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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 2, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello everyone, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld, this is "the five" ." ♪ kathy griffin intended to create a national firestorm with her bloodied beheading stunt this week, she did. it backfired. public scorn, the loss of sponsorship, and gigs. even her new year's eve o post a job on cnn. president trump and the first lady voiced their discussed and even griffin admitted she went too far in a video posted onlin online.
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today, she wasn't a very contrite claiming she was the one who was wrong to in a tearful and awkward press conference. >> this president of all people to come after me, he picked the wrong redhead. if you don't stand up you get run over. what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally i feel trying to ruin my life forever. it's quite clear to me they're trying to use me as a distraction. i'm not going to be collateral damage for the school. i don't think i will have a career after this. i'm going to be honest, he broke me. i was like this isn't right. i apologize because i was the right thing to do.
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and then i saw the tide turning, there's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me, i'm just here to say that's wrong. you shouldn't silence a comic. >> dana: honestly. do you have a theory about what's going on there, to me she planned the whole thing out. >> greg: this is an incredible orchestration. this isbl so fake, the fact that she can't generate tears when she's crying. start from the beginning. she talked about this what she was planning on doing. then she did it. fast and scripted, then immediately this is a matter, there is a lawyer with her and created a victim story line, she's now joan of arc. all of a sudden, the story is built for her.
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she starts talking about all these things. and this was already planned and implanted and premeditated. it's so sad this is what she has to do, she's so irrelevant. you could say she's a comic which is funny. she never explains the actual joke. it's a comedic's excuse to say it was a joke. we all have that excuse. a comedian shouldn't have more of a right to be crass or crude. we should all have that right. i am tired of that. the other thing that kills me about this is she prorated a picture of a decapitated headssf a president and she's claiming that she's believes. that is amazing. >> dana: one of the things of the worst part of this is there are people who are bullied. there are people who are
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attacked unfairly and are harassed. done a real disservice today. >> kimberly: absolutely right, she stole theirck truth. this is what's sad, having worked as a former prosecutor for real victims of crimes committed against them, who wants to watch or listen to her, the fact that she put on this performance it was god awful. it was so fake, so orchestrated, there was nothing genuine or authentic about it. she has no respect whatsoever for barron trump. i don't like that my child so that in terms of her behavior. i don't understand why she is not willing to accept any personal responsibility for her conduct. she is not w a victim, she's the one who did this cheap grotesque stunt. if >> dana: i think the president and first lady's
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reaction were rather mild and measured. let's take a look at jamie foxx who commentede today. >> don't kill the comedian, we don't mean any harm, you guys got to stop it. the world is filled with people that mean you harm and we sit and we give them a pass you understand what i'm saying? she made a mistake in the world correct mistakes. you need us, to make you laugh. >> dana: i might actually agree with that because she made her apology and that story had died yesterday. she's the one who brought it back up at this press conference today a. >> jesse: its p.r. 101, he let the story die, you wait six months and they knew slowly easier way back into the industry, you don't then give a press conference, feed more fuel to the fire and then totally obliterate any credibility or other apology had. >> greg: you take a vacation.
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[laughs] i think she wants ton. be the nt rosie o'donnell where she wants to be on trump's public enemy number one and i'm going to battle this guy out. everyone can galvanize behind me all the haters. i can play to these venues, it's a hardcore venue but she can play to them and there is no commercial appeal. this is what happens when you live in a left-wing cocoon, you live in a world of trump haight and then you cross the line into decent society and decent society says no, you can't do that, your job is done. wake up, this is how the real world is and the media created an atmosphere like this and now one of their own is paying a price. >> dana: even senator al franken who initially said he would keep his planned event that they had together next month, he now has said he's not going to have her there either. there are consequences for her actions. >> juan: absolutely, to me
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what's interesting is you see people like franken but i think lots of liberals who have condemned her. and said you know what you did, going back to what jamie foxx said to print comedians are there to make us left but what she did wasn't funny. i think one of the big critiques i've heard is that she somehow generated sympathy for donald trump in this act. that's incredible, but she did. i always have concern about selective outrage as i've said in this case. i just think seems to me like cnn, the left people like al franken have come down harder on her than anybody ever came down on ted nugent on the right when he was doing offensive things at making offensive statements. >> jesse: get ted nugent on the phone. >> dana: i think there's something to be said for that, you're right. >> juan: kimberly was talking about baron, i see ken jennings a jeopardy guy says they're just putting him out there, that's to
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generate sympathy from the trump camp, i don't know. jamie foxx, jim carrey the comedian, larry can come the former cnn host, they all say look, it was comedy, she was offensive but let it go. >> dana: don't you think the apology would have been fine if she hadn't gone forward to file a lawsuit and say she's a victi victim. >> greg: cheese with a lawyer, this is all planned every step of the way. >> kimberly: she's just trying to now make herself some sympathetic public figure. she didn't apologize directly to the president or to the family, it's up to her fans kind of. she was not sincere. she shouldn't have even left it up, because now she's made it even worse by trying to go forward and pretend that she's a victim even though it is her own personal choice that was preplanned.
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>> dana: why the lisa bloom lawyer stunk about why is she there? >> kimberly: that's what they do, when someone is aggrieved, they come forward, they have a lawyer behind them. >> juan: who is she going to sue? >> jesse: any time you bring a lawyer to the situation it makes people back off of you. >> kimberly: i have a legal redress, you're making the appearance that she has some kind of action. >> juan: what bothers me, the whole idea of civil discourse is obviously at a low ebb in our country, this woman is a provocateur. she has been thrown off the view, she has been thrown off letterman. she says obnoxious things, not funny, she's not an artist. she's just being rude. >> jesse: the press machine knew what she was all about. she was on an emmy red carpet and made a joke about jesus, she was kept off a red carpet by
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making a joke about 10-year-old dakota fanning, she had to give her paycheck back because she used an f word about a 6-year-old boy. when she finally crosses, everyone distance of themselves, it's very convenient. wish the rightnient. would do that. >> greg: what would be really interesting as of i donald trump tweeted, you should tell them this tomorrow morning when he calls here. >> kimberly: i don't advise him. >> greg: he should tweet forgive her, don't destroy her, it will change thetr narrative n the paris accords and it will blow people's minds and it's a real easy, simple win. >> jesse: trump takes the high road. >> greg: you know what, she apologized to melissa lynn her live her life. >> dana: it's one of the best
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things a leader could teach you is the power of forgiveness. is the power of forgiveness. go. that would be amazing, she would be very lucky. >> juan: unless jesse has a right and she thinks she's advanced her career. >> kimberly: she wants to keep this going, she wants to be aggrieved. >> greg: she wants your seat, juan. she wants her seat. >> dana: for all of you who are made up to one, think about that. >> jesse: vote now, juan or kathy. >> dana: some folks are in full meltdown mode, will show you after this. melt down mode. melt down we are going to show you after this.
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. . [music] ♪ >> jesse: it's president trump versus the world, and the planet has erupted into full-blown hysteria about the president's decision to pull america out. some cities here at home and support of the environmental accords. at thes president calls an unfar deal that hurts american taxpayers, the global elite disagrees. >> on a sunny day in the rose garden, what could be defined and construed as a dark speech, as you go throughe. it, more lie four or five dark speeches in there. >> the bible tells us to administer to the needs of god's creation as an act of worship. to ignore those needs is to
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dishonor the god who made us and that's just t what we're doing y walking away from this accord. >> it's a crazy decision, it's against the facts, it's against science, it's against reality itself. we know we have to determine as our future. if we don't, it's a horror. people are going to die. >> jesse: people are going to die, the democrats have said that the president's health care plan will kill the president's climate plan will kill people and now his budget will kill people. have we reached the boy who cried wolf stage. >> greg: they've never read that story by w their parents. shelby still has this great phrase called poetic truth, false truth replaces real truth. if you were to ask any of these people what is the global mean temperature, they would not know. it's 59 degrees. then if you ask them is it warmer or colder than it was
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7,000 years ago, they would not know. it is cooler now than it was 7,000 years ago. when they come in they tell you the statistics about it being the hottest temperature ever, hottest year ever, if you ask them what the increase was,tu ty wouldn't be able to tell you that every single year there is an increase, it's within the margin of error. meaning it isn't increasing. those are called real truths. if the poetic truth is the chaos inin the hysteria because that place to the media and it makes you feel so important. if you get to punish america for being so successful by doing these stupid deals. if you read the facts about the high temperatures, about the reality of our past, it's all b.s. >> jesse: juan, try not to, would you like to respond to that? >> juan: i feel like a heat wave coming, i'm getting fired up.
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>> kimberly: that's green. >> juan: i've got to get the greenhouse effect. greg, you're talking about when the earth was created and the fires bloomed a everywhere. that's what you saidid the. if >> greg: i said 7,000 years ago in a different era, one of the earth begin? one of the earth begin? >> juan: if you still want to fight with nasa andou the natiol oceanic -- >> greg: you are so desperate. >> juan: i'm with the facts, you don't have the facts. >> greg: i just gave you facts. it >> juan: you give me spin and arrogance and stubborn headedness. if >> greg: what is the global mean temperature. >> juan: you just told me so i could repeat what you said. i don't care what he said eithe either. >> greg: you didn't know what, he didn't know the past, you
9:20 pm
don't know the extreme weather changes. if you know nothing about this. you can't handle it. >> jesse: one leftward good to move on. >> juan: let me say this. when you look at the reality and i don't think there's any question. >> greg: your condescending. you said look at the facts i stated the facts. >> jesse: this is not going anywhere. >> kimberly: this is it about the real climate science, this is about money. it's about who would contribute to these funds, the european countries are upset because were supposed to contribute, president obama beleaguered the american taxpayer with an obligation to contribute $3 billion towardsup this. why should we have to pay this? this is not a good deal to begin
9:21 pm
with. it doesn't mean that president trump will not examine this issue and look at the science behind it and decide what kind of agreement that he feels comfortable that is good for america to be a part of. not one that places an undue burden on the country and our economy, one that is fair and equal and proportionate as it relates to our obligation monetarily. >> juan: can i interject a quick pointer. quickly, let me say that major american oil companies, major american companies like mars and major american cities and states are all saying -- >> dana: whitcomb of the candy bar? you go major oil companies and mars. >> jesse: limit just ask this question, they're saying all these other countries are doing it, so why can't americans?
9:22 pm
click when the kid gets caught smoking cigarettes at all my friends are doing it, mom. it is not an excuse. >> dana: i think the national leaders who a supported the pars agreement including president obama had their domestic politics in mind. that helps president obama with his domestic politics. president trump also had a political interest in selling yesterday's move for his domestic audience. he's talking about the world but he's a new leader so this w is all -- remember, this all goes back to domestic politics, basically what we're doing this nullifying insignificant agreement isg nonfinding. nonbinding. they got to the paris agreement, they couldn't get anything binding. president obama sent it to our congress because they wouldn't have approved it.
9:23 pm
we're walking down a path to be committed to these other agreements in terms of the economics. i don't think the white house did a good enough job in explaining that in the lead up to it. the whole story was about to the drama. will he or will he not. is he going to take this side or take that side. it became about the palace intrigue, instead of explaining to people exactly why it didn't make sense. >> jesse: it was all about the trump announcement. >> greg: i've got to respond to a that. the claimant clerks failed to persuade as well. there arrogance prevented them from explaining the mechanics of this accord.ha we have to cringe the mic continue to look at the science and invest in r&d. that means finding cheaper renewable energy, that's what i'm talking about, the economy. it's the economics that matters. >> kimberly: and reducing
9:24 pm
emissions. if this went through and president trump didn't withdraw from the paris accord, we will be facing endless lawsuits where people will be facing, implement and comply with certain sections of this. >> jesse:t. because he cares about the environment is going to walk back to washington, d.c. >> juan: let me respond. let me quickly respond to greg and say look, american business leaders approach to donald trump, he supposed to be the businessman, they said this is something we want, it's good for american business, the mic. >> jesse: the controversial travel ban has reached the supreme court, will the justices back the safety measure or block it when we come back
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[music] ♪ >> kimberly: president trump's temporary travel ban is now in the hands of the supreme court. justices could decide to lift a stay on the president's halt on travel from six mostly muslim countries. the white house insists is necessary and constitutional. >> last night we asked the supreme court to hear this important case and are confident that the president's executive order is well within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect from terrorism. what do you make of this? >> dana: i've been saying for a while i thought the white house should do this, this issue is too important to leave to how long it would usually take, i'm not crying i have an eyedrop. because the fourth circuit just came out and said no, the
9:30 pm
circuit said no, the white house said it's an expedited review, just get some clarity. whatever the decision is, move on from there. if they have to revise and rewrite what they want to do so that it's constitutional, great. if they don't, then you could say the supreme law of the land has said that this is constitutional and they could go forward and implement it. >> kimberly: it's perfect timing, this is what they were supposed to do. >> greg: were having a conversation about something that's really important. the conversation goes bad if you start calling people xenophobic or islamophobic because it tells everyone you're living in the past, i passed with his apocalyptic threats didn't exist. if you're worried about islamic terrorism, you're somehow racist. you're a barnacle on society, you're living off us. we know longer should let a fabricated guilt over a lie that somehow we are flawed to prevent us from protecting ourselves from an imminent apocalyptic threats. weaw have to divorce ourselves
9:31 pm
from liberal guilt and have no problem with saying no terrorists allowed, no islamists allowed. >> kimberly: what do you think, the timing and also the ban. >> jesse: the anti-trump media narrative for the first 100 days is going to totally slip in the next 200 days. thisim travel ban, on pace, health care reform on tax cuts. they also said he was colluding with russia, now these new investigations and subpoenas making the obama's buying scandal much more important. there are checks and balances, eventually the constitution wins. according to article one section constitution, congress has the power to limit immigration, in 52 they passed a law giving the president the ability to deny
9:32 pm
any anyone detrimental. >> juan: i was so faceted, that was unbelievable. i was stunned, i didn't know anybody thought that the trump administration was on pace with repeal and replace or tax refor reform. >> jesse: i think we'll get those things done by the end of the year. spoon i'm glad for you, i don't think the rest of the world is page.the rest of the world is there's a big difference between it being somehow inhibited by liberal guilt and history. theh reality of history and learning from mistakes you've made in the past. >> greg: we have. >> juan: the judge in the ninth circuit said the trump order drips with religious intolerance, animus and recrimination. >> jesse: sounds like some legalreou arguments. >> greg: yourri conflating
9:33 pm
islamic terror with islam because you're saying if you want to ban terrorism, the mic. >> juan: that's not what i'm doing, that's n what donald trup does. your countries with muslim majorities. >> greg: 50 islamic countries, they embraced him. more muslims are killed by islamic terror. it >> juan: i'm telling you, in the united states, we do not discriminate against anybody. >> kimberly: is not discrimination if it's grounded in fact. spoon the most likely outcome is that they will stop hearing oral arguments for the season is that this gets held over and decided in september. i'm not sure that makes anybody happy. >> dana: i think they'll do it sooner because it's in the interest ofrg national security and the president needs an answer on this. whether it goes forward, not just for americansio but also traveling for most countries.
9:34 pm
>> greg: they should call it attacks. >> kimberly:: the ladies at the few can't seem to tell the difference between american democracy ando the telegram. were going to explain it simply to them next. like new mr. steak propane patio grills, for steakhouse quality results right in your back yard.
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the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. [music] ♪ ♪ >> juan: arguments over music, the host that the view have a way of getting themselves in the headlines at this time with their strange twist on the trump administration's plan to reverse an obamacare mandate requiring employers provide workers with insurance. >> that some of the time. you just need, look -- how is this different from, the tele- band. with all of these rollbacks in
9:39 pm
all these things that we hear, what's the difference between us and the people were fighting. it's to keep women down. >> juan: heads up for the view crew on what it's like to live as a woman or a girl under caliban and sharia law, bad for going to school, banned from working, banned from leaving the house without a male chaperone kebab banned from showing your skin in public, banned from being involved in politics. can't even speak publicly. wow. speed for >> dana: there likenio the tele- band, it shows you the outrageous nature of their claims. it's so irresponsible. >> juan: let's take it seriously for a second. >> kimberly: i'm taking it seriously. it's been there's no comparison to sharia law. a religious basis for president trump's decision, people who have one set of religious beliefs can force it
9:40 pm
on everybody. >> kimberly: the principal doctrine is not to discriminate against a certain religion and to embrace religious freedom and liberty and not make people adhere to something they opposed to on the basis of their religion. >> juan: what they're saying is if you would be forced as an employee to live under the doctrine of your employer. donald trump said all along he believes in birth control, he has no problem withhe it. >> jesse: i don't have any problem with birth control either but her for a practicing or devout catholic about what you you have to provide that to people who work for you? if you're working for someone like that, you're reading off the same script when it comes to that stuff. if i don't want to knock it ifhe you because i write a book one day, i like jedediah a lot. some of the things they say, it's not real analysis.
9:41 pm
they throw the word caliban or not see or hitler, or clan into a word salad and then the fox news runs the clip and they get online. it is not real political analysis and they go on the show and promote the book. >> juan: let's take it real for a second, abortion rates went down dramatically when there was greater access to birth control under obamacare. >> dana: this is a narrow slice of employers that say it's against their religious beliefs. it doesn't mean you wouldn't have access to that medicine, birth control or whatever it isk through another means. in fact, it is republicans who have suggested making getting birth control much easier and doing it at as an over-the-counter drug. so it would be much more accessible for all sorts of people. i think that is the direction we should go. comparing us to the tele- band
9:42 pm
cheapens that argument and ruins it for the girls -- they burned down girls schools, they machine-gunned down, young boys even. because they sold goods to americans. we talk about civil discourse being at low ebb, the right has some responsibility but so does the left for things like that. >> juan: you have a situation here with donald trump who has been a playboy of the western world, playing around with the howard stern of the like. you can't trust melania to take her birth control pills. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh, what does this have to do -- >> juan: is as a political expedient move by trump to please the base? >> greg: i don't know, i'm with dana on this. here's what i feel about insurance companies. if this product one so readily available and inexpensive, things would be different.
9:43 pm
if your plan was religious-based wouldn't allow coverage for accidents like traffic accidents, that would be a problem. if you get a job, divorce yourself from where you work and what the religious beliefs are, if you get the job, pay for the little things. let the insurance handle the big things. that's the only way insurance is going to work in the long run is if we handle the small stuff, the birth w control, the doctor visits. the catastrophic stuff, the insurance to take care of that. it's so simple and this is the onlyhe solution, the other stuff is noise. >> dana: health savings accounts could pay for things out of that. >> juan: facebook friday coming up next. ♪
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9:47 pm
>> greg: facebook friday. >> greg: facebook friday, we answer your questions now, why waste time. this from clay s, if you woke up with the powers of supermen, what would be the first thing on your to-do list?su >> dana: i would disrupt on the terrorist safe haven so they could not plot our plan.
9:48 pm
>> greg: what about you, will be the first thing? >> jesse: i'm going to censor myself here. >> greg: you have grown. >> jesse: what powers does he have, i like it when he blows the ice. when he freezes stuff, i'll freeze something, let's do that one. >> kimberly: are we skipping wanda? >> juan: i would like to go get north korea's nukes and throw them in the water. secondly i would like to clean up the ocean. >> greg: you just put the nukes of the ocean. >> juan: i meant that metaphorically, throw them out of here. i think ultimately what i really would like to do after this show, i would go over to greg's
9:49 pm
house. you're staying in a hotel. i go get greg out of his bed, i would take him up, look at the ice caps melting. it's a fact, it's a fact. >> greg: we don't want the population. >> kimberly: i would like a little salt and pepper shakers, when i would like to do is remember the time what what i do if i was invisible? i would go in there if i was superman, i don't even need to be invisible, i could say here i am and then dana would disrupt the safe havens that we would have this wrapped up. >> greg: superman big strong, i would go to my apartment and it would be really easy to move my furniture around, to see if there's anything underneath it. >> kimberly: you could remodel your apartment so you wouldn't be homeless all the time. >> greg: i would spin the
9:50 pm
earth so he could go back in time before the flood. this is a really good one, if you could be a character in any fiction book who would you be and why. i will start with kj. >> dana: mike >> kimberly: if i could be a>> character? >> greg: any fiction book. >> kimberly: i don't want to be edgy, you know what i love, "little house on the prairie" ." >> greg: you do great on the prairie. as longest hair and makeup, the prairie. what about you, fiction book. >> juan: invisible man is the greatest work of american fiction in the last century, i
9:51 pm
don't know that i would want to be him. but i really identify with the character. i identify with people who are great detectives like robert parker spencer novels, he's a fun detective. satchel hammett, those kind of people. you like pulp fiction? jim thompson novels of the best things in the world. i don't want to be in those novels because no one ends well, no one lives. what about you? >> jesse: i'm having a really hard time. thinking of a fictional character to try to sound really intelligent. good luck. the hobbits. >> kimberly: why do youu want to be the hobbits? >> greg: you like middle earth. >> kimberly: that's the only book you read? >> jesse: i only read nonfiction so i was limiting my choices. >> greg: dana?
9:52 pm
>> dana: i was going to go withan maggie hope, there's eigt books now. i love these books, the maggie hope series. she worked with churchill. you're going to need to get the questions ahead of time. crying in friday night. >> greg: i would be lady catalyst lover. nobody even knows what that book is. that's how old i am. >> greg: it was the first "fifty shades of grey." you'll remember. >> juan: that's what i would be. >> greg: one more thing is up next thr turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time
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biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. ♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing, to pittsburgh penguins fans had the luckiest moment of their lives on wednesday night, she got this text message offering her tickets to the stanley cup playoffs final game between the penguins in the nashville predators but she called the number and the men said she sent the text of the wrong number. turns out he had two sets of tickets and offered cara and her husband mike tickets to the game for free. tickets were priced at $329, she took the man up on the offer. they were given seats behind the goalie. that's a nice thing.
9:57 pm
>> jesse: last months i went down to texas to drain the swamp. i had to pay him back. swamp strikes back, you see that at saturday night at 8:00, here's a clip. >> jesse: any advice for him, ever been on the subway? >> don't touch anything. his ♪ >> jesse: you've got trump written all over you. >> jesse: feel better? you want to kneel down and kiss the ground. >> kimberly: he's a nice guy, he brought me a little present. time too say goodbye to our fox news coley, miss jenna lee. one of the first faces at the fox business network the same
9:58 pm
day our sister network launched. during her ten years here, she's covered a variety of stories, from statue of liberty, george washington bridge and much more. she's saying goodbye after ten years and she has been a fantastic journalist and planning to continue in the field. jenna, all the best from all of us here at fox news. >> greg: saturday night at 10:00, it's going to kick your eyes out. etiquette news. here's some tips, when you're at the gym it when working out, it's really important when somebody's doing yoga or any kind of provocative exercise that you don't sit and stare. if staring at the gym is considered bad form, for that yoga lady, that's a gym. stay out of my one more thing.
9:59 pm
they're staring at her, that's rude, disgusting stockers. >> kimberly: talk about getting mad at other stockers, greg. i stop that when the cops called. >> kimberly: it's time for kimberly's food court. the today is a very special date you would thought out it was a pizza day, it's not, it is national doughnuts day. here are some faster doughnut facts so it must be true. doughnuts were known as oily cakes, they were introduced by the dutch when it new york city was still new amsterdam. the first recipe appeared in 18 oh three, this is interesting for russian conspiracy theoriesy new york city russian refugees it off-limits. these are from dunkin' donuts which i think are fantastic, i just stopped by there on monday.
10:00 pm
>> dana: i want to pick one. the moco one. that set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five" ." hannity is up next. ♪ s >> welcome to "hannity" is on fox news alert, freedom of speech is under attack. open season on conservative voices all across the country. michelle malkin, lou dobbs, larry elder, cory lewandowski, dr. gina loudon will all join us with reaction tonight. we'll have part two with my interview the vice president mike pence, how deceit government all the media talks about is russia? commedia kathy griffin back in the public eye just days after the vicious, vile, anti-trump photo shoot went public and cost her jobs. now she's making a plea for first amendment rights? nobody's taking them away from her. the latest example of the left's


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