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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 23, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> we're back at 1:00 a.m. for the president and pope. thanks. >> julie: thanks for watching. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. police searching for possible accomplices as the islamic state claims responsibility for the worst terror attack in great britain in more than a decade. i'm sandra smith. a suicide bomber striking one of the softest of soft targets, a concert packed with children and families. police say the ariana grande concert had just concluded when a suicide bomber set off an improvised explosive device packed with shrapnel. focusing their area just outside the ticket office near the arena
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exit and not far from a rail station. some witnesses say security was lax before the show even began. listen. >> just screams, people shouting, a bomb. just everyone was confused. no one knew. the sound itself was just the loudest noise i have heard. we never got checked. we entered the venue. a few people we spoke to like friends that were met before and after the gig, they said their bags weren't checked or anything like that. >> sandra: catherine herridge is standing by in washington but we begin with rick levinthal. set the scene for us there at this hour. >> reporter: we're outside victoria station, one of two main rail hubs in the city of manchester. just behind that is the venue, manchester arena, which isn't just the largest in the u.k. we're told it's the largest
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public concert venue in all of europe. it can hold up to 21,000 people. it was packed last night. police believe this bomber may have entered either through the train station or possibly off a street going up some stairs. we'll push in and show you some doors. he could have entered right off the street into that area that you mentioned a public area between the train station and the venue. then timed the blast of the improvised explosive device to maximize the impact on the crowd of mostly teens and young adults who were streaming out the doors as the event was ending. the victims of this horrific attack including 18-year-old georgia, who met ariana couple years ago. an 8-year-old described simply as a beautiful little girl, loved by everyone. her more and sisters were among those wounded in the explosion. now recovering in eight different area hospitals. police asking for patience in
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the release of the names of the rest of the victims. >> there has been much speculation in the media and on social media as to the names of some of the victims. while i accept some of this is an inevitability, i would ask that people do allow us to work with the coroner and to work with those families and ensure they are properly supported before we release the names of those that have sadly lost their lives. >> reporter: and, sandra, somber vigil for the victims just wrapping up not far from our location here. thousands holding signs and candles and saying prayers for those who are lost and wounded. >> sandra: rick, we know the investigation is on going. what more do we know about the investigation at this point? >> reporter: not a whole lot. we know the name of the bomber. he also know they arrested a 23-year-old man here in southed manchester not far from this venue. his exact connection to the bomber or bombing is still yet unknown. we also know according to
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manchester police, they executed two search warrants. one involved the use oven a controlled explosion. these may have been the residences of the bomber and his alleged accomplice. we still don't know yet what, if any, evidence has been recovered from those searchs. the british version of the fbi and manchester police and others actively continuing to investigate. >> sandra: all right rick levinthal on the ground for us in manchester, england, thank you. the u.s. intelligence committee ready to assist its british counter part any way it can. the main focus determining whether the suspected bomber had help. catherine herrige joins us from washington. i know you are learning more about how this attack played out. >> reporter: a congressional source who has been briefed said the forensic analysis of the device has begun and they're focusing on the shrapnel because
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the nuts bolts and nails can be traced back to a point of sale and even sometimes the seller itself. investigators are hopeful as well as security camera footage will show whether the suspect acted alone or had support from a known terrorist group. this morning in his opening statement, the director of national intelligence who oversees the nation's 17 intelligence agencies said that retaking the kwraoeus strong holds will not solve the problem. then adding -- >> isis is experiencing territoryial losses in iraq and syria. however, we assess isis will continue to be an active terrorist threat to the united states due to its proven ability to direct and inspire attacks against a wide range of targets around the world. >> reporter: adding to what rick levinthal was reporting. officials in washington are, i don't know if this is the right word, impressed by sophistication and premeditation that went into this attack.
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the use of shrapnel shows that it was designed to maximize casualties. just to a finer point, when you let off a bomb in a khroedz space like that, it really amplifies it and it has a concussive effect with the explosion. also the disfiguring impact of the shrapnel as well. >> sandra: what about catherine is that the suspect is from manchester, england. is that surprising to investigators? >> reporter: according to research by a major counter terrorism group, manchester england is a hub for terrorism recruitment. at least 16 young men from manchester have been convicted of terrorism or killed on the battlefield fighting with isis. this morning the chairman of the homeland security committee warned about the stream of foreign fighters as the u.s. ramps up military pressure
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overseas. >> as we squeeze the territories and defeat isis in mosul and raqa, they will scatter. like cockroach, they are moving into europe. from europe, they can get into the united states. >> reporter: based on the reporting that's coming out of the uk, the suspect was a british national of libyan dissent. it will be key to understand whether he was born in the u.k. or whether he came to the u.k. at some point as a refugee as a child or maybe more recently. sandra? >> sandra: catherine, thank you. joining me is johnny joey jones and robert string a former fbi agent and former co-chair of the u.s. state anti-terror task force. thanks to both of you for being here. joey, i'll start with you first. can you tell us what you make of what you have learned so far about the explosive device that was used and carried out in this
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attack? >> absolutely. well, to begin with, what we have to acknowledge is what we don't know. we don't know very much at all. what we do know is this a bomb believed to be a suicide bomb, perhaps carried by the individual who carried out the attack. we know the body count, the amount of people injured or tragically killed. in that we will know there's probably shrapnel use because the blast itself probably wouldn't have a body count that high. in other words n that situation. so what we're looking at here is that the bad guys, or this individual, this monster, has chosen to use shrapnel to hurt more people. what that means is if we do have metal detectors, he's not going to try to get inside the arena because this bomb is me at that timic and it will show a signature. we've got to show a cause and effect of our protection when we look at the fact that there was shrapnel used. >> sandra: we are getting some
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witness accounts that security was lax as they headed into this concert. what do you make so far of what you're hearing as far as the investigation is concerned and the tactics that were used? >> sandra, i started with the fbi. i was a dea agent for ten years. lot of way we collect intelligence in dea is the same way you prevent things like this from happening. that's working with informant, taking a look at social media, trying to stay one step ahead of any of these type of events. no matter how many perimeters we build, no matter what kind of security we have, it's just gonna take one individual to slip through. the idea is to be able to get that intelligence, build those cases before something tragic like this even happens. >> sandra: you mentioned social media. there was a red flag. they did make an announcement on twitter that this attack was going to play out at this concert venue. was that missed? is there something more that the government along with private business can be doing? >> they are doing more. they're developing new technology in order to track
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those situations. they may have been working on that already. there's so much out there that they really stay focused on people that are targets, people that associate with targets. you can tweet something or put something out and it has no relevance because you're not being looked at. they're not identifying you as a potential terrorist. so you've got to build these cases from the beginning. you've got to add on the associates. they get bigger and bigger. you can't just go out there with a wide net and try to identify everything that everybody does. we'd never get anywhere. >> sandra: joey, we find ourselves asking where we are at in this fight. this long fight that is against isis and the terrorists. i want to play the sound of senator john mccain talking about just that and get your reaction. >> we're in a long twilight struggle with this radical extremism, this per version of an honorable religion. i do not know anything about lap tops, okay? i have not been briefed. but it's interesting to me that we continue to read in the media that maybe we're gonna ban them
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from aircraft. from airliners. that can only lead to one conclusion, that maybe they're working on that kind of technology. >> sandra: you say there's a harsh reality that we all need to accept here. and that is if the enemy does everything right and is willing to die to execute, they will. >> absolutely. and the bomb tech field, that's one of the first things we have to accept. what that means is that if we understand if the enemy has the will, the information and will die in execution to make something happen, we have to play into their mistakes. we have to look for their mistakes. we have to be incredibly lenient on human intelligence. even more than that, we have to look for the key identifiers that say this person is going to do something bad and then act on it. when you use house hold products you won't be able to defeat that regularly or every time. but you can defeat the outreach to young people that are desperate and become suicide
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bombers. more importantly, you can begin to follow the line of intelligence and get in front of these things before they happen. i think we have to understand this fine line between freedom and a free society to go do what you want and security. we can't start restricting ourselves under the guise of security. we have to live our lives. hope ariana grande plays to 100,000 people next week and we keep living our lives the way we should. >> sandra: good to hear from you. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: the former head of the cia said there's no question russia wanted to interfere with our democracy. >> i was convinced in the summer that the russians were trying to interfere in the election. they were very aggressive. it was a multifacetted effort. i wanted to make sure we are able to expose as much of that as possible. >> sandra: lawmakers also asking john brennan about moscow and the trump campaign. his response, which may be to even more questions. plus, reaction to today's testimony with former george w.
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>> sandra: former cia director john brennan appearing on capitol hill as mart of the congressional investigation into russian interference with the u.s. election. lawmakers asking mr. brennan whether he found any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russian president vladamir putin. peter ducey live on capitol hill. what was the response to the question about collusion? >> reporter: sandra, brennan, the former cia director said that he was concerned there could have been collusion but during this open session, he never gave any concrete evidence
11:17 am
that there was wrongdoing. >> when you learned of russian effort efforts did you have evidence of a connection between the trump campaign and russian state actors? >> as i said, i don't do evidence. >> reporter: he said he does think the russians did interfere with the election. he said that's something they've done dating back to the 1960s. he said he wasn't sure if it was worse or if the cia has better tools to pick up on things like election interference. brennan also said that his concerns come from people associated with trufr's campaign who were in contact with the russians but he doesn't know if anything nefarious came up. >> you might have been consistent with that age old russian recruitment methodology? >> sure. these are contexts that might have been total total innocent
11:18 am
and benign as well as those that might have succumbed somehow to those russian efforts. >> reporter: i talked to the former cia director on his way into that hearing and asked him if he was worried that his testimony was going to contribute to making this more politicized this russia probe, but he didn't answer. sandra. >> sandra: always worth a shot. peter, did brennan talk at all about the white house leaks that have been damaging president trump? >> reporter: he did. brennan said he is appalled by the leaks and that the people who are leaking need to be tracked down. sandra? >> sandra: all right. thank you very much, peter ducey. we'll get back to you, if need be. nation's head of intelligence saying there's widespread agreement that russia tried to interfere in the election. and something should be done about it. but what? >> i think we're looking at every opportunity to hold russia accountable if there clearly is
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>> sandra: former cia director john brennan giving testimony on capitol hill about russian meddling in the election, saying the kremlin nearly favored donald trump over hillary clinton, but also telling lawmakers that he was unaware of any attempts by president trump or his team to interfere with the investigation of michael flynn. joining me now is ari fleisher, who served as white house press secretary for president george w. bush. george w. bush. always good to see you, ari. can you just bring this home for me? does it matter? clearly you're just hearing that the kremlin, that russia favored donald trump in the election. does that change things?
11:23 am
>> welsh it could. that's why it's important to have an investigation to get to the bottom of this. any time you deal with an allegation of criminality, you have to be so careful and precise to be fair to people. take a look at what does the word collusion mean? what people are alleging is that donald trump and/or the people who work for him worked with russia to attack the democratic national committee and john podesta computers and then worked with wiki leaks. that is a pretty specific and outlandish cry. otherwise collusion is just contacts with. contacts with russia are not necessarily -- there's nothing wrong with that. so the charge needs to be substantiated and no one to date has been able to do that. >> sandra: to your point there's no evidence that trump or anybody he was working with on his campaign actually worked with them to impact the outcome of the election. >> well, that's right. this is what the critics can't
11:24 am
face. they want to throw the word collusion around. i do have faith in the fbi. i believe, sandra, let the fbi look into this. let bob mueller get to the bottom of it. he will be able to figure it out. i also know how washington works. i have a strong suspicion that these activities began almost a year ago. if there was evidence that something was wrong like i just suggested, we would have known about it a long time ago. it would have leaked. >> sandra: what about michael flynn pleading the fifth? how does that change things? >> i think michael flynn's got a lot of problems. whether he filled out his forms inaccurate, whether he withheld information on his forms. hillary clinton filled out her forms inaccurately when she left the state department. she said under oath she had not taken classified information. that was wrong. what the penalty is for that remains to be seen. you can separate that from donald trump. it doesn't have anything to do with collusion. it doesn't have anything to do with whether they cooperated
11:25 am
with russia on these hacks. it has to do with his paperwork. that's what we know so far. >> sandra: i also want you to react to the former head of the cia john brennan describing the conversation that he had with the head of russian intelligence. listen to this. >> american voters would be outraged by any russian attempts to interfere in the election if russia pursued this course, it would destroy any chance for improved relations, even on matters of mutual interest. >> sandra: hmm. ari? >> well, he's right. but russia didn't listen, of course, to the obama administration, did they? i long for the day where people hesitated to do something like this to america because the consequences would be severe. once president obama had thought that russia was doing this, we should have hurt the russians where it would hurt the most, financially or involving some people close to putin to send a
11:26 am
signal. you mess with us, we'll mess with you and raise you one. that's how you deter aggression. that's what ronald reagan would do. that's one of the reasons this happened is because they knew barack obama, who said i'll have more flexibility after the election, called for a red line and didn't enforce it. it was an open door they could push and walk through. >> sandra: i have got to leave it there, but i can't let you leave without asking you, the president's on this trip. hasn't been tweeting this much. we talked so much about the messaging from this white house. could you tell me briefly, is it getting better? is it the same? >> it's gotten so much better. he's a strong trip to saudi arabia and strong trip to israel. his message was strong and he hasn't interfered with. it i have said this before. i'll say it again. sometimes when counter punches he ends up hitting himself. he's caused a lot of his own problems by being excessive on what he says on twitter. this is has been a rest from it. >> sandra: all good to hear from
11:27 am
you. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: sad day for james bond fans among other. sir roger moore has died. >> sandra: moore starred in seven bond movies since taking over in 1973. he played 007 to match. moore died this morning after a brief battle with cancer. queen elizabeth knighted him in 2003. he survived by his wife christina and three children. roger moore dead at the age of 89. a hearing set to start any
11:28 am
minute on capitol hill on cyber skur and whether the military has tools to protect america from online threats. we will be following this very closely for you. plus, a fierce budget battle brewing in washington. democrats calling the president's proposal comic book villain bad. even some republicans are expressing concerns. we'll take a look at the numbers next. but first house speaker paul ryan weighs in. >> i don't think i have served in congress ever where somebody didn't say that about a president's budget. look, this is how the rhetoric typically happens. all finished.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. members of the house news intelligence committee are expected to make comments following their closed door hearing with john brennan about which we just discussed. much of his public session earlier today focused on russia and alleged meddling in the presidential election. we'll keep an eye on it for you. the white house revealing president trump's plans for the budget asking lawmakers to slash trillions in government spending. paul ryan praising the proposal, saying republican lawmakers share common objectives with the president's plan. >> we finally have a president who is willing to balance the budget. the last president never proposed let alone tried to balance the budget. so we have a president that is giving us an actual balanced budget plan. it's a plan to spruce economic
11:33 am
growth. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage for this. rich edson on cuts aimed at the state department. first mike emanuel live on capitol hill. what are top republicans saying about president trump's budget blue print? >> reporter: they're saying it's a good starting point. it contains some good priorities like boosting funding for the military and also border security. they're also noting that it attempts to do something noble in trying to balance the budget over the next decade. like any presidential budget, anybody can find something that they would support or that they would do differently. but i think one of the most encouraging things is that we've got a president now, donald trump, who's bringing forward a budget that focuses on getting our economy back on track, on growing the economy and on ultimately getting back to a balanced federal budget. that's something we haven't seen for the last eight years. >> reporter: that, of course, is a swipe at the obama administration, taking aim at some of the deficits and debt
11:34 am
accumulated over those eight years. >> sandra: what are democrats saying about this plan? is it doomsday? >> reporter: they're talking about ripping it for cutting domestic priorities including programs helping lower income americans. ron ryan tweeted a photo saying this is where the trump budget belongs in the recycling bin. others proposed cutting $191 billion on items like food staps. almost a 30% cut. >> when you add it all up it is comic book villain bad. just like comic books it relies on fantasy to make all the numbers work. it's the kind of budget you might expect from someone who is rooting for a government shutdown. >> reporter: nancy pelosi called the budget blue print a killer, literally a killer for the american people. sandra. >> sandra: mike emanuel, thank you.
11:35 am
included in the budget address, a reduction in funding for the state department. nearly one-third of its budget. it's a move secretary of state tillerson says reflects the president's america first policy. rich edson joins us live from the state department. rich, what is the white house proposing cutting here? >> reporter: billions of dollars in aid to the state department, u.s. id, international programs, global aids prevention, funds that would prevent and address climate change. a number of programs across the board including cultural programs and the united nations. as part of this it also shifts some military grants to loans. so instead of straight up money given out, it would require some of the funds to be paid back. state department and trump administration argue these cuts still provide a budget amount of spending that allows the united states to be a leader in foreign assistance throughout the country, throughout the world. however, it requires other countries to step up their spending. in a statement secretary of state rex tillerson says, quote,
11:36 am
this budget is responsive to the realities of the world in the 21st century and assures the state department and usa id can quickly adapt to anner changing international environment. this requires some tough tradeoffs. administration says the budget cuts target programs whose missions do not substantially advance u.s. foreign policy interests. and there are still significant opposition voices out there to these proposed cuts. >> sandra: hrr reaction. congress dismissing thaoe cuts. >> reporter: lawmakers are reminding the white house that it is congress that writes the specifics on budgeting specifically to the state department. when it comes to these foreign aid cuts there are democrats and even republicans who say they oppose. >> 29% reduction of state department budget takes power off the table. i think quite frankly puts our diplomats at risk. this budget, if fully implemented, would require us to retreat from the world or put people at risk. you have a lot of ben ghazis in
11:37 am
the making if this became law. >> reporter: the state department said it would sufficiently fund security operations around the world. mitch mcconnell said he expects the congressional budget writers and lawmakers on both sides will basically ignore the cuts that the white house has in store for state department and foreign aid. back to you. >> sandra: rich edson, thank you very much. all right. let me remind everybody before we introduce our panel. the federal deficit is approaching $20 trillion and the government has to tighten the purse strings to stem the bleeding. here's the current situation. the government is spending $4.2 trillion, but it's only bringing in $3.9 trillion. that's economics 101. don't spepb more than you bring in. president and founder of the new democrat. former campaign adviser for president bill clinton. max sclapp former white house political director for president george w. bush. matt, it really is that simple.
11:38 am
$20 trillion our deficit is approaching. something has to be done. is this the right thing? >> you know, sandra, what's really scary about that figure is it doesn't capture all the ways in which the government is indebted. all the promises we've made to all these americans over the generations. all the guarantees we've made to things like pension programs and everything else. if you look at our total indebtedness, it's real easy to get depressed. one thing nick mulvaney was right about. if we can't get our economy growing we've got to get this economy growing. we've got to add jobs. we've got to make sure that without a growing economy, you're never really gonna take care of the huge debt problem. >> sandra: the budget director speaking at the white house earlier, trying to clear up some of this. simon, when you look at the proposed cuts over the next ten
11:39 am
year, $616 billion come from medicade, children's insurance programs. $193 billion food stamp.$143 bi financial aid. do you object to any of this? >> well, two points. matt said something i want to respond to which is that, you know, we tried this strategy that donald trump is proposing in the bush administration. we had big tax cuts and defense increases. what we ended up with was a great recession, financial collapse. we're trying exactly the same economic strategy again. i worry that we'll end up with the same results. in terms of the spending cuts, they disproportionately fall on trump voters and people watching this program. the people who will be most affected by these cuts are regular everyday people in the heartland of the united states who are going to be tens of millions of them -- >> sandra: let me get him to respond to that. matt, go ahead. >> simon knows there are no
11:40 am
cuts. the president comes out with his budget and we have one reconciliation moving through congress which is to reform health care. a second one which will be moving through to reform our tax code. then we'll have all these appropriation bills and democrats and republicans will fight it out on what these levels are. pretty fair to say government is too big, it does too much and it's okay to be responsible and say look, we have to tighten our belt if we're ever going to do anything about this debt. >> sandra: especially when you look at the growth forecast. mulvaney has 3% projected. you were saying it should be more ambitious. we should be talking about 4% growth. 3% just gets us back to normal. >> right. but it's sort of like the harry potter school of economics, frankly. the last two times the republicans have been in the presidency we've had recessions, higher deficits and lower incomes. last two times we've had democrats in the white house we've had growth, job creations. >> sandra: we can debate that.
11:41 am
>> that's fact. that's fact. just like the sky is blue. >> it is not a fact. >> if you're looking for fiscal responsibility you look to democrats. if you look to growth you look to democrats. >> sandra: matt gets to respond. go ahead. >> simon, i will admit that republicans have irresponsible on spending decisions as well, okay. there's a lot of bipartisan criticism to go around. but the fact is is this. we all know this. republicans want to spend a little more on defense than democrat. democrats want to spend more on every domestic program under the sun than republicans do. republicans believe cutting taxes and allowing taxpayers to hold more of their money will spur economic growth. these are things we can't deny. the fact is we had the great recession but a government got way too involved in the housing market and we should never do that again. >> sandra: we can debate this forever. simon, matt, thank you. >> thanks. >> sandra: let me know what you
11:42 am
think at home. @ sandra on the president's agenda, meeting with the pope and leaders from around europe. this after spending three days in israel working towards peace an trying to unite the region against the common threat of terrorism. >> we must build a coalition of partners who share the aim of stamping out extremists and violence and providing our children a peaceful and hopeful future.
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p3 planters nuts, jerky and i like a variety in my protein. totally, that's why i have this uh trail mix. wow minty. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. >> shepard smith on the fox newsdesk. much more ahead from john brennan. he said he was so concerned russia was trying to recruit members of the trump campaign team that he formed a group of intelligence officials to focus exclusively on russian interfierce in the u.s. elections. we'll speak about that and more with a reporter from politico. she points out brennan also testified that all the leaks
11:46 am
about the trump administration are hurting intelligence gathering. all coming up top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> sandra: president trump wrapping up his three day stay in israel, arriving just hours ago in rome for the european leg of his first overseas trip. in israel, the president saying now is the time to make what he calls the ultimate deal to achieve the middle east peace that has eluded previous presidents. >> the palestinians are ready to reach for peace. i know you have heard i before. i am telling you, that's what i do. they are ready to reach for peace. and my meeting with my very good friend benjamin, i can tell you also that he is reaching for peace. he wants peace. >> sandra: joining me now danny denaan. also the former israeli deputy
11:47 am
defense minister and ambassador. great to have you on. great to see you. how do you think this tour is going? >> very important visit. we appreciate that. on his first visit abroad, he is coming to israel. it means a lot to us. president obama came to our region, came to egypt, skipped israel. the president came to israel, visited the holy site in jerusalem, spoke to the israeli people. we appreciate that. >> sandra: highlights of the trip so far for you? >> speak with the palestinians. speak with the israelis directly. direct negotiation with the support of the u.s. and maybe with the support of arab moderate players. today we have a common enemy which is iran. they are a global threat. we should fight iran together. we should fight radical islam together. >> sandra: how is it being
11:48 am
received there? >> well, think in the middle east, people understand that the u.s. is coming back to the region. it's supporting its ally, which is really important. the u.s. and other internationals tried to work with iran with the people in the middle east. working with the countries that support stability. >> sandra: there has been long term american distrust of american intentions there in the region. do you think that this trip and him being on the ground there and making the very historic important visit, do you think it's changing the way the people see the united states, see the american sitting president? >> i think now what we see, a new process of building trust again, which is crucial to move forward. in the past people looked at the u.s. as somebody who was trying to impose, impose its ideas on
11:49 am
the region. today it's a different approach. he's coming to speak to support the process. people look for this differently an appreciate it. >> sandra: he talks about the ultimate deal. is there maybe too much optimism there or do you think that's founded? >> it will be very hard. not because of us. because of the palestinians. we don't see that. the past signed agreements with egypt, jordan, was not easy. but now you need the other side to come to the table. i don't think it will be very easy. >> sandra: ambassador, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: all right. hackers take aim at gun owners in florida. personal information from thousands of concealed weapon permit holders stolen from government computers. how could that even happen? and a man in northern ohio defies all odds with an extraordinary story of survival. >> i'm happy he's alive. just shocked that he lasted that
11:50 am
long. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance
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>> a massive computer hack of florida's department of agriculture and consumer services possibly exposing personal information of more than 16,000 concealed weapon permit holders including hundreds of social security numbers. trace gallagher is live with more. trace, some of the most sensitive information revealed. >> yeah, and it's important because florida's state law says the names of concealed holders have to be anonymous. can't say who they are. so now you have 16,000 people in florida, 16,000 conceal carry permits and their names are out there.
11:54 am
addressing, certainly social security numbers. the florida department of agriculture does not believe there was enough information breached that this can be a case of identity theft. they don't have that kind of information. just to make sure those that do or did get their social security numbers hacked, at least get free credit protection the next year or 18 months. the bigger question, why is anyone trying to steal information about gun permits? the florida department of law enforcement believes the hack originated overseas, but they won't say where and the fble has not release information about a possible motive. it appears the 16,000 or so that got hacked had apparently renewed their conceal carry permits online. it appears the hackers may have been looking for more financial information, but they were unsuccessful. there's more than 1.6 million florida residents with these conceal carry permits.
11:55 am
the hack is less than 1% of those that can legally carry a gun. were they targeting these people specifically and why would you go into the against department's website looking for these types of people? again, the motive is very unclear. >> very disturbing for many viewers hearing and seeing this. so many tweeted me while you were talking, ho will be held accountable for this? you pointed out an important detail. this appears to have affected those that applied for their permits online versus in person. >> yeah, and you don't want anybody knowing if you have a gun or you don't. that's the whole message here, right? there are conceal carry permits so they're secret. >> thanks, trace. when things break in space, you can't call a mechanic, can you? astronauts are undertaking an emergency spacewalk to make repairs to the international space station. the details on this urgent
11:56 am
mission in moments.
11:57 am
ready or not, here i come.ek.) ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. could be preventedrrent with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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11:59 am
>> astronauts on the international space station making an urgent repair during a spacewalk. they had to replace a critical relay box that stopped working last week. the system operates the solar panels and robotic equipment. whitson has her tenth spacewalk, which ties a record. and northern ohio, a man rescued yesterday after falling off a cliff into a ravine. he broke both legs and an arm. >> i'm happy he's alive. just shocked that he would have lasted that long. from where he fell to where we found him, over 300 yards that he had to crawl. there's no way he walked.
12:00 pm
he had injuries to both upper legs. you do that with being that busted up, no better word, it's amazing. >> rescuers say they have never seen anything like it. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington. we're waiting to hear from the other intelligence chief whom president trump reportedly pressured to publicly clear his name in the russia investigation. the national security agency director mike rogers set to testify in this hour. the director of national intelligence has already responded to the report. and the former cia director told congress he was concerned that the russians may have recruited members of the trump campaign to influence our presidential election. we're live on capitol hill. it's 8:00 p.m. in manchester, england where our news teams are learning about more of the young victims and the bomber behind the u.k.'s worst terror attack in a decade.


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