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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 29, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> breaking news, jared kushner's side of the story about the russian meeting. what he has to say about the claims. he tried to set up a secret back channel to moscow. we'll take to it our political panel. north korea sending a stark message to the west on this holiday weekend. another missile test making three in three weeks. and the secretary of defense warning what a war would that nation could look like. plus, heard about tiger woods? he's behind bars. the golf icon again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. it's all ahead this hour.
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hello. i'm eric shawn in for shepard smith. the words of president trump today as he gave his first memorial day address as president. during a solemn and emotional ceremony at arlington national cemetery in virginia today. the president honoring the americans that spent what he called their quote last moments on earth defending our country. >> we honor the noblest among us, the men and women that paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom. we pay tribute to those brave souls that race into gun fire and roar into battle and ran into hell to face down evil. >> and then in a quiet homage, the president paid tribute to
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the son of john kelly killed in afghanistan in 2010. robert kelly was 29 years old. today's ceremony comes as possible major changes in the white house staff. the associated press reporting that president trump is considering adding lawyers and public relation staffers to try to help deal with the controversy over russia. the president defending his son-in-law, jared kushner, after a series of reports of meetings with russian officials. jared is married to ivanka and a top adviser to the president. "the washington post" has reported that federal investigators are focusing on kushner as part of their investigation into the russian interference of the presidential election. specifically, meetings with bankers with moscow. kushner is not suspected of any crime. kushner talked about setting up
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the secret communications channel with russia during the meeting with sergei kislyak. and we have word moments from a source close to jared kushner, that it was the russians that raised the idea of using a secure line. we'll have more ahead. meanwhile, president trump defending his son-in-law saying jared is do "a great job" for the country. his respected by virtually everyone and is working on programs that will save our country billions of dollars. in addition to that and more importantly, he is a very good person. kristin fisher live from the white house. hi, kristin. >> hey, eric. in addition to president trump personally defending his son-in-law, jared kushner, other
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administration officials say that even if kushner did try to establish a secret back channel with the kremlin, it's not that big of a deal. yesterday john kelly called it normal and acceptable and now the white house is getting an assist from a republican senator that usually doesn't see eye to eye with this administration or at least sometimes he doesn't. senator lindsay graham says he doesn't trust the story as far as he can throw it. listen. >> it makes no sense that the russian ambassador will report back to moscow on a channel that we're most likely monitoring. the whole story line is suspicious. >> republican senator john mccain said in an interview on australian television, there's nothing standard about trying to set up a secret communications channel with a hostile foreign government. adam schiff is calling for kushner's security clearance to be reviewed. >> if these reports are accurate
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after the intervention to have the president's son-in-law a key player in the trump organization, trying to establish a back channel with the russians through a russian diplomatic facility, you have to ask, who are they hiding the conversations from? >> and i've got new information just coming out from our catherine herridge. she's reporting that a source closest to kushner that said it was the russians that first raised the eye of establishing the secret back channel, not kushner. this source told her that the idea of a permanent back channel was never discussed, only a one-off for a call about syria. a lot of differing stories here that will have to be worked out in the weeks to come. >> we'll talk about that more in a minute. meanwhile, what about the reports of a possible shakeup in the west wing? >> a lot of rumors a lot of speculation. what we're hearing, if there is a staff shakeup, it's not so much of getting rid of team members already in the west wing.
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it's more about adding members from the outside to the team, especially to president trump's legal team like mark kasowitz. he's the president's long-time personal attorney. he's just been hired to represent president trump in this russia investigation. in fact, as you can see, he was spotted here at the white house just yesterday along with president trump's daughter, ivanka, eric. >> the president paid a visit to arlington national cemetery. it was moving, poignant and personal. >> one of the more moving exchanges took place in section 60 of arlington national cemetery. the president stopping to speak with some of the gold star moms whose sons were lost in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. here's one of those moments. >> he said he just -- he said, mom, i hope that people don't forget that i ever live. if you can remember jimmy, that
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would mean so much to me. i'm a mother of a marine. it would mean so much to me, sir. >> we will do it. >> that was one of several gold star moms that president trump met with while visiting section 60. section 60 is the part of arlington national cemetery where u.s. military members are buried killed in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> that's so touching. we honor them all. kristin, thank you. let's bring in our political panel. robin byro from the obama campaign. what is wrong with the back channel? the administration is defending it. >> you know, it took them five days, eric, to defend it. you know, i have to wonder if they didn't need to wait for the tempers to calm. for all of his claims to have no
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worries about kushner, he also said the same thing about comey, he said the same thing about jeff sessions, he said the same thing about flynn. we know how all of those turned out. we criticized hillary clinton for taking a public and private response. we're seeing more of the same. donald trump has to take a public response of having complete faith in jared kushner. i already know that he's been moved from his office next door to the oval office down the hallway to be with bannon. >> did he do anything wrong in your view, robin? >> say again. >> did jared kushner do anything wrong, in your view? >> according to the former cia director, mclaughlin, it was espionage. so i'll just defer to him. he's more qualified than myself. >> eric: sara, is it espionage? you were a cia staffer. >> i'm not qualified to say that. what i can say is back channels happen and i think what is
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questionable here is the timing. so this happened in december before the president was in office. what is also questionable is what were the parameters of what they were talking about setting up. we don't know what that is. what we know is that jared has agreed to congressional hearings. senator corker got the tone right yesterday. he's the chair of the foreign relations committee. he said on "meet the press." jared is an open person. he already has to say when the timing is right. it's impossible to say at this point if what he did was illegal. >> eric: now we got the breaking news that they said the russians headed this up and it was a one-off. does that change the view -- >> again, you have to look at it within the total scope of law. are they trying to do something helpful with regards to syria. we don't have enough information yet for me to declare whether or not this was illegal or not. like i said, the timing is questionable. this happened in december prior to the president taking office. that causes me to raise an eyebrow. >> eric: others say back
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channels are common. we've had them before in other administrations. >> and that's true. i think i stated that a few seconds back. back channels happen. i worked at the nsc. it happens. you have to set it up with the scope of law. the parameters matters, the timing matters. >> eric: what about that defense, robin? >> i'm a former army ranger. we had back channels. sometimes they are required and necessary. but we do have a responsibility to check this out, make it sure it was on the up and up and to see exactly when it happened. i've heard that it went back as far as april. that would be problematic. >> eric: they're talking about specific meetings. you have kislyak. you have sergei from vep. he helped financial the trump
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hotel in toronto. "wall street journal" said "u.s. investigators examining interactions between mr. trump, his associates and veb. veb is for the russian government to fund important projects. robin, the attorney for the trump organization says there's nothing wrong here. the white house says the meeting was 30 minutes of no consequence. >> and the fbi told us that russia had every intent to meddle in the elections. we know because the fbi gave us that intelligence they were attempting to do this. we have to see if they were successful. they tried to. we need to see if the trump campaign colluded with russia to do so. i will argue everyday americans don't care about this. they care about gas prices, the price -- >> eric: may be that, but at the
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same point, it's front and center in washington. the cia director said there's no evidence of collusion. the intelligence officials said there's no evidence of collusion but of contacts. >> we know what we heard and we know that a special prosecutor is going to take this case further. so i think we're going to have to sit back -- look, i'm highly skeptical of russia. putin has written himself into office for as long as he wants. his grandfather i was sol shep. we have a special prosecutor that will do it. i think we should sit back and see -- you know, the optics of this are not good. it's going to hurt i think the president's legislative efforts this year. but we need to sit back. we have a summer of court hearings ahead. >> and an investigation ongoing. thanks, sarah and robin. mike pence kicked off a memorial day bike ride at his home.
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mr. pence greeted more than 200 riders and many veteran s at the naval observatory. project hero helps out service men and women and first respond ers injured in the line of duty or suffer from ptsd. the ride goes from the capitol to virginia beach. >> i know all of you know better than i ever will that this is a day we remember those that serve and did not come home. >> mr. pence says it was profoundly humbling in his words to have the veterans at his home on this memorial day. meanwhile, north korea firing off, we heard about this, another missile. it's their third launch in three weeks. now the u.s. defense secretary warning if diplomacy can't end a nuclear standoff with kim
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12:17 pm
launch in as many weeks. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon with more on this troubling development. lucas what are you learning about this launch? >> eric, in addition to the ballistic missile test that splashed down 215 miles from japan after first reaching outer space, fox news has learned of another missile test. this one involving a surface to air missile called the kno 6. similar to the russian s-300 design. these images from north korea's state-run media show the tests as well as the presence of kim jong-un, the leader of the rogue communist regime. yesterday defense secretary jim mattis said it's not just missiles he's concerned about. >> the north korean regime has hundreds of artillery cannons and rocket launches in range of one of the most densely populated cities on earth, the capitol of south korea. the bottom line is, it would be a catastrophic war if this turns
12:18 pm
into combat. >> just moments ago, eric, fox news has learned that a north korean mig crashed at the same site where kim jong-un witnessed the surface to air missile launch. no word if he saw it crash. >> eric: you know the defense secretary raises a great point. 28,000 u.s. troops in south korea. so how are we responding to this? >> eric, defense secretary mattis vowed to keep his cards close. he would not talk about any red lines. here's what he said. >> at this time what we know, i'd prefer to keep silent about because we may know some things the north koreans don't know. >> what keeps you awake at night? >> nothing. i keep other people awake at night. >> in the past few weeks, the pentagon has doubled its fire power in the region. the u.s.s. ronald reagan joined
12:19 pm
the carl vinson strike group giving american commanders two aircraft carriers and march warships capable of launching cruise missiles. the pentagon is planning a missile test of its own tomorrow. the u.s. military will launch and intercontinental ballistic missile from the marshall islands and shoot it down in space using an intercepter missile fired from a base in california. fox news will cover it live. >> eric: thanks, lucas. remember if 2009? tiger woods' wife, she smashed the windows of his s.u.v. after he crashed it into a tree. sadly the golf champ is in trouble again. police hit behind bars this morning. we'll have details straight ahead. ♪
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>> eric: tiger woods went to jail in florida today. charges of driving under the influence. take a look at his mug shot. it's unfortunate and sad. police say tiger was arrested in the tiny tune of jupiter. happened around 3:00 a.m. woods had been taking a break from golf to recover from back
12:24 pm
surgery. claudia cowan has more. claudia? >> that's right, eric. tiger woods was booked about spent several hours at the palm beach county jail. it's unclear if he was tested for drugs or alcohol. but according to the website tmz, police spotted woods at the wheel of a 2015 mercedes driving erratically, all over the road. law enforcement smelled alcohol on his breath, but woods refused to take a breathalyzer. in florida, that means automatic arrest and license suspended. the details coming from tmz. so far no official comment from the police in jupiter and our calls have not been returned. eric? >> this comes as tiger has been trying to attempt another comeback? >> yes, that's right. he hasn't played in a professional tournament since february. he's only made three starts in the last two years as he tries to reclaim his top spot in the
12:25 pm
golfing world. today's arrest is a latest in a string of tabloid headlines. there were multiple reports of extramarital affairs and a high profile divorce. in the 2009 car accident, a witness that may have been his wife told a police trooper that woods was drinking earlier and taking ambien and vicodin. woods was eventually cited for careless driving and fined $164. in resent years, he's strucked with back pain. he posted an update on his website lately and said he's felt the best he has in years after undergoing his fourth back surgery. he said i'm not looking ahead. right now my sole focus is doing rehab and doing what the doctors tell me. i'm concentrating on short term
12:26 pm
goals. he may be pain-free but with the dui, his troubles are far from over. >> eric: we hope that he can straighten it out. claudia, thank you. president trump said his trip to europe was a great success. a key u.s. ally says many europeans may not count on their partners and that means us and they may have to take their destiny in their own hands. live with details on that. first on this memorial day, we honor the brave men and women that have given their lives defending our nation. that's a live at the vietnam veterans memorial. we thank our vets, honor them and remember them. we'll be right back. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample.
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12:29 pm
anti-muslim slurs at two women and stabbed group of men that tried to help. >> just want to say thank you to them and their families. >> two men are killed. president trump calling the attack unacceptable in a tweet. teams are evacuating villagers in sirlanka. and today north of london, a tiger attack. police say the tiger never escaped the enclosure. the news continues after this. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance
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what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at >> eric: german chancellor angela merkel taking an apparent swipe at president trump. she didn't mention him by name but europe may not be able to
12:32 pm
count on its allies anymore. she was speaking in munich where president trump refused to commit to the paris climate agreement. chancellor merkel called the talks difficult, if not to say very unsatisfactory. she said that europeans have to take their destiny into their own hands. >> the times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over as i have experienced in the past few days. >> merkel also said it's important to keep friendly relations with the united states and britain despite their decision to leave the european union. president trump called his first trip overseas as a great success. he tweeted "just returned from europe. trip was a great success for america. hard work but big results." rich edson with more. hi, rich. >> angela merkel is now working with the president of the united states potentially at odds with european positions on climate
12:33 pm
change, one what has pushed for trade barriers and openly complained of the trade imbalance between the u.s. and germany. there's the security alliance, nato. the president spoke to nato and failed to mention article 5 saying one attack on ally is an attack on all. he mentioned a failure of most nato countries to speed the agreed upon guideline of 2% of their size of their economies on defense. trump called nato obsolete during the campaign. angela merkel facing a national election in september says europe must fine its own strength. >> he has to know that we have to fight for our future and ourselves as europeans. that's what i'd like to do together with you. >> while the president failed to mention the u.s.'s commitment to
12:34 pm
defense, the secretary of state has. senior officials claim that sense the u.s. is in ney or the, they're obviously committed to their obligations. >> we know what the chancellor has to say. how about the other europeans? >> in macron's first meeting with president trump, the two engaged in a lengthy firm handshake. macron told the french publication that "my handshake with president trump was not innocent, not the alpha and the omega of a policy, but a moment of truth. we must show that we will not make small concessions, even symbolic ones." president trump is more open than many thing and able to change positions and able to establish a cordial relationship. >> white knuckles there. thanks. for more, let's bring in kimberly atkins and columnist for "the boston herald."
12:35 pm
kimberly, the president calls the trip a home run. when it comes to merkel, it's a bunt or a strike-out. >> yes, clearly the german chancellor was not happy with the way things went in the meeting with president trump, which was his first big multilateral meeting of european allies since taking office. it was telegraphed to reporters that he would re-affirm the commitment to nato and did the exact opposite, scolding memberers saying they weren't paying their fair share of national defense. leaders reacting with eye rolls and not accepting his speech very well. >> eric: that means that they just don't want to hear what he has to say. couldn't you -- wouldn't you say that? >> also, they took it -- it was interesting. the european folks i talk to said look, he just came from saudi arabia where he told 50 or more muslim leaders that he was
12:36 pm
not going to lecture them. that's not what he was there for. he wanted them to focus on mutual interests. he goes to europe and talks to his allies and does that, lecturing them -- >> eric: doesn't he have a point? he would say they're not pulling their own wait. let's take a look. we have a list. 23 of the 28 nations -- >> it's true. >> pay 2%. supposed to pay 2 percent. france. one of the greatest and oldest allies under 2%. turkey, a nato member. germany with all their money. 1.2%. italy just over 1%. our neighbor to the north, canada, 1%. spain under 1%. the president says they should pony up whether or not the europeans want to hear it. >> it's true. they do commit on a principle of giving 2% of their gdp. but at the same time, to lecture them on that and also forget all the ways that the united states and its western allies depend on
12:37 pm
each other, from everything from counter terrorism, to pushing back russian aggression, trade and other issues. one expect explained it to me like being in a marriage where you only focus on the negative traits of the spouse. >> eric: he did pay tribute to the nato commitment in afghanistan in other ways. what does this mean for the atlantic alliance? france and germany teaming up more. some say it could only help putin. >> it's true. it's been clear for generations now the interests of russia and the soviet union was to weaken the european nations and separating the united states from germany. that's always been a goal. moscow is probably not unhappy with the turn of events. even more so, more immediately, there's concern about the relationship between the u.s. and the west as it moves forward on a lot of these issues,
12:38 pm
including keeping down russian aggression. when it comes to everything from trade to the paris climate pact, which the president has not committed to, there's a lot of things that cause a lot of divisions between these folks. they're our friends. >> the opinions will continue amid policy. kimberly atkins from "the boston herald," thanks for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> of course. >> eric: defense secretary james mattis says the fight against the islamic state in his words has accelerated and shifts to annihilation tactics. he made those comments during a "face the nation" interview yesterday. and the defense secretary says the united states no longer shoves the terrorists in his view from one position to another but instead he says surrounds them and takes them out. he admitted that success might take awhile and did acknowledge that civilian casualties are
12:39 pm
inevitable. >> this is going to be a long fight. i don't put timelines on them. civilian casualties are a part of it. we do everything humanly possible, taking many chances to avoid civilian casualties at all costs. >> eric: president trump focused on isis during his trip. he urged muslim nations to unite against the terrorists and as his words, drive them out of their countries. british police are on the lookout for a blue suitcase tied to last week's horrible bombing. police have put out a new photograph of the bomber that killed 22 at the ariana grande
12:40 pm
concerts. detectives have no idea to believe that the suitcase is dangerous but want people to be cautious and find the big suitcase. meanwhile, police say they have arrested another suspect in connection to the terrorist bombing bringing the total number of 14 people in custody. the latest arrest was hundreds of miles from manchester. a woman who owns a salon below the apartment tell the media that the suspect was a young libyan guy that was jovial and nice. she said she was training to become a pilot. greg palkot with more. hello, greg. >> you know, eric, it's been almost exactly a week since that brutal attack in that concert hall in manchester. police today say they're still operating at what they say full tilt, full speed. again, we've been seeing many raids and searching going on in the manchester area. one at a landfill that is quite
12:41 pm
intriguing, linking up with the image that you just showed. police are not saying what they're looking for, but they have had some concerns and we've heard them. there could be one more bomb out there leftover from the brutal attack. police have been circulating, as you know, to new images of the bomber. 22-year-old british libyan man, salman abedi, they're trying to nail down what he was doing in the hours and the days before. they do know that something like four days before the attack, he returned from libya and probably constructed that deadly backpack bomb at a rented apartment just a couple blocks away from the concert hall. the latest figures, 52 remain hospitalized all across manchester area. 19 in serious condition. many of those children and teenagers. now officials are looking at the officials. they're asking how abedi got through the net.
12:42 pm
sky news, our sister network saying, three times, maybe five times, authorities were warned he could be a security risk. we're told he was part of a broader potential jihadi group of 20,000 but never got into the tighter group of about 3,000 that would have drawn more attention. remember more, 1,000 counter terrorism officials and police are still working on the case. finally, we spent several days in manchester. we knew about their spirit. we saw it over the weekend. it's a long weekend here too in the u.k. many events planned in manchester went forward including a big marathon and 10k that drew about 40,000 runners. defined in the face of terrorism. back to you. >> the human spirit endures. greg palkot, thank you. a tragedy this weekend. the u.s. military investigating after a navy seal died during a
12:43 pm
jumping event.
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>> eric: we're sad to report on this memorial day weekend that a navy seal fell to his death after his parachute did not open in a fleet week event. it happened near liberty state part in new jersey, across the hudson river from new york city. witnesses say they saw the parachute separate from the seal. one shot video part of the parachute there. navy officials say the seal landed in the hudson river. they're investigating why the parachute did not open. bryan llenas live in the new york city newsroom with more. >> yeah, that's right. the navy says the parachute did not open properly. why it didn't is still under investigation. this happened at 12:10 yesterday near the statue of liberty. four navy seal parachuters jumped, but only three landed safely. it appears from the video that
12:47 pm
the fourth seal was able to cut himself loose and landed in a parking lot and he plunged into the hutson river nearby. >> the next thing you know, his parachute came down like a rock. >> we saw a coast guard boat come flying in in and then a jersey city police boat. we realized someone was in the water. >> the u.s. coast guard and new jersey fire department marine unit was standing by. they rescued him from the water but tragically he was rushed to the new jersey medical center where he was pronounced dead an hour later. >> eric: so sad. have officials released the identity? >> they have not. they have to notified the next of kin. this navy seal was a member of the leap frogs.
12:48 pm
they posted this video on football encouraging people to look to the sky to see them jumping during fleet week. it's a tight knit special group morning this tragic loss. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to his family. i ask for all of your prayers to the navy seal community who lost a true patriot today. >> we send our prayers to the family as well. >> eric: absolutely. our hearts and prayers. thank you, brian. the people that created the vietnam veteran's memorial have created a wall of faces. coming up, we'll have a live report on how you can help with this very special tribute.
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>> eric: the group behind the vietnam veterans war in washington is coming up with a unique way to honor the members. 52,000 photos have been collected and they're asking for help for finding the rest. garrett tenney is live in washington with more. >> hey, eric. there's no secret that there's a lot of concern among veterans groups of what will happen with the next generation as fewer americans serve in the military. as veterans from world war ii and korea pass away, the concern is that the rising generation won't understand or really connect with those individuals and the sacrifices that they
12:53 pm
have made. that's why the vietnam veterans memorial fund started collecting pictures for every name on the wall to create a virtual wall where every name has a face and a story. >> particularly for the younger visitors, the names don't have much meaning. they're out of context. by collecting the photos and adding the photos, you really get a sense for more of who the people are that are listed on the wall. for the families, i think it is very meaningful for them to see that their loved ones will forever be remembered and it's not just a name. you'll actually learn information about that person. >> and eventually the photographs will be part of a virtual wall in an education center across the street from the memorial. they have already collected photos for most of the names on the wall. there's still more than 6,000
12:54 pm
that they have not collected photos for. that's why they're asking the public for help. you can go to their website to see the wall of faces, to submit pictures and do a search and find out what names are still missing. a lot of the names could be folks from your area at home. >> at it's spectacular. decades after the war ended, garrett, they're still adding names to the wall. >> yeah, even after 40 years now, they're still adding several names a year, this year alone, they added three more names. each year the department of defense and the veterans medium ram fund meet together to look after the names. they're looking if there's changes that need to be made or more names added. they're running out of space at this rate and hope to get the education center open soon. >> eric: thanks, garrett.
12:55 pm
we'll be right back.
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>> eric: on this day in 1988, president ronald reagan took his first trip to moscow. president reagan and president gorbachev had dinner and a walk and talked. next week, the wall fell and the soviet union collapsed. that happened 29 years ago today. i'm eric shawn in for shepard smith. "your world" with megan mcdowell is in next for neil cavuto. we continue to honor the men and women that have given their lives while serving our nation. we thank them today and for all of our day.
1:00 pm
>> megan: democrats already lining up against president trump's tax cut plan, but they might want to take some advice from an icon of the left who argued it's never about red or blue, but all about your green. hi, everybody. i'm degan mcdowell, this is a special edition of "your world." today marks the 100th anniversary of j.f.k.'s birth. nearly 54 years ago, president kennedy was pushing a cross-the-board tax cuts to boost the economy and make a case in an interview with nbc. take a listen. >> i'm in favor of a tax cut because i'm concerned that if we