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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 29, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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youngest person ever elected to the house. bill sounds familiar passing a bill for free online college courses there you have it. letter: starting young though. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. bye. >> north korea has fired an unidentified projectile off its east coast. >> one thing we can't live with is a north korea that has a nuclear weapon. >> conflict in north korea would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetime. it would be catastrophic war. >> the president is vowing to deal with those who are putting our national security at risk by leaking classified information. >> it's border line treason. >> you believe it's treason to leak some of the stuff you believe -- >> -- i do believe it is. >> british authorities meantime dismantling the terror network behind the manchester bombing arresting a 16th suspect overnight. >> they estimate as many as
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900,000 rioters took part in today's ride for freedom. >> not about thanking service. it's about remembering our fallen. >> terrifying cross here at the indianapolis speedway. >> what a huge crash. >> can you believe that driver walked away unharmed? that is a miracle itself. >> what keeps you away at night? >> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. ♪ ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home
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♪ my home sweet home. >> good morning on this memorial day today. we are honoring those who served the american bombshell singers there. pouring down rain here in manhattan right now. abby: the american flag still looks as beautiful as ever. pete: every day we honor those who serve but today we honor those who gave the last full measure. who gave absolutely everything, gave their lives so we can sit on a couch on monday and appreciate this great country. abby: please send in your photos. have you been sending them in all weekend long and we have loved every single one of them. send in the photos of the people you are remembering on this very special holiday. pete: give us rank, their background and anything about their service.
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abby: their story. pete: these are the men we honor when we go to the cemeteries and our freedom as well. clayton: you sent photos from world war ii. pilots flying over the normandy. abby: battle of the bulge. clayton: send them in and we will remember them. pete: it's not the weekend but we are still here. clayton: president back in town after nine day swing through the middle east and vowing to crackdown on the leaks. and if you read the front page of this morning, could there be a shakeup coming. abby: again? clayton: shakeup coming inside the white house and getting rid of people in inner circle who have been leaking. pete: yesterday we debunked how many shakeups there have been on shakeups. not many people have left the administration. there is talk of shakeups. there is frustration about
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leaks. at the end of this trip. manchester bombing occurred and intelligence sharing going on between the u.s. and the brits. leaks that frustrated people including the prime minister of the u.k. trump tweeted this yesterday, the president. he said british prime minister may was very angry that the info the u.k. gave to the u.s. about manchester was leaked. gave me full details. and so he is acknowledging this is on us. we can't be leaking stuff. clayton: photos of the bomb material and how can our allies trust us to work with us when they are going to to share this intelligence with us and it goes out to the world. it's out to newspapers all over the world. abby: this is a national security nightmare. it's not just bad for for the american people and bad for the united states. it's bad for the world. homeland security secretary john kellily buckled down how bad this is. >> if it came from the united states, it's totally unacceptable and i don't know why people do these kind of things. but it's border line, if not
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over the line of treason. >> you believe it's treason to leak some of the stuff you believe -- >> i do believe it is. i believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked, high, high level of classification. clayton: that's true. be ay, you asked during that sound bite how is it not treason news? treasonous if you like white house. pete: or any level of the communication community? >> but if someone like chuck todd how would that be treason? he doesn't understand there is a home team we play for called the united states of america we are trying to keep our country safe. intelligence officials their job is that not give scoops to reporters so they canning relevant at cocktail parties and have headlines high up on the "new york times." it's about defeating the enemies. abby: you have got the leakers and reporters who we have been talking about the
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last couple days who don't need any names to back up their story. used to be you had these great journalists that would provide the american people background on a story that impacts us all. now it's more about that individual reporter than it is about the story they are going to write. they want to click. they want people to read their headline and story it doesn't have to be accurate. pete: almost like independent journalism is dead. clayton: yesterday pete and i were hanging out on facebook. abby: as you do all theme. clayton: looking on trending topics. why is angela merkel trending on a sunday afternoon? it's because she says she needs to now go it alone. after president trump's visit with her on g-7. germany is on its own. we can't rely on the united states any longer. pete: running for a fourth term of office. on the campaign trail she had this to say. following the talks with president trump and other leaders in europe last week, this is what she said on the campaign trail. the times in which we could rely fully on others, implying the united states, they are somewhat over. this is what i experienced
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in the last few days. we europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands. seen as a swipe. i just have to say this. okay. if you want to dictate your policy by climate obsession and you want open borders and massive refugees. if you want less than 2% of your budget spent on military, then go it alone. it's all yours. go for it. abby: look what the u.k. is dealing with it's so scary to think about. we were just talking yesterday on 22,000 jihadists in the u.k. alone. those are just the ones being reported. that's from years ago. who knows what the reality is today. germany is not that different. pete: americans stand up and be the adult in the room well, we can't be with you anymore. america first means we are willing to protect america first. allies when we enemies we face. clayton: sat down with mad dog mattis. one of the things that
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occurred recently, of course, a big bombing, hundreds of civilians were killed when a u.s. bomb hit mosul, iraq, one of the things john dickerson wanted to know are we going to see more of this. is the u.s. military going to kill more civilians? here with that exchange. watch. >> 100 civilians were killed after a u.s. bomb hit a building in mosul in iraq. is this the result of this tempo? is this the thing americans need to get used to as a natural by product of this strategy? >> the american people and the american military will never get used to civilian casualties. and we will fight against that every way we can possibly bring our intelligence and our tactics to bear. people who had tried to leave that city were not allowed to by isis. we are the good guys. we're not the perfect guys, but we are the good guys. abby: i loved that last line. because you know, you think about this country. you do the best job that you can. you are not always perfect
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out there, but you try to make this world a better place. that's is why he is called james mad dog mattis. pete: of course. is he a war fighter's general. the guys love them. they know he will have their back. he said we are not going to try to trip or take territory back from isis. we want to annihilate them. isis doesn't play by the rules. they hide among women and children. they use them as shields. if you are going to annihilate them it's unfortunately going to happen. we are the good guys. don't blame us for it, john dickerson. we don't want civilian casualties. they want that. abby: this might have been the best line ever. when you ask him what keeps him up at night, this is what he says. >> what keeps you up at night? >> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. pete: ha. perfect. that is the attitude america needs. clayton: or maybe he snores. i'm saying. [laughter] pete: clayton has a unique take. that's what we can count on. pete: we will have a fun show on this monday morning.
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good morning, everyone. jillian is standing by with the headlines. jill jill chuckle from the corner that was me. snores at night. good monday morning to you guys and you as well. navy seal falls to his death when a parachute fails to open. thousands of people including children watching in horror. this happened at fleet week event just outside new york city. his empty parachute landing in a parking lot. witnesses say the seal could i having with the elite group detached from the chute before crashing this into the water. the cause of the accident is under investigation. kim jong un's taste for war intensifying overnight. rogue nation firing off another missile. landing in the waters off japan's mainland in the country's exclusive economic zone. the trump administration ordering a third aircraft carrier strike force and one of the world's largest warships to the western
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pacific region. the gunman launch as door-to-door murder rampage starting with a sheriff's deputy. women dere shot and killed responding to a fight between the suspect willie and his estranged wife. police say godblolt confessed to killing victims at three separate homes only stopping when he ran out of bullets. he told the local newspaper he wanted to be killed by police. deputy dere was a husband, father, and former youth minister. he subsequent six years in law enforcement. and an action-packed weekend on the racetrack. did you see this? let's start here with a terrifying crash on the indianapolis motor speedway. >> caution. turn two. trouble, oh my goodness. what a huge crash. jill jill this is horrifying to watch. jay howard smashing into scott dixon at the indy 500. his car going airborne into the wall. thankfully both drivers walked away unharmed. and race fans also tuning in
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for nascar's longest event the coca cola 600. austin dillon finishing first at the charlotte motor speedway. isn't that video hard to watch? you are so thankful they are okay. abby: how do you survive? pete: technology. those things are like little capsules. abby: he must have been so strapped into that thing. i can't get over that navy seal who died here in parachute accident so sad. pete: think of him and his family. coming up, the liberal media says jared kushner could be on the outs following the report. he tried to create a back channel to russia. that is not what the president is saying this morning. the white house response in the live report next. abby: if you are wondering where steve is this morning? he is hanging out on a golf course in oklahoma. we are loving this. what are you doing out there? steve: that's right. you know major dan rooney from folds of honor last night with their national gala and today he has got me up early and i have already been hitting balls into the
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forest. we have to actually find them? it is a little dark back there. >> a few ticks, too. steve: find out how this is the most patriotic place in america today on memorial day. today on "fox & friends" live from oklahoma and new york city and all across the u.s.a. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ red, white, and blue ♪ enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. it's the lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700 plus 36 month financing. ends monday. go to for a store near you.
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test test test
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pete: white house remaining defiant defending jared kushner after. abby: expressing total confidence in son-in-law and advisor. pete: still questions around this. griff jenkins with the details on this. >> good morning, guys. the administration is standing firmly by kushner defending agencies that he appropriately attempted to back channel communications with russia and the president saying he has total confidence in kushner and statement to the "new york times" yesterday saying, quote, jared is doing a great job for the country. i have total confidence in him. he is respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars in addition to that and perhaps more importantly, he is a very good person. the white house officials began pushing back on the back channel story.
3:18 am
first with national security advisor h.r. mcmaster? italy saying that it didn't raise to the level of concern with him and yesterday dhs secretary. push back with chris wallace. >> any back channel otherwise with country like russia is a good thing. that communication then goes to the white house as a data point in terms of discussion so i don't see a big deal. >> democrats continue to press a top ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee adam schiff calling for review of kushner's security clearance. >> i do think there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful and whether he was candid. if not, then there is no way can he maintain that kind of a clearance. >> as things ramp up, it comes as former fbi director james comey is expected to testify possibly some time this week. it will be before the senate intelligence committee. we don't have the exact hard date and time on that. finally, a rare and previously scheduled appearance today,
3:19 am
the man leading the investigation into the probe robert muriel speaking at commencement address in massachusetts, guys? abby: thank you so much, griff. a disturbing warning from homeland security. >> they're obsessed with the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight. abby: the changes that you could soon be seeing at airports in the u.s. that is coming up next. could hillary clinton run for president again? don't ask chicago's mayor about that. that's coming up. ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ everybody's dreaming big ♪ whoa, whoa
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♪ ♪ abby: be a. jillian: welcome back to "fox & friends" on this memorial day weekend. dismantling the terror network behind the manchester bombing arresting a 16th suspect overnight. 23-year-old man taken into custody as armed police raid three areas of the city in a single day. 14 people connected to the massacre remain in custody. their ties to bomber is a lamb n abedi still unknown. banning laptops from all flights in and out of the u.s. >> they are obsessed with the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly if it's a u.s. carrier, particularly full of mostly u.s. folks, people. jillian: the proposed rule would expand one already in place from 10 airports in the middle east and africa.
3:24 am
it isn't a security issue but a technical problem that continues to cripple travelers in london. british airways facing a third straight day of delays even though most flights are expected to run. the problems stemming from a computer global system failure that grounded hundreds of flights on saturday. abby: thank you, jillian. memorial day is a time to remember our fallen heroes and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. clayton: it's for that reason the folds of honor created the championship. to honor fallen servicemen and women. pete: our own steve doocy joins you now from the eevent in oklahoma with the folds of honor major dan reasony. steve, it's great to see you. i feel like it's opposite day today. you are in the field and we're on the couch. but you have the better seat. clayton: and better shirt. steve: i do indeed. i know it's raining in new york city and we have beautiful weather for the eighth annual patriot's cup
3:25 am
today, right, dan? >> correct. steve: you know, we have had you on the show a number of times because we are so behind what you are doing at folds of honor. explain thousand all started 10 years ago. you were on an airplane. you're going home. and you see something that changed your life. >> it did. it changed my life forever. these moments of chance for a purpose god put you on a path, steve. unbeknownst to me on a commercial airline flight i was on board with the remains of corporal mark buckman killed in iraq and corporal brad buckman was bringing him home. that night i watched brock's son jacob inch down the cargo ramp and felt a calling in my life and went home and started folds of honor literally above our garage and 13 years later thousands of scholarships to kids getting ready to kick off the patriot cup. steve: unbelievable. the patriot cup does kick off. i am actually going to be golfing in oklahoma. good luck.
3:26 am
i'm a new golfer. we have plenty of those replacement balls, right? >> yeah. freedom isn't free but titlist gulf balls are. steve: today only. let me ask you this. they had national gala for folds of honor, out there, that's downtown tulsa back there and a little to the left of that is the hard rock where the gala was. i did not realize that 9 out of 10 of the million people in this country who would benefit from some sort of scholarship do not qualify for regular scholarships but they do for you. >> they do. that's why it's so important. this isn't a government thing. this is folds of honor running historically almost 90 cents on the dollar. platinum rated. so when people give a dollar, they change a life. steve: they do indeed. you are wearing -- we saw you on "fox & friends" on thursday when you showed us that brand new budweiser ad. and if you're gonna drink an america, that's what budweiser
3:27 am
called right now, you notice the folds of honor logo. this logo right there is on every can. this is a new logo i haven't seen volition. right there is the folds of honor. >> volition is the word that changed my life forever. it's the power of choice. every day we wake up and we are free to choose ultimately the choices we make culminate to write the legacy of our life. volition of america kicked off at soldier field and puma is behind it as well launched a national brand to empower people to make positive choices hopefully choosing america, obviously, on weekends like today and every day of the year to support folds of honor. steve: without a doubt, where i am right now in owosso, oklahoma, this is the most patriotic golf course i have ever been to but it's called the patriot. last night at the gala, i heard a story from a young woman who lost her father when she was just three years old and it just brought it all back to why you do it. and why so many people out across the country want to
3:28 am
open up their hearts and their wallets to help folds of >> sarah davis' dad made the ultimate sacrifice jf army ranger. it's memorial day. there is over 1 million veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms that we enjoy. that's what folds of honor is about. may we never forget. may we never leave a family behind on the field of battle. we sit here today, i promise you, in the most patriotic place in america. flags waving, people drinking budweiser. we are ready to celebrate a great memorial day in honor of that ultimate sacrifice. steve: we will be here all morning. we are coming up in an hour a medal of honor recipient by the name of la roy petrie and his story is unbelievable and because we are on cable we have larry the cable guy who who knew actually turned out to be great auctioneer last night. >> yep. and his name is dan and leroy coming up, actually grabbed a grenade in afghanistan and lost his hand. an incredible american. we will look forward to
3:29 am
talking to him. steve: dan rooney, thanks so much for the invitation. >> thanks, steve. steve: we'll be golfing in two and a half, three hours. abby: that's scary stuff. dan and steve, great story. really is. clayton: thanks, guys. north korea launching another missile and presidenhow does thl respond. panel weighs in on that next. pete: she just joins the "fox & friends" family and she is already soaring to new heights. >> ready to go fly? >> do it. pete: jillian mele doing barrel rolls and high flying stunts on this memorial day ahead. first, here are the american bombshell singers with stars, stripes, and eagles fly ♪ his number came up ♪ and he was going to try ♪ he's in the army now ♪ he is the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b ♪ they really brought him down
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good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack. it would be catastrophic war if this turns into combat, if we're not able to resolve this situation through diplomatic means. pete: some strong words from the secretary of defense. here to react our panel of u.s. war veterans iraq war vet
3:34 am
chris noem and u.s. captain steve affozy and scott man main. author of new book mission america i have in my hand right now. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it scott, start with you, this is the ninth north korean missile test this year. what is kim jong un looking to accomplish here? >> first of all, i think he is wanting to assert his authority and his credibility, you know, as the new kid on the block. i think he is definitely making himself heard. i think he is wanting to test. test the resolve of this new president. test the resolve of this new administration and possibly smell some blood in the water as he watches the conflict kind of, you know, persist inside our own borders. i think he will continue to push the envelope until we push back. pete: steve, speaking of pushing back, you have served on the korean peninsula. >> i have. pete: you heard secretary mattis say catastrophic war some of the worst fighting of our lifetime if it came to that what would it look like. >> general mattis is correct on that.
3:35 am
north korea has missiles, you know, directly pointed at seoul. seoul you have 20 million people there. we also have troops stationed there. we have troops stationed throughout the whole peninsula, the southern part of the peninsula, so, yes, it would be extremely difficult fighting. bloody fighting. a war we haven't seen for many generations. pete: chris, to piggy back on that, that kind of fight something gruesome and difficult as it gets. what does the trump administration need to do now to make sure it doesn't get to that point to make sure kim jong un doesn't get the type of ballistic missiles that could deliver a nuclear pay load. >> scott and steve said it pretty well. the president needs to keep setting forward and setting that tone, setting those expectations. i served in the middle east but many soldiers i know they all served in south korea. it's a very real reality for them down there. i think continuing to leverage allies in the region, setting expectations and not letting up, they're trying to continue to advance. we have got to push them back. pete: absolutely. i would be remiss on this
3:36 am
memorial day sitting with those that have served if i didn't bring that up and mention it of course, it's not about veterans and those of us that are here. it's about those that gave the last full measure. scott, you wrote a fantastic book called mission america about transition. as someone who has transitioned from the special forces to civilian world you realize how difficult that is what does the book mean to you. >> first of all memorial day is remembering our fallen and trying to live a life worthy of their sacrifice. that's what my wife and i try to treat our boys. this book mission america is to do that. help our warriors and family think about transition not as some daunting task that is on another planet but, think of it as another mission. another mission. mission america. that's what we had to figure out when i transitioned four years ago. it was a tough move to go from a team oriented environment to a society that values individual achievement. this book is about how to tell your story, how to think about what you do as a mission. it's more of a road map. a tactical road map to think
3:37 am
about transition and our nonprofit hero's journey given these out to active military around the month. 20,000 a month. pete: steve, on this memorial day, what will you be doing and how should americans think about it? >> certainly on memorial day, i want to remind everyone that it is absolutely the unwavering duty of every american citizen to preserve and reserve for the soldier a country worth dying for. that is something that we know. pete: got a phone malfunction. >> i apologize. again, it's every citizen's duty to go ahead and preserve for the soldier a country worth dying for. pete: chris, unfortunately live we have to leave it there you are in washington, d.c. how will you be memorializing today? >> i will probably go back to arlington, pete. we have to remember the fallen today. many people remembering veterans. many of those lost folks. a lot still hurting throughout
3:38 am
so we have got to keep supporting them. pete: thank you all for your service and your commitment. appreciate it. clayton and abby, over to you. clayton: long islanders that means it's time for the best page air show at jones beach. abby: feature performances from the blue angels, the golden nights and screaming scr. jillian: you seen the planes doing tricks all across the country, right you? know what i'm talking about. on this holiday you will see them on jones beach in long island, new york. one of the highlights the screaming sasquatch. it's piloted by retired air force general. he showed me what the air show looks like from the sky. take a look: >> are you ready to go flying? jillian: let's do it. ♪ first stop again jones beach. >> take you down there and show you where the air show
3:39 am
site is. it's a spectacular view of new york. jillian: my new home. about 150 miles per hour. >> about 1,000 feet above the ground. jillian: this is jones beach. how packside this normally on memorial day? >> this going to be backed. jillian: thousands of people would you say? >> hundreds of thousands of people. jillian: hundreds of thousands of people see him do this. >> we're going to go ahead and roll upside down. are you ready? jillian: oh my god. >> look off to your right? jillian: pull me back up? >> you got this. >> all right. oh my god. >> roll. jillian: and we're sideways. we're good. closing my eyes. >> look at that. you have got to open. >> are you messing with me right now? >> are you ready to do some flying, jillian? >jillian.
3:40 am
jillian: i'm ready to fly. >> nice and easy. jillian: oh my god, no. >> see how easy it is. move it to the left. you will turn to the left. now move it back to the right. there you go. >> jillian: oh my goodness. >> excellent job. >> i can't believe you let me do. this oh i see the statue of liberty up there. >> what a view, uh? jillian: amazing. empire state building. i see where i live. how cool is that? so how did you get started flying? >> the moment i looked up at my first air show i knew that's what i wanted to do. it has been a journey to fly in the air force and be deployed, fly in iraq three times. jillian: freedom tower, right? >> yeah. jillian: when you look at the freedom tower what does it mean. >> freedom isn't free. it comes with a cost. i implore all americans to stop, pause this weekend and remember those who made the
3:41 am
ultimate sang fight and those who continue to sacrifice for us on a daily basis. abby: that shot of the freedom tower in the end. it's so incredible to see new york city from above like that. jillian: absolutely. john who was nice enough to take me on the tour retired lieutenant colonel. we are passing by the freedom tower that's why i asked him seeing this what does it mean to you? he has 25 years of experience, and to be able to look at it from a different perspective and hear his perspective was really special. abby: burying the lead here, jillian. someone got a little sick. jillian: i did, in the plane. pete: but you finished. jillian: i did. it was a close call. abby: you are a trooper. that was a great piece. thank you, jillian. pete: you didn't show it on camera. clayton: we kept that away from you. coming up on the show the president's son-in-law jared kushner under fire for allegedly trying to set up a
3:42 am
back panel with russia during the transition. where was the outrage when president obama did something similar? we're going to take a look at that next. abby: this memorial day one man paying amazing trinity to the fallen by cleaning and restoring gray stones of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. this morning he is going to join us right here live to tell us his incredible story. don't miss that. ♪ at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you ♪ and defend her still today ♪ because there ain't no doubt ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪
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time for headlines, the youngest son of virginia senator and former vice presidential candidate tim kaine formally charged for disrupting a rally for president trump. cane. he was part of a group throwing punches and spraying pepper spray. should running mate try again in 2020? don't ask chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> you are asking something that we're not even first through the midterm election. she hasn't declared. it's not a good question. okay? so the question is. >> why not? >> it's not a good question. jillian: clinton has to decide if it's in her heart to run again. and illegal i will grant students attending ivy league school now want free healthcare. the undocumented students initiative at columbia university posting a list of demands on facebook passenger. they also want sensitivity training for all staff members, guaranteed housing, and scholarships for other illegal immigrants. no comment from the
3:47 am
university. abby? abby: all right. thank you, jillian. "the washington post typing a another so-called bombshell and this time about the president's son-in-law. the headline you ambassador wanted kushner secret channel with the kremlin. if back channeling was such a crime was the outrage when president obama did the very same thing? joining us now to rasmussen reports amy home good morning to you. >> thank you. has been memorial day. abby: we talk about back channels. there is precedent with this most recently with obama. >> middle man showed up at the state department. this is part of diplomacy as h.r. mac master. he was unsecured about this jared kushner back channel story. i want to point out that when obama did it with the iran deal, we are talking about major policy implications here, it was treated as if it was fascinating and clever
3:48 am
when republican does it and particularly mr. president trump it's nefarious and sinister. david ignatius at "the washington post" wrote a column about the obama back channel and he said this was an example about how breakthroughs come through strange and invisible pathways. but none of all the hype and hysteria that we're seeing with jared kushner. abby: find our own narrative. they have the power to say whatever they want to say. >> indeed they do. abby: think about secret back channels done in secrecy. the money that was paid to release the prisoners in iran. >> right. abby: even that moment when president obama was in russia telling the president there i will have more flexibility after this election that was all done in secret he thought. >> yeah. president obama wished it had been in secret. it was a hot mike moment. you remember this was in the heat of the campaign, the election of 2012. and we're talking about missile defense policy and president obama leaning over to president medvedev saying putin needs to give me some space because after the election i have more flexibility. the american people and american voters might have
3:49 am
liked to know what that meant. abby: then he goes to mitt romney let's go back to the 1980s. >> then he was down playing that's our biggest faux. >> then down playing the russian threat and now hyping the russian let threat to undermine the president. abby: where does it go from here? >> kushner said is he very happy and willing to talk to congress he's should. he serves the american people. abby: this has been done before? >> absolutely. so i think we will be hearing his story. our congress and representatives on capitol hill. abby: first i would like a named source on all of these reports. >> that's a good point, abby. something else that has been really unfair that the media is using unnamed sources that have their own agenda and the american people don't know what that is. abby: i know. amy holmes, good to interview us this morning. >> thank you, abby. abby: democrats suffering major losses in the last election. what is the solution for the next campaign? recruiting veterans to run for office. will that really help their image? it's memorial day. one man paying contribute to
3:50 am
the fallen by cleaning and restoring grave stones of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. this morning he is going to join us live. you don't want to miss this. first here are the american bombshell singers god bless america. take t it away, ladies ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the man who died ♪ and gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you ♪ and defend her still today ♪ 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on
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clayton: welcome back. memorial day restoring honor to those who gave their lives for this country. one man is doing that one grey stone at a time. abby: great story. last five years greg loomis spent every single sunday polishing neglect grave sides of fallen veterans. just like many of those veterans, is he volunteering his service. clayton: joining us now is andrew who is live for us bright and early. what compelled to you start doing this? >> good morning, everybody, thank you for having me. it was organic to be honest with you, it was organic situation whereas it was an observation i made walking through cemeteries. and i have connections with some friends that are in the military. where i noticed that there were problems where the monuments were forgotten of soldiers who sacrificed their
3:55 am
lives for our country. it was bothersome to me so i decided to do something about it. abby: it's incredible. a special story you want to tell. tell us about some of the things have you experienced along the way. >> sure. it's been great because some people have been touched by what i do in a variety of ways. sometimes what i do is i will tell the story and i tell the story. we do the restorations and then tell a story about their life. one particular story that really is touching to me is there was a gentleman, young man, he just turned 18 years old, he was the last surviving sibling of his family. so he had lost three siblings at a very young age. the parents had. and he made the choice to join the military in world war i in 1918. and he was killed by the germans about 9 months into service. so his -- i always imagined the family in the conversation that they would have had prior to him joining the service. because they had already lost
3:56 am
all their children. and he still decided to join the military. and ultimately he was tornadod, his ship watornadotoro survivors. that is the decision he made. clayton: what is the response from the community? >> the response has been really wonderful. like i said, when i tell the story, i can't believe the different reactions that it gets. it gets different reactions from different people. so when you tell the story, it touches people differently. so every person sees a particular story but they're touched in a special way. so but it's been wonderful. i mean, it really -- it's a unique -- what i do is very unique. clayton: absolutely. every grave stone tells an incredible story. abby: now they can see what you do. thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you for having me i appreciate it. have a great day.
3:57 am
clayton: germans chancellor angela merkel telling the rest of europe they can no longer rely on the united states. really? dines charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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odor and moisture. so you can feel fresh and free to get as close as you want. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena ♪ >> kim jong un's taste for war intensifying overnight. the rogue nation firing off another missile. >> i think he is wanting to test, test the resolve of this new president, test the resolve of this new administration. >> they are trying to continue to advance. we have got to push them back. >> conflict in north korea would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetime. it would be catastrophic war. >> the president is vowing to deal with those who are putting our national security at risk by leaking classified information. >> it's border line treason. >> you believe it's treason to leak some of the stuff. >> i do believe it is. >> people who violate the secrecy acts ought to go to jail. >> british authorities
4:01 am
dismantling the terror network behind the manchester bombing, arresting a 16th suspect overnight. >> terrifying crash here at the indianapolis motor speedway. >> oh my a huge cra. >> can you believe that that driver walked away unharmed? that is a miracle in itself. >> what keeps you awake at night? >> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. >> it's memorial day. there is over 1 million veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms that we enjoy. that's what folds of honor is about. ♪ ♪ ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ as the twilight's last gleaming
4:02 am
♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave wave ♪ over the land of the free
4:03 am
♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] pete: that is our nation's anthem and that is navy vocalist christina villalva this morning. abby: that made me cia cry. if you were in the studio you could hear a pin drop. think about singing at 7:00 a.m. in the morning and that was so beautiful. pete: on memorial day today we will be honoring it all morning long. pete: allong.pete. clayton: all the pictures you are sending in we asked to you memorialize friends and neighbors you wanted to memorialize on this memorial day. they have been pouring in. pete: chris sends us this picture of army staff sergeant james mcnaughten killed in action in iraq on august 2nd, 2005 at just 27 years old.
4:04 am
abby: so young. jill remembers her grandfather john o'brien who made the ultimate sacrifice at the age 26 on the uss on 1944. pete: anita sends us a picture of her cousin killed in action june 3rd, 1967, at the age of 18 during the vietnam war. pete: so many of them just 18 years old. chris remembers her late husband pooch davies, a u.s. air force veteran who lost his life during the vietnam war. clayton: keep sending in your photos this morning. anybody you want to memorialize in your family. is the email address. and we will share them throughout this memorial day. abby: so important to look back throughout history in this country of all the wars that have been fought. of all the critical condition credible lives taken for our freedom. as you mentioned some too young. pete: you are doomepeople willie cost of their own lives to defend it. clayton: protect what we hold dear in this country.
4:05 am
that's really what hermine land secretary john kelly is talking about on "meet the press" this weekend. he believes these intelligence leaks that have been coming out of this administration, wherever it's coming from, are rising to the level of treason. and. pete: this is guy who would know. clayton: exactly against what we were talking about. able be a you are so right, clayton. the men and women who come out and protect us every single day for our freedom. and leaks coming out that sabotage our own national security. to think about that today and how sad that is for all the people that are out there doing their very best to help this country. pete: i'm a soldier and intelligence operative and i'm putting my life on the line to give you the intelligen intellio figure this stuff out and some kid in the white house who wants to be a buddy buddy reporting at the failing "new york times" handing out this intelligence. not understanding what it took to get it and consequences of it being released and how much it undermines keeping americans safe. john kelly understands this.
4:06 am
clayton: this was at the heart of the issue when the u.k. handed us intelligence and was handed to the united states and leaked to the press. we saw bomb materials out in photos in the "new york times" and "the washington post" and other places. homeland security secretary john kelly on this issue. listen. >> it came from the united states. it's totally unacceptable. and i don't know why people do these kind of things, but it's border line, if not over the line of treason. >> you believe it's treason to leak some of the stuff. >> i do believe it is i believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked, high, high level of classification. abby: how is it -- clayton: think about treason for a moment, right? you put those to death who share information with other spies, right? other spies caught handing over classified information to russia, the soviet union during the 1980 and beyond, that's treason news.
4:07 am
you are handing over classified information to other people. that is treaso. abby: i can't think of anything worse to sabotage your on country. we had former speaker of the house newt gingrich on this show yesterday. is he up in arms as well. he thinks these leakers need to go to jail. listen to what he said. >> people who violate the secrest secrecy acts ought to go to jail. what happened with the manchester, after the bombing in manchester undermine the british investigation, weaked our relationship to our allies and is dangerous. whoever leaked that should go to jail. you start putting a few people in jail, you will see the leaks dry up dramatically. pete: this is not a game. s this this is not a parlor game or palace intrigue. this is really significant stuff. that's the level where it will have to go. if these leaks continue whether it's the inner circle or deep state bureaucracy, have you got to find out who it is. maybe it's a polygraph. it's a way to find out if they're the ones leaking information.
4:08 am
clayton: go to this pront morning, front page story if there is going to be a shake upwhen the president comes back from the mideast state. now back looking at his staff wondering where leaks are coming from. is there a shakeup in the wings? abby: what about the journalists leaking out this information for the world to read? let's say i was given information from some unnamed source and i can't verify that and i'm thinking well, you know, this is actually great for me because i'm going to get a lot of clicks on this story and great headline tomorrow morning. that's what many journalists are thinking about today. not what is in the best interest of this country. pete: because i'm a patriot. you put the home team first. we lost that. newsrooms saying i want to be relevant or past this whole idea of american sovereignty. clayton: couple big headlines from mattis. couple big take aways. he sat down with john dickerson on face the nation. a couple take aways.
4:09 am
asking about this recent bombing run in mostly, iraq in , killed hiflians. he asked about that issue and are we going to see more civilian deaths and this is how he answered it. >> 100 civilians were killed after a u.s. bomb hit mow snul iraq. is this a result of the temp pore. is this the type of thing americans need to get used to as a natural by product of this strategy? >> the american people and the american military will never get used to civilian casualties. we will fight against that every way we can possibly bring our intelligence and our tactics to bear. people who had tried to leave that city were not allowed to by isis. we are the good guys. we are not the perfect guys but we're the good guys. abby: i love that last line we are not perfect. we make mistakes but we are the good guys. i'm so frustrated at some of these interviewers as we talked about before.
4:10 am
have you such a short amount of time to ask these important people questions like james mattis. you're going to ask him is this what we have to get used to, civilians dying? what is he going to say oh yeah, actually. we should. we should have more civilians dying. pete: excuse me, general, do you like civilians dying? enemy doesn't play by the rules they hide amongst women and children. human shields. that's what we have to deal with. you want to kill them go after them. unfortunately mean that of course this guy cares about it he cares more about american boots and whether we are protecting those guys and protecting our country. pete: perhaps the better way to phrase the country dealing with that strategy that isis uses human shields. how do you deal with that. obviously civilian casualties upmost mind in the defense department. how do you deal with that? abby: they have time to think about their questions. usually they they plan in advance something they want to ask james mattis. heside him
4:11 am
this question which was a great response about what keeps him awake at night. >> what keeps you awake at night? >> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. pete: boom. i absolutely love it. clayton: they are wondering where next bombs are going to come. they have been forced out of their strategy out of the past year to start shifting their strategy, not using phones and they have to come out of their bunkers and drive face-to-face meetings and they're bombed. pete: what he said is not going to let you skirt off to another battlefield and occupy planned land. we are going to annihilate you is the words mattis. that will keep a puny little isis fighter awake at night. abby: that line is going to live on. pete: many of mattis' lines live on. abby: jillian mealy is with you us. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. a navy seal falls to his death when a hair chute fails to open sending him plunging into the hudson river.
4:12 am
watching in horror. empty parachute landing in a parking lot. witnesses say the seal diving with the elite group detached from the chute before crashing into the water. the cause o of the malfunction is under investigation. also breaking right now, erratic north korean dictator kim jong un's intensifying overnight. rogue nation firing off another missile landing in the waters off japan's mainland in the country's exclusive economic zone. the trump administration ordering a third aircraft carrier strike force and one of the world's largest warships to the western pacific region. could effect your next vacation. homeland secretary john kelly considering new security screening that includes removing more items from carry on bags and banning laptops from all flights in and out of the u.s. >> they are obsessed with the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight.
4:13 am
particularly if it's a u.s. carrier, particularly full of mostly u.s. folks, people. >> the proposed rule would expand one already in place from 10 airports in the middle east and africa. a look at your headlines on this mopped. see you back in a little bit. >> german chancellor an flag merkel says thanks to president trump europe can no longer rely on the united states? really. dinesh d'souza here to react next. abby: if you are wondering where steve doocy is this morning? he is hanging out on a golf course in oklahoma for the best reason. the sun is finally out there. good morning. steve: that's right. sun was up four minutes ago here in owosso, oklahoma. right behind me tulsa. last night this club played host to the folds of honor gala. it was stunning. coming up we have major dan rooney, plus you're going to meet a medal of honor recipient with a story you will never forget. that's coming up live from the
4:14 am
patriots here in owasso where we have a eye in the sky and it is a beautiful day on this memorial day day 2017 ♪ sucker punch ♪ came flying in from somewhere in the back ♪ ♪
4:15 am
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♪ ♪
4:18 am
>> just days after president trump lectured nato members about poniying up more money for defense german chancellor angela merkel now admitting saying the times in which we could rely fully on others, they are somewhat over. this is what i experienced in the last few days, referring or implying president trump. we europeans must really take our destiny in to our own hands. so can europe really no longer rely on america? here to react is filmmaker dinesh d'souza. you see the words of the german chancellor what do you make of that. >> it's the kind of declaration of independence on the part of angela merkel. it's very good news. it basically means that europe will be taking more responsibility for its own security. the first glance this seems alarming because it changes arrangements that we have in place really since world war ii. have you got to realize that the underlying wrote logic of those arrangements have gone away.
4:19 am
in the 1940s we said we will pay for germany's security because we were afraid thought germans would get so strong that they would essentially invade and dominate the rest of europe like they tried to do with hitler. and then during the cold war, we basically said, listen, we're willing to carry germany on our backs and pay for its security to prevent the russians from being able to invade across the gap. now all of this has gone away. we're living in a different world. there is absolutely no reason for us to be funding the security of a rich country. one thing to pay for welfare for poor people but welfare for rich countries that's something quite different. pete: especially when they're unwilling to make their are obligations inside nit toe germandothey want to go on pay n open borders. whether a is on their own look like without the united states? >> >> there is a little bit of a psychological gap that has opened up between europe and the united states. on the issue of climate
4:20 am
change, for example, look, angela merkel has no idea whether the world is getting hotter or colder. the temperatures in germany are just the same they were when she was a kid. but climate change is a pretext for these statutes governments to exercise more control over their free market economies. that's why they like it so much. and trump is just not willing to go along with it. pete: absolutely. do you see this relationship getting stronger or frostier? >> well, i think in some way as kind of alliance of equals is much better than a kind of dependent alliance. because dependence alliance security and mentality. healthier alliance with europe with each of us carrying our own weight. pete: good stuff. thank you for joining us this morning. >> you bet. pete: new report claiming the department of veterans affairs is unfortunately still failing to meet all its obligations to our brave servicemen and women.
4:21 am
david chul kin here to respond to that and what the v.a. does at burial places around the country. incredible story of sacrifice when steve joins us live from the patriot cup in oklahoma next. ♪ still believe in the good old fashioned way ♪ i watched them i love how usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs.
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4:25 am
graduates at tabor academy in massachusetts. comes less than two weeks after being appointed to oversee an investigation into possible ties between russia and the trump campaign. and amid that investigation, president trump is standing firmly behind jared kushner defendingson and white house advisor against allegations that he inappropriately attempted back channel communications with russia. in a statement to the "new york times," the president says jared is doing a great job for the country. i have total confidence in him. abby? abby: thank you so much, jillian. memorial day is a time to remember our fallen heroes and to honor those who have served. clayton: soldiers like army master sergeant la roy pettrey hurdle ago live grenade away from his fellow combat. pete: la roy petrie and major dan rooney live from the patriot cup in owasso, oklahoma. thank you for joining us all three of you. >> steve: thank you very much.
4:26 am
dan, great to have you back. leroy, let's talk a little bit about what happened nine memorial days ago today? >> we were on a mission after a high value target went into a compound. as we got into there, started clearing one of the buildings inside. i waited for another guy to bump me on the shoulder. i got shot through both my thighs. sergeant behind me got shot in left shoulder in the mid section. i led him to cover behind a small building which we called a chicken coop. we got pinned down by heavy fire. threw a grenade over. another ranger started coming over. sergeant higgins. we started protecting the corners around the building. at that time they started throwing more grenades and one knocked them to the ground and the second one that came in was right behind them. i reached over and i grabbed it. steve: the grenade is right next to you. >> it's -- they are about four feet away. and it landed right behind them.
4:27 am
i leaned forward and i grabbed it as i was throwing it away, i open a hand and it exploded and completely took the hand, sat up, put a tourniquet on it. both guys got minor shrapnel. they went out on missions the next day. they both had families and we all got out of there luckily. one we did lose one guy in the courtyard that day. specialist gaither kohl. and it's hard. every memorial day i try to honor him and his family his survivors his daughter, brother and sister. steve: of course, you were honored in the east room of the white house by the president of the united states, awarded the medal of honor in 2011. and today you have this prophetic hand which you were showing me how it worked. it's unbelievable. >> brought back a great quality of life. receiving the medal of honor, what it represents to me is more than myself. it's all those who have served.
4:28 am
all those currently serving. those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. steve: dan, regarding sergeant petry's family. while he was recovering, let's face it we don't pay our men and women who wear the uniform enough. is he disabled. he is unable to work for a while. he has got a family, a son austin who wanted to go to college. he couldn't pay for it that's where folds of honor came in. >> we are so blessed just so sit next to leroy and the medal of honor around his chest and what it represents to this country. to be able to step in and help his austin getting ready to graduate from central washington is -- it's humbling. it's privileging. there is no doubt about that. we have got over 13,000 recipients now, spouses and children who have had somebody killed or disabled. and this year we'll put over $15 million out the door coming up in august to help these families. but we have millions in unfunded requests. and that's why it's so
4:29 am
important that people donate in honor of leroy and all those who have made such sacrifices on memorial day. steve: last night at the hard rock in owasso, that's tulsa right there. owasso is six miles to the left of it as you take a look at your tv screen. you were the honored speaker last night for the gala, raised a lot of more dollars to raise families like yours. what does memorial day mean to you, sergeant? >> i like the word you used. i was honored. i was honored to be there. humbled to support and give back to help my family at a time of need and it -- memorial day for me is a time of reflection where we can honor all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to family members and everyone that has met one of those warriors who paid the ultimate sacrifice. but it is a time of grief for
4:30 am
many, but for me i find joy knowing that there is programs such as this that help the families of the fallen. steve: indeed. >> those severely injured. steve: it is an honor to have met you. and thank you very much for your service. and dan, today is the big patriots cup golf event. we -- i'm actually going to play golf in public for the first time in my life. and you got a perfect day for it here in oklahoma. look at that. that's the golf course right there. the patriot cup. and it is beautiful, dan. >> thanks. gorgeous here. steve: it's very nice. guys, thank you very much for joining us today on memorial day. >> thank you. >> thank leroy. >> yep, honored. steve: back to new york. abby: that is a beautiful shot and incredible stories there thank you so much. pete: seems like he has done that before. abby: golf? i don't know. pete: interviewing. pete: get a camera on steve's swing.
4:31 am
department of veterans affair still failing our servicemen and women. pete: david shulkin is here to explain how he fixed it next. abby: barbecue pits master and four time champion to give grilling secrets. >> i'm in. abby: you do not want to miss this ♪ keep on rocking in the free world ♪ did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $700 on the temperature balancing i8 bed. go to for a store near you.
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4:35 am
♪ who bids the mighty ocean deep ♪ it's unappointed limit keep ♪ o hear us when we cry to thee ♪ for those in peril on the sea ♪ clayton: that is christiane villalva singing hymn on memorial day. fitting song raining in new york city. abby: her voice is just beautiful. we have had the pleasure of listening to her all morning long. what a way to reign in this day. pete: trying to do justice to this day. when you wake up this morning. what is the true purpose of memorial day? i can smell barbecue on the plaza. celebrate the lives of those
4:36 am
who gave so much. abby: be proud of this great country. that is so right. clayton: when you are driving past mattress sales ton this memorial day. remember what this day is all about. we wanted to bring in the secretary of veterans affairs david shulkin who joins us. nice to see you sir. >> good morning. pete: welcome to the show. mr. secretary, appreciate everything do you on memorial day. we will ask you about the secretary network the v.a. runs as well and ceremonies around the country. first, wanted to get your reaction to circuit reporting and others that the wait time persists. we have seen challenges at the v.a. in washington, d.c. and elsewhere. obviously, you inherited problems with wait times and coverups there. how are the efforts going in improving waits that vets are seen promptly? >> pete, thank you. first of all, i hope everyone and all your viewers are having a very meaningful memorial day. we are focused on wait times and things are getting better around the country. we have recently published all of our wait times so everybody can see exactly what the wait
4:37 am
times are so there is no hiding these problems. and where there still are wait time problems we are laser focused to make sure no veterans are waiting for care. pete: yocare.pete. clayton: meeting with jared kushner office of anyone know investigation. he is passionate about. meeting with former google executive eric schmidt the executive chairman of alpha bit about modernizing our government and trying to bring some innovation to government. in these meetings with jared kushner about modernizing the v.a., what have you guys talked about? anything you can share about that? >> well, i think you're exactly righ the problems we're facing in the v.a. are really years and years of neglect, sometimes decades. we're running with systems that are 30, 40 years old. and what's happening in the office of american innovation is we're actually going to industry and we're trying to get the best practices that american companies have and make sure that our veterans have the very best care by modernizing our systems. abby: you know, today is the day, of course, you think
4:38 am
about those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and next generation of our military that are going to go out and make incredible sacrifice for all of us. i would love your take on the president's first international trip where he talked strongly about terrorism and he spoke to the troops on his way home. what did that do to boost the morale of our military? >> i think this was a very successful trip. and the president, being abroad was very important for all of us to see. i think that the country wants america to lead. the country wants america to be strong. having a strong v.a. is so critical to our national security. watching the president feel so passionate about our military and veterans is something that i think all of us are very proud of. pete: mr. secretary, we talk a lot about the veterans health administration, health at the v.a. benefit at the v.a. all the time. we rarely talk about the national cemetery. the v.a. runs 135 cemeteries around the country. a lot of the services at those cemeteries today if people wanted to memorialize in
4:39 am
person they could presumably visit all these ceremonies. >> you are absolutely right. all across america today, the department of veterans affairs is going to be welcoming families and friends of those that have fallen to serve our country. and each one these cemeteries, there is going to be very special ceremonies to recognize and to honor those who sacrifice for all of us. pete: absolutely. abby: thank you for being with us this morning. it's an important day. >> yeah. absolutely. clayton: really important topics to fun topics when you are gathering with the family. abby: yummy topics. pete: how did they get that task? abby: lucked out. take it away. jillian: if you are planning on barbecuing today you don't want to miss this. winningness man in barbecuing revealing recipe for ribs. the mayor of a small town in georgia and known as the barbecue mayor. i have been dipping into your barbecue, my friends. it is delicious. >> thank you for being here.
4:40 am
>> i'm glad to be here. >> tell us what you brought. >> what we have is the proteins, baby back ribs right here. we got our sausage and pork butts. came up from my restaurant in old town, alexandria. jillian: new restaurant. >> opened up in january. pit master barbecue. janice: how long have you been doing this for. >> start cooking when i was. barbecue business. he used me and my brother free labor. as i got older i learned stuff from being around him. i became the winningness man in barbecue. jillian: do you have any secrets can you share? >> like the ribs today. we get out here and probably one of the main things that anybody is going to cook this weekend. especially today. you want to get the membrane off the back side of them. pork ribs. janice: pete has been eating all morning long. come on. >> make the rub and season it here. take a little vegetable oil and rub on it. take your rub january.
4:41 am
jillian: spread that on. while you are doing this three cookbooks. >> three cookbooks. got every day barbecue. jillian: tell me about this. >> tangy sweet. march that laid. janice: tangy sweet new best friend. >> fundraiser coming up in june. >> yes working for the uso. i made a couple trips. south korea two years ago. kuwait. we are trying to plan something this summer right now. jillian: very nice. you are probably wondering why these bottles are here. we have some champagne. rosea both from france. supposed to pair well. janice: mac and cheese tell me about this. >> baby back mac and cheese. you dip it in oh my gosh. go to for more recipe information.
4:42 am
>> thank you so much for joining us. >> guys, send it back to you. clayton: who needs a spoon? abby: i have got to get over there fast. clayton: you animals? how can president trump beat the press? newt gingrich has a plan. >> the left wing media hates donald trump. the left wing media wants to destroy donald trump. this is why they should cancel the daily briefings. abby: good idea? we'll take a closer look. that's next. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah. go to great lengths frto find relief.ain finally there's drug-free aleve direct therapy®. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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4:45 am
♪ ♪ >> if i said to you oh, there is a loin lion eating a zebra oh my gosh. lion eats zebras. the left wing media hates donald trump and they want to destroy donald trump. this is why they should cancel the daily briefings. clayton: cancel the daily
4:46 am
briefings is that a good idea or totally absurd. shear steve cortez and democratic strategist steve. good to see you. >> good morning. clayton: our own ed henry says you can't cancel the white house briefings. that's absurd. what do you say? >> steve tore cez? clayton: sure, take it steve. >> we are both steve. i don't know which one you wanted first. i think it's reasonable, of course. i think if they do that they better answer written questions because they do need to be accountable. but mr. gingrich is exactly correct. can i tell you somebody deeply involved in the campaign. i know many of the people in that briefing room. they don't just oppose donald trump's policies. they despise him individually in an almost visceral way. they will not be satisfied until, in their mind, they get him impeached. that's never going to happen. but that's truly the way they bring themselves to this work of a daily briefing. and what has become really in many ways is an absurd sort of gotcha theater rather than healthy skepticism which is what the media is supposed to
4:47 am
do. that's what the mainstream media has done in regards to the trump white house. clayton: steve lesser, you disagree with him there? healthy journalism is not going on in the white house press corps? >> i mean, look, trump and his surrogates need to stop whining about the press and achieving something. steve cortes just a couple days ago you said i guess they have made a few stumbles by this administration right out of the gate. that's what the press is reporting on. you give them successes maybe they will report on that for a change. have you all these broken promises, scandals, embarrassments, what do you expect the press to report on? if you want to say this is a circus media. this coverage evidence of it. >> steve, we have plenty of successes and i would point. [laughter] >> can you laugh but the american people aren't laughing because they know is he working on their behalf. the border is already largely secure. >> the border that mexico was going to pay for that wall is that what you are talking about? >> steve, i'm talking. i'm talking. secondly we have a fabulous new supreme court justice now sitting, thirdly and i think
4:48 am
most importantly, the economy at long last is accelerating and optimism per i have as whether it's small business all the way to the stock market there san optimism palpable in the country. if you don't pay attention to what the washington and new york journalists want us to believe. instead of washington go to waco. this president has incredible achievements that the media wants to ignore. clayton: steve, the argument is that the white house should put out press releases. hand out to the press corps. take on it here is the official white house. we are not going to do it on camera. >> is he going to punish the american people's access to this administration and ability to hold the administration responsible. that's not the way to do it. trump and his administration and his cronies are very good at pointing the finger everywhere else except where it needs to be pointed, at trump. he's the problem. and, steve, you can contradict what you said three days allege, you admitted yourself the administration has had
4:49 am
missteps right out of the gate. that's the problem. it's not the press. it's not liberal. it's trump. clayton: steve, the final word. >> of course what administration doesn't have missteps. of course there are missteps. they are human beings. however i would say this, the media, this sun denial, the media is out to get trump and they are antagonistic in a way that is totally irresponsible. clayton: two steves thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. clayton: coming up on the show, how do you keep the tidal wave of drugs on the other side of the border? it starts with this ship and this man homeland security secretary john kelly in an exclusive memorial day interview with our own rob schmitt, that's coming up next. ♪ living in america ♪ sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft.
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♪ abby: welcome back this memorial day. the u.s. coast guard, the first line of defense against millions of pounds of drugs and countless criminals entering this country every year. pete: that's right. earlier this week they got a special visitor the secretary of homeland security himself. our own rob schmitt was there to interview him. abby: hey rob. rob: good morning. awesome to be on the ship. they say the mark of a good ceo hiring good people. that's what donald trump is for this country. he has hired a fantastic cabinet around him. secretaries right now you could argue with the state of the world, defense and homeland security, two really big positions, i love mattis. and got to know john kelly. it was great. so let's go ahead and check it out. [whistle] ♪ >> for somebody like him to
4:54 am
come here and, you know, personally be here for something like that, it does. it means a lot. to have it be such an awarded marine who fully understands what it means to deploy and can relate to the crew so well. >> commandant of the united states coast guard takes pleasure in presenting the coast guard commendation to the 19 vessels. 77 suspected 134ug glories and 17,400 kilograms of cocaine. worth over $555 million. >> really, really honored to be here, everybody. keep doing what you're doing. take care of each other. you make your captain look good every day. your last cruise 17 tons of cocaine. picked up a lot of bad guys [applause] >> as americans, we spend a lot of our hard earned tax dollars on defense. let's put it in perspective for a second.
4:55 am
this ship we are on cost $700 million. but in just the last couple of weeks, it has confiscated almost that much in illegal drugs, mostly cocaine. >> the president told me to get control of our southwest border. and my conversations with him included starting that process 1500 miles south of texas. and that means the united states coast guard. in the last three months, certainly since january, illegal migrants crossing into the united states are down by 70%. 99% of all the heroin consumed in the united states can produced in mexico. 100 percent of the cocaine that comes in through the united states comes up from latin america. rob: to people that say that it is outrageous to put this emphasis on checking that border, you give them those numbers, how could they possibly argue with that? i have never seen anything this ugly in my life. it is counter productive. it turns my stomach but i'm learning to deal with it i would tell you this. not to get political, but when
4:56 am
in 2008 when the congress passed laws to put physical barrier democrats like senator obama, senator hillary clinton, senator chuck schumer voted to put that physical barrier there, okay. now, politics change, i know. but the situation today is much, much worse than the situation was back in 2008. ♪ ♪ rob: this is fleet week. >> they made my week. they made my year. these are the finest people in the world. the interesting thing is they don't really expect much in the way of thanks it's thanks enough to serve this country in uniform. ♪ rob: one last thing the tremendous respect that the coast guard men and women had for him was just incredible. abby: you can see that in the piece. rob, well done.
4:57 am
absolutely great. clayton: the president's son-in-law jared kushner under fire for allegedly trying to set up a back channel communications with russia. where was the outrage when president obama did the same thing? are they the same thing? ed henry is with that next. abby: come on in. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:58 am
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5:00 am
♪ >> tensions escalating higher in north korea as the rogue nation fires off a third missile in three weeks. >> conflict in north korea would be probably the worst kind of fighting in most people's lifetime. it would be catastrophic war. >> the president is wowing to deal with those putting our national security at risks leaking classified information. >> it is borderline trees sown. >> you believe it is treason? >> i believe it is. >> germany is on its own. we can't rely on the united states any longer. >> absolutely no reason for us to be funding the security of a rich country. >> what keeps you awake at night.
5:01 am
>> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. >> terrifying crash at indianapolis motor speedway. >> my goodness. what a huge crash. >> do you believe that driver walked a. that is miracle in itself. >> memorial day honors those that paid the ultimate sacrifice ♪ [inaudible conversations]. ♪ pete: we're attempting to get sound, american drum and bugle corps. abby: keep you on edge. clayton: keep you on edge.
5:02 am
pete: it is all with the right intentions of love and country. abby: happy to be with you all. hope you wake up to a beautiful day. clayton: we asked you to send pictures of those we wanted you to memorialize, friends. reina sent in one. abby: her uncle was killed in action in okinawa in world war ii. pete: debra send us this picture her uncle shot down in laos in 1968. clayton: their brother made ultimate sacrifice in iraq in 2005. abby: i want to remember my late uncle clayton huntsman killed in action during world war ii, flying a f-40. he looks like my younger brother in the navy. one is a pilot. pete: send the photos at friends
5:03 am
at this is ultimately a civic celebration. we remember these guys and gals everything they have given. abby: and their service. >> jillian standing by with the other news headlines this morning. >> good morning to you guys, to reiterate let thank everybody for their service. a navy seal false to his death when his parachute fails to open sending him plunging into the hudson river. a thousands of people watching during a fleet week event. his empty parachute ended up in a parking lot. the seal detached before crashing into the water. cause of the malfunction is under investigation. erratic north korean dictator kim jong-un firing off another missile landing in the waters off japan's main land in the country's exclusive economic zone. the trump administration
5:04 am
ordering a third carrier strike force and one of the world's largest warships to the western pacific region. did you he see this, terrifying crash on the indianapolis motor speedway. >> caution. turn two. trouble, oh, my goodness, what a huge crash! >> my goodness very hard to watch. jay howard smashing into scott dixon during the indy 500. dixon's cargoing airborne into the wall. thankfully both drivers were unharmed. becoming the first asian born driver to win. you can see the celebration. just happy everyone is safe. not everyone is a winner. baseball star bryce harper has no problem he tell to a group kids. >> okay, you, no, johnny. no participation trophies, oak.
5:05 am
first place only, all right? [applause] >> nationals mvp speaking his mind to group of kids in washington, d.c. some clapping for 24-year-old pros advice. in sports that is always a hot button topic. everyone on one side or the other. abby: thank you, jillian. pete: ed henry joining us. you get a participation trophy. the white house is wowing to crack down on after being nine days in the middle east and europe, we hear reports that the white house will crack down on intelligence leaks coming out where they don't know. >> he should. clayton: furious about the leaks of manchester bombing. bomb materials on newspaper front covers as a result of it. here is what homeland security secretary john kelly had to say about it. he called it treason news. >> if it came from the united states it is totally unacceptable. i don't know why people do these
5:06 am
kind of things, but it is borderline if not over the line of treason. >> you believe it is treason to leak some of this stuff, you -- >> i do believe it is. i believe when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked, high, high level of classification. clayton: what do you make of this? where is it coming from and how should they handle it? >> there is allegations it could come from the intelligence community or fbi. it wasn't just the leak about the manchester bombing. it has been leaked transcript of phone calls between president trump and world leaders, the kind of stuff that doesn't normally leak out. details of potentially criminal investigations within the fbi that are not supposed to be leaked out. you have to wonder in the man canster situation whether this was not just, you know potentially blowing the investigation you also have a situation where people inside of the intelligence community who had this information knew that
5:07 am
president trump was on the world stage when the leak came out. the information was about, was about to meet with prime minister may of the uk. this was quite embarrassing. abby: she is not happy about it. >> she is mad. we may have to change intelligence sharing in the u.s. bigger picture about president trump, think about this the bomber in manchester was killed. we believe basically he was a mule. he went there with these bombs, killed these people, terrible tragedy but we believe, our intelligence community believe there were more people involved. there is a bomb-maker still at large that gave him that material. you leak out the information it may make it harder for us to catch the actual killers here who masterminded this. how awful is that? abby: who is looking this, right? leakers, then the press, they decide they're given information from unnamed source, just one source, you remember the day that would have never have flown, that would not have passedded.
5:08 am
>> we have to make a distinction. president talks about fake news and leaks involving anonymous sources that are parlor games, who is up, who is down, is there a shake-up, that is one thing. what you're pointing to, something much more serious what secretary kelly called treason. make information about that is classified that could compromise intelligence operations. >> right. >> that could lead to people being killed. that is much bigger -- abby: newt gingrich said the same thing. ii want to play this the actualy the press can not be trusted. they're out to hurt the president and this country. >> if i said to you, lion eating a zebra, oh, my gosh i thought they become friends, how could that line eat his friend? they're a lion. they eat zebras. left-wing media hates donald trump. the left-wing media wants to destroy donald trump. they should cancel the daily briefings. >> lions, giraffes, tigers wasn't sure.
5:09 am
pete: press left-wing and trump. >> this is where i push back. this is are with i think, you have to make a distinct shun. newt gingrich is taking, others including our friend pete, are taking specific cases where intelligence is being compromised, classified information is being leaked illegally okay. then saying let's cancel the daily briefing because all reporters are bad. that is what newt gingrich and what you're saying. pete: they're not getting ahold daily briefing because it is daily assault on sean spicer. why submit to a left-wing press corps wants to bring you down every day. >> two different issues. nothing to do with the law being broken. >> they're both bad. >> can't say all reporters are bad, all reporters are risk ral. lock them out. pete: they're saying both. we shouldn't barrage ourselves to left-wing talking point. >> that is different decision. we talked about on the couch
5:10 am
before. i think it would be a mistake r there reporters that are not out to get the president. pete: reporters that aren't? >> john roberts is fair. jonathan karl. the brush you're painting everybody in that room is out to get the president. abby: maybe there is balance. maybe a way for both sides. >> less briefings that is their choice. that will also hurt them some days. president wants to talk about tax cuts they don't have a briefing that day. clayton: front page of "new york times," couple pages about the jared kushner. role in in the white house under strain. back channel discussion with the press, excuse me with the russian government before the election. i'm sorry before the election, during the transition. we know that this back channel was never set up. but attempts to do it. some on the right saying no difference at all between what president obama did in the iranian deal an secretary in those back channels communication. is that a fair comparison?
5:11 am
>> can be. they were using a back channel because we didn't have direct talks with iran for what the administration thought was greater good, let's have a back channel to make the process move forward n this case, the trump administration could make the case, open a line of communication, back channel with the russians could help in syria for example. that is good, for the greater good. clayton: before the election? is that fair comparison? >> another comparison, election of 2012, abby talked about this earlier, barack obama is the sitting president, talking to president medvedev, about vladmir putin wait until i get elected, i will have more flexibility, tell vlad. was that back channel. front channel. he was trying to cut a deal. clayton: that is different, he is president at the time. talking about 18 months before the election.
5:12 am
abby: presidents during that period of time, after that transition period before they won. >> clayton is pointing out that is correct, at the time about the talk by jared kushner, november, december time frame, president-elect trump was not yet president. north factor here, were those conversations with the russians undermining of the obama administration and united states government that was in place then? that is different than 2012. pete: simple question, how are the leaks happening? personality phone calls, emails, texts, how are reporters getting these? >> reporters use apps like confide, it will disappear to give information. pete: there is no trace. >> number one, because it is encrypted. number two they're using go-betweens. you hear a lot of conversations you could submit to lie-detector test, i did not leak that information to this person because you maybe handed off to a different third party.
5:13 am
abby: we want to ask ourselves, what is true journalism what is a source? pete: ed henry. >> filling in for bill at 9:00. abby: thank you, ed. >> great to see you. abby: president trump sending the world a strong message to fight terror. what is the mainstream worried about? a climate deal. the danger of ignoring the priorities and that's next. clayton: drum and bugle corps performing quote noblemen." ♪
5:14 am
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clayton: welcome back. on the heels of the terror attack in the uk, the president vowing to defeat isis and keep us safe from left-wing terror. the mainstream media is horrified the president's failure to recognize climate change. is this the last thing america should fight for or the first thing in the age of radical islam? we have lieutenant-general ollie north. good to see you this morning. >> good to be with you, clayton. clayton: is climate change the most dire threat facing all of us today or something else? >> if you listen to angela merkel yeah, it is climate change but the greatest threat we face is not melting polar ice cap, existential threat of nuclear armed radical islamic state called iran and their allies in the people's democratic republic of korea. clayton: what can the president do to stop that? we saw the sabre-rattling while he was in the middle east and europe.
5:19 am
kim jong-un fired off missiles when they were duds a few months ago, zooms like they're figuring stuff out? >> they are, no doubt about it. nine times already this year. one week now, the last several weeks. last night, another one. look, the bottom line of all of this, clayton, is that it is apparently escaped the notice of our intelligence services how the democratic peoples republic of korea can afford to build nuclear weapons and icbms in a country where grass is a vegetable? the answer is, ayatollahs have been paying for the fat dwarf's pyongyang icbm research for years. so the answers, one, build ballistic missile defense to protect this homeland and start on it yesterday. number two, real sanctions against any chinese, russian, european, read, any business, doing any business whatsoever with iran and or the democratic people's republic of korea. that is the only way you are going to stop it.
5:20 am
clayton: dismantling this agreement, iranian nuclear agreement that president trump stepped all over. defense secretary james "mad dog" mattis, we saw a sit-down interview yesterday on one of sunday shows, asked whether or not what keep him up at night? here is how he responded. >> what keeps you awake at night. >> nothing, i keep other people awake at night. clayton: is he the guy to make the changes? >> yes. congress has to get into the act and start funding these things. jim mattis is remarkably he effective of secretary of defense. we needed one for a long time. we need to make sure those supporting the nuclear program, that includes the russians and chinese they have to be stopped. the only way to do that is start sanctioning any business doing any business whatsoever with iran and democratic peoples republic. clayton: colonel, great to see you. >> thank you, brother.
5:21 am
clayton: thank you so much. he was a member of navy's elite unit seal team six killed in afghanistan. his gold star mother is keeping his memory alive teaching children about sacrifice. you will hear that story next. ♪ and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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you can figure things out easily, so you won't even have to call us. change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to ♪ abby: good morning to you. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this memorial day, quick headlines a gun man. lauren: much as door-to-door murder rampage. responding to a fight between suspect willie godbolt and his estranged wife. godbolt accused of murdering victims at three separate homes, only stopping when he ran out of bullets. three slides closed at a
5:25 am
brand new california water park, after a boy is launched off a ride to the concrete below. the slide's manufacturer visiting the wave to figure out what happened. the incident happening 90 minutes into opening day. the boy isn't seriously hurt. abby. abby: this memorial day a gold star mom remembers her fallen navy seal son. was among the 30 americans killed in 2011 when their chopper was shot down in afghanistan. she is carrying on her son's legacy with a new book, world changer a mother's story. care ron vaughn joins us. especially on today which is so important. >> wonderful to be here. abby: tell us about aaron. >> he knew what he was created to be when 8 years old, he would tell everyone to be a navy seal. he overcam unimaginable odds to make that dream. he was a prankster, jokester,
5:26 am
larger than life. he was a kid who believed in people. he made you, he elevated everyone he knew to be a better version of themselves. that is the best way to describe him. incredible human being. abby: you probably miss that laugh. >> i miss it. abby: he died at young age of 30. boy did he serve this country well. what happened? >> august 6th, 2011, rangers were in a range 2 1/2 hours into firefight in tanga river valley in afghanistan. this is three months after we killed osama bin laden. the whole valley was heightened, there was heightened state of warfare. they were assisting rangers in the raid, 17 u.s. navy seals and five seals support and several other crewmembers and other special forces. their chopper was shot down just before they touched down, killed all 30 americans on board. largest loss of life in history of naval warfare, still to date the largest single loss of life in this war. abby: as you mentioned he knew how dangerous the mission was. he knew what he was doing and
5:27 am
proud to do it for this country. that is what your book is all about, world changer. your sown had motivation at very young age. not everyone does. not every parent knows how to instill the motivation to make their child strong. >> i was putting this together with group of moms around our area. the principles we implemented in our home weren't things they were familiar with. some of the key principles we felt were valuable. instilling real solid sense of discipline, patriotism, love of something greater than yourself. when i realized that, i will right this book about aaron. i will put in the midst of it, hundreds of life lessons, nuggets to moms and dads out there to raise kids who believe they can achieve. kids that aren't slacker, but achievers. that is what america was founded on, people who believed and dreamed and pursued like you. you know, and that's what aaron did. there are serious ways you can implement principles in your home will allow to you raise a
5:28 am
child like that. that is what i want to do with world changers, helped my votes to homes across the america, raise great kids. abby: it is patriotism, love for this great country, so important to instill in the next generation. so many moms out there, families that have lost someone they loved or sending out members of family to serve. my two brothers are some of them. my mom is probably watching. what is your message today? >> my message is be confident what the fact your child chose that life. they were created for that instinct to protect and defend. i hear a lot of moms say i'm terrified to let my child serve. if not them who, right? if not now, certainly when. don't be terrified. trust god this is the path and course for your child and believe in their dream because that is the best way you can be a support system to them. abby: aaron would be so proud of you for spreading that message. get the book, "world changer." we can put the graphic up to make sure you know where you find it.
5:29 am
one you must read he especially on a day like today. karen thank you for your service and being here today. >> thank you. >> what better way to symbolize the important holiday, challenger the american bald eagle is in the green room all morning long, letting freedom ring this memorial day. it's a beautiful bird. if you're wondering where steve is, he is hanging out on a golf course in oklahoma for best reason. he has a very special guest with him. steve, this morning. steve: yes i do, abby. welcome to owaso, oklahoma. that is larry the cable guy. he has been to all of the patriot cups. he will do something unique. remember major dan was with us on thursday, talking about how budweiser renamed their beer america. larry is about to tee off, he just emptied it by the way. go ahead. >> no, i didn't. steve: can't drink on tv. >> i didn't drink on tv. spit it out.
5:30 am
steve: larry the cable guy, a medal of honor recipient and life from owasso, oak. larry, get 'er done. ♪
5:31 am
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♪ clayton: that is the u.s. drum and bugle corps. abby: we're honoring our nation's heroes, this memorial day with a very special visit from challenger, the bald eagle. clayton: we have the president of the american bald eagle association. great to have you back with us. what a beautiful bird. 2 years old. u. "huff" been on the show 10 years talk about the story of challenger. >> challenger was blown out after nest in a baby at a storm five weeks of age. he didn't have all of his feathers. he wasn't full-sized. he was not injured. hand raised imaccidentally. he had human imprint. when he was released he would land and beg for food. foundation found him the third time. the government decided he would
5:35 am
need for education and wouldn't survive very long. clayton: pete is always around meat. abby: this is the wrong. clayton: no food and no hand moving. >> difficult for you to talk. clayton: i'm a hand talker. what is the message of challenger on this memorial day? how important is this bird as our national emblem? >> today we're kind of honoring the people who fought and died for our country throughout our history. so many people have given the ultimate sacrifice for defending our freedoms and our rights. so, challenger is here to symbolize that effort. and -- pete: what can he do? stadium flights? >> challenger flies in stadiums during "the star-spangled banner". first eagle in history to do that. he has a special niche with american eagle history. abby: how much does weigh? >> weighs about six pounds.
5:36 am
abby: beautiful bird. i never seen pete so still in my entire life. this is amazing. can we have you on the whole time. pete: i'm mesmerized. how many times are you aware of the being near a bald eagle. >> we're talking about american eagle today. foundation that they are involved for a decade. we have a resolution passed by u.s. congress boeing back to 2007. we have 20, 49 governors on board across the state. across the united states. so we're right now trying to get a u.s. president involved declaring american eagle day to make it final thing to be celebrated every year on june 20th. clayton: president trump watching. get on board. abby: want to read the tease? no? memorial day is time to remember our fallen heroes and sacrifice for our freedom. clayton: folds of honor created patriot cup championship, given
5:37 am
to children and spouses of fallen or wounded servicemen. that is right. our own steve doocy joins us from the event in owe because sew, oklahoma, with the founder, dan rooney and larry the cable guy. we know you thought that was most patriotic place but we have a eagle on the couch. steve: larry the cable guy said on showbusiness you should never follow children and animals. so we're following a eagle. >> i love this. this is a mr. roper look. he has on the mr. roper outfit. >> "three's company." great you have celebrities like larry the cable guy showed up at gala. he has been coming it for years. he was a fantastic auctioneer, auctioned off the camo tuxedo i was wearing. >> for $6,000. >> 11,000.
5:38 am
>> brent burns, mvp of nhl. i bought it three years ago on ebay. we can't get another one. steve: hope he is not watching. have your wife get a he sewing machine make one like it. larry what is about folds honor make you want to be here for the event year after year? >> it is unbelievable cause. i mean, to send kids of fallen soldiers to college. i mean it is just, you got up and heard the stories last night of people. one girl got up talked about how folds of honor changed her life. it is amazing and such a cool event this is one of the events you want to be a part of so bad to help out. it is just great. and on memorial day, wasn't for the vets doing what they did, we wouldn't be able to be out here. there is a lot of evil in the world fighting it back. steve: amen to that, brother. >> we appreciate it. love coming down here.
5:39 am
honestly sat at banquet last night didn't have a couple tears coming out you're not human, that's for sure. steve: dan, i didn't realize there are so many needy families out there, simply one reason or another do not qualify for regular scholarships. >> amazing statistic, steve, 1.5 million dependents somebody killed or disabled just in arak an afghanistan. nine out of 10 get no federal education assistance. that is where folds of honor steps in. 13,000 scholarships honored. unfortunately despite a record year, we put $15 million out there are millions in unfunded requests. freedom is not free. that is why we're here on memorial day to help raise fun and not leave a family behind on the field of battle. steve: absolutely. without giving out a name early this morning, watching you on "fox & friends," there was a donor, large donor who saw the appearance where you talked about how you're trying to put a
5:40 am
lot of spouses and children of fallen warriors to college, they were so moved they wound up writing you a big check this morning? >> they did. they saw our first segment, pledged $100,000. >> wow. >> more importantly is 20 scholarships go out the door in august. speaks to the power of the fox nation, really does and how truly patriotic they are. we want to say thank you for your freedoms especially on memorial day. steve: sure. larry, one of the things about folds of honor, 86% of every dollar you wind up pledging goes directly to the family. >> that is the cool thing about charity and foundation. you get some of charities, 100 employees and give them, 7% goes to the charity that is the cool thing. you know when you give your money definitely going to a kid. steve: absolutely. we'll do something right now. budweiser called their beer
5:41 am
america. it is in camo green. larry, go on over -- >> it fell down. >> the crew in the studio you do know the only people are tuning in because of abby huntsman, not because of you two guys if. steve: it is memorial day. one of the featured speakers was medal of honor recipient, leroy pietri, great to have you. we'll have a ceremonial first tee off. >> i love it, steve. we take our places, budweiser is donating one million dollars this memorial day weekend to fund scholarships at folds of honor. formation takeoff for the team. >> this isn't very easy by the way. >> in honor of god and country, steve, will you call it off? steve: everybody, in three, two, one. did anybody's beer still stand? >> nope.
5:42 am
they're all down. >> mine went furthest. >> wait a minute. leroy, the ball is there and the beer is gone. steve: leroy. thank you very much. larry the cable guy, you want to help. millions are watching on memorial day, folds of honor .org. what a great way to spend memorial day, 2017. we're going to have the kicksoff in 90 minutes. major dan, thank you very much. >> god bless america, especially all those families and those servicemembers paid ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. may we never forget. that is consider why we're here in owasso, oklahoma, the most patriotic place in america. steve: abby, back to you you. abby: thank you, guys. pete: he is a rookie but looks good. clayton: democrats suffered in
5:43 am
the major losses in the last election? what is their solution in the next campaign, recruiting veterans for office. will that help? we'll have a retired navy seal turned lawmaker next. ♪
5:44 am
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5:46 am
♪ abby: welcome back. they suffered major losses in the last election. now democrats solution in the next campaign, recruiting veterans to run for office. pete: with 99 veterans in office, 73 are republican and 26 are democrat. will this plan hp improve the democratic image?
5:47 am
let's ask former navy seal and current virginia congressman scott steele. >> good morning, brother, you how are you? pete: i'm doing well. we know you appreciate this memorial day and you appreciate the men who are not here served alongside with us. on political side dems want to take back the house. they think recruiting veterans to run as democratic candidates in the house improve the chances. what do you make of that strategy? >> obviously veterans are not monolithic. we have democrats and republicans. we tend to be conservative. strategy is a decent one. i hope bret moulton is recruiting primary candidate as well for democrats. as you very well know, pete, are, veterans tend to want to get things done. they don't care where you come from, what color you are, who you love. i would love to see more veterans in general in congress. i don't think the strategy is necessarily a bad one but a good
5:48 am
one but i hope he is recruiting for primaries. i'm recruiting. call me if you're a veteran. abby: you want that reason to be genuine. we don't want our military to be one side or the other but you want all reasons to be very genuine. why is our military more attractive to the republican party? >> probably strong defense of course. they tend to be fiscally conservative. they tend to be independent thinkers of course. i serve my district, honor and huge responsibility of serving the congressional district with the moss veterans of active duty of anyone in the nation. they tend to be independent-minded but certainly lean to the right. they're not overly partisan. they don't like to bicker back and forth about dumb stuff, dumb part staun stuff. they like to get things done. that's why i'm here. abby: history repeat itself. the democrats tried the thing in 2006. they were called fighting dems. recruited veterans to run for office. is not the democratic platform
5:49 am
so far left, a lot of veterans feeling like they're out of touch? >> i would say in general the democratic party moved to the left. i would certainly venture to say the probably vast majority of folks in the military do not agree with that platform. abby: we need more people like you in the office. not about i can abouterring in politics but getting things done. pete: scott taylor, thanks a lot for your service. thanks for joining us this morning the appreciate it. >> thank you, guys. happy memorial day. pete: they are the greatest generation. one teenager is on a mission to make sure stories of word war two veterans never fade away. he is traveling the country to document them. this interview you will not want to miss. abby: can't wait for that. from the first moment you met
5:50 am
itsurround them in comfort andws protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers
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pete: those who paid ultimate sacrifice on this memorial day. one 19-year-old is on a mission to thank and preserve the memory of every single world war ii combat veteran until the day the last one passes away. he is rishi, traveling the country and creating a living history with almost 500 interviews of world war ii veterans so far. joining me with his incredible story the founder of, heroes of the second world war, rishi sharma. thank you for being here. >> appreciate your time. pete: i hadn't heard about the story until i read about the segment? you are 19 years old. why are you you motivated to document the stories? >> why are a bunch of 17, 18, 19-year-olds in word war two giving up their lives to have a chance at live 75 years later? a lot of things were given to me, a lot of people died, and got killed so i could have opportunities. not just me, millions of others.
5:54 am
pete: i know a lot of 19-year-olds. most don't have the perspective you have. you started with this idea younger than that. where did the idea come from? >> i've always been interested in world war ii but after reading books by stephen ambrose, i was so shocked about the heroic actions a bunch of, 20, 21-year-old men did during world war ii. i started to look them up, give them a call from the phone book. most amazing feeling to read a excerpt about someone on the phone to hear their account. i started riding my bike senior home, visited all the veterans. rode to the next one and incomes one. i started driving around with the family car and ditching school to do interviews. i realized i'm good at this. i enjoy talking to veterans. therapeutic for a lot of them. i want to do this until the last one days. pete: you interviewed almost 500
5:55 am
at this point. what are the stories that you hear really stick out to you? >> i met some veterans who lost their best friend right in front of them. it takes such a toll when you see someone who you were talking to one minute, getting riddled with bullets and ripped apart by shrapnel. these guys were sent there to kill. to think at 17 you have to kill someone, and then when you come home, after willed war two, you were told to man up and move on? posttraumatic stress wasn't diagnosed this was still the sail generation that put men on the moon. pete: what amazing, amazing perspective. you do it out of your car. interview three veterans a day. you are not old enough to rent a car. you can't fly to places, to rent a car. you drove here all out of pure passion for the vets. i know viewers out there are blown as away by this as i am. the website for your organization is heroes of the second world, right? you say, you always take financial resources.
5:56 am
there is gofundme page as well. war ii heroes. you can fund what he does. you want to find more world war ii veterans. there is friend or family member, submit, hey, i know a world war ii veteran you should interview? >> i am looking for veterans. people can realize they can do themselves. we shouldn't wait until the last world war ii veteran is alive to shower them with attention and want to learn from them. pete: i'm truly in awe and appreciate, no, a young citizen like you having that perspective, understanding of civic engagement gives me chills and hope and gives the audience hope on this memorial day. heroes of the second world war .org. thank you. >> appreciate it. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life.
5:57 am
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>> we've been asking you to send us your photos of those that you want to memorialize. dave remembers his son who was killed in action in afghanistan on august 15th, 2012.
6:00 am
>> i want to remember staff sergeant george olivera, killed in afghanistan. >> have a great memorial day, everyone. spend it wisely. >> good morning and we're awaiting the start of a solemn day of remembrance of our nation's capital. a live look at the world war ii memorial in washington to honor the 400,000 americans who died in that war. president donald trump, meanwhile, will be at arlington national cemetery to participate in the traditional wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown soldier later this morning. we'll bring that to you live as well. good morning, i'm ed henry live in america's newsroom. >> i'm heather childers


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