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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with hillary clinton. kimberly * jesse watters will be back next week. [♪] judge jeanine: president trump rallied his base marking his first 100 days in office in one of the states that carried him into office. i'm judge jeanine pirro. the president of the united states exactly 100 days since he took office, celebrating a mile stone by talking about his accomplishments in front of supporters in harrisburg, pennsylvania. and what maybe even more notable isn't where the president is tonight, but where he isn't.
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take a live look at washington, d.c., about 120 miles away from harrisburg. at what is supposed to be one of the biggest nights of the year in american politics. the white house correspondents dinner. that dinner going on without president trump or anyone from his white house team in attendance. the president re-fusing re-of -- refusing to attend because of what he calls the media that threats him unfairly. i'll speak with corey lewandowski and pollster frank luntz. but let's take a little bit after listen to the president in pennsylvania. >> i could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from the washington swamp spending my
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evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people. right? they are sitting and they are wishing in washington. they are watching right now. they are watching. and they would love to be with us right here tonight. but they are trapped at the dinner which will be very, very boring. but next year maybe we'll make it more exciting for them in warn and we'll show up. but we have a good chance of showing up again here next year, too. if the media's joins to be honest and tell the truth, i think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade.
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very dishonest people. not all of them. we call it the fake news. not all of them. you in the now-everybody is using the word "fake news." where did you hear it first, folks? by contrast for the last 100 day, my administration has been delivering every single day for the great citizens of our country, whether it's putting our coal miners back to work, protecting america's steel, and aluminum workers -- we love that steel and aluminum -- or eliminating job-killing regulations, we are keeping one promise after another, and frankly the people are really happy about it, they see what's happening. we are end can the offshoring and bringing back our beautiful,
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wonderful, great american jobs. we are eradicating the criminal gangs and cartels that have infiltrated our country. you are read being them all the time. some of you have problems with them. thank you for that sign. blacks for trump. i love that guy. blacks for trump. we removed the shackles on energy exploration imposed by the last administration, lifting the restrictions on the production of oil, shale, and natural gas. and very importantly for pennsylvania, we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal, and we are putting our great coal miners back to work.
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judge jeanine: president trump doing what he does best on his 100th day, taking his message directly to the people. joining me now a person who knows a thing or two about a donald trump rally. his former campaign manager corey lewandowski. i see the smile on your face and i have to smile. he took it to everyone, including the media. what did you think of that speech? >> this is the donald trump that won him the election. this is when he bypasses the mainstream media. i love the snake. he brought it out as a reminder of the bad hombres who are trying to get into our country. it allowed him to go directly to the american people and what he accomplished in the first 100 days. judge jeanine: given the president's favor built rating,
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it looks like he's going back to exactly how he got elected. he's going to the people and bringing his arguments to the people. but there is a particular sound here on the media where he talks about the media deserving a failing grade. do we have that? take a listen. >> the media's job is to be honest and tell the truth. then i think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very big fat failing grade. not all of them. we call it the fake news. even is using the word "fake news." when did you hear it first, folks? judge jeanine: is this classic donald trump where he has been graded for the fast few days about the first 100 days.
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he literally spun it around and graded the media. >> you look at the media coverage of this president. an analysis was released last week that said from january 20 to april 9 of the 1,900 mines, 186 minutes of that time was either neutral or positive. which means 96% of the time was negative coverage. the american people know the fake news is real, they don't tell the truth, and the only way the president gets his message out is to go directly to the american people. this is vintage donald trump tonight. judge jeanine: the second -- when he says, you know, the media, they are trapped at that dinner. a very, very boring dinner. but he did leave open the possibility of his being there
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next year. what's the message in that one? >> you know the president web's a great negotiator. nobody wins the presidency by going to those dinners. i ith ultimately the president wants a good relationship with the media, but it's difficult when they are dishonest and have their own agenda. they don't want to report the stories, they want to be the stories. multiple sit-down interviews. if they are not going to be fair to him, he can take his message on the road. judge jeanine: there is talk about this being the buildup to 2020. as he goes on his way through the next four years, do you think he will be able to have some of the legislative accomplishments that -- i know he signed 28 bills already.
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but we are talking about major legislation. given the fact that sometimes it feels like even the republicans see i am as an outsider. >> they do. the president said tonight, you can take it wall and go to bed and make sure it many done. i'm not that confident. we want that wall built. it's the only thing that will save us from the illegals crossing on the southern border. repeal and replace obamacare. that can go as early as next week. then the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. following that by year's end it will be a trillion dollar infrastructure project. if any of those three get done. any president would say i have had a huge legislative success. he will get all three done within the first year of his administration. judge jeanine: do you miss being at those rallies with him? >> i love the rallies, i miss
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them, absolutely. judge jeanine: corey lewandowski, thanks for being with us tonight. joining me to talk more about the president and his first 100 days is gop pollster, frank luntz. you listened to that rally in pennsylvania. i will tell you way thought was very interesting and i want to get your take on it. the president has taken a lot of heat for not really slamming china anymore about it being a currency manipulator. the president came right back at that one with this kind of explanation or reaction. i think we have that sound. >> why didn't he call donald trump and why didn't donald trump in a meeting say, you are a currency manipulator. here is the story.
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listen, mr. president, will you help us out with north korea, but by the way, you are a manipulating your currency. that doesn't work. judge jeanine: simple language, direct response in their face. what do you think? >> the problem and challenge for president trump is that he's damnd if he does and damned if he doesn't. if he is flexible he's criticized by those who say he's breaking his promises. and if he don't he's criticized for not being more flexible. foo react to the facts on the ground. and you need these personal relationships. and he has actually opened a strong relationship with china. north korea isn't just a problem, it's a genuine threat. the public looks at what president obama has done, the
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bombing in syria, holding north korea accountable. seeking alliances to deal with what's happening in the pacific region, by president obama had forgotten or ignored. the president is getting very good marks in foreign policy so far. judge jeanine: his approval rating with respect to isis and terrorism is over 50%. you have been doing several of these as you call them dial groups. here we are 100 days into this, and the media has been hammering the president. but in the dial groups, have you found anything different than you found about presidents in the past? >> we have been looking at trump supporters because he shum shun was once he became president and stopped being a candidate, these people would leave him. the surveys have shown that over 90% of the people who voted for
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him would vote for him again. it's hillary clinton supporters who are saying they are likely to stay home and vote for different candidates. they know you cannot change washington quickly. that whole phrase "drain the swamp," holding washington accountable is the language i prefer they would use, but in terms of doing that, they do see some change. the only issue for the president is that he raised expectations so high by saying how much he was going to get common in the first 100 days, that he foregot congress doesn't act in the way the president always wants it to. judge jeanine: when you have say he raised expectations and say he will do all this stuff in the first 100 days. didn't he have to do that to get elected? >> absolutely.
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you are correct. he goes to pennsylvania which he wasn't supposed to win, an won. he won in ohio, he won in michigan, he won in michigan. states the republicans haven't won since the late 1980s. he was able to do that by presenting an alternative narrative by saying washington is broken and you need fund amount alley radical change. but radical change takes time. what he had to say as a candidate is different than what he says as president. he got a supreme court justice through which a lot of people thought he wasn't going to be able to do. e signed executive orders to reduce regulation. he offered a tax plan and healthcare plan. my only issue, and i do believe it's significant, is the tone that's happening out there. i'm sure you will get thousands of emails after i say this. the tone is too rough. it is still too in your face. we need to find ways that we can work together that republicans
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and democrats can get tax reform. judge jeanine: but know what? good news, all the senators on the bus to the white house. i love it, and frank lunlts we love hearing from you. more coverage of in the rally straight ahead. plus, how real is the threat from gym kim jong-un? north korea. >> there is nothing more serious than defending our country. judge jeanine: i head to the department of homeland security and sit down with secretary john kelly and talk about what the united states could have in store for one of the world's most dangerous leaders. next, you don't want to miss this. i'll show you my personal highlight reel of president trump's first 100 days in office. my favorite moments next as "justice" rolls on.
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judge jeanine: president trump turning his back on the white house correspondents dish and instead speak to a rally of supporters in harrisburg, pennsylvania. the correspondents dinner is going on as you can see live, but without the president of the united states. we are 100 days in, and one thing is for sure. love him or hate him, one thing is for sure. we never had a president quite like donald trump. here is my look back at the last 100 days. >> this your celebration and this, the united states of america, is your country. jean require began like everything else in donald trump's world, with a big splash. our 45th president promising to give government back to the
6:21 pm
people with a flurry of executive orders signed in his first week alone that helped do just that, by pulling the united states out of the tpp, and cutting funding for sanctuary cities that defy federal law. >> sanctuary cities have a lot of problems, and there is tremendous crime. judge jeanine: the roadblocks just kept on coming. >> the executive order is mean spirited within misguide, and in my judgment goes against what america is about. judge jeanine: the new president saw opposition from democrats and left-leaning judges on courts that stood in the waive initiatives. like -- stood in the way of initiatives. and his plan for sanctuary cities.
6:22 pm
>> we'll see them in the supreme court. jean require was that same -- judge jeanine: it was the same supreme court where the president saw one of his biggest political victories of his new administration. make good on one of the central promises of his historic campaign. he delivered conservative justice neil gorsuch to the highest court in the land. despite heavy opposition from democrats, much to the delight of the trump base. but the news wasn't as good on one of his other central promises. >> dee repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. jean require was a staple in the runup naturallies leading up to election night. but when it came time, paul ryan
6:23 pm
and the gop couldn't deliver. it was one of donald trump's huffest. >> we are very, very close. i think what will happen is obamacare unfortunately will explode. judge jeanine: but the president may yet remain true to his word as republicans keep working beyond the 100-day mark on a repeal and replace that can pass the house and senate. on the homeland security front, the commander-in-chief spent the first 100 days working to build up what he claims was a depleted military. within a week two separate bold actions by the president sent a message to the world that american might was back. >> tonight i ordered a targeted
6:24 pm
military strike on the airfield in syria where the chemical attack was launched. judge jeanine: cruise missiles fired into syria on its leader using chemical tea upon againsts on its own people. and then and clear message that obliteration is under way against isis. >> we are so proud of our military and it was another successful events. judge jeanine: just under the wiefort century day -- just under the wire, president trump unveiled a massive, sweeping tax code. it will be a fight for congress that's only just begun. but one the president hopes will
6:25 pm
enda with a boost to the economy. through all the ups and down, our president maintains the same relationship with the mainstream media that he says has never given him a fair chance. >> i'm change it to very fake news. judge jeanine: donald trump didn't need the support of the liberal elites to win the white house. he hasn't needed it since he took office. and if he learned anything from these past 100 days, there is no indication he will ever bow to the establishment. as he continues on his one-man quest to shake up washington and the world. >> i keep my campaign promises. our citizens will be very happy when they see the result they already are, i can tell you that. judge jeanine: my sit-down
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6:31 pm
to show his support for the maul christian society in egypt. an american soldier was killed this week. two others were killed during a three-hour firefight earlier in the week in afghanistan. 300 marines are in the helmand province. i'm patti ann browne. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> schumer is weak on crime and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. he is a poor leader, known him a long time, and he's leading the democrats to doom. it's sad to see for our country what's happening to the democrat party. judge jeanine: donald trump
6:32 pm
ripping senate minority leader chuck schumer in a rally marking his 100th day as president. while in washington, d.c. much of the press gathering for the annual white house correspondents dinner without anyone from the white house in attendance. chris hahn who once worked for senator schumer is here as is republican strategist lisa boothe. is your party in trouble from the top down? chris: what he said about senator schumer is not going to help him get his agenda through the united states senate. you would think a guy who has known chuck schumer for as long as he has would be reaching out to him. he has more in common with chuck schumer than he does with his vice president mike pence.
6:33 pm
he should be reaching out to expand the base but all he's been doing is preaching to it. judge jeanine: lisa, is this a good response to ways going on? lisa: the reason he wouldn't election is he sent a message to the american people, i stand with you. there is no better representation of washington elitism than the correspondents dish. he's in harrisburg, pennsylvania standing with the people who helped elect him and turned a state red that hasn't been in republican hand since the 1980s. this is exactly what he needs to be doing. when he went to wisconsin for the buy american-hire american -- judge jeanine: he said pennsylvania steel. he wants to see pennsylvania steel in the spine. america. his approval rating is 45%.
6:34 pm
disapproval, 48%. i'm wondering how accurate those numbers are given the fact that the trump supporters who elected him are still solidly behind him. how can you say they are not approving of him. chris: i wouldn't trust a poll right now about whether he's going to be re-elected or not. but if he doesn't start accomplishing things he promised like the wall, which got a round of applause, i see no way congress approves that wall and i see no way mexico pays for that wall. if he doesn't make those things happen he probably shouldn't bother running. judge jeanine: his base didn't
6:35 pm
seem too disappointed. lisa: you can go through every promise he made and he's delivered to some degree on it. we have seen a 73% drop in border crossing. and we saw a mass of any increase in the month of october. and you look at jobs moving forward with things like the keystone pipeline, we have seen deregulation in a way we haven't seen maybe ever. you can go through the list of things he promised that he delivered on. chris: lisa, you could take all these promises and wrap them up into that wall. that was his biggest promise. i didn't ask him -- hear him ask the crowd who was going to pay for the wall. judge jeanine: when he took action and the numbers seem to
6:36 pm
reflect isis, terrorism, approval 54%, 51%. that the democrats as well were supportive of his taking action in a place where president obama drew a red line then backed off like a wimp. chris: when the president puts our military in action it's incumbent to support him. judge jeanine: you remember the vietnam war, stop being omit cal. >> i don't really remember the vietnam war. but i think that the reaction was for them. we support the men and women fighting for our country. judge jeanine: lisa? lisa: you had nancy pelosi as well as schumer voice their support for what president obama did in response to syria. we have seen by pat a support
6:37 pm
after he took that action. this flies in the face one of the biggest criticisms of him. hillary clinton ran ads saying he can't be trusted with the nuclear code. chris: nobody knew where the aircraft carrier group was. judge jeanine: what do you think the president is going to continue to do going forward? will he continue to have these rallies? because this is where he connects. chris: i think he will do it. he loves it. but he has to into the down. he has to start appealing to a broader group of people. lisa: i think the way he appeals to a broader group of people is put pressure on congress to get
6:38 pm
healthcare and tax reform done and push forward on the jobs and economy aspect. and i think he will bring a lot of people over to his side in 2020 if he does that. judge jeanine: jerry falwell, jr. still on deck tonight. but first i go one-on-one with homeland security secretary john kelly. we'll be back in a moment. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets. as america's #1 professional lawn care company,ing. trugreen can tailor a plan that turns your ordinary lawn into an extraordinary one. so start your trugreen lawn plan today for only $29.95.
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>> we already have enough problems to worry about in the united states which we love so much. we don't need to be admitting people who want to oppress, hurt, or kill innocent americans. they are not coming in.
6:43 pm
so let me state this as clearly as i possibly can. we are going to keep radical islamic tear reu69s the hell out of our country. judge jeanine: president trump talking terrorism at his rally earlier in pennsylvania. earlier i sat down with his homeland security secretary john kelly on the first 100 days and some of the biggest challenges. general kelly, thanks for being with us. you were in retirement for a year. >> 8 months. judge jeanine: you come out to one one of the largest departments in the united states, 200,000 employees in the department of homeland security, and everyone is talking about the president's first 100 days. how has your first 100 days been? >> they have gone pretty well. more than anything else, the
6:44 pm
flow of illegal immigrants from central america through mexico is a trickle in comparison to what it was. we are at 17-year lows. 17% reduction in two months. we changed the environment towards illegal aliens inside the united states. people simply are not coming. judge jeanine: what do you say to people who say if it's down by 70%, why do you need a wall? >> it won't be down forever. hundreds of tons of drugs are trafficked into the united states every year. those are hard drugs. hundreds of tons of drugs. some of it goes to the normal points of entry. some of it is carried in by individuals. we need a physical barrier, a wall that is backed up by the great men and women of discuss tosms and bored protection.
6:45 pm
judge jeanine: in addition to a border wall. you say people who live along the border believe we've should have one as well. why can't we get congress people who work and live along the border to agree? >> i don't know why it's ironic to me that in 2008 i think was the vote on the wall, we had senator schumer vote for the wall. for a barrier fencing. president then senator clinton then senator obama, all voted for the wall. the wall makes a lot of sense. where it makes sense. and to expands that a bit, concrete for sure in some places where it makes sense, and a see-through wall backed up by technology. and some places you will never build a wall because of the terrain conditions, rivers, that
6:46 pm
kinds of thing. one thing that the governors and the leaders on the borders tell me, both sides, the members cans as well will tell you this doesn't mean we can't have normal movement of legal people through the border every day. right? millions of people pass through every day. this doesn't mean that commercial trucking and what not will be slowed down. that's not the case. the president told me to facilitate the legal movement of people and things through our borders -- judge jeanine: kim jong-un, not that far from maybe pawght nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile. how do we stop that if china doesn't save the day. >> we have our means. my belief is during this first trump administration, i think he will be able to wed a nuclear
6:47 pm
weapon deliverable to the united states. to if the united states somewhere. that's a game changer in terms tour security. and it's a game changer in many ways as importantly in terms of that region. now you have someone who has a usable nuclear weapon. what does he do with it? i don't believe we can allow that to happen. judge jeanine: what do you do? >> you take that capability away from him. judge jeanine: how do you do that? >> we have the finest military in the world. judge jeanine: do you take him out? >> you start with his capability. this is serious business. there is nothing more serious than defending our country. i don't known go after every threat with a bomb or missile. but this is serious, serious business. we cannot let him have a device that he can deliver to our country. judge jeanine: if you were to put a time period into the, how long will it be? >> certainly turned four years.
6:48 pm
i believe it will happen on president trump's first four years. judge jeanine: my thanks to secretary kelly. and next, jerry falwell, jr. is here to talk about donald trump's first 100 days. don't go away. with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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judge jeanine: president trump carried evangelicals in november, so how is he doing with them now? joining me from liberty university, jerry falwell, jr. you were one of the first prominent evangelicals to support donald trump. you supported him through thick and thin it looks like the first 100 days from an evangelicals' points of view has been a slam dunk. >> i think evangelicals found their dream president. judge jeanine: ways the president's accomplishments that put evangelicals almost double
6:53 pm
in terms of american support. >> reuniting israel with america after 8 years of them being appointed badly. appointing neil gorsuch to the spreem supreme court and appointing people of faith to his cabinet. christians being murdered in the middle east will stop. all those things are things evangelicals love. but they didn't just vote on social issues because republican establishment lied to them about those issues. they were concerned about the borders, about bringing jobs back. i think they are just as thrilled about those things as going after sanctuary cities. i think those things. but i will tell you what evangelicals are not happy about is the moderate republicans who i believe seem to be obstructing donald trump's agenda in
6:54 pm
congress, and i think they are going to pay the price in 2018 if they don't stop. i think the american people are angry about that. these moderate just make my blood boil. i have more respect for democrats than moderate republicans. at least democrats admit what they believe and say the up front and you know what you are dealing with. these moderate pretend to be conservative. they woo conservative voters, then they are not when they get into office. judge jeanine: you are the president of the largest christian university in the world. 15,000 on campus. 98,000 online. i have to ask you about berkeley. the left claiming anyone who is a conservative or on the right or religious right clearly, is a fascist and they have the right to use whatever means they can to stifle them. what can religious conservatives
6:55 pm
or evangelicals do about preserving free speech on our campuses? >> it's comical to me. when bernie sanders spoke at liberty university he was treated with the same respect you were treated at, even though the students agreed with you and didn't agree with him. that's what higher education is suppose to be about. hearing opinions you don't agree with and learning from the other side it's a joke these elite universities claim to be pastons of across dem tick freedom, and they are only pastons of political -- bastions of political correctness. liberals used to defend free speech. judge jeanine: there is a won't president described you as one of the most respect religious leaders in country. thank you.
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jeanine: that's it for tonight but sure to join me tomorrow night for a special all-new sunday edition of justice when i look back at the first 100 days of president trump. remember to follow me on twitter and instagram at judge underscore jenin. thanks so much for watching.
7:00 pm
"the greg gutfeld show" is next. see you tomorrow night, sunday night. c and you may know there's another egg gathering taking place tonight in washington d.c. and did you hear about it? [booing] a large group of hollywood actors and washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nations capital right now. greg: somebody just won the


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