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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 28, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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are amazing. i'll interview my best restaurant. you have to hear the story of how chicken salad chick came to be. >> the true story. >> bill: good morning. this is the headline of the morning. president trump warning a major, major conflict is possible the north korea adding he prefers diplomacy the end the growing stand-off over its nuclear program as we say good morning friday. almost there, folks. a lot to get to today. i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing, shannon? >> shannon: we have a jam-packed couple of hours. displays of force continue from both sides. the white house says all options are on the table including military action to rein in north korea's nuclear program. a new video shows kim jong-un overseeing live fire drills. >> bill: they're making their
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intentions clear. >> there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> we have been very clear. we do not seek regime change or a collapse of the regime. we're seeking is the same thing china has said, a full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> bill: kt mcfar len is here and thank you for your time year. >> it's great to be back with you on "america's newsroom." >> bill: let's start with the headline. what does the president mean by a major, major conflict? >> the president is looking at what north korea has done in the last decade. north korea has built a massive conventional military and army
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right on the south korean border. they're developing missiles to deliver nuclear weapons to our allies in southeast asia but could eventually devil one that could reach the united states. what president trump said the first day of office to his national security council team was this is our most immediate crisis. this is the thing that could present a threat to the united states. president clinton didn't solve it. president bush didn't solve it. president obama didn't solve it. we're pursuing the options. >> bill: do they think they have an icbm today capable of reaching the united states. >> no, we don't think they're
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there yet. they showed canisters that might hold those kinds of missiles but we don't know what was in those canisters. they might have been empty. the only way you know what country has for weapons is if they can successfully test it. the north koreans haven't yet tested one. we know they're working on it the to do list and it's their objective. >> bill: rex tillerson will talk about this next hour and last night he talked about china suggesting it is doing more than we think. listen here. >> in fact, we were told by the chinese that they informed the regime if they did conduct further nuclear tests china would be taking sanction actions on their own. >> bill: is beijing doing more than we think, or not? >> the president -- president trump and president xi had a summit meeting in florida three weeks ago and it was a productive meeting. they spent hours talking to
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each other about what they saw as the mutual problems that we face and how we might work together and the chinese did make an indication to president trump they would be willing to take steps. here is why that's important. china has more influence on north korea than any other country. they sell them and give them some 80 to 90% of their food, fuel, transportation fuel. china has economic power over north korea and on north korea's border. the chinese will have the lead if trying to alter north korea's behavior. >> bill: a fox poll show a clear majority of americans when asked about military action, they favor it by 53% in dealing with north korea. come back to the major headline this morning, a major, major conflict is the quote from the president. is that considered a threat to pyongyang? >> with the steps we've taken,
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the thaad system in south korea, work with the south korea and japanese allies to increase their defenses in the area. we're showing north korea we're militarily prepared and we're taking economic actions and sanctions and diplomatic pressure with the chinese to show them we're trying those avenues at well. nobody wants to go to war. we want a stable north korea, we want stability in the peninsula and we don't want nuclear weapons -- >> bill: the iran deal hasn't been ripped up. is that issue off the table? >> not at all. we have had a number of meetings on this in the last couple of days. what the president has done as any new president should do is start looking at what are the major foreign policy issues? let's have a rethink. what should our policy be
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toward north korea, china, venezuela, nato. iran is one of those major things and we're in the middle of conducting a thorough review. what options do we have? economic options, pressure we can put on them, enforcement. how to get them to abide by the deal and how do we get them to behave. as president trump said a couple of times they aren't living up to the spirit of this deal. they're increasing their activities against the allies and israel. we're in the middle of that review. president trump will take actions to pressure the iranians to abide by that deal and if they're not doing that, if they aren't paying attention to it, we really want them to change their behavior. >> bill: two more questions about this. syria and russia as well. we're coming up to 100 days tomorrow. general michael flynn is back in the news. he was your boss for 24 days.
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was he straight up with you and others in the west wing? >> i respect the service he gave to the nation. we worked together for 24 days in the administration and worked together during the transition. we met a lot of world leaders together. he was having contacts separate from that. i wasn't aware of a lot of the things he was doing but bill, i think there is an investigation in process. we should let that investigation take its course. >> bill: the law will deal with it. we'll see where it goes. the next stop for you is singapore possibly late summer if you're confirmed by the u.s. senate. what has surprised you the most at the white house after working there a couple decades ago about the first 100 days? >> you know, it's always surprised me. donald trump came into office without -- he had never been part of a military operation or never made tough decisions. he is a great businessman, very successful in everything he has done but never
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commander-in-chief. i've been impressed with his embrace of that role. he does it soberly and great forethought. the other thing that is fascinating is in this day of instant communications most leaders don't pick up the phone and talk to each other. donald trump has created telephone diplomacy. he has talked to i guess 40 or 50 leaders on a pretty regular basis. he talks to some of our closest allies once a week and that really is one of the neat things about it because a lot of problems in foreign policy are done on the basis of mistakes and miscalculations and not knowing what the other guy is thinking. this is a pretty cool way to do business. >> bill: best of luck to you, thank you. >> shannon: a special programming note. martha maccallum sits down with president trump on his 100th day in office. watch the interview tonight at 7:00 eastern right here on the fox news channel. i can't imagine what they'll
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have to talk about. >> bill: that could go for house. check it out later tonight with martha. ? a don't want to miss it. lawmakers putting up a vote on healthcare after republicans were unable to gather together enough votes. pete sessions wants to get it right. >> a lot of people around this town have tried their best to try and rush it, rush it, rush it. >> shannon: we do know there will be a vote on a budget extension. there has to be. peter doocy is live on capitol hill with more. >> lights are still on this morning. one member of the republican party has had an epiphany now that maybe only being able to avoid shutdown drama for a week by funding the government with an emergency measure is not the greatest way to help your own party's new president.
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>> frankly, i think we did the incoming administration no favors when we did not do this. no incoming administration is completely ready to write the budget for the very year it's in. it doesn't have its people in place filling out its priorities. >> republicans can pass the short-term bill called a continuing resolution with their own party's vote but some democrats are expected to vote yes on the spending bill today. they said there would be a problem if they tried to sneak in a healthcare vote. the democrats some are lamenting gop leaders keep cramming important legislation in just before the clock runs out. >> my disappointment in the institution. this business waiting until the last minute to do something. i don't recall very many times
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that we did what was required to be done the day before the deadline. >> the deadline when the government will actually run out of money is midnight tonight. most senators are already out of town. so what will happen is the house is going to debate and vote on this short-term spending bill late this morning or early this afternoon and then the senate will use the trick to let some authorized legislation when they aren't here. they're cutting it close and have to do it all again next week. >> shannon: surprise. peter doocy on the hill. >> bill: they've been saying for a week they'll get it done. what will it take for republicans to get enough support for the healthcare bill that passes? a member of the house freedom caucus, with him and his caucus coming up in minutes here. >> shannon: terrifying moments caught on video. a speeding s.u.v. barrels out of control, flipping several times. you see it on the highway. you won't believe what happened next. plus this.
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>> it does my spirit good to be with people who never lose faith in america, who never stop believing in her future and who never back down one inch from defending the constitutional that are every american's birthright. >> bill: that was 1983 and today in 2017 president trump about to do something no other sitting president has done since ronald reagan. where he is speaking today. >> we are going to preserve our second amendment, okay? we're preserving our second amendment.
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>> shannon: dramatic video shows a jeep flipping multiple times on an alabama highway. the lucky driver walks away from the crash. check it out. you can see the white jeep speeding in the far right lane of the interstate. it flips several times. the driver there, you see him if you look closely is thrown out in one of the flips. he gets up and walks away almost immediately. and police say nobody was seriously injured. if that's not a jeep commercial, i don't know if they had roll bars in there. can you see him? he is thrown from the jeep in the little striped area. just stands up and walks off. >> bill: wow, that's unbelievable. they should send that thing to nascar. it looks like nascar, right? he walked out okay. that is really something else. >> shannon: the fact no other
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cars were involved. nobody else got hurt, amazing. >> bill: wow. >> i take a lot of heat where i say guns, i'm a big, big, big second amendment person, big. big. we are going to protect 100% protect our second amendment. >> bill: wow. president trump on the trail, remember? he will be the first sitting president to address the national rifle association as a sitting president almost 35 years. president ronald reagan did it in 1983 at the annual convention in may of that year. steven hayes, how are you doing? first since 1983. how significant is that, do you think? >> it's a pretty big deal. you have a relationship between donald trump and the nra that goes back a couple of years because donald trump had been in favor of gun control when
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you look back at his early pronouncements on the issue. the nra and donald trump worked together to get donald trump elected. the nra stood by him more than any other outside group. not surprising that trump would show up there. >> bill: the "washington post" said the nra spent three times as much money on the trump campaign as on the romney campaign in 2012. three times? >> they spent early, too. if you look back at what and when they were spending, they were running general interest ad about benghazi. they ran that issue out in favor of donald trump back in the early part of the summer of 2016. they backed him early and strongly far more than they had for mitt romney, even john mccain and george w. bush. >> bill: how much of that had to do with his sons? when you think about donald
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trump junior, an avid hunter, the nra, never hid from it. made it public. >> it had something to do with his sons. they added to that argument or relationship. it had more to do when donald trump decided the run for president this time he was running as a second amendment absoluteist. there are very few nuances in trump's position on this. after the orlando shooting he suggested he might be open to some restrictions but generally he was a down the line second amendment proponent and the nra realized that early and had conversations with his campaign going back two years and got in and backed him very strongly, very early. >> bill: i would point out barry bennett a political advisor for the trump campaign he thought it had as much to do with the second amendment as it had to do with how much they felt about trump being an outsider as opposed to a
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washington insider. very interesting comment. i don't know. is there truth to that, do you think? >> there could be some truth to that. the nra is successful of cultivating washington insiders, they have a strong lobbying group here in washington, d.c. i think they've done well with insiders and outsiders. i think with trump one of the main considerations was the supreme court. as trump had campaigned and increasingly campaigned as a defender of the second amendment they looked towards trump promises on conservatives serving on the supreme court and thought it is something we ought to do >> bill: the money spent in ohio on behalf of the nra, north carolina, pennsylvania, he went three for three. can you make the case he isn't president without that support? >> it was important support. it came early. i would add to your list of three nevada. they campaigned early there and then it was one of the early
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target states for the nra. certainly ohio and pennsylvania were decisive. they came in late i believe in michigan. they played a significant role for donald trump. >> bill: we'll see what he says in atlanta today when he makes his appearance at the nra. >> shannon: dhs secretary john kelly not mincing words on sanctuary cities. >> it is inconceivable to me why anyone sworn to uphold the law, a police officer, mayor or governor would feel as though they could ignore the law. >> shannon: it is not up to ice agents or judges who gets deported. reaction to someone on the front lines. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us soon. >> bill: a helicopter crashes down into a home. >> it was a thud. >> spinning out of control. >> it was a miracle.
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>> bill: two people injured. they'll be okay. a helicopter crashing into a home in north carolina. that chopper was serving a gas line when it took a nose-dive. the pilot and passenger both taken to local hospitals. no one luckily on the ground was injured, wow. >> it is inconceivable to me you would ignore the law and just as inconceivable that an elected official would not want a criminal taken out of the community for free by the federal government, taken out of the community after they pay their debt to society, taken out of the community and sent home. i can't understand it. >> shannon: dhs secretary john kelly sounding off on sanctuary
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cities days after a federal judge struck down the president's executive order that would have allowed the government to withhold funding from those communities. one state in step with the president is close to passing a bill to outlaw sanctuary jurisdictions within its borders, texas. joining me now texas attorney general ken paxton. an overnight fight wednesday into thursday in texas over the contours of this bill. one of the things i thought was interesting is there would actually be a mechanism to remove elected or appointed officials if they violate the ban on sanctuary cities. the president's ban didn't survive the federal court in a ninth circuit. texas is a different place. do you think the bill survives there? >> i do. it's state law, not federal law. we're dealing with state law. something we've been trying to pass for several years. the governor has been very behind this and behind the provision you're talking about which creates penalties for elected officials that don't follow through. >> shannon: how much is there
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an issue in sanctuary cities in texas? you have people of all different ideological backgrounds. what's the problem like for you? >> quietly an issue. travis county we have a sheriff saying she wouldn't turn over people to the federal government. she has made it a bigger issue than it would have been. we've focused on it a long time. a good step forward. >> shannon: the house and senate in texas passed a couple of versions back and forth. one lawmaker on a hunger strike. critics say if you make it easier for local and state law enforcement officers to report people, to detain people over immigration, that it will make illegal immigrants who are crime victims less likely to come forward. they say this bill will help criminals. >> i think there is more benefit than down sides. maybe there is a slight issue there. i don't know if that's absolutely true. i think this is going to allow us to deport people that are here illegally and who have
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committed crimes. as a resident of travis county, this is a sheriff that has put this forward. i don't see any benefit to a single citizen in that county. >> shannon: i know that it's a controversial sheriff and dhs kelly will disagree with that stand. the border wall. a lot of people debating it. democrats are saying there aren't officials in texas that don't want a wall. >> we're excited that has a president that is doing something about it. we spent our own money trying to protect our borders but we don't have the authority and we don't have the resources. we're grateful there is somebody finally pushing something forward. whether it's a border wall, more agents on the ground, some type of technology. if you look at el paso, they have a wall they built or a fence they put in in the late 1990s and it has been very successful from taking a city that had a lot of crime to
6:29 am
reducing it to one of the best cities for crime in america. one of the lowest crime rates in america now. >> shannon: i have to ask you about cecil bell pushing the texas sovereignty act. a state measure there that would allow texas to ignore federal laws and rulings from federal courts. do you think it goes anywhere? >> i've been in the legislature for 12 years and seen a lot of interesting legislation. i would just tell you my job is to defend the constitution and i've been doing that the last 2 1/2 years and defend whatever constitutional authority i have i will stand on that. >> shannon: other states are trying to do similar things. let us know how it plays out. >> bill: 9:30 in washington busy day on the hill. congress getting ready to vote on a budget extension to keep the government running for another week. dave brat will talk about that next. >> shannon: why former
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president obama is catching criticism for an appearance in new york this week. some of it is coming from his own party. >> bill: they were protesting at uc berkeley last night even after ann coulter's speech was canceled. >> shannon: the argument was we can't have ann coulter, there will be violence. i don't know, call a cop. what is your job?
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hey, i've got the trend analysis. hey. hi.
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hi. you guys going to the company picnic this weekend? picnics are delightful. oh, wish we could. but we're stuck here catching up on claims. but we just compared historical claims to coverages. but we have those new audits. my natural language api can help us score those by noon. great. see you guys there. we would not miss it. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint. i love to learn. >> shannon: lawmakers expected to vote today on a budget extension that would keep the government running for another week. meanwhile house leaders say there will not be a healthcare vote in time for the 100 day milestone. they're still talking to their caucus about the bill. they won't bring the thing to the floor without enough votes. >> what we're trying to do is allow the time to do it right. we've not said next week, we've not tried to set a time or deadline. a lot of people out there are
6:34 am
trying to get me or somebody to set a deadline but we aren't trying to do that. >> shannon: joining me down dave brat of virginia. good to see you this morning. for many of your colleagues, the tuesday group folks they went from yes to a no. so how does this all pan out and why did you change your vote? >> right. just a little -- it's not clear they went from a yes to a no. i think the roll call reported just two days ago there were 50 nos, that was surprising back then even in the moderate group. but the rough change -- it shouldn't change anything. the amendment that got us to yes allows states the choice to opt out of some of the obamacare regulations. pre-existing conditions is safe. all covered. we cover that. that's the in the obamacare law. we have a $120 billion high risk pools for state to cover preexisting conditions and
6:35 am
another $15 billion experiment that enhances coverage and reduces price. so this amendment allows the state like new york or more moderate or liberal state to opt out and construct any regulations they want and keep what we have now which keps the regs in place. the regs are obamacare. if you don't get rid of some of the regs you can expect prices to skyrocket again. >> shannon: it doesn't get you guys to 216. not everybody shows up. not everybody is voting. what gets you to 216 now. is there another round of negotiation? how do you get the numbers? >> i think we're going to get to yes on it. i think we're about there. there are some folks that are still weighing it. i think once they get the certainty, there is some nervousness about pre-existing conditions. the state gets the choice to opt out.
6:36 am
people would have to lose coverage. people who maintain coverage are 100% safe. if you're in the state of new york you know a new york governor is going to enhance coverage, not reduce it. and so the problem with obamacare that's in the ditch right now it only paid attention to coverage, never paid attention to prices. that's why the insurance companies are going bust right now. so we have to make sure we get that part right. 10 years ago when we didn't let bankers do banking we had a housing crisis and a financial collapse. we're saying insurance companies can't do insurance, the federal government knows better. i think you and the viewers at home can guess what's coming next if you go that route. it won't be good. >> shannon: you will try to get a short term funding measure done and then there is another cliff. hough do you respond it's time to get back to regular order on the budget and when you're at the cliffs you give the democrats a lot of leverage to say we won't fund a border wall.
6:37 am
subsidies for the aca. things they've gotten. where do you go from here? >> i agree. we should have had it done ahead of time. finish our work on the budget a few weeks ahead of time and coast into the session. you laid out the key word, president trump i think is probably the master of leverage and so right now the democrats have done a couple neat little theatric moves on the hill as usual with a billion dollars for the wall, a billion. that's your standard politics. i think president trump's blood pressure is going up. leverage, he has all the secretaries, $4 trillion budget and three branches of government now. i don't think the democrats are strategically being too smart in the interest of that your constituents. they may win a gotcha moment on capitol hill but we should all work together. if we reignite the economy in a few weeks the average american will be very happy with a
6:38 am
republican progress. >> shannon: politico reports a number of democratic leaders in the house said if you try to pass on the repeal replace, amend, whatever you want to call it we'll block you and not be any help trying to get funding done for the government. what do you know about that? was it true? is that part of the reason the vote isn't happening? >> that was in play a little bit. part of it there was no vote scheduled, just to be clear. friday and saturday you have scheduling conflicts for 400 people back home. we go home. coming back monday or tuesday is no big deal. the only big deal was we wanted to hit trump's 100 day thing if you can. but it is more important to get the policy straight. yeah, the democrats weighed in, boyer weighed in and said i'll obstruct and we do a government shutdown if you vote on healthcare. if you follow the democratic process and vote we won't give
6:39 am
you a budget. it doesn't get too much more ridiculous than that. >> shannon: nancy pelosi said if there is a shutdown you guys own it. when the republicans were in the minority party they got blamed for the shut down. we'll see what happens next week and congressman brat, thank you for your time. >> no matter how, i could give it from a hot air balloon at 3:00 morning. it and then my randomly allies turned tail and ran at the last minute when i think we were about to achieve total victory. >> bill: this is the argument about first amendment right, free speech. ann coulter event canceled. they were oust in force at uc berkeley last night. protestors on both sides hitting the campus. peaceful demonstrations as the
6:40 am
fight over free speech continues. will karr is at his post in berkeley to tell us what went down. good morning to you. >> leading up to yesterday there were threats of violence. in the end it was very calm as we saw a massive police presence. even though ann coulter did not show up to berkeley hundreds of protestors did many voicing anger take her first amendment rights were surpressed. they wore padding and helmets and hockey gear looking like they were ready for a fight club brawl. five people were arrested. local authorities say there was no violence and no confrontations. >> you have police on one side and people blowing bubbles on the other side. >> it is strange. nothing is really happening. >> yesterday was peaceful, berkeley has seen violence break out several times this
6:41 am
year. it has become a battleground for those on the far left and the far right. there was a lot of finger pointing going back and forth as to why coulter's speech was canceled. she doesn't buy that law enforcement couldn't keep her safe. >> we can't have ann coulter, there will be violence. well, call a cop. what is your job? you're on a plane about to take off and the pilot says how am i supposed to get this thing across the country? that's your job. >> berkeley police have been criticized in the past this year for not stepping in quickly enough when violence broke out at rallies. coulter has a speech in modesto later on tonight where law enforcement there say they're ready for trouble, bill. >> will car, northern california in berkeley. thanks. >> shannon: the white house says the threat north korea poses to the world is clear as day.
6:42 am
>> this is our most immediate crisis. this is the thing that could really present a threat to the united states. president clinton didn't solve it, president bush didn't solve it, president obama didn't solve it. >> shannon: can president trump solve it and how? he would prefer a peaceful resolution that simply ends their nuclear program. but all options are open. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. there's nothing more than my
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>> shannon: we're standing by awaiting speeches from two of president trump's cabinet secretaries. jeff sessions is in long island, new york to talk about gang violence and secretary of state rex tillerson is at the u.n. chairing a special security council meeting on north korea. we'll monitor both of those for breaking news and we've got brand if you video of the secretary coming in. you can see him with u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley. they have a lot of work there today. we'll let you know as soon as they talk.
6:46 am
>> bill: a warning from the white house, a warning from president trump on north korea saying a major, major conflict is possible. deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland earlier this hour told us what that means and emphasized the cooperation that's necessary on behalf of beijing. >> china has more influence on north korea than any other country. they sell them and give them some 80 to 90% of their food, of their fuel and their transportation fuel. china has economic power over north carolina and on north korea's border. the chinese will have the lead in trying to alter north korea's behavior. >> bill: juan williams, mercedes schlapp, mercy, mercy, me, juan in a million. a serious topic here. the quote is all over the place
6:47 am
today about a major, major conflict. how do you interpret that? >> i think president trump is being realistic and understands there is this instability within north korea an regime with kim jong-un and i think the biggest challenge that the united states has is the fact that you have, for example, the united nations that has pushed forward over six resolutions with several sanctions including banning coal exports as well as several minerals. but what has north korea done? they have defied these resolutions. they don't follow them. and so it presents a big challenge for the united states. i think where the president has been very smart is in the fact of bringing in china, of basically saying we need you, the chinese, to put pressure, put influence on north korea to see if any way they can deter north korea from continuing to develop its nuclear capability. >> bill: i think beijing is
6:48 am
doing more than we know. juan, what do you think? >> i think the news this morning is rex tillerson, our secretary of state says he is willing to engage in direct talks with north korea. that's something we have not ever heard of. not in my lifetime. north korea that we will talk to them directly? we know about the famous chocolate cake moment with the president and the leader of china in which he said i'm firing rockets at syria and i want you to exercise some influence on north korea in exchange for some concessions with regard to the united states declaring china a currency manipulator. i, unlike mercedes, haven't seen china doing much and tillerson saying we'll break with policy. this is such a serious threat and we'll consider engaging directly in talks with someone -- i'm not saying critically but i think he is kind of crazy. >> bill: you make a good point
6:49 am
on one-on-one talks if that comes to pass. another topic quickly. president obama is public again now after sitting out for more than a month, perhaps longer. he is making a lot of money, too, $400,000 per speech over two speeches in the last week and a half, it appears. elizabeth warren has a issue with this when she said the following. watch. >> i was troubled by that. the influence of money. i describe it as a snake that sligters through washington >> that's one way of putting it. talk about your green shoots, mercedes, here they are. >> it's a defining moment for the democratic party and you'll see it in the democratic national committee. the division, who is the leader? is the elizabeth warren/bernie sanders faction and obama's legacy.
6:50 am
you're seeing a split. the fact that president obama has decided to speak for $400,000 to wall street? this is an administration critical of wall street and falls along the lines of what hillary clinton did. accepting thousands of dollars of speeches in wall street talking about open borders and open trade. i have think it is a bit of an interesting dynamic that you are starting to see within the democratic party. >> bill: you can make as much money as you want. if there is a level of hypocrisy you can call it out. the post said they're in danger of damaging their brand. he could be the richest ex-president if history. have a good weekend mercedes and juan. >> shannon: pope francis arriving in cairo weeks after the deadly attacks on palm sunday. how the pope is hoping to present a united front between many religions including muslims and christians.
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>> shannon: we are awaiting a speech from the pope at a peace conference in egypt. he touched down in cairo this morning amid heightened security after the deadly attacks in egypt an palm sunday. we're following the story from milan. what does the pope hope to achieve in his remarks? >> he really wants to give comfort and support to those christians in egypt who really do live in fear of becoming martyrs and he also wants to reach out to the muslim community there with a message of peaceful co-existence and tolerance and probably the most shannon important event of this trip is his real set peace event happening any minute at the foremost institution of sunni learning in the entire
6:55 am
world, it's a peace conference that's taking place. many have accused alizar to helping spread islamist -- the bombings all claimed by isis in the last six months the issue of fighting extremisting is more important than ever and it's the pope's latest contribution. >> i hope this visit will be an embrace of consolation and encouragement to all christians in the middle east. a message of friendship to all inhabitants of egypt and the region. a message of conciliation of all children of abraham particularly in the islamic world in which egypt occupies a primary position. >> egyptian christians are already saying he has done enough just going praising his bravery in traveling after those attacks on palm sunday. the pope has shunned the use of
6:56 am
armored vehicles in order to be close to the people for this visit. it would be naive to think a 36 hour visit can change the world entirely but the pope is doing his best. he has an agenda. an egyptian priest said he will be candid and say something to the grand imam like -- >> simply to be what he is. simple, open to everyone, but in the same time to say what he thinks. very friendly with the muslims, but also saying there is a problem. >> and shannon, the pope will have lots of meetings with the christian minority tomorrow and prayer services before he heads back to rome on saturday evening. >> shannon: thank you very much. >> bill: a really important
6:57 am
trip. we're awaiting two major events the top of the hour. trump officials in new york. jeff sessions on immigration and gang violence. rex tillerson on the threat from north korea. we'll have both after the break. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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tbut with lightning fast shifts instant. and dynamic track-tuned suspension, what the road demands, the gs delivers.
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experience high performance through high technology, in the lexus gs 350 and gs turbo. experience amazing. >> shannon: the trump administration getting tough on nuclear north korea and brutal gang violence linked to illegal immigrants. secretary of state rex tillerson about to chair a special meeting of the u.n. security council laying the ground work for stronger sanctions against north korea and attorney general jeff sessions meeting with officials. it is a busy 10:00 hour. i'm shannon bream with -- >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. it's friday. secretary tillerson turning up the heat on north korea. president trump warning there could be a major, major
7:01 am
conflict over its rogue nuclear programs. this administration has a deliberate strategy. >> tensions are running a bit high right now. we expected they would. you know in our approach to addressing this issue, we know there will be risk involved. those risks are very measured. we shared those with the president. he has been very deliberate about the actions that he has asked us the take. in the past the assumption has been the chinese would only take limited action. we're going to test that assumption. >> shannon: john roberts is live on the north lawn with more. >> good morning to you. the secretary of state rex tillerson will be sharing the meeting of the united nations security council. the secretary will be calling on the members of the council to fully implement the sanctions regime against pyongyang and increase diplomatic pressure on kim jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons program.
7:02 am
the president with some ominous language in an interview with the reuters news agency saying it could be headed down a very dangerous road toward military conflict. here is some of the audio from that interview. >> there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> for the moment the president is pushing the diplomatic track and pushing it hard bringing leverage to bear against north korea. speaking with bret baier last night the secretary of state saying china is taking new steps to squeeze kim jong-un. here is rex tillerson. >> we know china is in communication with the regime in pyongyang and requested they conduct no nuclear tests and told by the chinese if they did conduct further nuclear tests china would take sanctions on their own. >> interesting to note after
7:03 am
the secretary said that last night china came out and said well, we can't confirm that we're making those threats against north korea. but according to the secretary of state, china is taking some new action. he acknowledged that the united states is asking china to do a lot, shannon, but says china is coming to the realization that north korea is a threat to it as well as the u.s. and its allies. shannon. >> shannon: what's the message from the white house to kim jong-un? >> nothing direct. in the language there are interesting statements coming out. here is more of what the president said in that reuters interview regarding kim jong-un. he is 27 years old, his father dies, took over a regime. say what you want, that's not easy, especially at that age. he says that's not to against his credit but he says he understands taking over a country at that age does require something of a learning curve. secretary of state rex tillerson reassuring kim
7:04 am
jong-un the united states is seeking to denuclearize the korean peninsula and not take kim jong-un out. >> we do not seek regime change in north korea. we're not seeking a collapse of the regime. we aren't seeking to find an excuse for reunification of the peninsula. we're seeking a full denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> he is saying, take a deep breath. we aren't out to get you. the korean regime believes the only way it can survive is by acquiring nuclear weapons. tillerson is saying the best way you can survive is to get rid of that nuclear program. >> shannon: john roberts live for us. >> bill: all eyes on the united nations and rex tillerson is in
7:05 am
the room. when he begins speaking we'll play it for you. hang with us a moment here. in another interview rex tillerson suggested there could be conditions if established and met for the u.s. to meet one-on-one with north korea. if that happens, that's a whole different deal. for the past 20 years the united states has said no to that because the north koreans want to be at the table on the same level as the united states. that's why you heard about four-party and six-party talks but never one-on-one. so if that is now a new pursuit, what is that level of diplomacy? the other said we don't seek regime change. we do not seek a collapse of the regime or accelerated -- we seek a denuclearized korea referring to south korea, japan, china and others. as we await the secretary of
7:06 am
state, back to shannon. >> shannon: joining us for much more chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. >> i had to come up to new york to find you. >> shannon: i'm glad to see you in person. i'm guessing a lot of those folks at the u.n. not happy to see a lot of trump administration in person. not sure they love ambassador haley and now secretary of state tillerson. >> in this case china -- this is not a good situation for china. normally you have russia and china look at the united states and go ha, ha, you want to fix things? we like it bad, the worse the better. for china they have two things. they don't want a nuclear north korea and two, there are 20 million starving north koreans they don't want flooding over the border to china. north korea, whenever a regime change does occur it will be a
7:07 am
humanitarian disaster. china doesn't want unrest. there is a mutual interest here. >> shannon: the president said he has great confidence in president xi from china. beautiful chocolate cake. they have a great relationship. he has confidence in him. there is a lot of pressure on china right now to make some palatable real world moves on this issue. >> china's modernization has been halting at times. and their desire for a buffer zone on the korean peninsula is something that dates back to the korean war. it makes no sense to america. we don't have any military aims in china. for them they see it as an important buffer zone. if they could except north korea hurts more than it helps. if we get there that would be a huge step toward the modernization of the chinese regime. >> shannon: numerous administrations have tried for
7:08 am
years to get this done. how is this different this time? getting to a different end result. they continue even with every failure to learn something from these nuclear tests, failed missile launches. they're progressing. >> they are progressing, yes, but basically they could at any point in the last 50 years they could have started the war right there because they have enough artillery on the 38th parallel and seoul is so close. so for what's different this time? it's up to the chinese. nothing else is really different. remember, with korea, north korea, there are no good answers. it is not like there is one you say oh my gosh, nobody thought of this before. all the answers are bad. some are less bad than others. >> shannon: a lot of folks in the briefing the other night, the senate briefing agreed there was no consensus about anything that is good. it's all bad. which is the lesser of the evils. do we want to listen in? he is doing welcoming remarks. we have somebody else talking. we'll keep talking until we get
7:09 am
to that. so this seems to be one of those things where we talk about the u.n., a lot of friction with the u.s. saying no more anti-israel bias. this would seem to be the kind of thing they could be unified on, this particular topic. >> north korea has no friends with the cuban regime sort of fading out, the axis of dirt bags has gotten a lot smaller. >> shannon: dirt bags. >> the really bad states. the intentional rogue states. venezuela is in its own situation. iran is trying to play very nice right now. so north korea has found itself in the universe of heels they've found a shrinking universe. china don't want to be their friend. the challenge for america. china doesn't want 20 million people flooding over their body. our allies in south korea can't have that problem, either. we have thousands of troops right there on the dmz.
7:10 am
they're at risk. so whatever they do we have to tread lightly. we have to be thoughtful. this is not like syria where you can send a message. >> shannon: we're going to continue to listen in and take you there as breaking news happens with secretary tillerson. in the meantime, thank you, sir. good to see you in person. let's continue to do more of that. bill hemmer. >> bill: back to the u.n. in a moment. to capitol hill. your federal government will stay open for another week. republicans pushing a stopgap funding bill but repealing and replacing obamacare will have to wait. straight to mike emmanuel on the hill for more on both topics. start with the federal government. they figure out a way or not? >> the house is expected to -- they're voting on a one week extension to fund the
7:11 am
government through september. although a key democrat complained about needing this extension. >> you all set this arbitrary deadline and it is absolutely absurd in my view that you all now need another week. this habit of lurching from crisis the crisis needs to end. >> after the house asked the senate to do what the house sends over. >> bill: we'll go back to the u.n. when it happens. rex tillerson at the microphone talking about the threat to north korea. jeff sessions is now speaking on long island to talk about the rising threat from gang violence. so big topic for the white house here. drop on in. >> for support and affirmation in the work that our people do every day that is often dangerous and too little appreciated. particularly those of you in
7:12 am
law enforcement, i want to express my sincere appreciation for what you do. our police officers daily do their best. it's a stressful job. sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes people even in uniform are not good people. and the department of justice will stand firm for civil rights and the protection of american citizens and will not accept bad policing. but 99% of our people are the kind of people we should validate and affirm and that's what we will do. peter, thank you and all of you in law enforcement thank you. i want to thank bridget rohde who returned to the department of justice. she is a skilled and experienced prosecutor acted as the united states attorney in this district. i had the great pleasure of holding that office for 12
7:13 am
years, which is longer than most. and i did love it. it was a fabulous time. today the 99th day of the trump administration. and the president did make a promise to make america safe again. he sent me three executive orders that are pretty explicit. the first one was to reduce crime in america. to reduce it. he sent another executive order on trans national criminal organizations which this group ms-13 and other gangs we see, many of them are trans national in scope. to demolish them. the third he sent to me law enforcement people to support and affirm the men and women in blue. that's the three orders we've got. i'm delighted to receive them and we'll do our best to honor
7:14 am
them. and he explicitly talked to me about the murders that you've seen here, the young people that we've lost. i know he is particularly alert to it. i believe congressman king, he called you recently and he has talked to me personally about it. i just wanted to share that point. we're seeing increase in crime, really surging crime in some of our areas like baltimore, chicago, memphis, milwaukee, st. louis and others. really a remarkable turn of events here after declining crime rates. gang violence has been in the headlines right here, long island, and we're going to see what we can learn today, i will and my team, to see if we can do a better job about confronting it. groups of murderers and rapists and traffickers and thugs are carrying out a frontal assault,
7:15 am
really, it's an assault on the rule of law and on law-abiding men and women in communities all over the country. they have no right and must not be allowed to take control over a single city block or street corner. this is an assault on law and safety and we aren't going to let it happen. are these gang members and cartel members we're seeing invulnerable? are they powerful figures that can't be touched? no. this office here, a number of years ago made substantial progress against ms-13. we've seen that in other united states attorneys that i've talked to. they hammered these organizations. but they've come back. so we know we can hammer them again and we will do so. and it will require state and local officers at the forefront because they get the information first. but sometimes our federal
7:16 am
officers who have no jurisdictional limitations on abilities, even have international abilities that the locals don't have. if we work together, i believe we can dismantle these organizations and that is going to be one of our very top priorities as i've been directed to do. the ms-13 motto is kill, rape and control. that's their motto. so that should tell us enough about the kind of group that we confront. >> bill: jeff sessions now addressing this ms-13 gang out of central america that's brought havoc to central long island. it's been a focus in recent weeks. he is addressing that. meanwhile rex tillerson is now addressing this special session of the u.s. security council. the key topic here with nikki
7:17 am
haley sitting behind him to his right is the issue of north korea. let's listen. >> there can be peace, stability and economic prosperity for all of northeast asia. with each successive detonation and missile test, north korea pushes northeast asia and the world closer to instability and broader conflict. the threat of a north korean nuclear attack on seoul or tokyo is real. it is likely only a matter of time before north korea develops the capability to strike the u.s. mainland. the dprk has repeatedly claimed it plans to conduct such a strike. given that rhetoric, the united states cannot idly stand by nor other matters of this council within striking distance of north korean missiles. having displayed a pattern of
7:18 am
behavior that defies security council resolutions and erodes global progress on nuclear proliferation there is no reason to believe they will change their attitude. for too long the international community has reactive in addressing north korea. those days must come to an end. failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences. we have said this before and it bears repeating, the policy of strategic patience is over. additional patience will mean acceptance of a nuclear north korea. the more we bide our time, the sooner we will run out of it. in light of the growing threat, the time has come for all of us to put new pressure on north korea to abandon its dangerous path. i urge this council to act before north korea does.
7:19 am
we must work together to adopt a new approach and impose increased diplomatic and economic pressures on the north korean regime. the new campaign the united states is embarking on is driven by our own national security considerations and it is welcomed by many nations who are concerned for their own security and question why north korea clings to nuclear capabilities for which it has no need. our goal is not regime change nor do we desire to threat en the north korean people or destabilize the asia pacific region. over the years, we have withdrawn our own nuclear weapons from south korea and offered aid to north korea as proof of our intent to de-escalate the situation and normalize relations. since 1995, the united states has provided over $1.3 billion in aid to north korea. and we look forward to resuming our contributions once the dprk
7:20 am
begins to dismantle its nuclear weapons and missile technology programs. the dprk for its own sake must dismantle its nuclear missile programs if it wants to achieve the security, economic development, and international recognition that it seeks. north korea must understand that respect will never follow recklessness. north korea must take concrete steps to reduce the threat that its illegal weapons programs pose to the united states and our allies before we can even consider talks. i propose all nations take these three actions beginning today. first, we call on u.n. member states to fully implement the commitments made with north korea in resolutions 2321 and 2270. those nations which have not fully enforced these
7:21 am
resolutions fully discredit this body. second, we call on countries to suspend or downgrade diplomatic relations with north korea. north korea exploits its diplomatic privileges to fund its nuclear missile technology programs and con strange its diplomatic activity will cut off a flow of needed resources. in light of north korea's recent actions, normal relations with the dprk are simply not acceptable. third, we must increase north korea's financial isolation. we must levy new sanctions on dprk entities and individuals supporting its weapons and missile programs and tighten those that are already in place. the united states also would much prefer countries and people in question to own up to their lapses and correct their behavior themselves. but we will not hesitate to
7:22 am
sanction third country entities and individuals supporting the dprk's illegal activities. we must bring maximum economic pressure by severing trade relationships that directly fund the dprk's nuclear missile program. i call on the international community to suspend the flow of north korea guest workers and to impose bans on north korean imports especially coal. we must all do our share. but china, accounting for 90% of north korean trade, china alone has economic leverage over pyongyang that is unique and its role is particularly important. the u.s. and china have held very productive exchanges on this issue and we look forward to further actions that build on what china has already done. lastly, as we have said before, all options for responding to future provocation must remain on the table. diplomatic and financial levers
7:23 am
of power will be backed up by a willingness to counteract north korean aggression with military action if necessary. we much prefer a negotiated solution to this problem. but we're committed to defending ourselves and our allies against north korean aggression. this new pressure campaign will be swiftly implemented and painful to north korean interests. i realize some nations for which a relationship with north korea has been in some ways a net positive may be disinclined to implement the measures of pressure on north korea. but the catastrophic effects of a north korean nuclear strike outweigh any economic benefits. we must be willing to face the hard truths and make hard choices right now to prevent disastrous outcomes in the future. business as usual is not an option. there is also a moral dimension
7:24 am
to this problem. countries must know by now that helping the north korean regime means enabling cruelty and suffering. they feed billions of dollars into a nuclear program it doesn't need while its own people starve. the regime's pursuit of nuclear weapons doesn't serve its national security or the well-being of a people trapped in tyranny. i ask the community of nations help us preserve security and protect human dignity. in one of my first trips as america's secretary of state, i looked across the dmz at the haunted land of north korea. beyond the border is nation of sorrow, frozen in time. while the world seals the gleaming buildings of pyongyang, the blight of oppression and starvation has swept this land for over 60 years. but even though the present condition of that country is bleak, the united states
7:25 am
believes in a future for north korea. these first steps toward a more hopeful future will happen if other entities join us. nor years north korea has been dictating the terms of its dangerous course of action. it's time for us to retake control of the situation. we ask the members of this council and all other partners to implement a new strategy to denuclearize north korea, thank you. >> bill: a sober assessment from rex tillerson at the united nations. our goal is not regime change. increase isolation of north korea, more sanctions, ban on imports including coal and calling on china 90% of north korean trade goes through china, calling on china to do more, wow. rex tillerson at the u.n. shannon has more now. >> shannon: joining us now oklahoma senator james lankford.
7:26 am
i don't know how much you got to listen into. i want to ask you about one other thing the secretary said. he talked about the fact they won't be afraid to punish third party countries that support north korea. who was that a message to? >> anyone doing business with north korea, the united states won't do business with you. secondary sanctions. we don't do business who do business with north korea. >> shannon: you were in the briefing the other night. it was sobering and grave. what's left in dealing with north korea. most of them said there was very much a gravity to it but a couple of colleagues across the aisle not so much. senator murkly said this. we learned nothing you couldn't read in the newspaper. duckworth said it was more like a dog and pony show. >> i would disagree completely. some of it was what rex
7:27 am
tillerson laid out. where is the administration going. trying to get input from the senate and answer questions saying we need a change in direction. for decades we've done the same thing with north korea and they continue to be more and more belligerent and head faster to a nuclear weapon. rex tillerson and the president's at the same time that day said we have to have a change in policy. while everyone on the national security team was there. they can call it a dog and pony show if they want to, everyone had serious input. i will serve on the intelligence committee. many of the things we talk about in the intelligence committee were laid out to many members of the senate as well. >> shannon: there has been a lot of discussion about the fact every option is on the table. talk of military options. everybody says that's the last resort but not ruling it out. we have a brand-new poll that says what will stop north korea's nuclear weapons program. the majority said it will take military force. what do you think at this
7:28 am
moment? >> i would hope it does not. you have military power there to back up your diplomatic power. your diplomacy is much more effective if you have a military option standing behind it as well. we want to push everyone to the table. let's resolve it. our administration has reached out to north korean regime and said we'll meet face-to-face to be able to resolve this. we aren't trying to solve it militarily but it needs to be resolved. >> shannon: quickly want to ask you how is the russia investigation proceeding? >> it continues on. i've seen stories that there is bipartisan separations. that's drama. we're continuing to work through thousands of pages of documents and through more than 20 interviews that we've done and we'll continue to work through more of those today. a great deal that has to be done and we'll continue to get it done quietly the way an investigation should be done. >> shannon: thank you, sir. >> bill: while that's happening
7:29 am
we go to capitol hill talking about keeping the federal government going on a stopgap measure the keep the lights on for the coming week and we can debate it again on monday. the 100 day approaches tomorrow. is president trump facing an uphill battle when it comes to fair coverage? bernie goldberg. the news coverage of the last three months as the president gets ready for day 100 in the west wing. that's next.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> shannon: president trump is making an historic visit as the first visiting president in 34 years to attend the nra convention and set to speak later this afternoon. jonathan is live in atlanta. what do we expect the hear from the president today? >> good morning, shannon. this will be a very receptive crowd. not only the first sitting president to speak to this organization, an organization that endorsed him very early on
7:33 am
in his campaign but also president trump has already made some pro-second amendment overtures for this group. he signed the repeal of an obama era policy requiring the social security administration to report the names of disability benefit recipients with mental illnesses to the f.b.i. database. the same database used for background checks for firearm purchases. >> i hope to hear the president talk about continued support for the second amendment. there is also a movement across the country to create a nation-wide reciprocity for people who have carry permits. >> gun permits would work more like driver's licenses where the privileges you have in one state would carry over to the next, shannon. >> shannon: what else will the president do while he is there in atlanta? >> after he is done addressing the nra, president trump is scheduled to host a fundraiser for karen handel. the republican candidate in the
7:34 am
district 6 house race to fill the seat of health and human services secretary tom price. she faces democrat john ossoff. another issue is campus carry legislation here in georgia. governor deal is still a bill that would allow ill licensed gun owners to carry firearms on public college campuses here in georgia. >> shannon: by the way, we'll speak with karen handel in just a few minutes. thank you. >> bill: as we approach 100 days the president long claimed the media is biased and he loves to make media enemy number one. in a new piece titled i really, really don't like the president bernie goldberg writes. they go to work in the morning they start the day, i believe, with an idea firmly planted in their sensibilities. that donald trump has no business being president, that he is unfit for the office,
7:35 am
simply that he is a jerk and then they cover the news with those thoughts in mind, end quote. there is more on that. bernie goldberg is author of that piece and fox news contributor. how are you doing? >> good, bill, how are you? >> bill: good to have you on a friday. expand. >> i think a lot of people on the right, a lot of people watching us right now think that there is a kind of conspiracy where liberal journalists go to work in the morning and they go into a dark office, they gather together and they figure out a plan to bash republicans and conservatives. it doesn't happen that way. i was a network correspondent for a long time and i've been in those news rooms and i know how it works. there is no conspiracy. i don't believe there is a conspiracy against donald trump but i do believe this is different. the coverage of him is so overwhelmingly negative there must be something else going on.
7:36 am
what's going on is part of what you just read. the pre-conceived notion about him. he brings a lot of the negativity on himself but the pre-conceived notion is that he is unfit to be president and everything flows from that. the negative coverage flows from that, whether it's about immigration, or collusion with russia, or taxes, or anything else. if they think he is unfit to be president and they go to work in the morning with that in mind, the coverage is going to be overwhelmingly negative. >> bill: you talk about group think in the piece. i encourage viewers to check it out on your website. the other day the tax plan is revealed and the "wall street journal" has this headline. trump unveils broad tax cut plan. "new york times" right below it. tax overhaul would aid wealthiest. both of those headlines, two different newspapers? >> that's a perfect example. "the new york times" ran the
7:37 am
headline on the front page but in the hard news story on page 1 they said the president's plan would eliminate several provisions that would help donald trump. on the editorial page they said the same thing. this is a plan that will help donald trump and people like donald trump. wealthy people. it was an op-ed the same day across from the editorial saying the exact same thing. whether you like this plan or not, whether you think donald trump is a good president or not, are we really supposed to think that he came up, he and his team came up with a tax plan designed to enrich donald trump? no, come on. you can't believe that. no reasonable person. >> bill: you've heard it a lot from a lot of different circles. we asked sean spicer that question a few days ago. >> a lot of progressives think that. >> bill: probably. now you have this event tomorrow night in washington, d.c. where the president will not attend, the white house
7:38 am
correspondent's dinner. bernie, you get 2500 people in the basement of the hilton and they have a bit of a love fest together. this year the president will be in harrisburg, pennsylvania, he declared a month or two ago he and his staff would not attend. he as asked about it yesterday and he described it this way. >> i'm treated very unfairly and very dishonestly by the press. i thought it was inappropriate to go this year. if i were treated even slightly fairly by the press i would have gone. >> now he says he will reconsider for next year. we'll see what happens 12 months from now. saturday night you'll have competing images across america. the gathering in washington, d.c., you'll have president trump in harrisburg, pennsylvania. i don't know what he will do, bernie, but i would not put it past the white house to put a shot of c span in the room at harrisburg and say there are the people that are the enemy,
7:39 am
which he did a lot during the campaign. i imagine that would be quite a juxtaposition. >> if i were adviseing donald trump, i would advise him to go to harrisburg -- and not go to the white house correspondents' dinner because of two things. one, sometimes it really gets nasty. i mean some comedians know how to thread the needle and some go over the line and you know they'll go over the line with donald trump. the second reason is donald trump is notoriously thin skinned. so if i'm advising the president, i'm not going to say mr. president, you are notoriously thin skinned. i know he is and i'll say you don't want to go to this thing. you are not going the like it. don't go. i think he made the right decision not to go. >> bill: thanks for coming back on a friday morning.
7:40 am
he was there a few years ago and that got headlines. bernie goldberg live in miami. check out his article. when president obama was on stage and then citizen trump was out there in the audience. >> shannon: things have changed a little bit since then. >> bill: that they have. >> shannon: all right. well, we're awaiting president trump to sign for an executive order that could lead to more offshore drilling. >> bill: mr. trump is in georgia where he headlines a fundraiser for a republican congressional candidate karen handel. she is live on our program next to talk about that campaign. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
7:41 am
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>> bill: so they are voting on the spending bill stopgap measure to keep your federal government open for another seven days. how about that?
7:44 am
they want to talk about it more. >> shannon: they do. look at the empty chamber. that's usually what it looks like in washington you have a few in there. >> bill: it just started. we'll let you know. we expect it to pass simple majority perhaps in the next eight or nine minutes. >> shannon: national parks stay open, all the federal government things stay open. we hope for no drama. we'll do this cliff again next week. >> bill: we shall. >> shannon: president trump is in atlanta, expected to speak in front of the nra annual meeting in georgia. while there he will headline a fundraiser for gop congressional candidate karen handel in the race to fill georgia's house seat after tom price was appointed. thank you for your time today. >> glad to be here. >> shannon: this is a race that wouldn't normally get the level of national attention it's getting. a lot of people think it's a
7:45 am
referendum how folks feel about president trump. he narrowly won the district by two points. for you is it a plus or minus to be linked with him? >> i'm delighted to have the president here to campaign for me and do a fundraiser. at the end of the day, though, this race is about who has the experience and the ability to do this job in the best interests of the people of the sixth district. >> shannon: it was a tight race that people were nervous about had john ossoff gotten to 50% or more. he had 48%. it was too close to call for a lot of republicans there and in washington as well. he has raised approximately 20 times the amount. a lot of outside money pouring in before the fundraiser today. how do you plan to convince voters there that you are the better candidate? >> well, first of all on the gop side, we have united.
7:46 am
we had 11 candidates in that primary. we are all united. we all know this race is bigger than any one person. as for me i'll continue doing what i did during the primary. emphasize my track record of actually get things done and my experience, which is -- i have a lot of experience from county commission chairman to secretary of state compared to an individual who has a rather thin resume to say the least. >> shannon: if you were to be successful do you see yourself coming to washington and being more aligned with the freedom caucus, the tuesday group. where do you line up on tax reform, healthcare repeal? things you may have to choose a faction. >> i'll be focused on what is best and right for the people of the sixth district and not get caught up in the factions. i'd like to think i'm a more results-oriented republican. i don't think we should -- it's
7:47 am
time for republicans to move from vocal opposition into a mode of governing and that's where i see myself fitting in. >> shannon: people much closer to the race, local and state media in georgia said that they at least characterize your position early on as one who was very independent, not necessarily pro-trump and clashing with others who were more advocates and allies of president trump. you know have had a phone call with him and he is coming to do the fundraiser for you today. how would you say that your position on the president has or hasn't changed over the time you've been running? >> nothing has changed. let's keep this mind the other candidates were trying to make a statement around their candidacy. it had less to do with me and more about how they were running their campaign. president trump is our president and i support him 100 percent, as i did coming into the november elections. my job is to represent the
7:48 am
people of the sixth district. many areas we're in complete alignment with the president but my job isn't to be an extension of the white house, it to be the best advocate i can be for the people of the sixth and i don't see them as being at opposite end of the spectrum. >> shannon: we'll watch closely heading up to the june 20th election. thank you for your time. >> absolutely, thank you. >> bill: a lot of attention on that. in the meantime the u.s. steel industry surging after years in a slump. what's behind the turn around? we'll take you live to steel country in a moment to check in there. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?!
7:49 am
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7:51 am
>> rex tillerson speaking moments ago suggesting there was no reason to believe north korea would cave in to pressure from sanctions over its nuke program.
7:52 am
it comes as president trump tells reuters a major conflict with north korea is possible. the latest on the increasingly tense relations and president trump set to speak to the nra today. the first speech by a sitting president since ronald reagan. we'll have it for you live ahead "happening now." >> shannon: a horrific scene as three maximum security inmates attack two correctional officers. the inmates from cooks county jail in illinois are seeing punching the ofboth of them were hospitalized after the attack. one of them suffered a facial fracture. the other lost consciousness and kept at the hospital overnight. officials are seeking attempted murder charges against the inmates. that follows a case earlier this week out of north carolina where a female prison guard was attacked and killed by an inmate. those folks in danger every single day they show up for work, no doubt.
7:53 am
>> bill: steelmaking a comeback after years of decline and many credit the president's america first strategy. mike, good morning to you, what are you hearing? >> well, good morning, bill. businessmen in asia are using the word protectionism with president trump's backing of the american steel industry. people at the steel plants believe they have a business-friendly president who has their backs. business is booming in the steel industry as soon as the business-friendly president was elected. companies like this steel company saw stock price jump and they're moving more steel out the door. >> i think the focus this administration has put on manufacturing and an industry as important as steel in particular creates some bump for us also. >> this month president donald trump sent the commerce secretary to investigate complaints that foreign competitors were dumping steel into the u.s. market and
7:54 am
manipulating the cost. he promised to not depend on foreign suppliers for national defense. it works all the way down to the production line. actions at the white house that increase the purchasing of american steel have a direct impact on the lives of workers. >> the more we produce, the greater the bonus. so it's -- it makes a huge deal to me. >> the company u.s. steel saw a big correction in price this week after posting an unexpected bad quarter. new core is a mini mill. they saw the stock price drop this week but nothing like bringing it down to the levels where it was before the election. the ceo of the company says they spent a lot of energy investing in the company and investing in the staff when times were lean. i asked him what do you do now that he is comfortable? he said make more steel. >>
7:55 am
>> shannon: right now the house is voting on a bill to keep the government running. will they get it done before the deadline? pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. try new flonase sensimistgies. instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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7:58 am
>> shannon: going to take you back live to the u.n. now as a representative from countries around the world are speaking out. the discussion focused primarily on north korea today. u.s. secretary of state, rex tillerson, laying down some very harsh lines there. saying the u.s. is not going to buckle on this and calling other countries to join them. we will continue to monitor the goings on at the united nations today. >> bill: the nfl draft, round number one went down like this. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the cleveland
7:59 am
browns select myles garrett. >> bill: also last night, mitchell true biscay, probably the surprise out of north carolina was taken by the chicago bears and then there was a bit of a surprise. then there was this. all night long in philadelphia. >> you pretty much assume what it's going to be. the >> bill: they were the nfl commissioner roger goodell every time he came up and took the microphone which is tradition. philadelphia was going after him. they were jacked up too. what the nfl has done with this draft is amazing. it was a new york for many, many years, then chicago and philly. i'm told they have 16 reps from
8:00 am
different american cities from philly last night trying to recruit the nfl draft to come to their town. the >> shannon: a lot of fun. have a great weekend. >> bill: will see you monday, everybody. >> jenna: we are nearing the final tally. the house is voting on a bill right now to avert a government shutdown. welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. >> jon: with the lights stay on in washington? i'm jon scott. the stopgap measure that will allow congress a week to reach a final deal to fund the government through september. the only democratic support to pass that bigger measure. all of this happening just hours before the midnight deadline. peter doocy is live with more. >> we thought for days that there may have been a vote on


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