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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 29, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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and husband, too. been a pleasure having you here. >> dana: add it to your resume. >> kimberly: buy his book, too. set your dvrs and never face >> bret: this is a fox news alert, i am bret baier coming to tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york. this is the second hour of our expanded "special report," the last room for a new show up monday at 5:00 p.m. the fox news alert weapon covering over the last hour or so, two u.s. officials confirming that north korea launched a ballistic muscle short time ago. coming as president trump lines of a potential conflict, secretary of state urging the united nations to ratchet up the pressure on the communist state. correspondent rich edson is breaking down the breaking news from the state department tonight. good evening cannot reach. >> only a few hours after the united nations security council
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meets to confront north korea, answers with this launch into the sea of japan, two u.s. officials say it happened about 90 minutes ago. they believe it is a former scud missile that is designed to one day target ships. it flew about 25 miles in 15 minutes. one u.s. official says the launch was unsuccessful as it appears as though it broke up in mid flight. pacific command, according to officials, is still evaluating this launch. all of this is punctuated by the united states is still far from solving north korean aggression. north korea eating dictator kim jong-un supervises a combined combined fire demonstration of the people's korean army. this is according to north korean state television. it also says this is the largest largest-ever exercise of north korea's army forces. it is this behavior and this, continued nuclear tests, imprisoning americans, and threats against the
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united states. that has brought the most powerful countries in the world to a special meeting of the united nations security council. secretary of state rex tillerson is chairing it. >> failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences. i urge this council to act before north korea does. >> tillerson's strategy? nations should fully implement sanctions, downgrade the diplomatic relations with north korea, and cut economic relations. the secretary of state and singled out to china. it accounts for 90% of north korea's trade. >> china alone has economic leverage over pyongyang that is unique, and its role is there for particularly important. the u.s. and china have held very productive exchanges on this issue, and we look forward to further actions that build on what china has already done. >> china is not a focal point of the problem on the peninsula, and the key to solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula does not apply in the hands of
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the chinese side. under the current circumstances, china is still prepared to work with all parties to make contributions to the resolution of the nuclear issue of the peninsula. >> china also wants u.s. to halt its military issues with south korea and suspended clement of a u.s. missile deployment system in south korea in exchange for north korea's surrendering its nuclear and missile programs. the u.s. has rejected that deal, arguing its military exercises are defensive, race north korea is threatening the region and the world. senior u.s. officials are waiting to see if china's actions will soon vengeance writer create the statement says within the coming months it wants to see north korea curb its aggression. >> how long is the u.s. willing to wait? >> well, we've got to see a real change on the part of the posture of the machine and north korea. how do we see that? well, we'll wait as long as it takes, as long as the threat is manageable. >> tillerson says the u.s. is willing to resume aid payments
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to north korea if it surrenders its nuclear program, but that appears a long way off, as president trump told reuters, "there is a chance we could have a major major conflict with north korea, absolutely." everything president trump says about north korea is directed most at beijing and pyongyang, but i think this was especially intended for the security council. >> and, he says, to meet commitments. as for the probability of war on the korean peninsula? >> the situation on the korean peninsula is inherently volatile and unstable, so there always is a potential for war. now, i think, it is my pickup you have a regime in pyongyang that i believe has a pretty low threshold of risk, the instability we have seen. >> the secretary of state promises the era of strategic pasi and sarah is over the administration now waits to see if north korea
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reverses course. outcomes the state apartment admits are uncertain. bret? spohn rich edson live at the state department with breaking news tonight. thank you. let's turn to john roberts, joins us on the north lawn where the president just returned on the south lawn a short time ago, trying to get an answer from hi him. >> the president coming in from atlanta, address the nra leadership convention as he made his way toward the residence, and then from there to the oval office. i'm sure the president wants to get more information about this before he says anything. but the senior administration official told fox news a short time ago that the white house is not surprised by this latest north korean provocation, that kim jong-un is predisposed to do this sort of thing. they are also not surprised by the fact that this latest missile launch was a failure as well.
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as rich edson mentioned. but i think it bears repeating, this is believed to be a kn-17 missile, that is a liquid-fueled ballistic missile, really just short to medium range. not one of the intercontinental missiles, second that fell just seconds after leaving the launchpad, this one flew a short distance further, but didn't get very far. the president is not expected to say anything about this, but we do hope to have a little more information about this. and the white house, again, calling on china to do whatever it can to try to rein in north korea's nuclear and missile program. >> bret: we are getting word from u.s. pacific command now assessing that the north korean missile which, as he pointed out, is like a scud missile, a liquid-fueled missile, broke up over the peninsula itself and never actually made it to the sea of japan. so that is a different level of concern. but still, it is a provocative
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action, john. is there a sense in that white house that there is a line they are looking for for some kind of different action besides what they are pursuing with china. >> if there is a land that kim jong-un would cross that would provoke a dramatic american response, it is not being articulated by the president. but as you discovered yesterday in your very good interview with rex tillerson committee secretary of state, the united states has asked china to do more than it has in the past but certainly a line they are pushing with the chinese, and we learned from tillerson yesterday that china has been in contact with pyongyang to urges not to undertake more tests, saying it would impose unilateral sanctions if it did. we'll see if this is the sort of test that might provoke that action from china, as he pointed out, this is not one of those big, worrisome missiles, though a missive like this is worrisome and ends in of itself.
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we'll see if that provoke some extra reaction here from the president or at least a phone call to say we need to lean harder on the north korean regime. >> bret: we'll head back to the white house and you if there any other braking details. let's talk about all of this with syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. he is also in washington tonight. your thoughts? >> it seems to be a deliberate provocation by the leadership in pyongyang, but it is not, as john roberts pointed out, the kind of icbm that would threaten us. it is still liquid fueled, so it is not advanced in its technology. it seems to me to be a deliberate provocation with us at the security council, or secretary of state, saying we are near, at least there is a threat of a major, major conflict here, trying to challenge the trump administration saying, well, show us what you've got.
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but the administration seems to be saying is, we've got to china. well, we don't see anything from china. we just heard that the chinese are in contact with the north koreans to try to put pressure on them not to test. well, dated test. -- they did test. i think were going to see whether the chinese action is an illusion or whether trump was taken in with the meeting by xi, the president of china, or whether this is a process where they've agreed to do things over time. but we haven't seen anything yet, and this is a way for the north koreans to try to, at least for the merrily, to call the -- preliminary preliminaril the left. >> bret: when they are in the world spotlight, do something to try to get attention and negotiate a deal. this seems different, this is the commander, head of u.s.
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pacific command up on the hill the other day. >> it seems that p.r. faced with a threat -- we are faced with aa leader who is intent on achievil of nuclear capability against the united states. >> and it's clear that his goal is a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver to united states of america. is there any doubt in your mind? >> there is no doubt in my mind, chairman. >> bret: as i asked secretary tillerson, getting from that point and let goal that they assessed to be the end state to know nuclear weapons and taking that away from north korea, it seems like a long way to go from point a to point b. >> i don't think there is much of a chance of targeting the regime to abandon its nukes. i think what we are looking at, at least in the short run, is, number one, the icbm that can
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hit the u.s. is a redline. the president has said the administration has established very clearly, we will not allow that. we are going to hit it one way or another. that is understood. we get, with chinese pressure, a freeze of the program. we are not going to get an abolition of the program. i think that is really unlikely even with chinese pressure. what can we get a freeze, which is sort of an intermediate step, come on, because what he means is, we are not on a burning fuse. right now, we are. we are a year or two or three away from the red line being crossed even on the east coast east coast -- and even on the east coast being in the crosshairs of a nuke. can we freeze the program so there are no marked missile tests of the advanced kind and no more nuclear tests to try to militarize the weapons and put it on a warhead? that's, i think, is the medium
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range, short-range objective. if it can be achieved, i think it is something we should want to get paid and then you go from the longer-range stage of abolition of the program. right now, that is not reachable, but i think it would be worth it to stop diffuse from burning. >> bret: charles, as always, thank you. we'll be following this breaking story throughout the show. the military is investigating the details of the mission of any bandstand that claimed to u.s. army rangers earlier this week. pentagon states that sergeants joshua rogers and cameron thomas may have died from family therapy to the military has informed the family members of those involved. two platoons of rangers teamed with special security forces, pentagon officials saying about 35 isis fighters were killed, including several high-level leaders. the federal government will not run out of money at midnight tonight. congress kicked that can down the road a little bit to the tune of one more week, passing a
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budget extension today. a short-term continuing resolution, it is called, but republicans did not give president trump the picture he wanted on health care. house leaders anticipate a vote as soon as next week on that page and president trump has signed an executive order starting the process of opening parts of the arctic and atlantic oceans to energy exploration. it is yet another reversal of one of his predecessor's environmental initiatives. the president says this move will reduce the cost of energy, create new jobs, and make america more secure. critics say it will harm the environment. the markets hit a bump today. the dow was down 41 points, the s&p 500 gave up some ground, down 5. the nasdaq slipped 1. for the week, all three were a pretty down gained almost two percentage points. the s&p 500, 1.5, the nasdaq, 2.3%. president trump fired up gun owners this afternoon in atlanta. he became the first sitting president to address the nra,
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the national rifle association convention, since ronald reagan in 1983. corresponded jonathan serrie's is in atlanta tonight with that story tonight. >> president trump discussed few specific policy details, but he left no doubt on his support on the right to bear arms. listen. >> the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. >> that message resonated well with members of the nra, an organization that endorsed trump early on in his presidential campaign. second amendment advocates have praised the trump administration for rolling back some of our mate- , including one that banned the use of ammunition -- lead ammunition. and president rarely defend the crowd by rear reaffirming his g touted plan to build a wall among the u.s.-mexican border.
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>> we will build a wall. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. that's an easy one. we're going to build the wall. we need the wall. >> after his speech, president trump posted a private fundraiser for karen handel, buying to fill the seat of health and human services secretary tom price. she paces general mike faces -n ossef faces >> i have a feeling that in the next election, you could be swamped with candidates, but you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over and you're going to say no, sir, no thank you. no, man. perhaps man created an 80 pocahontas, remember that. >> and to jog some memories,
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pocahontas, of course, was donald trump's nickname for massachusetts center to make senator elizabeth warren. >> bret: okay, jonathan serrie, thank you. speaking of firing power, the ms-13 gang has plenty of that. that group is blamed for 11 murders and took a long island president trump is blaming -- and has promised to eradicate that gang. today, his top law-enforcement official went to the heart of the zone. >> i have a message for the gangs that target our young people. we are targeting you. we are coming after you. >> attorney general jeff sessions delivering a stark warning from the federal courthouse on long island, new york, following a recent spike in brutal violence from the international gang ms-13. the gang started in the 1980s in los angeles, growing now to 10,000 members nationwide.
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more than 200 members are on long island. most are immigrants from el salvador and central america. many are undocumented. sessions says open borders and years of lax immigration enforcement has allowed ms-13 to thrive. >> the gang has gotten tougher. >> he is promising more resources to local police and more deportations. >> we will identify these networks, investigate cases against them, and criminals who are convicted will be deported paid >> in september, two teenage best friends were beaten with baseball bats and hacked with machetes by ms-13. the mother of one of the victims welcomed sessions' base that paid >> is all about working together. the federal and state government united as one to figure out a plan. >> saying ms-13 continues recruiting and in schools nationwide. >> this gorgeous praying
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on >> but immigrants activists believe sessions is trying to paint all immigrants as violent criminals. >> he is using the context of fear of violent gangs and bad things for society and communities to promote his agenda. >> sessions did not get into specifics about how much federal funding will be made available to fight gangs, though he did say the department of justice plans to increase the number of prosecutors in high crime areas nationwide. bret? >> bret: thank you. the national security agency, the nsa, says it will no longer collect certain communications on the internet simply because they mention a foreign intelligence target. that move is being applauded by privacy advocates. the agency says it will not limit such collection to internet communications sent directly to or from a foreign target. next, we talked all about this
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week the president's first 100 days. after the br
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert, updating our top story. north korea has launched another missile. it was a testing of a former scud missile, apparently unsuccessful. broke up over the peninsula itself. official saying it was a medium range missile breaking up a couple of minutes after launch, about 25, we are told. comes the same day secretary of state rex tillerson went to the u.n. to urge new sanctions against the communist state. this is similar to previous launches, and it did not operate properly, we are told, by u.s.
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officials. the question is, was this another provocation by north korea and what comes next? we are waiting for more reaction from the white house. they are putting out statements through officials saying that they are going to continue to pressure china and other allies to pressure north korea to give up its ballistic missile and nuclear program. we'll bring you updated news and information here on fox. meantime, in politics news, for next senator jim commit retold will no longer be the head of the heritage foundation, we have been told that the board at heritage has asked for his resignation. there is speculation on a likely replacement there at heritage, including steve bannon. we are waiting a formal statement from demint, but when asked if he is leaving the white house, bannon simply laughed about that, but again,
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jim demint on his way out. overseas, pope francis overseas, on a today mission to urge persecuted christians and their torturers to stop, holding meetings in cairo with religious and political leaders. he says he wants to bring a message of peace to a country that has endured an emboldened insurgency led by a local #specialreport affiliate paid president trump is rejecting a push to help bail out puerto rico from its $70 billion debt. correspondent steve harrigan has the latest on the story. >> health care funding for -- failed to agree to a final spending package this week, punting until next week. the island of 3.4 million people, almost half of whom rely on medicaid, is asking for another $900 million to pay for health care through the end of 2018. democrats are trying to rescue
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puerto rico by including the money in the spending bill to keep the federal government open. >> those are millions of american citizens who need some intervention and relief from the government that they often serve and die for and every pore and conflict over the last 100+ years. >> the u.s. territory is $70 billion in debt after decades of overspending and could soon face lawsuits from creditors. despite some bipartisan support for the rescue, president trump has made his opposition clear, stating thursday, the democrats want to shut government if we don't bail out puerto rico and give billions to their insurance companies for o-caret failure. no. a failure to resolve the issue could mean 100 million americans will lose health care at the end of the year. admitting the island has lived beyond its means. >> our government is too big.
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we have a government that has 131 agencies and there is no accountability for spending. >> with the highest sales tax in the nation and half of the island living in poverty, many who can lay puerto rico do. speak up many who live our young, educated professionals. a brain train that will only make the process of recovery on the island more difficult. >> bret: steve harrigan in miami. thanks. this is day 99 of the trump presidency. and there is a fancy animation. again today the president dismissed the importance of tomorrow's 100 a milestone, calling nfl standard tonight will focus on what is left in his term, here is correspondent kristin fisher. >> we'll see what happens...
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we'll see what happens... we'll see what happens. >> it is tough to predict what the next 100 days will look like with a president as unpredictable as this one. >> i like to think of myself as a very flexible person. i don't have to have one specific way, and if the world changes, i go the same way. i don't change -- well, i do change, i am proud of that flexibility. >> given president trump prides himself on being flexible, what are some guarantees about what we can expect over the next 100 days. >> you can guarantee that he is going to continue to work hard for the american people. when he says he is flexible, what he means is my he is going to get the job done. >> meaning repealing and replacing obamacare, renegotiating and possibly terminating the north american free trade agreement, reducing nuclear threat from north korea, and making major inroads on tax reform. but to in order to make deep and
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lasting changes, president trump will likely need some democrats to sign off on each page >> anymore dealmaking with democrats over the next 100 days? will he be reaching out to them? >> i think he is a dealmaker, a successful dealmaker, and you will continue to see more, on both sides of the chambers, to get things done. speak about the plan laid out to go days ago efforts you sweeteners, zero funding for infrastructure spending. >> for a president that said he is going to shake up washington, get things moving, do things differently, he can do it in a way that other presidents were unsuccessful because it is still making ability, he's got to be able to show that he can do that paid >> a past recipient of the crystal ball award predicts that president trump's first 100 days are not a fair gauge of his future success. >> they have been rough. it has been a learning curve of a lifetime. >> but that steep learning curve is precisely why balter argues
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that this president's first 100 days matter less than any other president's. >> the question is, as the party and the president learned from the difficulties in these firstg those lessons, and using them go forward to pass the major legislative things they want to accomplish. >> hanging over all future accomplishments, at least for the next few months, possibly years, will be the cloud of cong investigations into his campaign ties to russia, results of the questionable fate of his two at most controversial executive orders, the proposed travel ban and crack down cities. but ironically, his signature issue, immigration, is also where we first saw his heart to change his mind. >> pure going to sacred heart. daca is a very difficult subject for me. >> docket -- deferred action for childhood rivals -- was the first
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ten president trump said his heart played a significant role in the process pretty strike in syria it was the second time, response using chemical weapons on his own people. in a recent interview, president trump admitted that one of the biggest lessons he has learned is that "pretty much everything you do in government involves heart, whereas in business, most things don't involve hard. in fact, in business, you are better off without it." >> do you think we will see more governing with heart? >> i think you have seen a lot and will continue to see more. >> over the next 100 days, president trump will embark on his first foreign trips, starting out with the nato summit in belgium that the g7 summit in italy. there is also talk of sending american astronauts on a trip to mars more than a decade ahead of schedule. >> want to try to do it during my first term, or, at worst maturing my second term, so will have to c. >> is he being serious? if so, how does he plan to pull
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that off? >> i think so. >> that is a much faster timeline than what nasa originally had planned. >> he was having a discussion with dr. peggy but sin, like always, he likes to get things done under budget, under time. when they were having a discussion about when and how soon he could get to mars, he said, let's get it done sooner and cheaper. >> that would be an enormous challenge for nasa, especially since it just delayed the first test launch of the rocket that will try to get them there. almost every expert in the aerospace industry agrees that if he wants to speeded up, you'll have to give nasa the one thing it needs most -- money. bret? spohn kristen, thank you. that wraps up our weeklong series on 100 days. you can see all of these pieces on our homepage, back to our top story.
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breaking out of north korea, just about two hours ago, tested and launched a ballistic missile, we are told it is a kn-17, a medium range missile. it did fail. it did not reach the sea of japan, and broke up in the air over the peninsula itself. clearly another act of provocation. let's get the latest from deputy national security advisor k.t. mcfarland. she is live on the northbound. thanks for being here. >> pleasure. >> bret: what can you tell us in white house reaction to what we are learning this afternoon? >> it is the tenth test they have done since president trump took office, tenth missile test they have done. just reinforces exactly by north korea and north korea's program is one of president trump's top priorities. it was the first national security priority that he wanted to focus on after taking office. it just reinforces it. it is another failure but it doesn't mean the north koreans won't keep trying. it doesn't mean we should stop
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trying to stop them. >> bret: does this change the dynamic that in the middle of all of this tension, the u.s. security council today, all the president that has had the last couple of days, that north korea does this now? >> book, they tend to look for moments to test when they think will get the world's attention. that's what they did this time. i think it doesn't change the calculation we have had from the beginning that north korea is trying to get -- they have nuclear weapons, they have tested nuclear weapons, and they are trying to get the ability through missiles to take a missile that goes from north korea to the united states. and they are not there yet, but they are working on it, and most intelligence says they will get there within the next couple of years. that is why the steps we are taking with our allies in the region -- south korea and japan -- our defense of steps, but we are also doing diplomacy and also using economic sanctions. again, we will see how it plays out. we not need to assume it is
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changing everybody's mind. president trump and president xi jinping had a very good summit meeting, the two spent hours talking one-on-one about how they saw the north korean threat, how they set their own interests, the interests in the region, and the chinese have offered to help, and they have done a few things. we'll give them time and see what happens. >> bret: this is the japanese foreign minister today at the united nations. take a listen, k.t. >> these launches are intentionally meant to be a provocation. the responsibility of further provocations by north korea is high. the council must send a clear message that such actions will only lead to more responses from the international community.
1:35 am
>> bret: that is the japanese. south koreans saying something similar. the chinese were not aggressive in the terminology at the u.n. today. you say they are doing more. what specifically are they doing more. >> we are not going to get into a lot of details. they have done a few things at the public has seen. one thing, coal shipments. north korea doesn't export much to the world that the world wants, but one other major exports is called to china. china turned away some of those ships. china has voted with us on another issue, and we feel that they are making their own pressure on the north koreans in their own way. i'm not going to get into a lot of the details about it, but they have talks with us about it. the president, president xi of china, continues to talk to president trump about this. i want to point out that the chinese, in addition to what they are doing, president trump has been talking on a regular basis with prime minister abe of
1:36 am
japan as well as other countries in the region about a threat. it doesn't just threaten us and our allies, it threatens the whole world. those missiles that north korea is developing, they can go in any one of a number of directions. >> bret: are not going to play the sound bite. there are a few democrats saying that the president's rhetoric on that is ratcheting up the tension and not taking it down, that is what they are saying in the wake of what he said to reuters about heading to a major conflict. your thoughts on that? >> nobody wants a war. our measures are mostly defensive, but we are ratcheting up the economic, diplomatic and other pressure. and we want to north koreans to understand were serious. all options are made on the table. >> bret: k.t. mcfarland, deputy national security advisor from the north lawn. thank you. we've been telling about the president's first 100 days, so
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what have the democrats been doin
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>> bret: the chair of nebraska's democratic party is criticizing tom perez for calling on all democrats to be pro-abortion rights. these statements from perez came after women's rights groups criticized democrats for promoting an pro-life candidate running for mayor of omaha. we have been talking all week about president trump's first 100 days. tonight, but the pro-life community thinks of the new president. he is chief legal correspondent shannon bream. >> you could not get a better grade. simply an a+. >> it is an about-face for many pro-life leaders who were once fearful about the prospect of donald trump taking up residence in the white house. ahead of the critical iowa caucuses, scores of them urged on those to support anyone but
1:41 am
donald trump on the issue of defendant unborn children and protecting children from the violence of abortion, mr. trump cannot be trusted. >> and thrilled to have not been wrong about this. we are very grateful. >> the monday after the inauguration, the president issued an executive memo, banning the use of u.s. foreign aid by international organizations for abortion-related activities. he has also signed a measure giving states more authority to decide whether or not they choose to defund planned parenthood. that bill would not have made it to the president's desk without a tie-breaking vote by vice president mike pence. the highest ranking administration official to ever appear at the march for life... >> on behalf of president donald trump... [cheers and applause] >> is viewed as a strong influence on the president when it comes to the abortion issue. and then there is the successful
1:42 am
confirmation of supreme court justice neil gorsuch, 1 of 21 potential picks committed to during the campaign. >> now for him to choose from that list to keep that promise then laid the groundwork for legislation to come is really a new day for the pro-life movement. >> pro-choice leaders are taking notice and issuing warnings. an email fundraising appeal catalogs the pro-life moves by the white house adding, "the all-out war on women and families in this new administration has been unprecedented." as abortion opponents celebrate their wins, they are keeping a close eye on the looming battles, namely over health care reform and government funding. during the campaign, then-candidate trump about it he would defund planned parenthood. two g.o.p. senators have signaled they won't vote for a measure that does that. so the vice president may once again be a key player in helping the president keep that promise. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. now to the democrats.
1:43 am
saturday marks the end of the first 100 days of democratic response to the new president as well. correspondent peter doocy looks at what the opposition has done and not done. >> in the first part of the first 100 days, democrats managed to slow the trump cabinet confirmation process to a crawl, and there was one nominate they convinced to quit before his day in the hearing room, labor secretary nominee andy puzder. >> they want to withdraw puzder's nomination before he further embarrasses the administration. >> another hallmark of the first 100 days has been a laser-like concentration on kremlin connections to the trump campaign, and all they have got to show for it is a pair of republican recusal's. attorney general jeff sessions admitted he didn't disclose past meetings with the russian ambassador during confirmation hearings, so he won't be a part of any rush of election interference investigation. and house intel committee
1:44 am
chairman devon nunez recused himself from their election probe amid accusations he mishandled classified intel. >> chairman nunes wants to make sure this is not a distraction. >> getting the g.o.p. to cave and strip funding from the short-term budget that passed today. >> we are pleased the president's family backing off of the ball. >> but top democrats could not commence the g.o.p. to schedule a debate about the use of force in syria after president trump ordered missile strikes there, and democrats also were not able to stop president trump's first supreme court nominee from becoming a supreme court justice. >> is confirmed. >> the party and power it changed with the so-called nuclear option so they only needed a simple majority to confirm neil gorsuch. >> as i look around as what hast what has just happened on the senate floor, i am sick with regret. >> democrats are now looking outside of d.c. four winds,
1:45 am
treating every special election like a referendum on president trump. the democratic candidate in georgia, jon ossoff is headed for a runoff because he didn't win the primary. >> we have shattered expectations. >> before heading home today, the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer, give president trump's first 100 days a grade of f, but this review of his own party's record during that same time. period doesn't show anything passing on that side either. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on capitol hill. president trump, his first 100 days, all of the things that are happening. it is a busy week c
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♪ >> like i promised, we are doing a really top job already. 99 days. >> donald trump has turned out to be a real champion for life and for families, and we are very grateful. >> what's the 100 days is all about his old-fashioned republican economic tax breaks. the people who don't need it, they cut some programs for the elderly, the sick, and the poor. >> bret: one thing, when we get to tomorrow, you'll stop hearing about the 100 days pretty soon. the fox pulls out this week, the approval, disapproval, we have seen that already, 45-48. but what about his performance among white evangelicals. take a look at this number. 73% approve, and you heard that and shannon bream's story as
1:50 am
well. then president trump with all registered voters on campaign promises, he is keeping them, 46%, he is drifting off course, 44%. let's bring in our panel. lisa boothe, columnist with the "washington examiner" ." philip bump with "the washington post," and eboni williams, cohost of our new 5:00 p.m. eastern program, it starts monday, "the fox news specialists." congratulations. it is going to be fun. eric talked about it a little bit earlier. >> i bet he did. ♪ >> bret: let me ask you about your sense, as we get to tomorrow, putting it all in perspective at 30,000 feet. >> i think the best thing that president trump has done here is get the confirmation, as an attorney myself, and a standard depreciated longevity. this is going to be the lasting legacy, very big for the president great where i think he has done a poor job is the messaging. i think it was a self-imposed 100-day deadline.
1:51 am
he was under delivering on the issues of the border wall and health care specifically. i think it makes those numbers you just read, 44% did say veering off of campaign promises. >> bret: we are hearing house republicans are going to bring up health care early next week. not going to make this early 100-day self-imposed deadline. here is dave brad. >> i think we are there. today, everyone wanted to get it for the 100 day for trump, but i think it's a lot of scheduling. 450 people here, both on friday and saturday. i think next week we got it. >> bret: philip, the freedom caucus has moved, whether they have enough moderates who stuck with all the changes is the question. >> that is the question. these things tend to be somewhat hard to kneel down when you are in a moment like this. they aren't necessarily over that of markets, one of the reasons they probably pulled the bill.
1:52 am
but this is a big deal for the republican caucus to try and figure out how they can work together on something which the party collectively said was a priority, and a huge deal for donald trump. the first big test of his ability to corral his own party and get things done that he wants to get done. this isn't his background. he doesn't come from politics. he seized it sitting down with businessmen. a very different scene on capitol hill. he hasn't yet demonstrated that he has cracks that match. it is a tough call. >> bret: lisa? >> you mentioned that we haven't heard enough from the moderates. there have been some that set that were against this, and that is the key here. are there enough moderates? not to mention the troubles in the house. you also have to look to the senate. they can only lose two senators there. going to have probably even more complications with that. it is so imperative for congress and for republicans to either get health care reform or tax reform done before the midterm elections.
1:53 am
we've already seen the gridlock and dysfunction in congress. they are not going to get anything done on a bipartisan process. the only pieces of legislation he can move forward through reconciliation, with health ande and reconciliation. i don't know how you can see you have delivered on anything. this is so incredibly important for them to get done. >> bret: a quick round of winners and losers. we've been focusing on breaking news, but winners and losers for the week? >> winner, and culture. i think ann coulter was a big winner this week, although a speech at uc berkeley didn't happen, she brought a spotlight, and she did something that our government has been able to do. she enjoyed bipartisan support, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders coming out and saying she has the right to speak. >> bret: loser? >> michael flynn, my goodness. horrible situation he has found himself in. the bipartisan messaging around
1:54 am
what looks like it is going to be a criminal issue. sport winner and loser? >> winner, freedom caucus, and amendments that can be put on this bill so they can know longer be the bad guy that killed the health care replacement bill. donald trump pointed fingers after them after it failed the first time. now they can say it isn't their fault. >> bret: loser? >> i'm going to say, this is odd, but the construction workers in texas. they wall is a massive infrastructure project, a lot of jobs and money that would come with that wall. we saw this week for the first time how that hard that politil fight is going to be. >> bret: winner and loser? >> ted cruz, i feel like i got robbed, we were supposed to talk about this with the el chapo ad. i loved everything about it. loser is paul ryan because i think if they can't get health care done, he is going to be the scapegoat, whether he deserves
1:55 am
it or not. >> bret: sorry we had to truncate a little bit. 5:00 p.m. on monday, "the fox news specialists." a breath of fresh air. long day, long
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> bret: patients at children's national health system are now and able to enjoy a little fresh air outside those hospital rooms. the bunny milling healing garden inspired by a patient whose last wish to be able to go outside officially opened this afternoon it's already have its share of special visitors. it's dedicated to the first ladies of the united states and in so far, laura bush, michelle obama, and first lady melania trump have all been by today. mrs. trump worked on arts and crafts with the kids there and spoke at the gardens opening.
1:59 am
>> the nurturing and positive environment is vital to the health and well-being of all children. i'm so grateful that patients and their families will be able to go through the healing process in this wonderful space. on behalf of the president, myself, and my son, thank you for allowing me to be here with all of you today. i hope you enjoy this beautiful space and healing garden. >> bret: of full disclosure, children's national is a very special place for our family, we spend a lot of time there our son paul's open heart surgery and recovery, he is doing great and is said he is psyched of the kids are recovering and will be able to get outside while in the hospital, ending on a good news story in a busy week. two hours comes to an end for us tonight, that's it for this special report.
2:00 am
fair, balanced, and unafraid. the fox news specialist will be back at normal times, here'san " hannity next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. u.s. officials confirm to the fox news channel that north korea has test-fired a ballistic missile raising tensions with the united states and the entire world. dr. sebastian gorka will join us with reaction. geraldo rivera, jay sekulow, and juan lapierre will be here tonight. first it's been a very busy week for president trump with tomorrow marking his 100th day in office. despite president trump's long list of accomplishments that's getting bigger by the way the alt radical left destroy trump media they continue to viciously attack the commander-in-chief all in an attempt to damage and delegitimize his


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