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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 1, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the five is next. see you tomorrow. >> yesy waters and greg gutfeld, it's 9:00 p.m. in new york city, and this is the five. pulling the united states out of the landmark paris climate agreement. the climate pact seeks to reduce the amount of world wide pollution emissions but the president says it imposes far too heavy a burdenn on america's economy and it's unfair to america's workers. >> as of today, the united states will cease all
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implementation of the non-binding paris accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country. global activists that have long sought to gain wealth at hour country's expense, they don't put america first. i do. and i always will. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. our withdrawal from thes. agreement represents a reassertion after of america's sovereignty. >> president did say the u.s. would potentially reenter the agreement. a big deal today. this s like, kioto and all sorts of things rolled into one. kaboom. >> that's the left's reaction if you listen to television today.
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we went from leading from behind to america first today. let's not forget this paris deal was create bide barack obama. anything he does is suspect. i don't know if he got hood winked or wanted to knock america down to size but it cost three trillion dollars and you lose six million jobs, and to, what? hype hypothetically bring the temperature down a fraction of a degree in a few hundred years? and india and china continue to push coal, they receive taxpayes money, mean while we can't do any of that. i think spreading the wealth schemes don't work, if they did venezuela would be a paradise. trump said something very specific. he loves the american worker. there's nothing wrong with that, and i think democrats used to understand that. they don't anymore. he's not beholden to foreign
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capitals. if obama wanted this done he would have sent it to the senate for ratification. democrats couldn't even control their emotions let alone the temperature in 100 years. the same people that were saying hillary was going to be elected in november are telling us what the weather's going to be like? i don't think so. >> interesting, um, that something happened today, greg, along the way to this announcement which was that federalism started working because a bunch of cities and states, mayors and governors, and then you have big corporations saying we're going to take it upon ourselveses to racket down our emissions anyway. if they're going to do that, maybe you don't need the federal government. >> wait, if the government's not going to enforce us, we'll do io ourselves. there younf go, that's called conservatism, everybody.le >> exactly. >> free markets. okay. this is an interesting decision, what he did because he didn't actually have to do this. in fact, i think this might be the bravest thing he's done. he's not very popular, he could
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have gotten strange new respect from the left by letting this go. he could have agreed with his daughter, it's a non-binding agreement which means it really is is useless and also it's a bad deal. as jesse points out, it's so absurdly expensive for a negligent negligible increase. up to 200 trillion-dollars over a century will cut 1% of the target. in ordure reach their ideal, you would need to multiply 200 trillion by 100 trillion or 200 by 100 which we don't even have. so it's carbon cutting is a farce. the impact of this deal is negligible, but it's, it will destroy economies. vern what what he did was actually brave in the sense that he didn't havn to do it. now, you're watching everybody going crazy over this. all he said was it's a bad deal,
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if it becomes a better deal he'll go in. liers like a guy walking into the show room, he says that's too expensive, give me a call, i'll come back. that's exactly what he did. another metaphor is he went to a party, realized the party sucked, and said i don't know need to be here. maybe there's a better party. the idea that this is some how an awful thing is hysterical. if you're going to lose your crap over this, you are lying, you're a liar, this is not bad. >> kimberly, some proponents said you just stay in because you don't have to abide by it. >> mmhm. >> is it bet door sit at the table and fake it? for example governor schwarzenagger came to the whito house and told president bush you don't have to actually believe in climate change, you just have to say that you do and everybody will like you. >> i think that president like t said last night was being very
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consistent with his campaign promise. he promised he was going to doth this. i don't think this is a deal that anybody should be crying about and the united states is already a clean energy oil and gas leader. >> mmhm. >> we can keep doing what we're doing, keep reducing our emissions. why would we in fact put ourselves at an economic disadvantage to other countries and sort of a climate redistribution of wealth scheme? it makes no sense to me. c i think he did the brave and courageous thing and in fact i told him that this morning at 8:00 a.m. when he called and i spoke to him about it. this is something very much so on his mind. >> wait a second, who called you? >> the president. >> why? >> to ask about climate change? >> climate change, taxes. >> i think you buried the lead here. the president called you at 8:0. >> you just slipped that inip there like it happens all the time. >> yeah, the president called me at 8:00 a.m. >> i thought it was fox news but he said he loves the five,
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terrific show, to say hello to all of you, covfefe. he was excited about this today, was going to be a big speech, a lot of people would be excited about it. people would be upset and disappointed. >> this one over here? >> like juan, but then again - - . >> did anybody call you? >> it was so private. at 8:00 a.m., i'm snoozing, dude. i dreamt about it. >> wow. >> you could have the floor, juan because i'm sure you have h lot to say. >> i do, because i'm a liar. i tell you what.r, i don't have to pretty in this partisan bickering because the united states is the only country where there's this kind of political polarization over the idea of climate change. the rest of the world, we know something's going on. why? 2016, the warmest year in history. third year in a row that we've set this record according to
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nasa, according to the national oceanic atmos. >> is he disputing the science? >> no, no. >> disputing the economics, that's a science. there's a difference. >> no, no there is no difference. if you ignore a reality, if you put on blinders and say don't pay attention to the fact that we have coastal waters rising, don't pay any attention to the polar ice caps, just ignore it. you know who couldn't ignore it? rex tillerson. ivanka? the darling child couldn't show up. >> i don't think you should mean it as a religious explanation. and the white house takes anen issue about it. >> you have jeff of ge, this is about jobs? get out of here. ge, shell, exxon mobile. wait, you had the floor, buddy. >> okay.
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>> elon musk says i'm not even doing business. >> he'll take the money, the subsidies. >> it's our money. >> it's our money.ou >> you have a bunch of people who are puppets. >> you're the puppet. >> don't worry. >> get out of here. >> ask him if he's done with his - - . >> the united states would suddenly advocate all leadership and let - china and the europeas take the lead. you told me don't listen to nasa. >> nasa has problems. >> attack nasa, go right ahead. >> multinational corporation like exxon mobile and shell want these deals because they can sign these fat contracts with these third world countries to get paid off of u.s. taxpayer subsidies. of course china wants this deal? they get to do whatever theyy want and knock america down. when have we followed what china wants? >> the french president spoke.
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>> put america first. >> you know what he said? >> what? >> great greg says it's - - . according to greg, trump is just saying this party sucks i can get a better party or a cheaper price on the car. the president of france said forget it, buddy, no renegotiations. >> we don't listen to the french. look at the history, world war two. >> okay, attack the french. >> how is it six million jobs lost and three trillion? how do you think that's a good deal? he's anti--bad deal. >> 3.1 manufacturing sector jobs as well. >> people agree the reason why it was non-binding was because it was understanding if he didn't want to be a part of it because it was putting so many burdens on so many countries. it's a p gesture of benevole nce that gives them immunity, have l
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your private jets, and limos and 8,000 square foot homes purchased by president obama. this deal was useless. but how did it get this far? because it was designed to punish the west, environmental activism is designed to seek repairations for the west's past. itta doesn't matter if the deals flawed, it doesn't matter if economically it is impossible. it doesn't matter because we are sinners and this is their way of punishing us and finally somebody said you know what? screw you, paris, we're not taking it. maybe we can fix it. we'll talk later but right now it's not going to work. what is wrong with that? by the way, juan, he is not denying the science. he is looking a -t the economics. the economics is absolutely mind bogglingly absurd. >> what's absurd, what's so rude to me is he goes and meets with the pope, the pope hands him on environmental concern and climate change says i'm going to
9:12 pm
listen, mr. pope. he goes right. >> that was awesome. >> don't bring the pope into this. >> at least he listened to him, fine. >> the kind of he is perpetrating on the coal miners in this country. this is for you, coal miners. get out of town. there's not one coal job that's going to come back because of this deal. >> they're opening a new mine up next week. >> that has nothing to do with this deal.e get out of here. >> there will be more mines. >> the coal industry - - . >> we gotta run - - . [ speaking over each other ] >> we have a whole other block to do on this. >> you know what really helps clean up the country? natural gas, nuclear power. >> if a can get everybody but syria and nicaragua on it is it really just symbolic anyway? you're going to hear more fromit the decision to with draw america from the paris pact.
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first, some wild reactions to the left to mr. trump's controversial action today. highlights, next. oday, more on it, next
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♪ >> welcome back. the left's reaction to president's withdrawal from the paris climate agreement was immediate and fierce. >> this will be the day the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. it's nothing short of that. >> i have such rage and sadness. we just watched a dangerous little man give a very scary speech. >> he's made us an environmental pariah in the world and i think it is one of the most self destructive moves i've ever seen by any president in my lifetime. >> lunatics. celebrities - - . leaving the climate deal on twitter. bette midler wrote quote there h has never in u.s. history been such a destructive in the white house. thank you to the press who put him there. a very upset leonardo dicaprio
9:18 pm
wrote quote today our planet suffered. it's more important than ever to take action. and singer john legend pulled no punches when he posted quote,d trump is our national embarrassment. do you think any of these people read this, greg and have any understanding of the topic? >> it's so beautiful. it makes me realize how right the decision was when you see these people that are about, you know, one centimeter deep in substance. >> right. >> underneath all of this outrage it isn't reason, it's emotion because non-bindi agreement, no big deal, the results are negligible, but very costly, so it's a bad deal. >> right. >> so it's not based on reason, but it's based on emotion. why are they so emotionally invested in this? it's because the guilt industrial complex, which has been part of the liberal ethos in the past four decades didn't work this time. e we decided, no, we're not going
9:19 pm
to go and get involved in this lame party because we're not guilty. we don't have to do this. what you're seeing are a bunch of people realizing that their super power is fading. they had this magical gift to make us feel guilty and the president just gave them the ole. >> this? >> can i disagree slightly with you? >> yeah. >> i think they're showingy passion, but it's fake. partly because when this agreement was signed, the left in particular was not happy with it. it didn't go far enough. if you look at jim hansen who was the nasa scientist who caused all the problems during the bush term. i actually think that part of it on the celebrity side of thingsis this actually fuels their ability to continue to make money on this. >> yeah. >> think of the grants and the speeches and the concerts. all that stuff is going to be able to continue and they'll use
9:20 pm
this decision as a way to do it. >> it's for the career, too. >> think about this. president had made the decision to stay in, they would say yes, but that's not enough. the vitreol would have been the same. >> i think you're right. people were upset and said how bad comey was, how bad this agreement was, and then he does something about it, they don't like it because it's him he's making these decisions. by the way, people like yourself, juan, would be saying if he went ahead with this and didn't rescind it and with draw the united states look at him flip flopping. >> it's non-binding and he doesn't have to do anything. >> i think that he just flip-flopped today on jerusalem, right? he flip flopped on nasa. he flip flopped on repeal and replace. but not on thisot one. let me just say to all of this, i find maybe when there's that sink hole in front of mara lago
9:21 pm
turns into a swamp. >> then he'll drain it. >> yeah, he'll drain it for himself, but not for us. not for the american people. >> every climate prediction has been k wrong. every one has been wrong. >> you can't argue the facts. >> you can't argue - - . >> on this point. >> i'm right. >> you are so wrong. >> you don't even read the crap. you get the crap from the media. >> you get it from breitbart, from the far right. >> i read the stud raes. >> you can't handle the truth. >> i'm glad you said that. >> you read the talking points. that's where you get your crap. >> breitbart. >> i don't even read that stuff. >> you all lie. if you're a good done tusk and libertarian in your place you can't oppose this. >> don't you find that to be a little arrogant. >> you don't even know the numbers. >> i'll give you some numbers. >> i gave you the economics and
9:22 pm
you just ignored the. >> three-quarters of the american people - - . >> put the timer. >> that's a poll. >> three-quarters of the american people say that they expect as a result of climate change be damage to the coastala waters. >> that's a poll based on media hysteria, that is not a fact. the interpretation. >> the american people are crazy. >> you're twisting it. you're taking a poll that is based on peoples attitudes fromg media coverage and turning that into a fact. that's not a fact, juan. >> going to help workers. >> i didn't say that. >> it comes from you on the breitbart and right wing talk radio. >> you are impunng. >> greg is very learned on climate change. >> he went to berkley, oh, okay. >> i actually read this stuff. >> it was an honorary degree. >> i read it, i don't spout it. >> i take issue with it because you're casting these against
9:23 pm
greg and disparaging him. >> what? >> it's totally unfounded. >> you're questioning whether i do my research. >> i'm telling you - - . >> talking points. you said that he gets talking points from breitbart. >> explain to me the consensuses that you've read beyond a poll of people who have just read secondary reports from the press who are bias. >> i don't think the scientists in the national atmosphere - - . >> do you know anything about hansen at all? >> yeah, i read - - you told me a year ago go read about it. >> what did you find out about him? that he's incredibly controversial. >> that there's no question about the consensus of the science. >> it's based on two general questions by a grad student.
9:24 pm
it's called reading. reading is under mining. >> please. >> jesse waters, you have the floor. >> wow, the only temperatureses rising are here and here. i don't know what to say. the only thing i can say to you, juan. >> it's a chinese hoax. >> it's a chinese oaks andne perpetrated by the russians. they say trump is going to kill people in 100 years. >> oh i don't - - . >> you had the floor. isis killed people last week. >> here we go. >> and i heard nothing from any of these celebrities. none of these celebrities. second thing is if thesepe celebrities really want to walk the walk, let's see them talk the talk. give up the mansions on the coast, the gas gussaling suvs and bike to work. i bet one celebrity puts out more carbon emissions than 100 trump voters. take in a coal mining family from west virginia. they're out of work. >> the resentment against
9:25 pm
elites. >> out of work coal mining families in your 5-story duplex. >> my mansion. >> your argument is - - . resentment against elite. r >> you are elites, juan. >> oh, yes. >> oh my god. >> i'm aspiring elite. >> over in china the accord the chinese actually will increase emissions until 2030. hillary clinton's blame game tour, it continues. wait until you hear what she said tonight after this break. shift without a disaster.
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concede? it took a half a year, but today clinton finally made it to the site and chose to whine yet again about her crushing defeat. >> i'm particularly, uh, concerned about the role that russia played and the very serious interference that we know, uh, they were responsible for in our most fundamental democratic act. when we look at the way this white house is behaving about some of the challenges we face, the dishonesty, and fabrication, and whether you call it fake news or lies, pick your choice. it is deeply troubling. >> she has been on quite a bitter tour these days. here's just a short list of some of the targets of her displaced blame. basically everyone and anything
9:31 pm
but her. >> netflix. >> content farms in macedonia. i don't even know what that means. >> i did know what that means. >> she left off her husband. >> low information voters, remember them? >> yup. kimberly, and if a you and i were to take a drinking game and take a shot for every time hillary made an excuse for losing we'd be hammered. >> a very dangerous game for me to play. who's the bitter clingers now? >> yeah, right. great point. >> hold on to it, pin the tail on the clinger. which one of them are they going to say that sticks that they can finally rest assured they can blame the entire election on, right? this is what's happening.ha she's super upset but i think she's blowing it with her supporters. >> you know who else? the chinese in the 1996 clinton
9:32 pm
re-election campaign when they funneled all that shady dough into the d nc coughers. >> remember she'sth on this tour partly because she is selling her book. she is at the event she's at today is called book pro or basically the expo. she previews it all of the book sellers. one of my favorite quotes from a presidential autobiography was in decision points where president bush wrote self pity is a pathetic quality in a leader. i had a former senior adviser of hers e-mailed me last night and said it's simply the most embarrassing i've ever seen her, filled with unsubstantiated conspiracy theories it's a complete denial of our democracy. sanders people don't trust her, trump supporters hate her. and still they think she mightua
9:33 pm
be able to run against. >> who e-mailed that to you? bill clinton? >> now, juan, hillary also blamed the dnc democratic national committee for losing. didn't the dnc rig the primary against bernie? was that enough? >> i don't know about rigged. >> that's what the e-mail shows. >> what the e-mails show that they thought she was the better candidate. >> they rigged it against bernie. >> no. >> that's why they protested in philly. >> the dnc and that whole gang thought she was the betterga candidate. what strikes me in this conversation is so much of what she says is true. i'm amazed that people say it's whiney. >> you agree with that entire list? >> no. but i'm saying how can you say it's whiney that the russians influenced the election? that's the >> yeah. >> how can you say it's whiney
9:34 pm
when gallop did a poll and said when you put in hillary clinton's name, and this i got from jessica who wrote this piece for foxnews .com, the word ismail, lie, and her health - - e-mail, lie, not capable, not best prepared to do the job. this is the influence that people - - you say she's whining. >> so facebook and google now rigged it against hillary. >> do you remember that story about that mayor, i think it was in tennessee that ran for office and ran for office and won and he was dead at the time? he was a better candidate than her. >> you could say some of these things are true, but nothing will be more true than the fact that she was an awful candidate. he may call you names and may not like you, but no one will ever think less of you than hillary clinton. her whole life is about getting away from the rabble, whereas trump decideed to embrace the every man and every woman. people are criticizing the president over the paris
9:35 pm
accords. hillary pollutes the air because she wantedd a separate plane. she didn't want to fly withep michelle obama to bedy ford's funeral. she preferred to use her own plane. that's worse than anything trump has done. >> how's that for the climate. >> she's the queen of victimhood and her performance shows you that she would still cling, bitterly cling, to identity-driven politics. it would affect all of her decision-making, nothing would change, she's embraced a dying ideology. she's kind of pathetic and sad. >> people want - - mysogonist, democrats making a bad documentary. >> michael moore didn't do enough. when we come back, greg has some advice for one of the president's fiercest critics. stay tuned. red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest,
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♪ >> george will wrote a new column, it's called conservatism is soiled by scowling primitives. he writes today conservative is soiled by scowling primitives. whose irritable gestures lack mental ingredients. america need as reminder conservative before vulgarians high jack it. should one engage had - - something tells me this isn't about george giving advice, but flexing his intellectual muscles. anyway, i'm seeing a lot of this. conservatives go after trump and his supporters often using a tone of knowing mockery. it's not that you're wrong, but you're also stupid. you know who else does this?
9:41 pm
trump apostles. >> it is is very simple, you know, president trump was elected to change the country and you can get on board that train or lose that next election. >> who could forget this doozy. >> every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to president. >> wow. >> anyway, so here you have two sides within the same party battling over who's going to be right when this is all over. we know the truth as always is in between, a never-trumper is right on many of his flaws. a trump apostle is right that needs support. a never-trumper is - - a trump apostle is wrong to deny serious obvious mistakes. fact is, sticking to onect perception it creates a forced purity of thought that blinds you to realities which then keeps you from offering constructive criticism that might help a leader who actually could use it. so never say never.
9:42 pm
and stop saying always. history shows that lock step is always a march to >> at least i could say that today the never-trumpers and pro-trumpers united under their - - . >> i know. >> over the lefty melt down. >> yeah, matt dawson tweeted that showed the picture of them, you know, during world war one, let's just stop for christmas. no one likes the scold, right? >> right. >> and the scolding is getting out of hand. >> so true. >> but they're also missing the real point which i think is what you were saying. it's not a matter of intellectual style or getting on the train, the hard work is actually about a strategy and then trying to get it done. so there's lot that they want to to do together, health care reform, tax reform, infrastructure plans that take a lot of work. grand gestures like the filibuster to shut down the government because of obama care to try to repeal it, those
9:43 pm
things don't actually work. >> right. >> the good news for the president is is that the vast majority of americans are with him on the policy. now it's time to put the shoulder behind that thing on the football field. >> i don't know it. >> sports analogy? >> you pick winning teams. >> i enjoy george will's writing. >> it's hard to understand. >> it's hard to understand, id think he likes the thesaurus. i don't think he's actually. trying to convince anyone anymore. i think right now he's just kind of firing the arrows and enjoying the strange new respect from liberals when he does it. is that fair to say? >> you have been on air with him a lot. >> i like george. but i think this is interesting because usually it's the left, elitist. at this moment here's george will who's i think an inheriter
9:44 pm
to william f. buckley and that level of conservative in america saying he thinks that legacy - - . >> i disagree, he's definitely no william f. buckley. >> i said an inherited. >> buckley would get in and sit and fight, and get down andge dirty. george will is above that. he doesn't even wear jeans. >> i know he'll fight with me. >> i saw him fight with o'riley once. >> yeah. >> one time and done. >> if you look at the numbers right now you see that president's numbers are going down with republicans i think he's down to about 80%. but it's even farther down with conservatives who say i'm not sure about him. and young people. i think now about a quarter of young people who self-identified asas republicans left. something's going on but it could be that people are uncomfortable. >> why do other people show that people who supported him in the election 96% said they would vote for him again.
9:45 pm
>> 80%, the former mayor of new york said he thinks there's a 55% chance he would get reelected. >> i think he's right. >> eight year, what are you going to do? >> i don't know. jesus, take the wheel. >> listen, george wills' never been on board with this whole situation. he was a very strong and vocal critic. >> correct. >> of candidate from day one. i don't find this to be that surprising. >> and there were consequences for him for taking that. w >> there were. >> i think there's room in the republican party for the george wills, for the nationalists, for the bushes, eisenhower was a general. we've had an actor that was president. things evolve. the country wants different things. i don't think it helps when you have someone in the party that's saying the people that put your president in office arebu vulgarians or barbarians.
9:46 pm
i think securing the border is is rivalized. i think protecting american jobs from going over seas is civilized andnd compassionate.ed i don't see anything vulgar about that at all. i'd like everybody to come together for the next few years and pass some legislation to make surepe people have money. i think that's what they need to do and there's room for cooperation. >> on that up beat note, newea development into the russian investigation. this time it might be bad news for obama's top advisers. details when we return. you could spend days weeding through financial documents to refinance your home. or, you could push that button. [rocket launching] skip the paperwork and get a mortgage solution in minutes.
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>> the house intel committee issued more subpoenas in the russia investigation. the committee is simply looking into unmasking requests from three former obama administration officials. president tweeted today, quote, the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. they were also subpoenas issued that had to do with the russian investigation, but the surprise is these four and coming from,r kimberly, devin nunez who i thought had taken a step back. it looks like he's still a player. >> i think this is a huge story.
9:51 pm
i'm not sure why it hasn't gotten more coverage to be honest because it's something i think was very significant that should be something that grabs the attention of all americans in terms of privacy grabs and surveillance which is one of the basic things that we hold near to our hearts was our liberty, freedom, privacy rights. here we've seen evidence that this suggestion actually has occurred. i think it's important they conduct the investigation and get to the bottom of this. it can't be just swept away with just an inordinate amount of focus on russian collusion. >> what do you think you have, jim comey now saying his testimonies are going to come next thursday. you have this on going effort and it looks like this is what the president believes is as he says the big story, jesse. t >> yeah, i think democrats are going to regret these investigations because it might
9:52 pm
boomerang on them and i think t the russian things going to hurt them. susan rice, brennan and samantha power, she's not at all affiliated with the intelligence committee so what was she doing submitting unmasking requests. there's paperwork for each unmasking request. they're going to under oath askt them why did you do it. if they take the fifth or perger themselves or give partisan reason for masking, we have a full blown political spying scandal on our hands and that's a big deal. >> political purposes but dana the contrary point of view is they find out why. they made these unmasking requests and it could be that implicates them. >> the hard thing talking about this every night is there's a fact finding mission under way. i would like to let that factt finding mission to continue to let them answer questions on all sides were they properly
9:53 pm
followed and let's get answers to all of it. i do wonder, i do think the nunez thing is bizarre because if you say you're going to take a step back and then you're issues subpoenas without talking toto your, uh, partisan counterpart in this case the democrat, i do think that is a little strange. >> do you think this is more explosive than the russian stuff? >> subpoena is such a funny word. i can't spell it and when i say it i always feel dirty. >> really? >> that's your state of mind. >> by thepe way, this story seamosses last i hear the - - . this story seems so last month. i hear the name devin nunez like who was that. >> maybe that's why he issued the subpoena. you'll remember my name. >> what subpoena? >> let's get out of here now. >> one more thing is up next. i let go of all those feelings.
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♪ >> ♪ >> it's time now for "one more thing."." greg. >>is you know what this is? just shouted. this is antidiarrhea medication. show it again. this is not the kind of packaging you put pill that somebody with diarrhea needs.
9:58 pm
you know what i am talking about. you cannot open this thing and it scares you. change the packaging right now or i am protesting and i don't even know how to protest. >> when did this happen? i thought you had a sinus issue. scandal in new russia is hitting new york. this is mr. matt flipping the bird to fan. he was asking for a high five and now mr. matta gave him the middle finger. >> the philly fanatic would have gotten a promotion. ♪
9:59 pm
>> on this day in '67, the beatles record "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band" came out. it continues to be a landmark for people of a certain age. i am just hoping greg will be grinning at me next year when i am 64. >> kimberly's foodcourt is amazing tonight, greg, you are blocking my shot. matthew went out fishing last month at a texas k lake. his girlfriend came up with this idea, use a mcdonald's chicken mcnugget as bait. he caught a fish that waited nearly 11 pounds.
10:00 pm
a record at the lake. i have this in real life. >> those are really good. >> jesse loves those, too. >> we use chicken nuggets as bait around here, m too. stickf around, "hannity" is up next. >> sean: thanks for our friends at "the five." welcome to "hannity." a key campaign promise fulfilled, pulling america out of the paris climate agreement. great for jobs, the economy, business. vice president mike pence is here and later... t mike huckabee, brent bozell, brian maloney, melanie morgan,re herman cain, sara carter and john solomon will all join us later. but first, there's a massive effort underway to silence conservatives in america. tonight, it's time to fight fire with fire. we will expose the massive, huge double standard when it comes to liberals and free speech and by the way, we ask the question, where are the so-called champions of civil rights and freedom of speech on the left? why aren't liberal commentators


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