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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> dana: i want to pick one. the moco one. that set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five" ." hannity is up next. ♪ s >> welcome to "hannity" is on fox news alert, freedom of speech is under attack. open season on conservative voices all across the country. michelle malkin, lou dobbs, larry elder, cory lewandowski, dr. gina loudon will all join us with reaction tonight. we'll have part two with my interview the vice president mike pence, how deceit government all the media talks about is russia? commedia kathy griffin back in the public eye just days after the vicious, vile, anti-trump photo shoot went public and cost her jobs. now she's making a plea for first amendment rights? nobody's taking them away from her. the latest example of the left's
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free-speech double standard and we will explain this veryos important issue in tonight's opening monologue. kathy griffin early this week on social media, she did apologize for posing like a nicest fighter with a modicum of blood a severed head that looks like president trump. the disgraced comedienne held a press conference with her lawyers where she made an impassioned plea for her constitutional rights which nobody is trying to take away, watch this. >> regarding the image that i participated in, that apology actually stands. i feel horrible, i have performed in war zones. the idea that people think of this tragedy and have been touched by this tragedy have is horrifying and horrible. if you don't stand up, you get run over. what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of country.ever in the history of this is america, you shouldn't have to die for it.
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the death threats are constant, detailed, serious and specific. today it's me and tomorrow it could be you. i believe so passionately about this, i'm afraid there's going to be a 12 year old nerdy girl like me who's going to be watching me to see i do. i made fun of w, i made fun of clinton, remember the dress days, those were the days. you can make dress jokes all day long, nobody should try to kill you. >> sean: it was only a small part of her press conference, will tell you that who she's actually blaming, playing the victim. who she thinks is trying to take her i down. if it wasn't so downright pathetic, it's actually funny and it's kind of insane. on radio and television, i have stood up for the fundamental principle of freedom of speech. that goes for people i completely disagree with. last night, i played you
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multiple examples of going back many, many years of me defending people like bill marr or stephen colbert, they have said horrific things on their programs. id have told you my view is if you don't like what they are saying, hit the on, off button or change the channel. i feel that way about kathy griffin, i think what she did this beyond offensive, it's despicable, it's disgusting. i never called for her to be fired or want people to not to attend her shows her boycotttt her. one side note, it is kind of pathetic her so-called friend, cohost anderson cooper over at cnn, how we, pathetic disloyal, he couldn't stand up for his friend? you need to grow a spine. i did just the opposite. i don't like kathy griffin, she's not my cup of tea, but you know what? she's being a hypocrite. she goes to the press conferene to date shedding crocodile tears and calling on people to respect freedom of a speech.
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here's the point -- has she ever stoodg up for a single conservative when they come under fire from the left? when they say things she disagrees with, have they ever said a word. this week, liberal fascists, they tried to take me off the voice, get mey fired, andri so many of you have helped me out and come to my defense and i thank you for that very much. kathy griffin, did she ever speak out in my defense and say i had a right to voice my opinion? not that i know of, not a peep. we could not find and we looked really hard for a single example of her ever standing up for a conservative voice that was under attack by the left. this is a liberal double standard that were talking about tonightwh, help prove the point. president trump made the decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. a huge win for business, for people out of work, for workers, a huge win for america.
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president trump showed he is once again putting america first or otherwise we'd lose 3 million jobs. we'll have more on that later in the program but first let's take a look at how democrats -- these people in hollywood, learjet liberals, members of the destroyed trump media how they react. hollywood hypocrite tweeted trump just committed a crime against humanity. this admitted predator has now expanded his predatory acts to the entire planet. usa to earth, f you. there has never been in u.s. history such a destructive mikell maniac in the white hous white house. thank you to the u.s. press and other numbskulls who put him there. it wasn't just celebrities out there raging, i mean raging against the president. we want to show you a cartoon that was published today in "the washington post" ," this is
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graphic and disturbing like so many other things liberals put out there showing the president sitting on the toilet, unbelievable. the media also is publishing headlines like this. trump to the world, drop dead. a german tabloid telling trump to fu. of there's destroy trump media. you've got to watch this completely unhinged, abusive, rigidly left ideological coverage take a look. >> this will be the day the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. it's nothing short of that. >> on a sunny day in the rose garden, what could be defined and construed as a dark speech. >> it's about finding a way to do both, to have our economy flourish without our children dying from asthma. it was one of the most cynical
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prepared sets of remarks that i've heard from the president since inauguration day. >> just came back from his european trip, angry with the leader of germany, and the new leader of france. what you have here is a presidentt, psychologically troubled in this way since at least richard nixon. >> sean: if you can believe it, the reaction from democrats was even more apocalyptic, take a look at this. >> income and minority families are disproportionately vulnerable to the ravages and the time of crisis. it is civil rights issue, environment of justice. how is he ever going to explain to his grandchildren what he did to the air they breathe, assuming they breathe air. >> the president was not truthful for the american people today. the president who talked about puttingh america first has now put america last. >> people are going to die,
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habitat will be destroyed, insects will spread, this is not a if politics to talk to her base, it's humanity and whether it makes it to the 21st century. >> sean: this is like a mass psychosis happening here. liberals should be up in arms over what we just showed you. imagine if that was president obama they were talking about. where'swe the clinton-soros grop that's been trained to get me fired now. funny, they haven't said a word about those disgusting remarks or the of the assembly the mic abusively biased coverage in the left. on this b program, no matter how ridiculous the left has come, i'm always good to stick up for the rich to spew their stupidity, we'll just pointed out. as we have seen over and over again, whether it's kathy griffin and her pleas for freedom of speech, constant defense of civil liberties.
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such hypocrites, always seem to be silent when any conservative comes under attack. that goes for some of my colleagues, liberals on cable television. they never spoke out in favor of sean hannity not being boycotted all an attempt to silence me and get me fired. that is the left's free-speech double standard. it's now more obvious than it's ever been. here's a reaction, michelle malkin. i'm not surprised you're laughing. it's eight psychotic meltdown, isn't it? >> this kathy griffin press conferences and other dumpster fire. she really is the worst kind of soulless troll, i don't have anything to better to say about
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lisa willem jose mooching take off eight soulless troll. i think the worst part of a press conference was the crocodile tears of kathy griffin. in an outright lie. on top of everything else, kathy griffin is the worst kind of wire cook because she never said she would never hurt a child even though she is on record in on interview with vulture magazine last year, she was going to target barron trump. as a mother of a 13-year-old son who would have just been as traumatized by that bloodied, sick, and vile image that kathy griffin and tyler shields were responsible for. as a mother, my blood boils. >> sean: the exact quote i said i would go after barron trump. , she did. then they doubted whether or not the trump family was telling the
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truth that baron happened to see it on tv and it upset him. i think that would upset in the 11-year-old kid if they see their father's head in this ices pose of hers organizes like those of hers with a decapitated separate head of their father. crimea river. >> the doubling and tripling down of kathy griffin enablers continuing to attack the trump family, it is unacceptable. if i agree with you, the answer to bad speech or speech which we disagree is more or better speech. where are the honest good faith liberals. to talk about or use their own free speech to say this is where we draw the line, we do not accept this. part of the reason why i was chuckling was i wrote a book
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called unhinged exposing liberals liberals gone wild 11 years ago. i headed to the entire chapter on assassination fascination. the left sick fetish of using political violence, using politically violent images to demonize and marginalize conservatives, this is where the danger comes in. they as a rule as an ideological rule try to criminalize conservative political dissent, that's what they've done to us. look at the entire bush years, look at the obama years for using that innocuous target signed to blame every last act of random violence on right-wing conservatives. they were shameless about it, your rights to call them out. where were theto defend our political speech when it was literally under fire? >> sean: michelle malkin, very well said.
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there were only two v liberals that stood up for me, any davis and rick unger, the only two. thank you, appreciate it. kathy griffin blaming old white men coming after her, she claimed that comedians should be able to do this to everyone and the president is trying to destroy her, she's playing the victim. if she was a man, this wouldn't happen, we've got this bizarre press conference, that's coming up with this, tonight. >> there's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me and i'm here to say that's wrong. >> sean: during today's press conference, kathy griffin blaming so many people, playing the victim, will explain who she's blaming it will get reaction. lou dobbs joins us, and president trump fulfills his huge campaign promise by pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement, liberals want to tell americans just how bad this deal was, we will. larry elder joins us, all of that plus part two of my interview with the vice president mike pence as he discusses how hard it is to
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♪ >> sean: s welcome back to "hannity," committee and kathy griffin may have apologized for
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crossing a line with her bio photo shoot where shero held a severed head of the somebody resembling the president. today, she blamed a lot of people for trying to takeke her down playing the victim, really? watch this. >> i'm not afraid of donald trump, he's a bully. i've dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career. a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally i feel, trying to ruin my life forever. forever. my impression is that they have mobilized their armies or whatever theyn do, whatever i said, it's quite clear to me that they're trying to use me as ar distraction. i'm not q going to be collateral damage. >> m i saw the tight turn and ce isolate what they there were two they're trying to spin this they're making about barron trump, that was never my intent, i would never want to hurt anyone much less a child. i started n to suit a mob
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mentality pylon, there's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me. i'm here to say that's wrong. >> sean: she said in december she would go after unleavened-year-old kid. joining us now from the fox business network, lou dobbs is with us. i don't even know where to begin here on the fact that she's blaming men. if i was a man, this wouldn't have happened. she's blaming trump and his family after his 11-year-old kid had to see this grotesque image of her posing like an ices fighter having just beheaded somebody quotes mark as she serious? >> she apparently is serious. i think the president gets the last word on kathy griffin. his tweet ended with the word sick, sick is her performance since that very sick and appalling stunt that sheic pull. this press conference, i have to disagree with you a bit.
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i think conservatives, republicans all decent americans should pay for her to stay on the road during this dayay after day with lisa bloom. you see the rancid the soul of the left and almost every word she utters. i think she should be on displa display. >> sean: i don't know if i could handle the loop part. i'll say this. every liberal snowflake in the country, she goes from a d list comedian to at least a c- . they're all going to want to see her because of this. >> i think you're going to see something that is unprecedented. i think and i'm serious, i think you're going to see the left, hollywood, academia all begging her to get the hill off of the air to just shut up for a while. >> sean: i want her to stay out there.
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>> absolutely. at the left is going to be running the boycott against her. >> sean: where did this come from? old white men. word of it come from, the trumps are trying destroyoy me? how did she flip this? i practice martial arts, this is great jujitsu. >> it is great jujitsu, judo, may have thrown a little tae kwon do. she's blaming the president for having one of the great families in all of american politics, how dare him to have children who him and admire him and how dare them. >> sean:n: i've got to be honest, i stick up for my friends in life. i still accept it because i'm not like these liberal fascists
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wanted to silence speech i don't like. i'm not like them come i haven't been my whole career. but, i'm looking at like anderson cooper. grow a spine. stick up for your friend, except her apology. this is such a loyalty or lack of conviction, everyone's afraid of how it impacts life. >>al were saying who these peope really are. they're not conservatives, they're not -- the stuff of thir country. >> sean: when you gun under fire in the cnn, i called you. i said hey get there, don't let it getet you down. >> i am praying for you that you'll get through the weekend and stay employed. if >> sean: thanks for praying, it's worked, so far, were surviving thanks to my audience. i've got to roll. if you a great weekend. coming up on this busy friday breaking news night tonight on "hannity" ." >> president trump: compliance with the terms of the paris accord and the owners entered
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filmic energy restrictions they placed on the united states could cost americans as much is 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025. >> sean: president trump are fulfilling a major campaign promise and announcing that he will pull the u.s. out of the paris limit, climate agreement, liberals are freaking out because guess what? it may save american jobs and guess what quits market china and india are exempt. if even hillary clinton's allies are starting to say maybe it's your fault. part two of my interview with vice president mike pence as he answers the question governing in the age of the destroy trump media and russia, russia, russia on this busy newsnight. stood we when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance
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i'm jackie ibanez in new york, more sanctions against nor career because of its nuclear missile programs. u.n. security council voted unanimously to add 15 individuals and for entities to ask sanctions blacklist. u.s. ambassador says the security council sent a clear message to pyongyang. robert muller may be expanding his investigation of the trump campaign and russia. the associated press saying he may look into the roles of the attorney general and assistant attorney general in the firing of fbi director james comey. stocks closing at a new record highs friday, undeterred by the latest jobs report. only 138,000 jobs added last month, falling short of expectations. many economists say they don't expect the jobs report to deter the feds from raising rates at its next meeting. i'm jackie ibanez is now back to "hannity," have a great night.
10:29 pm
>> president trump: the terms of the paris accord and the owners energy restrictions it has placed on the united states could cost america as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025. according to the national economic research association. my job as president is to do everything within my power to give america a level playing field. and it to create economic, regulatory, and tax structures that make america the most prosperous and productive country on earth. >> sean: that was president trump explaining why he is pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. democrats will tell you how the deal is going to hurt american workers.s. the 50 million on poverty, on food a stamps, 95000000 out of e labor force. they need jobs, joining us now with reaction, radio talk show host, nationally syndicated
10:30 pm
larry elder is joining us. 2.7 million jobs in eight years, these are real people. real life's, real impact. if the president made the promise on the campaign trail, he said it over and over again. the visceral hate and reaction, i'm trying to understand how these people who have these comfortable lives sit back, what do they care about 2.7 million americans out of work? >> that's a great point. republicans are the ones who are accused of being antiscience. let'sea deal with this 97% consensus. that came from a researcher who looked at thousands of climate peer-reviewed papers, two-thirds of which gave no opinion whatsoever about the extent to which they believedli that man created climate change. one-third of them did have an opinion but they didn't express an opinion as to the degree, or spend trillions of dollars which is whatnd this paris agreement would have required. remember when al gorere goes ovr to japan and he negotiated the
10:31 pm
kyoto records. if they passed a rea n not goody this if that treaty flew to china and india. fast forward, the accord gives a very easy pass to china and india, big polluters. it's dead on arrival which is why obama neverer submitted it o the senator the first place. for all these people who are yelling and screaming about how there's a consensus and most people and can suntory are concerned about it. most people are concerned about jobs, jobs, and jobs, this is a job killer and i salute donald trump for fulfilling yet another campaign promise. >> sean: how do you make it -- almost universal, sort of like a mass psychotic breakdown. a psychosis has broken out, all the people in hollywood, i would argue probably all of them has been out there flying on their private jets all over the world which is fine. enjoy your success.
10:32 pm
americans who need them on food stamps and poverty, crimes against humanity, acts against the entire planet, usa to earth, if you, we got to hear this from these people with their lifestyles? no thank you. >> pulling out from this agreement, you want to put solar panels on your house quits market go ahead. you want to drive a hybrid, go ahead, it does not stop colleges and a universities from doing r, it does not stop the private sector from doing r&d.a if all of this is good for business the next lane to me why ther stock market went up when donald trump pulled out? >> sean: it went up for one reason. this is good for business. why is there this unwillingness to accept this basic fact, we have been way too dependent on foreign sources of energy. we have natural gas, we have coal, we have oil.
10:33 pm
or offshore or an end more. but it want us to live in a hot and they want us to ride bicycles but they themselves get to live this otheriv lifestyle. if it wasn't so hypocritical, it would be funny. >> you never hear them talk about nuclear which is not even pollute. they don't want to deal with that. >> sean: hillary gave away 20% of our uranium to vladimir. >> that's right. i'm really happy about what donald trump has done, this hysteria is partly built because the left believes that climate change religion, the absolutely despise donald trump. if obama had given the same speech that trump did come outline the cost benefit analysis, did not feel that spending $3 trillion would not be worth using 3 million of jobs, i submit to you that a lot of people on the left would be going never thought about that, it may ought to rethink our assumptions. because it trump, it doesn't matter. >> sean: i love that china and india get ae- 10-year exemption
10:34 pm
and meanwhile 3 million americans would lose their jobs and we would pay an i inordinate amount on this coal carbon tax. good to see you, thank you. up next on this busy breaking friday news night on "hannity." >> hillary clinton relitigating the election results. donald trump again still calling her crooked and the american public stuck in the middle of it and sick of all of it. clinton's latest public appearance. if spend the members ofnd the liberal press now turning on her, will get reaction. part two of my interview with vice president mike pence britt can the agenda get past in an environment where they're trying to destroy the president every day?
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now i can start relaxing even before the vacation begins. your vacation is very important. that's why makes finding the right hotel for the right price easy. visit now to find out why we're booking.yeah! >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" and hillary clinton continues to push bizarre conspiracy theorys of why she lost the election and some have >> hillary clinton relitigating the election results come on donald trump again still calling her crooked and the american public is stuck in the middle of it and sick of all of it. clinton's latest public appearance came with another round of who's to blame it. >> comey was more than happy to talk about my emails but he wouldn't talk about investigation into the russians. >> what do we make of this besides the fact that the 2016
10:39 pm
campaign will never end. >> she is drawing a conspiracy theory she doesn't have the evidence but she's obviously hoping that this is what bob mueller in their congressional committees can do. she's not blaming herself. >> sean: joining us now, radio talk show host gina loudon and corync lewandowski. let's put on the side of the screen the entire list, she claims anything and everything but herself, i guess i have to rely on you analyzing somebody who cannot accept reality. >> she's central casting a four for an elitist narcissist if anybody is looking for an actor, she could use another career. nobody should be surprised here. she took no blame for benghazi,
10:40 pm
she took no blame for an illegal server, i can't believe that we would expect her to give her b a culpa for her miserable performance in election. >> sean: let me play the top eight come out will get your reaction. top eight excuses, watch this. >> comey was more than happy to talk about my emails but he wouldn't talk about investigation into the russians. you had citizens united come to itsut corporation. if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. they were connected to as we now russian agents who were involved in delivering those messages. they were connected to the box were just out of control. i inherit nothing for the democratic party.
10:41 pm
it washi bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency its data was mediocre to poor. the russians ran an extensive information campaign against my campaign to influence voters in the election. >> i certainly never said i ran perfect campaign, but i don't know who is rooted. at some point it bleeds over into misogyny. >> sean: could it just me she was horrible candidate, with a horrible message, what the american people saw it was chronic liar. could that possibly be the real reason? >> she couldn't find ohio on a map, she could go to pennsylvania, she couldn't go to iowa. she hasn't been to michigan, she was north carolina, she lost in florida. this is very simple, she's been at geography, she wants to
10:42 pm
continue to campaign and raise money in california and massachusetts and r vermont. good for her, that's not how you win the election. she can blame everybody she wants, the bottom line is her friend, president barack obama oversaw the democratic national committee and eight years, she inherited what is supposed to be an amazing operation. just think back four years ago, they blame the orca program which is mitt romney's data program. she received every single luxury that an incumbent president would have added a election effort and she still lost. >> sean: i've got a question of a personal nature, i keep reading you might be going into the white house, any truth to that? >> i have said many, many times i want to help the president will visit agenda forward. >> sean: that is such a dodge. >> that's what i do.
10:43 pm
that's what i do, tell him. >> sean: can you answer the question for him? were all friends, i understand if you can't talk about it. >> i think all of america will celebrate if he is part of that much.i will tell you that we love the things that he did when he was there. i certainly think the president could always benefit. here's the thing, that's dodging right there, that's what hillary is masterful at. these are the symptoms of a narcissist. everybody knows it's impossible to diagnose someone, speaking of hillary of course. everyone knows it's possible to diagnose someone without seeing them politically. this is the same person who called her own party easily manipulated and stupid. i don't know what we -- this is the sign of a narcissist, they ten to blame those closest to them.
10:44 pm
the dnc rake the primary for her. >> sean: everything for her is backwards, i appreciate it. you did a really good job, i remember when it was you, and the president for a long time. >> and we won. >> sean: thank god she didn't. coming up, part two of my interview with vice president mike pence. he's going to explain how to see a precedent get his agenda passed with all that russia noise coming straight ahead. left. next.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." >> sean: yesterday after president trump announced the u.s. will be withdrawing from the paris climate agreement, i was joined by vice president mike pence. in part two of our interview we talked about all of these left-wing attacks on the president and his family and russia, russia, russia, take a look. >> a sean: i have chronicled on this program, every vicious, vile, hateful thing culminating this week with what kathy griffin did. the attacks against theth first lady. the president's 11-year-old son
10:49 pm
and even when he was ten years old, having to see that this week. the attacks against ivanka, the things that have been set against her. every one that works for the president. if russia, russia, russia, cable news. were told there is no evidence at all of a is your reaction tos end does it get in the way of the ability of the president to do the job he was elected to do? >> elements of the last part of the question first. it absolutely doesn't get in the way. president trump is one off the most resilient and determined people i've ever met in my life. if he gets up every day facing a gale force wind of negative coverage in the mainstream pres press. he just rolls his sleeves up and goes to work for the american people. i think the decision on the paris claimant agreement, rolling back the regulation the
10:50 pm
progress we're making to repeal and replace obamacare. the way he's reengaged the world to have our allies begin to live up to their commitments to our common security. the fact that his detractors in the media will continue to come straight in this administration every single day, the president's focus i can assure you is on the american people and its opportunities, that's how it's going toay stay. >> sean: the attacks on his family have been vicious and a viral, we would have a very different media reaction. i want to stay on klapper and admiral rogers and maxine waters, dianne feinstein camacho mention of all said no evidence at all of russian collusion. i guess the question is when you see such breathless coverage
10:51 pm
every day, i know the president isn't shy about battling back against the media, that's probably his strongest quality. he fights for what he believesus in. it's got to get tiresome in there at some time. >> you think that it would. i want to assure that all of your viewers all over the country that president donald trump, they've got someone who has the ability to turn his face like flint againstve the wind and tune out the detractors. and focus on keeping his promises to the american people. whether it's the attacks on his family which this week were just deplorable in some instances. denounced by people across the political spectrum properly. or whether it's just a day income -- drumbeat of the media chasing after whatever washington, d.c., is talking about. this is a president who knows that this economy has been burdened under the weight of high taxes, regulations that
10:52 pm
have been stifling. he's fighting every single day to turng loose the strength of the economy. i spoke at the naval academy about a week ago. was able to tell them that you now have a commander in chief who is fighting to rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy. they have a commander in chief who will have their back and be the best friend our armed forces have ever had. the ovation that i got from the crowd and all those midshipmen was overwhelming. our armed forces know it, the american people know it, he's going to keep doing that for the next seven and half years. >> sean: i guess as a conservative who wants the agenda passed, i'm looking at the legislative calendar. i know you used to be in congress, they take so many days off it's unfathomable to me. i don't live my life that way. my point is there's only you've
10:53 pm
got to finished with health care in the senate, and get to the alpresident's desk. i think by the end of this year americans are going to want to see part of that wall built, do you see all that happening by the end of the year. are you concerned like i'm concerned that congress is moving way too slow. >> i'm cautiously optimistic because weth are seeing steady progress in that senate, republican members in the senate are working very o diligently, i was in meetings last several weeks of the session came to a close before the memorial day break. i see the size moving closer coming together with a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. in the houseme of representativ, there is very detailed discussions on what could well be one the largest tax cuts in
10:54 pm
american history. were also looking at rolling back the onerous burden that dodd-frank placed on community banks in the country drawing up capital for small businesses to be able to grow. the president is committed to an infra- structure bill, his number is a trillion dollars to rebuild america's infrastructure so it will be the best in the world. what i see up close and personal, i'm on capitol hill a ldlot. members of the republican majority in the house and senate are working very diligently with this president to move the agenda forward. there's a lot of work you have to be done and there's a limited time to do it. i'm cautiouslyly optimistic that come the end of the year, were going to deliver on repeal and replace obamacare. were going to pass tax cuts and you're goingng to see unaccountably roaring and continue to grow under a president was fighting every day for the forgotten men and women of america. >> sean: i was called this the forgotten man election.
10:55 pm
the millions in poverty on food stamps and out of the labor force in the lowest home ownership in 51 years, the agenda is important for them. i wish you are breath and getting that done, always good to see you. when we come back, we need your help, a very important question of the day, it's about kathy griffin, that's straight ahead. . my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide
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>> it's time for our question of the day. >> sean: time for our question of the day, what did you think about kathy griffin's press conference? i thought it was a disaster. if it wasn't so obscene, it would be funny. playing the victim? go to, let us know what you think. keep calling the hannity hotline if you haveu something you want to say. it can be mean as you want or as nice as he want, will get back to that next week. that's all the time we have this
11:00 pm
evening, if you're in the liberal media, i may be back here monday. if fox let's make him a have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight, earlier this week, kathy griffin released a video of herself posing with a bloodied mannequin had made up to look like president trump, nobody thought it was funny. as performance art, it was lame, least creative stunt of the week by far. as a political statement it didn't make any sense but it did have the effect of briefly making her famous again and that was likely the whole point. today, she elbowed her way back into the news cycle holding a press conference with celebrity misery chaser lisa bloom, here's part of what she said.