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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 1, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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very important. i'd like to ask scott pruitt, who most of you know and respect as i do just to say a few words. scott, please. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president. your decision today to exit the paris accord reflects your unflinching commitment to put america first. by exiting you're fulfilling one more campaign promise to the american people. please know that i'm thankful for your fortitude, your courage and your steadfastness as you serve and lied our country. america finally has a leader who answers only to the people, not to the special interests that have had their way for way too long. everything you do, mr. president, you're fighting for the forgotten men and women
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across this country. you're a carolina for the hard-working citizens all across this land who just want a government that listens to them and represents their interests. you have promised to put america first in all that you do. you have done that in any number of ways from trade to national security, to protecting our border to right-sizing washington d.c. you put america first with regard to international agreements and the environment, this is a historic restoration of american economic independence. one that will benefit the working close, the working poor and working people of all stripes. with this action, you declared the people are rulers of the country again. it should be noted that we are better than anybody in the world in striking a balance, growing jobs and being a good steward of our economy. we own no apologies to other nations for our environmental stewardship. before the paris accord was
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signed, american reduced its co2 footprint to levels from the early 90s. from 2000, 2014, the united states reduced their carbon emissions by 18 plus percent. this was accomplished not government mandate but innovation and technology of the private sector. for that reason, you have corrected a view that was pair mount in paris, that somehow the united states should penalize its own economy while the rest of the world does little. the rest of the world takes with good intention. we lead with action, notice words. our efforts should be exporting our technology, our innovations to nations that seek to make smaller their co2 footprints. mr. president, it take courage,
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takes commitment to say no to the plaudits of the american people. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> neil: there you have it. the president making good on a campaign promise that he's getting out of the paris climate accord involving 200 nations. he looked at it every way he could. despite the leadership of pope francis a lot of ceos -- not all of them. big manufacturing ceos found this to be a boondoggle and causing jobs. but the president said he's out
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of this club. unless something miraculous happens, he's not looking forward to any changes that would come to get him back in that club. even with his commitment to bow out, the way that the agreement was struck, voluntary as it was, the u.s. cannot back fully out of this until the day after the presidential election in 2020. so we're in it through then, but we're not adding to it. i think as chris wallace mentioned earlier, the fact of the matter is with the president's directives, a whole host of executive orders scaling back president obama's environmental rules and regulations, which were meant to foster this push down in emissions, it was being unwound in real time anyway. so this is not a huge surprise here, although there were some thinking the president didn't
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nix nafta and trying to renegotiate it and trying to move our embassy to jerusalem instead of tel aviv was telegraphing signs that something that maybe will change his mind on this or find a middle ground here. no middle ground. he's out saying that he's much more interested in pittsburgh than he is in paris. there were a number of rather sharp references to paris. i don't know if that is because of the handshake with macron, but the indications are right now that he doesn't care. he's out. despite all of the world leaders telling him don't think about it, he's thought about it, done it and making good on a campaign promise. it's over. kevin corke with more. >> hi, neil. i was just reading some of the reaction on capitol hill. a number of lawmakers obviously weighing in. among them, jim from oklahoma calling this a false start, a false promise from the very beginning. we also saw that speaker paul ryan said look, this was a bad
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deal. rand paul also called it a bad deal. the consensus is on the right on capitol hill is that the president did here push back on this idea, this notion, neil, this is not a treaty that was enacted with the support of the senate. this was an idea, an accord, an agreement. that gave this president a chance to push back and slowly withdraw the u.s. from the principles of the paris climate accord. you heard him repeat over andov things. one, not handicapping or hamstringing the american economy. and it also protects workers. that's been the white house montra from the very outset. does this help the american worker make more. does it give you a better chance at a job? his answer was definitively no. let's see what the president had to say in the rose garden. >> the united states will
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withdraw from the paris climate acco accord. [applause] thank you. but begin negotiations to reenter either the paris accord or in really entirely new transactio transactions. >> and that is also a very key element of what the president was saying. as currently constructed, it's a nonstarter. doesn't meet the needs of the american people from the white house's perspective. he said we're willing to open the door and have more conversations about substantive change to the policy but it has to be one or a series of climate
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negotiations that don't penalize the american economy. there's no real surprise. >> neil: no. thought there might be one but it didn't materialize. we should point out that 22 senators, all republicans, had advised the president this is a horrible deal, get out of it. scott pruitt was among those saying it's a bad deal. rex tillerson, of course, the secretary of state, said it's a better idea to stay in it and get some leverage. but meantime, we'll be hearing from wilbur ross. secretary, if you can hear us -- >> yes, i can hear you. >> neil: very good, sir. there's some concern expressed in the global community that we just alienated ourselves. what do you think? >> any time that people were taking money out of your pocket and you make them put it back in, they're not going to be happy. that's what is happening here.
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>> neil: do you worry, secretary, that this could hurt us on other trade-related matters, that if we pushed ourselves outside of this agreement, others in europe, elsewhere, will be leery to enter into any agreement? >> i don't agree with that at all. there's no reason to link one agreement with another. the sky didn't fall when we pulled out of tpp. the sky won't fall now that we pulled out of the paris accord. the president is right. he was elected by people in pittsburgh, not paris. >> neil: you're talking about the trans pacific partnership, the asian trading deal. the pact that the president said was a waste of time. >> yeah. >> neil: you know how it broke down? elon musk, founded tesla, said that if the president went through on, this he would quit the president's economic
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council. tim cook said this was too important to leave behind. who else you fear could leave the president on that economic council as a result of this? >> well, i don't know about that. i think anybody that read the agreement and understood it would realize this was not a bad climate. this was about u.s. money going to other countries. it didn't solve the climate problem. under this agreement, china's emissions would actually go up every single year till 2030. similarly, india had no restrictions on building much more coal plants than they had before. the only ones who were making a economic sacrifice were the united states. that's not agreement at all. >> secretary of state rex tillerson, the former head of exxon mobil had argued better
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for us to stay in and use the leverage than to be on the outside. what do you think of that argument? obviously it didn't pan out for the president. >> i have a great deal of respect for secretary tillerson. but i happen to disagree strongly on this particular issue. i don't see the connection frankly. >> neil: do you believe yourself, secretary, that man is behind climate change or the slowly warming temperatures since the preindustrial age? >> talking about warming temperatures, the studies from m.i.t. showed that if we did everything in this paris agreement, it would only change the temperature by the year 2000 by .2 of 1 degree. anybody thinks that you can make that long-term of forecast with any kind of accuracy, i don't agree with.
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>> neil: you think the rise we had in temperatures since then owes any connection to man? >> it may. i'm not a scientist. but the debate over the paris accord is not a debate over science. the debate over the paris accord is an economic debate. the president made clear we're far ahead of other countries in terms of co2 reduction. how can it be an effective deal if it lets china and india, two of the major polluters, keep increasing their pollution for another decade or two? that doesn't sound to me like a climate accord. it simply sounds like a transfer of wealth from the united states to other countries. >> neil: you're a former coal guy. do you think that industry has a shot now? others are saying it's a dying industry, a dying energy.
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what do you think? >> well, coal contributes about 1/3 of the entire energy supply of the entire united states and contributes more than that to china. so coal is going to be around. but the difference is it will be american coal that will be mined. it will now provide enough resources. we can deal with clean coal. we can dean with lng. people who were in favor -- >> neil: talking about liquefied natural gas. do you expect that to continue? >> i do. it's cheap on a btu basis and very, very much more efficient from an environmental point of view. there's no reason we shouldn't be even exporting lng to other parts of the world. part of the reason that china is using so much coal is they really don't have much lng.
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so it seems silly that we aren't promoting the export of lng. as you remember, president obama and secretary clinton sat on dozens of applications to export lng. it makes no sense. if you're in favor of the clean environment, you should be in favor of the existing cleaner fuels. >> neil: secretary, i know the way this works is that while we're leaving -- we'll have to wait at least three years. because this became official in 2016. and then there's an extra year for a waiting period that would carry the formal separation. so after the next presidential election, the day after it, november 4, 2020. so does that mean secretary that we are not formally and technically out of this until then? >> i don't know about the legal technicalities. what the president has made clear is that he intends to
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negotiate a new climate agreement, either by revising the existing paris agreement or by creating a totally new agreement. but one that is not so lopsided, that doesn't put all of the burden on the united states. >> neil: sir we're getting word from the mayor of paris who is blasting this move, the canadians are saying it was regrettable. i'm sure we'll get more from that from the nearly 200 participants. does that affect your job? you're the commerce secretary, most important company person in that administration. if you want to do anything with your counter parts, that could have been made more difficult by this. >> there's nobody with whom who runs a trade surplus with us that will refuse to talk about
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trade. that's silly. that's just not going to happen. i'm not surprised that they are opposed to it, the other country, because they were the beneficiaries. if there was going to be billions and billions of wealth transfer from us to them, why wouldn't they be for it? they should be for it. if mr. trump makes a new deal, you can bet it won't be transferring american wealth outside. >> neil: do you know whether that came into the thinking here, secretary, how the rest of the world feels about us? it mattered a lot to them over there, obviously. but didn't seem a great deal with this president and for a while with ronald reagan in his early days didn't seem to matter a great deal. what do you think? how much do you weigh relationships with the rest of the world and whether this boomerangs?
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whatever logic and soundness there might be in rejecting it? >> i think the task to the rest of the world is to mend fences and come back and agree with us on a deal that is equitable. that is what the president wants. it's not that he doesn't want a climate deal. he wants a deal that is fair. and a deal that doesn't cost us trillions of dollars in gdp and millions of jobs just to line the pockets of developing countries and european countries. >> neil: real quick. i know you have to go. you mentioned gdp. the atlanta federal reserve is out with an estimate of second quarter growth that could be 3.8%. your budget, not yours specifically, the administration's budget, calls for 3% growth per annum the next ten years. that would seem to indicate it's possible if we could repeat whatever could be going on in the quarter we're in.
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do you believe that kind of growth is sustainable, the minimum of 3%? >> i certainly do, assuming that the congress passes the tax reform, assuming that we implement the regulatory reform. >> neil: what if that is delayed? you worry -- they're not moving fast on that. maybe they can't. if that doesn't materialize, delayed, what then? >> every day that goes by is a day that the congress being lackadaisical costs american business and american workers money. it's very, very sad that just for partisan reasons they're playing that game. >> neil: it's republicans, right? the bickering in the senate among the healthcare effort that you're trying to lead, right? with the problem ironically be, even in with republicans in charge of the house and the senate, to say nothing where you are at the white house, that they don't get it done? are you worried about that?
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>> we have yet to see the democratic leadership do anything affirmative. where is their plan? if they don't like our plans -- >> neil: i'm sorry, sir. i'm asking about the republicans. if they can't agree on a plan, are you worried -- if you look at the legislative calendar, there isn't a lot of time to get stuff done let alone break the debt limit. do you think like secretary mnuchin that you should just raise it, move on? >> i think the congress has got to get its act together. i think they will get their act together. if they don't, i think it will be up to the voters to make changes. >> neil: secretary, does that mean if you'll indulge me, if the healthcare thing is delayed, obviously the tax cut things is delayed, do you see a possibility that the tax cuts more to the point could be a 2018, not a 2017 event? >> it's very, very hard to
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handicap exactly the timing in the congress. what is clear is that every day that its delayed is a day that there's money out of the pockets of every american taxpayer and every american business. that makes it a very sad day. >> neil: finally, sir. you're a savvy investor. that's how you got your wealth. this market has been soaring since the president's election. continues to soar through this climate accord shelving. the dow is near record territory. the nasdaq and s&p did hit records today. many argue they're going to get tax cuts and regulatory relief. what if they're wrong? >> what they're factoring in, they know there is a new administration in washington.
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every day i have ceos coming to see me. almost every single one of them is hiring more people and is making more capital expenditures based on the confidence in the president. >> neil: all right. i lied. i had a question back to elon musk. if he's leaving and it's possible that others on the economic -- or this business council, whatever you want to call it, opt out because they're so against the president, do you have names to replace them? >> there's a number of businessmen that wanted to be on the council. but it was decided to keep ate small number. i don't think there will be the slightest number replacing them. not that we won't miss their participation, but filling those vacancies won't be a problem. >> neil: thanks, wilbur ross. thank you. >> thank you, neil.
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>> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> neil: all right. try telling that to pro-paris protesters gathering outside the white house as we speak. griff jenkins in the thing of it. how are you? >> how are you, neil? a quiet day. mostly tourists out here. only thing remaining is a
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wake-up clock to the climate crisis, stay in paris agreement. right at 3:00 when the president was withdrawing from the accord, it got really loud. a dozen or so protesters. take a look at this tape. the protesters, the environmental groups and progressive groups. the sierra club. their message is clear. they say that the withdrawal is bad for the climate, bad or the the planet and bad for the business according to the way they see things. they're outraged. one protester telling me, what would you say if you could go to the president? she said i would call him a climate lower. a play from what we saw on the trip from overseas. i spoke with one of the protesters that got taken down. here's what david had to say. take a listen to, this.
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>> we're outraged the president would cook the planet. he's insane. >> so neil, again, there's another rally coming at 5:00 p.m. with some speakers. we're told the dnc chairman tom perez will be here. he's put out a statement saying he believes this is a detrail -- betrayal of future generations, a few students there. otherwise, a nice day. stay on the watch for it, neil. >> neil: chris jenkins in the middle of that. barack obama has come out with a statement. this was his baby. he led the effort on it. not too pleased that it's not come to pass with his successor. he says the nations that remain in the nation's agreement will reap the benefits in jobs
1:28 pm
created. i believe that united states should be at the front of the pack. even absence of american leadership, i'm confident that our states, cities and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way. our former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. he's saying the other nations are not happy about it. what do you think? >> i think it was an excellent decision. the paris climate accord is a self-licking ice cream cone. it would have had next to no effect. the danger was in the longer term. the short term, it's a bunch of national programs that you can -- you could have devised anyway you wanted. the overall effect on climate by any scientific analysis is zero. countries like india and china
1:29 pm
basically said, our program for reducing carbon emissions will begin in 2030. so the near term effect was remote. why would anybody agree to something like that because of the failure of the predecessor agreements. what they wanted was an agreement on anything. to create the foundation for what they're really interested in, which is more international control over national decision making, this is really a global governance issue, which the europeans love, which barack obama loved, which donald trump is now rejected. there's lots of economic arguments here about the effect of this agreement. to me, the overarching, most important, more than constitutional question was, do we govern ourselves here or are we going to seed governance authority to international organizations. that's what's been rejected. >> regardless of people's view
1:30 pm
on this particular deal and accord, some have expressed concern that it could hurt how we work with europe, let's say and some of these other nations on dealing with terror, on trade deals, on that sort of thing. are you similarly concerned? >> not at all. that is just a fundamental misconception of how international diplomacy works. we've heard these arguments before. the bush administration, my first job was to get us out of the 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty. oh, my god, the europeans said. oh, my god, joe biden, john kerry, barack obama, chris dodd said it's the end of international strategic stability. we got out, nothing happened. we got out of the international criminal court. nothing happened. nothing will happen here but people will recognize we're not going to engage in the blue smoke and mirrors to get
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international control. it will cause people to say if they're serious about this, if they want to really make a difference, they have to enter into serious negotiations. the fundamental point, we could be dealing with global cooling here. if the objective were to put more carbon emissions in the atmosphere to increase the earth's temperature, these people would be arguing for the same structures. their overall objective is more international governance and less national sovereignty. >> neil: you think the evidence is irrefutable as president obama did and many signators did? you mentioned global cooling. that was a great fear years ago. the great freeze to come. that was the consensus then. it's different now. how do you feel about that and the science on it? >> i'm perfectly prepared to believe the earth is warming. i'm prepared to believe it's because of manmade causes. i'm perfectly prepared to believe it's more dangerous than not. that doesn't have anything to do
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with the paris agreement. it would not reduce carbon emissions sufficiently to have a measurable effect on global warming as far as the eye can see. they're just looking at it the wrong way. the better path is to allow for economic growth. >> neil: very good. thanks, ambassador. carbon emissions and our overall levels have gone down about 15% since this deal was first transacted. having very little to do with the deal and more to the fact that we have veered into cheaper, cleaner natural gas. that's what got the emissions down. having nothing to do with an accord with the rest of the world. we shall see the fallout from this with senator mike lee and others after this.
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>> neil: joe biden tweeting banning this accord will hurt our future and security. you wouldn't know that on wall and broad. all the major averages are expecting this. the environment for them? good. after this.
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>> all right. joe biden, not a big fan of the move today. he echoed barack obama saying this would be bad for america. the president nixing the paris climate accord. he says even in the absence of
1:37 pm
american leadership, he's confident, coming from barack obama, that this is good. but joe biden, not quite convinced that this imperils our security. cutting to the chase here. their statements are quite long. tweets are supposed to be short. utah republican senator, mike lee. good to have you, senator. >> good to be here. >> neil: what do you think of this reaction? imperils our future, lose the faith of the world? >> i don't see it. the doomsday predictions are going to turn out to be bluster. it has to be pittsburgh before paris. one of the best lines of the speech. it was a brilliant move. good messaging. >> neil: the mayor of pittsburgh is a democrat. they'll honor that accord.
1:38 pm
he wasn't a fan of that comparison. but it's unusual to walk away from an agreement, signed or not. looking back at this, going back to the earliest times, were we so focused on he's things? >> we were focussed in philadelphia in 1787 -- >> well, internationally. >> our founding fathers found a decision not to give this power to the president. it had to be 2/3s from the senate to be ratified. >> neil: that didn't happen here. >> no, it didn't. president obama didn't present it because the votes weren't there. >> just like the iranian deal. >> the votes weren't there so he didn't do it. bear in mind, he doesn't have the authority to act to make at this time law of the land without the consent of the senate. the other thing to keep in mind, treaties were about the law of
1:39 pm
nations, interaction between nations. today we have some treaties that are a lot about domestic policy, this one intruded into the realm of domestic policy. that's why it made sense to say pittsburgh before paris. thinking about government elites or the mayor of pittsburgh that may not be supportive but the hard working men and women that make up the pittsburgh middle class. those are the people he's looking out for. >> neil: democrats, senator under president obama were to the point of taking a bow for the cut down in emissions that were going way ahead of the agreement already. i followed this closely being one of the nerds here at fox, that has more to do with our revering into cleaner, cheaper, natural gas, what have you. that could continue. deal or no deal with or foreign counter parts. what are your thoughts? >> it has everything to do with that. with innovation, with changes of technology, that have occurred outside of the context of any
1:40 pm
international agreement mandating it. more over, we're a nation that abides by the rule of law. more so than the nations in this agreement. >> neil: china is one of them. the fear is that china will try to take advantage of this and kind of take a leadership role with europeans. >> as opposed to what? entering agreement that suspends the part of china for a long number of years before their obligations kick in. >> neil: so they're making hay of it. >> yeah. this is not a good deal. it's a bad deal. the president did the right thing pulling us out of it. >> neil: the health care thing, the tax thing. i talked to wilbur ross. he's getting fidgety. are you? >> we have to repeal obama care. if we don't, it will be bad. we have run on this.
1:41 pm
the president ran on this. the house ran on it for seven years, we have to repeal it and help the people suffering under the obamacare act. >> neil: how do you think the president is doing? >> he's doing well. what he did today showed leadership. i commend him for this. i commend him for transferring people back to the american people. one of the things he said in his inaugural address that gave me great comfort and something born out by his actions. he said this is a transfer of power. it's a transfer of power from washington d.c. back to the american people. i'm excited about that. i appreciate his leadership. >> neil: you're always mentioned in a pool of candidate for the supreme court, the next one that comes up. you interested? >> i'm a life long law geek. >> neil: you can't outnerd me or geek me. >> of course, if the president asked me, i would consider it.
1:42 pm
>> neil: so is your brother. >> yeah. we both look good in black. meantime, i have a job in the senate. if the president asked me to consider it, absolutely i would. >> neil: you know how the world weeks. i've dealt with the foreign press. the feeling is that it's coming from germany as you indicated. angela merkel on the wires right now. i'll still do what i can, germany will do what it can. the mayor of paris, the french president, so many saying regrettable. we'll move on without america. i know your view is this is in the interest of america. but do you worry we're an island and that we could for maybe perfectly fine reasons be alienating our friends? >> no. we're the leader of the free world. we're the leader of the world economy. we're the leader of the world when it comes to protecting the environment. we have the strongest environmental rules and laws in the entire world.
1:43 pm
>> neil: the p been nixing them through executive order, which might explain angela merkel's comments who says she regrets the climate move but will keep working to save our earth. insinuating clearly the president is not. >> so we're going to take moral lectures from the germans? let foreign leaders in europe and the other parts of the world dictate our domestic policy especially when we're a world leader in cleaning up the environment. >> neil: and the battle of 2018 is not far away. you don't want to get knee deep in this politics stuff. but decisions like -- but you need the economy really picking up steam, you need the tax cuts to go through, the health care rework to go through. yet republicans can't seem to get that to go through. are you guys just not able to lead? >> we're able. we're going to pass those things because we have to pass those things. >> neil: i know that. it hasn't happened. >> it would be dire not us as a
1:44 pm
party, the elected leadership and membership of the congress as currently constituted but to the entire country. we cannot fail. we -- >> neil: everybody is not on the same page on that. they're having trouble doing that. i'm wondering, do you ever like bang heads in private meetings and say guys we're losing here? >> constantly. every day. happens all the time. winston churchill said the american people can be counted on to do the right thing. we've exhausted every alternative -- >> neil: you can't have a fill your. >> we can't. >> neil: what happens if you don't? >> we're not going to fail. we have to do it. >> neil: okay. we'll see what happens. utah senator, mike lee, wrote "big government." we've been here before. all right. we have the hill's joe concha here coming up.
1:45 pm
i've been flipping around where a lot of people are saying, this is regrettable, this is bad, donald trump is missing the bigger picture here. it's a big world. he's retreating on that it's one thing to recent being a globalist but you're recenting the globe. what do you think? >> there's a basic narrative here. that is that trump inherited a deal he didn't like and now he wants to renegotiate it. it's that simple. instead, i'm seeing headlines like from cnn, u.s. is retiring from world leadership. mad lives for conservatives. biden imperils u.s. security. so hyperbole will go to 11. >> neil: could you think the way some can play this, obviously this is a wonderful deal, it
1:46 pm
wouldn't have been a wonderful deal if 190 countries weren't a part of it. we stand out for not being -- we're sticking it in the nose of our friends across the globe. how does that play out? that's the way, to your point, it's is already playing out? >> right. i think that one sound bite that you'll see over and over again that will resonate with trump supporters in those states that helped him break down the blue wall, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, "i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris." whoever wrote that is good stuff. >> neil: it was said i can assure you we will follow the paris guideline and back and back and forth we go. >> he was going for i'll literation. >> i got it. finally, the president talking about the good news going on. he doesn't like the fake media for not reporting it.
1:47 pm
it was clever how he sucked people in before he got people into the paris climate accord thing. how do you think he's doing with the media? >> in terms of message something. >> yes. >> in general, there's not a lot of organization in terms of his communication teams. it's almost like as i heard before, he's a quarterback out in front of his offensive line. he should have blockers and he's running on his own and they're trying to catch up. he had a very good speech today. as messages over all, he's tweeting less. that's a good thing. that gets him into trouble. overall, look, there's a harvard study recently, neil, that talked about how trump only gets 20% positive coverage. he even gets negative coverage in the economy, which is remarkable which most of the major indicators are doing well. that shows you there's a reflex to the negative. >> neil: joe, thank you. much more after this. ♪
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>> a year after having my chest ripped up, a belated opening up to you on what i learned from that surgery. a thank you for sticking by me after that surgery. sorry if i might have gotten emotional here but it was mutual. greg says from florida, you brought me to tears with your closing statement. i don't know you personally but so thrilled you're here. another says, you made me cry. so glad you're back. my husband went through the same thing. it's within 11 years. josh says, i'm crying because you survived. damn, you're a tough right wing nut job to kill off. bob in simi valley california said, i had open heart surgery, too. i told my wife, look how great neil cavuto looks. gives me hope wishing you the
1:52 pm
best. wendy via comcast says, a reminder that none of us are mortals. many have echoed your thoughts but none as eloquent as yours. very nice. and beqq that tweets, this world is so much better with you in. so glad you're better and back to your stinker self. did you have to say stinker? janie says, i know how you felt. i had open heart surgery, five by passes and six stents. i'm thankful for life. gloria says you're a hero to me. i have to have open heart surgery soon. not ready to be sliced and diced. i know where you're coming from. you can and will get through this. after the slicing and dicing, you'll wear the scar with pride. wear to it the beach. the scar is the least of people's fears. marley says, you're the highlight of my day.
1:53 pm
fair, balanced, funny and good looking no matter what the haters say. don writes, stuck at mechanics with fox news on tv. do all of those twitter ditto heads supporting cavuto exist? kevin says, i think all of those people that love you are shut-ins in group homes. another says, don't get me wrong. i'm glad you survived, but i'm hoping you would stop working, spent all that dough you've piled up and get the hell out of my life. but like a playing, you stayed. oh, well. danny says, okay, okay, you survived this hard thing. what do you want? a medal? just croak already. your continued tv presence is giving me angina. really? another says, whenever i hear the world "avocado", i think neil cavuto. no idea why. i don't even watch fox.
1:54 pm
okay. then there's were you watching the show yesterday? kevin on twitter. cavfefe? cavuto? just saying. another one says, oh, my god, neil, i was eating dinner with you in the hospital gown knowing what the nursing saw. they deserve combat pay. really? so nancy pelosi says the new sanctuary cities law in texas is an act of cowardess. is it more or is the world turning upside-down? left or right? just look at the grief matt rinaldi to call ice on illegal immigrants that got into the state chamber holding up signs that i'm illegal, here to stay. and now the threats to the media
1:55 pm
including a democratic colleague that said he knows where rinaldi parks. no, that trigger event isn't getting covered. what is getting covered is rinaldi's promise to choke the guy in self-defense if he did. rinaldi is the crazy gun carrying bigot in an open-carry state and texas is the crazier sanctuary city. if they don't follow the law, pay some steep daily fines. if that is cowardly, how is it refusing to call law breakers what they are brave? i don't know. what i do know this is all going on for a while. remember these illegal protesting across the street from the white house? the white house! back in 2014. not a one arrested. not a one even questioned. they weren't hiding who they
1:56 pm
were. authorities were too afraid to do what they should. don't ask but do tell. we live in an age where legals can demand rights they don't have. supported by very powerful democrats ignoring a constitution they do not uphold. when did anti-illegal immigrant become anti-immigrant? when did shielding those that shouldn't be here take priority of those that already were? when did we go from melting pot to a nation of crack pots? my friends, it's now cowardly to say you're looking out for those here illegally. it's cowardly not to. there's no bravery in ignoring our constitution. what is cowardly is refusing it exists. we're a nation of lawing honored by those that respect them who value them, not ignore them. it's one thing to provide and brag about a sanctuary for people that shouldn't be here. it's quite another to say it's cowardly to look after the very real legal citizens paying the
1:57 pm
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>> kat: hello, everyone. i am kat timpf with eric bolling and eboni k. williams. we are "the fox news specialists" ." lots of breaking news today. chaos in manila, the capital of the philippines. gunshots and explosions ring out at a major hotel and casino play we will have an update shortly. first, a short time ago president trump dropping a climate deal bombshell. >> as of today, the united states will cease all implementation of the nonbinding paris


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