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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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single largest increase in border security, funding in ten years. we have more money for the border then we've gotten in ten years. the democrats did and tell you that. they forgot. in their notes, they forgot to tell you that. with enough money to make a down payment on the border wall. i think they'll go back and check. this includes a switch for the replacing effective and failing fencing and walls with an unbreakable barrier. we are putting up a lot of new walls in certain areas, we are putting up a tremendous amount of money to fix the existing structures that we have, some of which we can keep into the future. they're in good shape, but we have to bring them back to the highest level. we'll be doing that with this payment. make no mistake, we are beginning to build a wall and we will keep out the gang members,
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criminals, drug and human traffickers, that threaten our citizens and that threaten our security. any member of congress who opposes our plan to border security, i know these folks, is only empowering these deadly and dangerous threats and we will not put up with it and the public won't put up with it. this bill also includes important health care resources for our great coal miners who have been treated well. now they're being treated very well, and continues to make funding available so inner-city children here, right in the nation's capital, can go to the school of their choice. choice is so important. after years of partisan victory and gridlock, this bill is a
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clear when for the american people. we brought lawmakers together from both sides of the aisle to deliver a budget that funds the rebuilding of the united states military, makes historic investments in border security, and provides health care for our minors and school choice for our disadvantaged children. very importantly, there is no long-term bailout for the insurance companies that democrats desperately wanted to subsidize, the badly filling obamacare. you know what a donor is? you'll learn when you get a little older. you'll learn about donors. i used to be a donor. used to get everything i wanted. this is what winning looks like. something that you folks really know a lot about. the falcons had ten wins and only three losses, h medicine
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achievement and they played tough tough teams. [applause] they played some teams that were slightly larger, right guys? coach is saying they're big, but they beat them. he knows how to win. just spoke to bob kraft of the new england patriots and he gave me a little pep talk. he's a big fan too. we know one thing. as good as his coach is, even he says he's not replacing bella check. someplace else. you better stay right where you are, coach. [cheers and applause] you better never leave us. he better never leave. the falcons not only that, but finished a very strong you ended the season with six straight victories, including a win in
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the arizona bowl which is a big deal. who did you beat? south alabama, good team. we all know the games that you are most proud of. i shouldn't say this, because i love these teams. should i say it? i thought they were great americans. all right, they beat may become good team. do i have to give the score? they beat navy 28-14 and you beat west point, 31-12. [applause] does anybody feel guilty? no? it's a great privilege for me, for the first time, to present you, the commander in chief's trophy, my first time.
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established in 1972, the commander in chief's trophy has been claimed by the air force academy, this is pretty hard to understand. you did go under the radar. a record, listen to this, 20 times. more than any other of the service academies. [applause] pretty amazing. as the united states air force celebrates its 70th birthday this year, this trophy will serve as a point of pride for the academies cadets, graduates, and all of the members, past and present, of the united states air force that we love. i love the air force. i love those planes. i love buying those plans at a reduced price, i'm really good at negotiating. i have to tell you this, they can check, i have cut billions
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and billions of dollars off plane contracts. did they give me credit? no, but that's okay. we can either do one of two things, we can buy more planes or we can cut the budget, what do you want to do? she says by more planes. nowadays, i think you're right. as proud as we are of your achievements on the field, we are even more proud of you and all those who attend our service academies in general. whenever an air force crew flies, you'll always find a powerful symbol of american strength in american prestige. from the a-10 warthog, this is what you -- she said please mr. president, order more. you think that's a great plan. it doesn't pretty big damage, i know that. we're working on that.
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she loves that plane. to the f-16 viper, not as good. to the b-2 spirit, still, no. pretty good though. our pride aircraft and airmen, with the level of confidence, they really truly strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. i tell you, we have so many of those planes coming. we have planes coming from all different corners, all different sizes and speeds and with different capabilities. you'd be very proud with what we're doing with the air force. thank you. [applause] wherever our space and cyber airmen offering it -- the full might of america will be on display for all to see.
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with the new budget increases, we have achieved an hour spending bill, we'll be able to purchase the greatest planes ever built, including the f35. that is some plane. and the next generation of military aircraft. we will maintain and expand our superiority in the air and the ability to protect and project america's vital security interests. just across the river, not far from the white house, stands a soaring tribute to the men and women of the united states air force. the three arching spires of the air force memorial represent the core values of this noble branch of our armed forces. integrity first. service before self. excellence in all you do. for 70 years, the united states air force has embodied those principles. i know each of you will uphold
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the standards with devotion and dignity throughout your military careers. i know that each of you will continue to make your country proud. your great people. i meant everybody and the oval office. they actually said this is the first time you'd been invited into the oval office. the new england patriots so that last week, that they were not invited end, but we invited them into the oval office. i think we should invite them into the oval office? don't you agree? we are very, very proud of you. together, the five branches of the united states armed forces, army, navy, marines, air force, encroachment, are the greatest force for peace and adjustment the world has ever known and believe me, getting stronger and stronger and stronger by the day. one of the reasons that i was elected, one of the reasons that i'm standing here is called
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people want their military to be strong, not weak, but strong. really strong. [applause] keep us safe, you keep us strong, and you keep us free. thank you all for your service and congratulations again. the great air force. thank you. with that, i'd like to invite coach troy calhoun, a great coach, loved by his players. some coaches -- i like this combination much better. a great coach, troy calhoun and congratulations, coach. the >> mr. president, we are overwhelmed with the graciousness of you and your
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staff. this certainly has been an unbelievable trip for our young men and women who have been able to come along. we are so proud. and only three weeks under your command, they will become commissioned as second lieutenants and our united states air force. what they will bring is courage, integrity, boldness, and unquestionably, their champions before anything else. laser generally, the young men and young women of the united states air force academy. [applause] at this time, we have a couple of mementos we like to leave for the president. i would say this, or commander in chief, you look at our roster, we never have anybody that's ever worn jersey number one during the last nine years. i think we have a new tenant holder for that spot. i want to invite up two of our
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captives to present a little gift to you. [applause] >> president trump: members of congress, come on up. >> sandra: the president
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awarding the commander in chief trophy to the football team, but the big headline, the president's comments on the bipartisan spending bill. he touted a $21 billion increase in defense spending and increasing border security funding. he also, once again, you're at and promised to build that wall along the southern border. president trump tweeted this morning calling for a government shutdown. suggesting the deal could be doomed in the senate. mrs. "outnumbered," here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, host of the intelligence report with trish regan, trish regan, and today's #oneluckyguy, the former deputy campaign manager for the trump presidential campaign, and the president of citizens united, between nine is here. good to have you. a couch first timer by the way. on a big day where the president is making a lot of news in that wide-ranging speech. >> david: yes he did. it's a wonderful thing.
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i got a chance to go to the army-navy game. i've seen him in action with the members of military. these young men and women, they just love him. they love that he is the commander in chief now. he's going to serve them well and they'll serve him well. >> sandra: let's get to some of the things he just sat on the spending bill, because he really made some headlines there. he talked with the massive and badly needed increase in defense spending. he says we've ended years of painful cuts to our military, we are taking care of our military, a point he stayed on for quite a while there. >> david: this only goes a little ways. we have a long ways to go to rebuild our depleted military, whether it's our navy, our air force. you have entire air wings were down over the last eight years. president obama's lack of commitment to our men and women
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in uniform became very well-known throughout his presidency. this president has campaigned on and is fully supportive of a budget that reflects the importance of our military and the mission they have at home and abroad. >> sandra: let's talk about some of the things he said of about spending on border security. he said we achieved the single largest increased in ten years. any member of congress who opposes our plan is only empowering these deadly and dangerous threats to our countr country. >> meghan: no one should be surprised. as a campaign promise. we were talking during the commercial of it, he's got a very relaxed tone. the people behind him really enjoying being there. we've sat through hundreds of speeches like this and you can really tell his commitment to both the military in regards to
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spending, but also to regards to morale. you can't under appreciate how depleted the morale in the military has been under obama and what a nice tone changes were people like me to see him standing there saying service before self. you guys of the greatest military of all time, keeping america safe, these are things i have really wanted to hear our president say for a long time and it's nice to watch. >> sandra: before that speech, he set the tone today by tweeting this just a couple of hours ago. the president saying the reason for the plan negotiate between the public and the democrats is that we need 60 votes in the senate which are not there. we either elect more republican senators in 2018 or change the rules not to 51%. our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix the mess. >> harris: this is flying in the face of what he was saying a week ago because he recognizes and said -- he is saying we can
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sustain what we need to in order to make sure that the things i promised to get done will get done. he also talked about health care today and got specific about what the bill taking shape right now would offer coworkers, coal miners. he got specific about inner-city children and having a better school choice through application program. he ticked down the list. of my favorite moment and all of this, i loved the object ability, i don't know if this was scripted, it felt like it wasn't, but when he looked at the ready behind him and turned around and talked about how he knew how it felt four dollars from donors and sponsors and politicians to have more power. i'm going to paraphrase a little bit, then the american people. he knew how that fell because he used to be one of those donors. >> sandra: here's the response that we are seeing to the president's statement today on
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the spending bill. senator patrick leahy saying "running to check on the government on the heels of a successful bipartisan agreement is a sour and shape all note to kick off negotiations." >> trish: a lot of this is so political. what you just saw, the speech felt like what you might see on the campaign trail. he was really rallying the troops, literally in that particular case. the other thing is he needs to make the case to the american people that he got something. he's got a glass half-full kind of attitude here. he got some defense money, he got money for the border security. these are the things that in his eyes is a win. at the same time, he is setting the stage because come septembet the pressure on to make sure he gets these bigger wins.
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>> david: all things have to be on the table. he has to be able to negotiate and that's his first salvo as the new president. this is going to be his first budget in september. this is the last six months of president obama's last budget that he is trying to get done right now. he didn't have a lot of choices. we we do not have an appropriations process in the house and in the senate that is able to get these things done through the appropriations process and the president knows that. >> sandra: the president saying i think it's now time for health care vote and also saying make no mistake, we are beginning to build the wall. the president, just a few moments ago, despite warnings are possible work on president trump saying he's open to speaking with north koreans dictator under the right circumstances. where those marks a big shift and whether some of the criticism of the president is really fair
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. the >> meghan: new developments in the rising tensions with north korea. president trump suggesting a big shift in how to deal with the rogue nation. the north korean regime is reportedly vowing to steep up its nuclear program in response to the new u.s. policy that
9:24 am
calls for more sanctions and more pressure. watch. the >> under the right circumstances, i would absolutely meet with him. most political people would never say that. but i'm telling you, under the right circumstances, i would meet with him. >> meghan: john mccain and lindsey graham warning that such a meeting could legitimize north korea's dictators. john bolton says there may be a tactical advantage to president trump saying he would be open to a face-to-face meeting with him. >> david: >> i think one insight the president is saying is that may be because he's also much more outspoken about the possibility of using military force, certainly than his immediate predecessor, there are utilities being able to say first, i'm willing to me with the guy, he didn't do it. >> meghan: i don't have a
9:25 am
problem necessarily with our president saying i'm open to meeting with him juggling. my problem is that he said he would be honored to and that kim jong-un is a pretty smart cookie. i thought he went too far with those comments. what do you think? >> david: i think the president is using everything at his disposal right now. i think he is playing a little psychological gamesmanship. he's trying to get the international community to support him. were talking about economic sanctions, where he talked about activity within the state department. he is putting all the chess pieces on the board and i fundamentally like how he is trying to box this leader in. to john bolton's point, it's all about what the circumstances ar are. if the president of north korea will disband his nuclear program, i think that becomes a circumstance where you could see him wanting to sit down and meet. we all know that that's not probably in the cards.
9:26 am
>> meghan: the criticism is that it would legitimize a global maniac. i want to know your take. >> harris: that's a point we talked about yesterday a little bit. it's difficult to move forward without some communication. if by legitimizing, you mean recognizing the fact that there is a somebody in the room that we cannot predict that we want to have more information about, then i think that's a risk you would have to take. that's different than setting up personal meetings and going back and forth. >> david: president obama worked out a deal with cuba. all i'm saying is the president has to have the ability to talk to any leader, including pollutant. >> meghan: president obama was asked if he would in fact meet with the president -- leaders of
9:27 am
iran, north korea. >> i would. the reason is this. the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them, which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration is ridiculous. jfk spoke to the soviet union when ronald reagan called him an evil empire. >> meghan: is the media hypocritical for not attacking president obama then? >> trish: yeah, for sure. to your point earlier, sitting down with this guy, if you're going to advance the conversation, you need to have a dialogue. you can't complete lee shut it off. i understand that. let's point out. he did give himself some room for cover. he said under the right circumstances.
9:28 am
he might have taken it a little far when he mentioned that it would be a great honor. that's his style. let's not forget, he can flatter the best of them. he flattered black mayor pollutant and then turn around and said we have problems. >> harris: it's an interesting juxtaposition of the deal. your shaming one country. >> sandra: were left wondering what the right circumstances would be. sean spicer was asked multiple times about this. the white house said these are not direct circumstances. what are they then? >> david: let's go back to what the president says. this is a leader that we haven't seen in eight years with barack obama. this president is able to come
9:29 am
out and tell you, i'm not telling you and i think this is part of that overall the strategy that he has. i'm going to say things that are maybe not washington speak, not perfect washington state department speak, but i'm going to speak directly to people and i'm going to bypass the media and i'm going to say things that might flatter somebody. look at what we did with putin during the campaign. maybe today's call will bring that relationship back. >> meghan: it's as simple as i wouldn't trust kim jong-un in the same room as president trump. this is a guy who fed his cousin to wild dogs. he might hurt him. >> david: he had his brother killed in an airport. >> meghan: he's a complete maniac. we have to move on, but president trump is a site to speak phone to russian president putin any minute now amid the growing tensions between the two countries. what can we expect and what we
9:30 am
see more relations
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>> harris: back to what we were talking about, right now, president trump is scheduled to be talking with the russian president vladimir putin. that was set for 12:30 eastern. amid strained relations between these two countries. this appears to be their first conversation since we hit targets inside syria with tomahawk missiles. the high-level conversation comes as the house intelligence committee has invited fbi director james comey and mike rogers to appear again before the panel this week. congressman peter king who sits on the house on what he expects for the closed are hearing. watch. >> it's one more step we are taking, but this will go on for a while. it's going to be very
9:35 am
exhaustive. my belief is i'd believe the russians interfered with the election. however, i'm not aware of any evidence of collusion between the the trump campaign in russia. >> harris: that phone call, we understand, and hasn't started yet, it will start momentarily. i'm looking down because we are getting this information. senator john kane are urging the senate to take action against the legislation. >> david: i get more and more disappointed with the democrat party and their nonstop assault on president trump with no evidence. we know the russians were trying to meddle in the campaign. they've been meddling in prior elections. we do not let them do that. we need to create systems where we stopped that. there's a difference between that and the trump campaign, colluding with the russians.
9:36 am
that is a fantasy and irresponsible on behalf of the democratic party. they have been attacking president trump in the russians nonstop and in my opinion, creating a much more dangerous world because these two leaders can't speak to each other openly and honestly, as they are hopefully right now for the first time in a long time. i think it's necessary that we move past this. >> harris: when you look at where we are in this whole thing, from november to now, how do you think the white house had handled the talk about russian investigations? >> david: you're in in a no-win situation. that's the problem. the democrats, no matter what you say, there is no evidence, see you can't disprove a negative. your under a situation -- i was the chief investigator -- i had deposition authority and
9:37 am
subpoena power and we ran the investigations. you have to have evidence to move an investigation forth. they have nothing but rhetoric and that's really their problem. it's going to fall short. >> harris: one thing that liberals may have our media members. those friendly reporters. >> trish: there was that notorious report that came out saying that he could have this influence on reporters. the media, they have their own challenges consistently. donald trump, he has to go back to the days of the soviet union and continue to take over all of europe and bring that ussr back. the reality is, he can't.
9:38 am
putin has been able to run wild for the last eight years. now, we are paying the price. >> sandra: and makes you wonder what the conversation on the phone call, what's going to be said. as you set it up, this is the first time these two leaders have spoken since donald trump back in april said that u.s., russian relations may be at an all-time low. >> david: hopefully they're talking about syria and north korea and how they can mend -- >> meghan: i hope he talks about how moved he was by all the children who were chemically gassed and i hope he talks about black men pollutant aiding and abetting the destruction of hospitals in aleppo. i hope that she is taking a 180 on his foreign policy. we are aligned ideologically in a lot of ways. i hope they bring set up. >> harris: it'll be interesting to see if the senators come more than how much they can get done in the senate
9:39 am
in terms of sanctions. and who will come on board with that. a liberal television host is speaking out out of the problen the democratic party, saying they're leaning too far left and losing voters. have the democrats fallen out of touch with much of america? and so, can they fix it before next year's midterm? ♪ ♪ fun in art class.
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>> harris: chris matthews is speaking out on the problems with the democratic party. he's a liberal tv host agreeing with the conservative journalists saying democrats are out of touch with their american voters. here it is. >> a lot of is cultural not just economics. i think the tradition --
9:44 am
position hillary clinton took on abortion was pushed too far. i think a lot of people came out and voted in pennsylvania wrong. with all trump's problems, they didn't like hillary's position. i think the party is too far to the left. a >> harris: they're starting to look. what happened in november? this is a party that took the idea of inevitability entered into epic defeat. >> meghan: i always reference my time when i lived in los angeles and i can specifically remember having a conversation with a group of liberals and having an argument about climate change and late-term abortion, it didn't hold the same type of relevance to the average voter as the economy and fighting islamic extremism and that was something that not only blew their minds come up they were quite combative with me saying no, you don't understand, climate change is the number one issue for the american public.
9:45 am
i think obviously, my opinion has been proven right. when you get some may like chris matthews, who is the left of the left of the left, someone who is very ideologically extremist in the rank of the people. he did his due diligence pulling the party to the left. if you have chris matthews saying, maybe we've taken this thing too far, to know how far that is? it's more radical than i could ever dream. >> trish: could i say something and chris matthews defense? this is a guy who was an economics major who's got some understanding of the economy and i think he was trying to speak out for blue-collar democrats. those blue-collar democrats used to be the foundation of the democratic party and they left. i don't know if they're coming back. this is a huge opportunity for republicans to go in there and sees all of them.
9:46 am
>> sandra: what kind of time do democrats have to write that ship? 2018 midterms, can they correct themselves? >> david: first of all, it's one of the reasons president trump one. he won those voters that you're talking about, partly because of the economic message, but partly because of his cultural issues that they just kept going too far. i can tell you, the dnc is doing them no favors today on abortion. >> meghan: when you're talking about culture issues, you also have to keep in mind the overly pc rhetoric that you can't say anything without being accused of being racist or ignorant in one way or another. that had such a fever pitch and i do believe the 2016 election cycle -- we don't want to turn into a country where you can say merry christmas without somebody
9:47 am
having a meltdown on television. >> harris: chris matthews was talking about getting an agenda. how important has it been for the republican party, do you think, having been with the campaign and seen with the president has accomplished, how important has it been that the democrats are so focused on all the things that don't move their agenda forward? >> david: let me say this about chris matthews. his wife ran for congress and lost. she was a moderate voice running in maryland and he saw her get beaten. she came in third place i believe and she got beaten because she was very extreme left-wing policies of the person who ended up winning. i think he looks at that as a personal experience. he is not recognizing it himself anymore. >> meghan: he helped held that that.
9:48 am
>> harris: the gloves have definite lay, for filmmaker michael moore. he's revealing a pair of jazz hands, broadway. he's headed to broadway to perform a one-man show aimed at bringing down president trump. is this more liberal ridiculousness and how exactly does this help the nation? we debate why do we put so much effort into engineering the can-am defender? because a job worth doing, is worth doing right. can-am defender. tough, capable, clever. get a a $1,000 cash rebate on 2017 defender models. visit your local dealer for details.
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>> meghan: liberal filmmaker michael moore says he knows just how to take down president trump, by making his broadway debut. his one-man show titled "the terms of my surrender" mears july 28th. he's making no secret of targeting mr. trump with this project. >> we formed this larger group of discombobulated him with humor, ridicule, satire, we want him up at three in the morning tweeting. he can't control himself because there is a disorder here. we want to keep them busy with that disorder. not busy in the way where he's launching more tomahawk missiles necessarily, but to where he is
9:53 am
just chasing his tail. it's our version of wagging the dog. >> meghan: the railway to win over rustbelt voters is a one-man broadway show. i'd rather get a root canal than sit through that. no amount of money you can pay me to sit through that. i'm serious. >> david: i think you're exactly right. i think michael moore is quite pathetic and i can tell you that the president of the united states is probably not going to even know that michael moore exists, let alone pay attention and worry about what he's saying. the way the democrats are shutting down speech, they should be protesting this speech. the federal election commission should maybe regulate this speech. >> meghan: a one-man broadway show -- >> harris: he's going come a canal, root canal. >> meghan: i couldn't sit there something like this.
9:54 am
the audience of a broadway show, it's only in new york city, broadway tends to be expensive, do you think you'll win over one voter? this is the plan? >> harris: i just don't understand why the left seems to be so tone-deaf about one thing. a lot of people from different quarters of america, who didn't necessarily check the i'm a democrat or republican box, a lot of independents voted for this president. they go to broadway shows too. who's he anticipating the audience is going to be? by this ticket of gear leading to the left. >> david: and his films do worse and worse every time he has them come out, so he's down to it trying fill a small room. >> trish: i have a feeling it's not going to get tremendous amount of support. the new york theater crowd may go mama but a lot of people come in through other parts of the country.
9:55 am
they're going to be a tough ticket source for you. there is a little cheap shot on the tomahawk missiles, let's not forget those missiles went over there because the assad is massacring his own people. even if you are michael moore, you should want al-assad out. he was right, he did say, donald trump would win the election. >> sandra: you guys just talked about crisis on broadway, the average american can afford to go to broadway. i'm wondering, is that how out of touch he and some of his fellow democrats are? i think people would put down good, hard earned money to go see a show like this? he's out of touch. >> david: he's out of touch. he's a salesman for himself. it's all this is as a desperate plea for attention. he wants to be relevant and
9:56 am
that's all. >> harris: i do like a show with one of jazz hands. >> meghan: i'm more of a horror movie girl myself. more "outnumbered" in just a moment
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> many thanks to david, you were talking, shame on you. >> we were comparing champagne stories from paris. >> fun. >> will you come back? >> i would love to.
10:00 am
we are going to keep you right here for "outnumbered" over time. it's like the extension of the live tv show. you can find us at facebook, we are on tv at noon eastern tomorrow, "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert as we expect to see a face today at the white house briefing we normally do not see. >> jenna: there are surprises sometimes, office of management and budget director mick mulvaney will take the podium in about 30 minutes as votes on spending and healthcare loom, getting the draft to the rose garden. we are covering all of the news "happening now" ." ready to defend with tensions high in the korean peninsula, and american antimissile system is now prepared if kim jong-un fires missiles on his southern neighbor. plus, a new warning for americans planning to travel to you up dude mike europe as fears rise 2017 get in up with a record number of terror


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