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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 20, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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finally the ugly, a liberal film director who tweeted that only love will stop isis. now challenged to back up his words. fundraiser set up by conservings to send josh fox to hug isis has already reached its goal of $2,500. have a great thursday, everyone. "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: bye. >> everybody in the country illegally is subject to being deported. >> the problem with the iran deal is not whether or not they are complying. the fact it's a bad deal. >> it really does not achieve the objective. >> if there is trouble in the region, you find iran. >> he shocked the political world today. >> i preach that you want to get in, serve, and get out. that's what i'm doing. >> pension tensions escalate ovs as bombed for a second day in a row. >> the united states of america will always seek peace but under president trump the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.
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>> uc berkeley has forcibly cancelled lecture. this bill will extend and improve the veterans choice program so that more veterans can see the doctor of their choice. >> we will see what pans out in the negotiation. but i think not seeing that. can i just -- [laughter] i think i got this but thank you. maybe. that was cool. how do you follow that? ♪ roll my window down and cruise. ♪ brian: sean spicer said i'm going to take a break and let him take some questions. >> if he was behind the podium there you have got to wonder whether or not they would go ahead and continue to ask the questions or would they just look? >> patriots went to the white house because obviously they won the super bowl. and sean spicer is in the middle of his press conference and he come around the corner and said do you need some
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help? brian: for a guy who didn't play in the super bowl he is getting a lot of pub blitz. publicity. ainsley: i don't know who he was until he weighs in the parade spraying the crowd with his shirt off with alcohol. got tom brady on the baseball field grabbing his jerusalemy. this guy is awesome. so funny. brian: if you run into him, you have a sip of his beer. ainsley: he might spray it on me. brian: absolutely. that was a lot of fun yesterday. a lot of action yesterday and today. especially talking about immigration. guess what in the home land security secretary and the attorney general are heading to the border today. steve: right. it's going to be their first joint session circumstantial down there. i say session because jeff sessions will be there along with home land kelly. the overriding theme is how
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are we going to secure the border and at the same time turn people around who are in this country illegally. ainsley: they are saying, you know, it's not just about the drug cartels and illegal drugs coming over the border. it's also about keeping the terrorists out of our country. steve: absolutely. ainsley: they will find the weaknesses and come through. brian: i was saying in this morning when i walked in it's so different having a general with a law enforcement mind set in that position of home land security secretary as opposed to lawyers going at this legalistically to have a marine general to say i stay up at night because i worry about who is coming through our southern border because i know about the evil intentions. the media seems to be fixated on people here illegally that are being deported. those brought here at kids the daca people. the dreamers under the daca act. the president says i don't know what to do with it. i'm pretty much going to leave them alone. they are focused on one guy in
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particular saying you threw out one dreamer. upon further review this dreamer had some issues. ainsley: he was convicted of theft according to customs and never renewed his daca. steve: his name juan montel.rtmf home land security said his daca status had expired, i think that's the word they used. then they realized he had another year on the clock for himself. however, on february 19th, he was detained because he was trying to scale the wall back in to the united states. then they said, you know what? he had left the united states voluntarily to go backs to mexico and when you do that, if you leave the country, daca enrollees must be approved for travel outside the united states. that invalidated it. yesterday, when jeff sessions was on "happening now" the case came up about hey this one guy a dreamer has special
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status, right? jeff sessions said this about people who are in the country illegally. >> daca enrollees are not being targeted. i don't know why this individual was picked up. everybody in the country illegally is subject to being deported. so people come here and they stay here a few years and somehow they think that they are not subject to being deported. well, they are. steve: his attorneys went on to say the reason he tried to reenter the country was because he was deported two days before he was caught scaling the wall. brian: why the fixation on this one individual? it totally glosses over the main subject in that this president and many people in america who voted for the president are concerned about our security and our immigration, our rules on immigration. one guy or one woman somehow gets scoopsd up, let's go fix it. that's no problem. don't act like the whole system is on its head. as president trump has run up in the past he has gotten a
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lot of conservatives angry because is he not tuesdaying a lot of the dreamers out. listen, i'm really torn on this. they didn't have anything to do with coming here. a lot of them have not broken any laws besides getting here with their parents. instead of what he did to tick off conservatives as they did about this one guy but what about the next case in the one thing in the identity theft storm is what happened with the iranian deal, as the president said before, that's one of the first things he is going to look at is this iranian deal. he never said he was going to tear it up especially when this iranian deal has them getting everything right away. alleviated from the sanctions, all the funds they get frozen in our country given to them. all of a sudden when good things are given to them, now all of a sudden there is the sense if president trump is going to stand by his word is he going to tear up this deal. that doesn't make much sense. the secretary of state mentioned that yesterday. ainsley: rex tillerson was saying the goal here is to have a nonnuclear iran. that's not happening. he said instead we are
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delaying that, the obama administration has kicked the can down the road and things are about to change. listen. > steve: roll tape. >> this really does not achieve the objective. it's another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions. we buy them off for a short period of time and someone has to deal with it later. we just don't see that that's a prudent way to be dealing with iran. certainly not in the context of all of their other disruptive activities. steve: so what they have done is ordered a 90 day review to see exactly what's going on with iran. because while they have got 90 days on this review, just in a couple weeks the president has to decide whether or not he is going to go ahead and extend the sanctions. because the sanctions were suspended and not revoked and could be reimposed by presidential pen. what makes the whole thing complicated is while rex tillerson is saying, you know,
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here is what we think is going on with iran, the state department came out the day before on tuesday night and said iran was complying to the letter of the law. that just makes it more complicated. but, you know, given the fact that the president of the united states says it was the worse deal ever and mike pence said, you know, if we're in charge, we're going to rip it up, that frames the subject. brian: what rex tillerson said the day before there is nothing about wrongs with it it the problem is the deal itself and other issue of getting heavy water to make a nuclear weapon, burr the bottom line is even if they go by the letter of the law, it's bad for america. guess who understands that senator schumer. he was one of the people who rallied againsvoted against it. secretary of defense mattis said everywhere you look in the region, they have their hands doing something negative whether it's the lebanese situation, whether it's contributing to hezbollah, what they are doing in syria. they never address the problem with their proliferation in support of terror throughout
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the area. ainsley: every problem always leads back to iran. do you know what bothered me about that deal though dirm when all the details were released? inspectors are not allowed to go in there we are not allowed to send our inspectors in there to make sure they are not making nuclear weapons. we have to give them 90 days to clean out the nukes. brian: they decide to give us samples of their declared nuclear operations not even the ones that weren't declared. found operation against their government. assad saying getting rid of the chemical weapons. steve: not a difficult deal. ann coulter was supposed to speak april 21st at berkeley. she was invited by the university of berkeley two groups american foundation and college republicans out there. but, yesterday, she was informed, you know what? wee have to cancel your speech because we cannot guarantee your safety. which is curious. because, keep in mind,
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berkeley, going back to 1964, promoter of free speech. so what's she going to do? shear she is. >> i am giving the speech. i don't know, what are they going to do arrest me? put me in the birmingham jail. no, i'm definitely giving the speech. i was invited to give a speech and they went through what college have come to recognize. they kept piling on requirements, ruses. you can't speak in the evening. you have to speak in the daytime when kids are in classes. we're not sure which room you are going to use. we won't tell you until the last minute. we have to exclude everyone except students. although the groups, intermediaries kept encouraging me this is unfair they kept doing it to liberals. nope, i will do it. okay. okay. so i agreed to all of their demands and then wake up this morning and they send out a letter saying how much they love the first amendment and freedom of speech and they are so committed to it but we're just canceling her anyway.
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brian: if she gist the speech she has to provide her own security perhaps. steve: how can they say they don't protect her. brian: what if they don't send security there. steve: if the president of the united states would go to berkeley, you would imagine that's a significant security envelope around him. why don't they give her of the same thing. ainsley: so she can speak. the university is there they have to protect their students. they don't want all of that mayhem. they don't want glass shattered. so i understand their perspective but if it's truly just to prevent a conservative from speaking, then that's a totally different issue. steve: keep in mind that same university where m milo went a couple months ago if u.k. berkeley does not alieu free speech and practices violence on people with different point of view, no federal funds. remember that? brian: a lot of parents are deciding this week where their kids are going to go to school. so why would you, if you are part of the people that want to hear ann coulter or want to hear, i don't know, senator feinstein speak, if that's the
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opposite of the school that's there, why would you go to a school that does not want any type of guest speakers going there that might go against the grain? why would you choose that school? ainsley: got in. brian: berkeley go, to a community college and get your grades up and go somewhere else. why would you write a check like that. steve: the university says don't come, we will keep you posted. go over here. abby huntsman. abby: good to have the gang back together today. i want to start with a fox news alert. how close russian bombers got to the u.s. those bombers flew just 36 miles off the coast of alaska for two nights in a row. well, unlike a similar incident monday night, the u.s. did not intercept and instead launching an aircraft warning. the first time around russian bombers flew within 100 miles of alaska. the family of disgrades nfl star and convicted killer aaron hernandez demanding some answers about his suicide. legal team vowing investigation saying he was in
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good spirits and looking forward to appealing his life sentence murder conviction. hernandez found with a bible verse john 3:16 written on his forehead referring to life after death. and former president george h.w. bush regaining strength in a houston hospital after a mild case of pneumonia. this is barbara bush by his side. the former president said to be in high spirits. that's some good news. >> i love it they are always right next to each other. i'm sure she was wearing her pearl necklace, ainsley. steve: thanks, ainsley. steve: thank you, abby. surrounded by a's. hillary clinton is firing back at bombshell book that came out on tuesday revealing details on her shattered campaign. they want to know who the leakers were. brian: there is over 100 sources. ainsley: president trump
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taking action to help our heros who need it the most. >> this bill will extend and improve the veterans choice program so more veterans can see the doctor of their choice. you got it? the doctor of their choice. the doctor of their choice. ainsley: does it go far enough? marine veteran who works every day for vets is next. th you™. liberty mutual insurance. when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one.
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can see the doctor of their choice. you got it? the doctor of their choice. and don't have to wait and travel long distances for v.a. care. some people have to travel five hours, eight hours. and they will have to do it on a weekly basis or even worse than that it's not going to happen anymore. brian: a new law now on the books to guarantee care to our veterans. does it go far enough? after all they are saying you can go somewhere else until we get our act straightened out. joining us now for concerned veterans for america is dan coldwell, was that an important announcement yesterday? >> it was. it's very good that president trump and congress passed a law to expand the veterans choice act so some veterans can choose to get healthcare in the private sector. there needs to be more changes. the act is good flawed bill and meant to be temporary. why we need to get every veteran who needs v.a. choice
3:19 am
to get care in the private sector. something president trump campaigned on and something he wants which shulkin. brian: no democrat is standing in his way, what's stopping the massive reform that everybody is looking for? >> well, unfortunately, behind the scenes there are democrats that are opposing both the healthcare choice reform and the accountability reforms which make it easier to fire bad v.a. employees. and unfortunately here in d.c., in the d.c. swamp, have you some washington special interests, american federation of government employees the v.a.'s union opposing these bills and reforms because sadly they benefit from the status quo. for example, right now, there is a great bill sitting in the senate, it passed the house called the v.a. accountability first act which would make it easier for secretary shulkin and president trump to fire bad employees, because of the special interest pressure, you can't pass the bill. this is a common sense bill it
3:20 am
would make it easier to fire employees, including those convicted of crimes, which is, unfortunately, extremely difficult to do right now. brian: so, in the meantime, by the way, what's the special interest that's stopping it? >> it's the american federation of government employees which is a public sector union that represents v.a. employees. they don't want to make it easier to fire bad employees and don't want a lot of veterans going into the private sector because that could mean fewer v.a. employees and therefore fewer members. brian: in the meantime one of the problem with doctors they say when you give mee medicare and medicaid patients you are not paying me enough so therefore my practice crashes if i take non-medicaid. are they happy with a veteran shows up with ha voucher that allows them to go outside the v.a. system? >> it's not a voucher. it's a reimburstment system. it's currently a card. i think the biggest issue that a lot of providers face is actually the reimbursement time. the time it takes for them to get paid. and that is an issue that does
3:21 am
need to be resolved. again, i know it's something that president trump and secretary shulkin are working on they are aware of it and working every day to fix this problem. brian: thank you so much i appreciate it. coming up straight ahead a new move by college police trying to stop free speech. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at yeah! now business is rolling in. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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ainsley: you might have already heard there are some major changes coming to the programming lineup here at the fox news channel. bill o'reilly is leaving after what our parent company 21 century fox called extensive review of sexual harassment allegations against him. allegations that bill o'reilly again called completely unfounded. the decision was announced by rupert james and murdock. the move means some programming changes on monday. tucker carlson is going to move to the 8:00 p.m. eastern
3:25 am
hour. the 5 "the five" prime time at 9:00 p.m. still be five because it's five people. martha maccallum will stay at 7:00 and eric bolling launches a brand new program. "special report" will run until two hours until that monday. ♪ ainsley: police teaching berkeley a thing or two how to handle protesters. auburn officers getting tough on masked people protesting controversial people. take a look. >> take your mask off. no moodies no, masks. no moodies, no masks. >> back off. back off. >> take your mask off. >> take your mask off and can you go. >> you want to take the mask off. you are on camera, come on. >> we haven't done anything. >> take your mask off. take your mask off and can you go in or you will be arrested. your choice. >> joining me now is cabot
3:26 am
phillips contributor of campus good morning to you, cabot. >> good morning to you. >> have you two different scenarios, auburn university not allowing protesters to wear masks so they can do their jobs. at berkeley people throwing people through the glass we didn't know who they were because they were masked. >> it's important to keep the peace and enforce the laws that we have the on the books. auburn this speaker had atrocious views. in america you can't be violent towards someone because you disagree with them. these anti-fascist protesters as they call themselves have proven themselves to be just that violent. i think there are two things ironic about protesters, first they are protesting fascism, politicians and people they are protesting want less government involved in their lives. second they like to say that when they are going out they are doing this in the name of toler rant rance they want more in the america. doing that by being intolerant. people have misplaced their anger in many places.
3:27 am
i think these alabama policemen should be commended for keeping innocent students safe and allowing, you know, people to go about their daily lives and not have fear of being assaulted by protesters. ainsley: at berkeley when we saw recently the march for trump event, both sides, all said that the police were standing back, they were standing back i think 100 feet and watching the protesters argue fight. you can see this here and didn't jump in to stop it so what's happening? why is everyone so angry? >> i think first off there is a lack of accountability. these protesters really rioters is a better term for what these people are they know there is no accountability. they can throw a mask on and assault a few people. set things on fire and call it a day's work. kids don't step in because they don't want to get involved in it that's the wrong course of action to take. if you are wearing a mask in public it usually means you are doing something you are ashamed of and know you shouldn't be doing in the first place. good for the cops tore using the law at their disproposal.
3:28 am
these protesters will go back and say racist laws. these laws go back to trying to curtail the kkk and make sure people couldn't go out in public if they wanted to do those hateful things they had to give their face to it. ainsley: ann coulter was asked to speak at berkeley. they pulled that. they said you can't speak because we need to keep the college students safe. she says i'm still going to go, are they going to arrest me? >> i think she should have every right to speak. college should make more efforts to protect her. one of our correspondence campus form reform a student there at berkeley. many times they will be out passing out clip boards and items for their college republicans club. people will come and turn their tables over and scream at them what terrible people they are. the administration is not too quick to protect them. i think if it was college republicans protesting a liberal speaker, the school would make every effort to shut down those republicans protesting those conservatives and protect that liberal speaker coming to campus at
3:29 am
all cost. it's not happening because it's a conservative speaker. ainsley: should ann coulter be worried? should they arrest her? >> it's public property so she has the right to be there. just the fact there is a question shows how colleges have become this place where there is no open discourse and no longer a marketplace of ideas. that shows the environment that's been created and allowed by administrations curtailing to these demands from far left students. many of these protesters are not students in the first place. ainsley: that's true. >> a lot of time they are paid protesters to bust in from out of town. ainsley: cabot phillips, thank you four your perspective. scary moments when a plane thousands of feet up in the air fills with smoke. we take you inside that cabin. and super bowl champ rob chubkowski wanted to make sure he had everything under control. >> do you need some help? [laughter] >> i think i got this but thank you.
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♪ ♪ >> i read after the success of in-store cafes ikea might open their own restaurants which is great until you have to assemble your own table. it's not worth it. [applause] not worth it. it takes too long. steve: their meatballs are fantastic. i love the meatballs. in addition to whatever meat it is they have vegan and chicken i read. 30% of the people who go to ikea go for the food. ainsley: the 30-year-olds and gavin saying the hot dogs. steve: a dollar. brian: thing about swedish meatballs from italian meatballs are smaller. i guess concerned about portion size? steve: growing up in a swedish household our meatballs were gigantic.
3:34 am
brian: that breaks the news. swedish are known to be golf balls. steve: you are throwing my grandma a rogue breaker she went rogue early. brian: we knew the italian woman would make the meatballs we didn't ask children at children. steve: we should have a meatball aunt ellen and grandma. brian: that ship has sailed. steve: suddenly hungry. ainsley: more cow bell. can we open up the phones? ainsley: my husband and i finally got to the end of it could not find one mail missing. ainsley: not get through without fighting. >> always fight. always their fault. ainsley: start taking over. they get mad because have you it under control. brian: have a page 2 why put everything on one page? ainsley: i will talk to them brian and see what they will do. church vs. state and judge
3:35 am
neil gorsuch's blockbuster case. supreme court showing support for religious freedom in this debate recycled tires upgrading a turn's playground. missouri denying that request saying the constitution prohibits public funds from going against religious organization. the church is organizationing the playground is open to the public during summer months. we will see how that plays out. and hillary clinton's team reportedly on a witch-hunt to find whoever leaked details on her failed presidential campaign. authors of the bombshell book shattered they say they spoke to more than 1,000 insiders like her phone calls with president obama. she picks up the room and talk. as she steps into the room she says mr. president i'm sorry. abby: according to the "new york post" she went on a similar witch-hunt when she thros barack obama in 2008.
3:36 am
a plane packed with people filling one smoke minutes after taking off. passengers screaming and praying out loud. frightening and sad. engine catching fire on euro flight over nigeria. taking 30 minutes to land safely. luckily no one was hurt on that flight. the case of the fire still under investigation. and the white house is full of winners. super bowl 51 champion new england patriots making the traditional visit to seat president after their miraculous overtime come back win against the falcons. patriots tight end ron chubkowski even crashing sean spicer's press briefing. watch can i help? >> i think i got this but thank you. >> are you sure. >> maybe. thanks, man. i will see you in a minute. all right. that was cool.
3:37 am
abby: that was pretty okay the "new york times" sports page had to make it political side by side visit showing more players visiting then president obama. but the team's twitter account quickly setting that record straight in 2014 over 40 football staff were on the stairs in 2017 they were seated on the south lawn. unfortunate they even have to come out and make that distinction on twitter. brian: they missed 27 players in 2015. steve: including tom brady. brian: tom brady didn't come this time either. calling it a family conflict. ainsley: calling it fake news abby: swedish meatballs. ainsley: thought you were going to say swedish fish. in the new movie it's called gifted, one man wants a normal life for his little niece. realizes he is over his head. here yam is anything but a
3:38 am
average 7-year-old. >> who can tell me what 3 plus 3 is. >> everyone knows it's 6. >> can you tell me what 57 multiplied by 135 is? -- okay. >> 10695. steve: she reminds me of my daughter mary. brian: reminds me of a little. steve: step in to the fox light of michael tammero who sat down with the cast including mary. >> did i. chris evans sheds his super hero tights for a different role ever sat down with him octavius spencer told me about the making of this very special movie. >> please don't make me go. you can keep home schooling me. >> i taught you everything i know. no more argument, okay? we discusse discussed this add . >> you don't know? looks like someone needs school. >> first off, chris evans, how great is he in this role? very different. >> it is.
3:39 am
we have not seen him like this ever on film. and i love it. i love that he is, you know, put aside his super hero type and he is only a super hero to this little girl which is what most daddy's are. >> he and ken that had such good rapport right off the bat. she is also very gregarious as well. she is ready to connect. >> i would always imagine you would be nice whenever i walked in i was like he is way nicer than i imagined. >> didn't know he was going to be this nice. >> she struck the balance. not only was her acting phenomenal. she had a life where she was still in touch with her inner child but seemingly more mature than i was. >> forgot the sign on the x pony meant. >> why didn't you say anything. >> i was told not to correct older people. >> unconventional family all about traditional love. i think it's a beautifully crafted movie. >> yo
3:40 am
steve: that looks great. >> finally a movie for adults for the same. i'm sick of furious 8 and cars. catch gifted i gifted in theate. she raises the bar. ainsley: she plays the neighbor? >> she plays the neighbor, yeah. ainsley: all out manhunt for a leaker happening at the agency. judge andrew napolitano is live with us to react to that come on, in judge. brian: get. this he put his life on the line for it why did an army vet nearly go to prison for hanging the american flag the size o he joins us with that story straight ahead ♪ bad company ♪ and i won't deny ♪ bad, bad company
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♪ brian: some quick headlines now, vice president mike pence and his family wrong up a tour of indonesia's largest mosque overnight on this first asian tour the vp praising the country for practicing a modern form of islam. ramping up security after two years of breeches in the same month. same area popular south lawn will be extended. tourists are not allowed on the sidewalk bordering it. the change coming after a fence jumper walked on the white house before he was arrested. steve: launching a manhunt for a traitor perhaps inside the cia or another government agency who exposed thousands of top secret documents and tools. ainsley: weeks published the information in march and in his first public comments as cia director mike pompeo, he railed against the
3:45 am
organization and its leader julian assange. >> it's time to call out wikileaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia. they champion nothing but their own celebrity. their currency is click bait. not the slightest bit interested in improving personal liberties. they have first amendment shield them from justice. they may have believed that, but they are wrong. brian: here to discuss fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> very unusual to hear the director of the cia target somebody he believes who is part of the system through which information has been leaked and target a person. so personally and so aggressively. you know that what came out we will talk about in a second exactly what came out obviously damaged the cia
3:46 am
there have been so many leaks. ainsley: which leak is this. >> this is the leak that revealed. so cia's methods whereby it can hack into your smart phone. steve: your samsung television and microwave and make it look like it was the russians doing the hacking. so they are particularly aggrieved because they can't really use this method anymore now that it's out there. steve: okay. so now here's the question hooks like somebody inside the cia who leaked that to wikileaks or cia or contractor as we learned with edward snowden he had the keys to the palace. >> yes. so there are cia agents. there are nsa agents and cia contractors and nsa contractors. typically an intelligence agency will hire a company and the company will deliver contractors. the people that do the work are employed by the company which gets a fee from the federal government. they take the same oath to
3:47 am
preserve secrecy as do full-time federal government employee agents as we know from the snowden experience whether you think he was a hero or a goat he did release a tremendous amount of information and somebody did the same thing, we have to figure out which one this is. we know which one it is it was a couple of weeks ago. the leaker, of course, commits the federal crime of espionage, not treason, espionage which is the failure to safeguard secrets. the same crime that hillary clinton probably committed by putting top secret information on a nonsecure server. not prosecuted. another story for another time. but once the leaker leaks to the media, whether it's fox news, the "new york times" or wikileaks. then that entity can, just like we're talking about it now, with impunity reveal it and discuss it the theory of this is the public has a right to know and once it's out there, it's out there. that doesn't relieve the leaker from being prosecuted but it allows the rest of us
3:48 am
in the media to talk about it. brian: my sense was the tension was being to turn down between the white house and kr-6r789 ia. for mike pompeo to come out like, this what do you think that says about what is happening inside the cia? >> i think there is a great battle going on in the intelligence community right now, brian, for the heart and soul of president trump. selectively seal and reveal information. mike pompeo is the president's guy. he is the successor to john brennan. he is the new director of the cia. but there are part-time that work for him that he probably would prefer he had a little bit more influence over and control over. same thing over at the nsa. these intelligence agencies have so much information about so many people, it makes them so powerful. it also makes the people who have access to this information independent of their bosses and independent of others in the agencies because once they leak something, like what we're
3:49 am
talking about this morning, it has a profound effect on everybody else. steve: mike pompeo sees his boss every day because he personally gives the president the presidential daily brief. >> all the best, guys. steve: thank you, judge. meanwhile attorney general jeff sessions making a joint trip to the mexican border with general kelly
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ steve: a 75-year-old army vet could have gone to jail for what appears to be unbelievable crime, flying an american flag at an american facility. but now that vet has been found not guilty. bob rosen brock was initially charged for putting a small napkin sized flag on the fence outside a v.a. office in l.a. but he is not out of the woods just yet. joining us right now is u.s. army vet bob rosebrock. is he screen left. right in the center right there and his attorney. good morning, guys. thanks for joining us today from los angeles. >> good morning, steve. >> good morning. steve: all right. mr. rosebrock, why did you want to put a tiny little american flag, two of them the size on that fence? >> it was memorial day in 2016, last year.
3:54 am
and i just wanted to display in honor of all the veterans who have served our country over the last 240 years. and also in honor of the veterans who are inside that v.a. trying to heal from defending the american flag. steve: great. that's an honorable thing to do. but then you found out you got in trouble. what happened? >> well, they cited me for displaying a placard. they said that there is no regulation for not displaying the american flag. they have a regulation that says you cannot display a foreign flag. and the v.a. police officer garcia was adamant that it was a placard. and we disagreed. and showing up in federal court. steve: you did wind up in federal court. mr. schtick, what was your defense? >> the defense was that the regulation did not apply to mr. rosebrock. we also raised his fifth amendment right under miren do.
3:55 am
in fact, the judge ruled that his miranda rights were violated. they violated his miranda right which is his fifth amendment right to remain silent when at the engaged in the v.a. police. photographer charges. those were thrown out on pre-trial motions. we went to trial tuesday. the government just really couldn't make its case. they couldn't prove that he posted the flag on the fence. steve: unbelievable. why do you think, mr. rosebrock, you were initially charged? i mean, what was that guy thinking? >> well, to me, it's just straightforward retaliation. we won a federal judgment against the v.a. for engaging in nine illegal real estate deals inside. and we exposed it. and the v.a. got behind closed doors and called celled it they promised veterans homelessness and they didn't. we continued on with our protest. they are just trying to
3:56 am
silence us. they are going to this extreme to try to get me arrested and possibly imprisoned for six months. steve: thankfully, you were acquitted this week. here's the question for you though because you put up the napkin sized flag for a good purpose. would you do it again? >> oh, of course. of course. it would be so anti-american not to. in the military we defend that american flag. and if we don't have that freedom, then we don't have america anymore. steve: there you go. all right. robert rosebrock and robert sticht. thank you for joining us and telling us your story live from los angeles. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: email us and tell us what you think at that is something. big program on debt for your thursday morning.
3:57 am
dan bongino, michelle malkin, ed henry and bob massi. we'll be right back. ♪ life is a highway ♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. but first things first -me call trugreen,. america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on. and tailored care plans ensure their lawns get exactly what they need to thrive. guaranteed. that means you can do more of this, this, and this.
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4:00 am
>> everybody in the country illegally is subject to being deported. >> the problem with the iran deal is not whether or not they're complying. the fact that it's a bad deal. >> if there's trouble in the region, you find iran. >> tensions escalating overseas as russian bombers buzz the u.s. for a second day in a row. >> use to be commonplace during the cold war. >> u.k. berkeley has forcibly cancelled her lecture. >> i'm definitely giving the speech. what are they going to do arrest me? >> college republicans protesting a liberal speaker the college would make every effort to shut down republicans and protect that speaker's right at all cost. >> veterans program so more veterans can see the doctor of their choice.
4:01 am
>> unfortunately here in d.c., have you some washington special interests opposing these bills and these reforms because sadly they benefit from the status quo. >> with your backs against the wall, and the pundits, good old pundits, boy they are wrong a lot, aren't they? you pulled off the greatest super bowl come back of all time. [applause] ♪ who do you think you are ♪ mr. big star. ainsley: it was not raining when we came in this morning. look at it now. steve: kind of a gray, cold day in new york city as you look live up avenue of the americas passed radio city music hall. welcome to "fox & friends" for this very busy thursday. brian: one of the reasons why people live in the northeast they want the variety of weather. they want to know that friday is going to be nice because wednesday wasn't. and thursday- steve: people live here for the weather they like the four seasons? brian: people like changes. sometimes people like four different changes in a day. ainsley: you get that this time of year.
4:02 am
brian: when i lived out in california i never tired of the sun. i never said to myself i wish i was colder. i wish i wasn't able to do everything i wanted in december. but a lot of people say no, i need to see the leaves turn. i need to know it's going to rain tomorrow. steve: knowing a lot of people down in florida they say the same thing. i kind of miss the snow. then they come up here one day that's enough. going back to florida. one day one and done. brian: hydroplaning. ainsley: the only complaint i hear about new yor if you move m california i miss the california weather. it's a great city. steve: fantastic town and broadcasting live from here. later on today the attorney general and the secretary of homeland security are going to go down to the border. first, joint visit to el paso and san diego, talking about securing the border and prosecuting offenders. in the meantime though you have this case of a 23-year-old dreamer by the
4:03 am
name of juan montel monday tez. and his story is getting a lot of press. he has dreamer status and can stay in the country. apparently his dreamer status had not expired but -- this is the big but, he was in mexico and tried to scale the wall in apparently california, come back in the united states. they caught him and then turned him around and went back to mexico. dhaka enrollees must be approved for travel outside of the united states. he didn't get the okay. the department of homeland security say he was in the country illegally. ainsley: you have the left saying this kid has been here 14 years. he came here at 9 years old. you are saying mr. trump you are not going to separate families. this is the first dreamer that's been deported. what they're not reporting is that he broke the law. steve: he broke the rules daca. brian: bottom line is 12 million people here illegally. not registered. little by little, we are
4:04 am
cracking down on the border. reinforcing, making massive immigration reform more possible than ever. people want to focus on these cases. in this case in particular, you are doing the wrong thing. so attorney general jeff sessions, who is going to be going not only to the border of in arizona, is he going to actually be going to san diego as well. el paso, texas well as san diego. then is he going to be going to arizona. the attorney general said, listen, on this case in particular, i can't give you detail but why are you here anyway? >> daca enrollees are not being targeted. i don't know why this individual was picked um. everybody in the country illegally is subject to being deported. so, people come here and they stay here a few years. and somehow they think that they're not subject to being deported. well, they are. steve: what he went on to say in that particular interview is daca enrollees are not being targeted. meanwhile, democrats on the other side say this is another example where, you know, somebody who had status, being
4:05 am
deported, although that's not true, it's another example of how heartless the republicans are. nancy pelosi says shame on them. ainsley: one other thing i read about this guy customs agents says he was convicted of theft as well. brian: yeah. that was in the story, too. meanwhile, let's talk about iranian deal. we knew at the time we set it up they needed to get the 1kwr0r9 of support in the senate. its pad and the president was bragging about it as part of his -- i'm sure it's going to be a part of his by brear. i got the iranians to the table and got a deal to control their nuclear program. a nuclear program that can go full bore in 10 years. rex tillerson was given the task as secretary of state by this president to examine this deal and see if they are sticking to it bottom line is, there is two separate issues. sticking to a bad deal and then, number two is, the deal is so bad does it solve any of the problems? because almost every problem in the middle east has, as a fundamental foundation, has iran behind it especially when
4:06 am
it comes to terror. it never addresses their role with terror throughout the region. steve: well, tuesday night, the state department came out and they said that iran is complying to the iran deal. okay. so, it said that but then rex tillerson yesterday from the state department said that the iran deal is a failure, it only delays the goal of become a nuclear state and that's not going to happen on this administration's watch. watch. >> it really does not achieve the objective. it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions. we buy them off for a short period of time. and then someone has to deal with it later. we just don't see that that's a prudent way to be dealing with iran. certainly not in the con dex of all of their other disruptive activities. ainsley: you can't trust them. it's just like syria where you have assad saying we don't have chemical weapons and a few days later he released the sarin gas and we saw the video of the baby.
4:07 am
they are saying we don't trust iran. they say we don't have nuclear capabilities. you have send inspectors in to see. you have to give several months notice. brian: unbelievable. i will add this to it. if donald trump is a key deal maker and even greatest detractor one of the best deal makers ever held this office. why would you rip up this deal. iran already gotten everything they wanted upfront. he did this on purpose. make it hard to walk away from the deal. they have got the assets in country unfrozen. sanctions lifted. they are doing trade with western nations all legally. if we tear up the deal they will say that's fine with us. now we won't even comply to the limb accommodations over 10 years on the weapons program. steve: so what was announced yesterday by the secretary of state as well is this 90 day national security council review where they figure out if they are breaking any rules or about to. the united states and the president can decide whether or not to keep the sanctions, which were lifted, you know, he can put the sanctions back
4:08 am
on just with a signature. presidential pen. he can do it just like that. given the rhetoric in the past, will he do that? stay tuned. we do know that when he congratulatory phone calls from vladimir putin, angela merkel they both said the iran deal, keep it. brian: steve, the thing is if we put our sanctions back on it's just us. the thing made effective the rest of europe was on board with us, including the russians and chinese to a degree. nau it's a free for all in there to go and develop that country clean-up is flush with oil and money. so they are looking to use capitalism to prevent our businesses from making money. it's not going to have nearly the impact. steve: sty tuned. see what happens. ainsley: few weeks ago it was announced that ann berkeley was going be speaking at u.k. berkeley. getting closer to the day she is supposed to speak. the rules keep changing. now they said we are canceling this event you are not coming.
4:09 am
before that they were narrowing the rules saying can you speak in the evening. then they came back and said no, you know what? you have to speak in the daytime when kids are in classes. you have to exclude -- you know what? we are canceling it. steve: we as on last night with tucker explaining the whole shebang. now the university has said you know what? it's not safe for you. we can't guarantee your safety. for your own safety don't show up. she has made it very clear she is going to go anyway. she was invited by two organizations. she is going to go on april the 27th. and she told tucker it's not the kids who are saying don't come. it's the faculty. >> i think it's the faculty and the administration. it was two student groups that invited me. one was the college republicans. one was as far as i know a nonpartisan group that just invites speakers. i think they were embarrassed about what happened with myelo and they wanted to show oh no, we can have another speaker.
4:10 am
i think have you kind of a pure case of it here. i love milo. i'm a 12-time "new york times" best selling author. i was writing about or i will be speak okay the topic of my second to last "new york times" best seller, registering at number two. if that's speech that the university -- i mean forget changing, saying that i just speak in the middle of the day. i said okay. brian: didn't they take a run at her once before when she was on the stage at a college university. ainsley: i'm sure. brian: pranksters willing to do that. probably outside the campus with her own security. steve: going back to 1964, u.k. berkeley has always been essentially the vanguard of free speech. for them not to allow her and figure out a way to put her somewhere in the union or some place else and have a secure environment where she is going to be fine and the people that go to see her are going to be fine, that's extraordinary if they can't do that.
4:11 am
brian: how did greg gutfeld graduate from there did they give him a degree? steve: he was out there. brian: he actually went to school at uc berkeley. brian: it is the university's job to keep everyone safe. they could get a bunch of officers to make sure everything under control. if the president was coming they would find a way to protect him. steve: they wouldn't say mr. president you can't come because uc berkeley is unsafe. ainsley: using security as a excuse they don't want her because she is conservative. brian: i want to toss to you, abby. you take the news away. i'm sorry about them. abby: where greg gutfeld became obsessed with unicorns. brian: he must have felt like one there. abby: thank you for making us realize that i have a lot of news we are following this morning starting with a fox news alert as vladimir putin's game cat and mouse intensifying. we know russian bombers got 36 miles off the coast of alaska for a second night in a row. the u.s. not intercepting instead launching aircraft
4:12 am
warning, comes just hours after u.s. military jets flew beside two russian bombers forcing them to change course. and the family of disgraced nfl star and convicted killer aaron hernandez demanding some answers about his suicide. legal team vowing investigation saying that he was in good spirits and looking forward to appealing his life sentence murder conviction. hernandez found with a bible verse john 316 written on his forehead referring to life after prison. in arkansas aggressive effort to carry out several executions by the end of the month stalled for the second time this week. the state's highest court stalling another lethal injection this one tonight. the governor facing uphill battle to execute 8 inmates before the end of the month when one of its lethal drugs expires. end of an era and new beginning at the same time. sea world announcing the birth of whale mother was pregnant when sea world ended orca breeding program.
4:13 am
that stemming from a documentary arguing against orca captivity. san antonio guests will still get to observe the guest and mother. how cool would it be to see a baby orca that close? brian: not really. killer whales. >> they are protected. steve: as long as we are protected from the killer whale. thanks, guys. ainsley: someone is at your house, brian, did you hear the chime? brian: get off the alert. i'm on the server. ringing doorbell. steve: this is not good for the ring business. we installed that and we can't turn it off. i'm going to help new this commercial. brian: thank you, steve: steve: meanwhile we told you how jeff sessions and attorney general kelly will head to the mexican border today. next talk with the border patrol agent about what needs to be done to stop criminals and terrorists, perhaps, in their tracks. remember when he was obliterated nearly 100 isis terrorists last week. one liberal filmmaker said we
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> under the president's
4:18 am
leadership and guided by his executive orders, we will secure this border and bring the full weight of both the immigration courts and the federal enforcement and prosecutors to combat this attack on our national security and our sovereignty. brian: wow, attorney general jeff sessions heading back to the border today. this time with dhs secretary john kelly. this is both -- they both double down on the dangers of illegal immigrations today. what fleedz to be done to change and keep america safe like it's never been before. joining us right now the national border patrol council president chris can a brear archris know the acg taken are you pleased right now. >> numbers dropping to historic lows it seems like everything is going along in the right direction. we need to keep pushing forward and continue to get these numbers to drop. >> we want more border patrol
4:19 am
agents and we want a wall but the fund something not there yet. i sense it's going to be part of some struggle. do you? >> i think everything nowadays with the government has had some type of struggle. we do need more agents. we need to get more pay parity to get more measures stop gap measures along the rio grande river. brian: listen whether a john kelly said a couple days ago i thought this message from lawmakers even though they are on hiatus at the moment really rang true. >> if lawmakers do not like the laws that we enforce, that we are charged to enforce, that we are sworn to enforce, then they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. otherwise, they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines. brian: that should not be a democrat or republican issue. correct, chris? >> yeah. that's 100 percent correct. you know, we -- you don't get to pick and choose which laws you want to obey. if the laws are there, we are
4:20 am
there to enforce them and if they don't like them, then they need to change them. brian: we know they are going to el paso and san diego. what do you hope they see when they examine this border? >> you know, i hope they get to talk to some front line agents. some agents on the ground. our agents are out there, obviously, every day doing the job. and those are the people that we think that secretary kelly and mr. sessions need to talk to is the front line agents. they know what's needed to get done. and they are the input that needs to be looked into. brian: the thing is people should understand this is not anti-hispanic or anti-mexican or anti-ni anti-niko rock began. >> we are not anti-immigrant we are anti-illegal immigrant. you have to do it the right way. you can't do it on your own terms. brian: the intention is there hopefully people with l. keep focused. chris, thank you.
4:21 am
>> thank you. brian: straight ahead. if v.a. hospitals are a problem, and they seem bad enough, how now vets can have to start have to paying bills -- if you think the v.a. is a problem, now the vets have got to start paying their own bills. they call themselves the p brian, i just need to know if the customer app will be live monday. can we at least analyze customer traffic? can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian...
4:22 am
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4:23 am
4:24 am
steve: time for news by the numbers. first 2400 bucks. that's how much some lawmakers want to charge our nation's heroes for the gi bill. $2,400. supporters say the money would help prevent future budget cuts. the current gi bill offers free college for qualified veterans. next, $1 billion that's how high a bidding war could go for the miami marlins.
4:25 am
former presidential candidate jeb bush and yankee great derek jeter joining forces to try to buy that baseball team. and finally, today is april 20th. 4/20. the unofficial pot holiday. to celebrate the church of can business is opening its doors in denver to get high. apparently a mile high. weed lovers also handing outs 1,000 joints on capitol hill to help legalize marijuana. i wonder if anybody is going to get arrested. ainsley over to you. ainsley: thank you, steve. free speech is under fire uc berkeley after the school cancelled scheduled appearance by conservative and author ann coulter. coulter is not backing down. >> i am giving the speech. job. what are they going to do, arrest me? they can put me in the birmingham jail. but, no, i'm definitely giving the speech. ainsley: here to react the
4:26 am
politichicks morgan, britney, annemarie more relevant and -- thank you, ladies, for being here again. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: what did you all think about this? do you think they cancelled it because she is a conservative or what they say, they are trying to keep her safe? >> oh, really? i mean, come on. you know what it is. they cancelled it because they don't want to hear her. they don't want to hear her speak. they are trying to shut us down. they are trying to shut every single thing because they are afraid of us. that's what they're afraid of. a conservative speech, republican speech, whatever it is that they don't agree with. they don't want to hear it. ainsley: is this just about her? if it were a liberal commentator going on to their campus and conservatives were up in arms about it, what do you think would happen? would they let that person speak? >> of course. absolutely. i mean, we may disagree with people. but the thing on our side we don't use violence. berkeley is creating a violent, enabling mentality. i mean, i wouldn't want my children to go to this
4:27 am
college. because, instead of debating, and talking through things and communicating with words, they're absolutely -- they are using and condoning violence. >> sonia, is there a bigger issue here? what does this mean for our children? >> yes. i think, you know, we need more free speech, not less. we are concerned for our children that they aren't able to speak what they want. and you know, all these college campuses, they encourage free speech. and diversity intolerance but they are so intolerant to the conservative view. >> it is absolutely crazy. i cannot believe we are here. it's almost out of the or wellian book 1984. we are living science fiction book in real life. who wants to shut down the first amendment and free speech? where is that even coming from? it's just crazy. ainsley: two of you all live in california. you live in south carolina. how did y'all end up coming together. [laughter]
4:28 am
>> i helped create politichicks it started as a web tv show. i stocked morgan britney because i was a big super geek fan of hers anyway and just fell in love with her. she is one of the most normal actors on the -- she a unicorn actor. because she is normal and has so much common sense. so we started together and we bought and then sonia is our amazing -- i got multiple sclerosis i was diagnosed last year. i need so much more help. i can't do it by myself. this woman stepped up like a crazy woman and took on this whole politichicks world. >> have you a new book. >> i do. it's so much fun. it's called politichicks. a clarion call to politic politl activism. we have writers all over this country people who never thought they would get involved in politics or afraid to speak out.
4:29 am
writing, essays a group of essays from people all over the country. very interesting to see how people who never thought they had a voice now do. it's really been a pleasure these people are so bright and so wonderful. i cannot even tell you. ainsley: annemarie where can we buy the tone. >> barnes & noble, we have been all over. we are going to north carolina after this. >> we are. north carolina. and working with vet rest last night. ainsley: tell us about that. >> we had a big event and donated some books and met some wonderful people. vet rescue is great. we have tyke care of our guys. ainsley: a portion go to veterans. >> right. ainsley: how are you doing? >> great. i have a cane. i get a little wonky. ainsley: what an example. thank you so much. congratulations on all your success. >> can i say happy birthday to
4:30 am
my father-in-law? it's his 81st birthday. happy birthday. he was the football coach at walford college in south carolina when my dad was a basketball coach there good man. >> small world. ainsley: it is. and still lives in south carolina conway. thank for being here you are all so cute. jeff sessions brushing off democratic outrage after first dreamer kicked out of the country. dan bong geno -- oh, y'all like him. [giggles] >> his wife and mother-in-law, they are immigrants, so he is an expert of this. you know, he speaks from experience. and a liberal filmmaker says we should fight isis with love and not bombs. yeah, these ladies are raising their arms. here we go. so the internet pitched in to buy him a ticket so he can go hug those terrorists himself. >> yes! ♪ you got the notion ♪ i would like to know where
4:31 am
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4:34 am
♪ >> north korea, this is either comforting or ominous. i don't know. which see what you make of it. at the site where the north koreans are expected to test the nuclear missile, according to new images from our satellites, soldiers on the ground, instead of working frantically to get the test together, which is, at this point, what you would expect, the troops, north korean troops were seen playing volleyball. which can only mean north korea is planning to attack us with a volleyball. [laughter] and only tom brady can save us and where is he? steve: that's their evil dastardly plan. brian: it was bizarre. at the show the to show they are not worried play volleyball. dan bong geno former discreet service agent.
4:35 am
host of the book called the renegade republican. dan, welcome. ainsley: hey, dan. >> hey, good to be here. thanks for having me. steve: great to have you. let's talk about the border battle. our attorney general and border security secretary going down to the border and survey things and make sure things are getting tighter there in the meantime, everybody in the mainstream media seems to be focusing on this dreamer who has status but, if you are going to be a dreamer, have you got to follow the rules. one of the rules is if you leave the country, you have to ask permission. well, he was caught sneaking back into the united states over a border wall down in california, i guess. what's your perspective on this? >> yeah, steve, what's hard to understand about this? okay. so, number one, you are in the country illegally. are you have been given a waiver by dhaka. this program because have you been here as a child where the united states extends you a courtesy, a courtesy. have you no legal right to be here. all they ask, steve, this is really simple.
4:36 am
is follow a few darn rules. steve: that's right. >> don't leave the country. or if you are going -- not only don't leave the country. if you are going to leave the country, just tell us. so this guy couldn't even follow the rules, then all of the sudden despite the fact that he is here illegally and broke the rules again, now we have too extend him another courtesy and this is the media's perfect victim? you have got to be kidding me. this is a sensitive topic to me because of my mother-in-law and my life who came here legally. they did it the right way. never took a dime of government benefits. didn't speak a word of english, steve. they worked really darn hard. you know what? they are conservative republicans because they believe in the united states. do you know what the united states believes in? the rule of law. this is a disgrace this case, that this is somehow the new perfect victim. this is an embarrassment. steve: he is suing the government. >> and you're going to pay for that our tax dollars are going to pay if he wins this lawsuit again. ainsley: you bring up a good
4:37 am
point by saying you better be glad we are not knocking on doors because you are illegally throwing you out. we gave you an opportunity. and you should consider that as an honor and you should follow the rules. what about your mom i mean your wife and mother-in-law? how are they doing now? what has this country done for them? >> you know, ainsley, i think -- i don't even like to talk about this because i get choked up. i was up there at fox. i gave a little speech and i really -- it gets me teary eyed. i remember the story my mother-in-law told me where she -- they used to sleep all on one mattress because they had no money and they came to this country the legal way. she would hear my wife's stomach -- yeah, because she was hungry. and they -- you know, she would hear her stomach growling. see, i hate this story because it gets me so choked up. but it goes to show you my wife and my mother-in-law are conservatives and they are supporters of trump. ironically my mother-in-law was a trump supporter before i was. i endorsed cruz.
4:38 am
do you know why she used trump had airline. he said he would come back onto the planes himself and personally tip the workers on the plane. you know what? my mother-in-law never ever forgot that she said if i come here the right way, everyone else should come here the right way, too. sorry about the tear thing. steve: it's great. i was there when you told the story. dan, your mother-in-law is doing great now. >> she is doing amazing. because -- and you know she thanks the american system every day for not coddling her, steve. i have other relatives in my family who want th went the opposite route and took the easy government path where the safety net became the hammock. their lives collapsed we deal with the ramifications of it every day. my mother-in-law was forced to work. she was forced to learn the language. every day she thanks god she lives in the greatest country on earth. steve, she is unbelievable american success story that i swear sometimes i think about writing a book about myself
4:39 am
because she is so inspirational to me and some ear people who know her. brian: this just came across now dan you are voted her favorite son-in-law. i'm looking for a second source. but i'm going to go with that right now. >> she is a big fox fan. so i know she will be pretty moved that i told her story. i love her, too. she is a great woman. steve: that's a great story. ainsley: remarkable story that america provided food for her children. the things that parents go through for her kids. she left her country and left everything that she knew to give a better life to her kids. >> ainsley,ner took a dime of government benefits. she understood that hard work was the only way. she understood just basic simple things. learn the language they speak in the country. work hard. get along with people. invest your money. these are not complicated things and this is the exact opposite path we took under the administration of obama with this the world -- everybody just come here, don't worry about it. we will put you on the social
4:40 am
safety net and everything will be okay. it won't be okay. hard work will make it okay. going through the legal immigration process. that will make it okay. and then everybody in this country will welcome with you open arms. but you have to follow the rules. people died to protect those rules. we're a country of law and order. it's not chaos here. go somewhere else for that. steve: it's hard but that's the way it is. all right. dan, thank you very much for joining us live today from, i believe, palm beach gardens, florida. our best to your family. he is the host of the renegade republican. thank you, sir. ainsley: thanks, dan. steve: thanks, dan. love that guy. incredible story. brian: has anybody seen abby huntsman. ainsley: i have. she is actually in your line of view. abby: i'm always in brian's line of view. lucky me. capitol hill shock as jason chaffetz says he will not seek re-election next year after nine years in congress he says he wants to spend more time with his family. >> i have been away from my
4:41 am
family for more than 1500 nights. and it's as simple as the fact that i love my wife and i adore my kids and you got to reevaluate your life when you are sleeping on a cot in your office and you just turned 50. abby: democrats celebrating that move since he was highly critical of the 2012 bengals attack and hillary clinton's use of a private email server. liberal film director josh fox who tweeted that only love will stop isis now challenged to back up his words. conservatives already raising more than $2,500 to give him the opportunity to hug, quote, isis. well, the fundraiser will pay for fox's air fare to afghanistan, two nights in a hotel, and a dozen roses so fox can show isis how much he really loves them. so far no response from mr. fox. and incredible video of a firefighter catching a baby thrown out of apartment building engulfed in flames. a father desperate to save his child dropping that infant out of second floor window in georgia.
4:42 am
can you see the firefighter below opening his arms catching that little boy saving his life. everyone in the building luckily including the baby's father did get out safe there and are expected to be okay. we have been talking this morning with dan bong geno what sacrifices parents make to protect their children. amazing. steve: amazing. guy had long arms. steve: thank you, abby. abby: thank you. steve: police in fresno, california said the man who shot three people after shouting allahu akbar is just a racist. why can't it be a hate crime and act of terror? our next guest says it can and that guy kevin jackson come on in. you are going to sound off next. brian: leave it to scrub clu. >> you need some help. >> i think i got it but thank
4:43 am
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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ >> police in fresno, california say that the man who gunned down three people as he shouted allahu akbar is just a racist. >> we do not believe based on the information we have today that this is a terrorist-related crime. this is solely based on race. steve: can it be both a hate crime based on race and an act of terror? here to weigh in we have fox news contributor kevin jackson who joins us live here in new york city. good morning to you. >> thanks, steve. steve: he made it very clear yesterday, the chief in his press conference this guy was targeting people simply on his race, he was simply looking for white people and it was
4:47 am
not terror even though he screamed allahu akbar. >> typical sort of narrative from the left say pick one. right now they are saying pick one. you can't have terror and you can't have race at the same time. when, in fact, that's exactly what it was. i think it's a trick. if you will, of the left to say that if we force you to pick one over the other, in this particular case, we're sort of favoring the idea that islam is the religion of peace. you can't form the narrative that islam is a religion of peace if people like him are going out and targeting the infidel. in this case killing three white guys, let's make it a race crime. when has the left ever said let's make something of this sort a hate crime. steve: well, his father apparently told the "l.a. times," the shooter, that his son believed there was a race warrant in the united states. >> he can say that the but the fact that he yelled allahu akbar. if he wanted to kill and kill indesdiscriminateing will. he does not have to yell what far too many hear when it's the end of their lives.
4:48 am
crime for islam. ask yourself the question if you were to reverse this and take dylann roof, for example, he goes into a black church and kills black people, it's a hate crime. he had done it in the name of some religion we wouldable hearing it from the standpoint of christianity. if you want to take the stretch that's a hate crime, fine. but when you do it and you yell those words, we know what that means. steve: sure. it always is the case after somebody does something like this they start looking at their social media. and this guy posted all sorts of racist videos where he wrote of white devils and all sorts of unbelievable things. and now people are going why didn't anybody do something before he got out the gun? >> but it wasn't just the fact that he was talking about white devils. he was talking about it in the context of islam. he apparently converted. so, look, this is a difecta if you will in terms of the legacy of obama. black man killing white people in the name of islam.
4:49 am
>> only thing missing from this equation and i'm glad it didn't happen is had he targeted law enforcement because that would have been the trifecta of this. this is the leftism. unfortunately i'm going toll it you we will see more of it. steve: all right. kevin jackson joining us live today. i don't think i'm supposed to say he is on outbound later today. there is a possibility he might be there. >> maybe. >> all right. thank you, sir. coming up, the "new york times" tried to take a dig at president trump about the number of patriot players who showed up yesterday at the white house. but, the patriots called him out for lacking context. carley shimkus is here with the real context and she is next. first, on this day back in 1957, all shook up by elvis presley, number one ♪ my hands are shaking ♪ my knees are weak ♪ i can't on my own two feet ♪ have such luck ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm all shook up ♪ um-huh, um-huh ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 am
after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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4:53 am
♪ >> can i just -- [laughter] do you need help? >> i think i got this. >> are you sure? >> maybe. >> all right. thanks, man. i will see you in a minute. all right. that was cool. [laughter] steve: that was cool. so what was going on? carley shimkus joins us live right now. what a day in the pressroom. you know what i think rob blakes himself at home wherever he is. he became the star of wrestle mania again on opening day remember when he stole. brian: baseball. >> when he stole tom brady's jersey. he didn't even play in the super bowl, right? that's okay. is he still a champ. >> ainsley: so patriots went to the white house yesterday
4:54 am
that's why he was there as he walked out in the press briefing room. good thing that sean spicer knew who he was. you can't recognize him without a shirt and a jersey. ainsley: or a we're on his hand. people people are reacting. bipartisan. that's why gronk is everybody's favorite. sean spicer handled that with class. how he kept his composure is amazing. in this tweet newt says seriously the president needs to give him a job senior advisor for white house parties. ainsley: yes. ainsley: make white house parties great again. brian: absolutely. ainsley: play to your strength. brian: i would have loved if he took over and took real questions. ainsley: that would have been phenomenal. steve: is anybody going to ask me about iran? come on. meanwhile the new england patriots had to call out the "new york times" because of a picture. ainsley: "new york times" made a huge mistake. take a look at the picture they tweeted out. they included the caption patriots turnout for president obama in 2015 versus patriots
4:55 am
turnout for president trump today. they are trying to point out that fewer people went to the white house under. steve: nobody on the stairs. ainsley: guess. what the patriots said not so fast. they actually issued a response to this picture saying these photos lack context, fact in 2015 over 40 football staff were on the stairs and 2017 they were seated on the south lawn. that's why they weren't pictured but they were there. they also sent a follow-up tweet saying this is a comparable photo. the last time the patriots won two super bowls and three years, 36 players went to the white house. today we had 34. so pretty even. brian: 27 missed in 2015 for president obama and i think about the same. >> why wouldn't you want to go? it's an experience of the lifetime. brian: keep the sports theme going and talk about the fans. >> this is the shot of the morning. a 9-year-old cubs fan broke down in tears when his parents surprised him with tickets to go to wrigley field for the very first time. take a look at him.
4:56 am
[crying] >> what is it? >> me and daddy are going to wrigley field. >> who are they playing? >> thank you. >> just a picture of gratitude, right? isn't that amazing. that is colt kyle. his dad bought him tickets for good work ethic. is a hard-working kid. if he thought those tickets were cool. listen to, this cubs mvp infielder chris bryant actually reacted to this video on twitter said can't wait to see you kolt. he is going to the game. hopefully he will get a behind the scenes tour. ainsley: like an american girl tour or disney world? >> depends on what kind of girl you are. brian: cubs are the religion there. steve: it's unisex. ainsley: really sweet. steve: carley, thank you so
4:57 am
much. >> thank you so much. ainsley: carley is going to stick around because we are cooking with friends. there are carley's parents. >> there they are. brian: i recognize you from your family photo. plus big show ahead. look who else is here. ed henry, bob massi and michelle malkin. name them at home. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed... trust safelite autoglass. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509
4:58 am
on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪
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5:00 am
>> illegally. is subject to being deported. >> we need people to come in here and do it the right way. >> we're a country of law and order. it's not chaos here. go somewhere else for that. >> the fact that it's a bad deal. >> typical does not achieve the objective. >> we now know that russian bombers got just 36 miles off the coast of alaska for a second night in a row. >> used to be commonplace for the cold war. >> uc berkeley has canceled its lecture. >> what are they going to do? arrest me? they canceled it because they don't want to hear her. >> thing on our side, we don't
5:01 am
want to use violence. >> we need more free speech, not less. >> a father desperate saving their child, dropping that infant out of the second floor, you can see the firefighter catching that little boy, saving his life. ♪ ♪ steve: i hope the mayor down in decatur, georgia gives that firefighter the employee of the week reward after the heroic catch who was thrown from the second story of the house that was on you fire. brian: i think the braves should bring him down to the stadium and have the opening pitch go to him. ainsley: i work with you now for a year and a half almost and rubbing off on me because i start to think like you. brian: i think that's a scary thought for you. i wouldn't tell too many people like that. ainsley: i'm seeing serious news stories and seeing a joke in them. brian: it has hurt me a lot.
5:02 am
now it's going to hurt you. ainsley: how did you avoid that? 20 years together. steve: meanwhile, michelle malcolm investigates on is joining us live today from somewhere. it looks like the rocky mountains behind you. >> yes, it is 4:20 here in denver so if i'm a little bit more mellow in denver, you know why. it's the secondhand smoke. steve: we do indeed. your book is about illegal immigration, the attorney general, homeland of security are going to be down on the border trying to tighten things up, making sure that the people who come in on this country don't come in illegally. but what do you make of this dreamer who has become the cause celeb of the mainstream media, that man right there 23-year-old juan manual montes. everybody going, hey, he got deported, he had status, that's not fair.
5:03 am
what they don't include is the part of the story that apparently he went back to mexico without telling the government, which you can do if you're a dreamer if you get permission, and came back into the country, broke the rules. now he's in trouble. >> yeah. well, this is open border fake news because usa today, which valuated this story into the media stratosphere got it wrong. he wasn't deported. his status granted to him by obama by executive fiat expired because as you say, steve, he gave up that status when he broke the law again. and here's the thing. the trump administration and jeff sessions are finally making it clear to the millions of people who are here illegally that our laws on the books, and there are copious numbers of them. i documented them thoroughly in invasion in 2002 are not a cafeteria menu. you do not get to pick and choose which ones to follow or not and then got get it all up
5:04 am
in arms when you're finally caught and the law is enforced. brian: you know, it's so interesting seeing general kelly as homeland security secretary as the first nonlawyer. he talks like a law enforcement person and almost dares you to put politics into his philosophy. he's, like, i'm worried about drugs, i'm worried about terrorist. any problems with that change the law. i love it. >> yeah. that's right. one of the big miss of the open border propaganda machine, and it is a machine that keeps valuating them so-called dreamers. , quote, unquote, law-abiding illegal alien. they're breaking tons of laws when they get in here. most of them have many documents, fake documents. and we're not just talking about fizzle and fractions.
5:05 am
well, we shouldn't touch them because of course they're here contributing and giving so much to the country. well, each and every one of the daca by anybody under the obama program and scheme were given work documents. these are work documents for people who are replacing americans whose jobs are being taken from them. are these people who have stolen social security numbers. these are people who violating a plethora of laws. and finally, the trump administration is drawing the line. and that's why you're seeing such a cry from an industry that has benefited from exploiting nibbles of people. ainsley: what's interesting too about that case is that the guy broke the law, according to customs. he was charged with theft and then leaves the country and tries to come back in illegally and now he's suing the government. does he have a case? >> i hope not. but the problem is that so many illegal aliens have been
5:06 am
granted status by liberal court across this country. it's not just a problem with the ninth circuit court of appeals. it's at every single level. and that is really one of the hidden problems i talk about with invasion. the court system that is with left wing progressives that don't think our borders matter. steve: there you go. i think we're day 91 or 92 of the trump administration and the media research center put together a little montage of all the tough questions barack obama got in his first 100 days. feast your eyes on this, michelle. >> this morning, a new dawn, a new face from generation. >> barack obama's our president and michelle obama's our first lady. we're all immensely proud. >> i think he's off to a good start. >> i was blown away by president obama's grasp of the subject. >> he just wanted to let the american people know, i'm on the job, i'm doing what you eluct me to do, and i have a plan.
5:07 am
>> more success in the first 100 days than i expected. >> during the first 100 days, what has surprised you most about this office, enchanted you the most about serving in this office, humbled you the most, and troubled you the most. >> let me write this down. steve: how crazy that? so during his first 100 days, it was a honeymoon with the press whereas donald trump's honeymoon, it's more like a knife fight. >> yes. that's right. good lapdogs. i mean, the salivating and the panting and the hyperventilating in that clip alone makes it worth it. i love what the media research center has done over the years. accompanying that of course, they had a report that they put out yesterday talking about the massive disproportionate. 89% negative. this shows you how driven the
5:08 am
beltway press core has been. i pointed out in the first 100 days of obama that by that 100-day mark, which you didn't hear from those liberal media lapdogs was that he had unprecedented number of turnovers, withdrawals of corrupt that included bill richardson and tom daschle who obama had nominated for cabinet positions. he had filled less than half the positions needed to gain approval by the senate, and he had a democratic senate majority. but, no. instead, you've got some enchanted evening questions from the journal. brian: i will say this. the president has been very slow in filling up his slots that don't need nomination. he wanted to get repeal and replace, it's not. he wanted to get a trillion-dollar incentive plan out there to stimulate the economy. it's not there. but he does have judge gorsuch there, he can point to hard and fast improvements when it comes to the border. and, yeah, so far the economy seems to be pretty strong.
5:09 am
so it's a mixed thing. you can honestly -- you don't need to be a cheerleader. you can be an analyst and ask good questions. >> yeah. that's right. it is certainly a mixed bag. there are a number of -- obviously the obamacare 2.0, ryan care is a stain over the past 100 days. but most of my quibbles are with the speed rather than the direction and gorsuch getting through the nomination process is huge for conservatives and cannot be discounted. and then his continued commitment to the number one issue he complained on, national sovereignty and immigration. i don't have complaints. again, with the direction of where he's going. steve: during your appearance, i have heard two words i haven't heard before. ryan care and
5:10 am
corruptoaccurate. brian: or the sniglet attorney. do we have a sniglet attorney? ainsley: i don't know what you're talking about. all right. while we have two minutes left, let's talk about what's happening at uc berkeley. they ban ann coulter from giving her to speak. they said you can talk at night. no, you can talk during the day now, make sure the kids are at class, and then they finally said for your own security, we're going to cancel it happen. she says she's going to speak anyway, what's your action? >> well, if she were an illegal alien, she would have been embraced and would have granted her an honorary ph.d. but because she's a conservative, she's a pry a. i spoke at berkeley in 2014, they had to chain the electric doors while all of the free speech advocates outside were banging on that door and yelling shame for my entire one-hour lecture. so nothing has changed.
5:11 am
steve: they chained the doors closed for you? >> yes. and i had a ring of berkeley police department and computer for protecting me the entire time. there's no safe space and safe bubble for conservatives on college campuses. and really, the bottom line here, and i need to hear it more and more from parents and particularly fox views is that they're finally going to take their money and run and stop subsidizing these propaganda machines that ostracize people who express political dissent. these people do not believe in ideological diversity. they can't handle the truth and the only diversity is from the monthly top of cocktails they toss at conservatives when they dare to come onto their safe spaces.ell, when milt there and, president trump tweeted the next day if uc berkeley does not allow free
5:12 am
speech and practices violence on people with different points of view, no federal funds. >> that's right. defund liberal nut ball campuses. i'm all for that. brian: nut ball. and real quick. what story are you working on right now. >> oh, gosh i've got so much going on at c we've got a very incredible story of the muslim rape refugee crisis. a two-part series that was engineered by the obama epa for which there have been no consequences. a lot of investigations that we're digging into at brian: no wonder you're up so early. thanks, michelle. >> take care. brian: we have a lot more show to go. 44 minutes. why did he do it? this morning the suicide note. the former patriots tight end patriots left. steve: and another major shakeup. the big news that just broke coming up next. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95.
5:13 am
we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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5:16 am
5:17 am
ainsley: the family disgraced nfl star convicted killer aaron hernandez demanding answers about his suicide. steve: his legal team vowing an investigation saying his death simply does not make sense. brian: all right. fox 25 jessica reyes is live in boston with brand-new questions this morning. jessica, this is at this isn't an open shot case, is it? >> no. it's not at all. there are still so many questions left unanswered this morning and those who knew hernandez personally say they don't think it's possible that he could have been suicidal and all of this doesn't add up. authorities say he was found hanging from a bed sheet in his cell early morning. he didn't have any notes but had the words dawn 3:13 written on his forehead. god who gave his one and only son who not obstacle in him shall not perish but have
5:18 am
lonely life. are not convinced that this was, in fact, suicide. his attorney josé is now vowing to do his own investigation saying there's quote absolutely no chance he took his own life. an autopsy was done here at the medical examiners office but at this point the findings of that have not yet been made public. in boston, jessica reyes, back to you. steve: all right. thank you for the live report from fox 25 in boston. brian: the backdrop of a top ahead of you rated tightened former patriot goes on trial and kills himself the patriots go to the white house. they at that could have been him. he signed a 40 million-dollar contract and decides to be a thug instead. ainsley: unbelievable. so many kids would love to have that opportunity. steve: terrible story. ainsley: coming up, who's leaking hillary's secrets. reports she is on a witch hunt. steve: wait until you hear that. and he is the best deal maker in the world so why can't the
5:19 am
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5:22 am
brian: all right. some quick headlines now. the trump administration vowing complete review of the controversial obama era iran nuclear deal. secretary of state rex tillerson slamming the agreement as failed approach to the number one state sponsor of terror. here's what he sounded like. >> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea. it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions. we buy them off for a short period of time and then someone has to deal with it
5:23 am
later. brian: iran's foreign minister responding on twitter saying this. worn out u.s. accusations can't mask its admission of iran's compliance with the jcpoa, baiting the u.s. to change course and fulfill its own commitment. and a country in crisis as opponents of venezuela current's president launched the so-called mother of all marches, killing at least five people. general motors now halting operations after its plant there was taken over by government authorities. protesters calling for more political opposition as citizens of the socialist country starve their country's economy. and their economy actually tanked. steve: it is tanking. meanwhile on capitol hill despite a major push from the president, lawmakers could not reach a deal to repeal and replace obamacare. you know that. well, now it seems americans are losing hope the president in congress can work together. just 46% say they are confident it is possible for the president to work effectively with congress.
5:24 am
that is down from 60% in december when we all had such high hopes. so whatever happened to compromise and have members of congress forget what they were sent to washington to do? host of the property man bob massie joins us live from vegas, baby. good morning, bob. >> good morning, sir. how are you? steve: doing okay. so when you look at that poll in december, a lot of people had high hopes that the new president would go to washington and given the fact that he had a republican majority in both the house and the senate, they would get stuff done. and yet as we saw with obamacare, that simply didn't happen because the republicans were not all on the same page. >> pretty poor commentary on our system. we have to remember, this is a legislative process. they are supposed to -- congress is supposed to legislate and make laws that are good for us. we have such a polarization, steve, that this thing is out of control, and it's very disheartening for all of us
5:25 am
americans who wanted a movement. if you take the situation and put it in a private enterprise business, the business would be bankrupt because nobody can work together, the business wouldn't grow. a couple of things. first of all, besides the obamacare, there's two things we need to happen from my world in the real estate area. one, the mortgage release act expires in june of this year, which could be major impact on people in this country still have homes haven't been foreclosed on. two. capital gains taxes have been lower. these are the types of things that these people have got to work together and understand they're there to work for us in this polarization, steve. it has got to stop because people are really, really upset in this country on all sides. steve: absolutely. you're not the only one who feels that way. but, bob, look, the democrats all they've got is the no and they don't want to help donald trump who is now the president of the united states get stuff done. they want to be able to say in three years, hey, he didn't get anything done.
5:26 am
we need somebody new who's a democrat. >> i think that we're in a situation, steve, i think the trump movement started a trend in this country to say, look, we're going to hold you people accountable. and if it ends up being that the democrats have drawn a line in the sand and not willing to compromise reasonably and if there are some former tea party people too far to the right that don't allow it, you cannot have it all. you cannot have it all. that's why it's a legislative process. it's a mediation process. it's a give-and-take. i work back in dc, steve, in the '70s. i was very blessed to work in a senate aid position and learned a lot. they used to figure it out. it was a volunteer through a college course in a school. it was a wonderful thing to watch. all we see now is this acrimoniy. how in god's name are these people representing us unless they come to some good conclusions? we're frozen in time. it's going to affect us.
5:27 am
we need to do if they do it in two years in congress just keep going out and get it right because this is not right for the american people. steve: well, famously in the '80s after your tenure, when ronald reagan was president of the united states, he would sit down with "tip" o'neill at the end of the day and have an adult beverage or two and talk about what they would do together. and neither one of them got 100% what they really wanted, ultimately, on their bucket list, but they wound. getting 70 or 80% and that back then was a wild success. >> you could have differences, and then you could have resolution. the problem today is, steve, they have differences, and they don't want resolutions. they only want resolutions if it's their resolution. not a compromise resolution. and we only have a compromise resolution, you have exactly what we have.
5:28 am
frozen in time, nothing getting done in this country. they better be careful because american people have had it, man. it's percolating. they're not going to see it again. i'm telling you. you hear it. i hear it. they're sick of it. steve: people want stuff done. bob massie, you heard part of the résume you haven't heard before. he's going to be on tonight 8:30 eastern over on the fox business network. bob, thank you so much. >> thank you, steve. take care. steve: meanwhile, ask democrats why they lost in 2016 and hillary clinton isn't their only answer anymore. >> barack obama could have been a better party leader, and i think that the fact that he wasn't put his legacy in jeopardy. steve: now they're blaming president obama? chief national correspondent ed henry is here with the never-ending dc blame game. hey, eddie. plus is the supreme court ready for another big shakeup? we'll explain to you straight ad usaa gives me the peace of mind
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> can i just -- i think i got this but thank you. maybe. all right. thanks, man. i'll see you in a minute. all right. that was cool. ainsley: democrats have a brand-new theory about why hillary clinton lost the election. steve: dnc deputy chairman keith ellison says president trump wouldn't be in the white house if barack obama was a better president. brian: wow this as the liberals search for a new message and try to find a way to get off the mat. chief washington correspondent
5:33 am
ed henry is here to join us. and, ed, this is all based off of that book shattered and people are commenting on it. >> it's causing a lot of controversy. brian: you're in it, by the way. >> oh, really? brian: yeah, the server, that's a big part of it. >> well, what's interesting before this book came out, two or three weeks ago nancy pelosi was asked by cnn who's the party right now? and she stumbled didn't name herself, didn't name chuck schumer, well, president obama and hillary clinton, they're still kind of the leaders. well, keith ellison who ran for dnc chair, of course, and was endorsed by bernie sanders, which is interesting because ellison lost and then said the handpicked obama clinton pick tom prez, the former labor secretary got it instead. remember, there's an event a couple of decades ago where prez was being introduced, and he got booed, and they were saying bernie. the energy is still with bernie and ellison who is back with bernie says this about barack obama. >> barack obama could have
5:34 am
been a better party leader. and i think that the fact that he wasn't has put his legacy in jeopardy. we lost a lot of statehouse seats, governmentships, secretary of state, his true legacy is in danger, and i think he can't say it wasn't -- he wasn't part of those losses. i mean, who else? >> so here you have a senior democrat. brian: stunning. >> referring to the fact that there are over 1,000 states, you see the numbers right there. including 62 seats in theist house lost on barack obama's watch and there are now democrats speaking out saying he should have done more. ainsley: more democrats are agreeing with him. >> yeah. they're now saying that where was president obama in terms of helping them elect at the state level? that's why they now have a weak bench. steve: sure but what about the fact given that tom prez is now the head of the dnc and many regard barack obama who lives a couple miles away in
5:35 am
washington, d.c. now is secretly pulling the strings. >> the shadow president. steve: yeah. >> and meanwhile the handpicked former cabinet is the d nc chair. not keith who is raising these concerns. i think the bottom line is there is still a clinton obama versus sanders wing of the party, and they're still battling it out here months after the election. brian: 70 something year old bernie sanders has a 65% approval generating amongst democrats. steve: 100% socialist. brian: if you want to be -- that's why the whole party moves to the left, which i don't know gets them election victories. they feel heartened what happens -- >> they didn't get kansas, they came close. georgia, they came close again. there's a runoff, so they could still win. brian: montana. that's the next thing. steve: when you were in the white house in the pressroom, did you ever see anything like -- >> there was the super bowl folks and baseball folks that would come in.
5:36 am
but not offer to do the briefing. i think sean spicer, love you, man, but you missed an opportunity here. i was at the yankees game last night, i hadn't seen that video and they say why didn't sean say to gronk, hey, could you deal with these guys? i have a hard time with them. gronk to come up to the podium and basically said you. i'm not taking your question, john roberts, it would have been awesome. brian: first thing he has to do would rip off his sleeves. >> roll out there, melissa mccarthy. steve: pick up the podium himself. who has the first question? >> missed opportunity. missed opportunity. ainsley: well, me w he might see it again on saturday night live. they might do it as a skip. steve: now some time for news. abby is here. >> i do have headlines to bring you, starting with rumors that are swirling of a supreme court shakeup. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee saying that a justice could resign as
5:37 am
soon as the summer in an interview with the i.e. paper, did not name the justice. the oldest on the court are ruth bader ginsburg, this as the high court shows religious freedom in judge neil gorsuch's first blockbuster case. the senator using taxpayer funding to upgrade a church's playground. the church arguing the playground is open to the public during summer months. we'll see how that plays out today. and the knifes are out. hillary clinton's team is reportedly to find the person who leaked the e-mails during her failed campaign. they say they spoke to more than 100 insiders to get details from election night like her phone calls with president obama. >> she picks up the phone reluctantly, and she walks away from the table where she had been talking to her aids, and she steps into a room and as she's stepping into a room, she says mr. president, i'm sorry. >> well, according to the new york post, clinton went on a
5:38 am
similar search when she lost to barack obama back in 2008. and some video capturing the horrifying moment that three people firebomb a home is sleeping inside. the surveillance showing the engulfed in flames. luckily neighbor alerting the people inside that house, all were able to get out. the suspects also torching the suv in the driveway still on the run. unreal. well, liberal filmmaker josh fox who tweeted that only love will stop isis now challenged to back up his words. conservatives already raising more than $2,500 to give him the opportunity to quote hug isis saying this in quotes. the fundraiser will pay for fox's airfare to afghanistan, two nights in a hotel, and a dozen roses so fox can show isis how much he really loves them. so far no response from mr. fox. a close eye on that one. steve: so his version is love would stop isis and during the obama administration, it was jobs.
5:39 am
jobs, jobs, jobs. brian: right. >> not sure those are the answers. brian: not for me. thanks, abby. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, recognize this adorable baby? well, me neither. this is the first time me seeing this picture. but suddenly it makes sense. a special thank you to giving birth to her. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. but first things first- timcall trugreen,ed. america's #1 professional lawn care company. millions of homeowners like you trust us to give them a lawn they can live on. start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95.
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manipulative quick headlines now. serena williams pregnant. sharing this online picture. it's captured 20 weeks. now, let's do some math. that means she was pregnant when she won the grand slam title at the australia open in january. that's unbelievable. a mascot to the wreck, this is another story. the rescue, the mascot's name is albert.
5:43 am
the florida gator using his nose to shield the boy from a foul ball. good job, albert. jumping into the action giving albert a fake cpr. ainsley: it didn't break his nose either. brian: that's the fun stuff. now the real stuff. one stop shopping. iran. steve: donald trump said that the iran nuke deal that the united states entered into a year or two ago, the worst deal ever. mike pence said if elected president, donald trump should rip it up. ainsley: yeah, it was a terrible deal. one part of that deal that we all had a problem with was they said -- iran said you know what, america? you can come and inspect our facilities to make sure we have gotten rid of the nukes. but you have tog us notice. and i think it was about three months notice. just enough time for them to get rid of it themselves. brian: so what happened was
5:44 am
the deal released the sanctions froze the funds and then in the back end for ten years, they had to she will have their nuclear program. after ten, they could start alleyly making neurologic weapons. secretary of state tillerson says, yeah, they're abiding by the deal, but it's a bad deal. >> it really does not achieve the objective. it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions. we buy them off for a short period of time and then someone has to deal with it later. we just don't -- we just don't see that that's a prudent way to be dealing with iran. certainly on the context of all their other disruptive activities. steve: so what are we going to do? the united states government going to start a 90-day review, then it's going to decide whether or not to continue the deal that was entered into with a bunch of other countries. also, the president of the united states i think in a couple of weeks agoinis going to decide whether or not to keep it the way it is right now. the sanctions were suspended.
5:45 am
not revoked. in other words, if we decide to not live up to the deal, he could just sign away his name, donald trump, next thing you know, sanctions are back. brian: iran's foreign minister tweeted this morning. warn out u.s. accusations can't admit that iran's compliance with the jcpoa, baiting the u.s. to change course and fulfill its own commitments. the question is is it true that we allowed them in this deal to shoot off intermediate range missiles. is it true that we didn't bring up terror activities throughout the region? yes and yes. ainsley: unbelievable. brian: they could be complying and still doing this. they're still harassing our ships with those fast boats while we're in the international waters. nothing has changed. they are laughing at us. ainsley: yeah, you're right. it reminds me of what's happening in syria when assad said, yeah, i'll give up my chemical weapons and then here we are. we all saw the pictures of the babies. steve: but when they called him to congratulate him for winning the presidency, angela merkel of germany and vladimir putin of russia, two parties
5:46 am
involved in this negotiation, they both said, hey, mr. president-elect, keep the deal. brian: yeah, we got some business interest there now, and we've got some reasons for our economy to profit off of that relationship with the terror nation. ainsley: are you hungry? steve: i am hungry. every day at this time. ainsley: okay. good because carly's going to be cooking. do you recognize that baby right there? it is our own carly. she is so cute. still is. and she is cooking grandma's cake. that's for breakfast. steve: one of the people need to be spoon feeding her that like in the picture. brian: open the doors. but first, let's check in with bill. steve: we're spoon feeding you the news. >> global hot spots, you were just talking about them. they're big today. russians jets buzzing alaska. will iran be a better deal? karl rove looks at the point. 100 days later, what does the white house have to show for it?
5:47 am
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5:50 am
ainsley: you know her for delivering the top trending topics of the day. brian: now she's sharing her grandma's apple cake recipe. steve: fox news reporter joins us along with her father and ed. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. good morning. steve: i love this story how you two met. >> oh, this is a good one. would you like me to tell it or do you want to tell it? >> tell it my way. there is a difference. >> so my mom was a flight attendant, my dad was a passenger, they met on a plane
5:51 am
got to know each other, love was in the air, literally, and then, you know. a couple years later, here i am. ainsley: drags him down the aisle like we saw recently? >> according to him, i tell it the other way where he dragged me down the aisle. steve: but, ed, during the rain delay, you were able to do what? >> give her my best lines. steve: just one right after the other. >> no cell phones. >> i think i am right here, so you have to say that. ainsley: what was her personality growing up? >> bubbly, happy, would write us love notes every single night. brian: your parents? >> every nature. listen, i want to go to prom and stay out an extra hour. steve: at what age did she stop writing the love notes? >> when she graduated from high school. >> we still get them. birthday cards. >> so this has been in my family about 50 years.
5:52 am
my grandmother on my mother's side is responsible for it. we're not really sure how she came up with it. maybe she got it out of a newspaper. >> the local newspaper. >> she tweaked it. steve: can we see it in action? >> sure. so here's what you have to do. i'm no good in the kip, and even i think i can't screw this up. i might rely on you, mom. >> this is sugar and -- >> eggs. >> three minutes. and then what you do -- he's already breaking stuff. that's okay. and then you put the salt and then whatever that is, baking powder. yes. and then you mix it all together. steve: back up. ed's about to start mixing. >> it's really easy, actually. ics ed, come on in here. >> and then you mix it in. steve: ed, have you ever done this before? >> i never did it before. brian: it's like sheetrock. >> my dad nor i are bakers, so we're doing it for the first
5:53 am
time on live tv. what could go wrong? >> there you go. there you go. steve: so the magic of television. >> the hardest part is peeling the apple's, so that has already been done for us, lucky us. just pop it in, and then you have walnuts right here. brian: you have your own apple trees? >> yeah. that's the thing. i grew up around a lot of apple orchards, so we would pick our own apples. >> and knowing it came from the land. >> yeah. so that's the really great part. it's also healthy because there's fruit in here. you pour it in here. brian: do you have to grease the pan first? >> no. you don't have to. steve: there's a lot of oil in it. >> that's right. ainsley: when do you all serve it? thanksgiving? christmas? >> year-round. >> it's usually a little better than this. steve: that's okay. you pop it in here and here it is right here.
5:54 am
>> isn't that beautiful? steve: all right. >> it smells good. >> you can -- i'll do the honors. so it's really good with tea. brian: you recommend we cut it isn't no, i do not squares? >> squares. >> yeah, cut it into squares. >> whip cream? >> whip cream for whoever wants it. brian: plenty of that. >> and then i'll give an extra piece. brian: now, do you plan of carrying this legacy to the next generation? >> yeah. i have to learn how to cook, though, because i'm still working on the -- >> i guess it is; right? ainsley: you said you wrote your parents love notes every night. why do you love your parents so much? >> they have always been my biggest support system. they taught me everything that i know. they're amazing. they're amazing people. i feel very, very lucky. ainsley: how many children do you all have? >> two. >> i have an older sister who's watching. her name is margot. and.
5:55 am
ainsley: where does margot live? >> she lives in new jersey as well. we're all new jersey natives. steve: i love the nuts, and i love the apples. >> good. >> we whipped up the eggs and the sugar. is. steve: if you would like the recipe and there's the family, how great is that picture. if you would like the recipe, go to fox and brian: or if you see carly in the hall, she'll give it to you. >> yeah. we believe. this is the recipe right here. >> thank you. we appreciate it. ainsley: thank you for sharing your daughter with us. we love her. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> all right, one for the road. ainsley brought us this story earlier where down in auburn at
5:59 am
the university there they're free to protest but you can't have a mask on. if you do you'll get the police to say take down that mask. >> that guy showed up with a mask, the police say listen, you're on camera, you know the rules, no mask. he is running from the police officers. >> this is how the south handles protests, california, take note. >> ray writes now that's a good thing. why should you hide anything if you're supporting free speech? >> sherry writes awesome. applaud the police at auburn. keep in mind they welcome the protests, but you have to follow the rules and down there the rule is you have to be able to see your face. >> coming up on the radio show 9:00 to noon hopefully your local station steve doocy will lead us off and authors of the
6:00 am
book "shattered" and james rosin who i've never talked to before. >> why don't you start running? you run from the tv to radio. >> that's thursday, we'll see you back here. >> on friday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president trump facing a global tinderbox. new developments on russia, north korea and on iran, tensions rising as the commander-in-chief weighs words of war from overseas, good morning, everybody. thursday here, edition of america's newsroom. how are you doing, shannon? >> shannon: i'm shannon bream. new acts of provocation from russia and president vladimir putin. russians bombers buzzing the alaskan coast in two days. north korea talking about a preemptive strike turning america to ashes, saying don't mess with us. >> bill: the vice president and mike pence traveling in


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