is found dead in his prison cell. hernandez was serving a life sentence for murder. authorities say it was suicide. media reports say some close to hernandez are disputing that conclusion. there is an investigation. this is a live oak after new york from our affiliates, fox 5, officials are treating the death of a pioneering judge as suspicious. her body was pulled from a river last week. that is tonight's live oak outside the beltway. from "sp
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>> bret: president trump is taking steps to try to address the crisis in veterans health care. the president is also celebrating what might be considered a holding in the political tennis match with democrats after not losing a special election in georgia that now heads to a runoff engine. john roberts has that story tonight from the north lawn. >> so far, the republicans have managed to win one congressional special election and not lose another, and while elections are very partisan things, the president is making some good progress on one issue with bipartisan support. >> i've been telling all of our friends at speeches and rally support two years about the va and how we are going to turn it around. and we're doing that. >> president trump took another step in his message, improving access to private health care if they can't get timely and convenient access to a va hospital. >> this bill will extend and improve the veterans choice program so that more veterans can see the doctor of their
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choice. you got it? the doctor of their choice. and don't have to wait and travel long distances for va care. >> the person president trump has tasked with changing the structure and culture is this doctor, a holdover from the obama administration. the task is like turning around an oil tanker, but he believes he can get it done. >> i do believe that working with congress in a bipartisan way and with the support of our president that we are going to do that. you're going to see some of these long-term problems be addressed in the next couple of months. >> while experts say the va is improving, there are still enormous institutional problems. the obama administration was reluctant to fire poor performance, but president trump is holding people accountable, recently replacing the director at the washington, d.c., hospital after a scathing inspector general's report. >> it is not only improving employees that shouldn't be working in the va, but it is making sure we can bring in the best and brightest to recruit
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into the va to serve our veterans. >> while president trump had one eye on the va today, the other was on the results of the special election in georgia. democrat jon ossoff fell just short of the amount needed to win outright despite syndicates million dollars, much of which came from outside the state, including but support from hollywood stars. the president tweeted,... he will now meet the top republican vote-getter, karen handel, in the runoff. president trump called to congratulate her this morning and tweeted, "dems failed in kansas and are now failing in georgia. great job, karen handel. it is now hollywood versus georgia on june 20th." if history is a guide, the runoff should heavily favor handel, but the white house is
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already spiking the football and saying that they lost. >> i think this was a big box for them. they went all in on it, they said their goal was to get over 50%, they came up short. >> but not everyone is so quick to proclaim victory. lindsey graham said that while he liked karen handel's chances in the runoff, the very fact that ossoff got so close to 50% should be a wake-up call to the republican party that they need to do more to reach out to moderate voters across the country. bret? >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. the lack of a decisive victory in georgia is a o'clock for -- as a roadblock. doug mckelway it looks at a party at many experts consider to be in trouble. >> coupled with last week's victory in by rob estes, the failure by jon ossoff to crack the 50% mark -- >> y'all ready to flip the six?
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>> in a world where republicans controlled the white house, both houses of congress, supreme court's thoughts, and within two-thirds of statehouses and 31 governorships. >> they were clear going into this election, they said their goal was to get over 50%. they came up short. >> democrats suggest the closest of the two special elections give them hope to close the gap. >> i think democrats are very pleased with these first few special elections. we are running anywhere between 15 and 20 points above where we ran last year. that continues, we when the house next year. >> that may be a mission that shows that the loss can be planned on a lackluster candidate another party itself. a comeback to a stop in portland, maine, the mention of tom perez's name prompted a few
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sighs. >> may be a came down because -- [crowd boos] >> it is not just young democrats that like sanders. a fox news poll content have the highest favorables so far, 61%, of any politician in the u.s. and that is one reason the party is now embracing the socialist senator that he at once reject. he will accompany perez in an attempt to heal the party, but also highlights a weakness. the heavy hitter is 75 years old and no one can say who is on the bench to replace him or to run the scores of 2018 congressional races. >> bret: house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz of your test says he will not run for reelection in 2018. chaffetz had been rumored as a possible candidate. he said it is time to step asid
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aside. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 119. the s&p 500 was up 4. nasdaq gained 19. russian bombers of glucose of the alaskan coast for the second night in a row. a pair of nuclear-capable planes came with a 96 miles of the mainland, much closer than monday. last night, the u.s. did not scrambled fighter jets as it did monday night, but like monday, it did put an early warning aircraft into the sky. there are some indications the u.s. supreme court may rule in favor of a missouri church suing to get state money for its preschool playground. justices heard arguments today. the case is being closely watched by opponents of school vouchers paid missouri's governor has already said the state policy probing the children's school from receiving the money is being changed. a former cia officer could be forced to reveal government secrets in a foreign courtroom if they trump administration
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does not intervene. the officer says, instead of having her back, the obama white house hung her out to dry. chief white house correspondent tonight, fox news exclusive. >> this is more than a witch hunt. >> the former cia case officer is speaking out about her decade-long ordeal after an italian court convicted her along with judas and others connected to the 2003 u.s. government sanctioned kidnappin kidnapping. >> i think it was a symbolic and political against the program. >> he was snatched from italy and flown to europe where he claims to be tortured. the evidence was weak. he was released. but de sousa is still living a nightmare. >> the obama white house didn't help me. >> the trump administration intervened. the sentence was reduced, but she must still return to italy and likely testify before their
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government. >> several members have been pushing the italian intelligence services for release and declassification of documents related to this case. >> will that be damaging? >> i think it will be damaging for both countries, because at this point right now, italy, the prime minister, over everything italian, in the u.s., everything is classified. >> on thursday, president trump is scheduled to meet with the prime minister. >> i am making a personal plea to president trump for resolution. >> why does your case matter to set the precedent? -- >> de sousa says the next generation wants to know if the government will have their backs. >> professionally it has cost me my career. personally, it has cost me and my family a lot. >> catherine herridge, fox news. >> bret: please join us
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tomorrow, we will have an interview with italian prime minister paolo gentiloni, and we will certainly ask him about this case, get reaction. the state department says iran is complying with the nuclear weapons deal, but other voices in the trump administration say they are not sold on sanctions released for a terrorist sponsoring nation. we will talk about all of that with the panel when we come back. before we come to know mike had to break, today marks the 22nd anniversary of the deadliest act of terrorism and oklahoma city. 168 people killed in the 1985 attack,
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>> i think it is important in any conversation on jcpoa, it ignored all the other serious threats that iran poses. we have to look at iran and a very comprehensive way in terms of the threat it poses in all areas of the region and the world, and the jcpoa is just one element of that. >> everywhere you book, if there is trouble in the region, you find iran. we will make progress on this. the international community will make progress on it. it's the one you're with the secretary of state say that the jcpoa is the joint conference of plane of action, that essentially is the nuclear deal between the u.s. and iran. and this comes as there are multiple reports that iran in fact may be moving forward with a weapons program. the question is, what is the administration saying with this letter today? writing in an editorial, the negotiations to arrive at the
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existing guilt will externally complex and technical, took years to complete. even if the other countries were interested in a renegotiation, which they aren't, the administration, frankly, just isn't up to it. saying that for now the deal is doing what it is supposed to, and even he may have trouble denying that. with that, let's bring in our panel. eli lake, columnist for bloomberg. susan page, washington bureau chief. an syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. welcome. what do you think of this iran deal, with the secretary of state said, and the letter that he produced today? >> based on what secretary tillerson said today, we are going to see, in some ways, what the obama administration initially told us, only applying nuclear sanctions, and i think what you'll see is more pressure on the nonnuclear sanctions. but that really wasn't done by obama, and there were a lot of
1:39 am
kind of special benefits that iran got in the last year and a half. they are not going to get that anymore. >> bret: isn't that redoing the deal, in essence? >> i don't think it is. the argument from the obama administration, a narrow nuclear deal, the trump administration is going to take that at their word. >> i think it is interesting. tillerson found it pretty tough when he came out and talk to reporters, saying, we are heading down the same path to north korea. have seen on a series of issues, moving the u.s. embassy in israel, that president trump has moderated some of the decisions. one of the questions is, will that be the case with what he called during the campaign the worst deal ever negotiated. >> bret: here's a little of that. >> my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran.
1:40 am
my administration has already imposed sanctions on iran. i will do what i have to do with respect to the iran deal. >> the trump administration is currently conducting across the entire government a review of our iran policy. the trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on iran. >> is the president concerned that iran may be cheating? >> that is why he is asking for this review. i think if he didn't, if he thought everything was fine, he would have, you know, allowed this to move forward. >> bret: charles? >> look, it is the worst deal we've ever done. there's no question about that. but it is done, and it cannot be undone. in the obama administration structured the deal so that it wouldn't be undone by doing this. it gave iran all of the benefits upfront. essentially, it gave billions of dollars, more importantly, it ended a carefully constructed,
1:41 am
ticket-long efforts to construct an international sanctions regime. it fell apart, blew it with the wind. there's nothing left of it. now, for the iranians, they got what they wanted, and now all they are doing is adhering to some of the technicalities, which doesn't hinder them at all. we have nothing to gain by tearing it up. all that is left in the deal what we want, which is to adhere to these technicalities to keep the infrastructure frozen. the problem is, a, it doesn't address the other problems, i.e., iranian imperialism, interventionism, what it's doing and lebanon and syria with hezbollah, our sanctions remain for all of that, but it is not international sanctions. it is a very small base. and the worst part of it is, it's just a freezing of the program and they are going to go
1:42 am
nuclear. it is part of the deal. it is allowed. and all that means is, a few years from now, we are going to be in a position where we have no way to legally restrain iran. >> bret: yet people like senator lindsey graham, who has had his problems and issues with president trump on foreign policy and domestic policy have had good things to say about all of this. >> we've got a president and a national security team that i have been dreaming of for eight years. so in 80 days he has done more to correct the world, president trump, then obama did in eight years. we sent out by letter to our good buddy, the ayatollah. "knock this off. you've got this nuclear deal, you may be complying, but you're destroying the middle east. we are putting you on notice. if you continue this behavior, we are going to re-impose sanctions for state sponsorship of terrorism." >> bret: so it is getting some applause on capitol hill. >> getting applause because, as charles krauthammer pointed out,
1:43 am
it doesn't make much strategic sense to pull out now, because the deliverables for upfront free to make the best of a bad situation. the one thing you can say at this point, there is a renewed effort to actually sanction the iranians, perhaps that will have some sort of deterrent event. >> bret: i want to turn to venezuela. the pictures out of venezuela are pretty intense, they are bigger than we have seen across caracas and other cities, and president maduro is under pressure there. your thoughts on what this means for the u.s. and how important it is? >> i think it is very important, and i think senator rubio made some important points that this means a lot in terms of destabilizing the region, other migrants and things like that. things to watch right now is, what does the actual military and venezuela do? what do these institutions do. if they are sitting on their
1:44 am
hands, then that is often the recipe when you have the dictatorship and you start to see the transition to a freer system at this point. can rely on these, they can rely on his secret police, but if you can't rely on his military, that is when we see dictators fall, it's what happened in serbia, what happened in eastern europe, hopefully that multiple will be what happens. >> bret: venezuela has one of the highest homicide rates right behind el salvador, pretty remarkable. >> the question is, what is the u.s. role? said the u.s. is taking position in the u.s. secretary of state tillerson did get a question from a reporter about it this afternoon and answered it, but i think people who care deeply about this issue and about the deteriorating situation there hope the trump administration will do more. >> bret: let me play that.
1:45 am
this is maduro and secretary of state tillerson. >> the time for combat has arrived, my fellow compatriots. people other. the hour has arrived. we are in the crucial hours in the destiny of our country. >> we are concerned that the government of maduro is violating the constitution and is not allowing the opposition to have their voices heard, nor allowing them to organize in a way that expresses the views of the venezuelan people. yes, we are concerned about the situation. we are watching it closely and working with others, particularly through the oas to communicate those concerns to them. >> bret: charles? >> for all of his ruthlessness and cruelty, maduro has now become an object of mockery. he is a tinpot hugo chavez, and hugo chavez was a tinpot dictator to start with. i think the best for us is to
1:46 am
stay out of it in the sense that maduro's only argument is a plot by the yankees, the imperialists, we don't have to step in. the venezuelan people are up in arms. if there are massacres in the use of the army, then i think we will have a role, but up until then, our best role is to give them encouragement, support, and watch venezuela liberate itself from socialism. >> bret: will watch that closely. next up, what is the state of the democratic party here in the
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>> i would rather be jon ossoff in karen handel right now and we have a lot of wind at our back at the progress of energy out there is palpable.
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>> i think this is a big loss for them. at the bottom line is they went all in on it. they said that their goal was to get over 50%, they came up shor short. speak with the reaction to the special election in georgia, district six, runoff in june. the president tweeting despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big r win. is failed in kansas, now failing in georgia, great job karen handel, who came in second. it is not hollywood versus georgia on june 20th. here is the latest democratic party favorability as it stands from the pole. down from january, 45-51 favorable. republican party bears a little bit less, favorable 40, unfavorable 57. you see the rack up of all the stats of the republican-controlled legislature is, the statehouses, the governorships, u.s. house
1:51 am
seats, the u.s. senate seats. it is still a big list for democrats to overcome. the state of the democratic party now as you look at this special election and you look forward to 2018? >> i think there's a silver lining for the democrats, this is supposed to be a deep red district and now it's clearly purple and we might see more of that in places like we have traditional college educated republicans. we are still uncomfortable with drum. on the other side of that letter, trump proved that he can compete with democrats in the rust belt and have a more authentic message there. i think that trump -- to state the obvious -- completely upset the math and districts that we used to think were always going to go republican are now much more competitive. i think the republican party may be gained from trump's new coalition. >> bret: it's hard to see the leadership and who is taking the ball in the democratic party. it seems like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are still kind of running the show, that wing of the party.
1:52 am
>> all the energy in the democratic party is on the left. with warren out there with her new book and bernie sanders, the candidate in kansas ''s report was a bernie sanders was supported, there are now a lot of those in my home state of kansas. it's hard to even identify with the leading spokesperson is for moderate democrats. if you look at democratic leaders, soft democrats, only 55% of democratic leaners had a favorable view of the party. that's the worst in 20 years. a big red flag for democrats in terms of pulling the center even if the energy is on the left. >> bret: they are talking about taking the house in 2018, and to do that they will need, as eli mentioned, the purple districts to go democrat. >> to take the house, they will need a kind of wave election, you have to win district you don't expect to win that underperforming, voters being discouraged and deciding to stay
1:53 am
home. that's not impossible. i think you only have -- what, 21 seats, it's not an unreachable number for democrat democrats. >> the fact that the most popular politician, bernie sanders, will be 78 in 2,020. it keeps you the extent of the devastation obama has left behind in the democratic party. in his eight years he did okay in '08 and '12. they have lost, as you enumerated before, the house, the senate, the presidency, two-thirds of the governorships, two-thirds of the statehouses. he had torched their entire minor league system. aaa, aa, single-a, there's nothing left, and that's why the leadership is in their 70s, if the old progressive, the bernie sanders, vacationing in the soviet union hard left. it energizes a lot of students. i don't think it will carry the
1:54 am
party anywhere. ask yourself, what do they stand for? higher minimum wage, fine, but that's not a program. i think what they have lost is kind of an ideological center, some kind of idea. remember, the real problem in the clinton administration -- the clinton campaign was what was her message? what does she believe? nobody had an answer. i don't know what the party stands for other than its right now anti-trump and it will thrive on that, but beyond that, there's nothing on the positive side other than the hard left, and that's got no appeal beyond these university towns and some cities. >> bret: you listen to some of the details in that new book, "shattered" about the chaos within the clinton campaign, it's pretty stark. that said, republicans now control the white house. the house, the senate, and they have to produce and if they don't produce legislatively, then there's going to be a checklist, isn't there?
1:55 am
>> yes, they do have to produce, but at the same time, if the democratic party becomes the party of safe spaces and political correctness, then it will be very difficult for them to have a mainstream national message. in a weird sense, there's this dynamic that i think from crete which is that it's stomach it infuriates the democratic party and to hear things that will not resonate with most americans. it's kind of this weird double effect. at the same time, trump wants to be a successful president, he absolutely needs to find a way to work with democrats, too, because he will have problems with his own conservative base. >> bret: hollywood versus georgia. >> being the anti-obama party worked pretty well and united republicans for eight years. >> bret: the nfl's ultimate partier with the ultimate party crashing today. stay with constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief.
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suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
1:57 am
>> bret: tonight, and uninvited but welcomed guest crashed at the white house press briefing today. you may have seen today the super bowl champion new england patriots visited the white house, met with president trump, who is a big fan. before the big event there out on the south lawn, new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski offered to lend a hand to press secretary sean spicer at the afternoon briefing. take a look.
1:58 am
>> can i just -- >> need some help? >> i think i got this, but thank you. >> you sure? >> may be. i think i got this, i will see you in a minute. >> that was cool. >> bret: that was cool. from "saturday night live" to gronk coming to visit, he probably liked this one better. that's it for the special report. we will be back next wednesday. we will be back next wednesday.
1:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. thank you so much for joining
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us. we appreciate it. i'm heather childers. abby: good morning, i'm abby huntsman. thanks for starting your day with us. vladimir putin's dangerous game of cat and mouse is intensifying. heather: russian bombers flying 36 miles off the coast of alaska. this time u.s. not intercepting, forcing them to change course. all of this, of course, as russia appears to help protect the syrian military allowing jets to move from the base hit by u.s. missiles to a russian base, putin vowing not to get involved but top u.s. officials saying that the militaries are still communicating. abby: a country in crisis, opponents of venezuela launched the so-called mother of all marchs, five people are now


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