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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 1, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> kimberly: out of time. >> juan: it's getting hot in here for snowflakes. >> kimberly: good old glassy eyes over there is about done. >> jesse: never miss >> bret: this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington, i am bret baier. breaking news on the house intelligence committee's investigation into the unmasking of american swept up in government surveillance. there are two tracks to the investigation into what the term campaign did or didn't do, and also with the obama administration did or did not do with surveillance. breaking tonight, new details on the second tract. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here with details. good evening. >> fox news has confirmed that the fbi and cia and national security agency were all served today with subpoenas issued by the house intelligence committee. sources said each of these
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subpoenas referenced unmasking and each named as figures of interest three senior obama-era officials. susan rice was identified by multiple news organizations last month as someone who requested that names of trump associates that had appeared in coded form and classified intelligence reports be identified for her, or unmasked. rice denied wrongdoing at the time and told us today that she's unaware of any subpoenas "directed at her." john brennan was also named on the subpoenas. in testimony last week, he decried the leaks of classified information. john brennan declined our request for comments. in the naming of samantha power, the former u.n. ambassador who has not previously serviced and the controversy. power served in barack obama's senate office before joining the administration. house investigators told fox news they are devoting
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greater scrutiny to power because they have come to see her role in the unmasking as larger than previously known, allegedly eclipsing the others named. contacted by fox news today, power declined to comment. today's disclosures about samantha power may explain a somewhat cryptic exchange that occurred at the brennan hearing last week. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors asking names the unmasked? >> i don't, i don't know. maybe it's ringing a vague about but i could not answer with any confidence. >> devin nunes, republican from california, seen at left, signed seven subpoenas. the other four were at the behest of adam schiff. these were said to be duplicate to have but ones already issued by the senate intelligence committee conducting a parallel probe. both president trump and the
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russians have denied collusion allegations freed the subpoenas instigated by adam schiff are focused on michael flynn. and michael cohen, longtime trump attorney. michael cohen has denied colluding with the kremlin. flint has sought immunity in exchange for congressional testimony. the issuance of the subpoenas was first reported by "the wall street journal" ." >> bret: james, thank you. more on this with the panel. now to the first track of the two track investigation. lawmakers tell fox we are finally going to hear from our hosted fbi chief james comey on a host of issues and we are told the testimony could come within days about what president trump said to comey about the michael flynn investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the stor story. >> a source close to the investigations has fired a fair director james comey has spoken directly and in private to special counsel robert mueller to go over the spoke of his testimony that could happen as early as next week.
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to ensure it does not interfere with or jeopardize mueller's probe. former justice department official said the process is called deconfliction. >> if you are director mueller, you, you want to talk to comey and you may not want comey to testify about everything he tells you on the hill. that's what they talk about with this deconfliction process between the hill requests and special counsel rates because of the comey memos documenting his conversations with president trump about russia may take center stage before the senate intelligence committee. after reports that president told comey to let it go, after former national security advisor mike flynn resigned. in his last public testimony, then fbi director comey was pressed on political interference. >> if the attorney general or senior officials at the department of justice opposes a specific investigation, can they halt the fbi investigation? >> in theory, yes.
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>> has it happened? 's to go now to make spirits. but i am talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for political reasons. there would be a big deal. not happened in mike's variance. >> a source close to a former national scared advisor michael flynn says he will provide records under subpoena to the senate panel. adding that the committee recently narrowed its request and flynn is now able to accommodate the committee without sacrificing his fifth amendment protections. >> on the hill, you get the subpoena and it's a game of chicken about whether or not you want to risk being held in contempt by a committee of congress or whether you want to give the documents they want. neither side wants a legal battle. >> the congressional probes are expanding, michael cohen, longtime personal attorney for president trump, and a former campaign aide have been contacted. in statements fox news, both said the requests were overly broad and cohen has declined to cooperate. asked about the upcoming testimony of former affaires director comey, the white house spokesman sean spicer told reporters they are focused on
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the president's agenda and going forward, they will be referred those questions to outside counsel. >> bret: thank you. he promised to do it in the campaign, tonight there are signs president trump will withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate change agreement. the president is insisting no decision, official decision has been made yet, sources expect him to pull the trigger soon, at least on some level of a withdrawal or renegotiation. all of this occurs against the backdrop of incredibly tasteless video and what appeared to be a typo in a tweet that got a strange follow-up at the white house. all of this is day 121 of the trump administration. john roberts is on top of it from the north lawn. >> good evening. during the election campaign, president trump promised to bring back american manufacturing and create jobs. the question tonight, can you make good on that promise and still stay in the paris climate record? in the oval office with the
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vietnamese prime minister today, president trump wouldn't tip his hand on which way he'll go on the paris climate acquired but said a decision is imminent. at the g7 meetings last week, and at the nato summit, president trump told america's allies he cares about the environment but he's also concerned that adhering to the strict protocols of the climate accord could risk the u.s. falling behind nations like china and india in manufacturing and job creation. >> all of the burden once again is on the united states to adhere to things that other countries aren't willing to do, and i think this president is looking at this and saying i am here as the president of the united states. is this the right thing for our country? >> sources believe the president will make a clean break from the accord, one suggested the president may seek a middle ground, withdraw from certain agreements like the green climate fund but stay in the overall framework. possible nuance made no impact on democrats. senate minority leader chuck schumer tweeting "we must all we can to protect our planet as well as our economic
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security. withdrawing from paris agreement will put this in jeopardy." even the president's allies warned against pulling out. tesla, space ex-ceo elon musk, who sits on a number of white house advisory council tweeted "don't know which way paris will go but i've done all i can to advise directly to potus through others in the white house and via councils that we remain." when asked what he will do, muscat replied "we will have no choice but to depart councils. "president lashed out on twitter, ripping kathy griffin for a photo showing her holding a mock severed head. president president trump tweet: "kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children, especially my 11-year-old son, barron, are having a hard time with this. sick!" the photo drew a rare public reboot from the first lady." first lady.
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the president left the nation scratching his head after sending out a bedtime tweet last night and ended with the word covfefe. looked like a typo of coverage but the president made a game of it tweeting "who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe. enjoy." prompting this response from the press secretary. >> the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant. >> the x donation would've been that the president sent out a tweet with a typo and didn't notice it before he went to bed. but simple somehow rarely seems to apply here at the white hous white house. >> bret: we still don't know, the definition. >> no official definition but there are some creative ones. >> bret: thank you.
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a physician from philadelphia is in custody after authorities found a rifle and handgun in his car plus 90 rounds of ammunitio ammunition. at the trump international hotel just down the street from the white house. metro police say they received tip about bryan moles. hillary can lenten -- hillary clinton came out swinging today. not a lot a focus on the candidate herself in the statements today. jennifer griffin shows us what happened and basically, hillary clinton unplugged. >> absolutely. this was hillary clinton as i've not seen her before. unplugged. it was as though she were laying out a case for not only why she lost the election, pointing
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fingers for the first time about who it was from the trump campaign who she believed colluded with the russians during the election, and in her words, weaponized data to tilt the election for which he makes the case against new york hedge fund eris rebecca mercer, who was family fortune teamed up with a firm to affect the outcome of the brexit vote but help the trump campaign. her conditions, that trump higher steve bannon and kellyanne conway. >> the mercers didn't invest that money for their own amusement. we know they played in brexit and they came to jared kushner and basically said we will marry our operation, which was more as it's been described, a lot of harvesting of facebook information. they married content with delivery and data.
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it was a potent combination. the question is where and how did the russians get into it? i think it's an important question. the russians, in my opinion, and based on intel and counter intel, could not have known how best to weaponize the information unless they have been guided. >> guided by americans. >> and by people who have polling and data. >> clinton said her email scandal was a "nothing burger." she tried to get people to focus on russian interference rather than emails and she also blamed facebook as a key reason she lost. >> there been studies done since the election that if you look, let's take facebook, if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. they were connected to, as we
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now know, the 1,000 russian agents who were involved in delivering those messages. they were connected to the bots that are out of control. >> clinton took aim at the democrats, saying she inherited nothing from them in terms of data analytics, adding that the party was bankrupt when she got the nomination. >> bret: it was stunning, the level of detail on the technical side. then going after the dnc. essentially going after president obama, who laid it out further campaign. >> that's right. she had hired many of president obama's analytic team. that's what she had inherited. she took aim at the dnc. she really, there was a moment where she seemed to blame the obama administration for not taking and her and her campaigns concerned seriously about the russian interference. >> bret: none of that list told her not to show up in
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wisconsin. pretty amazing. thank you very much. more on this with the panel. as the former name and he is -- tonight, chief correspondent mil looks at what the democrats hope to accomplish in the next two months. >> democrats are revealing their summer playbook, trying to tap into anger their basis feeling. texas democrat explained why he was dressed down. >> we have to take on the president of the united states. we have to take on paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. it is time for us to take our jackets and ties off. it's time to start fighting. >> nancy pelosi tried to energize a labor and activist audience. >> the middle class, which is the backbone of our democracy, really depends on our activism in the resistance summer. >> pelosi issued this call to action.
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>> call your member of congress and tell him or her not to take away our health care. >> others taking to social media. >> we will fight our hearts out. that's the deal. fighting before i wake up in the morning and still fighting when i go to bed at night. >> efforts to continue harping on that russian investigations. three democrat senators sent this letter to director of national intelligence dan coats earlier this month. "we were right to request a review and damage assessment regarding whether any classified information may have been disclosed by the president or his senior advisors to representatives of the russian government during a meeting in the oval office on may 10, 2017." added event last night with david letterman, minnesota democratic senator al frankentan between the trump campaign and the russians," adding "i think
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everything points to that." franken was asked about it this morning. >> the meetings weren't disclosed and there's a whole bunch of these from trump administration officials or former trump administration officials they aren't acting like people who have nothing to hide. >> the year ago, it was the trump campaign and republicans attacking hillary clinton's handling of classified information. perhaps a sign of lessons learned by democrats in the 2016 campaign. >> bret: mike, thank you president trump has called afghanistan's leader to express condolences over the killing of dozens of people in a massive suicide truck bombings today in kabul, afghanistan. americans are said to be among the hundreds injured. so far, no group has claimed responsibility. a massive attack added to a number of them in recent days and weeks. john huddy is following the story.
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>> the black cloud of smoke rose from the site of one of the worst terror attacks in kabul since 2014. as some afghan officials said, the worst ever in the city. 90 people were killed. more than 450 injured, including 11 u.s. security contractors. afghan police officials say a sewage truck loaded with explosives blew up during rush hour. it happened near the german embassy where several of its employees were injured and an afghan security guard was killed. the taliban denied responsibility, though the terror group has launched major attacks and speak 24 recently and vowed to carry out more. it's possible this was the work of isis. >> translator: our intelligence is working to find out who exactly was behind this incident.
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>> today's attack comes as the white house is considering deploying an additional 5,000 troops to join the already a thousand on the ground in afghanistan. >> it's a dangerous place but we have the back of the afghan people and the government and we want to make sure that we are doing all we can. we are heavily invested in afghanistan and heavily invested in seeing it stable. >> today's bombing raises questions. if afghan troops are up to the task of keeping their country safe and stable. the district is known to be one of the most secure parts of kabul, with numerous security checkpoints. how a truck loaded with explosives made it through is unclear. what's clear is that it seemed bloodied and burned men, women, and children were carried away from the blown out areas around the 13-foot deep bomb crater, a message was sent. no one is safe. >> president trump spoke with
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the afghan president today expressing his condolences. and strongly condemning the attack in kabul. whether or not this has any bearing on the decision to send more troops to afghanistan, that remains to be seen. >> bret: john huddy come alive in the middle east newsroom. senior pentagon officials say the u.s. has begun arming kurdish elements within the syrian defense forces. it's a move that has outraged u.s. ally turkey, which considers the kurds terrace. u.s. officials say the kurds are the best fighting force against isis insights area. the kurds are preparing for was expected to be a long, bloodied battle to try to recapture raqq raqqa.
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>> bret: pentagon officials say they're not concerned about the russian firing of four cruise missiles at an isa space inside syria. military commanders say they were warned in advance and that the attack is not regarded as a significant event. missiles launched from a russian warship and submarine in the mediterranean. complete obliteration, that is what pentagon officials are calling the destruction of a mock icbm warhead by u.s. interceptor missile. video shows the moment the interceptor knocked the missile out of the sky. tuesday's test comes amid
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growing concern over north korea's ability to deliver a nuclear bomb to american allied territory. one arms control advocates say it was a 244 million dollar baby step. u.s. ambassador to the united nations has the administration believes china is using back channel networking with north korea to try to put a stop to the country's nuclear and ballistic missile testing for tonight doug mckelway looks at whether china is really making a difference great >> we are going to be discussing trade. we are going to be discussing north korea. >> on monday, president trump tweeted "north korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor, china by shooting off another ballistic missile but china is trying hard." trying hard to do what? despite overtures of goodwell and an invitation to mar-a-lago, some analysts believe china's president may be trying to pull
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north and south korea into china's orbit. south korea's new president lashed out yesterday after his own defense ministry failed to notify him that the pentagon had sent four more batteries of missiles to south korea. china is wary of the missiles, fearing the u.s. may place them in japan. >> is another symptom of the fact that relations between the u.s. and south korea are troubled today and they are going to become ever more troubled as we see the events on the korean peninsula unfold. >> in addition, china and south korea are pursuing new trade and cultural agreements. that as it becomes clear china's moratorium on the purchase of north korean coal experts have largely been a ruse. >> the chinese thought
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north korean: february after the announcement. in march, in april, and in may. also the chinese have been buying minerals that the u.n. security council resolutions prohibit north korea from selling. so china has been playing a duplicitous game. >> the first quarter of 2017, china and north korean trade was up 37.4%. the u.s. remains hopeful that it will be chinese influence that ultimately gets north korea to halt its nuclear program. >> the admin assertion believes china is doing back channel networking with north korea in a way that is getting them to try to stop the nuclear testing. >> many experts agree that only u.s. action will force north korea's hand, whether it is concessions such as removing the missiles from south korea or tougher action such as sanctioning the chinese banks to help fund north korea's nuclear program. either way, time is running short. >> bret: doug mckelway, thank you. learning new details tonight about the suicide bomber who
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attacked a concert venue in manchester, england, last week. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest from london. >> police are zeroing in on what could be deadly remnants of last week's manchester terror attack. security teams blanketing a neighborhood in the southern part of the city which british libyan attacker salman abedi frequented in the days running up to the concert which left 22 dead and over 100 injured brady had a blue suitcase in total which might have contained explosive materials. >> we have never faced this before. really scared. >> this is police say many of the manchester bombers movements and actions of the days before the attack were carried out alone. investors think he purchased core components of his backpack bomb and possibly assemble it himself. the deadly precision of the attack leaves experts thinking salman abedi had training. he had been in libya prior to
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the attack. his father and brother, now detained, live there. there are isis camps there and a terror group claimed responsibility. >> carrying out the attack takes expertise in the planning we have seen going into the attack indicates that might have had a little bit more than just a lone wolf who was radicalized. >> authorities are looking at whether a network helped out. police are holding 11 people. 50 injured remain in hospitals. benefit concert for victims and families will be held sunday in manchester. it will feature the young performer whose concert was targeted last week, ariana grande, along with a big lineup of stars and groups. >> everything a person in manchester is really working towards making this happen. >> the manchester police chief does acknowledge some victims families have the reservations for the concert coming less than two weeks after the bombing.
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feelings and more raw in the city. >> bret: greg palkot in london. thank you in the u.s. comedienne and sometimes cnn host kathy griffin is apologizing for appearing in the video and various photos holding what looks like the blood he severed head of president trump. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz howard kurtz reports tonight it's not the first time hollywood has crossed the line and its treatment of the president. >> kathy griffin has apologized for a photo shoot with a bloodied mask of president trump's face but that was not enough. cnn, after initially saying it was evaluating the situation, said the election it has terminated her agreement to continue costing its new year's eve special. griffin's twisted attempt at humor, in an age of all to realize his beheadings, suggests she expected applause for joining the hollywood hatred against donald trump. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the
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white house. >> madonna paid no price for sharing this violent fantasy. meryl streep used the golden globes to accuse trump of bullying people. stephen colbert offered a nonapology for this crude sex joke. bill maher told a incest joke. kathy griffin took down the photo. >> the images disturbing. i understand it offends people and i beg for your forgiveness. i went too far and i made a mistake and i was wrong grade >> some news outlets had been on the fence. usa today said art or evil? the president said that griffin
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should be ashamed of herself. melania trump said that as a mother, wife, and human being, the photo was disturbing. even chelsea clinton called it violent wrong. cnn called the photo discussing. anderson cooper tweeted "for the record, i am appalled by the photo shoot." this is not the first time a republican president's likeness has been used in such a gross manner. "game of thrones" apologized five years ago after a backlash for putting a model of george w. bush's head on a spike. it's become routine for celebrities to win preys on the left by trashing donald trump, often in highly offensive ways. the backlash against kathy griffin makes clear there is still a lot of decency that no one should cross. >> bret: thank you. the purported street boss of a crime family and 18 people have been indicted in a new york organized crime investigation that includes allegations of fraud and a $25 million hospital
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expansion and another public building projects. murder, extortion, drug dealing are among the other crimes cited in the indictment unsealed today. among the nicknames of those charged, wonder boy, joey glasses, spanish carmine, and poly roast beef. stocks were down. up next, unmasking the on masters. the return of james comey, and hillary clinton spreads the blame. we will talk that with the pane panel.
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>> this is the biggest nothing burger ever. i never said i was a perfect candidate or that i ran perfect campaigns. at some point, it sort of bleeds over into misogyny. i take responsibility for every decision i made, but that's not why i lost. i think it's important that we learn the real lessons from this last campaign. the forces we are up against are not just interested in influencing our elections and politics. they are going after our economy and they are going after our
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unity as a nation. >> bret: >> bret: hillary clintn unplugged at a conference in california. the nothing burger was the emails, how she handled her emails and the coverage of it. she went into great detail about linkage and russian bots and into the weeds of the mercers and the funding of republican data efforts and then turned the guns on the dnc and democrats. >> now the nominee of the democratic party, i inherit nothing from the democratic party. >> what do you mean nothing? >> speak on the unit bankrupt. it was on the verge of insolvency. its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. had to inject money into it. >> the dnc? >> the dnc to keep it going. >> bret: this was president obama's dnc.
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in essence she is pointing the blame at president obama there in the election. this is something. if you look at the last three democratic nominees running for president, all three of them believe they were cheated out of an election. hillary clinton talking about it more than al gore or john kerry at this point. let's start there and bring in the panel. jonah goldberg, senior editor at national review. susan page, editor in editor-in-chief of lifezette laura ingraham and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> there's a lot to focus on. short of getting five clock shadow and wearing wingtips on the beach, her transformation into full nixonian bitterness is incomplete. the idea that literally every single possible variable was to blame except her and her actions was remarkable. mesmerizing watching it.
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we forget that this is a side of hillary that's always been there. in her memoirs, she writes about a vast conspiracy that chief justice rehnquist was leading against her and her husband. this was a woman whose captain sidney blumenthal employed for decades, conspiracy monitor. it is this worldview that she is a force for truth and justice at all of these evil forces are to blame for anything bad that ever happens to her. >> you have to wonder who this does any good for. doesn't do any good for hillary clinton and her reputation and her standing prayer and she doesn't look big in this interview. she looks small print can't help the democrats. there are a lot of people looking backward that the selection with the inquiries into russian meddling but democrats need to look forward to what they stand for and we know that from these special elections, you need to have a positive message and it's not clear what direction democrats
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are going in. we know that hillary clinton finding fault with everyone except herself for losing the election doesn't help her. >> bret: to the credit of some of the interviewers, they pressed her on a couple issues. the goldman sachs speeches. >> why did you do those? >> why do you have goldman sachs here? they pay us. they paid me. when you are the secretary of state, people want to hear what you have to talk about. people talked about the hunt for bin laden. i got paid for the speeches i made. i thought it was unfairly used in all that but it was part of the background music. >> bret: laura. >> i think that was a behind closed doors speech. open markets, open borders. hillary does not look well to me.
1:41 am
she doesn't look -- moments of the campaign, she was having fun, laughing, vibrant. she lost and it's unpleasant to lose but the inability to see the lack of a campaign that connected with blue-collar americans who have been left behind by republicans and democrats after all this time with all of her education and all the help she got from cnn and the dnc, who colluded together to help her. i don't know why she's complaining about the dnc. they were hurting bernie, not hurting her. they made fond of -- of the democrats and the left and hillary clinton, throw in elizabeth warren, they are like the new tinfoil hat conspiracy contingent. it's all a conspiracy. it's russia, it's misogyny. whatever it is, not about the
1:42 am
substance that america has fallen behind in the middle class and they need real solutions. >> bret: there were people. debbie dingell from michigan. people sending out flyers saying bernie sanders is connecting in a place like michigan. that was not discussed today. >> i don't think she's capable of discussing anything about the election in a way that makes anything other than sympathy for her, she has made herself pathetic. it was said of the bourbons they never learned anything, they never forgot anything. she was saying the same stuff about the right wing conspiracy which is essentially what she's talking about here. naming all the elements, including the russians this time, this is the vast right-wing conspiracy she spoke about at the beginning of the lewinsky scandal when she and her husband lied for months about an event that really happened and they denied it. she has never changed, and she
1:43 am
seems incapable of understanding that she lost a humiliating election that was almost on visible and it's because she never knew why she was running. the path loss -- pecos -- patho. begging her staff to come up with the theme. if you don't know why you are running for president, you shouldn't be running for president. >> bret: i want to turn to the investigation, the russian investigation and with the trump campaign did or did not do and you also have the leak and the surveillance investigation. today fox news confirmed that the fbi, cia, nsa served with subpoenas and sources say the subpoenas reference unmasking. specifically the names of figures of interest. three obama-era officials. susan rice as well as john
1:44 am
brennan and the new one, samantha power. former u.n. ambassador, had not previously been mentioned and it's raising a lot of eyebrows in this unmasking investigation. >> appropriate to look at whether there was improper action in trying to unmask the americans who were picked up by surveillance of foreigners. i think that's a secondary investigation to the investigation into what russia did in meddling in a u.s. election but i think both tracks are going to proceed not only with the fbi investigation but also with the inquiries on the hill. i think were going to be hearing a lot about both. >> bret: we are days away, we are told, from jim comey testifying on capitol hill. >> should be fascinating. comey has cited testimony that he was, he had never been told to stop an investigation and that's never happened in his experience a lot of people are expecting him to say something a
1:45 am
little different, at least that's what the original leaks from comey sounded like he was going to be saying. i think it's a good thing. he should speak before congress. there is so much conjecture, i think sometimes the white house doesn't help us out by breaking out the smoke machines when there may not be any fire but get people -- talk to congress under oath before the american people and let's move on. you have to go through the steps first. >> bret: carter page was called up there. democrats wanted to hear from him and that he wasn't. >> he is not going to deliver what they currently want. carter page is made as of available to testify comey with john brennan and others have said there's no evidence of collusion. we do have to find out if our government was essentially turned into a political weapon against individuals for their political associations, whether
1:46 am
to trump or associates of trump and tracked and perhaps ultimately an attempt to intimidate or harass. susan rice is not testifying. she refuses to testify before congress. she's been asked to do. jared kushner said he would make himself available to anyone who wants to talk to him. why won't susan rice talk? >> bret: hillary clinton is obviously convinced of the linkage, the collusion, even though there's not evidence that we've seen. she talked about it at length today about the linkage and she believes the trump campaign is there. here are former clinton cia director and former obama cia director. "there's a lot of things i've seen, i think have been disclosed too much. the real scandal here, makes it hard for the secrecy that's essential for the operation of the u.s. government. i think people who have broken these tacit informal agreements taking classified information attorney lids are basically traitors to the country."
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then you have michael morel and the obama administration, acting cia director about the kushner story on "the washington post" " just a perspective of two former democratic cia directors. >> democratic is the keyword. they are not partisans. what they are speaking for is the institutions, and they are basically saying you might have a romantic notion. being a deep throat and uncovering some terrible scandal but if you treat the oath to maintain the secrets, that cavalierly, you are undermining the national security of the united states grade you -- you better be sure this
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is a crime you are leaking about. anything less than that, you are betraying your country. don't romanticize people leaking this information. >> bret: we will cover all elements of all tracks and if there is "there" there, you will hear it ..
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♪ >> very soon. we are going to find out very soon. in both ways. >> reporter: [unintelligible] speed to hearing from a lot of people both ways on the paris
1:52 am
climate deal, the agreement that is purported to believe that the president is going to pull out of that. chuck schumer, the senate minority leader, doesn't think that is a good idea. many democrats expressing that today, saying we must do all we can to protect our planet as well as our economic security, withdrawing from a paris agreement would putn peril. susan. >> we're our way out on a limb saying that he will pull us out of the treaty. but we should remember what happened with nafta, he was going to pull us out of nafta. at the very last minute, got appeals from the heads of canada and mexico and decided to renegotiate. i think we ought to learn to be a little more cautious until we hear the words out of his mouth. it's not just democrats who are criticizing it. there is a global consensus, including the leaders of china and europe, our traditional allies in europe, not in china, who think it is a serious matter for him to pull out of this in the wrong thing to do. he has one more point, effectively already pulled out.
1:53 am
by taking steps to rollback obama era climate regulations that would make it now almost impossible for the united states to reach the goal that president obama agreed to two years ago. >> bret: we have cap reacted, waiting for the expectation. but it could be something short of a full withdrawal, in other words, a renegotiation, some kind of redoing it. >> there could be a scenario under which they say, we will consider renegotiations at a further date, at a later date. in other words, kind of pushing it off for the time being. a lot of people would love for him to cook it over to the senate, let's have this be a treaty. you guys vote on it. i have serious doubts, the country seem split. the fundamental question, it goes back to what he ran in this campaign. he was about returning more power to the people. with these types of international accords invariable do, this one does i believe, it
1:54 am
centers more american power, unaccountable, international governing bodies, et cetera. it means less power for individual americans. our economy will be hurt by that, we know that. china does this have to do much except shout with virtue and reducing emissions by 2030. it hurts the united states, our economy, and our sovereignty. he campaigned against us. i think ultimately he will go to the country and explain his vote one way or another. >> bret: charles? >> it has no enforcement mechanism. it is all voluntary. people are supposed to adhere, it is self-imposed. that is the problem with it. if we had a real agreement for china and india, the real polluters for co2, and we, and the e.u., had unenforceable, if you are willing to say, i am not a climate believer but i am ..climate believer but i am a bit of a skeptic, nonetheless,
1:55 am
prudence would dictate that we do something, then, it would make sense. right now, it makes no sense by the chinese essentially have a free ride for 15 years. the indians have announced that they will increase co2 emissions, they will triple them between now and 2030. we are the ones who are going to have to adhere to these. the fact is that technology is going to determine it. we have lower emissions from our coal plants then we had since 1992. a quarter of a century. that is not regulation, it's not the u.n. imposing it. that is the rise of natural gas and fracking. >> bret: john? >> i agree with charles, this game of this thing. it is politically very, very important. for a lot of establishment elites, it is very important for environmentalists because it is a way of generating sort of political support to fight climate change. the actual nuts and bolts of the
1:56 am
treaty are not very strong or powerful. i like the idea, laura mentioned, sending it to the senate. the whole reason why donald trump can get rid of this with a swipe of the pen is because barack obama didn't put it through as a treaty, he did as an executive order. >> bret: because it wouldn't have passed. >> we should not be entering into these grand, global arrangements based upon the whims of a single president one way or the other. >> bret: the u.n. says nikki haley cares as much about the environment as we do about jobs. there is a way to balance it. you don't have to have one of the other. when we come back, the hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation ..
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>> bret: normally right now, i would say "finally tonight" and has to something funny or heartwarming. instead, we are heading to the digital world. "special report" online starts in just seconds. the all-star panel, minus laura, i think you have to go someplace. we'll stick around. you can go to and click "watch now." i have to go somewhere, too. james rosen will take the helm. thanks for watching. that's it for "special report." >> it is june 1st and it is t." decision day. donald trump announcing in just hours whether the united states
1:59 am
will stay in the paris climate accord. democrats already up in arms over this decision. we are live in washington. heather: hillary clinton hitting the road to blame her collection loss on everyone but herself. >> the use of my email accounts was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when. i inherit nothing from the democratic party. heather: she has a brand-new conspiracy.. rob: shocking - cam video showing tiger woods slurring his speech struggling to keep his balance. "fox and friends" first starts right now.
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♪ ♪ everybody is working ♪ everybody is working for the weekend ♪ heather: look at the shot of central park on the avenue of the americas in new york city, looks like it will be a beautiful day. you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning, looking forward to the weekend. rob: in a few hours, donald trump will and sounds whether the us will remain in the paris climate accord. >> the possibility of the us pulling out of the deal, chris jenkins in washington dc with the latest. >> reporter: it is decision time, the president saying in a tweet