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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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order to threaten the north koreans into not doing anything. here is the minor problem. the vinson was in singapore but have been to australia, the other way, finally on its way to north korea. >> kimberly: that's it for us. "special report" is next. >> bret: "it never ends." that from president trump on what he says appears to be another terror attack in france. good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president trump is calling for strength and vigilance in the face of what appears to be a terror related attack on police officers in paris. one officer was killed and two others seriously wounded today. the attacker was fatally shot by police. french sources say the government had previously been flagged as an extremist. moments ago, we learned that isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. president trump's comments came
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during a news conference with italy's prime minister, a news conference heavy on world pressure points include north korea and iran. john roberts tonight. >> the summit was meant to be from the close ties between the two countries and their mutual cooperation to fight the scorch of terror. the need for which was underscored even as the two leaders were talking. >> terrorism and global hot spots were high on the agenda today as president trump met with italy's prime minister paolo gentiloni, learning of the shooting in paris as it was wrapping up. >> it looks like another terrorist attack. what can you say it, it never ends. we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant. >> the two leaders also spoke about north korea and iran, north korea issuing a new threat
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warning of a "super-mighty preemptive strike that will quickly and immediately wiped out u.s. imperialist invasion forces in south korea and its surrounding areas but the u.s. mainland and reduce them to ashes." the u.s. has so far been of the keith north korea and check through negotiations with the leaders, but kim jong-un is much more of a wild card. >> do you believe that the leader of north korea, kim jong-un, is mentally unstable? is that one of the reasons that you are so concerned with these latest developments? is he a man who can be reasoned with? >> we are building our military rapidly. a lot of things have happened over the last short period of time. i have been here for approximately 91 days. we are doing a lot of work. we are in very good position. we are going to see what happens. i can't answer your question on stability. i hope the answer is a positive one, not a negative one, but hopefully that will be something that gets taken care of. >> after a week's today to
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participate in military exercises with australia come at the aircraft carrier carl vinson are finally steaming for the sea of japan. today the president appeared to play down the imminence of military action, saying his talks two weeks ago with president xi jinping appeared to be bearing fruit. >> i can say from my standpoint, i like him very much, i respect and very much, and i think he is working very hard. many other things have happened, some very unusual moves have been made over the last two or three hours, and i really have confidence that the president will try very hard. we don't know whether or not they are able to do that, but i have absolute confidence that he will be trying very, very hard. >> in his press conference for the italian prime minister, the president also made it clear he remains highly skeptical of the iran nuclear deal despite the fact his secretary of state, rex tillerson, certified on tuesday that iran is living up to the terms of the joint comprehensive plan of action. >> do you have reason to believe
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that they are cheating on the jcpoa? >> they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement, i can tell you that, and we're analyzing it very, very carefully and we'll have something to say about it in the not-too-distant future. but iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. and they have to do that. they have to do that. >> the president and the prime minister reaffirmed their commitment to work together and through nato to fight terrorism at the islamic state. when asked if he saw a role for the u.s. and the deteriorating situation in libya, president trump indicated he sees a limit in global conflict. >> i do not see a role in libya. i think the united states right now has enough roles. i do see a role in getting rid of isis, we are very effective in that regard. >> the french president francois
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hollande said he does believe it is a act of terror, and one of the finalists, francoix fillon, says he believes that campaigning should be paused. >> bret: i spoke with prime minister paolo gentiloni about his country's relations with the u.s. and the changing economic environment in europe. i started by asking him what he was hoping for from his meeting at the white house. >> well, first of all, to confirm the strength of our relation. the u.s. had a very, very strong relation, and we consider this the pillar of our foreign policy. and second, i hope to have a common view on how the meeting we are having insistently of the
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g7 will be helpful for the major free world economies to go united in the world that we are facing, and i hope that we will renew the efforts, both of america and italy in the mediterranean region that for us is security, migration, and the fight against terrorism. acting together is very relevant for us. >> bret: it is such a fascinating time with so many issues pending. one of the biggest is brexit and great britain leaving the e.u. what does that mean to you? >> it is obviously a negative decision, but we respect the decision of the people. negative because it weakens, in
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any case, the european union. britain was one of the four man counters of the club. i hope we will have a fair negotiation, and to have a fair negotiation, what is crucial is to maintain e.u. unity. we are not more together in the european union, but we remain friends and partners. >> bret: do you fear other countries will follow the u.k.'s lead? >> i don't think this is now the real situation in europe. well, you can never know. but we have had a lot of discussion in the previous weeks on the possibility in certain countries, and the netherlands, and austria, of prevailing
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opposition anti-e.u., but i don't think that this possibility is real. >> bret: we have seen this rising nationalism, not only here, obviously with president trump's election, but brexit, the popularity of marine le pen. how strong do think this nationalism is, and you see it in italy? >> the fact that many countries are asking to defend their national interest is understandable. the fact that many countries are stressing the necessity to defend their own tradition, their own history, that is the vitality of our democracy. what is negative and could be even dangerous is when nationalism becomes another thing, an instrument to fight
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your neighbor or other countries. unfortunately, we commit the europeans, are the master of this kind of danger because we provoked two world voice exactly for this reason. one nation against another. there are different degrees of nationalism. >> bret: how concerned are you about the migrant crisis in the mediterranean? >> it's one of the two main issues in europe know, one is migration, the other is growth, economy, jobs, investments. as far as migration is concerned, i think we need a couple of things. one, more countries available to share the burden. we can't accept the fact that geography decides the burden is to greece or italy or whoever.
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second, we have to strengthen our action to defeat the network of smugglers and traffickers. this is not spontaneous movement. it is something organized by criminal networks. will this counter the phenomenon? no. we need developments to cancel the phenomenon. but you can reduce the flow. >> bret: your country about the u.s. to fight drones from sicily into libya to fight isis. how would he describe the relationship today? >> the support of the government with u.s. air action and with our logistics support has been
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very effective, and now it is no more there. but if you have a failed state, a fragile government in this situation, there is always the risk of terrorism infiltrating and terrorist threats. so what we need is, having made some mistake in libya, we, the italians, the americans, the french, the u.k., we have to be honest in recognizing this. now we have a duty, even a moral duty to contribute to stabilize. it is still fragile. there is a government, but we have to enlarge spaces and to gather other forces around this
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government. >> bret: it is a serious problem. you are the president of the g7. italy has always been, it seemed, open to russia, but considering russia's moves here in the u.s. prior to the elections, maybe other european nations as well, what would it take for russia to get to g8? is that a possibility? >> at the moment, no. what is, i think, not only possibility but a necessity is to maintain an involvement, an open door, a dialogue with russia. the idea of isolating russia, this is what history shows us, has always been counterproductive. who knows if, in the future, direct involvement. but it is not for the g7. >> bret: not this time around. >> for sure. >> bret: president trump has said he wants nato countries to
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step up as far as how much they are contributing to nato. 2016 data had italy at about the 20th. is this a legitimate concern, and is it going to step up its contribution to nato. >> we respect the commitment that we took. we are on track gradually, because our economy is growing, but we would like to have it faster growing. you can name every single military operation of nato from the baltic to the balkans and you will see an italian strong presence. so this is something we are very proud of, and it is not an alternative to augment military expenditure with a rate that will be manageable for our economy and our growth. >> bret: it is legitimate for president trump to call for the
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2% gdp? >> absolutely. it is legitimate, and it is legitimate for us to say that this engagement, we are there, we will it correctly. >> bret: just talked with middle eastern leaders who had spoken with president trump, and they were effusive about how the situation had changed from their point of view in the middle eas middle east. i'm wondering if there is a sense in europe about president trump. if you were to describe it, is it apprehension, is it opportunity? >> the europe and the u.s. are so strongly connected, the fact that you change the president cannot change the relation between europeans and americans. these are two of the pillars of our western democracy. nobody is interested to have bad
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relations. and i think also the u.s. administration understands the importance of europe. it is not something of the second world war, it is something for now and for the future. >> bret: what keeps you up at night? >> [laughs] so many threats. but you have to sleep. [laughs] >> bret: mr. prime minister, we appreciate your time. >> grazie, thank you. >> bret: in the meantime, tens of thousands of people are gathering right now in caracas, venezuela, one day after nationwide demonstrations against the governments they are left three people dead and hundreds arrested. also today, the state department says it is looking into an almost 20-year-old lawsuit that led to the venezuelan government to seize a general motors factor viii this week. gm has about 2700 workers in that country.
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it says the government's asset seizure is illegal. president trump's ambassador to the united nations is trying to shake things up there. senior correspondent rick leventhal tells us nikki haley has come to the world body with a unique agenda. speak at 7,929th meeting of the security council is called to order. >> every three months for the past 17 years, the united nations security council has matured is called an open debate on the middle east, focusing on the palestinian question and at school for an independent state alongside israel. critics say the meetings have traditionally been israeli-bashing sessions and accomplished little. if we are speaking honestly, we need to start with the chief culprit, iran and its partner militia, hezbollah. >> refocusing on state-sponsored terrorism, signaling out iran's support of hezbollah, which she
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says is the far greater threat. >> where there is terror, where there is death, where there is complete disregard for human life, there is iran. >> iran continues to play a destabilizing role in the region. this is most clearly seen in syria. >> russia, a key iranian ally, was quick to change the subject. >> we would like to express our categorical disagreement with the attempt to tailor this to the domestic context and the focus. >> by blaming all others but the occupier, the u.s. seeks to erase the question rather than addressing it. >> saying hailey's determination could eventually being results. >> i think a cultural shift is underway, it takes persistence, and she is going to bring end.
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>> the session lasted more than six hours, and they did extend per investor hailey's request, but there was nothing else remarkable about this meeting, and her tenure ends in ten days. bret? >> bret: rick leventhal. thank you. up next, hate crimes and what is called victimization chic. first, fox 4 in dallas as bernie sanders tries to fire up democrats in north texas, sanders held a rally in grand prairie about half between dallas and fort worth. the event is part of what is being called the come together and fight back to her. fox 11, the city declares a homeless shelter crisis, that enables organizations to operate without going through bureaucratic red tape. lastly saying there were 28,000 homeless people living inside
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the city. and this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5, smoking may soon be getting a lot more expensive for new yorkers. democratic mayor bill de blasio wants to raise the minimum price for a pack of cigarettes to $13 in the city. the current minimum is $10.50. de blasio possesses antismoking agenda could reduce the number of smokers in new york by 160,000 in the coming years. opponents say the city's high prices have already pushed many smokers into buying untaxed and unregulated cigarettes on the black market. that is 25 look from outside the beltway port "special report" pete will be right back so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off.
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all the time in the news, hate crime, culture of hate. but what does it really mean and how many of those so-called crimes are real? doug mckelway looks into those questions tonight. >> last week, and indian-owned store in charlotte, north carolina, was set on fire and a racist note left behind that read "we need to get rid of muslims, indians, and all immigrants." it was signed "white america." this week, police arrested a african-american man after police showed him lighting the fire. the police does not track fake hate or false crime. >> there are a large number of cases, certainly dozens or hundreds of year, and have been for at least the past 30 years. >> the website vacatecrimes tracks them, expelling a jewish man is the primary suspect in hundreds
3:24 pm
of bomb threats, in january, a black waitress in virginia claimed a customer wrote on the receipt, "great service, don't tip black people." >> shocked, very shocked. >> the customer maintained that it was written by the waitress who was upset over her one cent tip for bad service. and a muslim woman who claims that three men attacked her and tried to pull off her key job was accused of the campus focused on micro-aggressions and safe spaces is the perfect incubator to fake hate crimes. >> this isn't just my opinion. this is apparently widely recognized them. i would say 80% of events that occur on the campus are hoaxes or pranks. >> they believe that vacate makes up only a tiny fraction of the real thing. >> we have tracked a spike in
3:25 pm
hate crimes since particularly the election. so in the week after the election we tracked 111 separate incidents. >> there was a time at which the institutions that dominated and provided that social control were the church and involve and educational systems, and i think that has shifted, and this results in the dumbing down of the consumer. >> one example, when a youtube hoax or pulled this prank. >> we spoke a different language on the plane and now we're getting kicked out. >> that's insane. >> it was picked up as potential evidence of a hate crime. >> vacate crimes, despite their huge drain on police resources, are usually classified as misdemeanors. some say elevating them to felony status would go a long way to ending them.
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>> bret: a key mortgage interest rate has fallen to its lowest level in five months. freddie mac says the rate on the 30-year fixed home loan stands at 3.97% tonight, a drop from four and eight hundredths last week. the dow up 174, s&p 50018, nasdaq 54. u.s. markets to u.s. politics, saying former president obama is to blame for the party's recent electoral failures. dnc chair keith ellison made the comment yesterday in minnesota. >> barack obama could have been a better party leader, and i think that the fact that he wasn't has put his legacy in jeopardy. we lost a lot of statehouse seats, secretary of state, his true legacy is in danger, and i think that he can't say that he wasn't part of those losses.
3:27 pm
who else >> bret: ellison's representatives say he was talking about reality and not trying to be overly critical. turnover on the supreme court and sometimes impede correspondent peter doocy is here to tell us what the prospects are and what he is hearing. do we know who might be the next justice to retire? >> bret, we have a short list of who the short timers may be. >> it is just a very general rumor for the last six months around washington, d.c., and i assume it is somebody that is in their late 70s or early 80s, and there is probably three people that fall into that category. it could be any one of those three. it could be somebody else. >> the three being alluded to there are liberal justices ruth bader ginsburg and stephen breyer and then the
3:28 pm
independent-thinking justice anthony kennedy who support justice gorsuch in after serving as his mentor. if president trump was to replace any of them with the reliably conservative justice, it could solidify the currently shaky majority, saying they think they will pick a nominee from the list candidate trump circulated during the campaign, a list that still has 20 well-known conservatives judges on it. less pressure for a moderate because as long as republicans control the senate, they benefit from that nuclear option used a few weeks ago and that they can confirm someone with just 51 votes and they still have got 52 on their side, bret. >> bret: a lot of talk about movement on health care. >> we know they have been using recess to try to find middle ground on a deal, but a freedom
3:29 pm
caucus spokesperson tells me it would get rid of insurance regulations while protecting people with pre-existing conditions. even though a senior g.o.p. aide cautions me there is still no text yet, no way to know how close a vote is, president trump now says he hopes it is next week. >> we have a good chance of getting it soon. i'd like to say next week. but i believe we will get it, whether it's next week or shortly thereafter. >> the president is also hopeful they will vote for the change. >> bret: family members after government held prisoner in iran are pleading with the trumpet administration tonight to do something, anything. correspondent rich edson has that story from the state department. >> these men's families are putting their trust in a tweet. iran sentence circle meant to
3:30 pm
ten years in prison. iran says they spied for the united states. in october, then heaven candidate trump tweeted, "iran has done it again, taking two of our people and asking for a fortune for their release. another family wants president trump to follow through. >> every day i wake up, and i wonder if today is the day that i'm going to get any bad news. >> he is a businessman and scholar. his attorney says he was the only american excluded from a prison release following the iran nuclear deal. instead, in february 2016, iran arrested his 80-year-old father, a former representative of unicef. >> president obama failed to secure the release of siamak
3:31 pm
namazi. >> like the previous administration, trump officials have raised their case. >> we have joined recent calls for the immediate release of all u.s. citizens unjustly detained or missing in iran. >> this is an important step forward but it needs to be followed up by immediate and aggressive action. >> and the namazis state the situation is becoming more urgent as baquer is ill. >> if we do not secure their release very soon, i will not see my father, i will not see siamak, my brother. >> the iran nuclear deal, saying it now involves all aspects of iran's behavior including missile tests, promoting terrorism, and imprisoning americans. bret? >> bret: >> bret: rich edson ate state department. last night we told you about the case of former cia officer
3:32 pm
sabrina de sousa and her ordeal after she was convicted in absentia. after the kidnapping of cleric abu omar. de sousa says her sentence was reduced but she may have to go and testify. today, i asked the italian prime minister about de sousa's fate. >> the decision has already been taken by the president of the republic who reduced to condemnation, and this created the possibility for this former agent to go back to the u.s. there is no search from italian authorities at all and no call from the italian parliamentary bodies. >> you think it is pretty much wrapped up? >> yeah. >> de sousa said lawyers said that she has emails asking her to appear before a committee, and since a report last night,
3:33 pm
de sousa's attorneys said they had been contacted by the white house and a senior state department official is being assigned to her case. de sousa's attorneys says no long from the italian government has contacted them to indicate there has been a change in her status or that she is no longer required to do community service or testify. we will follow up. the nation's top law-enforcement officer has has a message to people who want to enter the u.s. illegally. now welcome jeff sessions and john kelly, in el paso, texas, today, observing southern border operations. >> for those who still seek to violate our laws and enter the country illegally, let me be very clear. don't come. please don't come. when you are caught, you will be detained, adjudicated, and deported. >> bret: tonight come up we are learning more details about the alleged deportation of an illegal immigrant who came to the u.s. as a child.
3:34 pm
correspondent william la jeunesse is in tonight. >> we are going to have an immigration system that works. >> as a candidate, donald trump promised to deport so-called dreamers. that has yet to happen. >> we had a deal with daca. >> juan manuel montes said he was having a hunch with a friend near the border when he was accosted by a porta patrol agent. unable to find his daca i.d., montes says he was deported, it claimed the administration denies, claiming "there are no records to support montes' claim." instead, officials say montes was already in mexico when they caught him a day later trying to sneak into the u.s. by climbing over a fence. >> dock and relays are not being targeted. i don't know why this individual was picked up. >> saying montes did have a
3:35 pm
legitimate docket status but by going to mexico, he lost his protection. >> when our agents on the frontline encounter people, they are going to enforce the laws on the books. >> critics jumped on the montes story for what they consider trumps inhumane policy. calling it disturbing, alarming, senate minority leader nancy pelosi. montes' lawyers hope to prove he did not leave the u.s. voluntarily. >> i bet there is plenty of surveillance video we going to see if he crossed or did not cross. >> stick with the judge hearinge lawsuit also handled the trump university case. >> at the time, they claim to indiana-born curiel couldn't be fair. as for montes, now living in mexico waiting to out outcome of his case as of 750 70,750,000 r docket recipients. >> bret: president trump talks paris terror, iran news, and
3:36 pm
whether north korea's leader is crazy. we will talk about what we heard today in the news conference and my interview with italy's prime minister. the panel joins me after a quick break. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ >> i think they are doing a tremendous disservice to an agreement that was signed. it was a terrible agreement. it shouldn't have been signed. it shouldn't have been negotiated the way it was negotiated. i'm all for agreements, but that was a bad one, as bad as i have ever seen negotiated. they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement, i can tell you that, and we're analyzing it very, very carefully and we'll have something to say about it in the not-too-distant future. >> bret: president trump at a news conference today with italy's prime minister talking there about the iran nuclear deal. also talking but his relationship with the chinese president, referencing back to their meeting back in our lago,
3:40 pm
saying the relationship is close and saying the chinese president is moving things when it comes to north korea. >> i really have confidence that the president will try very hard. we don't know whether or not they are able to do that, but i have absolute confidence that he will be trying very, very hard. and one of the reasons that we are talking about trade deals and we're talking about all of the different things, but we are slowing up a little bit. i actually told him, i said, you'll make a much better deal on trade if you get rid of this menace or do something about the menace of north korea. because that is what it is. it is a menace right now. >> bret: foreign policy and that news conference today, also, my interview with italy's prime minister, stephen hayes, mollie hemingway, charles lane, and jason riley, and had an institute senior fellow. jason, i'll start with you. your thoughts on the iran nuclear part and north korea
3:41 pm
first? >> i have seen some mixed messages. you have met us -- i'm sorry, secretary of state rex tillerson saying it looks like he may be n might be following the letter of divide here. you have trump saying but they are violating the spirit of the law. yesterday, sean spicer told martha maccallum, we are still reviewing end, we haven't reached a conclusion. i think we want to see the administration get on board in terms of how they're going to handle it. what we do know is, if they don't, the future is north korea. and we see what a menace north korea has become because they have a weapon. we cannot let iran get to that point. >> bret: charles? >> the president says they are violating the spirit, but they don't say exactly how they are violating the spirit. and he understands he ran against it and the deal has all kinds of shortcomings and
3:42 pm
defects, but he doesn't have an alternative. in the meantime, if they are living up to the letter of it, means they are a little under control. far more imminent problem is this ballistic missile/nuclear thing that is happening. i thought it was remarkable the degree to which he seemed to be leaning on, counting on his new best friend, the president of china to fix this thing for him. the chinese have failed to deliver on that score many times in the past. >> bret: does seem like he references frequently that meeting ingmar lago. >> interesting that so many pendants seem interested on russia, not that those aren't
3:43 pm
focusing their attention there, and he seems to be optimistic. >> bret: steve? >> i think jason's point about iran is right. we are hearing next messages. i think there is a reason for it. the reason is, iran got the goods, got the rewards early, and now it is about compliance. so if the administration tears up the deal, iran has already gotten much of what it took to get it to sign the deal. the united states and people who keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon now want to test the compliance. to broaden the picture, the administration has changed the way it is talking about the threat from iran. the obama administration had chosen this deliberate policy, the decoupling from everything else iran does. you heard in rex tillerson's comments yesterday, you heard from other people in the administration, that is over. that is not happening anymore. going to take on iran, looking at the nuclear weapon, looking
3:44 pm
at the terrorism, but it is doing in the region. >> bret: the question is, can you do that, keep the deal, but with the pressure on the other elements, funding table rests? >> it is tough, as steve said. we are not negotiating it from a position of strength, trump isn't right now, because they have the goods, including a lot of hard cash, actually. it is difficult. we'll see. trump is keeping us guessing, probably keeping the iranians guessing too. to follow up on charles' point about north korea, yes, leaning on china to do this is incredible. and explicitly holding out better trade deals. i told them, if they want better
3:45 pm
terms, wanted more and better trade agreements, you take care of north korea. it is pretty explicit. >> bret: president trump with "the art of the deal." this is an interesting dynamic between the italian prime minister and the president on the issue of libya. >> we need countries like egypt and tunisia that are close to the ap. we need a stable and unified, and divided in conflict would make stabilityworse. the u.s.'s job -- u.s. role, sorry, in this is very critical. >> i do not see a role in libya. i think the united states right now has enough roles. we are in a role everywhere. >> that was the old 2016
3:46 pm
candidate trump. we are overstretched come up with been wasting all of our resources on these pores in the middle east, libya was a disaster that give us benghazi and all the best. i'm not sure the italian prime minister was really prepared when he said what he said to run into the 2016 edition of president trump. that was a flash of something yet you been trying to play down recently when he is talking in a more friendly way about nato and the commitments overseas. kind of a stunner. >> bret: mollie? >> i think they might've been responding to slightly different questions where the italian p.m. is wanting to emphasize the importance of coalition building and president trump that we don't want to get too involved in foreign agencies. >> bret: i will sit at the italian prime minister does think that the europe, u.s., italy made a mistake in libya ad has a responsibility. he said in the interview with me, a moral responsibility to help the government to get on
3:47 pm
its feet. that is a role. >> wanting to point out that the larger needle role, the larger issue of nato alliances is but it's really interesting from ths discussion. so many members of nato talking about, again, threats from russia and whatnot but not having the budgets that indicate that they are taking those threats seriously or having their military resources allocated in a way that understands those threats. these are the types of discussions that are helpful and good to see. >> also very complicated when you heard president trump say the u.s. has no role in libya, moments later, a leading role in inviting hezbollah. libya, you fight isis, you fight in libya, not to mention al qaeda. hard to imagine winning a war that the president has said that he wants to win without some u.s. role in libya. >> bret: more with the panel about that a news conference, health care, and what lies ahead next week in congress. just ahead.
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liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> which one is more important do you do have, a vote on health care or a vote on a bill to keep the government open? >> i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? we are doing very well in health care. we will see what happens. this will be great health care. it's evolving, you know, there was never a give up. the plan gets better and better and better. it has gotten really, really good. a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week but i believe we will get it. as far as keeping the government open, i think we want to give the government open. don't you agree? i think we'll get both. speak to the president today, that deadline is april 29th for.
3:52 pm
health care expecting to move forward next week. indications that the house speaker are saying that it is difficult but we are close. >> at the white house had been talking about having something very soon. this week, we see house leaders temper these expectations and state may take a little bit longer. certainly, conversations are going well. most interesting, the freedom caucus, which is blamed for the failure of the first bill, somewhat unfairly, as shown itself to be quite open to negotiations and the moderates are the ones who are a little bit intractable. >> bret: where is the hinge point? do we know? what gets across the finish line? >> one of the issues is the question of the essential health benefits. this package, under the existing obamacare, has to be in every one of the plans and the exchange. will there be any wiggle room on that? related, the question of supplying the government subsidy to the lower income people who are trying to get money on the exchanges. the republicans in the congress actually have a lawsuit, as i
3:53 pm
understand, going against it because the funds have not been appropriated. that is the kind of money that trump is holding over the heads of the democrats to get them to somehow come in on this. >> two things. one, we haven't seen legislative language, which we usually see before. >> bret: apparently, there is a conference on saturday. >> on the other hand, i think trump is very desperate, frankly, for a big legislative victory in his first 100 days. i think his supporters are very desperate for a big legislative victory. i think he is eager to sign something. i wouldn't put it -- i don't think it's impossible that something will get done. i think trump -- republicans control capital held, they control the white house. his supporters want to see something other than executive order signed. >> bret: the other thing is a government shutdown. what will happen to fund the government? you have the issue of the border wall, funding for the border wall, whether that will be a sticking point.
3:54 pm
funding for obamacare subsidies. there are threats by democrats of putting something that says president trump has to show his tax returns by july 1st. all kinds of things could happen next week before we get to the end of the week. >> landmines all over the place. i think next week is likely to be a very heavy "newsweek," unlike what we have seen recently. [laughs] going back briefly to the health care debate, one of the most interesting proposals came from two members of the freedom, how's freedom caucus. $50 billion risksharing fund that has the enthusiastic support of some other freedom caucus members, who are opposed to what was happening before. it's backed by house republican leadership and the question remains how do moderates react to this and are they willing to continue to negotiate. >> bret: the question is, does he get it done? >> i think he does. the desperation is what makes it most dangerous. getting it done right is the most important thing.
3:55 pm
not getting it on speedily. everyone wants to get it done. >> just to remind everyone, passing through the senate before it can be called a legislative victory. what we are talking about here is getting something through the house and claiming a victory on that. it's far from clear to me that whatever the house ends up producing is something that will remotely resemble the final law, if any, that they produce. >> bret: in the meantime, the big enchilada when you talk to ceos is tax reform. you have leader saying it will happen this year. [laughter] >> when you talk about landmines, every line of the tax code has ten lobbyists there to defend it. i don't see that happening. i just don't. i don't see it happening. >> bret: on that optimistic note, we will end here. thank you, panel. tea party, one little girl will never forget.
3:56 pm
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and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am. ♪ >> bret: finally, tonight, every so often we will end with a picture of the day. marine and kevin recently had a magical tea party with his 4-year-old daughter, ashley, and california. his wife arranged the whole thing and surprised the pair. rosette and kevin, who, by the way, is a tough drill instructor, we are told, for the marines. he was a bit hesitant at first but she was able to convince him after and seeing how happy it made her daughter because "he would do anything for ashley even a tea party." marines can have tea parties, too. we thought we would share that picture with you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is that for those at "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the first 100 days," by the way, that 100 days is coming to an end, they shall have a new
4:00 pm
title at 7:00 p.m. it will still be hosted by martha maccallum, my good friend. it will start in about five seconds. ♪ >> martha: we are covering breaking news tonight. nearly 1:00 a.m. now as terror strikes the heart of france again. a police officer killed two others, gravely wounded near the same champs-élysees, isis quickly claiming responsibility for this attack. french officials say that it was a war weapon that was used in this attack. waiting for more details on that. they have withstood attacks in nice, charlie had no characters, at the nightclub, and now, once again, and france, they are under attack. getting ready for a big election come sunday. one candidate has called for a postponement in light of this. more news from france as we get throughout the evening. also, breaking tonight, the president once said nobody


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