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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  April 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on. >> the three were eventually rescued by a coast guard helicopter. >> siri doesn't always answer me. >> thank you for being here this weekend. >> that does it for us. >> rick leventhal is here with "fox report." >> tensions escalating on the korean peninsula and the trump administration not ruling out military action. i'm rick leventhal in for harris faulkner and this is "fox report." the white house saying north korea has openly defied the international community after the regime conducted another failed missile launch this weekend. the sixth weapons test of the year as the administration appears to send mixed signals to south korea over anti-missile defense system. president trump would he would make seoul pay one billion dollars for it. here's what national security adviser hr mcmaster said today. >> the last thing i would do is contradict the president of the united states. what i told our south korean counterpart is until any
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renegotiation that the deal is in place. he'll adhere to our word. he'll prioritize american citizens security and interests. to do that we need strong alliances in a way that is sustainable economically week need everybody to pay their fair share. >> in an interview this weekend president trump commented on the north korean dictator saying kim jong-un is a smart cookie but the president was adamant that the regime cannot be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> i will not be happy if he does a nuclear test. i will not be happy. i can tell you also i do not believe the president of china who is a very respected man will be happy either. >> not happy, mean military action? >> i don't know, we'll see. >> we have fox team coverage on this, kristin fisher from the white house. first garrett tenney live from the washington bureau. garrett, what is the u.s. strategy going forward? >> reporter: rick, president
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trump's top priority is protecting the american people. that means giving up goal of nuclear missiles that are capable to hit the united states, something it has shown no sign of doing. in fact u.s. officials believe the north is actively preparing to test another nuclear bomb. if that happens, the president hasn't said exactly what the u.s. would do in response but said he would not rule out taking military action. on "fox news sunday," general h.r. mcmaster said any additional nuclear test would not go unanswered. >> we do have to do something. we have to do something with partners and globally. that involves enforcement of the u.n. sanctions in place. it may mean ratcheting up the sanctions even further and also means being prepared for military operations if necessary. >> reporter: the u.s. is calling for new sanctions and for tougher enforcement of those in place, but sanctions are nothing new to north korea and have not done much to deter
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nuclear ambitions over the years, that's a big reason why u.s. officials say china, the north's closest ally and biggest trading partner is the key to getting dictator kim jong-un to change his behavior. rick? >> china avoided putting pressure on north korea, is there some incentive for them to do that now? >> the same reason that people, countries and businesses do almost anything, money. president trump said he is seeing china step up pressure after meetings with president xi jinping. more pressure is needed for that to happen. that's where he wants to be the deal maker in chief. china makes up 90% of north korea's trade. that came out to $7 billion. any type of cutting off of trade between the two countries would have enormous impact on both and mean a lot of lost money for china. to get china on board, president trump is willing to look at trade deals. >> and if i can use trade as a
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method to get china, because i happen to think that china does have reasonably good powers over north korea. now, maybe not, you know, ultimate, but pretty good powers. now if china can help us with north korea and can solve that problem, that's worth making not as good a trade deal for the united states. excuse me. right? >> reporter: this is something that will be looking for more details in the days ahead. rick? >> garrett tenney in washington. thank you. from foreign affairs to domestic policy, on the president's to-do list for the next 100 days, a second crack at health care reform. during a flurry of morning tweets, the president wrote -- the president also explained why he thinks it's important to
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let the states control their own health care markets. >> honestly, i'd rather have the federal government focused on north korea, focused on other things than your knee, okay, or than your back, as important as your back is. i would much rather see the federal government focused on other things, bigger things. now, the state is going to be in a much better position to take care because it's smaller. >> reporter: kristin fisher live at the white house with more. what's on tap for the president this week? >> reporter: rick, it almost feels like groundhog day, another week with the deadline to avoid a government shutdown and the possibility of making major progress on health care reform. but something that president trump just said in an interview with cbs has the potential to derail that progress, he said that the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare would guarantee coverage to individuals with preexisting conditions. but that's different from the latest version of the house
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bill which has just amended by leaders from the two opposing groups, the conservative freedom caucus and the moderate tuesday groups. here's a clip. >> preexisting conditions are in the bill, and i just watched another network than yours saying preexisting is not covered. preexisting covered conditions are in the bill, i mandated it. i said has to be. >> reporter: president trump putting foot down on preexisting conditions. we could see movement on tax reform. one of the big critiques of the president's plan is it could increase the deficit. today, the vice president acknowledged that possibility at least at first, listen. >> maybe in the short-term, but the truth is if we don't get this economy growing at 3% or more as the president believes that we can. we're never going to meet the obligations that we've made today. >> reporter: so the president says that he hopes to pay for these tax cuts. these big tax cuts that he's proposed either through economic growth or by
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negotiating better trade deals, but rick, the exact details how he plans to do that remain unclear. rick? >> kristin, president trump celebrated 100 days with rally in harrisburg, pennsylvania. i understand you have highlights. >> reporter: yeah, this was a really big moment for president trump. he wanted to celebrate the 100 day milestone surrounded by all of his supporters, and it was a lively crowd. one of the most lively rallies since president trump has taken office, but the most rowdy moment of the night by far came right off the top. 11 minute rant against the press that covers him at the exact same time they were sitting down to dinner at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> they're trapped at the dinner which will be very, very boring. [laughter] >> but next year, maybe we'll make it more exciting for them in washington. >> reporter: hey, he was a no-show this year, but hey,
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always next year, right, rick? >> i would like two tickets, please. >> reporter: it could happen next year. >> all right. thank you, kristin fisher at the white house. two children are missing, car swept off a bridge in arkansas as powerful storms rip through the south and the midwest. the severe weather blamed for ten deaths already. here's a look at one of the twisters, showing a massive funnel cloud. wreaking havoc from kansas through arkansas. will carr is live from one of the hardest hit areas, canton texas with the latest, will? >> reporter: and rick, as the search-and-rescue continues, two people unaccounted for and home owners are continuing to go through and seeing what's left after a number of structures and buildings took direct hits from the tornadoes, including the one behind me. this is the rustic barn, going to host a prom last night. 15 people were inside when the tornado hit the building.
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take a listen to the home owner. >> i think it is. yeah. it's god. that wall could have easily come down on us, easily, and just taken us off too, but it stood. it's all standing there. >> reporter: we want to show you exactly how they rode out the storm. when you come inside, it doesn't look so bad. they came in here and they got inside of this small closet that's under the stairwell. they also got inside of two bathrooms right here and rode out the storm, they did not realize how bad it was until they walked outside and looked into the back right here and realized that there was nothing left. again, i said this tornado hit a direct hit onto this building, one of four tornadoes that swept across the area. one hit a car dealership tossing trucks miles down the road. the damage stretching more than 30 miles. the governor took a tour of the
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hardest hit areas, part of a storm system that swept across texas, missouri arkansas where a ten-year-old died after she was swept away by floodwaters. in van zandt county, the families continue to pick through what they have left and figure out how they're going to move forward, rick? >> will, the images are incredible and so great the people knew where to go avoid the storm. were there warning sirens? did they have advanced notice it was coming? >> we're just outside of canton, and downtown canton, they have sirens, keep in mind, this is widespread rural part of texas. they do not have sirens. they were able to get text alerts on the cell phones and the barn owner, her husband is a firefighter. by the combination of his firefighting skills and the text alerts they realized they needed to get into the safe places within the building, and the owner telling me it was that decision that was the
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reason they were here sharing their story today instead of something much more tragic, rick? >> will, when we talk about the potential tragedy. they are still searching, to be clear, searching for potential victims, correct? . >> reporter: absolutely, across this area. because it's so wide. they had to go property by property with search crews and rescue dogs, they're going through that nine total killed across the region including four within this county. >> will carr, down in canton, texas. appreciate your time. thank you very much. right now all eyes on montana's special elections as candidates square off last night in a televised debate. they're vying for the lone congressional seat. ahead, possible impact that one chair could have on washington? a sad discovery in a bizarre murder mystery. investigators find the remains of a 10-year-old boy days after finding the remains of his sir. that story ahead on "fox
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just ask your doctor about taltz. . rick: montana's only congressional seat is up for grabs after it was left empty by now interior secretary greg zinke, greg gianforte and rob quist televised in the only debate. several hot button topics ahead of the special election in may. bryan llenas has more on the story. i understand this race has real significance? >> reporter: yeah, this is all about the midterms in 2018. the democrat want to win back the u.s. house of representatives and to do so they'll have to win 24 seats that were won by republican in 2016, with democrats desperate to generate political momentum, there is lots of attention and money flowing into five special elections being held nationally between april and june.
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four of the five special elections are for seats that were held by republicans like in montana. representative ryan zinke resigned to become the secretary of interior. democrat rob quist is now taking on republican greg gianforte for the seat. the candidates are representative of the countries divisive politics. quist is a banjo player and a rancher, gianforte is a millionaire businessman who ran for governor of montana and lost. donald trump, jr. spent a couple days campaigning with gianforte earlier this month, national republican groups are buying up tv ads, republicans are likely to win the seat considering president trump won montana by 20 points. democrats have lost each of the 11 congressional elections in montana dating back to 1996. but, look, democrats are optimistic. bernie sanders is expected to visit montana to rally voters
4:17 pm
to the polls for quist. democrats do have one u.s. senator and the governorship in montana. the republican candidate is expected to win. experts say it comes down to voter turnout which could be low given the special election is happening right before memorial day weekend. rick? rick: i understand, bryan, that russia made its way into the election? >> reporter: right, the candidates went back and forth on taxes, guns and north korea. russia looms large here. the democrat quist attacking republican gianforte for investing in russian companies. >> i was really disturbed to hear the other day that mr. gianforte has a quarter of a million dollars in stocks in russian companies that are on the sanctions list. >> anyone who invests in emerging markets around the world have investments in russia. this is a tiny portion of our portfolio. >> reporter: those sanctions put in by president obama for russia's annexation of crimea. the special election is may 25th.
4:18 pm
rick: can't remember the last time i saw someone wearing a hat during a debate. >> reporter: in montana, yeah. rick: a massive search in arkansas for two young children after their mother was found dead. sad news to report, police found the remains of a 10-year-old boy days after finding the remains of his 2-year-old sister thanks hoping to find the children alive and visibly upset when they talked about the case. >> this is not the conclusion of the case we were hoping and praying for. i think now is an important time for us to support this family, support this community, support each other. i appreciate everybody that has done everything for us, it's been a rough week, and pray for the family. rick: the polk county sheriff's office says an inmate at the county jail helped them find the remains. he was arrested on unrelated drug charges. officials say they expect to charge him with capital murder. we'll bring you more as it develops. still ahead --
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. rick: opioid deaths have skyrocketed after the past few years, a unique program that uses forensic science to prevent future deaths. in new hampshire working with law enforcement across the state to train officers and prosecutors. the focus to treat the site of an overdose as a crime scene. molly line has more.
4:23 pm
>> he just loved being outside, singing really loud. >> reporter: dakota was 23 years old when a dose of heroin claimed his life. >> he says till you do, it you'll never understand, it gets you, holds onto you and all you want to do is want it. >> reporter: the young father was found on november 18th. >> he just enjoyed life. >> reporter: police intent on finding the supplier followed the clues to neighboring new hampshire where two men were charged under a statute that aims to hold those who sell drugs with a death resulting responsible for the loss of life. 25-year-old frances was sentenced to a year in prison. 27-year-old daniel who sold him the fatal drug got 6 1/2 to 14 years. >> they are selling poiseon, killing people with the poison, and for them they need to face a punishment. >> reporter: the previously little use charge carries up to life in prison. it's being used more in new
4:24 pm
hampshire as the state is among the hardest hit by the nationwide opioid crisis. >> we were dealing with just an influx of overdoses, overdose deaths. >> reporter: special agent john dolina teamed with the attorney general's office and law enforcement across the state to launch a collaborative program that trains officers and prosecutors to treat overdoses as crime scenes. >> the syringe is the murder weapon. >> reporter: a strike force was created to respond 24 hours a day. >> but the homicide detective looks at things differently and slows things down and observe things at the crime scene different than we would. >> reporter: a database hopes to connect the dots. the approach led to a dozen delth resulting prosecutions but critics say. >> going to save absolutely no lives and result in millions or tens of millions of dollars spent on locking up drug dealers who will be replaced by other drug dealers. >> reporter: new hampshire's program is gaining nationwide attention from prosecutors,
4:25 pm
emerging as a model from other states. >> the abilities that we have. >> reporter: this breathing father wants dealers to know they will face consequences. >> too many of them are let go way too easily or with the slap on the wrist. >> reporter: investigators heard through cases they're working that traffickers are keenly aware of the efforts and trying to avoid coming to the granite state. in new hampshire, molly line, fox news. rick: as president trump moves into next 100 days, can the white house and congress find enough common ground to pass health care and reform the tax code? top lawmakers preview the fight ahead. plus. what does the next 100 days hold for the president? promising big trade especially on trade. our panel weighs in. >> and we will renegotiate nafta, and if we don't get a good deal and a fair deal for our country, and i've been saying for a long time, we'll
4:26 pm
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. rick: i'm rick leventhal and this is the "fox report". president trump with a raucous rally in pennsylvania. the president in campaign mode while reflecting on the unique demands of the oval office. >> i love doing it, i'm
4:30 pm
thoroughly enjoying it. it's always a challenge, like life itself is a challenge, but it's something that i really love and i think i've done a very good job at it. >> you said in an interview with reuters that you thought it would be easier, why? >> well, it's a -- it's a tough job, but i've had a lot of tough jobs. i've had things that were tougher. i'll let you know that better at the end of 8 years, hopefully 8 years. one of the things i've learned is how dishonest the media is, really. i've done things that i think are very good. >> reporter: critics quick to point out the president is without a major legislative win. lauren blanchard has a look whether that might happen with health care? >> reporter: congress has one more week to figure out a spending plan. it's a top priority now but republicans are hoping to take a swing at health care after their own party members sank the obamacare repeal and replace efforts last month.
4:31 pm
the president and gop leaders optimistic they can push through another plan as early as this week. >> i think we're real close. let's pass something that's not full repeal but gets close, at least it's the best thing we can get out of the house and it's a much better bill than it was five, six weeks ago. >> reporter: democrats say the president has to be willing to work across the aisle more. senator chuck schumer telling fox news sunday, the president can't run the country as my way or the highway. >> he ought to realize back off repealing obamacare. we've said over and over again, if he backs off repeal, we'll work with him to improve obamacare. >> reporter: and as lawmakers work on a health care package, the white house moving forward on tax reform. member of gop leadership cathy mcmorris rodgers says they are united to simplify the tax rate and close loopholes. >> this is a once in a generation opportunity to
4:32 pm
relieve the american people of the tremendous tax burden they currently have. i'm thrilled the administration made this a top priority. this is our time to do it. >> reporter: the president is planning to make tax reform a top issue for his administration. hoping for a major win, if he can get his party to rally around his proposal. rick? rick: thank you, lauren. for more let's bring in evan siegfried, a republican strategist and author of "gop gps". and doug schoen, former adviser to president clinton and fox contributor. doug, first, i want to ask you guys about his priorities and what he's likely trying to accomplish in these next few days and weeks. taxes, health care, nafta and the wall. >> sure. rick: the president said there could be another vote on replacement for obamacare this week. is that too optimistic? >> i think the president is being a little too optimistic because i think the details are worked out. we've got a fragile coalition of republicans who would be
4:33 pm
able to get it passed. but so fragile, the slightest thing could break it, and the president today actually said we are keeping the preexisting conditions clause, which is not in the deal, the deal is states would have the right to opt out. if he sticks to that, that could fracture the whole thing and back to square one. >> you think this is important, doug? >> this is the key thing, while i'm positive about his performance, what he failed to do is have legislative accomplishments and second, put together a stable governing coalition am the republican party is divided, there's no bipartisanship, and as good a job as he has done in articulating his goals as he did last night or on foreign policy, we don't have a sense as to how we're going to get where he wants to go. rick: let's talk about taxes. the white house released bullet points which democrats are objecting to. we want to play a sound bite from chuck schumer quick.
4:34 pm
okay, chuck schumer said the president needs to work with the democrats, or he's not going to get support on tax reform and blasting the bullet points of tax reform. evan, you say it's not his proposal. it's just bullet points. >> the white house previewed it for a week and a half as guidelines, bullet points, detailed plan, it has legislative language written up. when you hear that and see what the white house put out, that fits what it is, and all of a sudden democrats are making hey saying that this is a terrible plan and nefarious deal. >> but he needs support of the democratic party. >> here's the problem here, eliminates the deductibility of state and local taxes, for example. republicans and democrats from high-tax states are going to be against that. so it may be principles, but this is not a bill yet and it's not a set of principles. >> it's up to the bill which president trump is saying should be done. >> and paul ryan may object to
4:35 pm
the bill because it's not revenue neutral. rick: all right, the president wants to rework the nafta trade agreement and wants to build that wall but he's got to deal with korea and other pressing matters overseas including syria. the question is can he get these things done when he has so much pressure overseas. >> no question, evan would agree with me that we just don't know, the global problems we dealt with in syria we would support what he did in syria, support a strong stand against north korea, but we don't have a sense what his clear trump doctrine is, and given these problems, it's pretty tough to cobble together a legislative agenda when you have no bipartisanship. so it's all a big question mark. >> well, on syria and north korea, what the president has done is reassured a lot of americans, particularly republicans a little unsure as to what to make of his presidency and where he's going to go on foreign policy. moderate democrats liked it. what the president can do and
4:36 pm
needs to do is augment his steps in syria and north korea by delivering a speak to the american people outlining strategic goals. >> great idea. >> he could hammer out the trump doctrine as doug rightly said and reassure america there is stable hand on the foreign policy. rick: he doesn't want to telegraph his next move. >> not talking military moves overall. >> we're not talk next move. we're talking, rick, where we're trying to go, what our goals are. what his overarching sense of purpose is. we don't know. evan is completely right about that. if the president is listening, as he sometimes does at this hour, i urge him to do oval office address on foreign policy, it would help the united states, help his writings and be good for our country. rick: if he does, you can take full credit for it. >> both of us. both of us. rick: doug, you wrote an op-ed. >> di. rick: about what democrats won't admit about trump's first 100 days, far more successful
4:37 pm
than most give credit. you say a+ on jobs, you give the republican president very good grades. >> on those issues i do. much lower ratings on domestic policy but as a patriotic american, it's hard not to recognize that, a, he's done a great job internationally, standing up for america where obama didn't. on immigration, he's made it clear he's going to do what he said he would do, and on trade, he said he's going be flexible, he's doing great work with the chinese, trading support for north korea with flexibility on trade and currency, i'm encouraged there and urge him to build a governing coalition, be bipartisan, outline his goals. rick: you believe he set a tone which gives him leverage? >> i think he has a tone, he needs to reach out beyond his core constituency. rick: evan, there's been some discussion about whether
4:38 pm
congress has stepped up over the first 100 days. >> i think congress is trying to figure out how to work with president trump as well. early growing pains, you have a new president who's trying to figure that out. they will ultimately find way to coexist and work together to tackle big problems in america. if they don't, sure enough in 2018 we'll get kicked out of office. rick: do you i'm surprised you gave such a good grade on immigration, when he had a chance to rework the travel ban from seven muslim nations. >> i've read the travel ban, i'm a trained lawyer, he has the right to do it. i think the courts have been just wrong. i think he will hopefully move towards some plan to allow those illegal immigrants who are here to stay as part of an overall plan, but he's done what he said he would do, and i think as a democrat, you have to respect that, all the while
4:39 pm
urging him to broad news constituency. rick: a lot of talk about 100 days, obviously, evan. arbitrary number, perhaps. what is your grade? >> my grade? a lot better than democrats other than doug would say. democrats give him an f. they say we're in the middle of a constitutional crisis. if anything, we're showing the constitution works because of the system of checks and balances. at the same time, the president getting neil gorsuch confirmed which will be his longest lasting legacy, it could go 30 to 40 years of daily impact on america. cutting regulations that were overburdensome to regulations and immigration, without building the wall, illegal border crossings are down 60%. that brings in question whether we need to spend the money for the wall if we are enforcing to that level. >> you are optimistic and surprisingly you, doug. >> i'm optimistic but he has to reach out to democrats particularly on things like health care, taxes and infrastructure. if he doesn't, rick, the grades
4:40 pm
will be a lot lower. >> at the same time, the democratic base has to let logicalts come out to them. period. >> so far, the far left is embarrassing to me. >> thank you for not coming to blows. rick: thank you for your time. >> thank you. rick: update on exclusive fox news investigation that revealed alleged ties of a president taxpayer-funded school and alleged ties. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. whoa,i just had to push one button to join.
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and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances. . rick: now an update on exclusive investigation you first saw here on fox news. alleged ties between a virginia based school and the chinese military has lawmakers demanding answers from the fbi, defense and justice departments. here's chief intelligence
4:44 pm
correspondent catherine herridge with the latest. >> reporter: four congressional committees are investigating online taxpayer-funded school that markets to the military, the university of management technology based in virginia. after a fox news investigation revealed documents and photos tying the university's president and her husband academic dean to the chinese military. >> it's a bad deal for the soldiers and it's a bad deal for the taxpayers. >> reporter: since the 2012 fbi raid umt received $6 million from american taxpayers. u.s. veteran turned whistle-blower steven roads stepped forward. >> absolutely disgusts me. needs to stop. >> reporter: in this letter to the defense secretary, the republican chairman of the house government oversight committee jason chaffetz says military personnel records remain at risk. >> not only a lot of smoke but fires that need to be extinguished. >> reporter: the defense department put the school under review but continues to fund it.
4:45 pm
spending more than $250,000 a month in g.i. bill and tuition assistance payments. >> there was no obligation to give this money, it didn't have to give this money. somebody made a proactive decision to authorize, this move it forward and why not cut it off? >> reporter: new photos show how deep the ties may go. chen showed pictured in uniform, salutes her father's grave. he was a senior general in the people's liberation army . >> he was supposedly participated in the long march. that gives her credentials not unlike being an officer in the continental army. >> reporter: he has studied in china for 15 years. >> why would a school like the university of management and technology be attractive to the chinese military. >> you get a curated database. you're not just getting a huge database of a lot of americans, you're getting a database of people who are interesting to you, people who work for the
4:46 pm
u.s. military, who have access to sensitive technologies. this might serve as a vehicle for recruiting individuals. >> reporter: multiple sources told fox news, the u.s. attorney james gillis declined to prosecute in 2014 but that may be about to change. >> turning the other cheek on something that appears on the surface to be so blatant. that begs the question, what are the 100,000+ people at the department of justice doing? >> reporter: a defense department spokesperson had no comment since it is an ongoing investigation. they're not ruling out public hearings because so many veterans and service members are affected. rick: lay out the case for a global campaign against north korea that stresses the use of economic, not military force. >> with the detonation of missile tests, north korea pushes northeast asia and the world closer to conflict.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson says the time has come to step up the pressure on kim jong-un, telling the united nations security council business as unusual is no longer an option. >> for too long the international community has been reactive in addressing north korea. those days must come to an end. failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences. >> reporter: thumbing nose at the u.n. for 20 years and recent nuke tests and ballistic missile launches and the regime's threats to attack america have prompted the trump administration to take action asking member states to fully enforce resolutions in place and for tougher sanctions to be imposed. singling out china for supplying 90% of korean trade. thursday on special report, secretary tillerson said the chinese are willing to work with the u.s. >> we know china is in communications with the regime in pyongyang. they confirmed to us they
4:48 pm
requested the regime conduct no part of the nuclear test and they informed the regime if they did conduct further nuclear tests, china would be taking sanctions on their own. >> reporter: at the u.n., china sounded defiant. >> china strongly urges all parties to remain calm and exercise restraint. we also the u.s., the uk and other parties to refrain from conducting or expanding military exercise against the dtrk. >> reporter: but the show of strength is under way, a naval strike group including the u.s.s. carl vinson aircraft carrier will arrive at korean peninsula this weekend. acting assistant secretary of state told fox news time is running out. >> it's the combination of the rapid pays of testing and technological development, the determination on the part of the government, there and frankly the unpredictability of
4:49 pm
the regime in korea that makes this acute security challenge today. rick: secretary tillerson said if sanctions had been vigorously enforced in the past, the world wouldn't be in the position it is today. a family who lost their son in overseas terror attack fighting to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else why. they're calling on congress to pass legislation that could cut off u.s. funding to the palestinian authority. >> it's so important that the taylor force act passes, so that other sons and daughters, brothers and sisters aren't lost. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. we, the device loving people want more than just unlimited data. we want unlimited entertainment. so we can stream unlimited action. watch unlimited robots.
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. rick: family members of a fallen american hero pushing
4:53 pm
congress to pass the taylor force act, named for the west point graduate who served in afghanistan and iraq but stabbed and killed in israel. eric shawn explains. >> reporter: taylor force has a west point graduate who served in afghanistan and iraq, and was pursuing his mba at vanderbilt. his future was bright. >> taylor was stabbed to death while he was in israel by a palestinian. >> reporter: he was savagely knifed to death last year. his killer, a palestinian terrorist who stabbing spree wounded ten others. >> all dads, all moms are proud of their kids. taylor basically did everything right but he was humble about it. >> reporter: taylor's parents, robby and stewart, say grief was compounded by the fact that the family of their son's
4:54 pm
murderer is making money off of taylor's death. the palestinian authority pays jihadists and survivors involved in acts of terrorism, money, that is derived in u.s. funds, a congressional bill called the taylor force act would cut off usa to the palestinian authority if it does not stop the payments. republican senator lindsay graham is the bill's main sponsor. >> you can imagine getting paid through a troirt act? >> reporter: the u.s. gives the palestinian authority $300,000 a year and shells out that much to the families, about 7% of total budget. taylor's killer was identified as bashar mos allah. the palestinian ambassador to the united nations defends the payments. >> there are, you know, a large number of palestinians who are receiving compensation. they are victims of israeli
4:55 pm
terrorism. >> reporter: taylor's parents hope the bill would discourage acts of terrorism. >> it's so important that the taylor force act passes so that other sons and daughters, brothers and sisters aren't lost in this way. >> reporter: senator graham says president trump will sign the taylor force act, but passage remains uncertain because not one democrat supports it. in new york, eric shawn, fox news. rick: political unrest mounting in venezuela as calls for president nicolas maduro grows wider. it's the third pay raise this year and comes as the economic crisis continues to worsen. this prompting month long protests which led to 20 deaths. those concerns fuels by weak
4:56 pm
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concert information is sometimes a security question that hackers would love to know. before you make make that post, you might want to think twice. thanks for watching. water swirled starts in about five seconds. >> the president is set to unveil a big tax cut. >> there will be a big tax credit. it will be the biggest tax cut since reagan. >> the federal judge in san francisco has struck down the executive order targeting century city's cities. >> it has been hugely successful first 100 days per he has accomplished things more significant of any of his predecessors before him. he put a supreme court justice on the supreme court. >> building the wall is an important priority to him but we know. [inaudible]


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