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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 23, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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next. remember i'm watters and this is judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> it's anarchy when you are only enforcing the law to allow liberals to speak. judge jeanine: ann coulter is of the left's attempt to silence the right. >> i think this might be the worst 100 days we have ever seen in a president. judge jeanine: democrats and the mainstream media attack as president trump gets ready to
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mark his first 100 days. judge jeanine: if you were walking down an amly who would you rather bum into. isis, vladimir putin or kim jong-un. >> kim jong-un, because i'm korean. judge jeanine: which one would you rather have a beer with. "justice" starts now. i'm judge jeanine pirro. mayor case in trouble. they are trying to silence you. a monstrous and pervasive movement is putting the first amendment and your free speech. the most basic and fundamental tenets of our nation at risk and in danger of extinction. whether you are on the left or the right, free speech is essential to our democracy.
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the reason the country was found. the prone people risk so much, even die to come here. yet as you sit there you are watching a silencing in real-time. where people are not allowed to express their opinion if it does not align with the thinking of others. this is not an esoteric or academic discussion about one person or one campus. it's happening all over. and it's putting us on a course where we are in danger of becoming a fascist totalitarian so sight where there is only one accepted point of view. no other will be tolerated. and it's time to fight back. this week conservative ann coulter was disinvited from speaking at that bastion of free speech, the university of california berkeley.
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the university's excuse? threats to ann, hard to believe, especially considering that iran's president spoke at columbia without incidents. and in february, milo yanukovych also invited to speak was met by pre-protesters who broke windows and threw rocks for 12 hours. the number of people arrested? one. which tells me a stand-down was ordered. no surprise, given the mayor of berkeley is an and tie-fa, short for anti-fascist, meaning he doesn't like conservative speak. given his support of black lives matter and berkeley being a sanctuary city, no surprise. you know i love cops and i defend them.
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but their excuse for one arrest? they didn't want to step in with full scale riot forces because it could have led to bloodshed. really? did you guys go to rookie school? did anyone tell you how to take someone into custody without going into full riot gear? you can't take a snowflake in a ninja costume? and what's with these wimps who need a college playpen because they are so traumatized by words. instead of having a hissy fit you ought to find a bunk tore hide in for the next 50 years because you won't make it in the real world. you spoiled brass can't listen to words?
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if you don't like what someone has some say, stay home. but if you think you have the right to use violence to stop someone else from listening, you are a thug and a dumb one at that. if you have so much had it, why not use it in a positive way and defend innocents in the middle east who are having their heads cut off by isis. another liberal genius howard dean tweets. hate speech is not protected speech. murder, don't practice law without a license. i have got news for you. hate speech is protected. i don't like it, but even the united states supreme court protects flag burning. i'm sure the punks at berkeley have done that. back to you snow flakes, a little recap. free speech is just that. saying whatever you want except things like yelling fire in a
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crowded theater. you do not have the right to stop someone from speaking. you do though have the right to not listen. and if you left-wing liberal namby-pamby pompous hypocritical anarchists want to suit yourselves up in halloween get-ups to hide your identity, and engage in assault and bloody fistfights, to say no one is allowed to utter their free speech, then it is my pleasure to advice you that you have even more constitution ago -- consti, as in the right the remain silent, the right to an attorney and the right to your own
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playpen, a 6 x 6 cell the taxpayers will throw you into. but we can't guarantee the guy next you is even going to like you. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. joining me now is conservative author ann coulter. u.c. berkeley. they invite you, the students invite. and you buy your ticket, you are all set to go and they disinvite. then what happens is the next day they say because they are getting all kinds of heat because they are a taxpayer funded university and the birthplace of free speech, and they say you can come, but you can come on a day when no one is here. what is the latest? >> i'm still optimistic that i'm going to speak. i don't think it shouldn't that hard to arrange. i have done it hundreds of
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times. gone to college campuses, spoke, taken questions, good time had by all, a glass of wine and leave. they don't have to arrange for this to be done in outer space or under water. i would add that the university of california chance lower janet napolitano used to be obama's secretary of homeland security. she had to keep the entire nation safe. i think she can keep a college campus safe. the. judge napolitano:. judge jeanine: when they say there is a security threat, i assume don't buy that. >> as you points out -- apparently howard dean don't and none of the administrators do -- you can't use the hecklers veto. there is loads of first amendment supreme court law on that issue. you can't use the excuse that some people are complaining
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about this because that's just a ruse for viewpoint discrimination. judge jeanine: they get to veto free speech. when milo yanukovych spoke there, one person was arrested. it went on for 12 hours. $100,000 in damages. it tells me there was a standsdown. it tells me the campus police and city police weren't making any arrests. is there a message there as well? >> yes, that's what we have been hearing. a lot of the rank and file police would like to do their jobs. but at least they don't want to come on camera and say it because they have been threatened by the mayor. but they say i can't stand this. i signed up to be a cop and protect the innocent and we are forced to stand as innocent people are being beaten up under
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threat of being fired and being made a laughingstock. according to one of my sources on the berkeley police force, the mayor says that he has lots of friends in local and national media and anyone who tells about this order will be as a whistleblower will get in big trouble. the mayor will have plenty of national media to put on display this thursday. i'm showing up, i hope i can give my speech. judge jeanine: this thursday the 27th, the original date contracts. you are going to show up. where are you going to show up, on the lawn, in a building? are you going anywhere in particular? >> this thursday the 27th. i'm not sure. i'll be busy working on my speech. that's up for the university to arrange where i'll be speak and it's up to the police to keep me safe. i'm hoping they do their jobs
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and i'll do my job and work on a good speech. judge jeanine: bill maher has come to your defense. even bill maher said last night on his show, this used to be berkeley the cradle of free speech, and he called it now just a cradle of f'ing babies. as far as a lot of people are concerned, they are rooting for you. what will it take to get free-thinking people to realize this is america to provide the protection you are entitled to. let's say you are a dignitary. >> it's interesting that how insulated and administrators have become, not just bill maher, chris matthews, margaret
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carlson. reporter rice. a professor at berkeley. they have become so insulated from reality. people on their side are sitting back saying what are you doing? we have a constitution and first amendment. and it makes it especially egregious that this was the home of the free speech movement. it makes it essentially egregious that it's government action on which speech can be heard and what speech can't be heard. any university is accepting massive amounts of money from the taxpayer. they can't do this. this isn't a private club. judge jeanine: this is a violation of your civil rights. >> of my constitutional rights, and of the college republicans. the main student group inviting me isn't a conservative group, it's a group that likes to have
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debate. it's called bridge cal. they had a pro immigration speaker. they just want to have debate. i want to have debate it's a lot of fun. judge jeanine: are you worried about anything? >> well, i guess i would prefer to have a room with a mike and take questions fan answers. it's hard to subtle humor to come across on a megaphone. as for my safety, no, i think the cops will keep me safe. i think there are enough of them who are serious about doing their job. ann coulter, thanks for being with us. judge jeanine: now here in new york the counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. we are coming up to 100 days for the president.
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i heard david gergin talking about the worst 100 days he has seen a president have. it's not a difficult segue from what we just heard happening at berkeley and what i heard david gergin saying with our president. -- about our president. there is a negative attack against the right. not even the right. he's our president. >> there is a lot of what i call presumptive negativity. always lying in weight to deny the president the credit he's due. 8 -- 28 laws signed in by this president, more than obama and bush. executive orders and can ports at a two-year high. you have the national
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associations of manufacturers confidence, all these numbers are up. that's what the american people see. they appreciate and see all the rollbacks of burden some regulations that could save $17 to $18 billion. even the "wall street journal" is saying he's rolling back more regulations than any other president. judge jeanine: you went so quickly through so many items. >> there is more to say. this whole week of 100-day congress. we'll all have our chance to say that including the president and vice president and the cabinet members. just because people refuse to cover all the facts doesn't mean they don't exist. go tell the coal miners who visited the president in the white house that what he did doesn't matter. tell the men and women hole
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benefit directly from him opening up the keystone and dakota access pipeline what he did doesn't matter. tell the veterans the veterans choice act that allows hem to access private care. many of them have died waiting for chair. and secretary shulkin, they are working hard to make sure veterans have a better way to access information and receive the kind of care and dignity we as a nation owe them. judge jeanine: i meet coal miners. they feel someone is finally listening to them. someone believes in them. a dairy farmer last night. the veterans, the bikers. these elitists and the people on the east coast and west coast, middle america hears them and they appreciate him.
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>> we hear it all the time. all of us no matter where we go, especially and including the president. the other numbers, you look at what attorney general sessions did. he was down at the border with secondr with -- with secretary kelly. he warned the sanctuary cities that you risk your funding because you are not complying with the law. judge jeanine: anyone who has got and federal grant knows you have to comply with the standard and the law. >> also these illegal border crossing are down at a 17-year low since the president took office. this is called causation, not coincidence. we'll go on and on with the numbers. we'll all week. the president's approval ratings are up this week compared to say
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a month ago. some of them are commander-in-chief numbers. people appreciate the decisive actions taken in afghanistan and syria, the tough line against north korea. the vice president's 10-day trip in four countries. what the american people see is different from what they are being told. i'm grateful the new dnc chair tom perez and bernie sanders exercised their free speech on their so-called unity tour. judge jeanine: do we have sound of the two of them on the unity tour? when perez comes out he's booed. >> maybe you came out because you are curious about the new dnc chairman and curious about the democratic party. >> i'm in the white house working for an enormously successful and joyful president.
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why not just come up with a message. they have a guy down in georgia who repeated the mistake of the top of the ticket from last november. let's raise all this money from all these liberal groups. let's not have a message, then fall short of expectations. it was hard to avert my gaze to the extent we were able to do it. the idea that bernie sanders won't call himself a democrat on a democrat unity tour. and this guy running for mayor of of omaha, nebraska, because then people went crazy. judge jeanine: we look forward to hearing about the first 100 days next saturday. thank you.
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will president trump's use of force influence kim jong-un? sebastian gorka is here to talk about that. and ben stein joins me next to weigh in on the left's attempts to silence the right. if you were in an amly who would you rather run up against, kim you rather run up against, kim jong-un from korea or isis
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judge jeanine: ben, good evening. you are a film maker, an actor, a comedian, a lawyer, a speech writer more nixon, a cook and renaissance man. you are a man for all ages and i'll ask you questions. >> go ahead. judge jeanine: what do you think of the left silencing the right or is the right the fascist group silencing the right. >> the left is the fascist group
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silencing the right it's like stalin and the ultra dictatorial people. they said we have to have violence. we seal the deal with violence. the way the nazis figured out the brown shirts go around, and if they couldn't convince the crowd with argument, they would have the brown shirts convince their opponents. at berkeley, the home of the free speech movement, that they would not consider having a free speech by a brilliant woman such as the one we just saw. it's horrible and shock. they did it to charles murray and he's a genius. and heather mcdonald. judge jeanine: a woman who was a
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middle school teacher from oakland, california, she said she is quote proud to stop conservatives even if it takes violence. she said they asked for it, they instigate us by spewing fascism. are these people nuts? it's as if if they speak, if someone speaks something they disagree with, they are entitled to use violence. someone ought to teach them a course in fund amountal criminal law. >> this is not about politics, it is not about law, it's about mental illness. i think people who say things like what that lady said are mentally ill. if she thinks in america, home of the first amendment people should be shut down and not allowed to speak by violence if you disagree with her, that's a sign of mental illness. this whole idea of the left that
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they are allowed to shout down and shut down anyone they want to because they don't agree with the principles of the ultra left and black lives matter, that's anti-mental health. judge jeanine: this is a photo -- a piece of art taken in art gal require at the university of a -- art gallery at the university of alaska. the professor created it as part of a faculty art program. and they are featuring it prominently at the university. then what we have is paul what begalla from cnn says about the picture of sarah palin and kid rock, it's a picture of white trash, mount rush more at the white house.
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how do they get away with doing and saying stuff like this? if the right did this, they would find a way to jail us. >> we had a large scale breakdown of decency and mental health. how did we get to the place where we used to have franklin delano roosevelt, always incredibly polite. how did we get to the position where we basically have gang warfare. we have many, many, many democrats who are wonderful within fine people. but these people are crazy people and they somehow get national media attention. the idea of showing this at a university art gallery. it might be aloud by the constitution, but it's disgusting. judge jeanine: "street justice" still ahead.
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about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. [♪] kelly: live from "america's news headquarters" i'm kelly wright. gop leaders looking for approval of a spending bill to avoid a shutdown next saturday. president trump tweeting he will support funding for obamacare program if they back the spending bill. it includes money to build a proposed wall between the u.s. and mexico. vice president mike pence wrapping up his trip to australia. he board a plane as the last leg of his asia tour. two inmates in arkansas are asking for stays on their
9:34 pm
execution which are set to take place monday. the state is rushing the executions because their supply of a legal drug will expire at the end of the month. i'm kelly wright. ballots in the frenc friend -- e french elections. judge jeanine: joining me now, chris kahn, form aide to senator schumer. i'll start with the georgia race, the congressional race. they kept ta five and georgia six. i'll let you explain. why do they keep saying five and six? >> i don't know. august i can say is this. he lives in five and he's running in six? >> the constitution doesn't say you have to live in the district, you have to live in the state.
9:35 pm
he gliewpt district. the only thing that makes karen handel a republican is the r next to her name. she bought herself a lexus on the government dime. judge jeanine: i asked you a question about the democrats and he needs to talk about the republican. but let's talk about the democrat. he didn't win, and they are all in a fuss because they think really did. did he win or didn't he? >> blurring the lines between victory and defeat are the way for democrats to cope with losing. the republicans got more votes electively than the democrat got. by any measure the democrats lost. the democratic party is in a position where they have to spends lots of money job overhype their candidate and
9:36 pm
keep them fired up to stay involved in the party. >> that is a seat with a 20-point r margin last time. he's running up the score. >> he has a good chance to get elected. she is a very flawed candidate. i'm interested to see what happens the next six weeks. a lot of what's happening on the national level will influence this race. if president trump introduces unpopular healthcare it will help the candidate. >> karen handel will be the congress wom and from that district. judge jeanine: bernie sanders who isn't even a democrat web's a socialist, and the democrat is booed by the sanders people.
9:37 pm
i mean, it doesn't get worse than this. can't the democrats figure this out? >> there is a faction within the party that's very much into purity. i tell those people fight as hard as you want during a primary. but when it comes to the general election, we have to hang together or we'll hang separately. that's why i think there will be more unity going forward. but some things have to get worked out within the party. judge jeanine: david? >> i think this is about bernie sanders trying to get the million miler status and using the democratic party to fly him around the country. the guy setting the agenda for the democratic party and whose policy ideas are leading the democratic party. he gets asked, are you a democrat? nah, i'm an independent. there is a media report today about how how democrats are
9:38 pm
elated that president trump is coming off of vacation because they don't have anybody to fire them up and they are looking for a leader. the guy who lost them over 1,000 elections. >> this time four years ago we didn't know who donald trump was. we'll start to know hot next leader of the democratic party is. there are a lot of people out there. there are a lot of good people on the bench. you wait. judge jeanine: wheel wait and see, chris. we are going to let it ends on that, chris. chris hahn and david veila. street justice * is still on deck. dr. sebastian gorka is standing by.
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judge jeanine: vice president mike pence land in australia last night. they are joining forces in urging china to do more to pressure north korea to drop its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. joining me is assistant to president trump, dr. sebastian gorka. right now what we do know is that last weekend there was a failed missile attempt by kim jong-un from north korea. we have no reason to believe that kim jong-un is not going to try again. and it is our understanding, i am correct, am i not, that it
9:44 pm
was a cyber warfare that prevented that missile from taking off. am i not correct? >> no comment, judge. judge jeanine: i believe kt mcfarland pretty much admitted it was a cyber warfare that prevented it. but she wouldn't say who actually did it. limits assume that is the case. there is no reason to believe that kim jong-un is not going to try it again, is there? >> well, look, this is a regime that has been in tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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[♪] judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." if you were in an alley who would you rather run up against, kim jong-un from north korea. someone from isis or putin? i hit the streets find out who people are more afraid of in this week's trees "justice." take a look. who was a bigger threat to the united states, north korea, russia or isis. >> i don't know. that's a tough one. probably north korea. i don't know. i'm not really educated in this area. i don't want to say anything dumb on tv. judge jeanine: nobody really knows. >> i knoair. judge jeanine: as long as it's not up in the air. do you think it's good that we show this force? >> absolutely. i think it's a good thing.
9:53 pm
i think north korea is bluffing. judge jeanine: are we bluffing? >> no. absolutely not. judge jeanine: how tall are you? stand up. who should the united states be more afraid of, north korea, russia or isis. >> great question, can i say our president? >> you are free to stay whatever you want. we have a first amendment here. isis, north korea, russia. >> i think it will be our own doing. i think we'll create the threat. i think a lot of our ignorance is going to create the threat. i think you have a lot of under educated americans make rash decisions. judge jeanine: you think kim jong-un is make rash decisions. >> i don't live in north korea. judge jeanine: do you think kim jong-un is unbalanced? >> yes, he eliminates everybody around him to continue to be in power.
9:54 pm
he can do whatever he wants. he doesn't care about the effect on the other people. judge jeanine: house the greater threat, north korea, russia or your dog. >> how can you ask me this. judge jeanine: who would you rather run into in a dark alley. kim jong-un, isis or putin. judge jeanine: a guy with a machete going for your jugular. >> that would be dangerous. judge jeanine: what's your protector's name? >> this is jack web's an attack dog. judge jeanine: if you were in an alley, who would you rather run up against, kim jong-un from north korea, putin or someone from isis. >> putin. judge jeanine: you want to meet isis? >> i would say all are pretty
9:55 pm
much a threat. >> isis is the threat to all the parts of the world. judge jeanine: who is the bigger threat to the united states, kim jong-un, putin or isis? >> i have to say friend of putin donald trump. judge jeanine: if you were walking down an alley who would you rather bum into kim jong-un, isis or putin. >> kip jong because i'm korean. >> all of them are messed up in their own way. i would fear for my life. judge jeanine: wouldn't you run from isis first? >> yes. judge jeanine: house the bigger threat to the united states. north korea, it * or isis. >> donald trump. judge jeanine: there you have it, donald trump is a bigger threat than putin, north korea and isis, figure that one out.
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eric: spend time with us. have a nice week. take care.. >> fox news alert, first it was brexit. then the election of president trump. now france is facing its own surge of populism, one that could affect all of europe. for the first time in modern history, france shunning major political party, and sending two outsider candidates into a presidential runoff. the choice is two opposites, far right candidate marie le pen and centrist emmanuel macron. le pen wants to leave the european union like the british did. a frexit, if you will, while her opponent h


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