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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 15, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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children and one book so they can have them in case something terrible happens. >> amazing story, from that to harvard. ed henry, thank you very much. kennedy as well. we going to keep you right here for "outnumbered" over time, find us on facebook, we will see you. "happening now" starts now. it's ego we begin with a fox news alert, we are awaiting the the daily white house briefing as president trump are pierced or the crown prince of abu dhabi to the white house just minutes from now. >> jon: it starts the busy week with news ahead of the president's first overseas trip, we are covering of the news "happening now." kim jong-un's road regime test fires its most sophisticated missile yet, when the north korea claims can carry a large nuclear warhead. also, people and businesses in at least 150 countries fall victim to a global cyber attack, and there are concerns the
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damage is far from over. so is your information safe? it is all "happening now" ." we begin with this a fox news alert, president trump kicking off a busy week at the white house with the visit from the crown prince of abu dhabi just days before the president leaves for his first overseas trip to saudi arabia, arabia, jerusalem and rome. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee, nice to be here, busy day to say the least. we are also awaiting the daily white house briefing from sean spicer as political fallout continues after the firing of fbi director james comey. >> jon: chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge has more on the search for comey's replacement but we begin with kevin corke at the white house to tell us about the president's upcoming trip. >> good afternoon, you're right, and waiting for what the president ready for his overseas visit, he has a
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massive amount of work to get done not only internationally but domestically his priorities are taking shape this week as well, very busy morning as you can well imagine as most mondays are as president not just talking about what's going to be happening overseas, talking about what's happening here in the usa on the domestic front, he signed a proclamation in honor of national police week directing the department of justice to develop a strategy to better prevent and prosecute crimes of violence against law enforcement officers. this is all happening as the search for a new fbi director continues in the wake of the ousting of james comey. that, of course, in the midst of the investigation into so-called -- russian meddling into the 206 campaign which ended six months ago. >> i would strongly urge the administration to pick someone who is completely apolitical. one of the high responsibilities we are going to have in the house intelligence committee is making sure that whoever comes in this investigation by the bureau goes on unimpeded.
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>> meanwhile as you can imagine, a very festive afternoon at the white house as the honor guard is out as the white house is preparing for a visit by the crown prince of abu dhabi. this visit, by the coming just ahead of tomorrow's meeting with the president of turkey, recep erdogan, a key nato ally. i do think there's any question that the u.s. and turkey's relationship has been complicated and that is probably putting it mildly, maybe strained as another way to put it over the last several years. we will obviously delve into that studio into the white house press briefing set to begin not terribly long from now and for that, we will have my colleague john roberts in the briefing room and bring you all the coverage live right here on fox news, back to you. >> jon: that briefing room is too stuffy anyway, looks like a nice day to be outside in washington. kevin corke, thank you. >> heather: may be that is what they should do, move it outside. now to the latest development in the search for a new guy director with calls from both sides of the aisle for president trump to avoid a partisan pig to replace james
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comey. chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge's life for us in washington with more on that. >> thank you, a senior white house official says the idea of nominating merrick garland he was president obama's supreme court choice has been discussed at the white house but there are concerns right now about whether this choice could get some real traction. separately, and administration source told fox this morning that the two women interviewed over the weekend for the fbi director's job were "impressive and strong interviews." townsend is a former homeland security advisor for president george w. bush and fisher also served under the bush administration as a senior justice department official overseeing the criminal division. the source said the significance of nominating the first woman as fbi director is not lost on the decision team. other candidates include adam lee, the special agent in charge of the fbi's richmond, virginia, office. andrew mccabe, the acting fbi director and michael jay garcia, former prosecutor and associate judge on new york's highest
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court. also in the mix, senate majority whip john cornyn, former texas attorney general, along with mike rogers, former fbi agent and former chairman of the house intelligence committee. also on the short-list, bush appointee in virginia judge henry hudson. both republicans and democrats over the weekend calling on the president to avoid a political partisan choice. >> i think whoever the future fbi director ought to be, it should be a law enforcement professional. this position has never been despised, i hope the president will not choose a political nominee. >> i think it's now time to choose someone who comes from within the ranks or of such reputation that has no political background at all that can go into the job on day one. >> democratic horseman brad sherman of california told fox this morning that he backs a special counsel, but he could not say what senate tactic might get them there because republicans have the majority and he was talking about at this for that swap with the fbi
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director confirmation. >> heather: thank you. now talking more about that. >> jon: we are awaiting the start of the daily white house press briefing as the trump administration deals with more fallout from the firing of fbi director comey. president trump addressing suggestions that his talks with the comey may have been recorded in an interview with judge jeanine. >> what about the idea in a tweet that you said that there might be tape recordings? >> i cannot talk about that, won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest. i hope you will be. i'm sure he will be. i hope. >> jon: let's talk about this with jeff mason, white house correspondent reuters for and head of the white house correspondents association. is there a tipping system in the oval office, do we know? >> we don't. we've been asking about that, we asked after the tweet on friday and sean spicer and his briefing with us said that the tweet president trump had made
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basically spoke for itself, he had nothing to add. it leaves a lot of unanswered questions about whether there is a tape or some kind of digital recording system in the oval office, and the residents or elsewhere in the white house. >> jon: you all put together an interesting report about what led to the firing of james comey. according to your sources, the president was unhappy he could not get a preview of director comey's testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee. >> i think that titan generally with what he then said in his interview later with lester holt that he did decide already to fire the fbi director, which then of course was at odds with what his staff have been saying in the couple days directly after that big move. >> jon: let's go to that moment on friday when you asked sean spicer about his conversations or about conversations with james comey,
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here it is. >> does president trump record his conversations with former fbi director comey? >> i assume you are referring to the tweet. i talked to the president, he has nothing further to add on that. >> why did he say that? why did he tweet that, what should we interpret from that? >> as a mention, the president has nothing further to add. >> are the recording devices and that oval office or white house? >> there is nothing further to add on that. >> jon: "nothing further to add on that." i guess that is how you say nothing, you do not confirm or deny. how do you take it? >> i take it as being a nonanswer really. that is all the information he had to share, that is why he repeated it three times, but it leaves a big unanswered question which is really the one that i post there, why did president trump tweet that if there is something behind it, the american people have a right to know. is he recording conversations
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when he is talking to people like the fbi director, when he's talking to others? what was the reasoning for him to say that in a tweet? so publicly and about the fbi director. >> jon: he did say in that tweet that james comey better hope there are no recordings of conversations. it seems like a sort of a warning, if you will. >> absolutely seemed like a warning pair he was asked about that and follow-up and that clip you just played, he did not have more information to share. you cannot ignore the tweet, you cannot push it to the side. he said it. it has raised a lot of questions. >> jon: your article suggests a game of the president was upset with james comey for not previewing his testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee which was widely watched, the whole world seemed to be watching. isn't it customary for aides to tell their boss is essentially what they are talking about when
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it they go before the senate committee? speak of the fbi director is not an mohammed bin zayed, he's independent and reports to the attorney general, the only person i can fire him as the president which is the decision that president trump made, but the fbi is meant to be an independent agency and i get the impression that is why former director comey decided not to share any information ahead of . >> jon: nothing unusual about comey's refusal to share that information. >> i don't want to be they want to say whether it is unusual or not, but the reasoning, the same sort of independence with what he had shown for months before during the election campaign, and he has drawn criticism from both parties, lawmakers from both parties for some of those decisions. that is just in line with the way that director comey adjusted those types of questions in his job. for better or worse. >> jon: any inside, what are
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your sources telling you about who is on the inside track to replace james comey? >> we know because the president said a couple days ago that he is looking at potentially having a choice perhaps by the end of this week. he leaves for a foreign trip on friday to saudi arabia, and so there has been apparently a short list, some names have been floating around, but i don't have a sense of who the top just yet, it we may know very soon. >> jon: with the white house daily briefing about to get underway, we will let you run inside and take your seat if you need to do that. thank you very much, jeff mason. >> thank you, my pleasure. >> heather: as we continue to watch that, another fox news alert, tv cameras giving us a rare look inside a federal court at the ninth circuit court of appeals, live in seattle is what you're seeing here. the three-judge panel is hearing arguments right now on president trump's revised immigration order. dan springer is live in seattle with the very latest from inside the courtroom.
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>> hi, heather, just outside the courtroom. it's been going on for 40 minutes, took less than one minute for the judges from this ninth circuit court of appeals to start grilling the lawyer for the government, acting solicitor general jeffrey wall spoke first today and by now, he should be used to the grilling pill last week, he argued for the travel ban in front of the fourth circuit court of appeals. that took place in virginia. at the heart of the case is whether president trump's revised travel ban was written to punish muslims and whether it is proper for courts to assign a motive based on campaign statements. >> there is no case like this, is there? >> no, i think in part because no one has ever attempted to satisfy a law that is neutral on its face and neutral and operation on the basis of largely campaign trail comments made by a private citizen running for office. >> that ruling being appealed today was made by federal court judge derek watson, and obama
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appointee, who presides in hawaii. he asked she said there was nothing unconstitutional in the language of president trump's revised travel ban, but he said statements made by candidate trump revealed a motive that violates the establishment clause, in his opinion, he wrote "the record includes significant evidence of religious animus driving the publication of the executive order arguing on behalf of the state of hawaii." the solicitor general under president obama, a ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals is not expected for several weeks, and even if we get a ruling here and after the fourth circuit court ruled, we might very likely get this going all the way up to the supreme court in the coming months. back to you. >> heather: as both sides have promised, thank you. >> jon: scary news over the weekend. north korea carrying out what is being called its most significant missile launch to date. the threats from pyongyang about the strength of its weapons and
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this. >> never going to indict headley clinton no matter the evidence ever, it was never going to happen. so what was jim comey thinking five months down the road when he has this short of shallow investigation but so much evidence that they found piles of it anyway? >> jon: that his former fbi agent jim, some other officials say that president trump was right to fire comey but what role does the fbi director really play in the day-to-day operations of that agency? we will go in-depth. and we are awaiting the daily white house briefings that you start just minutes from now. we will bring you their life when it begins. about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira works by targeting and helping to... ...block a specific source... ...of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and...
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brtry new flonase sensimists. allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. >> jon: it is always interesting television, the daily white house press briefing, sean spicer expected to take to the podium any minute now. when he does so, we will take you there live. >> is it accurate that the rank and file no longer supported
10:18 am
director comey? >> no, sir, that is not accurate. i can tell you, sir, that i worked very, very closely with director comey from the moment he started at the fbi. it has been the greatest privilege and honor of my professional life to work with him. i can tell you also that director comey enjoyed broad support within the fbi. and it still does this day. >> heather: acting fbi director andrew mccabe defending his former boss in testimony last week to the senate intelligence committee. mccabe also promising not to update the president about the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. joining me now is bill gavin, former assistant director of the fbi in new york and former chief executive for the fbi in new york, miami, and denver, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> heather: you begin your career in the fbi back in 1967.
10:19 am
take us inside what is happening right now and who do you believe? the white house says the exact opposite of what we just heard mccabe say. >> the white house has to make some statements to support its own contention, but i can assure you, inside the building between ninth and tenth streets on pennsylvania avenue, the same dedication of fine men and women of the fbi is going into everything they do every single day. they are full of integrity. they honor that fidelity, bravery, integrity that the fbi stands for. it will be no different no matter who runs the fbi. so to say that the fbi was in disarray i think is about as poor a saying at making some comments about things being tapped, it is terrible. >> heather: specifically, how would james comey's firing or the appointment of a new
10:20 am
director impact current investigations including the one into russia? >> the current investigations will go on as they have. they will dedicate all the resources, the intelligence, the investigative technique to the investigations that are going on. the new director really has to set the tone and maintain the tone of integrity within the fbi. he also has to have some terrific liaison skills because he will be working with the intelligence agencies with other law enforcement agencies and just as importantly, he's going to have to work with both sides of the aisle, that can be a very hard task for any director. >> heather: precarious situation for sure. who do you think should take over now? >> first of all, it has to be somewhat of an impeccable character and integrity. it has to be somebody who is definitely a political who swears to uphold the constitution of the united states of america, and it
10:21 am
has to be somebody who is acceptable to both sides of the aisle. that may sound like we may have to wait for the second coming, but the truth of the matter is there is somebody out there in that collage of candidates that can answer this. it is just we have to be very, very careful to pick the exact right person and let them run the fbi the way it should be run. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us, have to cut you off because so much is going on today, but we appreciate your insight. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> jon: still awaiting the daily briefing from sean spicer, and as that is underway, also listening to the arguments in seattle as the court of appeals there listens to arguments on the president's travel ban, the trump administration obviously wants to restrict travel from certain countries. whether that is legal or not is what the ninth circuit court is deciding right now.
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to >> jon: fox news alert, we are awaiting the daily white house press briefing, press secretary sean spicer expected to address among other things rising tensions with north korea. this after pyongyang claimed it testfired fired a missile over the weekend capable of carrying a heavy nuclear warhead. the north now warning that its weapons could potentially strike the u.s. mainland, and there is all kinds of concern about that. greg palkot live in london with more. >> you, myself, america, we've been covering the story for a long time but we should be paying close attention to what happened over the weekend. i just got off the phone,
10:26 am
talking with a longtime pyongyang observer, and he told me, i'm going to quote now "this is the most significant missile launch to date coming from north korea." why is it significant? let's break it down. regina launched over the weekend a missile for 30 minutes, that's the longest they've ever had a ballistic missile up in the air, crucially could travel 1300 miles in altitude, 500 miles down range, coming just off the coast of russia. that gives it a potential range of about 2500 miles, and that means it can hit a major u.s. military base on the island of guam and get very close to mainland united states. north korean leader kim jong-un reportedly was ecstatic when he was watching this. he claimed it could also claim, also significant, a large nuclear weapon. no confirmation of that, but again, according to the experts i've been speaking to, what is most significant about this is that it could be a precursor to
10:27 am
an icbm. again, that could threaten the united states mainland in according to experts, it is similar to some missiles that we looked at last month at a big military facility and pyongyang, take a look at what we saw. military parade here, the experts look hard at the hardware on something new nefarious, now looking at whether the regime is getting closer to building an intercontinental ballistic missile, an icbm, with a nuclear way heard 3 warhead capable of hitting the u.s. all eyes on the rocket. as you noted, no wonder the white house is very concerned about this, they've already clouded a flagrant violation, they end the u.n. security council meeting tomorrow on this, first test of the new south korean president, he is condemning it, even vladimir putin the russian president getting into the act, visiting beijing today. he said the whole nuclear program coming from north korea is dangerous as well.
10:28 am
again, according to the experts we've been speaking to, combined this with a rapidly advancing nuclear program and you have a very serious threat coming from north korea, one that has to be reckoned with, back to you. >> jon: nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them is very disturbing. greg palkot, thank you. >> heather: to another fox news alert and a different type of threat, a global cyber attack impacting 150 countries, spreading even further as employees log back on today. there are new reports to suggest that there have been a small number of u.s. victims, and that thousands of new computers and asia are being impacted. european officials say that the so-called ransomware is crippling more than 100,000 organizations including schools and hospitals. morgan is a cyber security analyst and senior fellow at the center for government, he joins us to talk more about this.
10:29 am
so when we hear an estimated 200,000 computers crippled worldwide, more to come, what are we supposed to do? how can we protect ourselves first of all? >> heather, this boils down to the way that this malware works, the way this weapon works, it is a version of a digital nuclear weapon, speaking of north korea. it works because people click on links that then deliver the payload pair this does not insert itself, so we are going back to the traditional tactics phishing for me of to send you an email, have you click on the ing the ransomware come it delivers this nsa tool called internal blue that is now going through as a worm and mapping of the rest of the networks and this is why this spread like wildfire. >> heather: how or why were countries not prepared for this? >> i've been doing a series of keynote speeches to hospital associations. in fact, i just got an email
10:30 am
from tennessee, they are totally unprepared. the healthcare industry globally is 20 years behind the maturity of the financial services sector which everyone pay much agrees leads this in terms of how they treat cybersecurity, using machines that are still running vista or xp or windows 20003. some systems have not been supported for 5-7 years, and now the thread is transitioning transitioning from the i.t. environment to the clinical environment. i know some machines in virginia where i just did a keynote a year ago that were attacked inside the operating room with ransomware touching heart monitors, so they are totally unprepared. i should not say totally but the majority of them are. >> heather: how do we get prepare to avoid this happening did back again or stop it now? >> i wish there were several bullets but they are not, the first thing is the user, that is why they said they were worried when people around the world especially in asia open up their email boxes that this would continue to spread.
10:31 am
why? users are clicking on documents and links they should not be clicking on and also the first thing is if you're out there looking at this, you see a pdf document that does not look like it belongs there, for heaven's sake, do not click on it, reported. the second thing for these security administrators and i.t. departments, when microsoft releases a patch or dell or you name it, there is a reason for it, update pair many systems out there that have not been updated for years produced by even though it was published back in march, many places did not apply the patch even though they should have, and that is why they were vulnerable. it is basic human behavior. can fault the people who created it or the nsa for developing it but the ability to stop it is up to people at the front languages at the email level where people click on links. >> heather: be smart and pay attention. morgan joining us, thank you. >> you bet. >> jon: president trump expected to drastically expand an old reagan era policy today in a victory for pro-life advocates. a live report from the state department coming out. plus, new job approval ratings for the president after an
10:32 am
explosive week. the impact on voters as our political panel weighs in. also, we are awaiting the white house daily briefings that you start just minutes from now. we'll take you there live in it begins. umbrellas!! you need one of these. you wouldn't put up with an umbrella that covers you part way, so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off.
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>> jon: fox news alert, and we have just learned from senator mitch mcconnell's office that all senators are going to be receiving a briefing from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein.
10:36 am
he, of course, was just confirmed by the senate. a spokesman says attorney general -- deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has accepted the majority leader's invitation to lead and all senators briefing regarding the removal of former fbi director james comey. that is to take place on thursday, may 18th, 2:30 p.m. so a couple days from now. we should know more about what led to the firing of james comey. all senators invited, but we suspect that the press and tv cameras are not. we will keep an eye on it. this fox news alert, white house briefing set to begin at any moment now as new polls show president trump's approval rating at 39%, one point lower than it was in last month's nbc news "wall street journal" poll. when asked how the investigation into russia's involvement in the u.s. election should move forward, after the firing of james comey, 78% supported an
10:37 am
independent commission or special prosecutor. let's bring in our political panel now, monique is an attorney and democratic commentator. kevin conservative nationally syndicated radio host for com media. thank you both for being here. 39%, not great approval ratings for the president. what is your explanation? >> look, the approval ratings are not just not great, they are abysmal. the reason is he's not doing a great job and the american voters know it. it would be different if he had a few months on the job and time to actually try and fail or try and succeed at some things, but he is just out of the gate, and the numbers are terrible as they should be. the entire administration seems to be operating somewhere between chaos and incompetence. that is not something that can get past americans. >> jon: kevin, he said he was going to washington to drain the swamp, i suppose if you attempt to do that, you are not going to
10:38 am
make a lot of friends. >> absolutely. you have to look at what nbc was asking these people after nearly universal negative coverage of what trump has done since his time in office began. to me, it's not really surprising that you've got some polls that are skewing really, really negative for trump. you want to try to understand who he is, look at the totality of what he is accomplishing. his loyalty within his voters is as high as it was on election day. that has not moved, it's not going to move. he is right where he needs to be at this point in time because he has a lot to get done. you are not going to make friends as you are going through, busting up the stuff that is they are seeking get the new stuff ready to go. >> jon: why is it that the president fired a guy in james comey so many democrats had said it should be fired then when he was fired, many democrats said, why did he fire him? >> is not a question of what you do, it's a question of when you do it and why you do it. in this country, in our rule of law and in our government,
10:39 am
intent matters. it is obvious when you are being investigated and when the world knows that you are being investigated, it is not if not you personally, then everything a person on your team, that it makes sense they would be concerned about you removing the person at the head of that investigation. i don't disagree that his base is still supporting him, but i think it is a problem when you're only supported by your base. you are getting negative coverage because of negative conduct. there are no successes to speak of. again, it is not just inside washington that people are noticing that. it is in this country and around the world. >> jon: kevin, take up the no successes to speak of. >> let's talk about that, incredible job numbers, just their mere presence of president trump in the white house bringing companies back they had planned on leaving. you've got associates justice judge gorsuch sitting on the screen corey and before the repeal and replace or the
10:40 am
tax reform policies have even gone into effect, you have higher optimism on wall street for the longest negative period of time then you have had since may be pre-9/11, so what you're talking about is the exact opposite of what monique was just describing. that is why at the end of the day, he's going to put a competent guy inside the fbi office that an investigation, by the way, goes on. it did not stop anything for getting rid of comey did not do anything except make the process have a little more integrity to it. at the end of the day, the house is going to investigate, the senate, the cia and nsa have already said there is no there there. at some point, he has to focus on getting on with the business of the country. i think that's what he's trying to do with where he is headed now. >> i've got two words for those jobs numbers. thanks, obama. and where the rest of it is concerned, it is pretty obvious when you fail time and time again on immigration policy, cannot get healthcare past when you control both the house and the senate and the white house,
10:41 am
we are looking at failure, not success. >> just a delay in the process is not the same thing as a defeated process. those job numbers many come from companies coming back after obama's exit from office because of the outlook that the markets are going to give us. >> jon: we will hear certainly what sean spicer has to say about some of these topics and a whole lot more i am sure in that briefing coming up. monique and kevin, thank you both. >> heather: 's fox news now learning that president trump will expand the pro-life mexico city policy which bans u.s. funding for abortions overseas. it was established by ronald reagan back in 1984, but it was rescinded under president obama. rich edson is life are as of the state department with those details. >> good afternoon. typically, republican presidents implement this policy then democrats resent it. it is the type of possibility
10:42 am
his intent is to take federal funding and banned it from entities that perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning. president trump reinstated it and now his administration is about to vastly expand it. this is according to a senior administration official confirming the story to fox news that originally appeared in a publication called "the brody file" p of the u.s. will not subject nearly $9 billion in federal aid to the mexico city policy, the one we just outlined here as opposed to $600 million, so $9 billion from $600 million. usually the mexico city policy prohibits family planning funding from the state department and usaid. this new policy is not going to be applied to the department of defense international funding as well, much larger pot of money as far as the federal government is concerned. it means it will also apply to funding for malaria, maternal and child health, hiv and aids
10:43 am
prevention. officials say, however, that they will not apply it to some provisions including refugees, disaster relief and humanitarian systems from that policy. opponents say that harms women's health and clinics around the world, proponents have been pushing for the federal government not only to reinstate this policy but to broaden it, and they are going to get it this afternoon when the trump admission ration announces a massive expansion of that policy. back to you. >> heather: rich edson, thank you. >> jon: miss district of columbia is the newest miss usa now, but she finds herself in the middle of a political firestorm after the interview round of last nights pageant. a live report ahead. also still awaiting the daily white house press briefing set to start any minute from now. when it begins, we will take you there live. but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft
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>> jon: fox news alert, after a weekend during which north korea tested a ballistic missile apparently the most impressive and muscular missile launcher they have ever had, you can assure that sean spicer is going to be asked about that at the white house daily briefing along with the ongoing saga about what happened to james comey, why was he fired, and why has the white house had a couple different stories about exactly what transpired they are? at any rate, we are awaiting that briefing, when it begins, we will go there live. >> heather: meantime, right now the newest miss usa finding herself at the center of controversy. kara mccullough, visit the miss district of columbia taking home the coveted title last night, but her opinions on healthcare and feminism during the interview round mixed reaction on social media. william la jeunesse has more from our west coast bureau. hi, william. >> you know a beauty pageant is not going to solve america's healthcare problems but neither
10:48 am
is jimmy kimmel or anyone at the academy awards. the difference here is that kara mccullough looked the part, but her answers did not fit the mold or conform to what some liberal viewers expected as she was immediately attacked for her politically incorrect point of view. >> do you think affordable healthcare for all u.s. citizens as of right or privilege and why? >> i am deafly going to say it is a privilege. as a government employee, i am granted healthcare, and i see firsthand that for one to have healthcare, you need to have jobs. therefore, we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we are given the opportunity to have healthcare as well as jobs. >> black lives matter activist to rate pounced, do not take your political advice from this is usa come healthcare is not a right, rather it is a right not a privilege for your molly agrees, d.c. just lost my vote, healthcare should not be a privilege for only people with
10:49 am
jobs. rogers added "d.c. just disqualified herself with that answer." she was born in italy, raised in virginia, she is a chemist at the nuclear regulatory commission. pageant ratings fall, lowest in years, producers are hoping to use the numbers by asking more controversial questions. >> what do you consider feminism to be? you consider yourself a feminist? >> as a woman scientist in the government, i would like to transpose the word family do them act to equal lives on. feminism to equal lives on, i don't want to consider myself this die-hard, i don't really care about men. arguably, this was one of the most diverse shows on record. there were three african-americans, one caucasian and the runner up miss new jersey is an immigrant from india who arrived here as a child. heather, this was a pretty charged show but as you look back over time, you can see the
10:50 am
questions, if you will, getting more controversial. >> heather: lightly different, a little more difficult. thank you so much, appreciate i it. >> jon: his father was overthrown and revolution nearly 40 years ago and iran, now just days before the presidential election there, the son of the former shah of iran has a new message for his people. why he says it is time for a new revolution. also, we are awaiting the daily white house press briefing set to start any minute now, we will take you there live when it begins. the president for his part just met with or just welcome the crown prince of abu dhabi to the white house, they are having meetings right now. you don't let anything
10:51 am
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>> we are awaiting the white house briefing as an appeals court hears arguments on president trump's latest travel ban and questions about who could be the next fbi director. plus, we are going to talk to one expert who considers this weekends international malware cyber attack won by a weapon of mass destruction. and the password to united airlines doors are accidentally posted to a website, now what? we will explain next on "america's newsroom hq" ." >> jon: as iran gets ready to hold its presidential election days from now, the son of the shah of iran he was overthrown and the islamic resolution nearly 40 years ago is speaking out now exclusively to fox news pay he's calling on iranians to organize from within and stand up to the existing regime. senior correspondent eric shawn life at our new york city newsroom with that. >> hello. a call for freedom in iran, with
10:55 am
the present electoral there in four days, when prominent iranian says that the regime should be overthrown, that comes from prince reza pahlavi, in our interview, he said the iranian people should take to the streets and stage nonviolent disobedience, he says the goal is to establish a parliamentary democracy based on basic values and human rights. he is the oldest son of the shah of iran, the monarch driven out in the islamic revolution back in 1979. he said the same forces that led to the collapse of the soviet union, the fall of the berlin wall and the end of apartheid in south africa can overturn this regime if american pressure works. >> the more they hear about what the iranian people, not with the regime wants, but the iranian people demand, they will tell there would be decision-makers, what are you waiting for?
10:56 am
these people are like us. they do not want to come here and destroy us or blow us to pieces or wipe the country from the map. they want to be like us. >> he says more should have been done during the so-called green revolution and 2009 when iranians took to the streets demanding free and fair elections. he said the same can happen now. >> do you feel in your heart that one day this regime will fall? >> absolutely. there is no question about it. it is all tied to the existing of this corrupt, backward regime that only thinks about its own survival to the detriment of 80 million plus people who are asking the world, we deserve better. >> some fault the regime and u.s. policy at the time for setting the stage that enabled the iranian revolution to succeed. but reza pahlavi says the result is now a regime that he thinks needs to be toppled. >> jon: fascinating interview. eric shawn, thank you. we are back in a moment.
10:57 am
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>> heather: thank you very much for coming us. >> jon: are you coming back tomorrow? >> heather: i will become a very busy day. >> jon: and busy at the white house press briefing coming up, "america's newsroom hq" starts now. >> fox news alert, the white house news briefing expected to start any minute now come hello, everyone, i am melissa francis. reporters standing by in the brady briefing room for press secretary sean spicer and they are expected to ask him about the search for a new fbi director and reports of a possible shakeup at the white house he right now, president trump is meeting with the crown prince of abu dhabi. chief white house correspondent john roberts is at the briefing, of course, so what is the white house focus today and heae reports of a potential shakeup there? >> good afternoon. first of all to the news at hand, the president meeting with the crown prince of abu dhabi just minutes ago


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