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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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spokesperson issued a statement today saying he's not sleeping, he's protecting his eyes. >> greg: that's it for us. mother's day. happy mother's day to everybody. have a great weekend. "hannity." is next. >> welcome to "hannity." this is major breaking news tonight. newt gingrich, jay sekulow, joe concha and peter schweizer here tonight. first, the commander-in-chief is not taking the lies, smear, slander, disparchment anymore from the media or the democrats. president has had enough. tonight, he's fighting back. that's our opening monologue. all right so after neverending fake news conference from propaganda media highlighted by this unprecedented negativity and their bizarre tinfoil hat conspiracy theories and outright lies, president trump tonight is
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fighting back to set the record straight. in an interview with judge jeanine pirro that airs here on the fox newschannel tomorrow 9:00 eastern time, the president says he's now contemplating getting rid of white house daily briefings due to the out-of-control media bias. finally! take a look. >> when we have those press conferences, i actually said we shouldn't have them, because sarah lucky. -- huckabee. >> you've been doing it for 100 years. you can't do that. >> there's never been action like this. this is crazy. they're getting higher ratings on the press conferences. >> would you seriously consider stopping these press sessions? >> we'll do it in a different way. >> how? >> we'll do it through a piece of paper with a perfectly accurate, beautiful answer. i'll give an example. >> in writing? >> they're asked 100 questions or 50 questions or 20 questions, if they get 1 out of 50, just a little bit off, 5%, 10%, 20%, it's -- the next day, it's a front-page story in every
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newspaper. >> right. right. so? >> press conferences weren't even covered for obama practically. they were on c-span and c-span 2. there was nothing going on. >> but will you put an end to them? >> just a minute, these press conferences are like the biggest thing on daytime television. >> they are. >> ok? you see the ratings. >> yes. >> they're blowing away everything on just about everything on daytime television. what i'd love to do is stop th them. >> sean: we're going to preview more of president trump's interview with judge jeanine pirro in just a minute. the president, i will say this tonight, he's absolutely right, if the propaganda destroyed trump media, they're going to smear and slander him and his administration and his family and lie about facts and what he's done, why bother? why waste the energy trying to appease people who obviously hate his guts and want to destroy him and who twists his words and damage him every single day? the president, he doesn't need fake news media to reach you, the american people. so you know what?
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as long as they keep reporting fake news, bizarre conspiracy theories and show this bizarre fascination and paranoia about russia, how about no more press conferences for the hillary clinton colluding media? instead, i think every week, the president tweet out all of his accomplishments going back to day one and update people what he's doing daily and what he's accomplishing and the president could take to twitter, respond to the borage attacks and his ridiculous conspiracy theory about russia that's being pushed with no evidence and collusion, for example, the president earlier today, i think it's leading by example, he tweeted again the story that there was collusion between the russians and the trump campaign was fabricated by democrats as an excuse for losing the election. you know what? the president's 100% right about this and here is why. as nbc news reported back in december, the obama administration never made a big deal about russian election interference before november 8th. why? because they thought hillary clinton was going to win.
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this only became a huge deal after hillary clinton lost and since then, the democrats and the media including hillary clinton herself have used this as an excuse for why she lost so badly, in other words, if clinton had won, we wouldn't be hearing about this issue every hour of every day. on top of that, as we told you on this program, there's zero, zero evidence of russia/trump collusion. none. the president tweeted this in his response, "when james clapper himself and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch-hunt say there's no collusion, when does it end?" once again, the president is right to call these hypocrites out, now, if you don't believe him about collusion, don't believe him? ok, let's listen to obama's national director of intelligence, james clapper, in his own words, pay attention biased media. >> let the me ask you this, does intelligence exist? that could devintively answer the following question whether -- definitively answer the following question whether
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there was contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials? >> we didn't include evidence in our report -- and i say our" that's nsa, f.b.i. and cia with my office, the international director of intelligence that had any reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. there was no evidence of that included in our report. >> i understand that, but does it exist? >> not to my knowledge. we had no evidence of such collusion -- collusion. >> sean: no evidence. not to my knowledge. predictably after the president pointed this out on twiter what clapper had been saying, oh by the way the former obama official is slowly now changing his tune and getting in line with the media. he's actually claiming now, oh, i'm not sure. this just shows you how desperate the left, the propaganda media are at this point in time. they want to destroy trump. they've been trying ever since november 9th. they can't believe hillary lost. we've been exposing them to be the total hypocrites they are
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and the conspiracy theorists they are. they'll do and say anything at this point in time to take down this president. for example, now let's take a look at how they've been breathlessly, breathlessly comparing president trump's firing of james comey to richard in this caseon and watergate without any factual comparison. it's an obsession now of theirs. >> i have not seen anything like this since october 20th, 1973, when president nixon fired archibald cox, the watergate special prosecutor. just like donald trump didn't want to talk a lot now, nixon didn't want to talk a lot when nixon came out of the woodwork, that's when he famously said i'm not a crook. >> firing archibald cox was the first shovel into richard nixon's political grave, and it always, always works like that. >> some are comparing this to watergate? >> well, it's understandable that people are comparing this to watergate. >> the capitol is filling with echos of watergate.
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>> these are the kinds of mistakes that were made during watergate. >> the firing of archibald cox set in motion a series of events that let to the downfall of richard nixon. are you worried about history repeating itself? >> if there's obstruction of justice thiss completely -- [ indiscernible ] >> is this a fair comparison? >> you know, there are many pair throels watergate. >> sean: -- parallels to watergate. >> sean: this is not nixon. this is not the saturday night massacre. that's not bad. exact opposite actually. take a look at what the propaganda media are passing off as news. they're saying this is news. watch this. >> at the desert course, he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream with his vanilla cream pie instead of the single scoop for everyone else. tweeted one critic, the whole dominance thing extends to deserts, too? i gets two scoops, everyone else around the table gets one. no word if there were sprinkles. >> sean: i don't know whether to laugh or cry. he gets two scoops.
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everyone else only gets one scoop. we'll have crazy examples coming up later on in this show that expose this fake news media bias. now in an epic -- you don't want to miss this. this'll probably be the single best mon tage we've ever put on the show. back to my point. the propaganda media is beyond pa eric -- pathetic at this point. they've become lapdogs for the democratic left in this country. the propaganda media is exactly that. they're prop gandta. they're out to destroy trump. -- propaganda. they're out to destroy trump. they want to advance the interests of liberal democrats on the left. they're not -- they're rigid left wing idea lolgs -- idealogues. the president doesn't need to be abused endlessly. they were proven to have collu colluded with hillary clinton vis-a-vis wiki laecks. they were in their camp. the author of the brand-new book coming out soon, it's on
10:09 pm and, understanding trump, former speaker of the house, house republican newt gingrich. he said, by the way, james comey be careful. by the way, james comey by the end of next week will probably be an msnbc contributor, that's only my guess, because he's in the tank as everyone else and he did such a bad job but now they're saying trump said there might be tapes. he's threatening james comey, with what? his own words? >> look, i think you have it basically right. we're in the middle of a cultural civil war. virtually all the elite media's on the other side. they wake up every morning and they say, i know trump did something horrible. what was it? and that's the base of their d day. it's to track down the horrible thing that they know has happened. um, and i think frankly, the president ought to shift gears entirely. get off all of this washington insider baloney and go back to
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changing the government and draining the swamp and passing reforms and repealing regulations and doing the kind of things the country cares about, attracting new business to america, get back to substance. all around him, he's got a cabinet that's doing really good work. they'd be much better off to eliminate the washington press core and do a daily briefing to country of the things that the president and the administration are doing. there are plenty of things being done at the department of agriculture, the department of energy, the department of commerce. let the country see what a real administration focused on substance is like and ignore the press corps. it doesn't it doesn't do the president any good to get involved with a twitter fight with the "new york times" and cbs news and all of these guys. just gives them a new excuse to avoid the real news and the real news is that president trump and his team are cutting regulations and attracting businesses and developing better trade policies and frankly that's what the white house ought to be talking about.
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get off all of this baloney and go back to things in a substantive way about what we're doing. >> sean: do you agree with me in the age of social media where he can reach more people on twitter instagram and facebook than he'll ever reach in any press conference or before sean spicer and mike huckabee's daughter, sarah, i mean, and go directly to the american people? and don't do any more interviews with lester holt which then is sent over their cable channel and cnn so they can rip it apart every way and side ways. >> right, right. yep, now, look, my advice would be to use the white house press room with no press. and every day to have someone come in, whether spicer or -- and by the way, i think that sarah has done a very good job under very tough circumstances. >> sean: so has spicer. >> sean, i guess -- is he back today from his military duty?
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but my problem would be this, give out the list of things that have been done. maybe introduce a cabinet officer or a sub-cabinet officer or someone that's done something positive. they should take the country through all the positive things they're doing and then leave. but not have the press corps there. simply give a briefing. it'll be on youtube. it'll be on facebook. it'll be -- it may well be on c-span every day and say to the press corps, you take any part of this you want but we're not answering your questions. the more they get sucked into dancing with the elite media, the more they're dancing on the quicksand of the swamp. and you -- in the long run, that's not what the country is. it's not what the country cares about. and i think it's frankly a dangerous detour for them to play these games with the news media. >> sean: dangerous detour, quicksand of the swamp, very profound! we'll have more with newt grivm
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a -- gingrich as donald trump fights back tonight and coming up next. >> what about the idea that in a tweet you said that there might be tape recordings? >> that i can't talk about i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest, and i hope he will be, and i'm sure he will be, i hope. >> sean: how could comey's own words be a threat? that's what your propaganda news media is telling you. earlier today, judge pirro interviewed the president asking him about the "new york times" report claiming that gyms comey "had a loyalty test" newt gingrich will weigh in on that as we check in with judge pirro and her interview and also tonight. >> you have to stop putting kelley on the air. it's politics porn. you're just getting your little ratings crack, ok? >> sean: the vicious destroy trump media are working overtime. jay sekulow and joe concha will join us as we continue this very busy news night. donald trump fighting back. it's our little differences,
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10:18 pm
times" is selling you asked comey whether or not you had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate. could you see them saying that? >> i read that recall. i don't think that was inappropriate. >> did you ask that question? >> no. no i didn't. i didn't think that would be a bad question to ask. i think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the united states is important. you know, i think it depends on how you define "loyalty." number one. number two, i don't know how that got there, because i didn't ask that question. >> what about the idea that in a tweet you said that there might be tape recordings. >> that i can't talk about i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest, and i hope he will be. and i'm sure he will be, i hope. >> sean: shocking more fake news from the "new york times." judge jeanine will join us in a few minutes. we continue with the author of the brand-new book, understanding trump, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. if you're going to be loyal to the country and somehow -- the
10:19 pm
fact he had to answer this is ridiculous and exactly, th the -- and secondly, the media is spinning it's a threat. >> i want to make two quick points, all right? first, two guys have dinner. one of them is the president. the other is the director of the f.b.i.. they may have totally different memories of the dinner. they're now adversaries. the with one guy fired the other. it turns out the guy that got fired has a bad memory and says, oh gee it must have been a terrible moment. there's no way to -- this is just child's stuff. second, i was thinking about this during the break, sean, i went back one time and read the transcripts of president franklin delano roosevelt's first press briefings. here was his rule. they were all off the record. you could quote a senior white house source but never him. and anyone who broke their confidence, if he said it's "off the record" was never again allowed in the press breeftion.
10:20 pm
that's how he started the very first meeting with the press after he became president. there's a pretty good lesson there. donald trump is not the chief entertainer of the united states. he's not the chief wrestling match with the elite media. he's the president of the united states with a big job and some very big goals. what they ought to do is get out of all of this junk. they ought to focus on the big goals. they ought to report to the nation on the big goals. ignore all of these reporters. close down the press room. send the reporters off. they can go to starbucks across the street. i don't care where they go. these people are not committed to the truth. they're not committed to being neutral. why would you hang out way bunch of people who despise you? get over it. create an entire new tradition of reporting directly to the american people, not reporting to these guys. and maybe say to the american people, send in your questions and we'll take the best five questions and answer them by
10:21 pm
name. sallie jones and west virginia asked us this today. but get beyond the elite media and treat them as the dishonest opponents which is what they are they're dishonest opponents pretending to be reporters. >>. >> sean: you know, i love this idea so much that i'm actually -- i think the media will implode. they would not know how to deal with this. and i'm beginning to think this is real. trump's had it. i've had it. we're actually starting a new segment, fake news tonight round up. we're going to show every night the lies they tell. >> let's make a mutual commitment here on the air so people know how serious we are. if they're willing to kick 'em out and they all go to starbucks for the next year, you and i will lead a program to raise the money pay for everything they buy at starbucks for a year so we're not against them as people we're just against their profession. how's that? >> sean: you know, kind of leaves a little sour taste in my
10:22 pm
mouth i have to buy people i really have no respect for coffee and doughnuts. rather give it to people that are more deserving but the if you insist, i'll consider it. >> it's a sense of generosity. it's a sense of generosity. >> sean: i -- you know, at times you've been -- i've known you since 1990 and at times, you just have this historical perspective that no one else has. tonight is game on. good job. thank you for being with us. all right, as we continue this busy breaking news edition of "hannity." donald trump fighting back. coming up next tonight. >> these press conferences are like the biggest thing on daytime television. >> they are. >> ok? you see the ratings. they're blowing away everything on just about, i think everything on daytime television. what i'd love to do is stop th them. >> sean: yerl -- earlier today, judge jeanine pirro interviewed the president at the white house. he spoke about the desire to end the press briefings. yes, fighting back.
10:23 pm
judge pirro will join us and also tonight. >> almost feels like a scene out of the "godfather" but it's not. it's real and it's very, um, it's alarming. >> sean: out of sheer necessity, we start a new segment on "hannity" tonight, we're calling it the fake news round up. we'll get reaction from jay sekulow, joe concha and more as we continue. they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> i'm jackie in new york. attorney general jeff sessions will meet with four candidates being considered for f.b.i. director on saturday. president trump saying his list of nearly a dozen candidates includes lawmakers, attorneys and law enforcement officials. the president fired former f.b.i. director james comey tuesday. at least three tornadoes barreled through louisiana with winds up to 90 miles per hour. the storms tearing down power lines and bringing down trees. baton rouge, police say one person was sent to the hospital.
10:28 pm
fiat chrysler recalling 100 ram pickups it affected certain models. the software glitch could cause the side air bags and seat belts to malfunction during a rollover. i'm jackie ibanez. for more headlines, log onto >> sean: earlier today, judge jeanine pirro interviewed the president at the white house. judge pirro asked about the president's tweet suggesting we do away with daily white house press briefings. i would include no more network interviews they can use on their cable channels to beat the president up. doesn't make sense. watch this. >> when we have those press conferences, i actually said we shouldn't have them because sarah huckabee. >> for 100 years you've been doing -- they've been doing that. you can't put an end to that. >> this is crazy. they're getting higher ratings
10:29 pm
on the press conferences than. >> would you seriously consider stopping the press sessions? >> we'll do it in a different way. >> how? >> through a piece of paper with a perfectly accurate, beautiful answer. >> in writing? >> they're asked 100 questions or 50 questions or 20 questions. if they get one out of 50, just a little bit off, 5%, 10%, 20%, it's -- the next day it's a front-page story on every newspaper. >> right. right. so? >> press conferences weren't even covered for obama practically. they were on c-span and c-span 2 and there was nothing going on. >> will you put an end to them? >> wait a minute, these press conferences are like the biggest thing on daytime television. >> they are. >> ok? you see the ratings. >> yes. >> they're blowing away everything on just about, i think, everything on daytime television. what i'd love to do is stop th them. >> are you moving so quickly that your communications department can't keep up with you? >> yes. that's true.
10:30 pm
>> so what do we do about that because -- >> we don't have press conferences and we do -- >> you don't mean that? >> well, just don't have them. unless i have them every two weeks and i do it myself. we don't have them. i think it's a good idea of the first of all, you have a level of hostility that's incredible and it's very unfair. sarah huckabee is a lovely, young woman. you know sean spicer. he's a wonderful human being. he's a nice man. >> is he your press secretary today and tomorrow? will he be tomorrow? >> yes, he's doing a good job but he gets beat up. >> will he be there tomorrow? >> he's been there from the beginning. >> sean: joining us now with more is the host of justice, judge jeanine pirro. i got to tell you, i'm listening to this. this is music to my ears. i've not seen the interview until now. that was my opening monologue for the most part. shut it down. in the age of social medi media -- you know, i'll give you this. abc does an interview. don't do interviews with a network so they can spend hours and hours and hours tearing up every word this president says,
10:31 pm
something they'd never do to obama. end it. he doesn't need the press. >> and you know, sean, that's why i says to -- i said to the president, you know, given what's happening, you know, that everything is criticized, could it be you're just moving too quickly and no one could keep up with you? and, you know, i wouldn't be surprised if he did pull back a little, because if he cannot speak or his staff cannot speak with without someone going through it with a fine-toothed comb, maybe he ought to do it every two weeks himself and then you know, then no one could say what were you thinking? >> sean: why? he doesn't need to talk to them. he can tweet out and reach more people in five seconds and put it on instagram or facebook than he's ever going to reach with the media snobs who colluded with hillary and who are advancing the most bizarre conspiracy theories. why bother? why should he -- i say shut it all down. every bit. he doesn't need them.
10:32 pm
>> the shame of it is that they make it so that all of the good things that he talked about during the interview are almost un -- you know, something that's not even being highlighted. and it's covered up. and all of this lunacy is really a result of the press. the man is working hard. he's delivering on an agenda. he got a house health care bill passed. he's got bills that are signed. laws -- and this is just plain unfair. and you could sense the frustration. >> sean: you know what? it's even deeper. all of them, they get the 30 seconds in the press briefing with either sean spicer or poor mike huckabee's daughter, sarah, is a wonderful woman and then what they do is take their moment and act like they're so tough before their audiences and that's all they're going to play they're not going to play some of the substantive issues. i would also use social media to advance, as i said earlier, all the president's successes. let the me go to another cut you have. the assistant associate deputy
10:33 pm
attorney general rozenstein said earlier today there's no need for a special independent prosecutor. you asked the president not about it today. he apparently agrees with the deputy attorney general. >> you have it before two -- you have it before the house, you have it before the senate. i know some of the people in those commissions are highly -- they're very ethical people. very talented, very smart people. i think let them just do it they've been doing it for a long time. i'd love to see -- >> they may never be finished. how do you prove a negative? how do you prove you weren't involved? this could go on for 10 years? >> i think it's been proved already. to be honest with you, i want it to be accurate also. i want them to devote the time they need. >> of course. >> i'd like it to go fast. more important to me, much more than speed, i want them to be sure that russia or anyone else that if it did happen, if there was any -- and everybody also agrees by the way it didn't change the election. it didn't change it at all. >> sean: another big part of the lie by the media is they're
10:34 pm
making the watergate comparisons. the media is so ignorant, because there was no firing or stopping of an investigation and the president was clear about that last night. you have the house investigati investigation. you have of the senate investigation. you're going to have a new f.b.i. director. of an interim f.b.i. director all committed -- and a new commission all committed to finding out any truth about this but that's not the narrative. claper and others have said there's no they're there. there's no evidence of that. >> they made it very clear ahead of the dni and even adam, there's no evidence of collusion yet. the problem with that, sean, is you cannot prove a negative. if they never come up with it, should this simply overshadow all of the successes of the president? and there are many of them. and for me, it was frustrating, because i wanted to talk about all of these successes. the public wants to hear about it. so then you say, ok, well, maybe use your social media and then he uses social media and then he gets hammered for twitterin
10:35 pm
twittering -- for tweeting, i should say. so it's just a no-win situation. >> sean: no. i think there are ways t to -- there -- i think making significant changes in the day and age when you go direct to the american people via facebook live, via facebook. via instagram, via twitter, i don't see the president has any problem. if i was him i would tweet out every week, all of the successes on since day one, -- as i said on my opening monologue -- and i would give updates what i did this week it goes viral. listen, judge, congrats on the interview. thank you for being with us. full interview with the president airs tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern time, right here on the fox newschannel. coming up next on this busy, breaking news night. >> the optics i see is the accidental dictator. when i say accidental dictator, he didn't believe he'd be in office. now he's in office. now he doesn't know how to behave differently. >> sean: president trump, we have a brand news segment called the fake news segment, joe
10:36 pm
concha and jay sekulow will weigh in. also tonight lock her up. during the election, president trump supporters rightly wanted hillary clinton to be investigated and potentially prosecuted. now that comey's out will the f.b.i., should the f.b.i. reopen its investigation? peter schweizer will give us information on the controversial deal the clintons made in his best-selling book "clinton cash." that's straight ahead. click click (male announcer) hit escape with great deals. like redhead rock bridge cargo shorts for under $15. only at bass pro shops.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." earlier today, the president fighting back. he pointed out the uptick in unfair negative coverage he's been receiving from the propaganda media emp tweeted out "the fake media is working overtime today." the president is right. even his eating habits are now coming under scrutiny and ridicule from the press. watch this. >> with a salad course, trump is served what appears to be thousand island tressing instead of the creamy vinegrette for his guests. then the gem, at the dessert course, he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream with his chocolate cream pie instead of the single scoop for everyone else. tweeted one critic, the whole dominance thing extends to desserts, too. >> apparently the president gets two scoops. everyone else around the table gets one and no word if there were sprinkles. >> everyone else gets water. he gets a diet coke when everyone else gets one scoop of
10:41 pm
ice cream, he gets two. look, my two children would gladly be president if they could get double the number of scoops of ice cream. >> sean: hey, jake clapper, cnn, are you really proud of that? two scoops of ice cream. everyone else gets one. that's news? sadly that coverage is just a small sample and frankly it's a somewhat not in example -- it's a some innocent example of what the president is facing. in the past 24 hours, the anti-trump media has been in overdrive. >> you have to stop putting kellie anne on the air. it's politics porn. you're just getting your little ratings crack. it's disgusting so consistently she lies that it's almost like watching a car wreck on the highway when you're driving by. you just can't get your eyes off her. >> the optics i see is the guy that's the accidental dictator when i say accidental dictator, he never thought he'd be in office. nowness office. he doesn't know how to act differently. >> that doesn't make sense that's how you do business when
10:42 pm
you're the president of the united states and talking to the f.b.i. director. almost feels like a scene out of the "godfather" but it's not. it's real and it's -- it's very, um, it's alarming. >> sean: it's a real threat. donald trump may actually have the words of james comey and remind him of them. wow. that's terrible. here with reaction is the chief council for the american center for law and justice, jay sekulow. from the hill, joe concha. joe, i watch the "new york times" and the msnbc people and the liberal people, they tweet each other. if you tweet my column, i'll tweet yours. you be nice to me and i'll be nice to you. you're on an island of your own. you're not part of the coffee clach i love this idea, no more press briefings no more gotcha moments. no more here's my moment for television tonight. >> i completely disagree with you, sean, i think the press briefings should continue, but, big but here, it's got to be altered severely, because, look,
10:43 pm
when you take away the press briefing, the only people that suffer are the american people because they're not being informed. here are the two ideas that the president should consider seriously. you rotate in different reporters. monday, make it traditional white house press corps. that's fine. then on tuesday, only business reporters are at that press briefing, because, remember, the number one issue for voters every four years is always the economy or its jobs and we never see questions about those items during these press briefings and that would probably be positive for trump right the now when you consider jobless claims are the a 28-year low where we had a bunch of surplus. >> sean: but, joe! >> yeah. >> sean: but the point is in all honesty, there's no benefit here this is all gotcha. >> business reporters play gotcha? >> sean: these are the same people that have advanced a conspiracy theory for almost a year with zero evidence. why should he give them any time? >> but you're saying -- business
10:44 pm
reporters would act the same way you think? i don't think so. i think on a wednesday if you bring on the foreign press because we're in a global economy and obviously to use a mitt romney world, tumult all over the world. let them ask questions. you don't take out the press briefings entirely. you get in different reporters that ask questions that the public will be i topics they care about. to take it out altogether, sean, the optics are horrible. it's been around for years. you have to take it off tv. let me finish here. >> sean: let me go to jay. jay, in the day and age of instagram, facebook, twitter and the president -- i'll give you an example, last night he did a sit-down interview with lester holt. off to their conspiracy theory cable channel and hours of dissection at a level that is so obscene and, again, they collu colluded with hillary. they don't deserve his time. >> right. well, you know, breaking news alerts you the president of the united states, you get two scoops of ice cream. this is news? this is the problem.
10:45 pm
and this is why the president is not only, you know, really frustrated with this, the fact is this is news conference now. i mean, you -- this is news coverage now. i mean, you played those segments and people are actually spending air time talking about what the president had for dessert or whether he had a diet coke when everyone else had water! now, here is the thing. the media needs to get up with the real world here and no disrespect to joe, but the fact is, there are many ways to communicate now whether social media whether using instagram, facebook, twitter, but to -- if the media's got theen to the point where they're spending air time on two scoops of ice cream -- by the way, was it strawberry or vanilla? i've got the no idea. nor do i care. >> sean: joe, i don't have a lot of time but, joe, you agree with me, wikileaks exposed collusion, correct? >> of course. it was horrible. >> sean: you agree they're abusively biased? >> yes, of course.
10:46 pm
i did studies on it. >> sean: are they advanced on false conspiracy theories with no evidence? >> as of right now, there's no evidence that there was collusion between the trump administration and the white house. >> sean: why do those people get rewarded with time they could use to beat him up more? >> it's not rewarding! when you have reporters that are being confrontational and provocative so in the hopes of a clip will go vye andral their brand is expanded. you take it on tv, embargo it and show it afterwards if you would like to but you'll probably show clips. i think that would improve it. you can't just strip away pretty briefings altogether. sorry, no. >> sean: jay, i think the world doesn't need them anymore. jay, last word. >> i think that's the truth of the nature of the media as it is right this moment is the world has changed and the mainstream media needs to catch up with the fact that we're in a different world but let me take it a step further. talk about a checkmate today. you talk about twitter.
10:47 pm
the president saying watch what you say when you testify, mr. comey. and then what's the response from james comey? i'm not going to appear before the senate. checkmate. by the president to james comey. >> sean: yeah, i actually believe they're now hurtful and this is now for them -- they won't be happy unless they could drive him out of office. all right, guys, thank you, both for being with us. appreciate it. donald trump fighting back. we'll have more coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> it's just awfully good someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> secretary clinton. >> sean: that was the president in the second presidential debate saying what -- saying what a lot of americans including myself think. hillary clinton needs to be prosecuted or at least investigated and then if there's evidence prosecuted and then the proper punishment. coming up, we'll speak to the man who exposed how the clintons made their cash. it was through corruption.
10:48 pm
peter schweizer is next straight ahead. raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> it's awfully good with someone with the temperament of donald trump isn't in charge with the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> secretary clinton --
10:52 pm
[ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] >> sean: president trump and his supporters believed during the campaign that hillary clinton should have been prosecuted and likely put behind bars. now that former f.b.i. director james comey has been fired should, the agency reopen their investigation into the clintons? now for real news, real investigative work the president of government accountability institute and author of "clinton cash, the untold story of how and why foreign gos.s and businesses -- governments and businesses helped make bill and hillary rich" peter schweizer. the prime minister spoke out that, yes, clinton asked her for cash which by the way breaks ethics laws. i don't have a lot of time, peter, but in this day and age of fake news, we know a series of crimes that were committed. let's start with the email server scandal. the legal standard is gross negligence. comey said she was extremely reckless. i don't know what the difference in the terminology is.
10:53 pm
off side, she's not allowed to move it. she destroyed some top-secret special access program, classified information. she deleted e-mails. that also included classified information. all of those are felonies, aren't they? >> yeah, that's exactly right. i mean, look, sean, i've said from the beginning on the russia election thing, let's investigate it. see where the evidence leads. we already know where the evidence leads in the case of the clintons, whether it's the email scandal or the clinton foundation, you have laws that were broken. you have financial transaction that has have taken place that have taken place and the people that gave them money got benefit. there's far more on the scales of justice as it relates to the clintons as it does to donald trump. we need to be consistent here. those that are saying investigate trump, why are they not saying, yes we also need to pursue the clintons? there's far more evidence there. >> far more, all right, now, here is the interesting thing. there's actually a russian conspiracy. as secretary of state, she signed off on a waiver
10:54 pm
that -- on a waiver that allowed 20% of america's uranium to end up in the hands of russia and all of the people surrounding that deal or many of them donated millions and millions. you can tell me how much, to the clinton foundation and bill doubled his speaking fee in moscow and putin has 20% of our uranium which is the core ingredient to build nuclear weapons. >> that's right, sean. i mean, if you look at the 2008 election, i actually in clinton cash quote russian officials as saying in that election, hillary clinton was their preferred candidate over barack obama in the primary and certainly preferable to the republicans. she was the choice. there were a number of actions she took as secretary of state that were enormously been foishl russia. the uranium deal you talked about. you also had scock vo, a technology transfer initiative. enormous favors flowed to putin and to russia. you also had a lot of money that flowed the other way. and that's the problem. >> sean: yeah. with all the talk, i think the
10:55 pm
new f.b.i. director, i 30 a vulnerability now to -- i think there's a vulnerability now to hillary. trump has not been able to say anything. >> it's the fbi and department of justice. we know in the clinton investigation, the f.b.i. wanted subpoenas to get more information and the obama department of justice refused to give them subpoena power. i think that may very well change in the trump administration. >> sean: i wouldn't be shocked at all. if i'm hillary, i'd be calling my lawyer right about now. all right, peter. that's the real news about russia the media won't report. thank you for being with us. when we come back a very important question of the day and it's about the media with we want your input straight ahead. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for the question of the of the day. so do you think president trump should stop white house press briefings daily? yes. want to know what you think. go to
11:00 pm
i'm sean hannity. see you back here monday. , tucks next. ♪ >> friday evening, welcome to tucker carlson, i'm bill hemmer a n for tucker, this my first time at this hour let's see how this goes together. jeanine pirro sat down with the president today in topic number one as you would guess is jim comey. >> president trump: i was surprised, all the democrats that hated jim comey, they didn't like him, they wanted him fired or whatever. and then all of a sudden they come out with their glowing report. i think were doing very well with that, knots before the senate. i think the senate is going to come up with some really, really great additions and changes and were going to ha