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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 15, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> they will never be forgotten. their names are not only engraved on the national peace officers memorial wall, they are engraved on the fabric of america and in our hearts. tu the survivors, i say that our thoughts and prayers are always with you. our resolve to go on is made stronger by knowing that while we have your backs, you have hours. you will always be advocates for your law-enforcement family, and we count on you to provide your prayers and your well wishes to us as we go about performing our duty. the thin blue line will never be broken, and the memory of your loved ones will remain in our hearts forever. god bless you, the families of all of our heroes, and may god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
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i now feel like the luckiest police officer in the history of the country, because it is my honor to introduce our next speaker. mr. president, it is a great privilege to honor and to have you here to honor the families of our fallen heroes. it has been a difficult time for law enforcement in our country, as you know. more officers are being targeted for violence, simply because of their uniform. in pledging to serve and protect, they willingly place themselves in harm's way. but now all too often, harm is seeking them out. they find themselves in the crosshairs of individuals consumed with hatred for police, and who are determined to kill them. mr. president, on the campaign trail you often spoke of your support for law enforcement officers coming and you made a commitment to help us make america and our officers on the beat safe again.
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and your first days of office, you began to deliver on that promise. demonstrating that you will be a partner and not a critic of our nation's law enforcement officers. every officer needs a partner on the beach. mr. president, we see you as a partner in the years to come. we appreciate your leadership, and we are so very grateful to have you with us here today. ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, please help me welcome the president of the united states donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> president trump: thank you, everybody. wow, what a beautiful introduction. thank you, chuck. that was so nice. [applause] that was above and beyond. that's the way i am going to be with you too. and it is a great honor.
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thank you very much. it is a great honor to address america's heroes on this most solemn occasion. words cannot express the depths of our gratitude, but i hope that our actions will show you how deeply we care, and how strongly we feel about protecting those who protect us. america stands strong with our men and women in blue, believe me, we stand strong together. i want to recognize jim pascal, linder henney, chaplin wiggins, and everyone add to the fraternal order of police for all that you do to protect the law enforcement of this country. and all of our communities. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much.
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[applause] as long as i am president, you will always find an open door to the white house. and you have already founded, believe me. mr. vice president, cabinet secretaries, and members of congress, we are gathered here today at the u.s. capitol to pay tribute to those brave law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. on this peace officers' memorial day, we thank god for having blessed so many of us with such incredible heroes, and we pledge our solidarity with their families and loved ones and many of those great families and survivors are here with us today. and i would love you to stand up. families and survivors, what
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great and incredible people. [applause] and your loved ones are looking down on you right now. they are very proud. thank you. [applause] thank you. thank you very much for being here. whatever you need, we are here for you, and we are praying for you. as i look out today at this amazing assembly of police, detectives, marshals, and sheriff's, i want to make all of you remember and heed this promise. i will always support the incredible men and women of law enforcement as much as you have always supported me. and you did. big league. your presence here reminds us
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all of what is at stake on this sacred day of remembrance. each made during police week, new names of fallen police officers are added to the national law enforcement memorial. this year 394 brave souls join the over 20,000 men and women who gave up their lives in the line of duty to protect us. the names of these heroes are not only carved into that wall, but carved into the hearts of the american people. and by the way, the american people love you more than you'll ever know. i can tell you that. [applause]
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though your loved ones left us much too soon, the memory of their courage will live on forever. to see so many names together is to gain only a small glimpse of the debt america owes to those who protect our cities and police on our streets. we are privileged this morning to be joined by families of the fallen, to whom we owe dad's ultimate. so many people, even back here. please know that you do not grieve alone. though we cannot fathom the depths of your loss, nor fully appreciate the bond that forms in the precinct and between partners on the beats, your sadness is left and felt by all of us.
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every drop of blood spilled from our heroes in blue is a wound inflicted upon the whole countr country. and every heartache known by your families and law enforcement is a sorrow shared by the entire family of the american nation. no one asked these selfless men and women to enlist in this righteous cause, or to enroll as foot soldiers in the eternal trouble against crime and violence. they join the cause because their hearts were big and full of amazing courage. they joined because they cared so deeply for the innocent and helpless and forgotten. they put on the uniform because they believed to the very core of their souls that it was their mission in life to serve and to
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protect. as the bible tells us, there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. the names and stories on that wall are each a testament to this pure and unselfish love. and that is what it is. pure and unselfish love. and it is our duty as a people, and as a nation to prove worthy of the sacrifice. and that begins with showing our police the appreciation that they have earned a thousand times over. [applause] living in new york, i gained a deep appreciation and lasting admiration for law enforcement.
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thousands of people are living and enjoying life today in new york, who otherwise would be gone because our great police fought to bring safety to our streets and our communities. the entire world witnessed the heroism of new york's finest when they gave their lives on 9/11. i was there. and sacrificed so much in that brutal, horrible aftermath. now as president, my highest duty is to keep america safe. we will keep america safe. [applause] and included in safe means safe from crimes, safe from terrorism, and safe from all enemies foreign and domestic. at the center of that duty is
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the requirement to ensure that our law enforcement personnel are given the tools and resources that they need to do their jobs and to come home to their families safely. [applause] you are the thin blue line between civilization and chaos. you come from every community and all walks of life. you are mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. you rush into unknown danger, risking your lives for people you have never met. people you don't know. performing your duty under the most difficult conditions, and often, without any thanks at al all. because you do not hear nearly enough. i want you to know that
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patriotic americans of all backgrounds truly support and love our police. [applause] and a very sad thing is that many of today's politicians do not want to say that, don't want to talk about that, because it is not politically correct, or they think it might hurt them with the voters. i will say it. and i will talk about it proudly. [applause] i will make it their personal priority of my administration to ensure that our police are finally treated fairly with honor and respect that they deserve. [applause]
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to all americans watching this event today, next time you see a cop on the beat, take a moment to say two wonderful words which they so readily deserve, thank you. [applause] as you all know much too well, we are living through an era in which our police have been subject to unfair defamation and vilification, and even really, i mean you see what is going on. you see what is going on. even worse, hostility. and violence. more officers were slain last year in ambushes than in any year more than two decades.
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including, and that so incredible to even be speaking about this, but the beloved officers killed in baton rouge, louisiana, and yet another murderous attack of law enforcement. and we have some of those incredible families and survivors with us. [applause] thank you. the attacks on our police are a stain on the very fabric of our society, and you are entitled to leadership at the highest level that will draw a bright line in the sand, not a red line in the sand that isn't gone over, but a bright line in the sand. and we will protect you. at that i can tell you. and we will say, enough is enough. [applause]
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the attacks on our police must end, and they must end right no now. [applause] [applause] and just to show you by the way how much i love our police, i said, oh, i'm going to need a hat, because it is so windy today. i said, when i got out here, there is no way i'm going to put on this hatch. we will leave off the hat. that's for our beautiful micah.
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[applause] we must also and the reckless words of incitement that give rise to danger and give rise to violence. it is time to work with our cops, not against them, but to support them in making our streets safe, not to obstruct, which we are doing. we obstruct them. it is time for all americans from all parties and beliefs to join together in a simple go to ensure that every child in america has the right to grow up afety, security, and peace. true social justice means a future where every child in every neighborhood can play outside without fear, can walk home safely from school, and can live out the beautiful dreams that filled her heart, like you
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michah. freedom includes the right to be free, and i mean totally free from crime and from violence. ms-13 is going to be gone from our streets very soon, believe me. [applause] one policing is reduced, it is often the poorest and most vulnerable americans who are the first to suffer. we have all seen the tragic rise of violence and crimes in many of our disadvantaged communitie communities. we have seen the on bearable horror of the shortcomings in baltimore and chicago that have cut short so many lives and so many beautiful, beautiful
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dreams. we cannot stand for such violence. we cannot tolerate such pain. we cannot under any circumstances, any longer turn a blind eye to the suffering that is going on any longer. and we won't. [applause] it is time for a grateful nation to join hands with our police and with our sheriffs to build the bridges of cooperation and trust and to make our streets safer for every man, woman, and child in america. and someday many of the young children that you are protecting will decide that they too want to be police officers. that they too want to be sheriff's. they want to be cops, they want to be cops. they want to protect people, because they love people. and that is what they are going to do. and they are going to do it well.
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they are going to be great at it. as we see this better and brighter future, we do so in the memory of these brave but gentle souls who were stolen from this world when they had so much left to share and to give, not only to us, but to their incredible families. among them were patrolman justin martin and sergeant tony who were murdered last november. patrolman martin was on the beach for less than a year and leaves a beautiful loving mom and dad, randy and jane, and thank you, randy and jane. thank you. thank you sargent was a veteran
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of 11 years, leaves behind his wife zoe and his wonderful children, cameron, haley, and mattis ashley of the prince county police fell in the line of duty on her very first day on the beach. she swore the oath to protect and serve only a day prior to her death. one day. officer was dedicated to serving our nation, she also served in the marines and today our thoughts are with her and her incredible mother sharon. thank you, sharon. thank you, sharon. [applause] thank you. i also had the privilege to meet at the white house just a little bit ago with representatives from the phoenix police
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department, new jersey state paratroopers. who are mourning the deaths of state trooper frankie williams and sergeant curry winters. i had the chance to spend time with officers beautiful family, his wife christine, and his 6-year-old son micah who has my hat, and he is now with us. micah stand up, kristen, please stand up. great people. [applause]
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kristin and micah, i know that your beloved husband and father is looking down on you from heaven, he is so proud of you both. thank you very much. we also remember those incredible heroes who were so coolly targeted for execution in dallas, texas, rushing into a hail of gunfire never to return. the dallas police sergeant michael smith was a 27-year-old veteran of the dallas police. he was decorated, a law enforcement officer at the highest level, and even paid his own way to attend advanced training sessions, he leaves behind his cherished wife heidi and his loving daughters victoria and caroline, thank you. thank you very much. [applause]
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last friday in cartersville ohio, a gunman shot and killed the chief of the kirkus bill police department. he died responding to a hostage situation at a local nursing home. chief leaves behind six children and his wife who is expecting another child. our hearts break for the chiefs family, we love you all. we love you all. [applause] thank you. to every child in america who has lost a mom or a dad in the line of duty, i want to to know that your parents are american heroes. american heroes. they died keeping us safe, they are the pride of our nation, and
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we will hold them in our hearts always and forever. [applause] their sacrifice will never, ever be forgotten. to everyone in the audience here today, i want you to know that my administration is determined, totally determined to restore law and order and justice for all americans, and we are going to do it quickly. [applause] and that is why i'm so-so proud to be here today with attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security advisor john f. kelly. deeply committed to the law, to the rank-and-file officers who enforce it. and to bring in the violent criminals, drug dealers, gang
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members to justice, and i mean bring them to justice quickly. thank you very much for being here. [applause] all of you at the ceremony, the men and women who police the streets or who send our love ones to work with a really, very, very sometimes worried or heavy heart, every single day you do that. you've seen and you have heard things that no one else should ever have to see or hear. you bear this burden on our behalf. you have witnessed the evil of those who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on the innocent. you have seen a lot of that, more recently than maybe ever before. it is going to stop.
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and you have watched great, great people suffer unthinkable harm, and unthinkable death. america is a nation that must always have the clarity to know the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong, and between those who uphold our laws and to those so easily break them. we owe it to the fallen to act according to our best and highest ideals. we owe it to their memory to put truth before politics, justice before agendas, and to put the safety and security of the american people above everything else. [applause] and we owe it to them to build a better future for all of
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america's wonderful children. may today be the beginning of a new era of respect and appreciation for law enforcemen enforcement. may the ceremony bring new hope to those in search of healing, harmony, and peace. many americans learn from the example of the heroes that we have lost and always remember to trust each other, work with each other, and love each other. and finally, and so importantly, may god bless you. may god bless our police. and may god bless the united states of america. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. [applause]
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>> president donald trump wrapping up at the keynote address to the 36th annual peace officers' memorial service. that happening at the capitol. i was after 118 officers were killed on the line of duty in this country last year. he told a crowd gathered there in the west front lawn, we will stand strong together. he said, we are here for you and we are protecting you. i will always support you the way that you have always supported me. the president said. my highest duty is to keep america safe. president donald trump wrapping up his remarks they are the capital. ♪ >> fox news alert, the trump administration trying to fast-track a new fbi director. meeting with several candidates over the weekend. president trump could make a decision by the end of the week. this is "outnumbered," sandra smith. here today, meghan mccain,
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host of "kennedy," kennedy. author of "after the bell," melissa francis. and #oneluckyguy, national correspondent edward henry is here. and you sir are "outnumbered," don't forget it. we are going to see some shows here, but a lovely sentiment that the president shared from the capital. >> absolutely. if there were 66 malicious attacks on law enforcement officers all across the country last year on top of the 118 killed in the law of duty. these are folks getting stabbed, shot, surviving, but they have been under assault despite many of the left saying that they are not. this president standing up and saying he is going to do something about it. recognizing it as important as they search for a new fbi director, because the fbi is on the frontline of all of this. >> and the president telling the family members, we grieve with you. let's begin. the trump administration moving fast, and search for a new fbi
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chief, acting director andrew mccabe, john cornyn, and mike rogers among eight people interviewed over the weekend. three candidates including trey gaudi, aunt ray kelly, also under consideration. all of this as president trump tells reporters that it is possible that he could pick and fbi successor by friday. >> i think the process is going to be important. almost all of them are really well known. and you know what, they have been feted over their lifetime. very well-known, highly respected, really good people. and that's what we want for the fbi. >> in the meantime, chuck schumer saying that the next fbi director must be somebody removed from politics. >> first, the nominee should be not a partisan politician. not part of either party. this demands a serious down the middle investigation. second, it ought to be somebody
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who is experienced. you need a really good prosecutor, somebody who knows how to do it. and third, somebody with courag courage. if there is interference, or a tented interference to shut down the investigation, you need somebody who is going to stand up. >> and we could have a wild card contender. mitch mcconnell reportedly behind the idea of judge merrick garland heading up the fbi, despite squashing the supreme court nomination last year. mike lee floated that idea over the weekend. >> i think it is a great suggestion. i am absolutely serious about it. it is a different post than putting him on the senate of the united states. if he nominated merrick garden of the fbi director. that would be welcomed by both sides of the aisle in the senate. the reason i say that, because this is a man who has a lot of prosecutorial experience.
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high profile. >> the senior white house official tells fox news that while there is not enough by and for a mere garland nomination, some folks in the administration think it would be a wise move. ed henry is on the couch today, you must have a prediction for who it will be. >> i think that merrick garland is interesting, because you have democrats being so mad about being picked for a supreme court choice for barack obama and never getting a hearing. you have all of the statements from chuck schumer saying, he is so fair-minded. he is such a great guy. give him a hearing. if donald trump now puts him up and chuck schumer wants to block him, not only the hypocrisy on top of what chuck schumer and others said about james comey a few months ago, but i think the bottom line is that no matter who this president puts up, democrats have been trying to stall all of the nominations, now trying to link this to appointing a special counsel to investigate russian interference in the election. if you do that. if democrats do that and block
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whom ever is picked, you realize that the fbi chief is at the center of fighting terror on our streets. do they really want to play games with the fbi director? >> which, by the way, chuck schumer is the suggesting that might happen. here is what he said. >> to have that special prosecutor, people would breathe a sigh of relief, because then there would be a real independent person look overlooking the fbi director. so i think that the two are related, i think it is a good idea. and i think it will get broad support in the caucus. the key is getting people to join us. we are hoping, waiting, we understand it is difficult, but i think that patriotism and the support of this country demands a. >> you need to have a crime to have a special prosecutor, we do not know necessarily that there is a crime to investigate. there should be something to clear the air, but i am not sure that that is possible. i agree with you, i think appointing the right person as fbi director could begin to put this in the rearview mirror for
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the trump administration. i love the idea of judge merrick garland, or something like that. but if you have a lifetime appointment, are you going to give that up to be the director of the fbi when you are supposed to have a 10-year appointment, but we see what happens have the last person. i don't know if they are going to want to do it even -- unless i felt that they were called by their country and it was their duty. it is an important job. we do need somebody like a judge. >> are they going to be able to appease both sides here? >> know coming and i don't think that they should try to please both sides. first and foremost i want them to nominate someone who has a greater respect for civil liberties than james comey did. but you also have some interesting people like michael attic, the vice president for legal counsel at boeing, he was also a federal judge, and this is someone that the president might respond to, because he is now a titan of industry, but strong legal background. mike rogers was a former chair of the house intelligence committee, and he is somebody, yes, we talked about it on the
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couch last week, he was an fbi agent. past and present fbi agent, actually wanted for the job in 2013 when his name was floated to replace director mueller. >> you guys are not including friend towns and in homeland security, i am a huge fan of he her. my parents are friends with her. i'll love the idea of a tough woman being put into place. because if democrats want to play identity politics, a woman like that would curve every piece that they have coming out. i would prefer frances townsend. there is an interesting piece about the washington nominator, the frustration on capitol hill with the lack of transparency coming out of the fbi. whom ever is appointed next, i don't want to sit through any more hearings where i cannot reveal anything, i cannot say anything, because that is classified information. we all understand, but at this point the american public has a
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right to know whether our president is under investigation for any criminal activity. letting us know, that will quell some of the anxieties. >> and catherine herridge reporting on both of those paid to the first female director of the fbi is not lost on the decision. >> of chuck schumer wanted to block out, interesting. >> fox news alert, the revised travel ban is back in federal court today for the second time in a week. that hearing in seattle is underway as we speak. before a three-judge panel of the ninth circuit, all clinton appointees. you may recall the federal judge in hawaii halted the executive order in march. last week at the fourth circuit in virginia heard arguments in a separate challenge for the band. those judges asking a lot about the president president confine! campaign politics when he suggested banning muslims from the u.s. until they got a better handle on the terror threat. andrew napolitano explaining the issues at hand. listen. >> on its face, meaning if you
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just read the order, it is well grounded in the constitution, and it specifically addresses the statute that authorizes him to do it. but if it was done, if it was done for a religious purpose, nearly impossible for the justice department to justify that order. >> meanwhile, 15 states have supported the brief of the travel ban, how does this all play out? >> the deck is stacked against the president. he has a defense attorney basically in the court, making his case. the person making the case for hawaii is someone who is a former obama official. and you said the three judges deciding this are all three clinton appointees. so this person -- president is not likely to get a fair hearing before the ninth circuit. this argues why the president and his aides probably should not have been spending his time talking about tapes and all of the comey business, because they have so much other things to deal with in terms of their
9:38 am
agenda. their agenda is under assault by various liberal courts around the country. the moment that they spend on the comey deal is time that they are not spending on taxes, health care, and to the economy, by the way. >> so to remind everybody, the judges have ruled against the trump administration at every single turn. so heading into this, is it hard to imagine that this judicial panel can be fair? >> my understanding is that the ninth circuit court is all politicized. we have had judge napolitano on the couch many times. this rollout of the travel ban from its inception was a total p.r. disaster. i think that the lesson i would like to have president trump and his team learn, once it is out of the throttle, very hard to rewind it back. if you have overwhelming support of this bill, it would be a lot easier to put more pressure on some of these judges, but at this point, even i, and i am not completely against the ban, but as a general hold, there were
9:39 am
aspects that i did not like in regards to our translators. but i am not 100% against this, but the p.r. disaster after p.r. disaster command i think at this point i do not have high hopes that it is going to go anywhere. >> yes, my focus and bias is always towards the economy, and like you said, it is frustrating to me to see all of these, even though this is a huge issue, it is not being managed well in terms of time and the use of your time for outcome. it frustrates me to see this continue and to see things like health care and tax reform sort of languishing on the sideline behind these things. every time i hear about james comey, i think that as well. we should be spending this time and effort and energy working on the economy. let's do that first, then we can straighten out the rest of it. everyone will feel better, because our households will be doing better. >> the attorney for the trump administration, jeffrey wallace speaking. let's listen in a bit. >> can we step back a little bi bit.
9:40 am
here brief, you start off by challenging the standing in hawaii, is that still a core argument for you in this case? >> yes, we made the arguments and our briefs, but i think the easiest way to think about it if i was going to boil it down, judge -- >> you standing at the district level, correct? >> we argued extensively in the district court whether they had article three standing. but if you look at the card in this case, i really think that that is the road map. this court said correctly, i think that the denial of entry to aliens abroad is not reviewable, because those aliens do not have any constitutional rights. u.s. citizens can attempt to argue that their own constitutional rights have been infringed by the denial of entry. the problem here is that hawaii does not have any rights to claim under the initial process clause. it's a really down to dr. halsey, he is not raising
9:41 am
his own cause rights. he is raising dukakis falls right. so he can at least raise his dukakis plane. but the problem is that he fails on the merits, because he does not have liberty interest. >> but that is the decline in holding? >> i do not think, catholic league does not suggest that it takes any issue with the general rule that where you are claiming alleged discrimination on any basis like religion, only the victims are punitive targets that have standing to challenge a. this order is aimed at aliens abroad, who themselves have no constitutional rights. doctor does not have any right to raise coming and i do not think that the catholic league case argues differently. >> his argument is -- go ahead. his argument is that in reality, this is a ban against the islamic faith, correct? that is his argument?
9:42 am
and that this broad policy disparages adherence to that faith in the same way that the individual residents of san francisco county felt disparaged when the board of supervisors adopted this resolution saying that the cardinal of that diocese was acting in a terrible and un-american way by refusing to refer adoptees to same-sex couples. so what is the difference? >> i think we have two key differences, one, that was religious speech, this is not. the basis of religion in an operation does not distinguish on the basis of religion. and that explicitly religious message was directed at the community where the plaintiffs were a member. this operates with aliens abroad, so the way that the plaintiff is trying to get around that, oh, well, it sends a message. it sends a message to all
9:43 am
muslims in america. i think the problem that they have with the outcome of the d.c. circuits have this. but if you can take it towards others and reframe it as a message directed generally to all people aware of the government make conduct, you have turned over the cases, and settled standing. this is at least two bridges beyond the catholic league case. >> well, he is a imman if i am not mistaken? >> yes. >> so that is direct to him, right? >> but this is on the nationalistic countries, yes, as a u.s. -- >> how does his mother-in-law fit into this? >> his mother-in-law is a national of the listed countries. she can apply for a waiver, based on what they have alleged. >> how does that affect his injury or harm? >> it shows his arm on right. but if you disagree and found
9:44 am
that he had standing, then you turn to the merit and what you say, he is attempting to raise a clause claim on behalf of somebody else. that is not proper before the court, he is raising his own due process claim, but it fails on the merits, because no court has extended it to in-laws, and whatever process he wants, this order gives it to him in his mother-in-law, because there is no doubt about why if she does not receive a waiver, which we think she is likely to, what the reason for that would be. it is on the face of the order itself. nothing more that we can tell you. that's why they disavowed any info large hearings or the like, because of the policy. there is no more process that we can give them. they never said what it would look like. it's informing them for what the reason that the eo is, what they are really raising is a substitute and challenge. but one, they cannot make out the case on the establishment clause side, and two, never pleaded dukakis, but they only did it in pro caucus terms.
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>> she is not seeking an immigrant current visa, correct? >> you are watching the trump travel ban moving to the ninth circuit court. what you had been watching was three appeals judges listening to a governmental lawyer. speaking on behalf of the trump administration, that was acting u.s. solicitor jeffrey wall that we were listening to making arguments on behalf of the trump administration. what did you hear? >> i heard three, four, five, six previous court rulings that are being cited here. you are going seep so deep into legal needs, but to meghan's po, it was the best one before, this administration knowing that the left is going to use the courts to assault the president's agenda should have rolled out the travel ban in an airtight way to make sure that it can withstand these challenges. and they did not do it the first time, and we should remember, this is now the second, this is
9:46 am
2.0, and still not there. >> but what they were saying where there come a very logical questions and arguments, not what, they do not match the result before that, what they were asking was about irreparable harm, who is being harmed. and drilling down on that. the government attorney kept saying, i do not see how there is irreparable harm here, that is the obvious case to make. it seems so solid. >> why not work that out before you actually write the brief, that is my point. >> and we have the iraqi translators who helped our troops being detained at the airport. pictures, objects, things that should have been gained on day one, coming back to bite us. >> perhaps that's why it was removed from the list of nations for the revised order, but you are seeing it across two and ministrations, the circumvention of congress. it is the power in the executive branch, specifically on immigration. so both parties have realized
9:47 am
that one president felt like he was blocked by congress, that was president obama, so he signed immigration executive orders that have made their way through the court system coming and many times ruled against him, and now president trump has worked not with congress, trying to get the process to impose his immigration wishes, and you are seeing the fruits of that in the court system. the democrats learning from the republicans, hoping to shut it down. >> meghan, less work for you. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. i would suggest that this is phase three of the travel ban. >> president trump doubling down on his idea to end daily press briefings, but adding a new twist. could he end up giving them himself? what the president told our own judge jeanine. ♪ uranraises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> president trump is doubling down on his idea to end daily press briefings. intentionally -- relationships with reporters, and telling our own judge that he may take the podium himself, watch. >> are you moving so quickly that your communications department cannot keep up with you? >> yes, that is true. >> so what do we do about that?
9:52 am
>> we don't have press conferences and we do -- >> you don't mean that. >> just don't have them. unless i do them every two weeks and i do them myself. i think it is a good idea. you have a level of hostility that is incredible. >> the president has also suggested written responses for the sake of accuracy, meantime newt gingrich supporting the idea of ending daily briefings. >> you know have a news media that is totally out of control. i think it might be very healthy for the white house press corps to suddenly not have a space to not have the daily opportunity to taunt whoever the spokesperson is. let them go over to starbucks and drink coffee and speculate what is happening in the white house. but the game that we now have going on is really sick. >> okay, you said 25 years as a journalist, covering the white house for many, many terms. what do you think? should we get rid of sean spicer, and just have the
9:53 am
president doing himself? >> if the president does add, it will be a beautiful press briefing, believe me. >> hug i just think newt gingri, with all due respect, and the president are missing something here. the briefing, has a media not really given the president a fair shake, yes, we can set all kinds of examples. but you play some defense, but you also go on defense. -- offense. i have been in that room very, many times. do you think the bush administration did not get questions about iraq? yes, they did. they did not brought their hands and say, we are not going to do it anymore. melissa, you were saying before, i see you shrugging her shoulders, but you can talk about jobs and health care, all of the things that you say you want to talk about coming years that podium as a weapon. >> but the rest of the media is not listening. i think he said the truth, that he is moving too fast for his press people to keep up. so if the time being, maybe it makes sense to do it once a week or with him, do something different, because his pace is
9:54 am
too fast for them to keep up with. everybody inside says that. if you talk to them on the sidelines, whatever they say, look, he is changing really fast. everybody else has sort of loved up all of the pomp and circumstance and red tape, everything else, and he is against that. he moves really fast. >> kennedy, can i go to you? if i am teaching a class in political science, one of the first lessons i would teach is if you are blaming the media, you are losing. >> it is an acrimonious relationship, and they both need each other. it is somewhat abusive which makes it kinky. having said that -- >> it is noon, kennedy. >> it's 10:00 p.m. somewhere. >> having said that, i would say this administration, any administration, i want transparency. i want an administration to be challenged. i want them to have to answer tough questions, i want them to think logically. i want them to give good explanations, and timely explanations of what they are doing and why they are doing it.
9:55 am
>> may be one thing is getting cleared up right now, you may have seen a lot of reports of having a massive shake up inside the white house involving sean spicer. and possibly steve bannon, the white house senior administration official has told john roberts that the idea of a massive shake up at the white house is "nonsense." important to get there in there. >> this has happened before, and david bossi, a tribe administration advisor said this on "fox & friends" this morning. he's going to go off, rip the staff apart, it is minute exaggerated. i do think this time, enough time has passed that the president may be making more changes than the tweaks we have seen before, based on my reporting. by john roberts is right, a lot of the reports are exaggerated. >> it is also wishful thinking. >> there is more crisis, crisis, but i don't believe that. >> we will continue talking to this on ot, but we have to go to
9:56 am
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10:00 am
children and one book so they can have them in case something terrible happens. >> amazing story, from that to harvard. ed henry, thank you very much. kennedy as well. we going to keep you right here for "outnumbered" over time, find us on facebook, we will see you. "happening now" starts now. it's ego we begin with a fox news alert, we are awaiting the the daily white house briefing as president trump are pierced or the crown prince of abu dhabi to the white house just minutes from now. >> jon: it starts the busy week with news ahead of the president's first overseas trip, we are covering of the news "happening now." kim jong-un's road regime test fires its most sophisticated missile yet, when the north korea claims can carry a large nuclear warhead. also, people and businesses in at least 150 countries fall victim to a global cyber attack, and there are concerns the


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