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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 3, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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arthel: fired fbi director james comey will be on the hot seat next week when he heads to washington. mr. comey is set to testify before the senate intelligence committee, and president trump reportedly does not have plans to stop him. hello, everyone, and welcome to another hour of "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric times" is now reporting that president trump will most likely not use executive privilege as a way to try and block mr. comey's testimonying. such a move, of course, could have sparked major political backlash, all this as we are also learning the special counsel appointed to take over the reins of the russia investigation is now expanding the scope of that probe. arthel: kristin fisher is live from the white house with all the details. hey, kristin. >> reporter: hey, arthel. well, remember, nothing is final in this white house until president trump says so. so just because "the new york times" is reporting that two junior administration officials
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are saying that -- senior administration officials are saying president trump will not invoke executive president doesn't mean he couldn't change his mind. so the question he's likely weighing is what would be more damaging, comey's testimony or the way it'll look if he tries to silence him? yesterday white house press secretary sean spicer was noncommittal when asked if executive privilege was still on the table. >> that committee hearing was just noticed, and i think, obviously, it's got to be reviewed. >> so that's not a no. >> it's just saying i don't -- it literally, my understanding is the date for that hearing was just set. i've not poken to counsel yet. -- spoken to counsel yet. i don't know how they're going to respond. >> reporter: now, in addition to the comey hearing, there's another huge hearing on capitol hill next weekday before comey's appearance. a senate panel will also hear from the nation's top intelligence officials including the intelligence chief, the nsa director, the acting fbi directer and the deputy attorney general who signed off on the
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special counsel. at the same time, we're also learning that that special counsel which is investigating possible ties between the trump campaign and russia, that it's expanding, and it's expanded to take over a separate criminal probe involving former trump campaign manager paul manafort. so with a all of these stories, all of these leaks, all of this potentially damaging testimony that's going to be taking place on capitol hill next week, you can see why this white house has been working hard behind the scenes to build kind of a communications war room. now, this has been talked about for some time, but it got some new legs yesterday when fox's ed henry reported that originally this war room was going to be set up inside the white house or perhaps in the next door executive office building. but now we're hearing that it'll be set up outside the white house, likely as a nonprofit organization and that it would likely be headed up by two of names we've been hearing so much about, two former campaign
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operate i haves, coar -- operatives, corey lewandowski and david bossie. and the whole idea behind this is to let this outside entity handle everything to do with the russia investigation so that the white house and its staff can focus on the job of actually governing and getting the president's ageneral da through -- agenda through congress. arthel? arthel: okay. kristin, thank you very much for that update. meanwhile, the trump administration is asking the supreme court to reinstate the president's controversial travel ban. lower courts have so far ruled that the administration cannot legally keep people from six muslim-majority countries from entering the u.s.. will carr joins us live from lax now with more on this story. hey, will. >> reporter: arthel, the travel ban has sparked controversy and protest, it's snaked its way through the appeals process and now lands in front of the highest court in the country, a court that now has nine justices, five of whom are conservative. you'll remember that this is the
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second version of the travel ban the trump administration is asking for a 09-day -- 90-day halt on travel from iran, sudan, syria, libya, somalia and yemen, but the ban has never been enforced after the fourth circuit court of appeals ruled that it likely violated the constitution, a ruling that the administration strongly disagrees with. >> the president's not required to anytime people from countries -- to admit people from countries that sponsor or shelter terrorism. >> reporter: you'll remember that the first travel ban which went into effect without warning led to protests across the country. since then, neil gorsuch now sits on the supreme court, and this'll be the highest profile case that gorsuch will weigh in on, and vice president pence believes that court will rule in favor of the administration. >> they're going to recognize the right of the president in the constitution and in the
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statute of this country to control immigration in a way that puts the security of our country first. >> reporter: the administration is asking for the travel ban to go into effect immediately. as of now, there's no timetable on when the supreme court will make its decision. arthel. arthel: we'll keep an eye on it. thank you very much, will carr. eric: now to north korea and its continuing threat. secretary of defense james mattis is in asia this weekend calling pyongyang a clear and present danger to our country. he is attending an international security conference in singapore. mattis praising china's efforts to try and rein in be north korea and the regime of kim jong un, but he is also issuing a staunch warning to beijing. allison barber has the details from washington. >> reporter: when it comes to china, there are potential highs and lows in general mattis' eyes. the secretary of defense says the u.s. is not pleased with their actions in the south china sea, but they are pleased and,
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quote, encouraged by some of china's actions in regards to north korea. here's mattis peeking to representatives -- speaking to representatives from more than 20 countries at the annual international security conference in singapore. >> as a matter of u.s. national security, the united states regards the threat from north korea as a clear and present danger. ultimately, we believe china will come to recognize north korea as a strategic liability, not an asset. >> reporter: north korea is carrying out missile launches more frequently than in the past. china is the reclusive regime's closest ally. on friday the u.n. security council voted to expand targeted sanctions against north korea. it took weeks to negotiate, but what they passed is noteworthy, because it's the first time since trump took office that china and the u.s. agreed to pass this sort of resolution at all. the u.s. wants china to help rein in north korea, but mattis says that doesn't mean they're willing to overlook china's construction and militarization of seven artificial islands in
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the south china sea, an area that's at the center of a prolonged territorial dispute primarily between six countries. mattis warned against showing, quote, disregard for international law. the secretary also fielded a question about global order and the u.s.' decision to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. mattis promised the group the u.s. is committed to its allies. at one point he made reference to a quote that's often attributed to winston churchill saying, bear with us. once we have exhausted all possible alternatives, the americans will do the right thing. eric? eric: allison barber in washington. let's go live now to the kennedy space center, and this is the countdown to spacex at cape canaveral. any moment now we expect that rocket to take off. the private company sending 6,000 pounds of cargo equipment into low earth orbit. >> 3, 2, 1. and liftoff.
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the 100th liftoff from launch pad 39a as falcon and dragon take flight to the international space station. >> [inaudible] [background sounds] >> falcon power, telemetry nominal. >> everything's going according to plan. fall on the is -- falcon is on target for its rendezvous with the international space station.
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one minute into flight. falcon 9 is going trans-sonic at this time. standing by for maximum dynamic pressure. about one minute away from the first-stage engine cutoff and the begin of the boost back-burn. eric: man, oh, man, i don't care how many times i see this, mercury, a apollo, they're still powerful and majestic and pretty amazing that as a human race we can do that, send stuff up into space. arthel: spectacular sight, no doubt. now shifting gears to ariana grande making a surprise visit to young fans hurt in the manchester bombing. the singer sharing some of the images. look there. after stopping by the royal manchester children's hospital yesterday.
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22 people were killed and dozens more injured when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives outside of ariana grande's concert last week. many of the victims were children and teenagers. arianna is back in britain for the one love manchester concert to benefit victims of that terror attack. everything, meanwhile -- eric: meanwhile, an eye in the sky helping police officers in virginia catch criminals. cops have used helicopters up in the air for years, but now drones are being used. they're not only saving lives, but also money, allowing departments to track down suspects with less manpower. ang lee hemple has the story. >> reporter: one of about only 30 police departments in the entire country now using drone technology to save costs and save lives. stafford county sheriff's office has officially taken their job of public safety to new heights.
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>> this is absolutely a game-changer. >> reporter: lieutenant ben warster says their new fleet of drones help catch criminals faster and with less manpower. on thursday investigators say this man, jeffrey owens, shot up a car and took off from police. a manhunt was launched with deputies and k-9s on the ground and a drone in the sky. this video shows how the drone used thermal energy to spot owens hiding in the woods. >> what i'm seeing on my apple ipad is identical to what's being displayed on a 32-inch monitor here at the rear of the suburban. >> reporter: stafford county also used a drone to bust this local meth lab which gave deputies a lay of the land. drones can also help assess damage from natural disasters or -- >> the missing and endangered folks that we need to find quickly to safeguard their lives. the other time that we can do it
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is to alleviate immediate danger to any person. this is where law enforcement deploys the unmanned aircraft in an effort to safeguard lives in an active shooter incident. >> reporter: the department currently has eight drone pilots who completed 40 hours of training each to receive proper certification from both the county and the faa. however, along with this new bird's eye view does come some concern. >> the unmanned aircraft simply cannot be deployed just to keep a watchful eye over citizens. that's a concern of some, and it just can't be used in that manner, and we certainly won't be doing that here. eric: well, that, of course, from privacy advocates. man, oh, man, can't do that with 1 adam 12. arkansas and meanwhile, excuse me, multiple officers shot while trying to arrest a dangerous suspect. we're going to tell you how this all played out. and there are growing concerns among republicans about
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unmasking requests by the obama administration with several lawmakers saying they believe they have been surveilled. >> look, we should have a full investigation. and if members of the united states senate cannot have privileged conversations to talk about issues that are affecting our country because the previous administration is listening in and then leaking that information, that is a very serious breach of our national security protocols. ♪ fun in art class. come close, come close. i like that. [ music stops suddenly ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. ♪ come on everybody. you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong with 12 hour aleve. adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things.
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♪ ♪ eric: time now for a quick check of the headlines. a murder suspect in laredo, texas, has been killed during a shootout with police. the gunfire also injured at least three other officers. they're said to be in stable condition at this hour, but the suspect was wanted for the alleged killing of his girlfriend. the former president of penn state university and two other former officials now behind bars, serving jail sentences for failing to report those allegations linked to jerry sandusky's sexual abuse. and remembering southern rocker gregg allman. president jimmy carter, along with thousands of people, attended a funeral service for allman today in georgia. the former president saying the allman brothers' band helped him draw massive crowds during the 1976 presidential campaign.
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gregg allman was laid to rest near his older brother and founding band member duane. arthel: investigations into possible ties between the trump administration and russia heating up. fired fbi director james comey is set to testify next week before the senate intelligence committee, but house intelligence committee chair devin nuñes is more concerned about unmasking requests by the obama administration. nuñes calling for, quote, major changes to federal law on who can unmask u.s. citizens, tweeting today: seeing a lot of fake news from media elites and others who have no violations of americans' civil liberties via unmasking. joining us now is, to discuss this, is tara mahler, a former cia analyst and senior policy adviser for the counterextremism project. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. arthel: is there evidence to support claims that east the obama administration or the
2:19 pm
trump -- that either the obama administration or the trump administration made politically-motivated unmasking requests? >> we haven't seen the specifics about what motivated the requests and the nature of the request itself and what the intelligence itself was that warranted the request. to me, there's no evidence that it was political yet. in fact, you have requests for unmasking not just made by the obama administration, but there have also been unmasking requests by the house intelligence committee. so we've seen these requests across time and space. this is nothing new. this is supposed to happen, and it's supposed to happen when there's a legitimate reason for an individual to be unmasked. usually that's to get a better understanding of the intelligence at hand, and in this case, it may have been related to american individuals or organizations that had contacts with russians or potentially related to russian hacking. but again, without seeing the intelligence itself, which i have not, it would be hard to say the motivation, and it seems like it was a very small number of requests. for something to be politically
2:20 pm
motivated, you'd expect an unusual spike and for reasons that were unclear to those that were reviewing these requests. they all go through a reviews process. you can't just request to unmask and then just have it happen just like that. arthel: and in congressman nine necessary' tweet, he's -- nine nuñes' tweet, he's implying should americans be alarmed? and secondly, what's behind these allegations? >> sure. this is not a case where the government is listening in on americans. in fact, in all of these cases, i believe, this is intelligence collection that's happening, normal intelligence collection that's happening on normal intelligence targets. if americans happen to be picked up on those conversations, the purpose of masking their identity is so that their privacy is protected. that's always been the case. and then there's an unmasking procedure in place if and when it's necessary to do so. i think, you know, over the course of the past year it's a very small number of
2:21 pm
unmaasinging -- unmasking cases overall. from the obama administration, i believe probably in the single digits. i know the house intel committee has made about six requests in the time frame being examined according to the washington post. so we're not talking about hundreds or, you know, by the obama administration of unmaskings or thousands. i think in the entire year alone, i think there might be 1,000 in general, so we're not talking about a high number of americans being impacted by this. in some cases, it could be high-level american officials who are in potential diplomatic conversation with people overseas. arthel: so you're saying there are many safeguards in place that would prevent a -- >> sure. and this worry about american privacy, none of this intelligence was collection on americans. that's not the claim here. people are sort of blurring these issue areas. none of this was, you know, surveilling of american citizens being monitored unlawfully. this was all cases of normal intelligence collection where there were requests through the
2:22 pm
normal and appropriate channels to unmask americans. that's actually the system in place, and that's supposed to be what happens if and when need be for an official to unmask somebody who happens to be a citizen. arthel: i want to play some sound from senator lindsey graham. he was on "america's newsroom" yesterday. >> i have reason to believe that a conversation that i had was picked up with some foreign leader or some foreign person, and somebody requested that my conversation be unmasked. i've been told that by people in the intelligence community. arthel: so what do you make of what senator graham said and also, again, wrapping that together with this question which is, you know, can americans trust the process, tar a rah, of gathering necessary intelligence to protect the country? >> sure, that's a really legitimate and fair question to ask. i'm not saying these processes shouldn't be reviewed and to look into both the requests that were made by the house intel committee and also requests made
2:23 pm
by the obama administration. there are always potentially mistakes made in any large government bureaucracy over the course of time, and things should be reviewed. i'm all for that. but to make claims of politicization without understanding the nature of the intelligence that was looked at and/or the reasons, and also, to be quite frank, the house intel committee was critical of the administration's unmasking requests when there were unmasking requests coming out of the intel committee itself. all those are fair game to assess and analyze and see, and that should be part of the investigation. but to make allegations of politicization when they could have been happening through normal and appropriate channels is, at this point, completely unfounded. arthel: tara mahler, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. eric: they're out on the streets this saturday, some anti-trump protesters,rallying across the country. coming up, we'll delve into some of the answers that they're seeking. plus, defense secretary
2:24 pm
james mattis is in singapore with a new warning about north korea, and he's issuing it in asia, looking to keep china on its toes. and despite the warmer relationship with the trump administration, what does this trip mean? general jack keane is here on what could result from the defense secretary's strategy. ♪ lights. camera.
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♪ ♪ arthel: protesters rallying today in dozens of cities across the country, calling for more investigations into potential ties between president trump's campaign team and russia. hundreds turning up in new york city and d.c. to demand real answers from lawmakers. the rally in the nation's capital taking place just blocks away from a pro-trump gathering near the white house. garrett tenney is live in washington with more. garrett? >> reporter: arthel, having covered a number of these protests, i can tell you that today's rally was much more of a grassroots effort, and the goal has morphed a bit over the last month. organizers want to insure that both robert mueller and congress fully investigate any ties between the trump campaign and russia. and while organizers of the rally said they were not anti-trump protests, i can tell
2:30 pm
you that is certainly what brought a lot of folks out today. >> i want to see the investigation of trump lead to impeachment. i'm pleased to see that mueller's right on top of it and is proceeding quickly along with that half of the investigation, that part of the investigation, to bring criminal charges against those around trump and including trump. >> reporter: organizers say there are more than 100 marchs scheduled across the country today, and climate change was another issue. after the president's position decision to leave the paris climate deal. but over at the white house, the president's supporters came out as well to say thank you for keeping that campaign promise. >> well, it's unfortunate that the media that's making -- [inaudible] but the reality is people do support what he's doing. and hopefully, as he moves along
2:31 pm
his agenda people will see that he really has the best intentions. >> reporter: and activist groups have said that today's marches for truth are only the beginning of what they are calling a summer of resistance. arthel? arthel: okay. garrett tenney, thanks so much. >> while competition between the u.s. and china, the world's two largest economies, is bound to occur, conflict is not inevitable. be our two countries and do cooperate can and do cooperate, and we will pledge to work closely with china where we share common cause. eric: that is defense secretary james mattis addressing u.s./china relations in singapore. mattis, though, acknowledging there are peaks and valleys in the relationship between washington and beijing. and he says he's pleased with china's efforts to try and rein in north korea, but is beijing really doing enough? mattis also making it clear the white house is not okay with
2:32 pm
china's military buildup in the south china sea. all eyes are on the regime of kim jong un, so can china finally try and rein him in? let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane, a fox news military analyst. general, always good to see you. let me start, first, with the defense secretary, what he says about north korea. he calls north korea, a quote: clear and present danger. can you, first, translate what that really means, i mean, in military terms when a top official -- the top military official -- is so blunt and direct? >> yeah, what's got everybody's attention is the fact that they've accelerated their ballistic missile program so rapidly as they've fired off three in the last few weeks, nine in the last couple of months. and the whole -- the last year they've been doing more than they did in the previous three years. so that's got our attention. second thing, they're trying to weaponize it with a nuclear weapon. they already have nuclear weapons, to be sure, and they're threatening the use of them
2:33 pm
against the united states and our allies in the region. that has our attention. the previous administration didn't do much with that rhetoric. they had a policy called strategic patience, and at the same conference that you cited general mattis at, he said strategic patience is over. and he's putting marker down that we've got korea's attention, they've got ours -- eric: and what is that marker, i mean, exactly? if there's no more patience, what does that mean, and how would the north koreans interpret that? >> well, we've got three options that we're pursuing. one is diplomatic, the other is economic, and the third is we with put a military option back on the table again, i think which president obama never said he took off, but most people believe he did. we're using the, we're using china, as you mentioned, to try to denuclearize the peninsula. china told the president, their president told our president they're willing to cooperate --
2:34 pm
eric: do you believe them? >> i think you have to have a real healthy dose of skepticism here, eric. here's what they have done on the positive side. they shut down buying north korean coal, at least that's what they said in february, but we have some evidence that they may have bought some since. and number two, in the u.n. resolution on friday for the first time they agreed to some sanctions against north korea by the u.n. they were against individuals and against some smaller entities in north korea -- eric: but, general -- >> they blocked a much more significant sanction against -- eric: general, if i can just -- >> i finish, eric, please? eric: i'm sorry. >> they blocked a more significant sanction in that same afternoon though. so china gets mixed reviews from us. what's different is they said they're willing to help. and our president has believed that he's the one that's talking to president xi about this. and i think, certainly, every
2:35 pm
official in our government is skeptical about whether china's going to come through or not. and that puts us in a very difficult place if they don't. eric: you just hit it on the head, and i was trying to get out the fact that, yes, they did put sanctions on 15 people and individuals, but then again, you know, tougher measures were not taken by china. do you think that's strategically wise or, as you say, china needs to do more before they really get the attention of kim jong un? >> if you're sitting where they are, where china is, you've got to recognize they tolerated north korea having nuclear weapons. they don't have a problem with it. they tolerated them having a ballistic missile program. now because of the acceleration and the fact that it's got the trump administration's attention, they're reacting. they did not react under the obama administration. so that's number one. number two is i think they're willing to do, push north korea with some sanctions that only they can impose because the economic ties are about 80%.
2:36 pm
but here's the problem they have. they cannot force the collapse of the regime. they don't want to do that. that would destabilize the peninsula, have huge impact on them from a refugee program and an incredible economic impact as well. so they're willing to do some measures, but they're probably not willing to do the full measure that we would want that would actually denuclearize the program in north korea. i think that's where we'll be. eric: what would that full measure be? >> they would have to really impose some tough sanctions that would put incredible finish from on the regime -- pressure on the regime and actually have to hurt the people as well. but if you look at the alternative, which is war if north korea gets to the point where they're willing to use a missile against one of our bases or an ally in the region or the continental united states, that means war. so the alternative there is absolutely unaccepting. so we're going to see how this works out. and i think, as i said, we have to have some skepticism here.
2:37 pm
i also believe that we need -- there's two major security issues going on in the pacific. this is one. the other one is china trampling on our interests, south china sea as general mattis, secretary mattis mentioned. we need a comprehensive strategy to get china to reverse the militarization that they're doing, breaking international law and also trampling on our allies and our interests. and we should not use the cooperation that we want to have with them over north korea as a reason not to do that. eric: that is -- >> we should absolutely move forward on it. eric: that is a great point. they've got those manmade islands which are being, we're told, militarized. this at the same time you've got them watching over kim jong un. 45 seconds, it would take a missile to go right over the dmz toward 8,000 of our troops. it would be the prospects would be horrific. general jack keane, always good to see you. thank you. >> good talking to you, eric. eric: arthel? arthel: an emotional memorial today in our nation's capital as world war ii veterans join to
2:38 pm
mark 75 years since the battle that turned the tide in the pacific, the battle of midway. plus, new developments on the president's stance on climate change following his decision to pull out of the paris agreement. but first, epa administrator scott pruitt. >> does the president believe today that climate change is a hoax? that's something, of course, he said in the campaign. a couple of days ago he refused to answer, so i'm wondering if you can speak -- >> you know, i did answer the question, because i said the discussions we've had have been focused on one key issue, is paris good or bad for this country. we focused our attentions there. he determined that it was bad for this country. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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eric: well, there's been some type of incident, london metropolitan police. you can see live pictures. they say we are, quote: dealing with an incident on the london bridge.
2:43 pm
when we have more information, we will update this twitter feed. that from the royal police in london. meanwhile, some reports say a van has hit some pedestrians on that bridge. this, of course, quite concerning after the march 22nd westminster bridge terrorist attack. you may recall that one drove a car right on westminster bridge killing four people, injuring 50. we do not know at this hour if this, indeed, is related to terrorism, if this is a terrorist attack or an accident. but clearly, it raises concerns and worries about that possibility there at the london bridge which is north and just around the corner of the bend of the thames river. if you have been there, let's listen to live coverage of our sister network, sky news, in london right now. >> does not necessarily mean, of course, that this is a terrorist attack. >> no, but all the information that we're seeing and hearing
2:44 pm
does point in that direction. the information that is coming through, certainly from scotland yard, is that they are preparing to describe this as a major incident, to clear it as a major incident. and the fact that you've got armed response vehicles turning up there in significant numbers tells you that that threat is uppermost in the mind. that is what we believe this may well be. there are reports now, numerous reports that it wasn't just the number of pedestrians that were knocked over by this van across the london bridge, but also that there may have been a knife attack after that van came to a halt. no real word on the number of people who have been injured except to say multiple injuries and reports we're seeing emerging through the usual channels such as social media
2:45 pm
talking about quite a number of people lying on that bridge and being treated by members of the public and the emergency services who are arriving on the scene carrying out this triage work that they do to evaluate the more seriously injured before dealing with then getting them off to hospital. >> mark, we'll be back to you in just a second. i want to bring in caroline who was at london bridge station when it was evacuated. caroline, thanks very much for speaking to us. just tell us how the events unfolded for you. caroline, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> hi, caroline. you were in london bridge station when, i presume, it said to leave immediately. describe what happened to you this evening. >> so i just was walking out of the london station, and wiz walking to catch -- and i was watching to catch the bus.
2:46 pm
there were police in the streets, some of them were coming by car, other ones were running. then we just -- the traffic was stopped. we just saw police officers just running, and this was one guy telling them to go in this or this direction, but i don't know exactly where they were going x. then this specific guy just -- [inaudible] then i -- nubble was evacuated, so i went to the london bridge basement and five minutes after that the station was evacuated. so everybody coming out of the station, and now they, the police are getting us to move down the streets, and there's still people working in the street, but most of the people have left. >> but in terms of people who were in and around london bridge, it appears from the
2:47 pm
pictures that we're looking at at the moment that they're being directed out of the area by the police. >> well, the police asked people to move, and they did, and they moved and everybody left. >> and in terms of when the station itself was evacuated, how was that announcement made? was that by someone coming live over the tunnel, or was this one of their, one of the messages that they have pre-recorded? i'm just trying to get a description what you were told when you were told to leave the station. >> i wasn't inside the station at the moment. i was outside the station. i just saw people coming out of the station as everybody was coming out, and like a few minutes after that, we were told to leave the street, to to we went down the street a little bit. so i wasn't inside of the station when they asked people to leave. >> and, of course, this being a saturday night in london, one presumes there are quite a lot of people on the streets at this time. >> yes, yes, there is. there were a lot of people coming out of the station.
2:48 pm
most of them are -- [inaudible] there was a few people walking by, but you can't go up the street. you can't access the area. >> and how have people been reacting? you will have seen many faces moving past you this evening as events on london bridge have unfolded, people responding with panic, with fear, with uncertainty? >> well, the people coming out of the station, they didn't -- they were quietly, calmingly. there was no panic. but i saw people running from near the scene of the incident, running down the -- eric: we're seeing live pictures and video from our sister station, the -- of fox news. meanwhile, as we have been reporting, the sun newspaper which is owned by our sister, news corp., is reporting that several people have been mowed down, pedestrians on london bridge and by the london station. there are a report that people
2:49 pm
were stabbed x there are also reports by witnesses of shots fired. this happening on london bridge and the london bridge station, of course, just five weeks after that horrible terrorist attack by an islamist radical terrorist, khalid ma pseudo, in which he mowed people down. this, of course, occurring on a saturday night in london, it is just before 11:00 there, 10:59 -- 10:49 p.m. in london as we see these live pictures from sky news. this is what we fear about, this is what people are concerned about. these types of incidents that have been happening in israel where terrorists have been mowing down people on the street or driving cars into bus stations while they wait at the bus or, as the most recent situation there, stabbed a young british woman. she was 20 years old on the light rail in jerusalem. so the islamic radical terrorism certainly has spread through
2:50 pm
europe and has now hit london. no confirmation that this is, indeed, from authorities a terrorist attack. but certainly, the reports say that there are multiple pedestrians who have been mowed down by a van on the london bridge as well as reports of some people being stabbed and shots fired at the london bridge station. so let's go back to these lye pictures, the video from our sister network, sky news in london, with the latest. >> isn't too far from london bridge. these things can sometimes spill over. it might be people running away from london bridge and being mistaken for another incident -- [inaudible] i think it's always important in the early stages of these incidents just to fill out these caveats so that when information comes through of sometimes, you know, multiple incidents, multiple attackers and in the cold light of day once we get the full facts in there, it turns out often to be one
2:51 pm
incident and one attacker. but at this stage, it is certainly a very serious incident. we are talking about multiple injured people on london bridge itself, some we're told are very seriously injured and are being treated and triaged now by members of the emergency services, london ambulance service have confirmed that they have sent significant resources to that scene, but they have no more information at the moment. the british transport police say that london bridge station is currently closed while officers are responding to the incident, and they are understandably telling people to avoid the area. you can hear, of course, on our live shots there the police shouting at people to get away from the scene. again, this is just part and parcel of -- >> [inaudible] >> just creating -- [inaudible] getting people out of danger. i'll just pause for a sec and let you listen to that a.
2:52 pm
you can see our camera as well as members of the public being pushed back. when the police get significant resources in at the scene of an incident, they are then able to sort of push the cordon a bit further back, insure that people are out of harm's way, and that's what they're doing at the moment. you've got lots of people in that area, out and about in the pubs and clubs of that area of london. it's a very popular area, of course, with people who want to enjoy a normal saturday night out. london bridge itself would have been very busy with pedestrians at this time of night. and as you see, more emergency services now arriving on scene. at this early stage, you're having plain clothes officers there who are having to act as those safety officers, shepherding people back to a
2:53 pm
safe location to insure they are away from the danger. we don't know as yet whether the danger is over. we certainly have these reports of a van that has knocked down a number of pedestrians but also the possibility of some kind of knife-related attack as well that took place just immediately after of this van came to a halt. >> mark, thanks very much. just in those pictures that we were seeing in the past couple of minutes, these live pictures just adjacent to london bridge where we are being pushed back, as you can imagine, trying to create some type of cordon, at least one of the motels has been evacuated, people in pajamas, a number of children being pushed away from london bridge. and it did appear at one point
2:54 pm
as well we saw police officers exiting a van and putting on some form of armor, certainly appeared as if there were a shield being held by one officer. we are too far away now to see that. i wonder if we have on the line nick archer who was in the area this evening as these events were unfolding. nick, i wonder if you can tell me what you saw. >> right. we finished drinking at a bar, and we came out onto the road and looked to my left, and there was a guy, to be honest, i thought he was drunk, he was lying on floor. and then a couple seconds later about three police vans flew past, and the guys who were with the guy on the floor managed flag one of these -- [inaudible] and -- just jumped out and started tenning to the guy on the floor. and then one of the other group
2:55 pm
who was this guy on the floor started leading officers up the road towards l we did walk past the guy who was on the floor -- [inaudible] what he was like, but he looked in a bad way. i can't tell if he was hit by something or if he was shot or anything like that. but, yeah, that's what we saw. people were coming from the london bridge direction telling us people had been either shot or stabbed and to get back. so we just sort of retreated back to the london bridge with we are now. there's no trains running. sorry, we're at waterloo. there's no trains running through london bridge, so we're now stuck at -- >> so, nick, just to try and work out the geography, where -- how far from london bridge were you, how far was this individual that you saw lying on the floor? >> it's difficult to say.
2:56 pm
we must have been i'd say about a ten minute walk maybe from london bridge. and we were walking in that direction from this bar. but we, obviously, were then pushed back by members of the public, not by police, telling us that something had hand. so we turn ender ard -- had happened. so we turned around and walked the other way. they told us six people had been either shot or stabbed. but that was just members of the public telling us that. >> and just in terms of the number of the emergency service personnel that you've seen, there have been a number of reports of armed police on the scene. have you seen any of those? >> there were -- when, i'd say about 15 seconds after i saw this guy on the floor, they managed to flag down one of the, one of the armed police vans going past. about five, maybe, armed police jumped out of the van and started attending to the guy on the floor. they then, i'd say maybe about
2:57 pm
three of them started running up off the street towards london bridge, away from us. couldn't see where they were going or anything like that, but they were definitely heading up, heading up to the london bridge area. >> and, nick, there have been some reports of a white van as being the vehicle responsible. did you see anything matching that description? >> i did not see any kind of white van or anything like that. we literally saw a guy, one single guy, he was maybe 20, 30 years old lying on the floor maybe unconscious. so i did not see any sign of a white van. >> nick, many thanks for speaking to us. we appreciate it. and we have now on the line tony murphy who was also in the area. tony, describe, describe to us what you saw, what you heard at -- >> well, i'm actually, i'm actually military. and about half an hour ago preceding all the problem i have
2:58 pm
a flat which is adjacent to southern bridge. london bridge is across the way. and, in fact, there was tremendous gunfire which started. i thought at first it was fireworks, but then i recognized it. it was significant gunfire. and that was the first incident. and only afterwards very rapidly, because i'm up on thames street here, then the emergency started about ten minutes after. but the whole incident started with gunfire, and it was significant gunfire. it went on for quite a few minutes. which i -- other people would have thought it was fireworks but, of course, i recognized it immediately. i mean, that was the precipitating cause. and after that the whole shooting match of ambulances and police and what you've seen on the television screen at the moment. i was worried about it. and, in fact, i text my family to the say there was gunfire even before they started. >> tony, so when you heard this gunfire, was it, was it -- in your opinion as former military
2:59 pm
yourself -- was that one weapon firing bursts, or did it appear that it was more than one weapon? >> well, there was rapid fire because that's whey i thought it was fireworks at the time. there was quite significant, it went on for quite a significant amount of time. sufficient for me to get out of the chair and have a look through the window to see if it was fireworks, and it was still going on. but that was before anyone, before there was any police response which took about ten minutes because they all passed my flat along upper thames street, which i saw them. and the helicopter -- in fact, the responses were unbelievably fast including a helicopter. >> all right. so, tony, roughly what time did it would have been about over half an hour ago, 40 minutes ago. it was about the police came about 10 minutes after.
3:00 pm
when they are on the scene passing the first police to go it would have been about 10 minutes after her the gunfire. >> i think you mentioned it was adjacent to the bridge. you actually have site? >> no i do not have site. i have the window of the flat open and i can hear the gunfire. >> thank you for speaking to me. and for many people to indicate that there was something happening on london bridge this evening. thank you for speaking to us. you are in and around london bridge. tell us exactly what you saw. >> i think it was about 10:10 or 10:15. i was in the back of - i was
3:01 pm
driving over the bridge. there was a small crowd around people clearly concerned about the welfare. i wondered what was going on. we drove a little further south across the bridge and noticed that there was another person on the right-hand side of the bridge. he was also not on the pavement this time. and suddenly -- basically, suddenly the traffic came to a standstill. and the driver said something is happening here. we looked around. we can hear sirens coming and suddenly there was another casualty in the road. and then the traffic coming from the opposite direction, coming from the south stopped
3:02 pm
and the driver of a car said there has been a terrorist attack.i think the phrase he used was it's westminster all over again. and then a second cab driver stopped and said there was a series of stabbings. i could not see that myself. i cannot confirm but those were the reports that we have. it certainly looked as people had been run over. >> from what you saw, and of course you so someone injured as you are driving. on your side of the bridge he then saw someone on the other side. in your mind is there any possible - >> we are going to pause for a station to let our fox stations
3:03 pm
join us. >> this is an incident in london tonight. it is an apparent terrorist attack. in a busy night, this is unfolding just a few weeks after the islamic terrorist mode people down on the nearby westminster bridge killing four people there and injuring 50. that bridge close to where this is happening, the london bridge. the newspaper, the son which is owned by 21st century fox reports that a white van apparently mode people down here there also reports of stabbings and shots fired. the police have not confirmed that. great britain has been under high alert for possible terrorist incidents. this, they are worried and their fear of many, they are at the heart of the west insulation and the heart of
3:04 pm
london. a potential attack with people mowing people down. reports of all this is not yet confirmed. the police, listen to the live coverage. courts we were basically guided out.
3:05 pm
there were a lot of police. armed police. we are basically guided away from the area. then we got kind of as far away from the area as we could as quickly as possible. >> entirely understandably for you say in your words you believe you arrived in the aftermath of the incident. one witness that we spoke you just before you suggested he had substantial gunfire, rapid gunfire. tremendous gunfire in fact he said. you did not. >> we do not have gunfire. but when we were sitting in the back of the taxi we were - for a moment. i said to the man driving, please, clearly something is going on. please lock the doors. we then saw a group of people
3:06 pm
running northward over the bridge. clearly, people in a real estate of something happening. >> we hope you get home safe and soon. many thanks for speaking to us. for the viewers just tuning in let's update you to what has been happening. police have described this as a major incident on london bridge. a number of reports and a number of injuries after a vehicle has said to have plowed into pedestrians. the gentleman we were just speaking to suggested that they were injured people on both sides of the road. and did not believe that it was an accident. we heard a little bit earlier from an eyewitness that lives
3:07 pm
in a flat just adjacent to the bridge just next to london bridge. he said he heard tremendous was before the police were there. certainly there have been a number of reports coming in. most recently and specifically from the - news agency. they say there was attack that happened in the immediate aftermath of the injuries caused by the vehicle. some suggestion of it being a white van and brought some people down. emergency services there in tremendous numbers. ambulance, police. and a correspondence there. >> i just was walking out of the station and there were
3:08 pm
police. in the street. some were coming by car and others were running. then we just got the traffic was stopped. one guy was telling them to go in this direction. but i do not know exactly where they were going. and then a guy was wearing - and then i went to the london bridge station. five minutes after that it was evacuated. everybody coming out of the station and now the police asked us again to move down the street and there are people in the street but most of the people are not.>> and it appears in the pictures we are
3:09 pm
looking at that they are being directed out of the area by the police. >> the police asked people to move and they did. and everybody left. >> when the station itself was evacuated, how is that made? was it one of the messages that they have? i'm just trying to get an idea of what you were told when you were told to leave the station. >> i was not inside the station at the moment. i was outside the station. i saw people coming out of the station. and a few minutes after that we were told to leave the street so we went down a little bit. i was not inside the station when they asked people to leave. >> and of course this being a saturday night in london. one presumes there are quite a lot of people on the streets at this time. >> yes, yes a lot of people
3:10 pm
were coming out of the station. most of them are gone now. it is pretty empty. but the people walking by, you see them go up the street. >> how have people been reacting? we have seen many cases moving past you. have people been responding with panic or fear, uncertainty? >> the people coming out of the station are pretty calm. it was no panic. i saw people running from near the scene of the incident. they were running down the street. i saw two people running but mainly it was quiet. the police officers were shopping to leave. people didn't want to panic or anything.
3:11 pm
>> these are live pictures. this is the closest that we can get to the london bridge. in the direction that the police officers are heading. they are having shields and helmets. we should repeat we spoke a little earlier to a man who lives close to london bridge. he suggested that there was gunfire. and we spoke a few moments ago to -- who is traveling across the bridge in a taxi and what he thought was the immediate aftermath of the incident. he did not hear any gunfire however, what he did see were people moving away at speed. past his taxi having already seen a number of people injured to the sides of the road. and we spoke to another witness. >> we came out onto the road and looked to my left and there was a guy. i thought he was just drunk he was lying on the floor.
3:12 pm
and then a couple seconds later, about three people ran past the guys that were with him - they started to tending to the guy on the floor. i think they started leaving the officers of the road towards the london bridge. we did walk past the person on the floor. but we he looked in a bad way. i cannot tell if he was hit by something or shot or anything like that. people were coming from the london bridge direction. >> again we are reporting on an apparent terrorist attack that we are witnessing in real time at the london bridge. witnesses say a white van
3:13 pm
plowed into pedestrians there. multiple injuries have been reported.witnesses saying people are also stabbed and shots were fired. this is not been confirmed. british media reporting at this hour. three men jumped out of the white van that plowed over people and started randomly diving pedestrians. that is from the pedestrians, witnesses, media. but not confirmed by the police. clearly though there are concerns of terrorist attacks in london at - after the westminster bridge incident. that was four or five weeks ago. clearly the scene of panic and fear and concern in a saturday night. this speaks volumes of the threat of terrorism that we all now face. please stay tuned. fox news channel and this station will have continuing story. >> again, we are continuing our
3:14 pm
coverage of a terrorist attack in london today. it is just after 11:00 p.m.. witnesses say a white van on london bridge suddenly started plowing into people. they report people injured including a teenage girl lying on the street. they also say three men apparently jumped out of the van when it stopped and started randomly staffing people. we again said at least has confirmed by the police. they are not, gentleness is confirmed. this is yet another potential islamist terrorist attack by a potential cell like we saw in manchester and like we saw with the one lone man that ran over people in a nearby westminster
3:15 pm
bridge just a few weeks ago. we are following this for you out of new york. >> this is happening happening around 1030 there in a central part of london near the london bridge. on the london bridge. very very nice weather there. we want to point out 50 degrees. it is a time when london people are out from shopping, hitting the pubs. enjoying what they normally do gone about their normally peaceful lives and yet again, it looks like terror has struck again there in london. again, we are still waiting for lots of confirmation. facts and information are floating out at this time but as you know in developing stories as this, the facts do change. what we know now is that this is transcript appears that
3:16 pm
there are multiple people involved here they're driving a van hitting several pedestrians on the london bridge. seven people as he knows this point the reports of three other men jumping out of the van, stabbing other pedestrians. there is reports of gunfire as well on the london bridge. again, we have not been able to confirm any of this at the moment. we have been listening to our sister station sky news were interviewing eyewitnesses there on the scene. we will go back to sky news right now and listening. >> there were significant gunfire that went on for quite a few minutes. other people would have thought it was fireworks. but of course i recognize it immediately. i mean that was the cause. after that the whole shooting of ambulances and what you see on the television screen at the moment. i was worried about my family.
3:17 pm
she said it was gunfire even before they were started. >> when he heard this gunfire, was it in your opinion as former military, was it appear that there was one weapon or more than one weapon? >> that was rapidfire.that's why i thought it was fireworks at the time. it was quite significant! it went over a quite significant amount of time. sufficient enough for me to get out of the chair to see if it was fireworks for that was before anyone reported or thought that there was any police response. that took about 10 minutes because they all passed my flat. i saw them in the helicopters. the responses were unbelievably fast. including a helicopter. >> about what time were you hearing the burst of gunfire?
3:18 pm
>> i lost track of would have been over half hour ago or 45 minutes it appeared it was about the police came about 10 minutes afterwards. when they were on the scene passing with the first police to go. it would have been about 10 minutes after i heard the gunfire. >> these are live pictures on london bridge. the police have pushed back everyone to get them as far back from the area as possible. we saw a police office that appeared to be carrying a riot shield. a number of ambulances, number of police vans, earlier we spoke with someone who was quick to identify that this is an armed response. the metropolitan police suggesting this is another major incident.
3:19 pm
then we were speaking to managing editor of the spectator. and his tweets from the scene with the first indication of something significant, something serious was taking place in london this evening. he was in a taxi on his way over the london bridge. this is what he said. >> i think it was about 10:10. i was in the back of a cab driving south over london bridge. suddenly, on the left outside of the bridge on the pavement there were somebody down on the pavement with a small crowd around them. clearly very concerned about the welfare. to be honest it looked like someone had collapsed on the floor. i sort of wondered what was going on. we drove a little further
3:20 pm
southward across the bridge and noticed there was another person on the right-hand side of the bridge. who was also not on the pavement this time but in the road. and suddenly, right there it was happening. basically, suddenly the traffic came to a standstill. our driver said something that is happening here. and we looked around. we could hear sirens coming and then suddenly, another casualty in the road. and then the traffic coming from the opposite direction. coming from the south stopped and a driver of a black car said there has been a terrorist attack.i think the phrase he used was the westminster all over again. there were numerous people in
3:21 pm
the road and the second cabdriver stopped and said they had been various stabbings. i did not see that myself so i cannot confirm but that is what we heard good assortments of people that will were running. >> that was will - speaking to me a few minutes ago. let's bring back our correspondence mark white. the metropolitan police are communicative your social media and via twitter that there were release facts when they can. in the past couple of minutes they said that this is an incident they're dealing with. >> that's right scotland yard now confirming their dealing with a second incident at a market. for those that know the geography of london it is not too far from london bridge. but it is still a bit away. it is a separate incident. not the same incident.
3:22 pm
and the scotland yard confirming that they have emergency services, personnel from three emergency service agencies also from policing point of view, armed police officers are reporting the incident. no idea at this stage about injuries by the market we have of course limits and reports no talking about at least half a dozen injuries on london bridge. and some people reporting quite seriously injuries and - no information yet on how many injuries if any at the market but we are told it is a separate crime scene. a separate incident. this is now a major incident that scotland yard is dealing with. the information i got from sources, all they - although
3:23 pm
they have not said this. this is a separate incident scotland yard will have to confirm this for themselves. the sources have told me that they believe this was a terrorist related incident. >> in the past few minute these pictures, these are pictures that we are replaying at the moment. we have seen a number of police officers with helmets and what appeared to be shields. why would they be wearing that sort of outfit? >> there are suggestions, and again we this is unconfirmed but there may still be a threat out there. that is why police are kicking off the protection and body protection as far as shields
3:24 pm
that they have and the body armor. armed officers have ballistic protection. again there's a person confirm that this stage but multiple gunshot fired. that does not necessarily mean that if there was an attacker it was onto something do unto - it is certainly possible that armed police have opened fire and someone was armed and we have report of a knife attack that happened following the incident involving this van that was involved in the incident on london bridge. there was a knife attack that happened in the immediate aftermath of that incident. it is possible that gunshots that you hearing may have been from a police rather than a suspect.
3:25 pm
that would become obviously we will get that information. but at this hour the police in london, scotland yard, the london police and the british transport police are responded to two separate incidents. you can see there on the map a short time ago one at london bridge and the other at borough market. you can see these officers from the territorial support group. they are putting their protective helmets and shields on as it would certainly suggest that they perceive there is a threat out there but there still may be a suspect or suspects who have not been accounted for. at this time. they are pushing forward to
3:26 pm
areas where the incident happened. if there are suspects at large, clearly that complicates the situation much more. one or more people out there with the potential to continue doing harm and they have got to be found. that is why you probably, the police are pushing forward. they may have a location that someone has been spotted. they are doing a systematic search of nearby streets. they are taking all of the precautions because a number of people have been injured and some of those we believe were injured as a result of a knife attack. >> thank you. as you might expect incident of this type and the response of this size. the prime minister is in contact with officials and continues to be updated on the situation on the ground. in and around london bridge.
3:27 pm
these are live pictures coming to us. they have been on the ground within minutes of the incident taking place. we managed to speak with one eyewitness? let's take a listen. >> there were gunshots. >> on the corner by high street -- there were shots. there is a van. >> that's by the market. >> i said why are there people running? there were shots being fired. [inaudible]
3:28 pm
>> there. there was a second witness to significant gunfire around london bridge. he also spoke of a van. the reason for being crushed it appears it might have been moving at speed. we know that there been a number of injuries reported on london bridge. we know there have also been a number of reports of a knife attack that followed. that of course is yet to be confirmed. the area we spoke about with a witness. he spoke of a rapid gunfire. tremendous gunfire.he believes happened before the police were there and numbers. he told me he was not in a position to see london bridge directly. that might very well be the case however, we have two
3:29 pm
separate reports of gunfire on london bridge. we spoke with will - a little while with others traveling over the bridge in the immediate aftermath of the incident. he did not hear any gunshots. but he did see a number of people moving away at pace from the bridge from his position. we also saw a number people that were injured on either side of the bridge itself. and that is elated that we have from this transfer police are that we have a number of casualties as a result of an incident that possibly involved a vehicle and a knife. i just want to listen again to that witness that we had speaking to her cameraman. speaking to her cameraman just a moment ago it appears that he saw both the van and heard the
3:30 pm
gunfire. let's listen. >> i heard this like that. gunshots. on the corner. to -- [inaudible] there is a crushed van. it looks like that's - >> by the market? >> no. >> that was the witness james again. we had a chance to listen to that bit more careful. he was close to a street very close to london bridge itself.
3:31 pm
as often happens at times like this, conflicting reports, separate incidents may well prove to be the same incidents here with her james was saying there is that he saw two arms police behind a bmw x5. a large vehicle. telling people to move within the area and then firing their weapons. it would appear to suggest that at least there are two incident taking place. one on the bridge itself. another that has happened at borough market. a popular area in the heart of london beer restaurants, bars, many people would be there. police believe that armed officers - they say armed officers are responding in both scenes. there are a number reports.
3:32 pm
there are injured people on the ground. we know that the transport situation and that part of london will be very difficult right now with the bridge and the local station being closed. it does appear that a vehicle has careened into a number of individuals on london bridge. these pictures that we are the outcome of this, these are live pictures. band of police officers have been brought in. they are putting on the body armor and picking up their shields. you can see a number of times this evening.there police officers have been assembling behind those, just a short distance away from london bridge itself. and then another person we spoke this evening - >> i just was walking to the london station and there were
3:33 pm
police there. they were in the street.some of them are coming by car and others were running. then the traffic was stopped. a police officer was running and there was one guy telling them to go in this direction. but i don't know exactly where they were going. then this specific guy was wearing -- then i, this area was evacuated. so i went to london bridge station and in five minutes after that they were evacuated. everybody was coming out of the station and now they, the police have begun to move down the street. they were people walking the street but most of the people left. >> in terms of people in and around london bridge.
3:34 pm
it appears in the picture we're looking at that they have been directed out of the area by the police. >> well, the police asked people to move and they did. they did quickly. everybody left. >> in terms of - when the station itself was evacuated, how was that announcement made? was it someone, one of the message i'm just trying to see what you were told when you were told to leave the station. >> was not inside of the station at the time. i was outside. everybody was coming out. a few minutes after that they just told us to leave the street. so we went down the street a little bit. but i was not inside the station when they asked people to leave. >> and of course, this being a saturday night in london. one presumes there are quite a lot of people in the streets at
3:35 pm
this time. >> yes, yes there were a lot of people coming out of the station. most of them are gone now. the two people walking by, you can't go up the street. >> how have people been reacting? there are many faces moving past you. >> is there fear or uncertainty? >> the people coming out of the station went pretty quietly and calmly. there was no panic. but i saw people running from near the scene of the incident. they were running down so i saw two people running. it was mainly quiet. but the police officers were kind of shouting to leave. so people didn't, i think they just left.
3:36 pm
>> clearly, this is a fast-moving and developing story with a number of conflicting reports. let's just reiterate that which we know that which we have heard from official sources. metropolitan police and transport confirming that there is a major incident in and around london bridge. the bridge itself has been closed. we have had a number of reports of a vehicle causing injuries to several people on the bridge itself at the metropolitan, please also told us they are investigating and responding to reports of an incident at borough market. it is a popular area with tourists, bars, restaurants. but a short distance away from the bridge itself. it may well be the case that one incident has been confused into two. we spoke with a number of people this evening who have been pushed back as cameras have shown.the police have tried to create a corridor. reports unconfirmed that a knife attack followed the
3:37 pm
vehicular attack on london bridge itself. we know that there are as you can see, police there in numbers in riot gear carrying shields. there are arms police there in numbers as identified by our correspondent mark white. he also suggested that sources are telling him that there was an assumption that this was a terrorist attack. for many people, we first learns of this this evening on twitter. and -- was in a taxi crossing london bridge in the immediate aftermath. before we listen to him, just a line that we are feeding that we have come to that. -- spoke with me. listen in. >> i think was about 10:10, 10:15. i was in the bathroom and
3:38 pm
driving south over london bridge. suddenly, on the left outside the bridge on the pavement there were somebody down on the pavement with a small crowd around them. clearly very concerned about their welfare. [sirens] to be honest it looked like someone had collapsed and i wondered what was going on. we drove a little bit further southward across the bridge. and there was another person on the right-hand side of the bridge. who was also not on the pavement this time but in the road itself. and suddenly, it was apparent something was happening. basically, the traffic came to a standstill. our driver said something bad is happening here. and we looked around. we can hear sirens coming and
3:39 pm
then suddenly, there was another casualty in the road. and then the traffic coming from the opposite direction. coming from the south stopped and a driver of a black car said, there has been a terrorist attack. i think the phrase he used was, it was westminster all over again. they said there were numerous people in the roads. and then a second cabdriver stopped and said there had been a series of stabbings. i have not seen it myself so cannot confirm that. but that is the report that we have. >> from what you saw, and of course he saw someone injured as you were driving on your side of the bridge. and then someone on the other side. in your mind is there any possible this it could have
3:40 pm
been an accident? >> no. i do not think it was an accident.and i think i would say, particularly judging from the response of the emergency. something very serious was going on. we stopped after we saw all of that. he stopped and standstill for a few minutes. i turned around and i saw two policemen get out of a 4 x 4 and they were holding machine guns. they were putting on helmets. it was clear that at least they thought they were responding to something far more serious than a traffic accident. >> he was suggesting incident clearly for more serious than a road traffic accident happening in and around the area. leading up to the london bridge. we are putting the pieces of this puzzle together. as you are.
3:41 pm
we spoke to - who had been in a bar by the london bridge pretty came out of the bar and saw someone lying on the ground. he thought perhaps someone enjoyed themselves too much. but apparently that was not the case. he suggested that where he was was some distance, maybe five or 10 minute walk from london bridge. so that may well have been the vehicle that we are told is a van, and other witness spoken to us earlier suggested it was crushed as a result of the final impact. he may well have been the first stage in this horrific incident that was unfolding in front of us at the moment. we have now had two separate reports from witnesses of gunfire. nothing, i should reiterate that there is nothing from the police themselves. but -- whose flat is adjacent
3:42 pm
to the london bridge suggested that there had been gunfire. i head of the police arriving there in numbers. he said that they got there and set substantial numbers. some 10 minutes after the first tremendous gunfire as he described other witness that we have the spoke to was a little bit earlier suggested that there was gunfire in and around the area of borough market. we do know that the metropolitan police are treating this -- these are pictures that were taken on london bridge itself. in the instance at borough market just a short distance away from where there have been numerous reports of a van injury people by driving into them on the bridge. however as is always the case it sounds like this as you can see there this signifies just
3:43 pm
how close the borough market is. and the london bridge tube station. it is pretty clear that there is at least one significant incident that took place in london bridge. there may have also been another incident a short distance away from borough market. the latest rehearing is that the press association news agency, they have been telling us that members of the public were told to run away as fast as they could from the area. there is some video that has been circulating on social media. yet it is unconfirmed and will certainly bring to you when we are more certain as to the origin. it shows police officers emptying -- telling people to get out. they are also supposing a hotel in the area has been evacuated. the only evidence we have for that, certainly it is not from
3:44 pm
the police. we have not heard the hotel itself. we heard that there were people in numbers in their pajamas, moving away from the area of london bridge. and away from the police. as you can see they are now in place. armed police are in the area in numbers. british transport police suggesting that there are a number of reports, multiple casualties. and one man there said he received reports of an incident possibly involving a knife and also a vehicle. so much of this needs to be confirmed by official sources. we do know that the prime minister is being informed as to events on the ground. we are also hearing that the president is being briefed. all this being so soon after
3:45 pm
the incident on westminster bridge and of course in parliament square which led to so many people - this is not an area that would have had the same number of police, armed police ready to respond to any particular incident. however, they people we spoke to suggest that the police did get there quickly. as soon as it became clear that something has happened. the metropolitan police have tweeted this. -- officers responded to reports of stabbings by borough market. armed officers responded and shots have been fired. officers are now responding to an incident in the - area. that is south.
3:46 pm
but to the west. essentially all of these areas that we have identified, by the metropolitan police being involved, they're very close to each other. we can find this again, we spoke to a young man who had been in the area of borough market. we spoke with several people that describe seeing police officers. we now have heard from the metropolitan police themselves, confirmation. this may well be the incident that they are describing. [inaudible] >> there is a crushed van. it looks like that's obviously where is a van hit.
3:47 pm
>> let me read you the tweets from the metropolitan police. they said the police responded to reports of a report of people being hit on the bridge. they also responded to people being stabbed. they responded, shots being fired and are now responding to an incident in the - area. the more information as to what is happening. there were reports that a stabbing incident followed the collision between the vehicle and pedestrians on london bridge. which we know has led to a number of injuries. it may well be that the stabbing incident a number of people reported was not on the bridge itself. but in borough market. let me just remind you that the
3:48 pm
prime minister we have been told by - she is being regularly updated on what is happening in london. we may very well see the prime minister. let's listen in. [shouting] >> right police are telling us to leave. >> those are live pictures being provided to us by pete. hope you can hear me. i know the sound quality may
3:49 pm
not be great but i'm wondering if you can tell us what exactly happened. it looks like it is someone in custody. [shouting] >> apprehended a guy. [inaudible] ladies and gentlemen would you please leave the area! please leave the area! >> sorry about that. >> leave the area!
3:50 pm
>> it is possible, from the attitude of the police were there saying for your own safety, please leave. we did see one individual being taken into custody there. acting with a certain amount of urgency. police - they are advising people on twitter. they have been providing a number of updates through the evening. they are now telling people to run, hide and - to bring up today, when the story develops and it was 10 past 10 this evening. they were reports of a vehicle running into a number of people.
3:51 pm
and a person passing over the bridge in a taxi at the time, he saw an individual lying on the pavement to his left as he crossed over the bridge. perhaps look like a traffic accident. then saw another individual lying on the road. it became clear at the point that it was perhaps something more than a traffic accident. the metropolitan police responded to the reports from will and others. they according to the metropolitan police twitter feed reported to reports of stabbings at nearby borough market. the only thing eric reporting is that armed officers responded and shots have been fired. there are -- there now responding. this is southwest from london bridge itself. this is a place where a lot of
3:52 pm
people walk. of course, very very recently there was a terrorist incident involving an individual driving a vehicle into pedestrians on westminster bridge.then that vehicle went into parliament square. just continuing to monitor the information which is coming to us from a variety of sources. yes the very latest that we can tell you, a number of people have been injured. the police, a number of casualties. no word as to any of those have been fatalities. we know that the cameraman has been pushed quite some distance from there. back from the bridge. there is an active
3:53 pm
investigation ongoing. it seems clear that police on the ground there are concerns. about there being subsequent attacks, subsequent that one that we know about on london bridge. let's scott who is an borough market at the moment. our cam has been pushed back some distance that will can you tell us? >> i am just been pushed back by officers. there are about 10 or 12 armed police with shields moving across of the past borough market. there are about three or four ambulance vehicles and they are blocking. there are a lot of police, coming down south in moving people inside the buildings, inside. you might be able to hear the police vehicle coming down the
3:54 pm
street now behind me. there are a lot of different emergency services. police, london fire brigades, officers, just behind me as well there is another police transport van. it is being ushered through the traffic. not a lot of people know what is going on. i think the cars are more in tune because they have the radio. people are out on a saturday night. they're enjoying. in the pub to my left there watching the news now and just getting drinks and being told by the authorities to stay inside. >> when you say, it it appears watching these pictures, seeing the police responding. there appears to be something of a sense of urgency.
3:55 pm
>> yes, i think been here i'm just being told to move back and further back. i have artie moved about 200 meters since we have been on the phone. the london fire brigade is cutting off the area. you can see a live shot. there making a wide safe area. at last count about eight police officers assuring people out. there is a lot of people just trying to understand what is going on. there are people in front of me trying to determine what the best way to me. there are a lot of sidestreets by borough market. people are walking down there and not really knowing where to go. where it is safe. >> just for those who do not understand the geography of london. just described to us where we are in relation to london
3:56 pm
bridge and just have busy with these streets have been had this incident not taken place? >> i mean it is very busy. i am actually just south of the borough tube station. it seems to be more vast than we saw a few months ago. there are lots of different coordinating. i'm kind of southeast of borough market. looking at the map on my phone i probably sort of maybe a kilometer away from london bridge itself. the police cars are driving up and blocking the road. the tape just came out after they really trying to seal off. a lot of shouting to save for your own safety, keep that peer people in the adjacent flat being told to stay inside. lock the doors.
3:57 pm
people behind here live in flats. they have red and white tape being placed around them and none of the police officers are giving any updates. i think the london fire brigade, there coordinating with the metropolitan police. i see a lot of plainclothes officers coming through. and they are heading towards the london bridge area.but for market, london bridge, there are a lot of popular clubs there. people are out on a saturday night. you know the pub that i'm standing outside of at the moment they don't even have the news on the have some kind of entertainment program. people inside the pub now, they're not sure how they're going to be taken to safety. people and there are on the phone. i've seen a lot of people about -- trying to figure out where
3:58 pm
to go. >> as we approach the end of the hour let's just remind the viewers this is what we know and what is conflicted in terms of the information we are receiving. we'll have from the police, from the metropolitan police based in london, they responded 10:08 o'clock to reports of an incident on the bridge. you can see there london bridge. a number of injuries said to have occurred as a result of the vehicle bearing on and off the road. spoke to a journalist with the spectator magazine that was heading across the bridge at that point. he said that he saw first one individual lying on the ground on the left of his taxi. and then another. i asked him whether or not it could be the case that this was an accident. he said that he did not believe it was so. we spoke with a man that lives very close to london bridge.
3:59 pm
he described tremendous gunfire. prolonged. in his view before the police were there in numbers. this is what has become rather complicated. the metropolitan police have confirmed that there was another incident that they were dealing with. reports of staffing that took place in the borough market. arms police responded, shots were fired. the police are unable to provide any more information and this may have been the gunfire that we were told about. and we have -- diligently providing pictures to us this evening. he spoke to a young man james who had been in and around the borough market.he describes sadism armed police officers behind a bmw and a 4 x 4 vehicle. and gunfire.
4:00 pm
we are now hearing from metropolitan police. there is one third instance of they are investigating. at this time in and around the - area. no word from them whether or not as to the nature of the incident in the area. speculation on social media we will not give a specific spot speculation of their is police activity in other parts of london this evening. i'll talk to you about that when we have something rather more concrete. more sufficient than on twitter. of course police conforming there been a number of people in their concern that the injuries - we deny the ambulance service was there in numbers. these pictes


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