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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 21, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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to non. one hundred days in sorting this economic agenda out only on fox, because we care. >> hello, everyone. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five" >> brand new develops today on last night's terrorist attack in paris. a jihaddist opening fire. two offers killed one wounded before the attacker was shot dead. is they say the 39-year-old karim cheurfi had a note for i.
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isis and they claimed responsibility for the attack. president: first our condolences to the people of france. it seems it's happening again. i saw it walking in. it's a terrible thing, terrible thing going on in the world today. it looks like another terrorist it looks like another terrorist >> the mainstream media pounced on the attack for calling it what it is, terror. >> president trump said right off the bat, it looks like another terrorist attack. france we haven't been comfortable to call it that or report that. >> the coverage is get ago head of the fact. the president was referring to what i think he was watching on television. you do wonder are people going to take what he said as some
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idea that, it's -- he knows something more than what anyone else does. >> unlike what you may of heard during the press conference from bred trump, although he theoretically knows more than french leaders would know. right now french police say they don't know if it's an act of terror. they're not ruling that out. >> in a tweet today the president predicted the strike in paris "will have a big effect on voters there this weekend." there was a chorus of open tweeting political -- politicalization of terrorist attacks highlighting them became norm for him in campaign. continues. >> what is wrong with this. >> it's shocking to the system. they have bad, honesty, truth facts. wait a second he's saying this.
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yes, perhaps he's the president of the united states. he's privy to information the rest of us don't have. the fact is this was an act of terrorism this. is a person, individual matching the profile to the t. how he was radicalized, a long criminal record. they were aware of this individual and his activities. these are people the world needs to protect against. >> this matters? >> he's the opposite of obama. his nickname should be no-bama. i believe it pays to wait. you never know. no one likes to find out their wrong when they publicly find out something. there is a hypocrisy they con testimony trump they never con testimony people making the opposite mistake. clearly it's not terror and it is. or they race to embrace a hate crime to find out when was a
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hoax which trump predicted at one point and they laughed at. they report the hate crime. they forget to report the hoax. i think it's hypocritical to go after him. maybe it could of been the super hero you never know. >> the opposite of obama would be onobo. >> i have no problem with the tweet. >> not that she's a little too -- >> no. >> -- negative on trump. >> she's not negative on trump. she's making a point. i think last night when, yesterday afternoon when you had the media saying trump is getting out ahead of himself. yes, that's true. also they could of hedged a bit and said he could be right. maybe he knows something we don't know. it happened right before the press conference. who knows maybe the national security adviser gave him
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information before he walked out. we don't know. that the reporters don't know. that what maggie is saying, basically, we have been saying since 9-11 don't let terrorists drive your decision making. i think that's what she was eluding. to i think she was stating a fact and doesn't deserve criticism for it. >> i'm saying she pushed back on president trump's tweets. should we be concerned if president trump says, lock that's terror, we need to get tougher on terror. >> let's look at the facts. this guy has had a criminal history. the criminal history has been attacking police. he was in jail for a couple of years for doing. that he was arrested again for attacking police. this was several years ago. so, you may have assumed this guy has a problem with police and that's what he was doing and not a terrorist. >> he was radicalized in prison. >> okay. >> he had a isis sympathy note
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in his pocket. hello. >> when president trump said that he didn't know. that. >> the issue, the argument is it going to affect the french elections? in my mind, yes it will. did trump think if i say this is a terror attack maybe it will get another million votes. >> is it wrong to let it influence your elections if the intent is terror and to destroy your country. maybe that's a good reason to vote for someone who wants to stop that threat. >> i think that's part of the reason trump was elected. >> it's a mirror image what we saw here. >> during the primaries there were a couple of attacks. we said you want a president tough on terror or continuing the obama legacy of being incapable -- >> like the massacre in orlando at the nightclub. san bernadino. >> for sure. >> you have to deal with the
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reality of the fact pattern. don't be afraid to make choices. in our past elections in this country, you have two choices. someone i'm saying i will call it radical islamic terrorism and destroy isis and rebuild the military. then someone else who was siding with obama saying i won't use the words radical islamic terrorist or jihaddist. >> this the single most important issue in this election. in our election -- >> it should be. >> i understand that. what i'm saying -- >> it will bite them. >> what i'm saying is there were a number of issues for the voters. >> the economy. >> economy and other things. now you have an election it's soley on the issue of terror and illegal immigration. >> the irony, i don't believe this terrorist thought i will do this to influence the election. i think he wanted to kill police
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and he was radicalized at kimberly said. the reality is they want a war. we are in agreement. we want to elect people to destroy them. they want to bring the war to fruition. >> let's move on and tell you good tphao*us in washington today. president trump met with an egyptian american charity worker he helped to free after three years of being helped in egypt. she was acquitted. it was a touching moment to see them get together in the oval office. >> we are very happy to have iah back home. it's great to have her in the oval office with her brother, thank you very much. >> i guess president obama couldn't free her. president trump was able to do that. >> yes, that's true we don't know what was going on behind the scenes. we know president obama was
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tough and in private for humanitarian reasons there. i think the egyptian president was looking for a way to have a good relationship with president trump. i'm so glad sleaze back. she never deserved to be in prison in the first place. i think, hopefully there will be more of this, if we can continue to put pressure on people who have major humanitarian problems in their own country. >> what say you? >> i give president trump credit on this one. i think he used his meeting which was only what 12 days ago or something, with the isis -- i mean egyptian prime minister. if i was him i would ask for something mediate. what's the most mediate thing they could do? a release. yes. >> also the easiest thing for them to do. he was a jerk for not do it the last couple of years. >> can we compare this to one obvious comparison, cuba that obama had the option to do
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something very similar to this, bringing back a bad person, a cop killer from cuba in a deal. instead he gave cuba what they wanted and we didn't get anything in return. >> that's a good point. >> that's the difference of a deal maker versus someone looking for legacy. >> can i add onto that. look at iran. we give them so much money. they violate the agreement. so total disregard and disrepebgt for the united states, state sponsors of terrorism -- >> i wroepbt compare iran to egypt. i think you're right. look at iran when ronald reagan was elected. the day after he was sworn in, they released the hostages. >> within five minutes. >> that had some link. >> of course a link. >> all of these things have a link. the idea. >> i don't know when the beat up
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obama period will end on the show. maybe it will last for three years. >> it's around. >> you can't compare -- i'm sure. you can't compare these things. the idea that obama didn't try very hard to get this person out is crazy. of course he did. >> how do you know that? >> i'm still talking about the cop killer. >> no, no, no. >> -- in cube aeufrpblgts you have to give trump credit. >> i did. i did. i is said the circumstances gave that chance. obama may not of had the chance. >> we had the other side of the argument, i'm sorry the other side of the argument the liberals take credit for the bin laden kill when the structure went to the bush administration. >> are we going back that far, to george washington. >> the only thing worst than being in jail is someone else's jail. being in a foreign jail.
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>> they would release you. >> i wouldn't be in an alabama jail. >> i would learn to like it. i would start a little five in the prison cell. >> talking to yourself. >> yes. >> exactly you and your monologues enough, get home. >> leave it there. update from the president's two top aides and the great progress the administration is making keeping illegals from crossing over the border. jeff sessions and john kelly, ahead.
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>> attorney general jeff sessions and home land secretary john kelly are finishing up their first joint tour of the mexican border. last night we spoke with them both. she asked when shall the building of the wall begin? >> i think by late spring early summer we will have prototypes and move forward into the summer. we won't do it all in one afternoon but get at it as quick
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as we can. >> sessions credits the president with the progress made to keep illegals out. >> this credit goes to president trump. it's his message this border is no longer open tpwaufpblt to come to america do it lawfully. we admit 1.1 million people a year with lawful status. do it legally, we will get this thing done. i think it's quite a thing to celebrate this much progress in the first hundred days. >> okay. take that shot and the imagery there, danna. you whraoef this is well advanced. >> yes the shot is so important. america is visual. you want to see what they're doing. the stage crafted good. think they're doing it not just for the first hundred days. next week when the congress gets back the omb director has said the money for the wall has to be in the emergency funding measure
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or they are willing to try to -- they are willing to shut down the government over it. >> wow. the haris poll out on wednesday i think they have to get out and sell this thing. 38% of americans say they want the wall. not enough to justify shutting down the government. so, when they get back on monday or tuesday, when it is, the democrats and republicans will have something to talk about. >> so, bowling, how do they sell it? they need the money and enthusiasm to put pressure on congress. >> here is how you sell it. you say, listen, i'm not sure if you tie it to the funding of the government or not. if you do it go for it and say we're getting this money or the government shuts down. by the way mexico is paying for it, this is how. present the plan of the pay back. a down payment on the wall. hold mexico accountable. people want t he ran on t it's going to happen. i figured three ways to do it.
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you figure the most sellable way. then hang it on the democrats. mexico is paying for it. if the democrats can't get onboard it's their fault. >> greg, you like the imagery. the two of them together, serious about the job communicating directly to the people? >> i keep thinking about the fact we're so lock in a prison of two ideas. no matter the issue. immigration or pro immigration, against it. you're in a prison of two ideas. i thought about the line, we're building a wall with a beautiful gate. that destroys the prison. what you are saying is you can be for a secure border but you are not anti-immigrant. we want to build a wall with a beautiful gate. so you can embrace the terrified and desperate refugee making them the most grateful american will you ever see. you can create a system that preserves the freedom of
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character of a country that makes it the place people flee to. this is a pattern of a lot what had trump is doing. he's breaking out of the prison of two ideas. on trade, you can be for free trade or fair trade. no, you can be for both. there are certain things happening. even with war and peace. you don't have to go all out war. you can do a incremental strike. >> alright. i like what greg is saying. >> thank you. >> it's important and words do matter. >> they tkofrplt. >> i don't believe president trump stuttered when he said he would put a big beautiful door there as well to suggest lawful immigration. people will be allowed in. this country was founded on immigrants coming to work hard and fighting for our freedom. >> i agree with the good visual. the only missing were cheerleader skirts and pom poms. >> i have that if you need it. >> keep something in mind.
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this slide of immigration in the country didn't start 30 days or 60 days it's been going on for the better part of the year as the economy gets better in the south. the idea that donald trump's tough talk is keeping out is silly. the third part -- >> explain why, why is that silly? >> how can you prove it? >> they're actually not coming. >> they haven't been coming. >> like obama trying to prove they saved jobs. >> they compared it to last year. a drastic reduction. >> not last year the last obama month it's compared to. it's not the better part of a year. >> david -- >> trump has been in office for three and a half months. >> it scared me. >> 72% -- >> you try to say you lay it on the democrats. the republicans won't put it in the a rope ration bill. he has to work something out here. it's nothing to do with the democrats. they will come up with a face saving billion dollars here,
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that wall will never get built. >> they're get it would go walls for the price of one. >> we need another bet. you have to make a bet. >> oh. >> no, no, no. >> remember my last one. >> yes, you are going to marry bob, right, if there is no wall built. >> there will be no wall. i don't want to get married. >> i guaranteed. listen you would be a drain on my healthcare over here. [laughing] >> tucker -- >> hysterical. >> tucker carlson saves us. his show is going to a new time monday night. guess what, so are we. we will find out who his big surprise guest is monday. don't go anywhere.
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>> welcome back. we're joined by one of our favorite people tucker carlson. his show is moving to a new time monday night. we are too and will be prime time neighbors in a few days. tucker, i was going to ask a question, he wants to. i'm giving it to him. >> i don't want to ask a question. >> alright. >> i know i happen to know you're having a spell guest on monday, i was trying to get for a while. i was turned down many times. some how you have a special power mr., tucker carlson. who is this special guest you ripped from me? >> so kaitlin generaller is coming on monday. i'm interested in kaitlin generaller's politics. what it's like to be in that position, people at you from both sides. >> what does that mean, coming at you from both sides? >> hit from the left and right.
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>> i was thinking about it a different way. >> tucker, kaitlin is a conservative, right? >> that's my understanding. you know, i haven't -- >> this is the first interview we have done. i don't know. i am interested in it, i read. that i'm interested in the idea people wind up spokes people for a cause or a group maybe against their will. i want to find out. >> she has a new book out. one of the things, apparently she has a feud with ellen deagain ris. the issue of the spokes person. >> how would you like to be recruited in voluntarily as a spokes person for people you don't know. can you imagine? i wouldn't like that at all. >> that happens to me all the time. >> we're going to go with other questions. kimberly. >> yes, nobody cares. tucker, you know i actually got a chance i guess at the inauguration and the night before to talk with, you know,
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kaitlin generaller. bijenner.i invited her to come e five." >> the book signing. >> yes. what is the main question you want to ask her? >> i can't tell you that, kg. >> come on. >> it's about o.j. >> by the way it maybe. also about, you know a remarkable athletic career people ignore. >> i have known tucker for almost 25 years now. that answer there, no idea what he's going to ask. >> tucker, let me ask you a question. had you the 9:00 o'clock hour we're taking over. you had a substantial lead in, very fortunate. the question is are you going to guarantee us the same lead in. >> yes. >> a lot of our success is riding on you, buddy. generally when i go to the horse track i don't take the long
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shot. you should be 3-1 the favorite. what do you think. >> look, i -- i'm following someone in this seat for 20 years, more than 20 years, really successfully. really understood this business and the audience, hard worker. really talented guy to be totally honest with you. i have been here five months. so 0, you know, i will do my best. i have a lot i'm interested in. i believe in skepticism above all. i don't think the press is skrept al enough of others or their own views. i would like to watch people in power get, you know, respectful but tough questions. >> you have been here five months and he has replaced three people. >.[laughing] >> don't stand next to me. >> he gets around. >> two hours, he will be on the five as well. tucker i want to ask you, how you decide on your stories. last night i watched the show. i thought it was great, the big
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segment about vaccines. it's not the top of the news but something you're interested. in how do you come up with a decision of what you talk about each night. >> a lot of e-mails and text. i have had a lot of work done, i'm older than i look. people text me. i have known bobby kennedy. i don't agree with his politics. i think he's smart and brave. he asks questions that are unpopular. i vaccinated my kids. i'm for vaccines. i think it's legitimate to ask questions. this are people that bully you into not asking questions. it's a red flag when people say, you can't ask that question. no matter what it's about. i'm a protestant i believe pushing on. that. >> are you a piss k a -- >> i'm not going to say. that. >> you make this face. i call it an astoninshment. >> i am.
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i'm one of six left. yes, i am. >> it's great. priceless. >> i think you ought to be allowed to ask legitimate respectful questions and press for an answer. that's not threatening to me. people threatened by that are usually trying to hide something. they're in power and it's fare to make them answer the question. >> one more question from erbg. >> quickly. i would love to know if she, kaitlin was surprised by the reaction of the liberals or conservatives to her decision. >> i don't know. i haven't had a conversation with kaitlin jenner any point ever. we're doing this cold on monday. i'm struck by the criticism i read about. you know, if you identify as one sort of person, you have to adopt an entire slate of political issues. i don't agree with. that it's bizarre. everyone is a individual. you should treat them that way. >> the producers say we have to go. in two sentences can you tell me why "the five" is so successful.
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>> it's great to watch. every person is cool, interesting and smart. it's great television. honestly, i'm watching it every night. i watch it now. >> thank you, buddy. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> be sure to tell your wife you will be home at 10:30 instead of 9:30. stay there facebook friday is up next.
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>> alright. it's time for >> mind bring isn't it. >> we have to upgrade that for next friday. >> facebook friday, it's time for it. sit down, get ready it's going to hit you in the face. dana, i'm starting with you.
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>> this is a hard question. i kind of like the name dana. it's pretty unique, right. it was now everyone is named dana. boys and girls. >> that's true. >> what is the world coming to. >> what i what is it? >> i don't know. i like -- i like the name kate. >> kate is good. >> i like kates. >> people predict kate middleton is pregnant. >> i think she is. >> erbg. >> >> i love latin culture. aljeandro. >> my name is is in spanish class was ramona. >> elvis. >> better question than i thought. >> how about you, kimberly? >> i like the name lilly. my mom use to call me that. >> lilly.
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>> yes. >> that sounds pure. >> i go with kaitlin. >> it's appropriate. >> ore kayla is a nice name. i don't see names. >> kaitlin? >> yes. >> i don't see names. i think names are a patriotic -- >> this is great: >> kimberly? >> obviously not the unicorn win. i'm scared of the ba rifrista gy freaking out. i like strawberry and banana. like a strawberry banana. strawbana. >> that's nice. >> i'm good at this. >> you are. >> bob. >> i'm proud to say it was the first time i ever had anything out of there. never had a starbucks. don't intend. to i don't drink coffee.
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>> you use their bathroom. >> that was weird. >> why. >> yourink energy drinks. >> we're talking about starbucks, lilly. pure lilly. >> that's me. >> i'm so boring. i don't put anything in my coffee. a trap teen khao*ep trap chino r cream. >> did you like the coffee candies from sees. >> i did. >> i did too. >> stick to the topic here. >> i what do a partnership with my friend, edward mark chocolate. salted dark chocolate care mel frappuccino. >> you almost had me. >> what. >> you bought me a box -- >> a sausage frappuccino.
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>> it's on my list of banned foods. >> the milk chocolate with the salted caramel. >> yes. >> you said dark chocolate. >> a human frappuccino. >> weirdo. >> i was thinking of a ribeye rose in a blender. >> thank you, jeffery. >> hannibal. >> we have six minutes, baby. >> the view could have the answer to one of the great mysteries of life. what would it be? start with bob. >> a great mystery of life. >> yes. >> why i'm still alive. >> we wonder that every day. >> exactly right. i think the creation of the universe. i happen to believe god go d. that the "big bang theory" people. they can't explain it. >> you never know. could be -- dana?
2:42 pm
>> why the dinosaurs went extinct. was it an asteroid, global warming, what? >> i think it was -- i think they got lasik. >> oh. >> each other. >> yes lasik and died. >> we're so ugly. >> we have to pick up the pace. >> kimberly. >> so -- i know heavy lifting. i'm thinking about, being a former prosecutor. the unsolved homicides and going through cold case files. i would love to solve every unsolved -- >> who killed jfk. >> jon benet and natalie holloway. where is she. >> who pushed the video. >> is there life on other planets. >> i don't want to know. >> i do. >> are we living the life we are living or is this a computer
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simulation. >> is this philosophy. >> it's more likely a computer simulation. we're sims. >> if we create a simulation there are more than one actual life. >> who created me and dana, well done. call security. >> more height next time, please. [laughing] >> alright. a special sendoff when "the five" returns. we hope you join us.
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>> you like it. >> it's a bittersweet day on the five. last day at 5:00 p.m. last day with erbg as our co-host. we wanted to bring back some of our favorite erbg bowling stops. >> erbg bowling. >> erbg bowling. >> erbg bowling. >> i'm erbg bowling with kimberly guilfoyle and danna perin -- this is the 5.
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>> i love that. >> this is -- this is the five. >> are you going to make it into the show. >> you know what i think, bob. i think you should lose the skirt and join me. >> what a tough guy. >> i'm that dumb. >> what kind of a dog is it? >> a -- a what? >> a -- >> we have found james bond. >> diamonds are forever. >> what are you saying? >> security isn't letting you in. eric bowling you made it in. what happened to you? >> what happened. >> i bribed them. >> twitter, spotify, air bnb, grinder, apal, i don't know about that. [laughing]
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[laughing] >> you guys. >> tell everyone -- >> i have to tell them. >> yes. >> he's humble. >> you know -- >> take my notes. >> wave it -- >> i knocked a couple. >> all over dana's lap. >> dana. >> oh. >> i think it's like -- i don't think they do it. >> i thank eric one more time. last time i will thank him. >> that's nice. >> ahhh. >> that's awesome. >> we have had fun times. >> six years. >> this show was suppose to be for six weeks. >> remember that. >> that's right. >> dana, what do you think. >> we have political disagreements, sometimes. actually we agree more than you think. the other thing i tell people when i first moved to new york.
2:50 pm
i was like what is this place. city is crazy. i thought would i get stuck or in trouble, in jail. the first person i would call and this goes into next week so, you're not off the hook. i called eric bolling first. >> i love the outfits and things he wore. remember that and the ketchup. >> that was the end of it i got called. >> alright. >> enough of. that. >> thanks to if he flex. delicious yellow cake, much raved about suggest. >> he will still spend a billion dollars there. >> people love the yellow cake. >> talked to felix. >> thank you, a manned a for the package. this has been great. i'm not going anywhere. >> not going anywhere. >> i'm staying here at 5:00 o'clock. you're going to 9:00 and killing it i'm sure it will be amazing and you will crush it. >> i hope you watch from 5:00 o'clock all the way through.
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>> you keep the table. >> you keep the table. >> i guess a desk. >> what do you have to say, greg. >> i'm making a point. jesse will never be able to do this. i will smack him up the side of the head. he can't do -- at seven either, right. >> he and i delivered that. he claims he did. this is how it went down. i have three stories. i don't have enough in the show. do it really fast and call it whrarpb and we developed the fastest seven. it stays with the show. >> you're differenting that. >> yes. >> i want to say, bolling, i love you like a brother. >> brother and sister. >> i think we were in another life, and this one, god bless, you're a huge part of the success of this show. the fans love you. you're always so tkpraeurbous to them when you are asked for a picture. >> yes. >> i'm like --
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>> i have -- >> can i say one thing. i love the show. i love you guys. i love the show, the producers, you too brother. >> this is a particularly difficult day for me. you have your own show, which you have wanted. you deserve it it will go great at 5:00 o'clock. you know all of the arguments we have had on politics, and you were dropped on your head as a ten month old that's why your politics are so far right. i think it's fare to say we haven't had a cross word when we left the studio with all of our arguments. >> yes. >> i even forgive you for causing me to use a certain word on the air after you slugged me in the gut. we are going to miss you, man. you're -- i don't know how to put it. you are important to me. i know you will do well. >> of course. >> cool.
2:53 pm
>> alright. >> alright. >> that's a hard one. >> bittersweet. he would love to be with us but duty calls. you will crush it at 5:00 o'clock. >> this cake is fight mighty fi. >> you leave me with this guy.
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time for one more thing. first of all, i want to thank fox news. all the murdocks, thank you very
2:57 pm
much for the opportunity at 5:00. kyle, can you bring this out? i got you a parting gift, really quickly. first of all, we'll give the jasper -- >> throw me a bone. >> i'm really going to miss the jasper story. >> you can borrow him. >> i would love to. k.g., beautiful rose for you, i'll miss you like my sister. bob, i brought you a copy of the constitution. read it, my friend. >> i'll be happy to. >> greg, something more important to give you, and i mean this from the bottom of my heart. a handshake. >> we're good. >> we're good now. >> there you go. >> the last one, i hope you tune in, on the show, 10:00 p.m. tomorrow, i have terry shepherd and lauren sutton. >> this painting was done by a
2:58 pm
philadelphia forensic artist, and this is a picture of robe gooding, the philadelphia police department took this out, because of citizens picking up the phone and calling in, they eventually, his -- the person who murdered him was caught. and shot himself. so i just want to say on behalf of the philadelphia police department, it is a wonderful police work. >> so nice. >> k.g. >> god bless the man and his family. i'm wearing this. it is time for kimberly's royal news. you probably all know at home, it is a special day because it is the queen's birthday. she celebrates her 91st birthday today and expected to spend the milestone at windsor kasecastle.
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she became queen in 1952. in another very important baby news, we had a wonderful, wonderful baby shower for our fantastic producer, megan albino, we all had just so much fun honoring and celebrating. we're very excited for the baby. it is national parks week, because of that can you go to the national parks for free this weekend. u.s. interior, you will not believe the pictures, and you can add your own. very good. i want to make sure i don't forget to thank nina, who has been my producer since day one. don't forget, 9:00 p.m. eastern, i will see you monday, may 1st at 5:00 p.m. on a brand new show launching right here on the fox news channel right here in this studio. it has been a true honor to be on the five since we launched in 2011. i'll miss everyone greatly, but
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see you all very soon. "special report" coming up next. new evidence that iran may be cheating more on its nuclear deal with the u.s. than almost anyone imagined. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. there is new concern tonight at that iran may be more involved than we think in a nuclear weapons program despite its agreement with the u.s., and other western nations. chief washington correspondent, james rosen, tells us the information comes from a group that has been right about this kind of thing before. >> they're revealing this for the first time today. >> reporter: using


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